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A few years ago I separated from my wife of Spanish descent, Jane, and moved to a distant city to commence a new life.

In due course I met a lady of French descent, Susan.

These two ladies were complete opposites but had one thing in common. they were both incredibly sexy, lacking any inhibitions and both performed outside the conventional sexual box.
And both had strong egos in regard to their sexual prowess and ability.

They both were very comfortable articulating what they liked and wanted from me sexually.

Jane was turned on by admitting to use a vibrator to masturbate. Watching her masturbate and knowing that she would be ready to fuck afterward was a big turn on as well as her reaction.

Susan would never admit to masturbating.

When asked, both had no interest whatsoever in sex with another female, though a threesome situation with another man was very acceptable and an obvious turn on for both.

Jane was a very attractive size 12-14 woman, with very good legs wonderful thighs and a magnificent, beautifully proportioned dimple free 43 inch ass to die for.

She told me she liked her clitoris teased and exactly how she expected it to be done.

She loved me kissing her ass before fucking her and had a very sexy vocabulary. One memorable night after she came home late after I watched her shower she told me, “I am too tired right now. But take me from behind in a little while if you want me.”

And I did.

I loved licking her to slow orgasm with my big hands supporting her ass. When she orgasmed on my tongue and lips she would almost suffocate me as she got herself off.

The very first time she claimed, “No man has ever done that to me before.”

Conversely Susan was a petite, trim, typically French lady, with a wonderful taut ass.

In due course I learnt that both of them liked and very much enjoyed my big hands cupping their ass during sex.

Early on, before our first sex Susan very casually told me, “I like being licked and teased.”

In fact she loved being licked to multi-orgasm and thrived on it. She was the ultimate oral sex queen and a pornographers delight.

The first time she sucked my cock to orgasm was an absolute revelation, a benchmark moment and a point of reference ever since.

These two women had never met each other though both often asked about the other.

They were insanely jealous of each other, especially when they learnt I was alternating between them.

I raised the topic of my having sex with them both while the other watched and both of them slowly warmed to the idea.

We arranged a time and date and set the rules.

No lesbian sex.

I had to pleasure them before they pleasured me.

One had to watch the other be pleasured by me and they pleasure me.

They could talk, comment and say what they like, but no insults or negative comments.

We could wear what we liked on the day, with the expectation of turning each other on with what we wore.

Touching was optional.

To decide who would have me first we would toss a coin.

Whoever lost the toss could sit and watch, stand and watch or walk around to watch.

It was agreed that we would all wear a dressing gown up until the time the coin was tossed

At the appointed time, very tense introductions were made with little small chat.

Susan won the toss, and seemed pleased that she would have me first and have the opportunity to demonstrate her sexual skills and technique to a rival woman.

Conversely Jane loves a challenge and would enjoy attempting to outdo Susan.

“Peter has told me how good you are and how you please him. I want to watch and learn. I love a challenge. When it is my turn I want to turn you on as well as him.”

I watched totally turned on and fully erect as both women undressed and sized up each other’s totally different bodies, barely even glancing at me, and sensing a competition.

Both were wearing high heels. Susan had a tiny crotch-less g-string that accentuated her trimmed pussy and taut ass.

Jane had chosen to wear a garter belt and black stockings, nothing else. From past experience she knew she had the ripe voluptuous body to suit that look.

“How are you going to pleasure me, before I pleasure you,” Susan asked rhetorically looking at Jane, already knowing my answer.

“I want Jane to rub oil all over you.

“Then I want you to sit on that chair in front of the floor length mirror with your legs open.

“Then I am going to tease your nipples while I stand behind you while Jane watches before I tease your cunt lips with the tip of one finger.

“Then I am going to kneel in front of you and put my hands under your gorgeous ass and tease you with my tongue with your legs over my shoulders.

“Then I want to pleasure you with my tongue to multi-orgasms.

“I want Jane to enjoy your pleasure as well, so don’t hold back. Show Jane how good you are.”

Despite Jane’s sexual appetite she is shy to admit that she can’t multi-orgasm.

As Susan orgasmed for the fourth time in five minutes, her pleasure heightened by Jane watching me tease her with my tongue, Jane muttered, “You are awesome. Absolutely awesome. Don’t hold back. Keep going.”

“What do you want me to do to pleasure you now?” Susan asked, very agitated after her sixth orgasm. “For you and Jane?”

“My turn to sit in the chair,” I whispered as we swapped places with Susan now kneeling in front of me.

“Show Jane how very good and ultra talented you are with my cock in your mouth. Make her envious, very envious.”

I was watching Jane for a reaction as Susan asked, “Am I the best at sucking your cock?” as she teased both of us.

I glanced at Jane for a reaction and saw she had her legs wide open masturbating herself with a vibrator, obviously very turned on watching Susan sucking me.

“I can’t hold out much longer baby. Show both of us how good you are.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I groaned as I came with my hands guiding Susan’s head along my cock, absolutely turned on by Jane masturbating.

“Jane, what do you want me to do to pleasure you before I pleasure you?”

Never one to admit not being in control she grunted, “I started without you. It’s magic having you two watching me.

“I am only capable of one orgasm, but it is going to be huge. Very soon, very soon,” she whispered as she turned the vibrator speed to high.

Susan was fascinated as she watched and enjoyed another woman masturbating with a vibrator for the very first time.

“What do you want or expect Jane to do to please you?” Susan asked, obviously hoping for a risqué response and something she was not accustomed to.

“Look at that glorious ass. Have you ever seen anything or another as awesome. I am going to lick it and kiss it while you watch.

“Then I want you to anoint it with oil.

“Then I am going to fuck her from behind while we lay on the bed with you watching.

“I am going to have her glorious ass cheeks in both hands.

“I am going to slap into her ass so you can hear.

“Really hard.

“You can sit in a chair alongside the bed and talk to both of us.”

“Does Peter fuck you like that?” Jane asked Susan as we got into a rhythm, teasing her with her eyes as we fucked.

“He is a magic fuck.

“Absolute magic.”

Jane is also a tease, “Would you like to swap places with me?”

“Keep fucking me Peter, I want to make Susan jealous, though I wish I could orgasm like her.

“Can I watch him lick you again after this Susan? I enjoyed that. An absolute turn on for me.

“Fuck me harder Peter. Show her how good we used to be. Harder, harder, harder, give it to me,” Jane is moaning in an agitated voice as Susan watches, obviously very turned on.

“That was so good Jane, can I watch him lick you again while I use my vibrator.” And it was very exciting for the three of us while she did.

Sadly both of these women are no longer in my life. They were both the best lovers and best fucks I ever had, totally different in their styles. What a waste.
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