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Two girls join the cheerleading squad and get hazed.
Two girls, Rose and Kimberly, just tried out for their school cheerleading team. They got accepted and were invited to an initiation by their more senior cheerleading member, Sasha.

Sasha: Hey girls, come on in! We are so glad to get cute girls like yourselves into our squad!

Kim: Thank you! Its exciting to be part of a team!

Sasha: I have some fruit punch for you, here. Let me tell you about the squad. Cheerleaders are used to excite members of the football team. They see us, and unconsciously think if they win, they get to have sex with us.

Kim: But we're so young! Why would they think that?

Sasha: Well, it's these cute skirts that we're wearing, boys are right at that age, you know. You are too. What we like to do is encourage our members to be open with their sexuality. Have you ever played with yourself before?

Kim: That's really private, but umm, I just started a couple months ago.

Sasha: How about you Rose?

Rose: Umm. Uh, what do you mean?

Sasha: Oh my, it looks like you haven't. That's ok, we'll help you explore your bodies with a friendly competition! My older sister bought us some toys for us to use. Take a look!

Sasha leads them to the living room. A plastic mat was laying on the floor, with two machines in the middle. Other cheerleading girls were staring at them, smiling and giggling. The girls took a sip from their fruit punch.

Kim: What are those things for? And what is that sticking out of it?

Sasha: Those are fuck machines. All the girls who are in cheerleading do this as a rite of passage. You girls are going to penetrate yourselves on these machines, and whoever has the most orgasms wins a prize!

Rose: What's the prize?

Sasha: We'll reveal that later, shall we get you girls started?

Kim: I don't know, all of these girls are watching us, this is so uncomfortable.

Sasha takes Kimberly's hands and holds them.

Sasha: It'll be really fun! Trust me. Go ahead and finish your drinks, you don't want to get thirsty.

The other cheerleaders giggle. The two girls finish their drinks.

Sasha: I'm so glad you're wearing your cheerleading outfits you already look part of the team. But guess what? We're not wearing our bottoms. We only wear them when we have to. But here, it's much more exciting to go without. Can you take yours off?

The girls nervously agree and are guided towards the machines. Sasha places electrodes above their clits.

Sasha: These will measure your orgasms. Go ahead and lay face down on these benches. I'll get the machines adjusted to your heights.

The girls are blushing and breathing sporadically. Some of the cheerleaders are fingering themselves openly. They lay down, and Sasha flips open Rose's skirt.

Sasha: Look at her cute little butt!

Sasha and the other cheerleaders giggle to themselves.

Rose: I'm really nervous. I'm not sure I want to do this.

Sasha: Just try it out for a few minutes, and if you don't like it, you can stop.

Rose: Umm, ok.

Sasha lines up the machine to Rose's pussy, and another girl helps Kimberly.

Sasha: On three, they're going to go in. One, two, three!

They insert them slowly, and the two girls yell out.

Rose: It hurts!

Kim: Oww!

Sasha: Just relax, this is gonna feel really good.

Blood drips out of Rose's pussy, as the girls push the dildos attached to the machines deeper, until it bottoms out. Sasha turns on the machines and the dildos begin thrusting slowly. They look up and see a screen with a huge timer displaying 3:59:58 and counting down.

Kim: Oh my god, four hours??

Sasha: If you both make it that far.

Sasha and the other cheerleaders cheer and drink more fruit punch.

Rose: Ugh, I feel so full! Why does it have to be so big?

The dildos were truly huge. Even compared to some porn stars. Kim was starting to enjoy it, but Rose was dry, except for the blood. Rose was thinking, just four hours, I can make it. Then I will be on the cheerleading team and everyone will like me.

Kimberly was starting to feel hot and began pushing her hips against the dildo, taking her deeper, until it bumped her cervix and she backed off.

Sasha: No no no! You can't slide off like that. Looks like we need to tie them down. No cheating!

Sasha and the other cheerleader attach Velcro straps to their ankles, making it impossible for them to slide forward.

Kim: Its too deep! My cervix is getting hit!

Sasha: That's the best part! Just wait.

Rose: Just four hours, I can do this.

Kim started bucking her hips and stuck her ass out. The dildo massaging her g-spot.

Kim: Oh god…

The screen flicked from 0:0 to 0:1. The girls cheered.

12 minutes later, Kim was having her second orgasm. Rose was starting to feel good. Rose started breathing heavy and screamed.

Rose: I'm cumming! Oh my god! I love it! It feels so good!

The cheerleaders cheered again. The scoreboard now reads 1:3.

Kim: Oh god I'm gonna cum too!

Her body shook and the scoreboard changed once again. Rose now feeling competitive, started bobbing her ass up and down, and in a circular motion, working the dildo on all sides of her pussy. The scoreboard changed to 2:4.

Rose: Crap, I need to catch up!

Sasha: Girls, I think it's time you had a little more control over your machines. I'm gonna give you the remotes to them now.

Rose held hers and looked at the buttons and the dials. On/Off (Button). Vibration (Dial). Out Depth (Dial). In Depth (Dial). Rotation L/R (Buttons). Rotation speed (Dial). Thrust speed (Dial). Presets (Buttons).

Rose cranked up all the dials and set rotation to R. The machine grew louder, and Rose came within 20 seconds. Score 3:4. Kimberly was trying out the different presets. Score 3:5. Rose's cervix was being hammered, but she liked the sensation. In fact, she felt good all over. 4:5.

A cheerleader: Oh my, look at their faces! Is it about time? The girls looked at the timer. 3:13:26.

Sasha: It's a little early, but I think they're feeling it.

Kim: What are you talking about?

Sasha: We put something in your drink earlier to make you feel better. Ever heard of Molly?

Rose: Whatever it is, it feels amazing…

Kim: I thought I was getting lightheaded. Dick move. But I can't say I hate you for it.

Kim laughed. 6:7

Sasha: Rose is gaining on you! You better turn it up!

Kim: Oh what? 6:7? Do you have it set to max? I didn't even notice!

Rose: Hahahahaha!! Yeah, it feels so good, you should try it! I mean, don't.

Kim sets her dials up to max and the two machines are buzzing loudly together. 7:8

Kim: Those presets are pretty good too, maybe you should try it.

Rose plays with the preset buttons and finds number 5 enjoyable. The machine thrusts slowly and deeply, spinning left and right quickly and repeatedly. 8:8

Sasha: It's a tie!

Kim: What?! Hey, any chance I can get a different dildo? My pussy's getting numb. Like if you had a bigger one with spikes, that would be amazing right now. 10:9

Rose: Hey! If she gets one, I get to pick one too!

Sasha: I was going to give this to you later, but since you asked. The dildos have a remote for them too. The one I gave you was for the machine.

She hands them a new remote, this one reads: Inflation (Dial), Vibration (Dial), Spikes (Button), Cones (Button), Gears (Button), Ridges (Button), and so on and so on. It even has presets like the last one.

Sasha: Careful with the inflation one, it gets pretty big!

The girls flip the inflation dial over one. 11:10.

The timer was at 2:43:16 and counting down.

Sasha: Hey, you girls want more fruit punch? I have a feeling you are both going to reach the end, I think you'll want it for your prize.

Kim: I am really thirsty right now, I'll take anything.

Timer 1:13:47. Scoreboard 27:31.

A cheerleader: Oh my god, Kimberly set her dildo to max inflation! It's as big as her thigh!

The machines were continuing to thrust at full speed.

Cheerleader: None of us could do that!

Rose saw the scoreboard and panicked. Not wanting to be outdone by her friend, she turns the inflation dial three turns. Not recommended. Her dildo was too much for her and she yelled. It was breaking her insides. The Molly was at its peak right now, and her experiences were more intense. She watched the scoreboard and her number went up, then up again! She was catching up. She was riding a continual wave of ecstasy, one orgasm triggered another. 35:32. Kimberly watched in amazement. Rose's smaller frame made the fuck machine more intense, and the Molly had a stronger effect. Kimberly didn't know what to do, her machine was set to max, but it wasn't enough. She decided to let Rose win, and just enjoy herself.

The timer was nearing the end.

The cheerleaders: 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!!! Woo! You did it!

The score 104:83

Sasha: Good job Rose!

Rose: Wow. That was so intense… I was so close. Good job too Kimberly!

Sasha: It's over, time to take out the dildos.

Rose & Kimberly: Leave it.

Sasha: Hahahaha, ok, I guess we can make this work. Your prize is a gift from the football team! For every one of your orgasms, the boys will shoot a load into you.

Rose: Are you serious? What if I get pregnant?

Sasha: We hope you do! They're very potent.

Rose: Fuck it, that would feel so good right now.

The boys arrived. They were there to just to drop their seed and leave. She was exhausted by the four hour long session, yet her pussy trembled every time she felt their semen drizzle her insides; relaxing and enjoying the throbs of the young men. After several shots, a river of semen was forming inside her, pooling in her womb. Before long her womb was filled completely and overflowed into her vagina which opened up after the continual stretching from earlier. After several hours, and way past their bed time, they finished all 104 creampies. The semen could easily be seen from her gaping hole, like a chalice holding a silver elixir.

Sasha: Wow, we don't want any of that to spill! Luckily our dildos have one last feature, semen retention. They start all thick and stubby, but over time it gets longer, pushing that hot mess into you. Trust me, you won't leak at all!


Rose had to wear the dildo to sleep. Sasha forgot to give her the remotes, but pressed the buttons anyway, just in case. Rose could feel everything as the dildo changed from function to function. While they slept, Sasha's cat played with the remote, giving Rose wild and crazy dreams.
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