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Title Genre Read Rating Themes
My Life. Ch. 2... Fiction 1153110 times. 96.9 % Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Incest, Male / Older Female, Oral Sex, Teen Male / Female
My daughters dildo Fantasy 2472366 times. 96.4 % Coercion, First Time, Incest, Masturbation, Reluctance, Teen, Voyeurism
Sharing My Room With Sis: The 2nd Day Fiction 875340 times. 96.3 % Consensual Sex, Incest, Teen Male/Teen Female, Young
Sharing My Room With Sis Fiction 1501443 times. 96.1 % Consensual Sex, Incest, Teen Male/Teen Female, Young
Sister finds mt Toys Fiction 111699 times. 95.7 %
Ranch Hand ch.2 Fiction 468636 times. 95.7 % Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Hardcore, Teen Male / Female, Teen Male/Teen Females, Young
Family vacation_(1) Fiction 590604 times. 95.7 % Incest
Winter Fixer Upper part 1 Fiction 152583 times. 95.6 % Ass to mouth, Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Male / Older Female, Masturbation, Romance
A Not-So-Simple Life: Part 3 Fiction 296823 times. 95.6 % School, Teen, Teen Male / Female, Young
Exhibitionist Sister - Chapters 4 - 6 Fiction 227343 times. 95.6 % Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination/submission, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Reluctance, Spanking, Teen Female/Teen Female, Teen Male/Teen Females, Threesome, Voyeurism
Family Issues Fiction 549579 times. 95.5 % Blackmail, Coercion, Incest, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Teen, Virginity
One Bold Night--Part One Fiction 49308 times. 95 % Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, Gay, Masturbation, Oral Sex
Jock Strap_(0) Fiction 110907 times. 94.9 % Anal, Exhibitionism, Incest, Voyeurism
Special Bond-Long Weekend at the Lake 9-12 Fantasm 81129 times. 94.6 % Bi-sexual, First Time, Incest, Teen Female/Teen Female, Teen Male/Teen Female
Jack (chapter 1) Fiction 160284 times. 94.6 % Anal, Blowjob, First Time
Beach House Sleepover Fantasm 742686 times. 94.5 % Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy / Boy, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Oral Sex, Teen Male / Teen Male
The Thorned Rose Ch.01 Fiction 54228 times. 94.5 % Blowjob, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Male / Older Female, Mature, Older Female / Males, Oral Sex, Plumper, Reluctance, Transgendered, Transsexual, Written by women
Stephanie - Just When Things Turned Around Pt. 3_(3) Fiction 116247 times. 94.5 % Anal, Bestiality, Consensual Sex, Job/Place-of-work
Red - Part 1 - Sara's drive home Fantasy 53232 times. 94.3 % Exhibitionism, Female exhibitionist, Female solo, First Time, Masturbation, School, Teen Female Solo, Voyeurism, Young
Special Bond-Long Weekend at the Lake Chapt 1-27 (Revised) Fantasm 181347 times. 94.3 % First Time, Incest, Teen Male / Teen Male, Teen Male/Teen Female, Written by women
Me and My Brothers -- Chapter VI Fiction 75225 times. 94.3 % Incest, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teen Male/Teen Females
Like Old Times 3 Fiction 15285 times. 94.3 %
Caught!_(1) Fiction 278514 times. 94.2 % Gay, Teen Male / Teen Male
My Girlfriend and I Have Sex in Front of Her Sister_(2) Fiction 331347 times. 94.1 % Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female exhibitionist, Incest, Teen Male/Teen Females, Voyeurism
My Awakeining_(0) True Story 83523 times. 94.1 % Anal, Boy / Boy, First Time, Gay, Young
Mya, My Tgirl Princess Fiction 97632 times. 94 % Anal, Asian, First Time, Transgendered, Transsexual
Socially Unacceptable Fiction 56103 times. 93.9 % Blackmail, Teen Male/Teen Female
Naked Family Ep. 1: The Journey Begins Fantasy 183468 times. 93.7 % Exhibitionism, Incest, Masturbation, Teen Male / Female
A Horny Friend True Story 298923 times. 93.3 % Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Male Solo, Masturbation, Reluctance, Teen Male / Teen Male
The Wife's Dare True Story 2180961 times. 93.3 % Bestiality, Female/Female, First Time, Romance, Wife, Written by women
The Neighbor's Fire Hose Fiction 110487 times. 92.9 % First Time, Teen Male/Teen Female, Virginity, Voyeurism
Mom Took the Family to a Nude Beach Fiction 483693 times. 92.8 % Incest, Teen, Teen Male / Female, Virginity, Voyeurism
Seducing My Son:3 Fantasy 133467 times. 92.4 % Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cuckold, Incest, Males / Female, Oral Sex, Threesome, Wife
Straight to Bi Fiction 18444 times. 92.3 % Exhibitionism, Gay, Masturbation, Transvestite
Alexandra's Dildo and her Little Brother Fiction 129906 times. 92.2 % Blowjob, Male / Female Teens, Masturbation, Teen Male/Teen Female, Toys, Written by women
Me and my Neice and Nephews Part 6 Fiction 117288 times. 91 % Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Boy / Boy, Boys/Teen Female, Cum Swallowing, Extreme, Gay, Group Sex, Incest, Oral Sex, Teen, Threesome, Virginity, Young
Taming the Tease Fiction 120363 times. 90.7 % Blackmail, Blowjob, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female exhibitionist, Male / Female Teens, Spanking, Virginity
Wife teaches me True Story 87939 times. 90.2 % Anal, Bi-sexual, Toys
Summer of revelation III True Story 12861 times. 89.6 % Blowjob, Boy / Boy, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Oral Sex
Boating Holiday Fantasy 196971 times. 89.3 % Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Incest, Males / Females, Oral Sex, Threesome, Young
The Adventures of Charles and I ch.3 True Story 49149 times. 82.5 % Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boys/Teen Female, Cum Swallowing, Group Sex, Incest