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"Ok Courtney, you and Jessica are in charge 'til I get back. I'm really sorry to leave you and Jacob all alone, but your Aunt Julie really needs me right now. I know you're responsible enough to handle this. I'll be back tomorrow morning, be nice to your brother and call me if you need anything. Here's some money for pizza."

Courtney made a face and rolled her eyes at her mother's instruction. As if she would even want to see Jacob all night, much less go out of her way to be nice to the little twerp.

"Thanks Mom, see you tomorrow, good luck with Aunt Julie" she replied, sticking the money in the pocket of her tight denim capris and giving her mother a quick hug before she rushed out the door and into the car. This spontaneous whole night without parental supervision had Courtney excited. Her friend Jessica had already been over for a sleepover when her mom got the call from Aunt Julie, and since Dad was still away on his business trip, they were in for a girls' night all alone. There was no one to tell them to turn down their music, no one to barge in while they were on the computer; they had a whole night to themselves! Well, almost. Jacob, Courtney's little brother, was home too, of course; but he would just be in his room playing video games all night. Courtney joyfully bounded back upstairs and into the pink door of her bedroom where her friend was waiting for her.

Courtney and Jacob were pretty typical youngsters of the 2000s, raised prematurely on the sex and excess of the pop culture media, though so filtered through the safety and separation of suburbia that they maintained quite a childlike innocence--and ignorance. Courtney had just recently turned XX, and though she hardly realized it, she was widely considered one of the hottest girls in the Xth grade. She was nice and fit; about average height for her age, with brownish-blonde hair slightly past shoulder length, gray-ish blue eyes, and a beautiful, smooth complexion. Her slim figure had just recently started to slightly develop more feminine characteristics, as her budding little breasts began to emerge and require a training bra, and her hips and butt widened just enough to nicely grip the bikini underwear she had started wearing once she "officially" became a teenager. She had also "become a woman" over a year ago now, a phenomenon her mother had to explain to her through Courtney's ignorant tears, as she thought something horrible had happened.

Jacob was a bright but shy lad of about X and a half, and likewise, was the subject of quite a few crushes among his young classmates. While he'd yet to hit his growth spurt, he was a fit and athletic boy, with a cute face accented by just a few little freckles to complement his deep brown eyes and short, chestnut-colored hair. Though he still had the slim, tubular arms and legs of a little kid, just underneath his tanned stomach and chest were the beginnings of what later develop into a nicely toned build, not to mention his perky little backside which was tight as a drum and unusually defined for a boy of his, or really any, age. He was also a fastidiously hygienic little lad, so he always smelled nice, and had pearly white teeth that really gave his infectiously adorable smile a heart-melting effect on the girlies.

Courtney's friend Jessica who was staying the night was a bit older than her, almost XX, and in the Xth grade. A medium brunette, and several inches taller than Courtney, she also had the fuller feminine figure of a teenage young woman, with a pair of petite but perfectly-proportioned B-cups, curvy hips, and a gorgeous, heart-shaped ass. Her more adultlike frame was contrasted, though, by her still-girlish face that had an almost porcelain appearance, fairer than Courtney or Jacob, and beset with arresting, bright blue eyes. Unlike Courtney, Jessica had become quite aware of the effect of her beauty on her peers (and everyone else), and enjoyed leveraging it to her advantage. Owning her own sexuality also made her more confident in it, and she was far more knowledgeable on the subject than Courtney. Though all three of the youngsters were still virgins, unlike the siblings, Jessica had at least done some experimenting. She'd had a number of "boyfriends" through school, giving a few lucky boys in her class some horizontal make-out sessions and, for a couple of them, even a little sneaky hand-work while fleetingly hidden from parents' prying eyes.

For the first couple hours of the evening, the girls just hung out in Courtney's room doing typical girl stuff, like blasting and singing along to boyband music from a little pink CD boombox, practicing their makeup, and fairly innocently talking about boys from school, between giggles. Jacob, as his sister had suspected, was just holed up in his own room, playing GameCube and surrounded by Neopets posters and half-assembled Knex sets. Eventually, the girls started to get hungry, and Jessica used her cell phone (itself bolstering her image of maturity to Courtney, who didn't have one yet) to order them some pizza.


"Hey dumdum, pizza's here!" Courtney shouted through Jacob's bedroom door as she and Jessica passed by it on the way down the stairs. Jacob had been getting hungry too, and pizza was his favorite food, so he immediately paused his game and followed them downstairs. The girls answered the door to greet the pizza guy, who was a very handsome older teenage boy of about 18.

"Hey young ladies, the total is $23.69," he told them.

"ohmygod he's so hot" Jessica whispered to her friend behind her hand, just loud enough for the pizza guy to hear and start awkwardly blushing, and causing Courtney to playfully respond "Shut up!" in between awkward girlish giggles as she fumbled for the money her mom had given her.

"Here you go, thank you very much!" Courtney said, handing the young man the whole $30 and taking the pizzas. Just as she started to close the door, Jessica grew a wide, sly grin on her face.

"Hope you gave us extra sausage!" she yelled out to the pizza boy through the closing door, which immediately elicited a yelp of "OHMYGOD SHUT UP JESS" from an embarrassed and still-giggly Courtney. Jacob was just waiting at the dining room table, rolling his eyes and not understanding what their problem was.

"Girls," he thought, "what dummies."

The three dove eagerly into the pizzas, devouring them amidst more giggles from the young teen girls and the distant sound of pop music still coming from upstairs. Jacob noticed Jessica looking intently at him several times as they ate. More than just a glance; like she was thinking about something. "She's looking at me the way Katie does," he thought to himself, recalling a girl in his class who, unbeknownst to the oblivious boy, had a massive crush on him.

"Hey, what are you two giggling so much about? What's so funny?" he asked. His question only led them to giggle more, until Jessica catily answered.

"Wouldn't you like to know," she said, toying with him and raising her eyebrows for emphasis.

"Whatever, not like I care about your dumb girl stuff anyway..." Jacob retorted, taking note again of the strange look Jessica was giving him, with her eyes planted directly onto his, and a playful smirk on her face.

At this point, Courtney didn't really know what was going on, and figured Jessica was just messing with the little guy. Good, she figured, her annoying little brother deserved to be jerked around. Soon enough, the trio finished dinner and started their trek back to their respective domiciles.

"Seeya later nerd," Courtney said in parting to Jacob.

"Yeah, see you later, Jake" Jessica added, perplexing the young boy, who only ever went by 'Jacob.' "Uhh, yeah... Bye." he awkwardly replied, giving a silly little half-wave gesture as he closed the door to his room.

"OH my god, that pizza guy was SO hot," Jessica immediately exclaimed, turning down the music as Courtney shut the bedroom door.

"I knowwwwwww," Courtney agreed. "I would totally make out with him," she said, trying to impress her slightly older friend.

"Right?" Jessica said, looking directly into Courtney's eyes, as if trying to gauge something in her. After a few moments of near-silence, she spoke again.

"Hey, you know who else is sort of a cutie?"

"Who?" Courtney asked.

"...your brother," Jessica responded, biting her lip a little afterward, to contain her silly grin.

"Oh my god, what!? You're gross! Jacob is just a dumb little kid! You've got to be kidding me!"

"Sure, you think so...but have you ever really looked at him? His smile is so cute, and--"

"You're crazy, you know? Jeez, of all the boys, you like my dweeby little brother."

"Well, I mean, I wouldn't necessarily say I 'like' him, I mean I barely know him, really." Jessica paused. "But he *is* definitely a little hottie, not gonna lie."

"That's just....yuck. Let' about other boys--who *aren't* my brother. Have you ever, you know...done anything with a guy?" Courtney asked sheepishly, hoping to do a bit of vicarious living through Jessica, whom she viewed as very mature, despite the just 10-month age difference between them.

"Well geez, aren't we just moving the night right along?" Jessica joked, secretly very pleased at this more explicit turn in conversation. "Maybe..." she continued playfully, watching Courtney's eyes grow wide.

"No way, like what??" Courtney pleaded, starting to feel excited for some juicy details. She had long been interested in boys now, and in sexuality, though she lacked the confidence or knowledge to act on these desires. She enjoyed aimlessly touching herself 'down there' at night and in the bath, while thinking about her favorite teen pop idols, but had only the most simplistic, mechanical idea of how sex worked, much less anything about masturbation.

"Well...I've, you know...seen a guy's dick before," Jessica barely-truthfully responded. Though technically true, on both occasions, it was dark, she only saw a tiny bit between the boys' shirts and open fly, and the experiences lasted only a few minutes apiece. Courtney's mouth fell agape and she covered it with both hands, amazed at the exaggerated exploits of her friend. "Twice, actually," Jessica added, fully milking her experience for all it was worth.

"Oh my god Jess! No way! What did they-- I mean how did you-- Did you like...Were they, you know...hard?" Courtney pried, looking with absolute intensity at her friend as she sat, half hiding behind her knees she had pulled up to her chest, on the bottom bunk of her bed.

"Ooh, yeah," Jessica continued, delighting in the excitement she was stirring up in her friend through her strategic storytelling. She knew now more than ever where she wanted this night to go, and was determined to take it there.

"Oh, w-- wow..." Courtney said shyly, her face getting red as a beet, and feeling a little dampness in her panties. This had happened before when she had played with herself, and she knew it was to lubricate her vagina to receive an erect penis. She just wished there were one of those around. "I wish I could see one. I bet they're," she fumbled out, really stretching the limits of her young (and horny) vocabulary.

"Very cool," Jessica confirmed, "and super hot. You know," she continued, trying to play her cards carefully, "we technically *could* see one right now..."

"Oh please; how?" Courtney responded incredulously, "are you gonna just pull out your cell phone and call up Jeremy Kardiger to come over here and drop his shorts for us?," sassily referencing whom she regarded as the hottest boy in their school.

"No," Jessica said, "I was thinking of someone a lot closer." The gears turned in Courtney's young noggin for a minute.

"Oh my god...are you talking about Jacob again?! You're crazy, he's my brother! That's gross!"

"He's a boy, and he's super cute. And, if you didn't know, he has a dick--that's probably super cute like he is. And big, I bet."

Courtney's heart was racing and she felt flushed. Though she obviously knew it, logically, she had never really actively thought about the fact Jacob had a penis before. The thought did make her wonder--what did it look like? She quickly caught herself in this thought train and silently chided herself for it. Was her best friend seriously suggesting they fool around...with her little brother? She had never even thought about him that way; to her, he was just the dumb boy the next door over. But she couldn't hide from herself the fact the damp spot in her undies was growing.

"Are you serious?" is all she could muster for a reply to this craziness, trying to convince herself she was disgusted by the suggestion, but failing miserably.

"I mean...why not? We're all alone, you clearly want to see a naked boy, and Jacob is, like, totally a little hunk. What better opportunity is there, honestly?"

"God, I mean...wh-- what if he tells our mom?" she reasoned, not even taking into consideration Jacob's feelings toward this proposal for their own sake.

"Do you *really* think a guy is going to want to run to his mommy to tell her some girls touched his 'pee-pee?' He won't tell a soul."

Courtney liked this response. It was sound. Her brother might be a little dork, but he wasn't about to emasculate himself by running to their parents over something like this. Like basically all younger boys, he saw girls as inferior, and would never admit to being bested by them. And my god, was she horny. She barely understood what she was feeling; all she knew was that she really, really wanted to see a real live penis--especially a hard one.

"I-- How do you see this working? What do we need to do?" she asked Jessica, the clear architect of this operation. Jessica was honestly amazed, but thrilled, that this plan was working. She could tell her friend must really, really be starved for any kind of sexual thrill. She tried to suppress her surprise and act coolly, so as not to make Courtney second-guess herself.

"Well, you know he isn't going to just agree to show us. So I think we'll need to go grab him--you get his arms and I'll get his legs. We can bring him in here, tie him up to the bed with those," she calculated, pointing toward some jump-ropes and belted shower robes in Courtney's closet, "then strip him down."

"How are we gonna, you know, get him...hard?" Courtney asked, now fully on board with this affair, both unconcerned about violating her little brother's personal consent and confident in their ability to overpower him.

"Judging by my experience, that won't be a problem," Jessica said boastfully, attributing to her sexual prowess what is really just the nature of young men, to get hard as stone by so much as a single touch or even an errant thought.

"Ok...let's do it."


"Heyyyy, Jacob," Courtney uttered softly as she opened the door to her little brother's room. He was just where she expected him to be, sitting on his bed, controller in hand, staring into the flashing lights of his game on the little CRT TV.

"What do you want?" he asked flatly, not even taking his eyes off the screen, but leaning back and forth and sticking his tongue out a little in immersion in his game. Had he even turned his head, he might have noticed the hungry, nearly-crazed look in the girls' eyes.

"We...just see...if you would..." Courtney said in a staggered delivery, as she and Jessica moved deeper into the room and into the approximate positions necessary to execute their plot. "...NOW!" she yelled, she and Jessica both diving into action to grab the boy's arms and legs. Seeing as how they caught him completely off guard, they were able to subdue his limbs with relative ease, whereas he may otherwise have known to kick and flail otherwise.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? LET GO OF ME! I'M GONNA TELL MOM!" Jacob shouted as the girls successfully picked him up, despite his constrained flailing. He felt ridiculous and ashamed at being captured by these...*girls,* and who knows what they were going to do with him. He bet they were going to put makeup all over him, or something stupid like that. In any case, he wanted no part of this. That, however, was not up to him.

The girls giggled as they carried him across the hall, despite his struggles, into Courtney's room. Even in the best of times, Jacob hated it in here: everything was pink and frilly and girly. Already, in the chaos, Jacob's clothes had started to get mussed up and partially removed. His T-shirt rode up to reveal his flat, bronzed tummy and little belly button, and his jogger-style black sweats that gripped his legs so tight began to just come down at the waist enough to reveal the tops of his tight briefs. The girls, and especially Courtney, as it were, seeing this fleeting visual appetizer became all the more eager for what was to come.

They kicked the door shut behind them and forcibly positioned Jacob upright against the bunk bed, where the makeshift restraints were already fastened to the bottom and the top railing, holding his limbs tight all the while. Successfully subduing his fighting, they first pulled off his shirt, exposing his tanned torso, then managed to get poor little Jacob's hands and feet tied tightly to the bedframe; feet on the floor and arms above his head.

"I SWEAR I'M GONNA TELL MOM! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING??" the boy frantically wailed as he sank deeper into the realization he was totally at the girls' mercy for whatever they had planned. He could never have predicted, though, what came next.

Jessica and Courtney, standing to either side of the subdued boy, locked eyes and nodded to one another, confirming one last time that they were going through with this. Jessica stood directly in front of Jacob, and as he looked at her with anger and confusion, reached forward, and slid her warm, soft fingers into first only the waistband of Jacob's sweats. Horrified at whatever was taking place, he cried out again, "WHAT ARE Y-- WHAT ARE YOU DOING! STOP!" Ignoring his futile commands, she pulled his tight sweats down to his ankles, revealing his cute little underwear, which, amidst it all, he was even more acutely more embarrassed about. They were 'tightey whitey' style briefs; white, yellow, and black, with Pokeballs printed all over them. While Courtney wasn't surprised, Jessica giggled to herself a bit more, taken slightly aback at the incredibly childish undies this boy she was undeniably sexually attracted to--and whose penis she was about to stimulate to erection--had on. Speaking of the little organ, the girls could just see its impression under the tight patterned fabric, which only increased their sexual hunger.

Jacob continued to squirm pointlessly and indistinguishably wail as the girls admired his smooth, hairless legs and milky white upper thighs, the latter delighting them in the knowledge they were to feast on a sight not seen by even the warm summer sun. With decreasing intensity at the realization of his helplessness, he continued to fluster and wiggle around in his restraints, his cute face all the while growing more red with embarrassment. Jessica placed one hand on the boy's waist then looked at her friend on his other side, who did the same. At the same time, they curled their petite teenage fingers around the waistband of his Pokemon undies, and gave them a firm tug downward.

"NOOOooOO! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Jacob screeched, his voice breaking, as his big sister and her friend set about eliminating the last little fabric barrier between them and his boyhood. It was at this point that, somewhere in his young mind, a kindle of excitement began to ignite. His conscious mind was still horrified and embarrassed beyond measure at what was happening, but somewhere deeper, there was a fire being lit, a twisted thrill at the idea of his 'wiener,' as he would call it, being seen by someone other than himself--and by girls, at that. He would never consciously admit it to himself, due to his boyish misogyny, but he was also certainly attracted to Jessica, and had been for years.

Nevertheless, Jacob tried his best to push his thighs together like a vice to stall the girls' progress in removing his briefs. As a result, their first tug pulled it down only just enough to see his totally smooth pubic area and the root of his smooth shaft, This view, limited as it was, served as blood to a shark for Courtney. She had seen a glimpse of hot young cock and she WOULD have more.

She and Jessica continued, now frantically, to pull down his underwear. With one final tug, all was revealed, as Jacob's twisted undies finally fell down to his ankles. What was on display was, in her mind, the most amazing thing Courtney had ever seen.

To his horror, Jacob was now as naked as the day he was born; his flaccid, developing young penis on full display, with no way whatsoever to obscure it. His hairless scrotum drew tight at the open air, clinging closely to and showcasing the precious little spheres within. His soft shaft measured perhaps 2 inches or so at the moment, with the thickness of an adult's thumb; perfectly normal for his age. As he was circumcised, his shaft was capped off with a cute little mushroom head, perfectly proportioned and just slightly wider than the rest of the organ.

Jacob had now all but ceased moving around, seeing as how there was really nothing more to lose at this point, and he was powerless anyway, but he continued to groan and whine. Words escaped him in the surprise of what was happening. The open air kissing his little tackle only threw fuel on that fire burning somewhere within him, though; as did the entranced stares of the girls to either side of him, whose faces he was exchanging looks between. While they'd have been unaware by this point if his face started turning purple with polka dots, seeing as how their gaze was firmly planted on his little willy, he looked at their faces, and felt almost a sense of pride at just how much they seemed to enjoy looking at his boyish package. Subconsciously, he was excited to see what would come next, if anything.

"" Courtney stammered, taking a step backward and covering her mouth in awe of what made her brother a boy. She figured had probably seen it before, but not since they were babies. This was completely different, and the first "grown-up" (or anywhere close to it) penis she'd ever seen.

Jessica licked her lips a bit at the sight before her. Though she had, technically, seen other boys' equipment before, it had never been fully exposed and in total light like this. "You haven't seen anything yet," she said, "watch this." She reached out and gave Jacob's penis just a slight pet at first. The boy's conscious mind frantically threw him back and forth in a futile effort to escape her touch.

"STOOOOOP!" he cried, shutting his eyes and struggling to reconcile his misery with the wonderful feeling of a female touch. She ignored him and continued on, gently running her finger down his shaft, then grabbing the head between her finger and thumb, stimulating his frenulum underneath. Both she and Courtney watched without so much as a blink as the boy's little rod began to rise and extend before their eyes. Jacob himself was now totally overwhelmed at the situation; this was all simply too much for his young mind to handle. He was feeling a hundred different things, many of them wonderful in a way he'd never felt before. His cries slowly faded to softer moans, and he totally settled down physically, no longer putting up a fight, as his body convinced him this was no attack. Only his head and pelvis moved, as he slowly whipped his head back with his eyes closed and gently rustled his midsection about at his sister's friend's touch.

Jacob's little dick was now long enough to fill a small fist. Courtney's horniness screamed at her to grab ahold, her conscious brain withstood the carnal desire for the time being. Jessica, instead, seized the opportunity to continue her work on the lad. Slowly, to accommodate the slow hardening, she began to tug amateurishly up and down on his young rod. While she had technically done something like this before, she had no real idea what she was doing then, nor did she now. All she knew about boys' masturbation was what she'd overheard in passing at school and in jokes, and her method left much to be desired.

Nevertheless, as Jessica continued to pull away, Jacob did become erect. Satisfied with her work, Jessica removed her hand, eliciting a slight involuntary whine from the boy as he opened his eyes. Standing before the three of them now was the glory of Jacob's tween stiffy, although it had still yet to reach its full size. It pointed straight outward at a 90 degree angle, 3 and a half inches long, twitching up and down with the boy's pounding heartbeat. He didn't know what was happening. His willy had gotten hard before, usually in the morning, and he also knew from innocently fondling himself absentmindedly that it would get hard if he touched it enough, but he had no idea why, or that his penis was for anything other than peeing. He did know girls didn't have one, but he hadn't really ever thought about why.

"So...that's what one looks like..." Courtney muttered, still in total awe of her own little brother's most private area forcibly on full display before her. Jacob tried to process what his sister just said: all of this was just because they wanted to see a wiener? *His* wiener? He wasn't sure what to think of this. Why would his sister want to see him naked? He didn't want to see her naked...did he? This question racked his young mind until he snapped back to life.

"This is what you wanted, you perv!? To see me naked? What for??" Jacob exclaimed hysterically, asking himself as much as he was the girls.

"Well...yeah.... But it was Jessica's idea! She wanted to! I just..." Courtney bargained with herself.

"Just what?" Jacob re-upped, genuinely curious now about his big sister's own motives.

"I just...wanted to see a real, live, you know....penis," she said, lowering her voice at the last word. "I've never seen a boy naked before."

"Well, what do you think?" Jessica asked playfully, then gave Jacob a firm slap on his bare, pert little ass.

"I think...I want to see more," she answered with something between a giggle and a cackle, embracing her horniness and doubling down on this adventure. Jessica was glad to hear it, and Jacob's heart fluttered, as he was starting to feel that he was, too.

"Well, here goes, then!" Jessica excitedly exclaimed as she gripped her gentle hand back around Jacob's boyhood and began to tug. A few jerks in, she looked toward her friend and spoke again: "Courtney, do you wanna try?"

Jacob's and Courtney's hearts both began to beat rapidly. Jacob's eyes locked with his sister's, his mouth slightly agape in a combination of fear and lust, as he awaited her response.

"Sure," she finally admitted to herself and the others with a smirk, looking Jacob straight back in his beautiful brown eyes.

"Eww, gross! Let me go!" Jacob shouted while wiggling around, still bound at his arms and legs, trying to mask the fact he was deeply excited by her answer. Jessica moved aside and sat down on the lower bunk next to where Jacob was tied vertically to the front, and Courtney moved right in front of her kid brother. She reached out to him and first just laid her hand softly onto his stomach. Her other hand joined in, and she moved them slowly all over his stomach and chest, gently caressing the tight, tanned body of the first boy she has ever seen naked--who just happened to be her own little brother.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Jacob asked, secretly slightly irritated she wasn't paying attention to his bobbing erection pointed straight at her. Courtney did not respond, instead just continuing to move her hand all across the young man in wonder while she worked up the courage to grasp the main attraction. She eventually came upon Jacob's tiny little nipples, stiff from the air, and toyed her finger around them. This elicited a slight moan from him and made his penis bob up and down.

"Oooh, do you like that?" Jessica asked seductively. "I've heard that some boys do. I know girls definitely do..." she added, trying to casually drop a hint for later on.

"It's, uhHH...not too bad, I guess," Jacob shyly stuttered, breathing heavily as Courtney circled her finger gently around his areola. The knowledge she was making her own little brother feel 'sexy feelings' like this caused a strange feeling in Courtney. She had only recently started learning and thinking about sex, so she can't imagine little XX year-old Jacob had really ever done so. She began to feel a warm sense of pride at being the one to help him discover what makes him feel good, as his gentle forward thrusting and further little moans confirmed to her that he did.

Jacob's young member was starving for attention again by this point, and just as Jessica was going to step in to give it, Courtney got onto her knees and found the courage to grasp his warm, fleshy rod.

The feeling was unimaginable, for both of them. For Jacob, it felt like lightning just kissed the tip of his boyhood. For Courtney, the feeling of a real, erect penis was fascinating. She gripped it tight and was amazed by the gentle heartbeat inside, as was she by how it was simultaneously so hard and so soft at the same time. It was firm like wood, but soft and warm. She'd never seen or felt anything like it, and closed in to get a better look, her face now just inches from her brother's hard young cock.

Jessica watched in delight, but could tell Courtney wasn't sure what to do. "You have to pull it up and down, that's what boys like and what makes them sperm."

Oh my, Courtney thought, were they going to bring her little brother to...orgasm? *Could* he even orgasm? Could he make sperm yet? All these questions and more swirled in her young teen mind. She'd learned the very, very basics of sex in Health class, but there was still so much she didn't know. Besides, she originally just wanted to see a boy naked; this was never part of the plan. But even if she wouldn't admit it to herself that she loved the idea of making her little brother orgasm, her sopping wet virgin pussy would.

"Like this?" Courtney asked, funnily enough looking over to her friend, not up at her brother before her, for approval on her method of masturbating *his* penis. Little did she need to ask Jessica, though, for she was a natural at the act, and instantly better at it than Jessica. Rather than just tugging on the boy's gentle shaft like a rope, she gave it a soft grip, and slid his circumcised foreskin up and down around it. The experience of a proper handjob--something he had still yet to ever even give himself--set off fireworks in Jacob's brain. He began to moan deeply, and instinctively bucked his pelvis forward to ensure his penis received the maximum possible contact. Both Courtney and Jessica were amazed at this development, as their little kidnap victim was now clearly carnally enjoying their experiments.

Incredibly turned on by his response, Courtney looked at Jacob's penis, which had now proudly expanded to its full size of just about 4 and a half inches. Overcome with horny pride, she felt inspired to try something else she's heard before that boys like. Slowly, she parted her glossy little lips, moved her head forward, and pushed Jacob's throbbing young cock into her mouth.

"Eww, gro--hoooOOoohhh..." the boy uttered, still feeling obliged to stage displeasure with his situation until he was overcome by euphoria. He had no idea why in the world his sister would be doing this, all he knew was it felt better than anything he'd ever experienced before in all his life. He began instinctively thrusting forward, as if commanded by some unseen force, burying his adolescent penis deeper into his big sister's throat with each move.

As Courtney tried her best to avoid gagging while massaging Jacob's rock-hard little member with her tongue, Jessica watched in silent amazement at her friend's boldness, without even being told or encouraged. She could tell from Jacob's curling toes that he was in bliss, but she was feeling a bit left out of the fun, as her friend continued to suck and slobber away at the boy's penis. She laid her eyes upon the next best thing: Jacob's bare white little bubble butt, bucking back and forth just next to her. She smiled naughtily and moved herself right behind him, one leg on either side of him, and reached up to grab the two perfect, milky white globes before her. "Mmmmhmm," Jacob responded wordlessly, encouraging her to go on. She grasped and caressed Jacob's tight asscheeks with fervor as he cycled between thrusting backward into her loving hands, and forward into his sister's hungry mouth. Pulling his firm buns apart, Jessica could see his tight pink little rosebud hidden within, as clean and beautiful as a shining pearl.

"You know, there's something else I've heard some boys like..." Jessica said devilishly. Neither of the others responded, as Courtney was too busy sucking on warm dick like a little girl with a lollipop, and Jacob was lost in pleasures indescribable by any XX-year old. Not waiting for an answer of any kind, Jessica took her finger into her mouth, coating it nice and wet with her warm saliva. She once again parted the mesmerizing fleshy hemispheres before her, and moved her finger to rub the warm entrance of Jacob's puckered virgin boyhole. The part of Jacob's little Xth-grade mind telling him to freak out had been intoxicated to silence by his euphoric pleasure, and so he did nothing to avert the invader to his anal canal. Jessica slowly slipped her finger in between his vicelike sphincter, and soon felt it pop through.

'OOooohhWOOHHHHHHH!!!" Jacob cried out so loud the neighbors could surely hear, clenching his anus tight around the warm digit lodged within. Courtney stopped and opened her eyes for a moment, thinking she'd somehow hurt her lovely little subject, then looked around his side to see her friend with two fingers now implanted in her little brother's tight rectum. She was too lost in the haze of young incest to even question the bizarre act.

"Courtney...p- please d-don't stop" Jacob commanded breathily, finally at complete peace with this wondrous experience and committed to keep it going. His big sister obeyed, and plunged his wet cock back into her mouth. Between the warm suction on his dick, and the fingers plumbing his insides through his butthole, Jacob became utterly drunk off the adult pleasures his prepubescent body was receiving. He entered an almost bestial state, emitting nothing but guttural moans as he thrust powerfully forward, fucking his sister's mouth with reckless abandon while Jessica massaged his prostate.

After a minute or so, Jessica recalled what they'd done earlier, and, with her right index and middle fingers still lodged in Jacob's tight asshole, snaked her left hand along his side and up to his chest. She circled a finger a few times around his dime-sized areola before giving his nipple a firm pinch. This was the last straw; Jacob's body could not handle one bit more stimulation. Bucking wildly, he burst into the first orgasm of his life, his anus filled tight and his little mushroom head kissing his sister's uvula.

"HnnngggggAHHHHHHH" he moaned, throwing his head back and forth with his eyes closed shut as he climaxed. Courtney and Jessica felt his penis pulse and his anus clench and release, again and again, as his early-pubescent body tried with all its might to shoot down his sister's gullet the semen it was still too young to produce. The girls continued to lovingly milk Jacob of his nonexistent cum while he thrust powerfully into Courtney's face, his little nuts slapping against her chin, until his mighty, first-ever orgasm finally subsided. Jessica popped her fingers out of Jacob's warm tunnel and Courtney pried her face away from his manhood as she looked upward into his eyes and wiped a bit of slippery spit off her gentle lips.

Between deep breaths, Jacob managed to ask "What WAS that? That was the best feeling I've ever had in my whole entire life!"

"That's called an 'orgasm,'" Jessica replied to the carnally satisfied, sweet little boy before her before giving his tight ass a final slap. "And we're next."
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