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This is the second chapter of this (fictional) story from my late teens, where my girlfriend’s little sister went through puberty and lost her innocence due to my uncontrollable lust for her. In this chapter, Cindy discreetly kicks it up a notch, flirting, flashing, and feeling my dick... right under her older sister’s nose

A few weeks had gone by since Cindy had watched Chloe and me petting on the couch. I still felt guilty (and aroused) about it, but Cindy seemed to be cool. The three of us hadn’t been together on the couch together since that night, but when Cindy was around she was all smiles. I also noticed she often stood closer to me than she had before.

I came over after dinner that Saturday to hang out and watch a movie. I have to admit I was excited to see what might happen, but a bit concerned as well.

The movie didn’t start for another hour. I was helping Chloe clean up a little downstairs, picking up clothes and such. I pulled out a clean blanket for the couch (lol), and took some dirty dishes up to the kitchen.

When I walked back down, Cindy came out of her bedroom already changed for “movie time”. She was wearing that thin white nightshirt. In the bright lights of the family room I could see right through it. My heart skipped a beat... Those perfect petite breasts that I had been masturbating over the last three weeks were clearly visible; her nipples pressing against the thin fabric. I’m pretty sure I could see a small bush hiding as well.

..........was she intentionally flashing for me?

Chloe walked out from the laundry room, looked at Cindy, and stopped. In a condescending tone she barked “Really? Go put on some underwear- you can see right through that”

Cindy looked to the ceiling, flipped her hands out in exasperation - “jeeze- you’re always telling me what to do... you aren’t my boss”

And stormed back into her bedroom.

Chloe rolled her eyes, clearly unconcerned that I might be aroused by her little sister. “I have to go up and do the dishes. This won’t take very long”, and ran up the stairs.

The moment she hit the top step Cindy came out of her bedroom, walked over to me, and poked a finger in my tummy. I flinched and laughed, stepped back, and looked at her up and down. I could see was still naked under her nightshirt. She turned to go to the laundry room, mumbling “I need to follow Hitler’s orders”...

She came back out holding a bra and panties, and twirled them in the air as she walked by me. I watched her bare ass through the nightshirt as she walked back to her room.

............she is definitely flirting with me

Chloe came down and brought me a glass of Coke. “I’m making popcorn too. Do you want anything?”

“Thanks- I’m good. Can I help you with the dishes?”

She headed back upstairs, “No- I’m supposed do do my chores by myself. I won’t be long”

I walked over to the TV to look for the remote, when Cindy snuck up behind me and grabbed my sides and tickled me. I swung around, spilling my Coke a bit. “You little stinker- I’ll get you for that”

I set down the glass, bent down and picked up the spilled ice from the floor. I looked at Cindy with a mischievous grin, looked her up and down and held up the ice. Her eyes widened, and she turned and ran towards her bedroom.

........ I ran after her.

She stopped short at her door and turned around- I nearly knocked her over. I grabbed her and started tickling- she squealed a little, but stifled the sound... she was trying to stay quiet.

“Are you all properly dressed now?”, I teased.

Holding her tight, I reached around and lifted her nightshirt with my left hand (the one holding the ice), and felt around for her panties with my right. I grabbed her ass, then grabbed the ice cube from my left hand and slid my hand down inside the back of her panties, sliding the ice cube down the crack of her tight little butt.

She squirmed and stifled a gasp, but didn’t really fight too hard.

I pushed the ice all the way down, until I’m pretty sure it was pressing against one of two openings I could think of that were down there.

She finally broke free and ran into her room.

Chloe yelled down from the top of the stairs “Everything okay down there?”

“Yeah, I just tripped over the coffee table and spilled my Coke”

I walked upstairs to refill the Coke and grab some paper towels. I hoped Chloe wouldn’t notice the bulge in my pants.

“Can you grab the popcorn too? I’m almost finished with the dishes”

I brought the stuff downstairs and cleaned up the spilled Coke. Chloe followed shortly and ran into her room to change into her fuzzy nightgown.

Cindy came out, this time wrapped in a robe, dimmed the lights, and plopped down on the right end of the couch. I sat down beside her, leaving room to my left for Chloe.

I looked over to Cindy and smiled, thinking of that tight round butt I had my hands on moments before. She smiled back. “I’m getting you back for that”, she whispered.

The movie had already started when Chloe joined us on the couch. She pulled the blanket over us, and tossed one end towards Cindy. We settled in and watched the movie with little conversation. It was a horror flick, and when things got scary both girls would grab my arms and lean in closer for comfort.

.......... I could get used to this

They were both snuggled up close to me, and at one point Cindy pulled the blanket up over her shoulder- her left arm under the blanket, her hand landing against my thigh. I wrapped my arms around both of them.

The scary movie ended with little fanfare, and we started watching what followed: a rerun thriller that wasn’t all that great. It wasn’t too long before Chloe fell asleep; her breathing changing in that familiar way. Cindy moved a pillow to my lap, curled up on her side and laid her head down on the pillow. I pulled the blanket over her and laid my arm down along her side, my hand falling to her hip.

She moved around to get comfortable, and slid her right hand under her head... under the pillow, palm down, right on top of my dick.

...........Whoa- did she mean to do that?

Feeling her warm hand on me immediately triggered an erection. I know Cindy could feel every change, and that excited me even more. I moved my right arm under the blanket, resting my hand on Cindy’s hip.

Chloe’s breathing had turned into light snoring, a wonderful monitor that she was asleep, unaware of what was going on right in front of her.

As my erection grew, I could feel Cindy’s warm hand move and wrap around it... she gave a gentle squeeze and moved her hand around a bit, just to let me know she was completely aware (and completely in control). My dick was still curled down in my pants, and it was getting less comfortable by the minute.

My heart was racing. I felt scared... guilty... but aroused like mad. I could feel my heartbeat pounding... and it centered on my groin. Cindy’s hand wrapped around the bulge in my pants. Chloe fast asleep resting on my left shoulder.

I reached down and pulled Cindy’s robe open under the blanket. I could feel her nightshirt... I felt her ass through her nightshirt, and I couldn’t feel any panties.

...........did she take her panties off again?

I worked her nightshirt up until I touched bare skin.

I moved my hand up and down her thigh, and over her butt as well. No panties.

I reached down to feel her stomach, and ran into her left arm, which was stuffed down between her legs. The muscles in her arm were twitching... she was rubbing herself. I brought my hand up to her chest, briefly feeling her nipple brush against me through the fabric, then back to her naked thigh.

She continued to lightly squeeze me and move her hand all over my uncomfortable erection under the pillow.

She was breathing more rapidly and her body started squirming around ever so slightly.

I slowly slid my hand further up her thigh to her hip and reached over to feel her naked butt. I stretched down around as far as I could go but my fingers couldn’t reach where I wanted. I squeezed her ass and pulled her towards me, then worked my fingers down, pulling her cheeks apart. Reaching the crack of her ass, I stretched and moved my fingers forward until I could feel the edge of her butthole. I could also feel the movement from her fingers rubbing her pussy, which was getting more and more vigorous. I pulled her butt further apart and pressed my finger against her ass, when I could feel she was about to cum. The muscles in her ass tightened, and her entire body quivered as she climaxed. Her hand gripped hard on my erection as she rode the wave through... she then fell limp.

Chloe was fast asleep on my left, still snoring into my shoulder.

I relaxed my grip on Cindy’s ass, pulled her robe closed, and brought my arm up to her side. I gently stroked her hair, and rubbed her shoulder. My erection slowly subsided.

..........It didn’t take very long before she was fast asleep, joining her sister.

The short movie had ended some time ago, but no one noticed. It was really pretty late now.

I moved Chloe back, gently raised Cindy’s head, and slipped out from underneath her. Trying not to wake her, I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom, laid her down on her bed and pulled up her covers.

I pulled Chloe up from the couch and helped her into her bed, tucked her in, kissed her goodnight. I put a few things away and snuck out the side door.

I realized Cindy wasn’t going to be telling her sister, or her parents, about anything, but I was still scared. I drove home in a fearful, excited, euphoric state.

............where does this go from here?

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2022-05-18 12:23:38
Another fantastic chapter! I’m loving it!


2021-08-27 15:09:42
I was right about this series.
Loving it. The sneaky forbidden foreplay was so good


2021-04-20 10:37:04
Waiting for part 3. Awesome. Thanks!?

Trib FanReport 

2021-04-17 12:19:58
I'm intrigued to read Part 3 when you post it!

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