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Ready for round 2?
Continuing with with Naughty Betty (2)

“When do you think you will be ready for round two?” Betty said with a dirty smile on her face. “Aren’t you a naughty one” I said as I pulled her up close for a kiss. “Let’s go downstairs and get something to drink and see what we can do.” then I kissed her again.

We got up and she started to put on her underwear, “Now I don’t think we need these do we?” I asked smiling. “Oh, are you telling me that you are a nudist?” she said while she stopped and stepped out of her pretty panties. “That’s why I built this house where it is. I wanted to be able to be nude if I choose to be anywhere. I bought 150 acres all around so no one will build close to me. I can walk around outside, I can go down to the boathouse and dock. “I can be who I want to be whenever I want. And right now I want you naked with me.” I boldly said while holding out my hand as we go downstairs.

We went to the kitchen and got some water. We walked over to the door to the porch. I opened it up and escorted her out. She was a bit hesitant but stepped out onto the deck. The night was warm and the moon was high in the night sky. We walked arm in arm in the moonlight to the dock. She wrapped her arms around me as we stood there looking at the lake. It glistened of silver and was as still as glass.

“This place is truly beautiful.” She said. “I thought so too until now.” she turned and looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. “I thought this place was the most beautiful place in the world but now seeing you here with me it is now more beautiful and more perfect than I could have imagined.”

as she looked deep at me her expression went from questioning to embarrassed joy. After a moment she said, “so why did you want to walk down here?” “It’s obvious of course, I thought we might want to take a nice swim!” with that I took her in my arms and jumped off the dock with her.

She came up spiting and gasping for breath. Finally she said, “You crazy old man, All you had to do was ask, I would have said yes.” She laughed as I grabbed her again and held her close to me. I kissed her and our tongues frolicked together. She kept her grasp around my neck as well as her legs wrapped around me. I could feel the heat from her being against my stomach and I started to harden.

She felt the tip of my manhood touching her ass. “feels like you are ready for round 2.” she playfully said. “I think we should go back up to the house and continue.” With that she let go and swam to the ladder on the opposite side of the dock. I followed her up and went into the boathouse and got a couple of towels. I reached around her and started to dry her off. She raised her arms over her head and let me slowly rub her dry with the towel.

Then I laid both towels down on the dock and laid down saying “I don’t think we need to wait till we get back up to the house.” I reached for her and she took my hand and came down to me. I pulled her on top of me and held her close as she positioned herself over my throbbing member. Her sweet lips opened as she rubbed up and down coating me with her juices while we kissed. There was a hunger in her kiss as she placed her hands on my cheeks. She seemed to not get enough.

I had my hands around her waist and was moving them up and down her back and cupped her beautiful ass while she continued to use me for her pleasure. She was aggressive, the longer she slid up and down the harder she pressed into me. I broke away from her kiss and rolled her on her side. Panting and confused she looked at me with disappointment.

I then hungrily kissed down her belly, understanding what I had planned, she smiled and rolled over on her back as I positioned myself looking directly into her amazing pussy. I smiled at her as she looked down and then licked her slit dragging my tongue slowly upward. She threw her had back and moaned intensely. I reached the top and then circled her clit and when down again.

Moving my tongue from left to right zigzagging down this time. I lapped at her outer and inner folds taking my time enjoying her delicious body. Reaching the bottom and coming back up again. Left side, then right side always pausing to make sure I circled and sucked a little on her clit every time I came up.

She was talking to me through her pleasure, “Ooohhhh, please never stop! Right There! Ooohhh you are so great at this.” she went on. At the bottom of my trips I also kissed her taint and circled her other hole. “Oh My God!” she screamed, “ No one has ever done this to me before! IIII’MMMMMM CUUUUMMMMMIINNNG!”

I can feel her inner lips flexing as I drive my tongue deep as I can inside her. I don’t let up, I then move to her clit and clamp on to it and suck it hard into my mouth while flicking it with my tongue. Her hands are pulling at my hair trying to force my face deeper into her convulsing vagina. “I CANT STOP CUMMING!!! UUUGGHHH! OH GOD, OH GOD OH GOD…”

Her convulsions slow down and then I take my hand and 2 fingers and run them into her sweet spot while my thumb takes over the stimulation of her magic button. I move up and hold her with my other arm and kiss her as she starts to cum a third time. She breaks my kiss gasping for breath. “I Can’t...gotta stop...OOOHHHH IT FEEELLL SSSSOOOOOO GOODDDD” Her body is pulling my fingers deeper and the gush of cum from her body tells me that she is completely drained. I stop my regime and gently held her sex in the palm of my hand as she slowly came down.

She was starting to get her breath back as she lifted her hand and placed it on the center of my chest and opened her eyes. “That was...amazing! I have never had a man make me cum over and over again like that. I thought for a minute I was going to die.” I smiled at her and brought her to my lips and kissed her gently.

“I’m serious, no man has ever brought over the top like you do.

My other husbands were nothing to brad about in the sac and they hardly ever wanted to go down on me. They would as a quick way to get me warmed up as foreplay but you, man oh man. You….” She was still out of breath and I kissed her with small gentle kisses again. “That is a shame. I could never imagine not being willing to taste your luscious body.

To taste your life’s essence. It is the ultimate sexual act to me. I could do that all night long and nothing else and still feel more than satisfied.” She looked me in the eyes and said with a little chuckle, “I will have to work up to all night.” I said, “Okay that’s a deal.”

I stood up and helped her up to her feet. Her knees buckled and I caught her in my arms. And carried her back to the house. When we got to the porch she asked me to put her down so I did and we stood out on the porch for a few moments. We then went inside and climbed back into bed. It seemed like we talked about everything that night. As the time went on sleep caught hold and we drifted off to sleep holding each other tightly.

I slept soundly with the thoughts of my new lover in my dreams. I felt a stirring inside of myself boiling to the surface. My cock was rock hard and I felt great pleasure, wait, this wasn’t a dream. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Betty sucking and caressing my dick. She felt me move and looked up at me while not letting go with her mouth. She administered a couple of long deep strokes taking me completely in her mouth and then off again sucking in air after each one.

Then she released me and said, “I woke up and just couldn’t control myself. I had to have you in my mouth.” I smiled and said, “I can honestly say that I can’t think of a better way to be brought out of a deep sleep than that.” “I am going to finish what I started and then we can get some breakfast.” She winked and kissed the head of my cock and started in on it again.

I fluffed my pillow and laid back propping myself up a little to watch. I observed the enthusiastic way she handled me. It was like she truly loved what she was doing. She was loving my dick. I had never really had that in my life, it was wonderful she brought me close in no time and I told her that I was about to cum she looked up at me and picked up her pace and never let go. We kept our eyes locked as She sucked the orgasm out of me.

I Shivered and moaned while she swallowed everything I had to give. Finally she broke eye contact to look at her handywork. She licked me clean not leaving a drop of cum behind. “Mmmmm that was so good. I could skip breakfast after that big load” she joked. She kissed and held my dick for a little bit longer and then said. “I sure hate to get up and even more hate to leave.” as she rolled off the bed. I got up out of bed and said, “Lets take a shower before we go downstairs.”

We went over to the shower area. Again with an open floor plan, my bathroom area is a wet room area no shower curtain, no wall just a drain in the floor and rain shower head over to center of the area. I reached over to the wall and turned the water on and adjusted it. I reached for her and pulled her under the water into my arms.

I kissed her deeply and held her there for a few minutes and she pushed back a little, “I thought we were getting a shower? I still have work to do.” I reluctantly let go and reached for the body wash and she reached for the shampoo. I took the body wash and soaped up my bath sponge and started on her back while she washed her hair.

I glided over her body making sure I didn’t miss anything. Then as I shampooed my hair she did the same for me. It was sensible but highly erotic at the same time. When we finished with each other we held each other again embraced in a kiss, then I reached over and turned off the water and got a couple of towels.

She got her cloths and put them back on as I pouted a little. I put on my jeans and pulled a polo over my head and slipped it on. Then we went down and I made coffee. She didn’t have a lot of time to eat so I made some peanut butter toast for us.

“Do you remember when you first had peanut butter toast?” I asked. She looked up at me and thought, then it hit her, “It was with you wasn’t it? When we lived in the neighborhood at college. I had come over to your house and asked to come in. I wanted to show you something but I can’t remember what.” I answered, “it was a cocoon. I believe.” “yes, that’s right. Then you invited me in to have some peanut butter toast. I told you I had never had it before, and asked was it good. I had completely forgot.”

We sat and laughed and finished our toast and coffee. I knew she had to go, so I carried her computer to her car as I walked with her. She put her purse in and turned to me and put her arms around my neck. “I never would have imagined that selling your house would have rewarding.” then she kissed my deeply and passionately. As our lips parted I then told her. “I hope that this wasn’t going to be a one time thing. I know that I have imagined this for too long to let go just yet.”

Betty then looked back at me and smiled, “don’t want that either. I finally got the crush I always dreamed of.” a tear rolled from her eye and she laughed “I am so happy” she said. I responded “Me too” as I kissed her tear away.


2022-01-14 01:49:45
Good story, but you need to run it through a proof reading for spelling. As a suggestion, I’d also separate the dialogue so a new/different speaker starts a new paragraph each time. Otherwise, it can confuse the reader.


2020-10-11 15:38:34
This is one hot couple! ;)

The outdoor sex is a great addition.. sounds like this will be a fun, adventurous series--please keep them (and us) cummin! :)


2020-09-30 19:46:13
Please bear with me. Part 1 of this story is caught up in editing. If you want to read part 1 go to the forum and search for the title Naughty Betty Sells My House- Thank you.

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