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Trent always considered himself fortunate in the sex department. Nice looking girlfriends and good relationships, but his neighbors Jeff and Regina had turned his world upside down. The Jeff's sister Amy came to visit and things ramped up to...
Trent’s Big Adventure Chapter Three

Trent has just been busted for spying on his neighbors, Jeff and Regina, while the had sex on their back patio with their prime stud dog Khan. Regina took the dog in her mouth and pussy and her husband too her in those holes along with her ass. She was thoroughly fucked and Trent watched it all from behind a tree and Jeff had video of it.

“Jeff, listen, I’m sorry. I swear I never meant that to happen and I haven’t told a soul. It’s your business and we are friends, I hope. I know it was shitty of me but I haven’t been laid in months and my dick took over. Besides, I was really intrigued. How would I know about that kind of stuff? I mean, I think it’s pretty clear you two enjoy it and if that’s what you want to do I’m cool with it. Man, I really want you and I to be friends. In fact I’m totally cool with it. Okay. I jacked off every day since thinking about it.”

He raised his finger. “Hold that thought.” He pressed the hand held. “Honey could you come to my office, please?”

Regina came in with Amy. “Tell Regina what you just told me.”

“Regina, I’m so sorry I spied on you. I don’t know what came over me. I was curious and I know I should have just walked away. I want to be friends and I’m totally cool with whatever you and Jeff want to do in your private lives. I won’t tell a soul.”

Jeff looked at me. “And?”

“And what?”

He made the jerking motion with his fist.

The carpet was where I looked as I mumbled. “I jacked off thinking about it.”

Jeff said. “I can’t hear you.”

“I jacked off thinking about it.”

“How often?”

Fuck. “Everyday. Maybe two or three times a day. I thought it was hot.”

Amy laughed. “What a naughty boy.”

Wait. Why was Amy here? With a picture of her sister in law sucking doggy dick on the screen on the desk? Fuck! She must know.

Regina sighed. “I need a drink.” We went into the living room and she brought in a pitcher of orange juice and a bottle of chilled champagne and we settled back drinking mimosas.

Amy leaned over to me and rested her head on my shoulder. “Trent. What are we going to do with you?”

She unbuttoned her blouse and her full tits spilled out. Then she peeled off her shorts leaving only a skimpy pair of lace panties and I could clearly see her black pubic hair beneath. Regina pulled her tank top off and was sitting not six feet away topless wearing only sheer pink panties. Jeff was watching me with a stoic expression.

Amy put her glass down and rested her head in my lap. I could feel her hot breath on my groin and I gently put a hand on her shoulder. She began to nuzzle my crotch and I sprang to life. She moaned and rubbed her face on my hardness. “Such a nice cock. So hard.” Regina was fondling her nipples while she watched Amy unfasten my shorts and pull them down to my ankles. My dick was painfully erect and my boxer briefs made a tent in my lap. She pulled them down and my cock sprang out and stood straight up. Amy caressed my shaft and cooed as she admired it. “Such a nice cock. It would be a shame to not be able to suck it. To fuck it. To take it in my ass.”

She rolled on her back and looked in my eyes with my cock pressing against her cheek. “Would you like to fuck me, Trent?”

“Only a fool would say no Amy. You are a stunning, beautiful woman.”

She smiled. “How sweet. True, but still sweet. We are in a quandary. You saw my brother and sister in law en flagrante delicto and that simply won’t do. You are either with us, or against us. What shall it be?”

“With you, of course. I already said it’s none of my business.”

“Easy for you to say, but I need some insurance. Some quid pro quo.”

“Okay? What do you have in mind?”

Amy smiled. “Nothing much. Just a little something to even us up. Jeff could you take off your clothes and come over here please?”

Jeff dropped his drawers and his monster cock flopped out half hard. He stood before his sister and she started stroking him then took him in her mouth. His huge balls were saggy so she fondled him as she sucked his rapidly hardening dick. He was uncircumcised so she peeled back his foreskin exposing his glans which were turning angry shades of purple as I watched from less than two feet away. Regina now had her hand inside her panties stroking herself while her husband got sucked off by his sister.

Jeff’s cock was so long that Amy had both hands on it and the entire head and a few more inches were still exposed. “Isn’t this a pretty cock. Such a pretty cock. And look at those balls. So full and heavy. Tell me Trent, doesn’t Jeff have a wonderful cock?”

I nodded.

“Tell me Trent.”

“Yes, Jeff has a beautiful cock.”

“Mmm. That’s the spirit. Why don’t you take a taste?”

Now I knew what they had in mind. If I sucked Jeff’s cock, I could never say anything about what they saw. I started to object but, Amy had suggested something, so I asked. “And what do I get if I do?”

She giggled. “Then your cock is the next one I suck.” She reached her hand over and stroked me.

Amy let go of my cock and put her hand on my neck guiding me forward. Jeff turned to me and his engorged cock was less that six inches from my lips. I reached out and held it. This was the first time I had seen an uncircumcised cock up close. It was kind of fascinating and quite frankly a little nasty but sexy. I slid his foreskin back and forth over his cock. Was I supposed to suck it with the head covered or sticking out? The decision was made for me when Amy pushed my head forward and I automatically opened my mouth and three inches slid in. It was so thick I had to open my mouth all the way to keep my teeth from him.

Once it was in my mouth, Amy held me there until she was sure I wasn’t going to back away then she dropped her head to my lap and took my dick into her hot wet mouth. This wasn’t so bad. In fact, now I know why most girls like to suck cock. A cock was the coolest thing on the planet when it came to sex. You can really cock whip a girl if you know how to use it and treat her right. I closed my eyes and let my saliva coat his big dick and started to stroke him as I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth. I must have been able to take six inches before he hit the back of my throat and I pulled back before I gagged. I got into a rhythm as Amy started to deep throat my eight incher. A first for me. I could feel her press her face onto my groin as my prick slid past her tonsils. Fuck. I need her to stop or I was going to bust a nut. Holy shit! I forgot I was busy sucking Jeff’s dick. What if he blew his load in my mouth. No one said I had to and I really didn’t want to find out what that was like.

I slid my mouth off his dick, leaned back on the couch and tapped Amy on the shoulder. “Amy, please stop. If you don’t I’m going to lose it.”

She sat up with a dreamy look on her face and her lips and chin were covered with a mixture of saliva and precum. I wiped my mouth in case I had the same. She sat up and kissed me deeply on the mouth and we exchanged cock breath. My eyes were closed when I heard Jeff ask, “Did you get that?”

Regina was holding a gopro. She smiled, “Boy did I ever. That was so fucking hot!”

Fuck! I was on video sucking cock!

Jeff tapped me on the shoulder. “Relax, Trent. It’s not linked to the net or anything. I’ll just toss the memory card in a drawer and forget about it. We knew we could trust you but we had to be sure. Please say you aren’t mad?”

What could I say? Sometimes actions speak louder than words so I grabbed his cock and started sucking it. “Just don’t come in my mouth. I’m not sure I’m ready for that. Yet.”

With my eyes closed I felt warm lips around my hard cock again and when I looked down it was Regina sitting on the floor sucking my dick while I pleasured her husband. Surely there was no jealousy with this trio. She looked up and our eyes met and she was so cute and sexy that I had to push her away or I was going to explode like a fire hose. “Hey, no fair. I haven’t been laid in months and I can’t last very long. Could we please take a break and let me cool down. Please?”

Since everyone else was naked I took off my shirt and kicked off my shoes and shorts. With a fresh round of mimosas we sat back and chatted like old friends. Old friends that just had oral sex with each other. Gay, adulterous and incestuous oral sex. Hmm. I could get used to this.

Regina left and when she returned she was leading Khan. “I had him in the bedroom because he just had a bath and didn’t want him to roll around in the dirt.” She put little booties on his feet that attached with velcro. “His nails are short, but this insures he can’t scratch me.” Khan knew what was up and although he didn’t jump around in excitement, his doggy dick started peeking out and his face was eager. Regina sat back on the couch. “Khan, lick” He came right over and started nuzzling her crotch and soon was lapping away at her red bush and pink pussy.

Amy tapped me. “Would you mind?” She spread her legs to show me her trimmed black beaver. I knew what she wanted so I got on my knees between her legs and started licking like a doggy. Her labia were full and her clit was already sticking out and it turned me on like crazy. She got swollen and wet in less than a minute. I sucked on it hard because I wanted to see how plump I could make it. Big pussy lips and clit turn me on. Soon she was humping my face. “Oh Yes! Don’t Stop! Oh Trent! I’m going to cum! Oh fuck! I’m cummmmmmminnnnnnnggggggg!” She gushed into my mouth. I never had a squirter before and although it was a surprise, I liked it. It was kind of slutty, but I enjoyed pleasing her and was proud that I could make this beautiful woman cum. She pulled me up and kissed me tasting herself in my mouth. “Oh Trent that was wonderful. Please fuck me. Don’t worry about cumming. I bet a man like you can go another round after you rest up.”

I knelt between her legs and she guided me into her hot wet snatch. I slid the head in and encountered some resistance. I don’t know what I was expecting but she was tight. I kept working it in and out and soon her clit was grinding on my groin and I could feel her cunt squeezing my hard cock. Once we got going she had that rare talent of fucking me back. As I slammed into her, she slammed right back. This was one sexy, talented woman. After five minutes, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back any longer. I was past the point of no return. “I’m going to cum.” I gasped. “On my tits!” She gasped back. I pulled out and squeezed hard trying to delay my ejaculation and when I let go the first blast hit her right in the face. The second on her neck and the third, forth and fifth landed on her tits. The rest just dribbled on her flat, firm tummy.

“Fuck, Trent. You really hosed me down. Are you sure you have been jacking off?”

Regina pushed Khan away and walked on her hands and knees across the couch and started licking my sperm from Amy starting with her face and ended up sucking her tits as Khan resume his licking, but now from behind. With her ass in the air he tried to hop up and mount her but Jeff ordered him not to and he obeyed.

Jeff pushed two thickly padded ottoman foot rests together and Amy went and lay down face up on them. Regina got into a sixty-nine on top and they started licking each other’s pussies. Jeff guided Khan around and asked Regina if she was ready. Her mmmffffffhhh was all we heard from her face buried in Amy’s muff but it sounded affirmative. Jeff helped Khan get on top of his wife and guided his big nasty doggy dick right into Regina’s waiting pussy. Khan’s balls were slapping Amy in the face so she reached her hands around and held his balls and circled her fingers around his dick to keep his knot from entering his bitch’s pussy.

I had gotten hard again so Jeff waved me over. “Let’s take turns fucking Amy, then make Regina suck you.”

So I did. I fucked Amy until my dick was coated with her plentiful pussy juice then pressed my dick head against Regina’s lips which fell open at the touch. I started to fuck her face and wasn’t sure how deep to go. Remembering her taking nearly all of Khan’s doggy dick down her throat I kept stroking it in and out waiting for her to resist. She didn’t soon I had my entire dick buried down her throat while Khan was pounding his ten inch doggy dick into her eager pussy. I was getting close so I waved Jeff over and offered him a turn with his wife and sister. Amy could tell the difference and shouted, “Holy fuck. Jeff you are so hard.” Then went back to licking Regina’s clit while Khan was pounding his monster doggy cock in and out faster than I could believe. I really couldn’t do much since Jeff was pounding away on one end and Khan was frantically thrusting on the other so I sat beside Amy and stroked her hair while I held Khan’s balls from beating her in the face. The look in her eyes was priceless. It was what lust looked like, I supposed. She let go of Khan’s shaft and within three strokes he was pressing his knot against Regina’s poor little swollen red pussy. With a frantic thrust he shoved it inside and I could hear Regina scream half in pain and half in delight. He pressed against her quivering and this time I could feel his big balls contract and expand in my hand as he pumped her full of his hot doggy cum.

Remembering what Jeff did. I let go of Khan’s balls which landed right on Amy’s forehead and held his hips to keep him from trying to pull out too soon. Jeff gave me a nod as he blew his load into his wife’s mouth. When Khan’s knot subsided, he pulled out with a smack and all his doggy sperm washed down all over Amy’s face as I held her hair out of the way. Once Khan got off, Jeff helped Regina up and I pulled Amy to her feet. Her face was covered in doggy cum and was now running down onto her tits. Regina’s legs gave out and she collapsed on the couch and Amy fell back also exhausted. I handed her my shirt and went to the bathroom to prepare her a warm moist towel to clean up with. When I came back she hadn’t even made an effort to clean up. “I whispered, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m just all fucked out.”

I started cleaning her face and body and when she was better she pulled me down for a doggy sperm filled kiss. “That was fucking amazing. When I recover, I’m going to fuck you like crazy.”

Jeff pointed me to a shower and when I returned everyone was in robes finishing off the mimosas.

“So. How did this all start?” I asked.

Regina said, “When I started living with Jeff, he had this dog named Ghost. He was very smart. One day I saw him lying on the carpet trying to masturbate without success. He was lying on his side, wiggling his leg trying to get his sheath to slide up and down his dick enough so that he could come. It was so sad. He wasn’t neutered yet and he was always horny. I felt sorry for him. I was home alone so I got on the carpet with him and tried to help. I jacked his sheath up and down but that didn’t help. With some pre-cum I started sliding my hand up and down his shaft but he still didn’t cum. But when I jacked him off and squeezed his knot he started cumming like crazy. I was too close and the first squirt nailed me right in the mouth and the rest went all over the place. After that, he would do anything I wanted. So, every once in a while I would jack him off to keep him happy. The problem was I couldn’t do it outside and every time he came I had to spend time cleaning up after him. The kitchen was out of the question and the bathroom was uncomfortable. I was doing him in the bathroom and I decided that it would be faster and easier if he just came in my mouth. It is better tasting that man cum. Thinner and clear and watery. I gulped it down and I realized I liked it. So I started sucking Ghost off practically every day. Then one day I got so horny that I bent over the foot stool and hoped he got the message. Boy did he. It took a while to teach him to find the hole but once he did, holy shit he would pound me half to death. Jeff noticed I was horny all the time now, but didn’t complain. Then one day Jeff saw us on video. We talked about it and I told him how fond I was of Ghost and how much I like getting doggy fucked. He watched and was soon helping. Afterwards he would drill me too.”

“Is it hard to teach a dog to fuck?”

“Very. Most dogs are too stupid. The lick a couple times and lose interest. If they ever figure out that they could get fucked, they can never find the hole and end up humping your leg and getting frantic and scratching the shit out of you. Also the size of the dog and the length of his rear legs is important. Their cock has to match up the right height and angle to the pussy for it to be possible. Luckily Ghost was smart and perfectly proportioned.”

No one was bothered by my questions so I continued. “So that explains Regina and Jeff. How do you fit into this situation, Amy?”

She smiled. “I was visiting for the weekend and I was already horny being around Regina. Ghost licked my face and I realized that he smelled like pussy. I had licked enough puss to recognize the aroma. Regina and Jeff were upstairs in the shower, so I pulled off my panties and in three seconds Ghost was licking my snatch and it wasn’t long before I was approaching orgasm. I was too far gone to stop and imagine my embarrassment when my brother and his wife came down the stairs to see their dog going down on me. Regina started laughing and called me a slut just as I came. I was screaming so I would have been busted anyway. After I was done, I pulled down my skirt and said, What?”

“Regina dropped her towel, got on the couch, spun me around and stuck my face in her crotch. While I was struggling, she flipped up my skirt, slapped my ass a couple times and Ghost mounted me and started fucking the shit out of me. I got knotted on my first go around. I was crying and sobbing but I had more orgasms at one time than ever before.”

Amy looked at me. “Trent are you getting hard because you enjoy hearing about me getting abused?”

“Maybe a little? So, Amy, what would you consider a perfect doggy date?”

“I like for at least one other person to be there. It makes is so much easier, unless you have the perfect doggy boyfriend like Khan, but doggy lovers like him are rare. It usually takes another person to get them into position. So, even though I could be alone with Khan, I like it better with Jeff and Regina and you were pretty great yourself. The second thing is to get licked to orgasm. It gets the dog excited and it gets me so horny and my pussy is soaking wet. The third thing is a little doggy dick sucking. I love it so much and it really gets the dog ready. The best and last thing is getting mounted from behind and taking the knot. Then I get five minutes of pure pleasure with all his doggy cum in my pussy before he pulls out. Sometimes Regina licks me clean afterward. That’s nice too.”

I asked. “Isn’t all doggy fucking from behind?”

“Oh God no!” Replied Regina. If the dog is too stupid to mount, which are most, the lady goes ass to ass with the dog and someone pushes the doggy dick in and out.”

“That doesn’t sound much better than a dildo.”

Both Amy and Regina nodded in agreement. Amy said, “Yeah, nothing like getting mounted and fucked by a huge doggy dick.”

I was getting turned on hearing Amy talk so calmly about it. “So do you have any other dogs with skills?”

Jeff said, “Just Ghost and he’s pretty old and in retirement.”

“I’m surprised you depend so much on just Khan. What if something happened to him? What would Regina and Amy do until you trained another doggy boy toy?” I asked them.

“Oh no! Don’t even think that. Khan isn’t just a dog, he is our main stud, a member of the family.” Regina cried out.

“Sorry. That’s not what I really meant. Sharing Khan is fine but doesn’t Amy want her own doggy boyfriend?”

Amy smiled at the thought. “Damn Trent. You get better by the day. Yeah, Jeff. Why don’t I get my own stud puppy?”

“I never thought about it before.” said Jeff.

We got dressed and prepared for a tour of the kennel to find Amy her own canine lover.

The rottweilers came first. “I like the looks of this one but rotties slobber so much.” Amy said.

“The mastiffs aren’t very pretty are they?”

“No, not really.” Jeff agreed. “They are kind of homely, plus they are heavy, but they usually have fat cocks.”

Amy found one wiemeranar that she liked. “Does he have a name?”

“I wish we didn’t have to name them but we do to train them. His name is Jasper. We call his name before each command. Watch. Jasper, sit.” Jasper sat. “Jasper, stay.” He stayed even when Jeff opened the door to his pen. “Jasper, come.” Only then did Jasper come. He came right up and sniffed around but didn’t jump on anyone or be a pest. Jeff snapped a lead on his collar and handed it to Amy. Take him outside, see if he likes you.”

Jasper walked calmly beside Amy without tugging on the lead. She let him off the lead and began to play with him tossing a ball and he would run after it and return it to her waiting for more. She would praise him every time he came back and his tail although short, wagged constantly. Jeff handed her a small pouch of treats. “Use one each time you praise him.” Soon they were best friends.

“Jeff did you have to dock his tail and cut his ears? It seems so cruel.” Amy asked.

“He is pure bred AKC. It’s a standard. Besides for a boyfriend, the less tail in the way the better.”

Amy asked Jeff for his opinion of Jasper.

“He’s perfect. The calmest and smartest of his litter. We sold the rest as pups but I kept him because he is special. I intend to breed him.”

Amy looked at her younger brother. “You could still breed him if he were mine. How much would he cost?”

“The pups went for two thousand each. Fully trained like him, five thousand.” he said.

“Wow! I didn’t know they were so much!”

Jeff assured her. “You can choose any one you want but you seem to have made up your mind. For you it’s a gift. Or more like an adoption. Give him a try and see if everything works out. If not you can choose another.”

Amy wrapped her arms around her little brother and gave him a big kiss right on the mouth with plenty of tongue. “Oh thank you Jeff. I’m so happy!”

Regina said, “Khan only came once today. He should be ready to go again. Jasper might learn by watching him.”

Back at the house we let Khan and Jasper get acquainted and they got along just fine. We had lunch and they settled down on the throw rugs and relaxed. Afterwards, we settled in on the couches and relaxed also. “So, Trent. Are you all weirded out about your first blowjob?” Amy asked.

“I had my first blowjob years ago, but this was the first time I was on the giving end.” They laughed. “No, not really. Two weeks ago I might have freaked out but, I kinda liked it. I don’t know how Jeff felt about it though.”

“It was kinda sexy although it’s not really my thing. I did it because Amy and Regina asked me to.”

“That’s cool.” I said. “I would rather give than receive I guess. I have no interest in fucking a guy in the ass but wouldn’t mind finding out how it felt to get bottomed. But not by you Jeff. My ass couldn’t handle it.”

Regina slipped off her panties and called Khan. She praised him and petted him and he started sniffing her crotch. She pulled up her dress and he looked at her for permission. “Lick me Khan.” She spread her legs and lifted herself up so he could get in there and he started lapping away.

Amy said, “Jasper, come.” He trotted over and she petted him and praised him. She didn’t have any panties on so she just slipped her skirt and top off and sat there naked while Khan licked Regina right beside them. Jeff went to the kitchen and returned with a jar of organic smooth peanut butter.

“Rub some on your tits and let him lick it off, praising him as he does it.”

Amy spread it on her tits and leaned forward to offer it to Jasper who started licking right away. “Oh Jasper, good boy, Jasper.” When it was gone she put some on her tummy and he licked it off also. Amy smeared some over her vagina and soon he was licking away while she rubbed his head telling him what a good boy he was.

The smell of excited pussy was in the air and Jasper was getting visibly aroused. Amy applied some more cream to her twat and Jasper seemed to really like it. Amy was lying back now with her eyes closed and unexpectedly grunted and gasped as she had an orgasm. Jasper didn’t stop. I guess he liked the taste of her cummy secretions.

Regina was now holding Khan’s head as he lapped away and she came with a louder moan. Khan knew to give her a chance to recover and sat at her feet while Jasper kept at it giving Amy another orgasm.

“Amy.” Jeff said. “That’s enough for now. We don’t want to overdue it on his first encounter. He needs to associate it with pleasure. My advice would be to lie down on the rug with him and do something nice to him. You know. Like suck his dick.”

Amy went to the rug with Jasper following close behind. She got him to lie down and began to rub his tummy. “Oh Jasper. You are such a good boy. You made mommy cum twice already. You are going to be such a good lover and I need to show my lover how much I love you.” She turned to a lying down sixty-nine position so her pussy was near his face and began to fondle his balls and sheath. Soon a little pink tip appeared. She ignored it and continued to praise him and stroke his sheath and fondle his balls. Then she moved her head down and started sucking his balls. She was able to get one at a time in her mouth while stroking his sheath. A little more pink came out. When three inches of doggy dick was exposed, she started sliding her tongue up and down his shaft. He rolled flat on his back and spread his legs wide and didn’t move. I think he was afraid to wake from his dream. “Oh Jasper. You really like me. I really like you too. I can feel your knot down inside your sheath and your doggy dick is so nice and big and pink. I wonder if your balls are full of doggy sperm. Maybe you can show me, my sweet baby.”

We had all stopped to watch and Amy was so engrossed in sucking Jasper’s doggy dick that she was oblivious. She rested her head on his belly and took his pink dick into her mouth. Soon six inches of doggy dick was disappearing between her lips with every bob of her head. When the knot finally exposed itself fully eight fat inches of doggy dick was standing straight out, hard and throbbing. Jasper was so horny his left leg started twitching. Amy tried to deep throat him but the eight inches had a thick bulb halfway between his knot and pointy tip and prevented Amy from taking him down her throat all the way. Jasper was now trying to hump her face and his leg was twitching like he was running. Amy had her hand between her legs and was finger fucking herself.

“Gently squeeze the knot.” Regina suggested. In less than a minute, doggy sperm shot into Amy’s mouth with such abundance that she couldn’t swallow it all and it ran out of her mouth all over his knot and her face. Amy sighed and rolled over on her back in satisfaction, her lips and mouth covered in Jasper’s huge load of doggy sperm. He got up and began to clean her face with his tongue. Then he licked her tits and went back to her face where she opened up her mouth and began to french kiss him.

Jeff was stroking his monster cock and I blurted out, “Jeff. Can I suck it?” After watching Amy blow Jasper I was so horny that I didn’t care. He nodded so I knelt down before him and took him into my mouth. Once I got the angle right I could take more than half before I got the gag reflex and had to pull back. My eyes were watering and my jaw was sore but I really wanted to prove I was as good as Amy. Holding the base of his cock I forced my face on his huge dick and lifted my chin and this time he got past my tonsils and into my throat. The gagging stopped and I had to breath through my nose. I kept him there while I jacked what was left of his dick with my hand and with a final shove I had my nose in this pubes and all ten inches of monster dick down my throat. That was as much as I could do. When I started to slide it out he fired off thick ropes of cum into my mouth. I started choking and pulled out and what came next was a few more jets right in my face. I was covered in cum and it was sliding out of my mouth. I coughed a few times and swallowed to clear my throat and looked around. Regina and Amy were staring with open mouths.

“Holy fucking shit, Trent.” said Regina. “Did you just deep throat my husband? God that was so fucking hot, I’ll be masturbating over that for months!”

Amy knocked me down, straddled me and started kissing me and licking my face. “You fucking slut. I love it. But touch another woman and I’ll cut your nuts off. Besides Regina of course.”

“Does that mean I have a girlfriend now?” I asked her.

“You fucking bet it does, boyfriend.” Amy replied.

Amy said to Jeff, “Jasper already came once. Do you think we should keep going or give him a break?”

“He’s almost a year old so he has been capable of sex for a couple of months already. He is probably as randy as a teenage boy.”

“I’ll let him watch Khan fuck me. Maybe he’ll get the message.” said Regina.

Jeff put booties on both dogs and Regina bent over the ottoman. Khan came right over, licked her face and began to sniff her pussy. Jeff helped him up behind Regina and helped guide him in. Khan began a leisurely fuck and seemed to enjoy stroking his big dick in and out of Regina’s tight pink pussy. Jasper came over to watch and Khan give him a little growl to indicate that he wasn’t welcome, so Jasper sat down and his dick was already starting to poke out. Jeff positioned another ottoman so that Amy would be close enough to Regina that they could kiss and Amy took up her position.

“Trent. See if you can keep Khan from knotting with Regina. Maybe we can prolong this a while.”

Amy arched her back and stuck her vulva up inviting her new dog to mate with her. Jasper took a few sniffs and licks and jumped right on her back and started humping wildly, nowhere close to her pussy. Jeff calmly adjusted Jasper’s hips and guided the sheath towards Amy’s eager cunt. Jasper got it in a few times, short jabs but was too excited to concentrate. One time before he could pull back, Jeff held his hips and kept him pressed against his big sister’s ass. Jasper began to hump. “Oh. Oh. That feels fucking good. Oh God! I love your doggy dick Jasper. Good boy Jasper. Make me your bitch. Fuck your mommy, Jasper. Mate with me. Fill me with your hot doggy sperm. Oh Jasper I love it. Fuck me!”

When Jeff let him go, Jasper put his front paws on Amy’s shoulder blades giving him the perfect angle to drive his big doggy dick right up her wet, swollen snatch.

I had two fingers around Khan’s shaft to keep him from locking up with Regina when she shouted. “Let him go Trent! I’m ready to get bitch fucked!” Then she went back to kissing Amy while they both got rammed from behind by their stud dogs. With my face a foot away I watch in wonder as Khan kept slamming against Regina’s tight pussy lips trying to stuff his fist sized knot into her cunt. After ten tries it almost went in and he shoved harder and she screamed as he forced his way in her. “Oh God! Oh Fuck! His cock is getting bigger and his knot is going to kill me! Of Fuck! He is really hard. I hope he comes soon. OHHH! FUCK! I’m Cummmmiiiinnnnnng! Oh Fuck me Khan. Fuck your bitch! Stick your big doggy dick all the way into my uterus. Fuck me!”

Amy started screaming also. “Jasper fuck me! Make me your bitch! Fuck me good! I want your knot inside me too. Make me beg for you hot doggy cum. Fill me with your sperm. AHH Fuck! I’m Cumming! Fuck I just got the knot! It’s so fucking huge! Oh shit! I don’t know if I can take it!”

“Trent. Quick switch places with me!”

He held Khan in place while his wife got filled with doggy cum and I was able to see that last of Jasper’s knot as it disappeared in my new girlfriends cunt. Jasper’s legs quivered as he stopped the jackhammer fucking and shove once, twice then five times before he pushed his way in deep after dumping his balls inside of Amy.

“Oh Fuck!” She cried out. “I’m fucking cumming again. Jasper my baby you filled me up. I can feel your hot cum deep inside me. Oh baby, thank you for making mommy your bitch. You are the best doggy ever!”

I looked at Jeff and he looked at me. Here we were holding our lovers doggys for so they could enjoy the post coital doggy fucking they just received and feel the doggy sperm deep in their wombs.

“So Trent. I guess you’ll be spending the night?” Laughed Jeff.


2021-12-02 20:27:06
Loved all 3 stories.


2021-12-01 12:29:20
Loved the story, I cum once for each chapter.


2021-11-21 14:33:39
Great story, I’ve just read all three chapters continuously. You write very well, i feel like I’m in the middle of the action. Oh how I wish for someone to be my Regina or Amy, having doggy sex daily with me and our dog. Keep your stories coming please.


2021-11-20 02:40:28
Fantastic, thanks! More please.

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