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Tim's life seems to be getting back on track.

I pulled into the parking lot next to the club which was a very large building. I had never been inside although I had heard of it once or twice from other people in the office. I found a parking space and pulled in turning off the vehicle.

“Are you really serious about this ?”, I asked Kate.

“Why, never been in a strip club before ?”, she giggled.

“Actually, no I haven’t.”, I replied.

“Well, this will be a first then.”, she laughed, getting out of the car.

We walked around the side of the building and to the front door when a decent size guy was hanging out. He was not quite as big as I was which I sure took him by surprise. He looked me up and down and nodded us through. We walked through the double doors and came to a large podium which two young women who were dressed in lingerie with tuxedo jackets on.

“Do you have a reservation ?”, one of them asked me.

“Yes, under the name of Jackson.”, Kate replied.

The woman looked down on her chart scanning it quickly and located the reservation Kate had made.

“Yes, a double bottle package in the VIP section. Please follow me.”, the hostess said.

Kate took the lead and the hostess took us into a large room that had three stages in the front along with multiple large screens all around the room. Each stage had at least two dancers performing with the stage area seating packed. We went to a large u-sectioned booth that face the stages but gave you privacy from the booths around it. We were seated and the hostess told us we would have our own VIP hostess to take care of us.

I felt a little awkward being in a strip club for the first time especially with Kate not really knowing why she chose a place like this. I glanced over at her and she was staring at the girl dancing on the closest stage to our table.

Just as I looked back to the left, I saw a beautiful young girl in black lingerie walking towards us with a silver ice bucket in her hands with a bottle wrapped in a napkin sticking out. She had two wine glasses between her fingers as she set the ice bucket down on the table.

“Hi guys, I’m Sunny. I will be taking care of you tonight.”, she stated, with a beautiful smile.

She set one glass down in front of each of us and pulled the bottle out of the ice bucket. The bottle was gold and had Cristal Brut Champagne embossed on the label. She poured each of us a glass and returned the bottle to the ice bucket.

“Do you need any change ?”, Sunny asked.

“Oh, yes we do.”, Kate replied, opening her handbag.

“I have it, Kate.”, I replied, taking out my wallet handing Sunny three one hundred dollar bills.

Sunny walked back towards the bar and Kate urged me to take a drink of the Cristal. I am in no way an alcohol drinker and to date had maybe drank a handful of beers and wine maybe three times. Since Michelle had been killed by a drunk driver, I had not touched a drop of alcohol. I took a drink of the champagne and it was not bad. It had somewhat of a fruity taste that had a slightly roasted favor. It was acceptable but not something that I would ever pick to drink.

Sunny came back to the table and handed me three hundred dollars worth of ten dollar bills. She promised to be back and check in with us in a while. With all the attention we were getting, I had not noticed that Kate was sitting considerably closer to me than we had first arrived. We sat together watching different girls dance on stage and I had to admit I started to feel a little aroused by the beautiful girls.

Several minutes later, a gorgeous girl by the name of Karli came over and asked if we wanted a lap dance. Kate immediately replied that I definitely wanted one and I was informed that forty dollars was the going rate but tips were appreciated.

Karli was wearing a one piece silver and black body suit with black fishnet stocks. She had on black heels and had jet black curly hair. She walked over to me pushing the table a little to the left and straddled my legs sitting down on my upper thighs. She slowly slid forward until her pussy was touching my cock through the layers of fabric between us. She moved back and forth on me slowly pushing her crotch into mine for just a second then moving back. She had her hands on me feeling my shoulders, arms and chest.

“Damn there’s a lot of muscle under this shirt. You have quite a man here, honey.”, she laughed.

“Oh no, nothing like that. We just live and work together.”, Kate replied.

“Oh is that all ?”, Karli replied, laughing.

Karli moved forward again but this time did not pull back. She was grinding her pussy against me with her eyes closed, her arms around my neck. My cock was rock hard and straining against the fabric of my jeans. Just about the time when I started to feel real uncomfortable the song ended. Karli got up and moved back as I handed her five ten dollar bills.

“Why thank you, I’ll be back in a while.”, she commented.

I moved the table back to where it is and began to feel embarrassed again with Kate being so close to me.

“So how was the dance ?”, Kate asked.

“Uh it was nice.”, I replied.

“Did she get you hard ?”, Kate leaned over, whispering in my ear.

“What do you think ?’, I replied.

“She got you hard.”, Kate giggled.

About thirty minutes later, Karli came back and asked me if I wanted an encore dance from her. I motioned her to lean over towards me which she did immediately. I whispered in her ear and asked if she would give Kate the same kind of dance that she gave me. She whispered back that she loved to give other girls lap dances. Karli stood up and walked around the table facing Kate moving the table over once again.

“This time, it’s your turn.”, Karli stated, smiling at Kate.

“No, no…. I don’t get a turn. Let Tim go again.”, she protested.

“Nope, I got a turn…. Now you get a turn.”, I laughed.

Karli straddled Kate just as the song began and moved extremely close to her. She wrapped her arms around Kate pressing her breasts against Kate’s chest. Karli’s mouth was only inches from Kate. Karli was looking directly into Kate’s eyes and she pressed herself against her.

For the first minute or so, it was obvious Kate was a bit embarrassed. But then she calmed down and I could see her responding to Karli and the feel of her body. Karli leaned over and slightly pressed her lips to Kate’s for a moment. I saw no hesitation in Kate at all which surprised me. Karli moved slightly back on Kate’s upper thighs and slid her right hand down between their bodies. Karli lowered her hand until she was gently rubbing the crotch of Kate’s jeans teasing her pussy. Once again, I saw no resistance from Kate.

Karli leaned over and whispered something in Kate’s ear causing her to close her eyes. I was not sure but I thought I may have seen Kate shudder under Karli’s gentle touch. Fifteen seconds later, the song ended and Karli stood up. I once again gave her fifty dollars for the dance. Karli pushed the table back in front of us. I leaned over and whispered into Kate’s ear.

“Did she make you wet ?”, I asked, turning the tables on her.

“Oh fuck yea.”, Kate responded, surprising me.

“Hmmmmm, very interesting. Ms. Jackson is attracted to beautiful women.”, I laughed.

“Tim, a good majority of women are but they just can’t admit it.”, Kate replied.

We each received one more lap dance from Karli before we left the club at about twelve thirty. I had two glasses of Cristal with Kate finishing off most of the bottle. Since Kate had bought the double bottle package, they gave her the second bottle on the way out of the club. I could tell the Cristal had an effect of Kate, but she was not drunk. We left the club and drove straight home arriving just after one in the morning.

We both took a shower and I was in the kitchen getting a glass of tea when Kate walked in. Only for the first time since she had been staying here, her sleepwear had changed. She normally wore pajamas or long nightgowns. This time, Kate had on a very short silk t-shirt with only panties underneath. I tried to be casual and not notice but she looked very good. And add the lap dances into the mix, let us just say I was a bit horny.

Kate poured a glass of tea and walked around sitting down at the island bar. She had a huge smile on her face and I was not sure of what to say. I finished my tea and placed the glass in the sink ready to go to bed.

“Hey buddy.’, Kate giggled.

“Yes ?”, I replied, turning to face her.

“Still a little excited buddy ?”, she laughed.

I moved towards the island leaning down putting my weight on my elbows. We were about a foot and half away on opposite sides of the island.

“Maybe buddy. Are you still a little wet ?”, I laughed.

“Uh-huh….. a lot wet.”, she replied.

“Damn, I hate it when that happens.”, I answered, which caused her to laugh hysterically.

“So, it seems we both have a problem.”, Kate giggled.

“Seems like it to me.”, I replied.

“So, take me to bed and fix both of our problems.”, Kate asked, sincerely.

“Don’t you think that would make things a lot more complicated ?”, I asked.

“I don’t know, it might. I mean one of us might fall for the other. Then we would have a mess.”, she replied, smiling.

“Exactly what I was thinking. Why ruin a perfectly good arrangement ?”, I asked.

“That’s very true but when was the last time you came and it curled your toes.”, Kate asked.

“I guess a little more than two years ago.”, I answered.

“Somewhat longer for me.”, Kate sighed.

“Maybe it’s better if we sleep on this.”, I advised.

“I guess you’re right.”, she agreed, but I could tell she was disappointed.

We both walked down the hallway and each into our respective rooms to go to bed. As I laid there thinking about what Kate had said, I became really confused. I had noticed Kate as a woman many times since she had moved into my house. Especially when she went swimming and I got to see more of her. But I had never really contemplated sleeping with her or even thought about how she might feel about me. Tonight, she had too much to drink and Karli had pushed her sexual buttons in all the right ways.

I was just beginning to fade when I heard a door open in the hallway. Seconds later, I could tell my bedroom door had been pushed opened slightly. I turned over to see Kate standing in the doorway to my bedroom.

“Everything ok, Kate ?”, I asked.

She walked toward my bed, pulled back the cover and got in next to me. She was lying over me her face just inches from mine.

“No, everything is not ok, but it will be.”, she urged, pressing her lips to mine.

Seconds later her soft tongue entered my mouth sending a shock of electricity up through my spine. Kate’s kiss was passionate, lustful and urgent all at once. I ran one hand down her back and cupped her ass with one hand. She slowly pulled away from me and looked directly into my eyes.

“You know, I have dying to fuck you for months, right ?”, she whispered.

“I had absolutely no idea, Kate.”, I replied, stunned.

“I know you didn’t…… no other man would have let me live with him this long and not try to sleep with me. That is how I know you’re a good man. I just hope, I don’t disappoint you.”, she whispered.

I nudged Kate to her back and got above her once again kissing her wet lips. Kate was an exceptional kisser and could send a shiver up my back with just a touch of her tongue. I moved my right hand down her silk shirt until my hand was touching her right soft breast. I softly caressed her and she returned my kiss passionately.

I then slid my hand down her flat stomach and inside the waistband of her panties. I slowly inched down until my fingers were touching the soft down of her pubic hair. One inch further down and my middle finger was between the two vertical lips of her wet pussy. I eased one finger slowly inside of her as she moaned lustfully into my mouth.

Several minutes later, Kate’s pussy was dripping wet and begging for some serious attention. I slowly moved down her body pulling her panties down her long smooth legs. I slowly got between her legs and lowered my mouth to her soaked pussy. As soon as she felt the tip of my tongue touch her, she cried out on pleasure.

“Oh my fucking god…..”, she said, exhaling deeply.

I grabbed the top of her thighs pulling them down over my shoulders as I drove my tongue deep inside her pussy. She immediately reached down and clutched my head with both hands as I savagely tongued her pussy.

“Jesus Christ….. Fuck Tim, that feels so fucking good.”, she moaned.

I moved up slightly and began to flick her hard clit with my tongue slowly sliding one finger in and out of her. With all of the blood flowing to Kate’s abdomen area she had become really wet. In fact, I can’t ever remember anyone that I had been with sexually this lubricated. I began to suck hard on her clit for a few seconds then release it and assault it with my tongue. After several repetitions of the procedure Kate lost control of her body.

“Fuck, I’m cumming…. Oh fuck.”, she announced, squirting clear liquid all over my face.

I tried to swallow as much as I could all the while keeping my mouth pressed to her vagina. Kate’s orgasm was long and very wet. I continued to softly lick and tongue her pussy as she tried to slowly control her breathing. She reached down and pulled me up her body pressing her mouth to mine. She immediately forced her tongue into my mouth tasting her cum from minutes ago. She finally pulled away from me looking deep into my eyes.

“Don’t even think I’m anywhere close to being done.”, she giggled.

“Uh, ok.”, I replied.

She pushed me on my back and slid my boxers down my legs and threw them on the floor next to the bed. She straddled me and pushed my hard erection between her soft wet lips. She slowly lowered herself on my until I bottomed out in her vagina. She leaned over and out her hands on the front of my chest for balance.

“God, it feels good to have a big dick inside me.”, she moaned, licking her lips.

She began to slowly move back and forth on me as she leaned over a little more looking directly at me.

“Tell me the truth…… did you ever think you would fuck me ?”, Kate asked, softly.

“No, honestly I never did.”, I replied, smiling.

She increased the pace of her rocking movement grinding her clit hard on the base of my cock. I could see the flushed color of her cheeks coming back. I reached out and grabbed her hips guiding her motions on top of me.

“I have been thinking about fucking you for a long time now.”, Kate admitted.

“Really, why didn’t you say something ?”, I replied.

“I don’t know….. maybe fear of rejection.”, she sighed.

“Can I ask you a question ?”, I answered.

“Sure anything”, she replied, riding my dick.

“Have you ever have sex with a girl ?”, I asked.

“Yes.”, she answered, a sparkle in her eye.

“Interesting, what all did you do ?”, I replied, getting turned on even more.

“Everything…… kissed her, fingered her, ate her out. She did all those things to me too.”, Kate answered, giggling.

“Hmmmm interesting.”, I answered.

“How do you feel about that ?”, Kate asked, still moving on my cock.

“I think I would find it very exciting.”, I replied, softly.

“Really, wouldn’t threaten you ?”, Kate asked, in a serious tone.

“Nope, not at all.”, I replied.

Kate increased her pace once again pushing really hard against the base of my cock and closing her eyes. I reached up with both hands and slipped them under her shirt fondling her breasts softly. That was all it took.

“Jesus…. I’m cumming again.”, she cried out, her entire body shaking above mine.

This orgasm was not quite as long as the previous one, but it was still very intense. She continued to move and trembled above me for thirty seconds before she fell limp on the mattress next to me. I rolled on my side and leaned over her softly kissing her lips. It took a couple of minutes for Kate to catch her breath before she responded to me again. She reached down and took my hard dick in her small left hand and began to stroke me up and down. It felt so good, it had been so long since a woman held my cock in her hand.

“So, what do you think ?”, Kate giggled.

“About what ?”, I asked.

“About me silly ?”, she responded, squeezing my dick a little harder.

“Well, can I ask another personal question.”, I replied.

“Well since your dick has been inside me, what more can be personal ?”, she giggled.

“Were you like this in bed with Brandon ?”, I asked.

“What do you mean ?”, she asked.

“Aggressive, vocal and outgoing like tonight.”, I stated.

“Oh…. No not really, I think I always threatened Brandon sexually. Besides, this was only a brief view of me. I can get crazy in bed if I feel comfortable with my partner.”, she answered, still jerking me off.

She leaned over and kissed me again pushing her soft tongue into my mouth. She began to stroke me faster as she kissed me passionately. She continued that for a few moments when I think she sensed I was getting close to cumming. She pulled her lips from mine and lifted her face looking directly at me.

“You want to fuck me again and cum in me. Or do you want to cum in my mouth ?”, she asked, smiling.

I had just been asked the one question that every man in the world would like to be asked. There was no wrong answer here, only two good choices. Although it did seem to me that Kate was getting aggressive again. I climbed above her and pushed her legs slightly apart grabbing my cock and sliding it inside of her. She closed her eyes as I pushed deep inside her moaning softly.

I began to pump my dick slowly in and out of her as she held on tightly to my upper arms. After about a minute or so, Kate reached down with her right hand and began to rub her clit in small circles her breathing a bit labored. I was not going to be able to hold on much longer, but I wanted to try and make her cum again.

“Rub that fucking clit for me.”, I urged, looking down at Kate.

She immediately opened her eyes and I saw the lust inside of them. She quickly increased her finger speed once again climbing that deep cliff.

“You like to see me play with myself ?”, she asked.

“I love it, Kate.”, I replied, trying hard not to cum inside this woman.

“Fuck me baby, make me cum again.”, she asked, brushing my cheek.

I grabbed her hips and started thrusting inside of her at an accelerated pace. I could see she was close to another orgasm, her finger was flying over her clit.

“Oh God……another one.”, Kate moaned softly arching her back slightly.

“Oh damn……”, I shouted, as I felt the cum race up my shaft.

I held Kate’s hips tightly and I unloaded the first orgasm I had in a long time, deep inside of her pussy. I didn’t let up and I kept stroking inside her wet, warm gooey pussy. The feeling was incredible and I didn’t let up until I felt myself getting soft inside of her. I slowly pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her. I rolled over and put her head on my chest and wrapping her arm over me. About twenty minutes later, we took a shower together then climbed back into bed exhausted. I think we were both asleep within five minutes.

I woke up Saturday morning early to find Kate wrapped up in the bedsheet. I slowly got out of bed as to not wake her up. I went to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee and breakfast for the two of us. I was about thirty minutes later when Kate walked into the kitchen in her silk t-shirt and no panties.

“Hmmmmm… come here baby.”, she asked, holding out her arms.

I moved across the kitchen into her arms as she planted her mouth over mine sliding her tongue between my lips. I reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands pulling her closer to me. We kissed for several minutes and once again she had my dick getting hard.

“Sit down and I will get you some breakfast.”, I urged, pushing her toward the island.

As I looked at Kate Jackson walk around the island and sit down, I saw a huge change in her demeanor. She moved more confidently and there was a glow on her face. There was a sparkle in her eyes that I did not notice before. I set her coffee and plate down in front of her leaning over to kiss her forehead.

“You need to eat…… you came too much last night.”, I laughed.

“Oh, trust me baby, I never cum too much.”, she replied, stroking my cheek.

We sat down and had breakfast and talked about what to do for the remainder of the weekend. Kate did mention she would like to see her father over the weekend and we agreed to make a visit. I mentioned to Kate that I had been thinking of buying a new vehicle for a while now. Even though the BMW only had thirty six thousand miles on it, I wanted a bigger vehicle sometimes. I would keep the BMW but buy something bigger for those times when I felt like stretching out. She told me she would love to go with me and help me pick something out.

I got up and rinsed the dishes off and put them in the dishwater. I went over to the coffee pot to pour another cup of coffee. Before I could reach out and grab the pot, Kate pinned me against the kitchen counter with her weight. She reached around and grabbed my cock through my shorts softly rubbing it.

“You do know you’re way behind me ?”, Kate said, in a low voice.

“That’s the way it’s supposed to be.”, I responded, getting hard under her soft touch.

“God, where have you been all my life ?”, Kate giggled.

Kate reached into my shorts and firmly grabbed my cock and began to stroke me rapidly. It felt so good and within a minute I was hard and fully erect. I she reached up and grabbed my shoulder spinning me around. She quickly knelt down and pull my shorts to the floor. She leaned forward and took my entire cock in her mouth at one time and pulling it out. She tongue bathed the head and the underside of the shaft as she ever so lightly held my balls in the palm of her hand. After a few seconds of using her tongue she popped me back in her mouth and began to move up and down on my shaft sucking all of the time. I was experiencing the best blow job of my life.

“Where did you learn to suck dick ?”, I asked.

She popped me out of her mouth and looked up at me with a smile on her face. She continued to jerk my cock up and down not missing a beat.

“Why, you don’t like it ?”, she asked.

“No, God you’re amazing.”, I replied.

“I watch a lot of porn, baby.”, she answered, swallowing my cock again.

Kate Jackson knew how to suck a dick and within minutes she had me ready to blow. She could sense it and pulled me from her mouth. She was still jerking me off as she opened her mouth and extended her tongue towards my dick.

“Cum right here, baby.”, she smiled, licking the underside of my head.

“Oh fuck , Kate…….”, I moaned, as I coated her tongue with hot cum.

Kate continued to pump my cock into her hungry mouth as my cum fell from her tongue to the floor below me. She then took me into her mouth and sucked on me completely draining my shaft. The feeling was amazing as she softly sucked on my softening cock. She finally let me fall from her mouth and stood up in front of me.

“Gotta go clean up…. We have a big day.”, she giggled.

She disappeared down the hallway as I leaned down and pulled up my shorts. At this point, Kate definitely had my mind reeling. She was perhaps the most sensual woman I have ever been to bed with and that was saying a lot because Michelle, Robin and Belinda were all good in bed. I didn’t feel for Kate what I felt for Michelle but sex with Kate was unbelievable.

As I took a shower, I had to wonder what made Brandon go looking for another woman if he slept with Kate every night. Something here didn’t make a lot of sense, but I had no complaints at this point. I got out of the shower and dressed to find Kate waiting for me in the living room. She was wearing jeans, sneakers and a pink t-shirt. She hair her hair pulled back in a pony tail which gave her a completely different look.

We drove to the Lincoln and Cadillac dealers where I looked at the Navigator and Escalade respectively. We also went to Volvo and Lexus but found nothing I really liked. Jaguar and Porche SUV’s were much too small. Kate mentioned when we were leaving the Jaguar dealership that she had seen a very large Mercedes SUV recently on the highway. We were only down the street from the Mercedes dealership, so I rode over and pulled into the lot. A young lady was already in the parking lot with a leather folder in her arms. She began walking towards us as we exited my vehicle. She greeted us and asked what we were interested in and I explained a larger SUV. She brought me over to the side lot and showed me the 2020 GLS. It was a large vehicle and could seat six passengers with no trouble at all. It had more amenities than any vehicle I had seen to date and it started at seventy five thousand.

“We do have the G Class, it’s our top of the line but it’s considerably higher in cost.”, the saleswoman explained.

“Where is that ?”, I asked.

“We only have three in stock, one of them is on the showroom floor. Please follow me.”, she stated.

We followed her inside the showroom to the far end where this beast of a SUV was sitting on the floor. It had the look of a military vehicle or camping vehicle. I was immediately told this vehicle started at one hundred thirty thousand dollars. As I got into the vehicle the saleswoman began to explain the interior features. This has a 12.3” screen in the dashboard that was stunning. The interior was large with all voice activated commands. An ambient light system inside the cabin would let you change the accent cabin lighting to sixty four different colors. All seating was cooled and heated with a massage feature built in. The steering wheel was heated as well.

“This can handle any terrain you throw at it due to its nine-speed transmission and four hundred and sixteen horsepower engine. This is also the safest SUV in the market and can withstand a serious collision. “, she stated.

The vehicle that was in the showroom was a dark brown which I really didn’t care for much. She informed me that they had two other vehicles in storage in the rear of the yard. She took us out of the side door and to a golf cart. We all got in and she drove us to a unit with a large double door. She pressed the button on the keypad located in the door frame and the door started moving up.

There were two more G Class SUV’s in the unit, one white and one black. Both looked stunning but I had always heard that a black vehicle is tough to keep clean. I moved over to the white one and began to look it over.

“That one has just about every feature we offer. I can change rims and tires here if you prefer.”, she offered.

The interior was done in saddle leather and was amazing. There was a pull down console between the two rear seats with a screen in it that could control all of the rear cabin features. There was no doubt, this was the vehicle for me.

“Ok, let’s go talk.”, I replied.

We drove in the cart back to the showroom where we followed her into her small office. She went to the main office to pull the file on the white G Class vehicle we just looked at. She came back and sat down showing me the MSRP on the vehicle being one hundred sixty seven thousand two hundred forty dollars.

She started working up numbers and then informed me she could go down about five thousand on the vehicle. I had no experience with car dealerships, but I had a lot of experience with money. Their job was to sell the vehicle at the highest price possible to maximize their profit. I also knew that people did not walk in here every day and looked at G Class SUV’s.

“I think you can do better than that.”, I replied.

“I will have to get my manager involved.”, she stated.

Several minutes later, she arrived back in the office with a well dressed man in a suit. He shook my hand telling me he was the general manager of the dealership.

“Are we financing the vehicle for you or you have your own financing ?”, he asked.

“Cash.”, I replied.

It’s amazing how people react to large amounts of cash, I had did it myself in the beginning. In business cash was king, I had learned that early.

“Oh, well let’s see what we can do.”, he said, looking at the file.

“Tell you what, since it’s cash I’ll go one hundred fifty six thousand five hundred.”, he offered.

“Deal, when can you have it ready ?”, I asked.

“Before we close at five today.”, he replied.

I took out my phone and called my bank since they were open a half a day on Saturday. I asked to speak to a personal banker since I knew mine never worked on Saturday. Carol Miller picked up the phone, thankfully I had some dealings with her in the past. I put my cell phone on speaker so the general manager could listen in.

“Carol, this is Tim Williams from Butler, Land and Reyes.”, I explained.

“Hello Tim, what can I do for you today.”, Carol asked.

“I’m over at the Mercedes dealership on Highland Park Road and I just bought a vehicle. Would you verify that a personal check from me is good with the funds I have in your bank.”, I asked.

“I can immediately write a letter to the dealership vouching for your personal check or have a cashier’s check ready before we close.”, she stated.

I put the manager on the phone with her and a short conversation he handed me the phone back telling me my personal check would be fine. An hour later, all the paperwork had been completed and my white G Class was already being serviced in the rear of the dealership. I was told I could pick it up at three o’clock. Kate and I left the dealership shortly thereafter and went to the diner and had a little lunch.

“You said you wanted to see your dad this weekend. Do you think your parents might like to go out for dinner tonight ?”, I asked, while we were driving home.

“I don’t know but I can find out.”, Kate replied, picking up her phone.

Kate called her dad and invited both him and her mom out for dinner later this evening. He must have went to ask Sheila Jackson to be sure because Kate waited a while. He came back and agreed asking where should they meet us at. Kate informed him we would call them later with the details.

We arrived home and I did a few things around the house while Kate finished unpacking the last bag she had brought with her. She was still waiting to hear from Brandon via email if he wanted to keep the apartment. If not, he could take the furniture or sell it. Kate had mentioned to me that she had everything from the apartment that she wanted.

Kate drove me to the Mercedes dealership at three where I pick up the G Class SUV. As I followed Kate back home, I immediately realized this was one hell of a vehicle. Even after I pulled in the driveway, I sat in the vehicle and tried to learn the many controls and features inside. I went back inside at about four thirty and asked Kate if she had called her dad to arrange dinner.

“No not yet.”, she replied.

“Why don’t we pick them up and we all ride together. That way, I can try to get the feel of this beast I have in the driveway.”, I asked.

“Sure, where do you want to go ?”, she replied.

“Doesn’t matter to me.”, I responded.

“How about we go back to your place. I really loved the food. I know my dad will.”, she offered.

“Sure, no problem.”, I answered.

Kate got on the phone and set everything up telling Ben that we would be there to pick them up around seven o’clock. We both went to the back and took showers and dressed casually for the evening. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Kate’s dad but I figured to get the cold shoulder from her mom. In addition, the fact that Kate was living with me wasn’t going to help much either. We left at around twenty to seven that evening and arrived at her parent’s home a few minutes after seven. Kate jumped out and went to the front door to tell them we had arrived.

I had already fell in love with my new G Class SUV. This was some kind of vehicle and handled like a dream. Everything you could want to know was on the many screens in front of you. As they were coming out of the front door, I got out of the SUV and walked around opening both doors on the right side.

“Uh Tim, we have a bit of a problem. I was talking to my dad about an hour ago telling him we were going out to eat. Well before I could explain, he kind of invited himself.”, Ben said, embarrassed.

“Not a problem, we have a third seat in the back.”, I offered.

“They don’t live far from here in fact only a few blocks. I can go get them and meet you.”, he offered.

“Dad, do you know where Mon Amor is ?’, Kate asked.

“Yes, I do. In fact, I have been wanting to go there for a while.”, he answered.

“Ok, you two head over there, we’ll go get Maw Maw and Pops.”, she instructed.

“Sounds good.”, he replied.

The entire time that conversation was going on Sheila Jackson would look at me then at the new vehicle. Back and forth with a blank stare on her face. Kate got back in and I closed the door walking around the vehicle.

Kate gave me simple directions and within several minutes we pulled up to a small but well taken care of home. Kate once again got out and this time ran to the front door. It was easy to see Kate had a strong bond with her father and his parents. Pop’s opened the door quickly and helped his wife step down to the porch. They were both in their seventies but in relatively good health. They walked down the sidewalk to my vehicle where I again had both doors opened.

“Damn son, is this new ?”, he asked, looking at the SUV.

“Yes sir, got it today.”, I replied.

Kate helped her grandmother in the vehicle and got in the back seat with her. I helped Pops into the front seat and closed the door behind him. As I slid into the driver’s seat it was easy to see he was ready to have a good time.

“Damn, I feel like a co-pilot sitting here with all this stuff in front of me.”, he laughed.

I started the vehicle and we pulled off with Kate informing them that we were going to Mon Amor. It really didn’t matter to them, they were just happy to be going out somewhere. We arrived right after Kate’s parents, but the place was packed. But as per Michelle’s instructions, she always kept one table for eight in reserve for friends and family.

I walked to the podium and found that Theresa was the hostess tonight. She saw me immediately and came around and hugged me. I asked her how many people were waiting. She said just two parties and she was about to seat them. She motioned for us to follow her and we went to the rear of the restaurant to the reserved table. Everyone took their seats and Theresa said our server would be with us shortly.

Several minutes later, I saw Ashley coming towards us with a huge smile on her face. Ashley was a fun young woman and would incessantly flirt with me at every opportunity. Even with Michelle around, Ashley would take no prisoners. There was no use in trying to avoid her, so I pushed my chair back and stood up. She walked right over to me and hugged me tight kissing me on the cheek. She let go and stepped back.

“So, I see you’re with another beautiful woman. What’s up with that. You haven’t called me lately.”, she stated, with her hands on her hips.

“Sorry Ash, you know me.”, I replied.

“Oh, I know you, baby.”, she laughed slapping my shoulder lightly.

Ashley took the drink order and left menus for everyone. She promised to return shortly with our drinks. As soon as Ashley turned and walked away, Sheila Jackson said her first words of the night to me.

“Seems like you know her well, Tim.”, Sheila interjected.

I knew what I was going to be up against with Kate’s mom. She wanted no part of me and was still hoping that she could get Kate and Brandon back together. After all, Brandon’s mom was her best friend since high school, they did everything together. But I was not going to let her get under my skin.

“Yes ma’am, very well. In fact, I know everyone in the restaurant well. It used to belong to my wife. We started this several years ago. I still own this building but gave half of the restaurant to a friend who is the manager here.”, I replied, calmly.

By that time, Ashley came back with all of the drinks and sat them in front of us. I asked Ashley to bring us one of every appetizer that was available and crawfish boil soup for everyone. She took the order and went to the kitchen to turn it in.

Ashley returned fifteen minutes later with a huge tray full of appetizers. She set them down in the middle of the table and went back to the kitchen. A few minutes later, she returned with six bowls of crawfish boil soup. She was closely followed by Eddie Sampson with a white towel thrown over his shoulder.

“How are you my friend.”, he asked, shaking my hand.

“Doing well, Eddie. How is Susan and the baby ?”, I asked.

“Susan is well and little Eddie is growing like a weed.”, he laughed.

Eddie leaned in and introduced himself and promised to take care of us himself. Which basically meant in additional to everything we would order, he would add in other dishes. Everyone made their order and Ashley and Eddie went back into the kitchen.

“I feel like a celebrity here.”, Pops laughed.

“Oh, hush you.”, Maw Maw laughed.

About fifteen minutes later, the entire table was full of food. Several of us had ordered the hamburger steak. Kate and her mother had the shrimp pasta and Maw Maw had the chicken and sausage gumbo. In addition, we had a large pan of black eye peas with hot sausage, a pan or creole rice with sausage and six links of boudion sausage.

Ben Jackson and Pops were really enjoying themselves as was Kate. Maw Maw was a bit quiet and reserved but seemed to be having a good time. Close to an hour and a half later everyone appeared to be stuffed. I called Ashley over to start cleaning the table and went into the kitchen to find Eddie. As usual Eddie said the meal was on him just take care of Ashley. I pulled two one hundred dollar bills out of my wallet and place them in my front pocket. I returned to the table and sat down just as Ashley finished. I reached into my front pocket and pulled the money out and handed it to Ashley.

“Eddie told me give that to you.”, I said, placing it in her palm.

“Ooh that’s hooker money baby, thanks.”, she answered, kissing my cheek.

She moved over closer to Pops and put her arms around his neck and leaned over kissing him on the cheek as well. The two of them had a running conversation all night, Pops was intrigued by Ashley.

“And you handsome. Any time this beautiful woman next to you stands you up…. You call me.”, she insisted.

We all got up and walked out ending up in the parking lot together. Pops insisted that they would ride home with Ben and Sheila not talking us out of our way. Kate protested but Pops won out and I opened the passenger door for Kate. Kate got in and I close the door to see Pops nod his head at me and smile. I liked him, he was fun to be around.

I got in the vehicle and started it up and we headed home. We had just pulled on the freeway when Kate reached over and grabbed my hand.

“Thank you for tonight. Pops and my dad had a great time. So did I.”, she said, softly.

“I like Pops a lot…… if I could have a dad, I would pick him.”, I said, my voice cracking a bit.

“That’s an amazing thing to say, Tim……”, she replied, a tear running down her cheek.


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