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I want to kill my female bully

Authors note: Are scat only stories allowed because in addition to my snuff stories I want to add scat ones. I love snuff but my true skill is SCAT fiction. And can you guys tell me how to delete a story I'm new

In this world all the stories are connected where snuff is legal but kinda rude or taboo to mention and scat and smell fetishes now dominate the media.

The first crush I had on a girl was on Bethany. She was blonde and pretty We all called her Beth because it was easy. She bullied me daily which was unusual since we lived in a society filled with zoos for killing women and although it was looked down upon it was completely legal so how could a girl possibly bully you? But she did all types of things including making fun of me and pushing me around.

My mother said she might like me and invite her out to dinner with us. When she got to the door I opened it wide and let Beth and her guardian in.

"This house looks like a shit" hole" she loudly exclaimed while popping her gum. My mother didn't say anything because oh did I mention that Beth's mother owned the company she couldn't say anything or she would lose her job.

Beth's mother was trailing right behind her and her dad was at work. Truthfully Beth's mother was hotter than her but I would never dare say that. Needless to say it was awkward introductions.

"Oh hey ms. Martinez I was wondering if you're still alive seeing as your husband should have snuffed you a long time ago"

My mom forced a laugh at Ms.Lee's joke. And just set the table I helped her but I could feel Beth's stare on me again.

"I'm done with my gum would you take it please" I turned to look at her and ask what she was talking about when she took the gum right out of her mouth and placed it in mine.

Her mother started laughing, me and my mom stared in shock. For the rest of dinner I just kept it in my mouth cause I was to embarrassed about it.

We continued eating this time in silence so when Beth passed gas the entire table heard it. It was a awful smell and I started gagging.

"Oh by the way can Beth stay over tonight for some reason she was really excited about that". Her mother asked without a care in the world. If course my mother said yes but we only had one futon.

Eventually we finished eating and just like we said we would we let Beth stay. She immediately went to my room with me and closed the door before she started playing my orc video game.

"You know I like this game too" she spoke laying face down. I just hoped she didn't find my movies.

My favorite one in there was snuffing BBW not only for the scat but because the main character was so commanding and the girl was so obedient. Beth was nothing like that she was the demanding one.

Beth played the game her cargo shorts covered ass just made me want to fuck her even more. Even though she treated me mean I still had a massive crush on her. And when I said there was only one futon she elected to share it.

After she stopped playing the game she crawled into the futon with me. I was hoping we'd have a moment like the movies where I smell her and comment on it but she actually showered unlike the girls in the movies instead she fell right asleep. In attempt to seem less like a nerd I closed my arms around her and also fell asleep.

When we woke up I found her staring at my sleeping face.

"Finally follow me to the bathroom doofus I have a morning routine to keep." I looked at her confused but followed into the bathroom anyway.

"Hey grab that brush and scrub my teeth." I looked massively confused now.

"Can't you brush your own teeth" I asked slightly angry.

"Oh please I have maids who do that and since your the only bus boy here you're going do it" and guess what I did I brushed her teeth. It was the most awkward thing in my life.

What was even worse was that when Beth finished her shower she made me dress her too. I closed my eyes as I put on her panties and t-shirt and then her signature cargo pants.

Finally it was time for school and to leave the house. I put on my boots and waited for my mom to find the keys. Beth was also sitting on the couch waiting for my mom.

Watching my favorite movie of all time. Beth cracked up at the fat girls misfortune and I thought why does even her laughing sound mocking and scornful. She saw me looking.

"I'm guessing you like this movie" she asked. I nodded and edged closer the door.

"Figures pervert" and rolled her eyes at me. I stood like a idiot and tried to ignore her.

Finally my mom was able to drive us to school. When we both got out I noticed Beth was chewing on some gum.

"Could I get a piece please" she rolled her eyes and gave a huge sigh before grabbing me by the face and kissing me in the middle of the school. Her tongue pressed the chewed gum to the roof of my mouth.

When all the boys saw this they rushed over to ask if he and Beth were dating.

"No our paren-" I didn't get to finish as Beth interjected and surprised everyone there.

"Yes we're dating" I looked at her in shock and pulled her over to the side to ask really.

"No, you're just my slave and it makes it easier for me to treat you the way I want if people thought we were dating". Man was I sorely disappointed.

Eventually school continued on. Until Sally from the next class over saw me and Beth "well if it isnt meat head" she said while looking at me.

She then turned to Beth "why'd you choose such a nerd it's like beauty in the beast". I ran out of class and mad and skipped the rest of the day. Just so I didn't have to hear Beth make fun of me two.

The next time I saw Beth it was when we were waiting for my moms car to pull up. We didn't say a word. Beth informed us her mom would be here for dinner but ultimately she would stay another night.

When we got home mom prepared dinner and Beth's mom was right on time.

"You guys have been taking such good care of my daughter so I brought a gift". She went out to the car and came back and to my surprise was carrying a tied up and naked Sally who was screaming in the gag. My mom kept her fake smile plasted on. I was just confused wasn't Sally one of Beth's friends.

"Now my daughter tells me you like the movie snuffing BBWs well she ain't a bbw but she'll do". And to me and my moms amazement slit Sally's throat right over the dinner table. Sally gurgled on her own blood and Ms.Lee grabbed a sharper knife and started making sawing motions until Sally's head came clean off. My mom stood memorized by the sight of a dead girl she had never watched snuff before. But ms.Lee wasn't done, she took the severed head and took the ball gag out to kiss it.

I had finished dinner so in a hurry I asked to be excused and ran up to my room to masterbate. As I was jerking off in the futon Beth walked in and to my amazement ignored the fact I was jerking off and settled down into the futon. Her ass pointing to my dick. I came thinking about her letting my cum shoot out on her pajama bottoms and looked under the futon to see how close it got to going in her ass crack. I fell asleep arms wrapped around Beth again.

In the morning Sally's body was no where to be found but Ms.Lee had insisted gifting her head to my mom to use as a prop.

Me and Beth stayed at home today since it was a Saturday. She woke up first and threw her pajama bottoms in the the washer. Then woke me up to play video games with her.

"Wow you really suck, you're so lame" she spoke easily beating me in Orc queen. I was using the queen herself as a playable character she was using the orc general who had all these humiliating attacks like gas attack where she literally farted in your face or nose destroyer where she shoved her fingers up your nose.

I lost quite easily and I could see my bully measuring my reaction through the corner of my eye.

"Do you like smelly girls or sum thing" she asked off hand not even looking at me.

"I guess although what guy wouldn't appreciate the natural smell of a woman." I shot back getting defensive. Beth paused the game and switched it to single player.

"You haven't brushed my teeth today pervert" And she leaned in with her bad breath and kissed me. We started kissing for a long time until she pulled away.

"Let me change position I hate sitting on the floor." She said with a scrunched up face. She sat on my lap and picked up the controller my dick was semi hard poking at her ass hole. She completely ignored it.

We played all day that day and watched some scat movies instead on snuff ones. Then she finished off snuffing BBWs when it got to the milkshake scene I was explaining to her how hot it was.

"I don't want to hear you perverted fetishes freak" she scowled at me.

Finally the day ended and I was so happy that Beth the person who tortured me would finally be going home.

But alas something had come up for Ms.lee and she decided that until someone was at home to take care of Beth that she would stay at our house.

At dinner that night we ate steak this time with Beth's mother missing. But I noticed something in Beth's nose. Was that a booger.

"Hey umm. Beth you got something in your nose" I said shyly.

"Well get it then a proper lady doesn't pick her nose" she looked at me bored than leaned forward my mom urged me on to give her the service before her mother found out and fired mine.

I took my finger with some hesitation and put it in her nose. I actually was picking my bullies nose. I finally got it out and put it on a napkin but saw how she didn't so much as react I decided to see how far I could push it and stuck my finger in her nose again. This time both and pulled up giving her a pig nose. My mom looked in horror and gross fascination at Beth's disinterest in stopping me.

After dinner I asked for more gum from Beth she rolled her eyes and said this time to just take it. And opened her mouth. I put my finger in and played around touching her cheek then I took the gum straight from her mouth and put it in mine. She rolled her eyes but otherwise ignored my antics.

Beth was the rudest girl I've ever met she regularly farted whenever she liked in and out of class. She also never reacted to what I did and would do weird things like kissing me when giving me gum. Maybe she felt like this was bullying me or maybe my mom was right and she did love me but bullied me to show it.

I ended up presenting my theories to her with a nervous expression.

"It's fun, you have a funny reaction and you're stupid plus your lower than dirt you are my butler and entertainment for me when I get bored sexual or otherwise". Is what she said. Really she kissed me just to get a kick out my reaction and I was just entertaining her. I decided to see how far I could push things.

Khan 05/04/20 (Mon) 18:29:50 No.21602

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The next morning Beth woke up first. I decided to push things and suggest we all go out to eat for dinner.

"Like a date?" She made a face at me letting me know she hated the idea of going on a actual date with me. But she agreed when I said I'll invite my mom and her mom.

So later this night I waited to put my plan in action and Ms.Lee choose a fancy restaurant. Beth warned my mom and me that it would be a snuff restaurant.

"Not that's it's any of your business but my mom has a snuff fetish and owns several establishments that deal with the killing of women".

My mom went pale I guess she knew where she would end up if I ever made Beth mad. When we arrived at the restaurant we checked in it was super fancy and we sat down at the table and started a conversation.

"I notice your daughter and my son have a very particular relationship" my mom asked.

"Not really when you live in the upper class nobodies questions what you do. And you have maids and butlers to take care of all your needs for you." Beth's mom spoke pleasantly smiling.

"For example in this restaurant it has bathrooms that have servers to wait on you and wipe your butt." Beth's mom continued.

My mom looked shocked but I could quickly see she was liking the idea of rubbing elbows with rich people who didn't care what you did or said.

"Can you please tell me more this sounds magical" I rolled my eyes at my mom.

"Here's the general idea the richer you are the more your actions are ignored by other rich people but poor people cant seem to understand it so naturally they are disgusted or annoyed. However a rich person would never so much as pay attention to a poor person so they are often ignored or at most belittled". Ms.lee was happy to explain all this and was echoing all that Beth said about me.

After that we ordered and when it came to me I started looking at the menu.

"I would lik-" I was cut off by Beth and she informed the person I would like the nachos and ordered my drink to be a coke.

"Your not allowed to order any girl items here as my servant you can't so much as look at another

girl." As soon as the waiter left Beth grabbed my cheeks and explained that to me.

She on the other hand had ordered girl piss. And a few minutes later a cup was placed on the middle of table and out from the ceiling came a girl speeding on a noose. She instantly died as the noose snapped her neck. Beth covered my eyes so I couldn't gaze at her pussy as it let off a stream of piss directly in Beth's cup.

And just as quick the dead girl was pulled back up into the ceiling. My mom looked completely amazed and slightly scared. Ms.lee on the other hand was clapping and Beth was looking bored. It was time to put my plan into action. I grabbed the piss cup and My mom looked at me strangely but Beth and Ms.lee looked at me with intrest. Practicing something I had seen in a movie I grabbed the cup and started jerking off in it as hard as I could. I looked Beth in her slightly curious face and came in her piss drink. And leaned Back and put it on the table.

Here was the test so far no rich people even gazed at me but I was more worried about Beth's and her mother's reaction. I saw my mom wait with a baited reaction.

Beth had small condescending smile on her face like I had just challenged her before she put cup to her lips and gulped the whole thing down piss and sperm included. Her mom was clapping and cheering me on for being a fast learner and funny. Ms.Lee was laughing so hard.

"Will you do my cup too" Ms.lee asked with puppy dog eyes.

"No he'll only do it to my glass, mom get your own servant" Beth replied looking smug.

Finally the food came I got my nachos and the women got a melting cart to share. This time the lady was not executed in front of us. They had bisected her and gave us her rear end along with carrots and celery and a assortment of nuts and popcorn but when Ms.lee unplugged her ass what came out was oozing diarrhea as a sort of dip.

"They call this the brown mud cart scat is big as food when your very wealthy" Ms.lee explained. Beth tried to shield my eyes as best as she could and had the women tilted away from me.

Ms. Lee grabbed a carrot stick and scraped some of the shit on it and moaned as she put it in her mouth. Then she leaned over the table and kissed Beth on the cheek leaving a shitty imprint of her lips.

I never touched my nachos. Instead watching that little show got me horny so I just masturbated under the table. I wanted to impress Ms.lee again so I brought the nachos under the table and spurted on them. And when I brought them able the table Ms.lee's eye were wide.

"You are one amazing young man and whether my daughter treats you like a boyfriend or slave I hope you stick with her" this was the first time I had seen Beth blush and she stared at the nachos with a hint of longing.

I wanted to tease her a little so I acted like I was going throw them away.

"Seeing as you have shit to eat I should throw these away". Beth stopped me.

"I could spare some more food plus as rich people we should never waste food there are always hungry people" she said eyeing the nachos.

I picked one up and fed it to her she opened her mouth wide and crunched on it. I just kept feeding her nachos covered in sperm and she moaned eating it. By the time we were done she was stuffed.

She had eaten her nachos and a share of the mud cart but I wasn't satisfied and I took a risk and ordered three burgers. Everyone's eyes grew wide ordering three burgers ever since Snuffing BBW the movie was almost like a love confession. It was certainly a risk for me because how would they react.

Beth and her mom choose to willfully ignore that I had basically confessed to her.

My three burgers came and all conversation stopped all eyes on the table to see what I would do.

I took the nacho tray and poured the excess cheese and old semen on the burgers and then turned to Beth.

"Hmmmmm I can't eat these mind doing me a favor". Beth looked at me scornfully with pure anger.

Her mom look amazed and slightly horny and my mom look terrified.

"Actually as a lady I'm quite full and couldn't take another bite". Beth still with anger in her eyes tried to decline.

"Weren't you the one who said no one should waste food and a lady never goes back on her word." She looked shocked and furious that I had used her own words against her and her mom was giggling.

"Yes I did, fine I'll finish it" Beth said looking mad. I brought the burger to her mouth and practically had to force feed her. I tried to be as rough as I could without getting caught or making it obvious. She finished two of my sperm burgers but the last one I practically had to stuff down her face. All this while my mother grimaced at the spectical.

Ms. Lee on the other hand was clapping and cheering on her daughter to finish on. On the last burger I had to force it down her throat.

Beth was straining as I put my fingers in her mouth punching the chewed up food.

She swallowed and her belly swelled bloated. I see why they choose the 3 burger combo in the movies for one it was for true fat ass and for two the meat and cheese made a bad gas for farts.

"You stupid animal do you see what you did to me" Beth tore into me which made her mother laugh and mine look slightly worried.

Beth continued insulting me worse and worse but this time it didn't bother me as much as when she'd been a bully at school. Not to mention it was funny cause she kept farting after every sentence. Her mother was cracking up.

Finally it was time to leave and Beth just kept tearing into me. But she was having trouble getting out her seat. So I picked her up bridal style at this point her mother laughing as loud as possible and my mom was also laughing too.

I carried her to the car. And sat her on my lap. Her gassy ass was pointed directly at my dick.

"How can I make this up to you" I said feigning concern. She mumbled something back that I didn't hear so I asked her to repeat.

"You can keep cumming in my food" she said blushing. Her mother laughed. By the time we got home and got out the car Beth refused me carrying her and hobbled her was to the futon while her mother pulled me to the side.

"I'm going to cut to the chase here. I want you to marry Beth" Ms.lee said with a serious face.

"I want you to be the one to inherit our estate which means if you want to marry Beth and snuff her I'll allow it shoot I'll encourage it" I thought for a moment.

"Even though Beth has bullied me I still don't want to end her life". I replied back.

"Omg I need you to snuff my daughter the look on her face as you kill her will be delicious I'll even throw my self in after you snuff her you could marry or even snuff me".

My dick was so hard what choice did I have but to accept.

I crept back to the room after making the secret deal Beth was still in the futon wide awake. I went under the covers. And let my hands slide down her pajama bottoms.

"You still awake". I asked

"What do you think dumbass". I then asked why she wouldn't let me taste girl snacks.

"Because it's nasty to have a slave who eats other women shit and piss" I then asked her if she would let me try on her.

"Whatever I don't fucking care your just a slave." I smiled happily and rested on her.

Khan 05/04/20 (Mon) 19:58:48 No.21603

It was a new day and I still considered Beth's mothers offer. Snuff Beth? Or snuff her mother either way I was about to become a very rich man.

Today was the day Beth could go back to living in her mansion I asked Ms.Lee if I could travel with them. Ms.Lee was delighted Beth not so much I even got to bring my mom too.

As we drove to the mansion Beth sat on my lap. Ever since the restaurant when she had to sit she choose my lap.

Both my mother and Beth's mom saw she was becoming increasingly reliant on me to do whatever she wanted.

When we arrived to the estate I saw the all female staff. Beth had informed them to never serve me and I was her slave.

We started planning to have a celebration. Because me and my mom decided to move in with them.

The first day was uneventful and we had a normal dinner althoughI still ordered three burgers for Bethand all she ate was sperm burgers most of the time.

The next day however I decided to be a little silly and wear Beth's dirty underwear on my head the whole day. She didn't demand I take them off but I could see she was embarrassed she had streak marks all in her underwear and here I was strolling around the house with it on.

Living with my bully for some reason was amazing I no longer minded her insults and regularly pushed the boundaries. Like one day I took her food from her and when she went to protest or insult me I chewed it up and kissed her using my tongue to put it in her mouth. Everyone watched in admiration and when I said I was thirsty I grabbed Beth and kissed her sucking out her spit. Her mother was vastly impressed with how I handled her daughter and at time felt like she enjoyed her daughter getting assaulted. The maids looked on curiously. Most of all I wanted to make Beth mad or angry. So I thought of a plan.

Out of all the maids there was this one pretty maid who was always nice to me named liz. When I told Beth I thought she was pretty during dinner she called liz in the room.

"Liz I have been informed you have seduced my slave is that true" I wanted to answer no for her but her smiling face was nodding at her.

"Well you get the button." Beth mother shouted wait and ran over and started kissing the maid. Beth simply took out a small device and pushed the button.

Immediately after I noticed white foaming leaking out of the two mouths of the two women kissing.

The maid pulled back. "Do you want me in a bowl of the freezer." Ms. Lee answered a bowl before grabbing one.

Her belly continued to bloat slightly like the start of a pregnancy and white foam leaked out her mouth

I looked on confused finally Ms.lee grabbed a knife and poked her belly button causing vanilla ice cream to come out and Ms.Lee used the bowl to catch it.

"We had a ice cream bomb in planted in all our maids. Tbe front gives vanilla and the back give chocolate" as she was saying this she walked to the backside of liz and started spanking her until a mixture of chocolate and shit came out her ass.

All the maids started screaming about a ice cream party and Ms.lee stopped the ice cream flow with a napkin and pressed on liz stomach. It continued to fill and then BOOM liz's belly ruptures and a gaping hole was put in her stomach.

Every maid grabbed a spoon and started eating from the dead body. It was erotic and terrifying.

Now this was a real party. Next we played a party game called how many fingers where the object was to stick as many fingers in a persons asshole till they said stop and afterwards the person would have to taste their shit without gagging. It could be played as a team or one person.

Ms.Lee decided to play by herself and when I'd said I'd play Beth volunteered herself for me to use.

Ms.lee stuck a finger in her ass and pulled it out and decided to smell it before stocking it in her mouth.

"Dang this stinks" she put the finger in her mouth and finished. She did this next with two fingers all the way up to one hand and when she pulled it out it was covered in shit that she easily devoured.

With me and Beth up next I took her panties off and bended her over the table and used those same panties as her butt wipe.

Every finger in Beth was a struggle we only got to three a d she was screaming stuff at me. So I gave up and stuffed her panties into her ass hole like a flower then pulled her skirt down.

Next game we played was the nose contest.and for this you needed a partner.

Ms.Lee choose my mom and I choose Beth. The object of the game was to keep your face straight as someone picked your nose. Both partners had so keep a straight face. My mom looked grossed out but this woman was her boss and she did really need that job.

My mom inserted her fingers in ms.lees nose and pulled the out immodestly. "Ouch have you never picked a booger before woman" ms. Lee complained.

Next was me and Beth I inserted my fingers and started digging around playing with her nostrils. I don't know why I did but I started finger fucking her. Of course we one but at what cost because now she was upset again and she had lines of snot leaking down her nose.

After that spectical her mother assigned me to be her full time butler. To clean her, wipe her ass and in case she ever felt like snuffing herself to give her pleasure in her last moments and a quick death.

My position also came with power of attorney and I was assigned to make sure she produced a heir for the family. Not to mention I had to make sure she ate and I had permission to snuff anyone in the castle

All this was explained to me as the party was dying down.

"Why does all this come with me just being the primary personal butler". Beth looked away as I asked this question.

"Well this position is usually referred to as husband but you are essentially just her slave. Beth requested that we alter the agreement so that you remain level under her and still in her service and not as her marriage equal".

Beth blushed as her mother explained it. Along with the position came the family sword which Beth looked nervous seeing.

"Oh and we have another surprise for you." They wheeled out some more ice cream and hooked a tube up to Beth's ass.

"Remember I said I'll let you taste a girl treat well tah dah retard" Beth said grunting and moaning and they pumped my bully full of ice cream. Almost like my favorite movie but not quite.

I coached her asshole and kissed her then placed a plate under her ass.

The. She shifted out a long swirl of ice cream which everyone except the maids enjoyed eating.

"I feel sick" Beth moaned and rubbed her belly and she looked sick snot was running down her nose and landing in her food a d she was slightly bloated.

"Well you did eat 3 burgers some icecream your own shit and now some more ice cream." Beth's mother explained.

Beth started dry heaving and tried to kiss me before throwing up all over the table. She also crapped her pants and passed out in her own vomit. As he care taker I rolled her over so she could still breath. Then excused us both carried her bridal style again to bed. I tried to clean her up but she still smelled like shit and vomit so I turned her face away and hopped in bed behind her.

Khan 05/04/20 (Mon) 23:09:41 No.21612

Tomorrow I decided I was going snuff ms. Lee. In the grosses way possible.

As I woke up it was awkward to see my bully drooling on my pillow and not to mention she smelled from yesterday's activities.

I told her the plan for today seeing as I was her personal butler. I fed Beth her usual three burgers before I came up with a plan.

I invited everyone in the house for a new game. It was called kiss explosion. The match would be against Beth vs her mother to see who would I serve and become a husband too.

Tiny bombs would be placed all over your body and your partner would needed to pull them out fast with a hook if you wanted to win and not die.

Me and Beth went first I immediately went for her ass bomb. Then her pussy bomb finally I move to her mouth bomb. She urged me to hurry up when her nose bomb started beeping red.

I got that out and won my round in 3 minutes.

Next was my mother and ms.lee. my mom fumbled to get the ass bomb out but managed. She took the same order as me. But couldn't manage to pull out the nose bomb. Her bomb started beeping red.

"Well it looks like I lost" her nose bomb was till beeping red.

"Haha you lost because i never put a hook on your nose bomb it was impossible to remove" I stated proudly. Ms.Lee looked at me in shock and slight anger but reined it it.

"Beth come over here and give your mom one last kiss". Beth did her victory dance and slapped her mom as hard as she could before kissing her.

Beth suddenly pulled away from the kiss and started coughing. "Since you wanted to cheat I slid my ass bomb in your mouth and you're such a dumb bitch you ate it." Beth's mom laughed at her dumb expression realizing she was going to die too.

In her last moments Ms.Lee looked at me proud like and before I could stop her she kissed my mom and she gave a deep greedy kiss before both of their heads exploded.

I realized we were both orphans as their bodies hit the ground. Beth giggled.

"My mom died because of a nose picking contest" and we both laughed.

Since her mom had slipped a anal bomb in her stomach it would take quite a long time to go off. But Beth was going to die. And before she did she wanted to put on one last show for me to thank me for enduring the bullying she gave me.

She picked up one of the bombs off the ground and squatted so she could shove it in her ass. She commanded some of the other maids whi were watching do the same. She leaned over a maid's mouth and squated and let the bomb come out with a splash of poop in the maid's mouth. It was so hot. She then passed the bomb back to her mouth by kissing the maid. And them dropped it in the waiting ass of of another maid. Then she kissed me in a long kiss.

She turned me to the other maid and used a fingered to push the little black ball of explosives deeper into the maids ass while jacking me off. Right as I came the bomb went shredding the maids lower half she died on the spot.

Beth's belly had started flashing red. It had began.

"Maybe I could get it out" I said messaging her cheeks she put my hand on her belly so I could feel the pulsing and shushed me.

She climbed on top of me and put my dick in her ass hole.

"I want to feel you inside me as I go" she said that and I went crazy pumping in and out of her ass as her belly swelled with deadly intent.

"I'm cumming" she screamed snott runing down her nose eyes crossed as I tore into her unwashed ass hole.

She kissed me and I licked the extra drool and saliva that was making strings on her lips. She leaned back still on top of me and let her belly explode outwards. Her guts landed on my face as I came in her one more time. As her eyes glazed over I kissed her and waited till I knew she was dead before slapping her dead face for being such a idiot.

I went over to Ms.Lees body and started raping her headless corpse for killing my master and my mom. I laid bells dead face on her mothers ass and let the cum drenched over them.
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