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Prob not my best story but I used Beth Lily as my character, I wanted to expand this story more but my mind and tblank so I'll try come up with part 2 to make it better, enjoy!
Out in the deepened part of the darkness, a flickering light could be seen in the shrouded darkness. Cables could be seen whiplashing recklessly around, cackling noises could be heard as crates were sprawled all over the muddy place. The back half of the shuttle ship ripped apart side open most of its haul items dismantled. Crates after supplies after inventories destroyed, a faint message could be heard on the PA, "you're the last one, finish it." As the last of its lights went off, so did the intercom shut off.

Few years later aboard the Scarlight ship, leader Dingleberry, big man 6'8 355; crew mates Minerva Jain, petite woman, 5 ft; Brianna Alvarez, thin woman , 5'1 36H, huge hips and huge ass, and Dickenberg, tiny man 3'5, 190 lbs, each at their own stations doing their job, picking up transmitting message from the downed ship wherever it is. "Sir we've received a message from one of our ship that was down," Dickenberg says tracking the ship on an unknown planet called Mokey Neko, info they don't know about. "Play it," Dingleberry replies Dickenberg presses the transmission button, "you're the last one, finish it. That's it, all that was left. Do you know who was on that ship? Not a clue sir" he says getting off the chair walking over to the cockpit, Brianna comes out of the cockpit putting the ship on autopilot as she walks towards the bay.

"Hey umm I'll go check out the wreckage." She says wearing a black sports bra and leggings on, she grabs the stripe black and blue armor suit, grey helmet as well and couple of items to put in the holsters. "Let me go as well in case something goes wrong" Dickenberg says "alright no funny business there may be some shit going on over there we do not know of" Dingleberry says as Brianna and Dinckenberg geared up and took off checking out the damaged ship out there. They took a small craft with enough supplies and other protection in case some creatures sneak up, and took off for Mokey Neko, once they reached the darkened planet, it was nothing more than shrouded darkness, "I have a bad feeling about this" Brianna says landing the ship onto an unknown platform, taking their guns and protection with them as they walked out, turning on their flashlight as they were all alone.

As they step foot onto the soft sand, they looked around as there were nothing but absolute darkness, as dinckenberg looks at Brianna, "well stick together, we don't know what's out here. Good idea." Both stood together walking with guns out, in case creatures of the dark decides to pop by surprise. As they made their way onto hard soil ground, she bent down and felt the ground, and picked up few bit of it, "hmm we walked on sand but this feels like moss, if the atmosphere is absolute darkness, what is this planet made of?" She looks around as Dickenberg looks around as well, "back to back" he says as both stood back to back, standing their ground at what's to come. "I have incoming bogey southeast" she says hearing sudden movement on the ground, gust of wind blew directly at them blasting them off their feet.

Both of them flew apart from each other as Brianna landed on her back flying into some hard surface somewhere in a cavern like area, dickenberg flew far away as he hit his head against hard against hard surface, he suffers a concussion. Their flashlight broken as they decide to walk into sheer darkness, but they did pack glow light as they decide to venture with that instead "dickenberg come in." She pulled out her walkie talkie, she didn't get a response as she repeated herself, but no response. He woke up hitting his head against a hard surface as he looked around, he grabs his head and holds it "damn what happened, Brianna come in." He pulled his walkie as there were no response. "Looks like I'm on my own."

Brianna made her way into the dark cavern, looking around spotting many rocky edges, the wind blows at the entrance. "Well I'm by myself" she says walking deeper into the cavern trying to reach the ship, but all communication coms were down as if the emp on the planet renders them useless. "Well now that doesn't help, gotta rely on instincts and survival" she says looking around spotting what seems to be a waterfall nearby. She walks towards it and drops her bag on the ground, she scoops water and drinks from it, doesn't see a problem with it and smiles.

Out of the corner of her eyes was small figure, she squints and the shadow was gone. "Huh that's weird" she said looking around was hot springs, she looks over and kneels down feeling it with her hand, and felt hot but not that hot. She dips her hand in feels the hotness and smiles knowing that there maybe life on this planet. Meanwhile dickenberg on the other hand was not so lucky, he spotted the wreckage from where the transmission came from. He looked around packing what was left of the inventory that was sprawled ont he ground, ammunition and medications for injuries.

He got up hearing faint noise nearby walking towards it, seeing what seems to be gas leaking and a fire close by. He walks over seeing crew member, his body mangled up as he looks over at him, he escapes just as the ship explodes in flames and he lands on hard surface. "That's not good at all, anyone read me" he tries reaching the ship as there was no avail, "looks like I'm all alone" he says walking around with glow sticks coming across forest like setting. He walks around looking for some life forms around him, no sign of movement as he ventures further into the forest, no sign of any nearby areas with life.

She strips off her clothing with her sports bra and leggings off, naked as she takes a dip into the hot springs relaxing and sigh that she may be stranded here without locating the signal. While she relaxes in the hot water there were nearby noises, as she turns around covering her huge tits nearby scurry shadows could be seen, she grabs her gun in her holster and points it at its direction. "Who's there!" She says hearing voices as she turns all directions pointing the gun, until she saw the same little figurine staring at her ontop a cliff and gasp. "What is that?" She said pointing the gun at the small guy as it darts fast, shooting at it before turning and hearing footsteps nearby.

Dickenberg walked around getting tired as he soon spots an entrance that looks like a cave, and enters inside knowing what he may find. He continue down the caverns and spots flashing lights knowing what's inside that may be scary. He comes across a cliff where he looks down to see what it seems to be Brianna down there, "Brianna you okay!" He says as she soon looks up, seeing dickenberg up there, "it's you! How'd you find me! How do I get down here?" He looks for some way down, he notice he has rope and latch as he sets it up, coming down as he sees her in the hot springs.

"Hey what you doing down here and oooh what's this I see? May I join?" He looks at her as she was naked "you heard the boss were not suppose to do any funny business here, but he's not here is he?" She rolls her eyes as she eventually lets him join, he jumps and strips his clothes off, his huge cock springs out as he jump on her. "Hey what are you..." he plants a kiss on her lips wrapping his arms around her neck, she tries to pull away before giving in. They both shared a kiss while in the hot springs, he picks her up wrapping her legs around his waist, "mmmh what you say we make love here? What if there's something in here that ruins our love making?"

She looks at him, her blue eyes staring into his hazel eyes, "I'll never let that happen" he says kissing her lips passionately holding her in his arms, she reaches down onto his cock and guides it to her pussy, "mmmh what is this I feel, I want you my little man" she says seductively placing both her hands on his face and kisses him deeply, she grabs his cock and stuff it in her pussy. "Mmmh fuck it's so big, you haven't experienced big yet" he says smirking bouncing her pussy on his cock slowly, and then fast moaning into his mouth feeling his cock split her pussy apart.

"Mmh yes my little man right there" he's moans feeling his cock explore deep inside her pussy, she bounces her pussy on his cock fast, laying down on the ground watching her tits bounce. He grabs her big tits and squeezes them while she rode his cock fast, she moans softly out of the corner the same figurine watched from afar, watching them having sex . She bounces her pussy on his cock deep and hard, leaning back as she continuously bouncing her pussy deeper and faster "Mmh fuck yes" placing her finger on her clit. He watches her riding his cock faster while looking at her clit, she rubs it ferociously fast "Mmh fuck yes that's it!"

She screams out bouncing faster and faster before cumming on his cock, she gets out sucking his cock ferociously deep, gagging and bobbing her head up and down. "Mmh fuck mami that's it fuck" he moans sitting up watching her giving him good blowjob, he goes underneath her eating her pussy out. "Mmmh fuck right there!" She moans loudly feeling his tongue ravage her clit ferociously, he tugs on her clit hearing her moan loudly cumming again all over his mouth, "Mmh that it mami cum for daddy" he smirks slapping her ass while she deep throat him feeling her mouth devour his cock all the way down her throat.

As they continue to 69 each other for quite some time, he was on top of her thrusting his cock deep inside of her pussy, stuffing his face against her huge tits and sucking on them. "Mmmh fuck do you like my big tits hmm?" She looks at him moaning softly feeling his cock stretch her pussy, he pounds her pussy deep and hard sucking and biting her nipples. "Mmh fuck they're sensitive mmmh" she moans softly as he powerfully thrust his cock deeper and deeper inside her pussy, she moans loudly as her tots bounce up and down. "Fuck your cock so huge fuck!" She moans loudly as he thrusts his cock harder and harder before pulling out, stuffing his cock betwen her tits and gets up onto her elbows.

"Mmmh fuck" she moans softly his cock thrusting rapidly between her huge tits, he leans in kissing her lips passionately while titfucking her rapidly. She picks him up while he fucks get tits nonstop while walking into the hot spring, she lays her head back as he continue to titfucks her faster and faster, kissing her more deeply as she gives in. "Mmmh fuck yes fuck!" She moans feeling him coming close. "I'm gonna cum on you" he says thrusting his cock faster and faster before stuffing his cock into her mouth.

He shoves his cock deep inside her mouth, thrusting it deeper and deeper looking at her. She rubs his balls feeling his cock shoving deep inside her mouth, feeling her back of her throat by his fat cock, "mmmh fuck it's coming close" he says pounding her throat deeper and deeper, grabbing her head and shoves his cock down her throat. He blasts his cum down here throat, her eyes starts to water as she swallows his cum, he moans out loudly. "Fuck yes mami yes!" He says finishing unloading his cum in her mouth, he rubs his cock against her lips as she smiles up at him.

"That was fun" she says licking his cum and swallowing it, he looks at her and smiles wrapping his arms around her, enjoying the hair time in the hot springs. "So what did you find out there?" She asks knowing he may have found the wreckage, "well once we got separated by that blast I was able to find the wreckage, but sadly no survivors onboard sadly. However I managed to siphon what's left of the inventory, and I have it in my bag. Great! Now we can get out of here!" She says hugging him as they continue to make out once again.

Once they were done making out in the water falls, they eventually slept the night, or supposedly the night when they arrived, dickenberg noticed there were flash of light by the entrance as he woke her, "hey I think I see some sort of light" he points at the entry as she too sees it. "Let's go check it out!" They both geared up and packed their things to see if there is sunlight outside of the unknown planet. Once they stepped out, a huge beam of light appeared as there were also vast planets out there and many cloudy thunderstorms ahead, as they both looked at each other "well looks like we made it to the right planet, yea we sure did hun, let's go venture more" he says before seeing shadows behind them.

"What was that?" She said looking behind as he too turned around, "this ain't good," as the shadows moved closer. "Weapons out!" They started firing their guns at the shadows but it was no use, "stay close to me!" She said as they advanced inwards into the cavern, beings could be heard scattering around the caverns. "This isn't good we must leave! No there something else in here. Something that could be useful." He said as they found gun elway that could lead to something more like she said. "This way," he said walking in before coming across massive chasm below was absolute darkness as they walked through the bridge until they saw a dark figure at the end of the tunnel, "stay behind" he said throwing a flash grenade at the end of the archway.

The figure could be seen receding as they approach with precaution, they made it all the way into the tunnelway and spotted something they shouldn't see: massive hive. "We gotta get out of here" he said before being grabbed by an unknown force and throwned against the wall and knocked unconscious as Brianna was all alone. "Shit not again" sneaking away from the hive before hearing a puckering noise behind her, there were pods all around ceiling and on the ground, nesting dead center. She aimed her gun at the best before tentacle like swiped her gun and fired missing her shot, she looked down ," oh shit."

An unknown force sprung up from the pod and latched onto her face, tail wrapping around her huge tits in her suit, appendages wrapping around her face, muffling and squelching noise could be heard inside her mouth. "Mmmh... mmmhh" could be heard as she walked groggily, what appeared to be a facehugger attached to her head, as well as more of the pods sprung wide open 2 more facehuggers latched onto her pussy and ass. She tried to move but they continue to pump inside her holes, as she tried to pull them off but they pumped rapidly faster. The facehuggers pumped inside of her holes nonstop as she dropped onto her knees, they pumped faster and faster, her suit came off as it was easier to pump their member inside her holes.

As the facehuggers pumped inside her holes, she began to cum massively feeling them pumping deeper inside of her. She moaned out loudly feeling them pump ferociously deeper and harder, rapidly thrusting their members deeper and harder down her holes. She continue to moan and cum at the same time as the facehuggers continue to fuck her relentlessly. As time went by she struggled to move as she felt weak with her legs giving way, she moaned weakly as she came once more until she gave up. While she got fucked by facehuggers in the hive, dickenberg woke up looking around to see creatures in the dark appear as his eyes widen to see how huge they were, seeing bodies piled up as he notice there was a way out, but they were blocking the way.

He almost forgot Brianna was behind as he began to search for her.l, she laid on the ground with semen covered all over her body, facehugger after facehugger fucked and potentially impregnated her, she moaned weakily and froze still as dickenberg saw her, "oh shit baby what the fuck happened!" He ran towards her shooting the pods and grabbed her clothes, "I've got you" he said putting her on his shoulders and ran the other way, the ground giving way as he ran towards the archway with the chasms nearby. He ran as fast as he could carrying her naked limp body on his shoulders, shooting almost anything coming his way, as he ran towards the other archway as he ran off. Inching closer to the entrance, he rest her on the ground near the waterfall, "hey hey wake up."

He slaps her cheeks slowly as she opened her eyes slowly, "dickenberg? You came to save me. Yes hun I did but we must leave, what happened to you?" He said looking at her ravaged body, covered in semen as she looks down. "I don't know what happened but I was ruthlessly attacked by some alien life form and I passed out." She said looking at at him, "help me clean? Yes my love sure" he said helping her up walking towards the waterfall and helped clean her body, time went by they eventually dressed and she was able to regain strength as he help her out of the cavern. "Well we got what we needed but you're our top concern what's inside of you. That I fear" she said how to get whatever building up inside of her, they soon feared back up and head towards their ship, running towards it and boards it immediately.

Soon they left Mokey Neko and returned to Scarlight landing the ship on the bay, and they returned with bad news, "sir we found nothing but the ravaged inventory and the ship with no survivors. But we found life on the planet but again creatures of the unknown, and well they did attack us but she ended up on the end of the stick" she looks down at her stomach as a bump started to form. "It's no big deal sir just a battle with some creatures of the dark, ma'am you alright? I'm fine sir I'm fine." She said as they soon ventured off to another planet hoping to find some life and the fear of something brewing in her stomach.
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