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A rather long ending (probably) for the first adult story I ever wrote. I made it much more difficult to write by adding multiple plot lines, and then trying to tie them all together.

It was a long labor of love. I hope you enjoy it.

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Movie Night 8 (MF, Ff, MFf, incest, exhibitionist)

Summary – Mom and Samantha. Dad and Samantha. Isn’t it time for the whole family to have some fun together?

Previous Chapter Summary – It was daddy’s turn to spend some quality time with horny, young, Samantha.

Note - This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life. *** It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don't be a dick with other people's lives! ***

Chad Williams woke up early. He laid in bed a while and fondly remembered having sex with his daughter Samantha last night. He had even dreamed about her. His guilty conscience made him pause. He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled while contemplated the trouble he had gotten himself into. He slipped out of bed quietly without waking his wife.

Chad was on his second cup of coffee, deep in thought, when Julie walked into the kitchen.

“Feeling better today, dear?” Julie asked her husband.

Startled, he looked up, but afraid to look his wife in the eyes. “Yeah, a lot better,” he lied. More lies, he thought to himself. He had faked being sick to avoid having sex with his wife last night. Their young daughter Samantha had drained his balls three times before Julie got home.

“You must have been really sick to miss out on fucking this tight ass!” Julie lifted up her shirt and wiggled her panty covered butt at him. She gave it a loud slap before pouring a cup of coffee and sitting next to him. “I’m mean Samantha’s tight little ass…, daddy,” Julie whispered in his ear, continuing their play acting.

“Sorry,” he replied, staring down and ignoring his wife. His mind was somewhere else, distant and wandering. Now, he was thinking about how tight Sammie’s young ass would feel wrapped around his cock.

The two sipped their coffee in silence.

Then Julie spoke. “I’m a little hurt you ignored me yesterday.”

“What?” Chad said, slowly breaking out of his brain-fog. “How did I… Oh… I told you I wasn’t feeling well.”

“You didn’t act very sick,” Julie continued. “And, you seem fine today too.”

“Well, I...”

“Are you having an affair, Chad?” Julie asked sharply. “You’ve never turned down an opportunity to fuck my ass before - sick or not. I know I don’t offer it enough, but I’m thinking maybe you’re you getting a little ass on the side? Is that why you are always working late?” Julie stared at him seriously and hid her delight watching her husband squirm.

Chad thought fast. “No! I’m not having an affair!” Chad exclaimed, “I just have a lot on my mind lately. You, and Samantha, and work, and…,”

“And whatever…, but you’ve been acting weird lately, Chad.” Julie said, adding to his guilt.

Just then, Samantha skipped into the room, still cheerful from all the hot sex she was getting – from both her father and her mother. She was topless again, just as her mother had instructed.

Samantha hated to torment her daddy, but her mom was adamant that he needed to be taught a lesson; to never lie to her, keep secrets - and even worse - for not inviting her mother to enjoy the exquisite delights of her firm, young body. Besides, it was fun to tease men and boys and make them hard and horny!

Chad watched his sexy young daughter’s breasts jiggle. Looking at her pert tits reminded him of how thrilling it was to suck on those ripe, fat nipples. His cock swelled.

“No shirt again Sam?” Julie asked, giving her daughter a sly wink.

“You said I didn’t have too!” Samantha replied, crossing her arms and pushing up her tits until her fat, hard, puffy nipples were pointing right at her father. “Besides, it’s hot in here!” she added.

“You’re right,” Julie said, “It is a little hot in here!”

Chad was thinking to himself that it was Julie who liked the house overly warm. He was about to say so when Julie suddenly flipped off her shirt!

“There, much better!” Julie said, wiggling her naked breasts and giving them a quick rub.

“Julie!” Chad exclaimed, looking at the near-naked woman sitting next to him.

“What?” Julie replied. “Sam’s right! It is warm in here, and if she can be comfortable, I can too! After all, it’s not like either of you have never seen me naked!”

“Yeah, chill out dad,” Samantha said, “what’s the big deal?” Samantha sat down next to her mother to have her breakfast.

“Hell, Chad, you walk around without a shirt all the time, doesn’t he, Sam?”

“Yep!” Samantha replied.

“It’s only fair,” Julie said. She stared into her coffee cup. Samantha stared at her daddy.

“I think your tits look great, mom!” Samantha said. “They’re way bigger than mine!” Samantha reached out and cupped her mother’s breasts a moment and lifted them up to feel their weight and then let them fall, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Yours are very nice too, honey,” Julie said, reaching out to softly caress her daughter’s breasts before returning to her coffee. “They are so firm and just the right size. I like them a lot. I’m sure the boys at school like them too. I’m bet even your father likes them, don’t you Chad?”

Chad was shocked. His wife and daughter had just fondled each other at the breakfast table! Julie had told him about Sam grabbing her breasts in the changing room at the mall, but now? Right in front of him? And Julie touching her own daughter’s titties? Was this normal behavior? Girls just being girls?

“Um, yes,” Chad stammered, “Your breasts are very nice, Samantha.”

“I think they’re more than nice, Samantha. I think they are perfect, don’t you Chad?” Julie asked with a straight face, knowing Chad considered Samantha’s tits ‘perfect’ as well.

“Perfect?” Chad said quizzically, hearing his own words repeated back to him. No, it couldn’t be, he thought. Just a coincidence. “Sure, I mean…, yeah.” His face was flushed with embarrassment.

Samantha sat up and cupped both breasts. She looked her daddy in the eye and pulled on her nipples before letting them go. Her fat nipples hardened instantly and sat upon her breasts like sweet cherries on top of a twin ice-cream cones.

Samantha then quickly turned and pulled on both of her mother’s nipples before her mother could react, making Julie’s nipples hard too. Julie pretended to object and reached out to grab Samantha’s tits in retaliation. Both girls squirmed and giggled. Chad watched speechless, feeling his cock harden as Julie and Samantha had a titty tickle fight.

After mother and daughter stopped teasing each other, and seeing his opened mouthed expression, Julie said, “Jealous much, Chad?” Both Samantha and Julie giggled at his shocked face before he licked his lips and closed his mouth, swallowing the drool that had collected there, and feeling very horny and very embarrassed.

Julie and Samantha then began a normal conversation about school, homework and extracurricular activities.

While they chatted, Chad found himself stealing glances as two perfect sets of breasts. He visually compared both mother and daughter, lusting after them both. He then sat in uncomfortable silence, trying to avoid being caught looking. Samantha blew him kisses and offered him her breasts when her mother wasn’t looking.

“Well, I’m jumping in the shower,” Julie said after finishing her coffee and toast. She stood up and grabbed her shirt from her lap, flashing Chad and Samantha her jiggling, fleshy tits. She tossed her shirt over her shoulder. As she was about to walked out of the room, Samantha spoke.

“Wow, mom, your pussy is really hairy!” Samantha said.

“You think so?” Julie asked. She bent over to look at her panty-covered twat. Dark, curly hairs were escaping from the top and both sides. Julie scratched it with her fingers before pulling the cloth aside.

“I mean it is pretty and everything,” Samantha said, “But it is not smooth like mine, see?” Samantha walked to her mother and pulled aside her panties too and showed her mother (and father) her bald little slit.

Julie turned to Chad, her cunt still exposed. Samantha did too “What do you think? Hair or no-hair, Chad?” Julie asked her husband.

Chad choked on his coffee. He stared at his wife and his daughter. Both of them were showing off their naked tits and pussies to him!

“They are both very nice,” Chad stammered.

“You bet they are, darling.” Satisfied, Julie walked away, satisfied with confusing and teasing her naughty, lying husband.

“What’s gotten in to her?” Chad asked Samantha when his wife had turned the corner to the bedroom. “What’s gotten into the both of you?” he added.

“The same thing that got in to me yesterday - your big, fat cock!” Samantha teased. She scooted over to her father and began to snuggle with him and fondle his penis and balls through his shorts. “Actually, I just asked mom why I had to wear a shirt all the time. She said something about me being comfortable with my body, and it was OK with her. She said we shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies.”

“It’s OK with me too, sweetheart.” Chad replied. He reached out to fondle his daughter’s breasts.

“Dad, when can we fuck again?” Samantha asked, kissing her father’s lips, cheeks and neck. She then dropped under the table and tried to pull his chubby dick out from his shorts.

“Samantha!” her father hissed.

“Mom will be in the shower for a while,” she scolded, “Now, just be quiet and let me have a taste of my daddy-sicle before I have to go to school!”

Chad sighed as Samantha slurped on his cock. She lovingly sucked him while he thought of when, and how often, they could make love. “Well, we could do it the next time your mom works late, like last night,” he said. “And the next time she goes on a business trip, we could have fun all week long.”

“I don’t want to wait that long,” Samantha said, pausing for only a moment. “I’ll think of something,” she said. Chad was certain she would.

Samantha suckled at her daddy’s dick for a while and then announced she needed to get ready for school. Chad watched her walk away, his cock hard and wet, jutting up obscenely from his shorts.

Samantha grinned evilly as she walked away “Keep him hard and wanting more, like momma said,” she thought. And knowing her father was looking at her ass, she pulled down her panties and flashed her butt at him. It was so much fun to tease!

Chad returned home after work to once again hear the joyful squeals of “Daddy’s home!” As he waited for Samantha to leap into his arms, he realized how much he had missed her attention when he came home. When she jumped into his arms and engulfed him with her soft, young body, he realized he could never let her go again. She was again topless, wearing only her chemise and panties. Chad held her for a moment, then lifted her up to suck on a tit. He decided he like Samantha being topless. It was much more convenient, as well as arousing.

After a few intimate kisses, Samantha whispered into his ear. “Mom’s a little drunk tonight.”

He found an empty bottle of wine and half-eaten dinner on the kitchen table. “Damn, why is Julie drinking again?” he wondered.

Chad discovered his wife in the living room. She was topless as well, wearing just her panties and see-through chemise.

“Hey, Chaddy-O,” Julie slurred.

“Everything OK honey?” he asked her.

“Fine and dandy, like candy,” Julie replied. “But liquor is quicker!” she snorted. “Sammy and I are dressed alike? Did you notice?” The two girls sat on opposite ends of the couch.

“Yes,” Chad replied. “Very nice. I’m sure you are both very comfortable.” Chad couldn’t understand why his wife was acting to strangely – letting Samantha go topless, having the both of them walking around half naked. He wondered what his wife was thinking, allowing all of this to happen. He knew they both enjoyed looking at Samantha’s young body, but thought Julie was letting it go too far. Not that he had any right to object, considering his own actions. He wondered if maybe Julie was trying to seduce Samantha. That would explain a lot of these strange occurrences lately. He had a thought - If Julie and Sam had sex, then he and Samantha… He thought again. Oh, the possibilities!

Chad changed into his boxers and robe and then joined his family in the living room. He decided to be comfortable too. If his dick popped out, so what? He sat in his chair with his robe opened as the family watched TV.

As the evening wore on, Julie seemed to be getting thoroughly drunk. After a long while, she finished her glass of wine, stood up, and walked over to Chad.

“Come on Chad, time for bed,” she said, reaching out her hand to pull her husband out of his chair.

“It’s a little early, don’t you think?” Chad replied. It was still light out, though the sun was beginning to set.

“I have a surprise for you,” Julie said. “See?” She untied her chemise and pushed out her crotch. Then, she pulled aside her panties. “Now, I look just like Sammy, don’t I?” she giggled, showing Chad her freshly shaved pussy.

Samantha jumped up from the couch to get a look at her mom’s shaved cunt. She leaned in close to look at it, and said, “Cool! Can I touch it, mom?”

“No Sam, touching your parent’s genitals isn’t normal, isn’t that right, Chad?” Julie slurred.

“Uh, no. Absolutely not,” he stammered.

“Aw, please mom?” Samantha whined, “I’ll let you feel mine. That’d be OK, right?”

“Well, I guess that’s fair, but just a little bit, OK?” Julie said, pulling her panties down and patting her swollen cunt. “God, I feel like a teenager again!”

Samantha reached out and touched her mother’s bald pussy. Samantha felt the hairless mons and moved her hand up and down, feeling the smoothness of her mother’s pussy. Julie gave a sigh and reached over to her daughter crotch. She slipped her hand down Samantha’s panties and rubbed her hairless twat as well, slipping a finger up her slit and then she pulled her hand free, hoping Chad noticed her wet finger.

“Mmm, that’s enough dear,” Julie said. “If you keep doing that, you might make your mommy cum.” She pulled up her panties. “Let’s go to bed, Chad.” Julie said, then whispered a bit too loudly, “You can have some hot teenage pussy tonight!”

Dumbfounded, Chad allowed Julie to pull him out of his chair and lead him into the bedroom. She pulled off his robe and pushed him down onto the bed, with his legs dangling off the side. Julie fell to her knees and then tugged down his shorts.

“Mmmm, my daddy-sicle,” Julie moaned, as Chad’s fat, semi-hard cock flopped out in front of her face. Julie immediately began licking her husband’s cock and balls, getting them wet with her spit. Then, she slurped his fat organ into her mouth and sucked it up and down, bobbing her head with abandon. When he was fully hard, she stood up and climbed over him. With his body in the way, she laid on her back with her head towards the door.

“Eat me, then fuck me daddy,” Julie moaned. “Eat my sweet, teenage pussy!”

Chad lifted Julie’s legs up and bent them at the knees. Then, he reached behind him to grab a pillow. As he began to place it under Julie’s ass, to better feast on her naked cunt, he looked up at the opened doorway to see Samantha in the darkened hallway, staring at them.

Stunned, he thought, ‘Shit, how long has she been there?’

Julie grew impatient. “Come on daddy! Eat me! Lick your little Sammy’s pussy!”

Chad knew there was nothing he could do about the situation without Julie ending up screaming at Samantha and himself too. Since Samantha already knew every intimate detail, he decided there would be no was harm if she watched her parents make love. So, as Samantha slipped a hand into her panties and began teasing herself, Chas smiled at his daughter as he put the pillow under Julie’s ass. He licked his lips while looking into Samantha’s eyes, put his head down, and began lapping at Julie’s already wet cunt.

“Oh, daddy!” Julie moaned, grabbing Chad’s hair and pulling him tighter against her cunt.

Chad licked and slurped at Julie’s gushing cunt. He discovered when he licked at the top of her gash, he could see over her pubic mound, between her flattened tits and reclined head, and watch Samantha fingering herself.

“I love the taste of your sweet little pussy, Samantha,” Chad said, staring into his daughter’s eyes.

“Is it really sweet, daddy?” Julie asked. “Does it taste yummy? I bet you like my bald, little pussy, don’t you daddy?”

“Oh yes, your smooth, sweet, pussy. So much sweet-smelling fucking pussy juice.” He maintained eye contact with Samantha as he spoke. Her fingers were working faster. Her free hand groped her breasts.

Chad reached up squeezed Julie’s tits. “And your breasts are perfect.”

“Uhhhh,” Julie moaned, “I’m ready for you to fuck me daddy. I want to feel your cock inside of me again.”

Concerned Julie would roll over doggie style and catch Samantha watching them, Chad spoke quickly. “Stay right there baby, spread those legs and then daddy’s going to fuck you.” He got up on his knees and suckled at Julie’s breasts before leaning back and guiding his straining cock into the entrance of her hole. He pushed it in and Julie moaned loudly.

“Oh daddy, your cock is so big and my little pussy is so tight!” Julie said. “Fill me up, daddy! Fill my pussy with your big, fat cock! Oh yes! Now fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl!”

Chad fucked slowly at first, using his elbows to keep his weight off and to better watch Samantha masturbate in front of him. While he was showing off for Samantha, it almost seemed that his wife was too! Julie was moaning loudly, encouraging him to fuck her faster and harder!

Chad began fucking her furiously, driving his hard cock in and out and left and right. He pounded her hard and fast as she begged for more!

“Nnnnhhh! Daddy, I’m coming! You’re making your little girl cum!”

As Julie quivered beneath him, Chad felt the cum churning in his balls. Having Samantha watch their lovemaking was such a turn-on! Then, as he pounded his wife and knew he would soon be erupting inside of her, he saw Samantha take her wet fingers out of her soaking wet pussy.

Puzzled, he looked at her - he was hoping to cum with her while she watched. Then, Samantha motioned for him to follow her as she took off her clothes in the hallway and walked to her room.

Chad did everything he could do to keep from cumming inside of his wife. He slowed his tempo, he thought of football, he thought of card games; anything to keep from orgasming. It worked. Julie finished cumming on his cock and let out a satisfied sigh. He pulled his still-hard cock from her spent pussy.

“Thank you, daddy,” Julie said, then crawled to her side of the bed and rolled over. “I’m going to sleep now honey. I’m so tired. I took a pill. Rough week…” She was slurring her words heavily.

Chad laid with her in the darkness until he heard her deep, regular breathing. Nothing could wake her up now, with her typical combination of wine and a sleeping pill. He eased his naked body off of the bed, slipped on his robe, and closed the door silently behind him as he headed towards Samantha’s room.

With his cock leading the way, he stepped in front of Samantha’s opened bedroom door.

“Hi, daddy,” Samantha said. She was sitting on her bed naked. The light from her table lamp illuminated her warm flesh. “Mommy asleep?” she asked.

“Yes,” Chad answered. “She took a sleeping pill.” He stepped inside and closed the door.

“It was hot watching you guys fuck,” Samantha said, rubbing her breasts. “Does she always pretend to be me?” Samantha giggled.

“Lately, yes,” Chad replied. “She knows how badly I want to fuck you, so she pretends for me,” he added. “But now, I have the real thing.” He sat on her bed and began to caress her.

Samantha giggled again. “It looked like mommy liked it too!” she said. “I want you to fuck your little girl again, but I better go pee first,” she said and jumped out of bed.

Chad watched her as she walked out the door. He looked around at her pink colored room, thinking about how quickly she had grown up.

In a less than a minute, Samantha returned. She jumped into her father’s arms and knocked him backwards onto her small bed, making the bed frame squeak loudly. Chad didn’t care. His wife was sound asleep. Samantha began to kiss him impatiently and groped for his hardening cock.

She helped him shed his robe, pushed him down onto the bed and stared at his cock as she stroked it. “It’s wet,” she said. “With mommy’s pussy juice…” Samantha looked thoughtful for a moment before taking her father’s slimy cock into her mouth. She tasted his thick pre-cum, still oozing from his encounter with Julie. She slurped her mouth on his cock head and licked him up and down.

“Mmm, mom’s pussy tastes really good,” Samantha declared to her surprised father. ‘Hmm,’ Chad thought. Maybe this could work out to his advantage.

“You like the taste of mommy’s pussy, do you?” he asked.

“Hmm, mmm,” Samantha hummed as she sucked his rock-hard cock.

Chad thought furiously how to get Samantha and Julie together. Then, it would only be natural for him to join in the fun, right? Maybe even catch her having sex with her daughter and acting outraged?

“I need you to fuck me now, daddy,” Samantha said. “I need you to fuck me like you fucked mommy. I want you to fuck me hard!”

Samantha laid back on the bed and spread her legs. Her father climbed between them. He pressed his hard cock against her wet slit, sliding it up and down her gash before finding her tight hole.

“Fill me up, daddy,” Samantha moaned, imitating her mother’s recent words. “Fill me up with your big, fat cock and fuck me!”

Chad was horny, hard, and very excited. He felt like a stud, first fucking his wife to orgasm, now he was going to do the same to his daughter. He slowly pushed his cock into his daughter’s tight cunt. She begged for his more of his cock. He began to fuck her as she moaned out loud. He fucked her slow and steady for a while, then, he was soon pounding her tight pussy fast and hard, like he had just done to her mother. Samantha moaned underneath him.

“Oh, you are so fucking tight!” he exclaimed. “I love your tight little pussy!”

“And your cock is so big!” she cried. “Fuck me harder daddy!” Samantha moaned. “Oh, daddy!

Chad fucked his little girl relentlessly until she orgasmed underneath him.

“I’m cumming daddy, I’m cumming!” Samantha moaned loudly. “Fuuu-uuu-uuuck meeee-eee!”

“I’m cumming too baby!” Chad exclaimed as Samantha’s tight teenage pussy spasmed on his cock, milking his shaft, making his balls tighten and his cock swell inside of her before he erupted.

“Give me your cum, daddy!” Samantha urged. “Oh.., oh…, oh…, Aaaaaaahhhhiiiiieeee!” she squealed as the hot sperm splashed inside of her. Her guts turned to jelly, her legs quivered, her breath shook, and then she finally let out a long, satisfied sigh as she felt her father empty his heavy ball juice deep inside of her, his cock pulsing with each heavy spurt of his potent, thick splooge, filling up her pussy once again.

They lay in Samantha’s small bed, panting from their exertions, with her father lying gently on top of her and the table lamp softly illuminating their mingled, sweaty, satisfied bodies.

Samantha cooed and softly ran her hands and fingernails over he father’s back. Then, she turned to her opened bedroom door. She smiled at her mother’s shadowed figure in the hallway, and said clearly, while looking directly at the lens of her mother’s smart-phone:

“Thank you daddy.”

Julie grinned back at her devious daughter, blew her a kiss and walked away smiling wickedly.

Soon after, Chad crawled into bed beside his snoring wife. Julie gave a snort in her sleep and rolled over. Chad laid in bed under the covers, tugging firmly for his fair share of the blankets.

The moon was shining brightly through the opened window blinds, almost bright enough to cause him to get out of bed to close them, but tired as he was, he prepared for sleep.

Chad was in the half-way state between sleep and consciousness when he felt something on his genitals. Slowing awaking fully, he felt fingers wrapping around his shaft and stroking him gently. He heard his wife’s deep breathing. He opened his eyes and looked up to find Samantha standing next to the bed, her hand under the covers.

“What are you doing in here?” he hissed.

“I’m still horny,” Samantha whispered. “I thought you might want to play with me some more.”

Chad watched in the moonlight as Samantha slipped off her clothes, exposing her pert breasts and lithe body. Then, she pulled back the blankets, exposing his cock.

“Not here! Not now!” Chad whispered back. He heard Samantha giggle and watched her take his cock into her mouth. His daughter suckled his hardening cock while his wife slept next to him!

“Sam! Your mom might wake up!” Chad whispered quietly, but as harshly as he dared.

“I hope she does, and then I can lick her pussy while you fuck me from behind,” Samantha said.

Chad’s cock lurched and Sam continued to stroke her father and sucked his cock until he was hard enough to penetrate her.

Samantha climbed onto her parent’s bed and straddled her father’s body, a leg on each side of him, as she ground her wet pussy onto his hard shaft. After a few long, luxurious moments, she reached between her legs to grasp his shaft. She lifted it up and aimed it at her honey-hole.

Samantha slowly sat on her father’s hard cock with a happy sigh. “Aaaahhhh!” she moaned, long and overly loud. She pushed down on her daddy’s cock until her ass pressed against his groin. Then, she began to slowly ride him. The bed rocked gently, back and forth. Her mother slept peacefully.

Samantha leaned forward to kiss her father while still sliding her cunt up and down on her daddy’s dick. She whispered in his ear, “Is my pussy better than mommy’s daddy?” she asked. “Do my titties taste better than hers?”

“Ohhhh, Sam,” he said softly while his wife occasionally snored beside them. “You are so special to me, but you are going to get us caught, sweetie.”

“I don’t care. I just want my daddy’s big dick inside of me,” Samantha said. She began to bounce on him stronger and faster, filling up her tight hole and reveling in the sensual feelings.

“Mmmm, mmm,” she moaned, leaning backwards, as she moved her body up and down, and up and down again.

Chad watched her in the bright glow of the opened window blinds, the moonlight bathing both of them in soft white light. His cock throbbed with excitement as Samantha fucked him gently, his wife oblivious to what was going on in their own bed.

Samantha’s breath became labored with her exertion and excitement. She humped her father faster, raising her small body up and down on his hard cock and grinding herself into his groin.

Her father felt his daughter’s tight pussy massage his shaft. He was determined to cum quickly, doing his best to avoid being caught by his wife. Fucking his daughter next to Julie was dangerous, but so damn exciting. He humped his body up and down with Samantha’s motions, willing her silently to cum quickly.

Samantha began breathing even heavier as she fucked her father. Chad fucked her back as hard as he dared. Samantha caught her breath and moaned in one long, high pitched tone. She came.

Julie, lying next to her husband and daughter, listened to every sound and felt every sensual rocking motion on their marital bed. She came quietly, her fingers working her wet clit as she stifled a moan, knowing Chad was too occupied to hear her orgasming. Julie faked another snore and then snorted loudly. She felt Chad stop suddenly, abandoning his overly enthusiastic humping, afraid his wife was stirring. Samantha rode on his ruined orgasm before laying on top of him, her breath labored and heavy.

Julie’s phone, propped up on the bedroom dresser, recorded every incestuous moment between father and daughter. She laid in the bed and quietly listened to Chad and Samantha’s post-orgasmic heavy-petting.

“Daddy’s home!” Samantha squealed, hearing the door slam. She was topless and only wearing her crotch-less blue-panties. Her daddy picked her up, hugged her, and twirled her around twice. Samantha kissed him sensually as her father groped her. He slipped a finger between her pussy lips while sucking her fat, tender nipples.

“Already wet Sammie?” he asked as he looked at his glistening finger before sucking it into his mouth.

“I knew you were almost home, so I started playing with myself.” Samantha replied. Then she leaned into him, lowered her voice even lower and said, “Mommy’s really drunk this time.”

“Again?” Chad said. He was disappointed in his wife, but his mind immediately began contemplating possibilities. He wished Julie would stay sober, but it gave him another opportunity to have sex with his daughter tonight.

There was no dinner prepared, so Chad settled for a sandwich. Samantha told him she had already eaten, but her mother hadn’t. Alone in the kitchen while making his sandwich, he glanced at the one and a half empty bottles of wine. Julie was drinking on an empty stomach.

“Uh, oh” Chad thought.

“What-cha eating, Chaddy-O?” Julie slurred, as her husband walked into the living room. Julie was sitting is his chair watching TV. Samantha was sitting cross-legged, giving her daddy a good look at her naked pussy peeking out from her crotch-less panties. Julie was topless as well

“Just a sandwich,” Chad replied.

“Sorry ‘bout dinner,” Julie said. “I was going to offer you a fur-burger or a bearded-clam for dinner, but we were all out, see?” Julie pulled open her crotch-less panties and flashed Chad and Samantha her shaved pussy. “Not a beard or fur to be found!” She laughed again.

Chad met Sam’s gaze and shrugged, as if to apologize for Julie’s actions and drunkenness.

Julie didn’t seem to notice. She was curled up in his chair half-watching the TV. With Julie in his usual spot, he was forced to sit on the couch, next to his sexy young daughter.

Samantha would flash him her pussy and offer him her titties whenever Julie closed her eyes or looked away. Samantha started to get horny.

“Dad, can I sit on your lap?” Samantha asked, standing up and grabbing the blanket off the back of the couch. “I’m cold.” She pretended to shiver, hugging her naked breasts and wiggling her nearly naked body.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Sam,” Chad replied, eying Julie to gauge her reaction.

“Oh, just let her Chad!” Julie admonished drunkenly. “Maybe our little girl wants a pony ride!” Julie giggled uncontrollably. “She used to love pony rides, remember?”

Samantha jumped onto her daddy’s lap and wrapped the blanket around them. Chad smelled her perfume and hair - strawberries and bubble-gum. Samantha wiggled her butt on her father’s lap and purred.

“Ahhh, you are so warm!” Samantha said, snuggling and wiggling her ass on her father’s lap.

Samantha wiggled her butt again, and then again, pretending to get comfortable, while doing her best to get her daddy aroused. Then, she ground her ass on her daddy’s chubby dick whenever her mother wasn’t watching - which was often - Julie seemed oblivious to their actions. Samantha’s pussy became wet and ready.

Chad smelled Samantha’s musk. He flicked her fat nipples under the blanket when Julie wasn’t watching, occasionally giving them a grope or a pinch. He was even brave enough to cup a breast with one hand while fingering her opened slit with the other. It didn’t take long before Chad became aroused too.

Samantha felt his hardness and ground her ass on him innocently, smiling happily.

With a flash-back to their first intimate Movie-Night, Chad kept glancing at Julie as Samantha became bolder with her gyrations.

When Julie got up during a commercial and stumbled to the bathroom, Samantha smoothly reached behind her and pulled her father’s hard cock through the slit of his underwear. Chad gripped her naked breasts, seizing the opportunity to grope his daughter while his wife was away. Samantha stroked him, smearing pre-cum over his cock-head. He moaned and nibbled her neck. Then, to his surprise, Samantha rose up and guided his cock through the slit in her panties. She placed her daddy’s hard, wet dick against her tight, moist hole.

“Sammie! Are you crazy?” Chad exclaimed, as he felt his swollen cock pressing against his daughter’s opening.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Samantha moaned, sitting down quickly before he could object. She forced her dad’s fat cock deeply inside of her tight little pussy. “Mom’s drunk, she will never know,” Samantha replied, gripping the blanket tighter. She began to bounce on her daddy’s cock. “Besides, I really need to get fucked,” she stated.

“Oh, you’re getting a pony ride, Samantha?” Julie slurred, as she suddenly came back into the room.

“Oh, yeah mom!” Samantha replied, “Just like I used to!” She grunted as she slid up and down, gently grinding her ass into her dad’s crotch. “Giddy-up, daddy!” she said, and began bouncing on his cock!

“Samantha, stop that right now!” Chad said, pretending he was offended.

“Oh, Chad!” Julie slurred, “Let Sammie have a pony ride. A bumpy pony ride!” She giggled so hard she snorted again. She sat down and closed her eyes. Her head rolled and rocked slightly before her eyes tried to focus on the TV again.

“Come on! Giddy-up, daddy!” Samantha squealed. She began to bounce harder!

Chad felt Samantha’s tight, young, cunt squeezing his shaft and cock-head. The excitement of fucking his daughter in front of his drunken wife was exhilarating! He kept a close eye on Julie, who was nearly passed out in his chair. He then bounced his leg cautiously, sending Samantha higher and forcing her to land more firmly upon his lap. Then, he did it again. It felt so good!

“And, they’re off!” Chad exclaimed softly in his best race-horse-announcer voice. “Samantha’s in the lead, riding the rail!” Chad began bouncing his little girl on his cock. Samantha giggled and involuntarily let out a loud squeal.

Samantha squeezed her pussy on her daddy’s fat dick, riding him, fucking him, and then rocking forward and back as if she were on a real horse. She slid her body back and forth while her father bounced her up and down.

Julie opened one eye, giggled, and closed her eye again.

“Rounding the first curve, Beetlejuice takes the lead!” Chad said. He was bouncing her faster now.

Samantha put her hand on her daddy’s knees and humped her ass up and down on his cock! “Oh! Catch him daddy!” Samantha exclaimed. “Faster! Faster!”

Chad obliged and bounced his little girl more forcibly on his cock. “Samantha’s gaining on him!” he cried. Chad pounded his daughter’s pussy. He smelled her sweet pussy juice and hoped Julie didn’t.

“Faster daddy, oh faster!” Samantha cried. She was close to orgasm! “Catch him! I’m almost there!”

The blanket fell from her shoulders and landed in her lap. Her small breasts jiggled as she gripped the blanket tightly around her waist.

“Down the home stretch, Samantha takes the lead!” Chad lifted his crotch with each bounce, driving his cock deep into his daughter’s tight cunt.

“Oh, yes! That’s it! Oh daddy!” Samantha cried as she came. “Unnhh!”

“It’s going to be close, they are neck and neck!” Chad said.

Chad felt Samantha’s cunt trembling and spasming on his cock. He knew she was coming. Her tight, squeezing pussy sent him over the edge too! Samantha’s cunt gripped him and began to pull the cum up from his balls. He slammed into her again and again as she came, feeling is balls tighten and his cock swelling.

Samantha did her best to stay quiet as she creamed on her father’s hard, fat shaft.

“It’s Beetlejuice! (Slam! Hump, grind, hump!)

The first blast erupted from Chad’s balls, surged up his shaft and spurted deeply into his daughter’s tight pussy!

“Oh!” Samantha exclaimed, feeling her daddy’s sperm shooting into her while she was cumming on his hard, driving cock. “Oh yes!”

“Now Samantha’s in the lead!” (Slam! Hump, hump, hump!)

Another spurt! Another wave of bliss rolled over both father and daughter.

Now Beetlejuice!” (Slam! Hump, slam, hump, slam!)

He erupted again, filling her even more with hot cum! He heard Samantha try to stifle her moans.

“Samantha again!” (Slam! Hump, slam, hump, slam!)

Another blast!

“And the winner is…!” (Slam, slam, slam!)

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt!

Samantha’s cunt was filled with her daddy’s cum! Her orgasm left her legs trembling.

“Samantha! Samantha is the winner!” Chad panted.

“Yay! I won!” Samantha squealed, bouncing up and down.

“You sure did, Sammie!” Chad breathed heavily.

“Ride ‘em hard and put ‘em away wet,” Julie said sleepily. “Thath’s what my daddy always said!”

“Thanks for the pony ride, daddy,” Samantha said, turning her head and kissing her father on the lips. Chad gave her a gentle kiss back. They cuddled for a few moments, relaxing after their intense sexual exhibition.

“Hey, now it’s my turn for a bumpy pony ride!” Julie exclaimed. She stood up on unsteady legs and walked towards Chad and Samantha.

Samantha slowly rose from her father’s lap and felt his still thick but softening cock slip out of her. She clamped her legs together and blocked her mother’s view with her body and blanket while her daddy quickly tucked away his wet, slimy penis. Samantha stepped away, and Julie took her place, turning her panty covered ass to her husband and plopping on top of him.

Chad smelled of cum and pussy and hoped his wife was too out of it to notice.

Julie slid her butt around clumsily and ground her ass onto Chad’s lap. “Not very bumpy!” she exclaimed, as if she expected to find him rock hard. “Now, give me a pony ride too!”

Julie bounced up and down on her husband’s lap. Chad attempted to bounce her like she had done to Sam, but he was tired and Julie was heavier than their daughter. As Julie struggled to keep upright, Chad took the opportunity to raise his one leg higher and cause Julie to lose her balance. She fell over onto the couch, with a little extra help from Chad’s knee. She laid there a moment before she tried to get up, only to fall onto the carpet with a loud thump.

“Ouch!” Julie cried, rubbing her ass. “Me fall down. Go boom!” She giggled.

“Let me help you up, Julie,” Chad said. He helped her to her feel and put a strong arm around her. “Time for bed,” he announced, and walked Julie to the bedroom. She promptly fell onto the bed and lay motionless.

Chad left her to check on Samantha.

“Mom asleep?” Samantha asked.

“Yep, she’s out.” Chad replied.

“Good, now I can finished my breakfast.”

“Your breakfast?” Chad asked.

“Yeah, the daddy-cock-sicle I was eating under the kitchen table this morning.

Chad smiled and spread his legs.

Samantha cleaned her father’s cock, getting him hard again in the process. Then, she announced she was going to bed.

Chad too went to bed. He was exhausted bouncing his daughter on his cock. He fell asleep quickly. He never even felt Julie getting out of bed.

Julie tip-toed to Samantha’s room after retrieving her phone from the end-table near the couch.

“Dad really believed I was drunk again?” Julie asked her daughter while slipping off her clothes.

“Oh yeah,” Samantha replied, “Even I thought you were drunk a couple of times!” She spread her naked legs. “Here, I saved you some cum. He really filled me up!”

“Yum!” Julie replied. “How did you like your ‘bumpy pony ride’?

“It was great! He was really hard!” Samantha said. “What do you have planned for us tomorrow?”

“Later.” Julie replied as she crawled between her daughter’s legs.

Finally it arrived. Friday night. Family night. Movie Night. The night it all began. As he walked in the door, Chad wondered if Julie would be sober. If not, he was looking forward to a long fuck session with his daughter Samantha after Julie went to bed. Just he and his daughter, all alone, all night if they chose. No going to bed early, no school, no work, no interruptions.

Samantha heard the door slam and faithfully ran to her father with opened arms. She was wearing one of his old college t-shirts, and nothing underneath, as he soon found out.

As Chad kissed his daughter sensually and ran his strong hands over her bare ass, he asked, “How’s mommy doing tonight.”

“Drunk as usual, of course,” Samantha replied. “I’ll get the popcorn ready. Grab a soda whenever you are ready.”

Chad walked through the living room on his way to change his clothes in the bedroom. His wife greeted him warmly, with a smile on her face and glass of wine in her hand.

Chad slipped on his robe to cover his near naked body, once again wearing only his opened-faced boxer underwear, in case his cock slipped out and somehow found its way into his daughter’s pussy.

He recalled the excitement of their first movie night when he and Sam played together; Samantha was sitting on his lap and slow grinding on his hardness after her mother had gone to bed. He thought of their second wild movie night when he let her inquisitive nature and his horniness lead him them to wild, abandoned sex. He had let his daughter play with his cock, suck it, and then they ‘accidentally’ fucked. He recalled how he had tried to reject her advances afterwards; only to fail miserably. Samantha was young and horny, gorgeous, and too persistent to possibly resist for long.

Chad joined his family in the living room. Julie and Samantha were on the couch. He sat in his chair.

“Well, pick us out a movie, Samantha,” Chad said.

“Can I pick a sexy one this time?” Samantha asked.

“You know your mother doesn’t like…” Chad started, before Julie interrupted.

“Pick whatever you like, Sam,” Julie said. “You’re old enough.”

“Yippee!” Samantha cried, scrolling through the movie titles. She soon found one she liked. Chad watched Julie for a reaction; Samantha had chosen a very adult title. Not X-Rated, but close enough. As the warnings displayed on the large TV screen, Julie said nothing. ‘Mature Audiences’ ‘Sexual Situations’ ‘Nudity’ ‘Language.’

The movie began with a man and a woman in bed, just waking up to a buzzing alarm clock. The woman sat up, showing her breasts. The man flipped back the covers, sat up, and walked to the bathroom. He was naked. His cocked swayed back and forth.

“Cool!” Samantha said.

“Haven’t you ever seen a cock before, Sam?” her mother asked.

“Sure, I have!” Samantha replied.

“Oh, yeah?” Julie said, taking another sip of wine. “Whose cock have you seen?”

Chad’s heart nearly stopped. He looked at Samantha. She smiled at him.

“That guy’s!” Samantha said, pointing to the screen.

Chad’s relief was apparent.

The movie got steamier. The main character was cheating on his wife with a younger woman. There were intense sex scenes with lots of moaning, groaning, sweat and orgasms. Only their genitals were hidden.

Chad took turns looking at Julie, who was staring blankly at either the TV or the wall, then to Samantha, who was obviously toying with her pussy, not caring if anyone was watching her.

“Why don’t they show his penis when it is hard?” Samantha asked after another sex scene. The woman’s pussy was shown, but not the man’s engorged cock.

“They only show that for the Rates-X movies, Sam,” Julie slurred.

“Aww!” Samantha whined. “Can we…,” she started, but Chad stopped her.

“No, we are NOT watching an X-Rated movie, Sam!” he declared. Immediately, he regretted his words. He was speaking as a stern father, not the lover of both his wife and his daughter. ‘Hmm, maybe…,’ he thought.

“Why not Chad?” Julie asked. “Samantha wants to see a hard cock!” she giggled. “I know, lets show her yours!”

Julie got up giggling and stumbled over to Chad. She tried to pull his cock through his shorts as he resisted. His cock was hard, both from the movie and from Samantha’s displays.

Chad stood up, his boxer underwear straining. Julie laughed, avoided his protests, and quickly jerked down his underwear. Chad’s hard cock was uncovered and turgid. He quickly pulled up his shorts.



“There, that’s what a hard cock looks like sweetie,” Julie said. Seeing the shocked faces of her family, she realized what she had done and said, “Sorry..,. I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m taking a pill and going to bed.”

Chad and Samantha watched her leave the room. Samantha and her father exchanged puzzled glances before Samantha asked “Can I sit on your lap now, daddy?”

“Sure,” Chad replied, knowing his wife was out for the evening. The two snuggled in Chad’s big chair, with Samantha soon reaching for her father’s cock, and Chad warming up his daughter’s sexual appetite by playing with her pert tits and wet pussy, anticipating a long, extended fuck-session.

The two watched the movie together, aroused, but taking their time. They had all night. As the movie’s climatic scene ended, with both wife, concubine, and husband together in bed, Samantha told her father she needed his dick in her mouth.

“I love sucking your cock, daddy,” Samantha said coyly. She kneeled before him and inspected his nearly hard and leaking penis before taking it into her mouth.

“Ahhh,” Chad exhaled. This is just what he needed after a long week. Samantha was a natural born cock-sucker, seemingly knowing what he liked without him having to ask for it. She cupped his balls and slurped on his flared, firm, cock-head, before taking his entire shaft deep into her throat a few time before lapping at his balls.

The movie ended, the credits finished, and the TV went dark, along with the room. Samantha sucked on her daddy’s cock, and Chad reveled in the feelings.

Chad leaned back in his chair, happy and content. Samantha sucked his cock slowly, teasing him with her warm lips. Life was good.

Suddenly, the darkness was interrupted as bright light flickered and then flooded the room. The TV screen flickered again as another movie started playing. Chad opened his eyes intended to find the remote control, only to see a close up image of Samantha sucking his cock on the large TV screen.

“Mmm, mom’s pussy tastes really good,” he heard Samantha say, then watched her take his hard cock into her mouth again. They were in her bedroom. The light from her bedside lamp illuminated them both.

Panicked, he looked around to face his wort fear - Julie staring at her husband and daughter, the remote control in her hand. Samantha was sucking her dad’s cock both on the screen and real-life.

“You like the taste of mommy’s pussy, do you?” Chad heard his voice coming from the speakers.

“Hmm, mmm,” he heard Samantha say as he turned away from Julie’s scowl to watch the scene; his little daughter Samantha worshiping his cock with her warm tongue and lips with the TV showing every minute detail.

Julie turned up the volume.

“I need you to fuck me now, daddy,” he heard Samantha say, her voice booming loudly in the room. “I need you to fuck me like you fucked mommy. I want you to fuck me hard!”

Julie turned down the volume and stared at her husband.

Chad looked at his wife and then the TV. He watched himself on the screen fucking his daughter while she begged for his cock. There was no denying it. He was busted. His life as he knew it was over!

“Chad, honey,” Julie began, as the video continued to play, and Chad and Samantha’s recorded grunts, groans and sex talk continued in the background. “When I found Samantha’s panties filled with your cum, I thought you had maybe jacked-off into them, remember?

“But, when I came home late from work, with the house positively reeking of sex, with no one but you and Samantha at home, I had my concerns. But, even with your cum on her breath, I wasn’t sure – it could have been a boy at school, so I faked being drunk – to see what would happen when I pretended to take my pills and pass out.” Julie pointed to the TV screen. Now, it was Samantha bouncing on her father’s cock, pretending to get a pony ride.

“Did you think I was too drunk to notice you two fucking in the same room with me? Yeah, that was quite a bumpy pony ride...” Julie said, her voice sharpening.

Chad looked at the screen. It was obvious he was fucking his daughter. Drunk or not, Julie couldn’t have missed it. How stupid he was!

“Or, did you think I wouldn’t notice Samantha riding your cock, IN OUR OWN BED! WITH ME LYING THERE RIGHT BESIDE YOU?” Julie screamed.

Chad was shaking now. He didn’t know what to do. He knew his life was over. It was all Samantha’s fault – no, he could never blame Sam. It was him. It was all his fault. He wasn’t strong enough. He failed as a father. He deserved whatever was coming to him; the public humiliation, a bitter divorce, and even worse – jail! ‘What do people in prison do to child molesters?’ he wondered. Whatever his fate, he knew he deserved it.

But why was Samantha still lapping at his dick? Why didn’t Julie yell at her too? He was still in a state of shock and nothing made sense.

“Did you ever consider how I would feel about this, Chad? How pissed off I’d be when I found out you were sucking on her perfect tits and lapping at her sweet, little pussy and keeping it all to yourself? You are a selfish, selfish man, Chad! Even when you knew how much I wanted to eat her tasty little snatch? How much I wanted her? You lied to me, repeatedly, and didn’t even ask me to join in? You mother-fucker! No – you’re a dirty, rotten, lying, selfish, daughter-fucker!”

Julie stood there patiently, hand on her hip, waiting for her last words to be understood. She knew it would take a moment, Chad’s mind was quite rattled.

Julie’s words entered his ears and bubbled-up into his consciousness until the thoughts popped in his rattled brain. On the TV, he watched a compilation of their sex scenes. He stared at their mutual orgasm on Samantha’s bed. He saw her turn to the camera and say:

“Thank you daddy.”

That’s what Julie always said when they were pretending in bed! Not only did Julie know, but Samantha was part of it! That meant… Another bubble popped… ‘Yes! Of course! That’s why Samantha was still sucking cock!’

“You need to be punished for this, Chad,” Julie said. “Doesn’t he Samantha?”

“Yup,” Samantha said, taking her lips off of her daddy’s cock. “He’s a bad, bad, daddy, but he does have a nice, fat cock, mom.”

“Yes he does. Of course he does! It’s the main reason I married him. It wasn’t for his honesty or selfishness, that’s for sure.”

Samantha stroked her father’s wet cock and grinned. “But, he is kinda cute, mom.”

“Don’t encourage him, Sam,” Julie replied.

“So, what will it be Chad? Shall I call the police and have you thrown in jail? Cut off your balls? Slap the living shit out of you? Maybe a long, hard spanking on your bare ass, with Samantha and me taking turns until your ass is black and blue?

“I know. For now at least…, until I can think of a better punishment. You just sit there in your chair. And if you touch your cock even once, I’ll cut it off! Understand?

“Come here Samantha,” Julie said.

Mother and daughter walked slowly towards each other and met in front of the couch. They smiled slightly together before wrapping their arms around each other and then exchanging a long, French kiss. Their hands lovingly ran up and down each other’s bodies.

Chad stared. His cock strained.

Julie slipped off Samantha’s shirt, leaving her naked in the light of the TV. Her perky tits were framed in the soft light. Her long hair, smooth stomach and round ass on display, shadowed by the TV’s faint, then bright, flickering light.

Samantha pulled off her mother’s shirt. Julie’s full breasts, glorious ass and freshly shaved cunt were exposed to her husband. She stuck out her wet tongue at Chad, then kissed her daughter with it. Chad could see their tongues dancing together before they smashed their mouths together and caressed naked tits, hips and ass. They fell onto the couch. First, Julie hovered over Samantha, kissed her softly and repeatedly on her face and neck. Then traveled lower to suckle on her breasts. She reached a hand down to Samantha’s pussy, but before she touched it, Chad heard Samantha moan. It came from the entertainment console. He tore his eyes away from Julie and Sam, only to see the two of them on the TV making love. He briefly wondered how long Julie had known and realized what a fool he had been! But, the TV would have to wait for another time. Right now, he had the real thing to enjoy!

The moans of the TV mingled with the moans emanating from the couch. Julie was licking Samantha’s pussy as Samantha gyrated her hips slowly and massaged her own breasts.

Julie sat up, leaned back against the arm of the couch and opened her legs to invite Samantha to come closer. Samantha crawled to her mother and sucked on one fat tit, then the other. Samantha rubbed her mother’s slick pussy a few times before plunging three small fingers into it. She fucked her mother with them a few times and then took them out. She showed her father her wet digits before sucking them into her mouth.

Julie looked at her husband. He was staring, mesmerized by the scene before him. His hands were at his sides. Julie grinned at his obedience. He obviously remembered her warning not to touch his dick.

Chad’s cock was turgid and straining. Pre-cum oozed and dripped from his cock in long, thin strands. He longed to rub the clear, slimy goo all over his cock-head and gently stroke it, watching his wife and daughter make out on his couch. But he dare not touch himself. He knew Julie was still furious at him.

“Come here Chad,” Julie said.

Chad jumped out of his chair. He shed his robe and walked to his girls, his cock swaying and his pre-cum leaving a long, thin trail, wiggling back and forth.

“Show me how you suck daddy’s cock, Samantha,” Julie said, still sitting on the couch. “Though I’d almost wish you’d bite it off.”

With a smile, Samantha first licked off her father’s precious cock fluids, then pulled his boxers down. Her father’s cock was long and thick, and harder than usual. His glans were colored deep-red and purple, with desire. Another drop oozed out while she stared. Then, she took it into her mouth and pushed her head down – forcing his cock all the way down her throat until his balls rested on her chin.

“That’s my girl,” Julie said proudly.

“She’s a natural,” Chad added.

“Shut up, Chad,” said Julie.

Julie admired her daughter’s cock-skills and lovingly watched Samantha lick and suck on her husband’s cock. After a few long moments, she decided to help. She cupped Chad’s balls while looking up at him. She played his nuggets gently while Samantha sucked him up and down.

Chad was first alarmed when Julie grabbed his sensitive nut-sack, fearing the worst, but he breathed a sigh of relief when his wife gently pulled his cock from Samantha’s mouth and took it into her own.

Mother and daughter took turns sucking, licking and jacking their husband/father’s cock. Julie would lap at his balls while Samantha sucked, then they would switch, happily trading heavy cum-filled balls for hard, leaking cock.

Julie put her mouth on one side of Chad’s cock and Samantha did the same on her side. They slurped back and forth on his long shaft before meeting their lips at his cock-head, pausing to share a wet, creamy kiss.

Chad felt his balls churning. His cock flexed once, then twice. Julie could tell he was about to blow his load. She looked up at him, wet her finger with some thick spit and reached around to the back of his ass.

Mother and daughter continued to suck his cock. Julie fingered his wet ass-hole, then plunged in her finger. Chad gave out a low, throaty growl. His balls tingled, his cock throbbed and his prostate spasmed, sending a huge wad of thick white cream shooting out of the end of his cock-head and splashing onto two sets of tender lips. The cream was instantly shared between mother and daughter, who were slurping on both sides of his cock-head. Some landed on Samantha’s cheek, making her flinch.

Both pairs of warm, wet lips and darting tongues worked on his glans. Another blast erupted into Julie’s mouth. As she pulled back to let Samantha wrap her lips around her daddy’s spurting cock, another blast creamed Julie’s face. Samantha gobbled the next blast, then a spurt hit her below her eye before it was Julie’s turn to latch on. The two put their faces together and mouthed his hard, spurting, cock. More sperm shot out, coating their lips and faces. Cum welled up on his cock-head as mother and daughter slathered his sensitive, tingling organ with his own, thick, sperm.

As his cock twitched and dribbled out the last remaining puddles of cum, Julie and Sam shared it between them. Both were covered in Chad’s thick ejaculate, and they began kissing, licking and sucking the sperm from each other’s opened lips, kissing and tonguing each other before licking their faces clean.

Chad looked down at Julie and Samantha’s adorable, wet faces. He felt like a sultan with a harem of concubines. He knew the exquisite orgasm he had just experienced would be repeated again and again.

“Come on, let’s take this party into the bedroom,” Julie said. She wiggled a finger to beckon her lovers to follow her, and led the way into the bedroom.

“Recharge your batteries, Chaddy-O, while Sam and I entertain ourselves.”

The family positioned themselves on the big bed. First, Julie and Samantha climbed up and Chad found a place on the edge where he could watch.

Mother and daughter caressed each other like only women can do; tender and tactile, gentle and affectionately. They made soft, gentle, love at first, then with more urgency. They kissed, caressed, fingered, rubbed and humped until they found each other’s soaking wet pussies with their tongues and lips. Julie was on top, her back hunched to keep her face in Samantha’s pussy and her pussy in easy reach of Samantha’s tender, searching fingers and flicking tongue.

Chad watched as his wife and daughter brought themselves to orgasm; tonguing, sucking, and fingering each other as they whimpered and squealed. It was a beautiful thing to see.

Julie rolled off of Samantha and the two snuggled a while, feeling the warm afterglow of their orgasms. But, they were just getting warmed up.

Chad stroked his cock slowly. He was hard and ready once again.

Julie nuzzled Samantha’s neck and whispered, “Are you ready to be fucked?”

Samantha only nodded. She stretched her young body on the comfortable blankets. She rolled over and presented her ass to her father.

“Fuck me, daddy,” Samantha said on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass back and forth, flashing her wet pussy-lips and tight, pink ass-hole.

“Fuck her, Chad,” Julie said. “Fuck her good. I want to see you fuck your own daughter!”

Chad positioned himself behind Samantha. Julie was kneeling next to him, watching every movement. Chad gripped his hard cock, ready to fuck his daughter’s pussy. He teased his daughter and his wife, sliding his hard cock up and down Samantha’s slit before he finally positioned himself at her tight hole. He turned to his wife, who was staring intently at his cock and her Samantha’s pussy, to watch her expression as he entered Samantha.

Chad pushed in and Samantha pushed back. Both Samantha and Julie moaned as Chad’s thick, hard cock slid into his daughter’s tight, wet hole.

Chad grinned.

“OMG!” Julie exclaimed, rubbing her cunt feverishly watching Chad’s cock penetrate Samantha.

“Oh, yes!” Samantha exclaimed. “Fill me up and fuck me daddy! Watch him fuck me, mommy!”

Chad pushed until he couldn’t go any further. He began to fuck Samantha with long, slow, deep, strokes.

“Oh, you’re fucking her, Chad!” Julie cried. “You’re fucking your own daughter!”

“Mmmmm, mmm, fuck me daddy!” Samantha exclaimed. “Fuck me good!”

“Yeah, fuck your little slut, Chad!” Julie said. “Fuck that teasing little cunt!”

Encouraged, Chad fucked Samantha longer, harder and faster. He heard Julie moaning beside him and Samantha moaning underneath him. He fucked Samantha to the left and then the right, then up and down. He fucked her slow and soft, and then hard and fast, slamming his shaft deeply into her tight pussy until her ass-cheeks jiggled with each thrust.

“Mmmm, mmmm, daddy!” Samantha said, arching her back and pushing against her father, trying to drive his long, fat cock deeper inside of her.

Julie experienced a mini-orgasm fingering herself and watching father and daughter having sex together. She then fell on the bed next to Samantha and they kissed each other hard. Julie began to play with Samantha’s swaying tits, caressing them and pinching her nipples. She reached a hand under Samantha and found her stuffed cunt. Julie let her fingers travel over and around her daughter’s pussy and her husband’s thrusting cock. He was so big, and Samantha was so small!

Julie began to fondle Samantha’s clit as Chad continued his onslaught. Samantha whimpered.

“Are you ready, sweetheart?” Julie whispered huskily.

“Uh, huh,” Samantha replied. “Will you help him, and play with me while he does it?”

“Of course,” Julie replied.

“While I do what?” Chad asked, pausing his strokes. Even though he had cum not long ago, he was working up to another orgasm and knew Samantha was getting close too.

“Samantha told me that you made a promise to her.” Julie said. “We expect you to keep it.”

“What? What promise? I never…,” Chad began.

“Daddy, you promised me you’d fuck my butt the next movie night, remember?” Samantha said.

Chad vividly remembered last Friday night. He wondered,, ‘Has it only been a week?’ He recalled carrying Samantha to her bed that night and her asking if he would fuck her butt like the men and women in the movies they watched together.

“I said, we’ll see!” Chad said. “That’s not a promise!” While he would love to take Samantha’s virgin hole, he knew he would hurt her doing so.

“Sounds like a promise to me,” Julie said.

“Yeah, daddy, you promised!” Samantha whined, turning her head to look at him. She pounted.

“Sam, Julie, I can’t! She’s too small back there!”

“Not anymore,” Julie said. “Us girls have been experimenting all week, and I gave Samantha’s a few of my didoes to practice with when she got home from school.”

Julie got the bottle of lube from the bedside dresser and looked at her husband, who was staring at her with the most puzzled and aroused expression.

“Well, do you want to fuck your daughter’s ass or not?” Julie said.

“Yeah! Yes I do!” Chad replied.

“Then get out the way while I get her ready for you.” Julie said.

Chad reluctantly pulled his hard cock from Samantha’s pussy and moved away as Julie took his place. Julie couldn’t resist a quick slurp on Chad’s pussy-juice covered cock. Then, she pulled Samantha’s ass-cheeks apart, to tease Chad with the small, pink, puckered hole he would soon be fucking.

Julie let him stare a moment, then plunged her face into Samantha’s upturned ass and began to tongue her daughter’s tight ass-hole.

“Ooooh, mommy!” Samantha squealed with surprise. “I love it when you do that!”

Julie used her tongue, spit, and fingers to loosen Samantha’s ass. After she was done feasting and teasing, she pulled two fingers from deep within her daughter’s butt and generously lubed it inside and out. Then, she reached over to her husband’s turgid shaft and lubed it generously as well. She pulled her husband into position and positioned his hard cock against her daughter’s small ass-hole. Julie stood next to her husband expectantly, captivated by the scene before her.

Samantha’s pert ass was up and ready, her face pressed down into the bedding. She reached behind her and gripped her ass-cheeks with both hands, pulling them apart.

“Fuck my ass, daddy,” she cried. “Fuck it like you promised!”

“Fuck her ass, Chad,” Julie moaned, rubbing her soaking wet cunt with her greasy fingers. “Fuck the little ass-slut! Do it!”

Chad pushed his body forward, watching Samantha’s puckered hole widening around his cock. He pushed some more and watched his thick cock-head spreading her tight sphincter. His cock-head was still more out, than in.

“Fuck her, Chad!” Julie moaned.

“Fuck me, daddy!” Samantha echoed.

Encouraged, Chad pushed again, more firmly this time. His cock-head spread her wider and wider, until only his flared glans remained exposed.

Samantha moaned.

“Are you OK?” Chad asked.

“It feels so good!” Samantha moaned. “Is it in yet?”

“Almost,” Julie said. “Just a little bit more!”

“Put it in, daddy!” Samantha cried. “I want to feel it all the way inside of me!”

Chad pushed and watched Samantha’s ass-hole spread open even wider. He couldn’t believe she was taking it! As he began to push once again, Samantha suddenly pushed back against him. Mother and father watched in awe and Chad’s purple cock-head popped into Samantha’s warm, pink, flesh.

“Ooooohhhhh!” Samantha moaned.

“Fuck!” Julie cried. “Everything OK, Sam?”

“Oh, yes!” Samantha cried.

“She’s so tight!” Chad exclaimed to his wife. He pushed slowly and firmly, watching his cock disappear, pausing only when Samantha caught her breath sharply or whimpered quietly, and then waiting a moment before thrusting in once again.

Chad and Julie watched Chad’s thick cock being swallowed, inch by inch. His cock soon half-way in. Then three quarters. Then, he was resting his heavy balls against her.

“Oh, I’m so full!” Samantha moaned. “I feel so full of cock! It feels so good!”

“Daddy’s in all the way now, sweetie!” Julie said. She turned to her husband and said, “Now, fuck her Chad! She’s begging for it! Fuck her slutty little ass-hole!”

Chad pulled back slowly, feeling his daughter ass gripping his cock so tightly it almost hurt. He pulled back slowly until he saw the edges of his purple glans and watched Samantha’s puckered hole expanding once again.

“Oh, mom, dad!” Samantha moaned, “It feels like my whole insides are being pulled out!”

Chad slowly pushed in all the way in once more. Then slowly pulled back. He began to fuck his daughter’s ass with long, slow strokes.

Samantha whimpered.

“Are you OK, dear?” Julie asked.

“Oh, yes!” Samantha cried. “I want to do this every day!”

Mother and father exchanged a long, loving glance, sharing this intimate moment. Julie kissed her husband passionately while fondling his heavy hairy balls and running her hands over Samantha’s smooth ass. Then, Julie decided to help her daughter have her first orgasm with a man’s cock stuffed deep in her ass. She got down onto her back and wiggled under Samantha’s hips. Samantha lifted herself upon all fours again, to make room for her mother. Julie squirmed and pushed until her face was directly underneath Samantha’s cunt. Her position also allowed Samantha to play with Julie’s pussy (if she wanted to, of course). As Julie paused to admire her daughter’s gorgeous, naked pussy and her husband fat, driving cock above her, she felt Samantha resting her face her mother’s stomach and purred when Samantha dipped her fingers into her pussy, wiggling them around in her wetness, before pushing them in and out of her twat.

“Mmmm, mmmm,” Julie sighed, then began lapping at Samantha’s pussy, sucking her folds and flicking her tongue around her daughter’s hard, little clit.

Heavy breathing filled the bedroom, along with stifled cries, long satisfied moans, and soft sighs of pleasure.

Chad felt Samantha’s ass gripping his shaft each and every inch, both going in and going out. His cock was so hard! His daughter was so tight! He fucked her slow and steady, sawing his cock in and out of her squeezing rectum.

“Oh, oh!” Samantha cried as she felt the familiar tingles in her thighs. “I’m going to cum!” she said. “Oh shit! Oh shit! Make me cum, mom! Make me cum, dad!”

Julie was determined to bring her daughter off. She worked her tongue and lips on Samantha’s pussy, pressing her nose into her gash and slurping up the juices. She attacked the nerve endings around her clitoris, pushing her folds against it and smashing it with her tongue.

Chad fucked his daughter more firmly, driving his hard cock in and out of Samantha’s ass. He fucked her harder and harder. Then, he heard her squeal!

“Eeeeiiiii!” Samantha cried. “I’m cummm-mmmm-iinnnnggg!” Her orgasm hit her hard. Her body began to shake. The combination of her father’s driving cock stuffed into her ass and her mother’s lips and tongue working on her little cunt, made her see stars as she came. She felt it from her tits to her toes, from her pussy to her ass and everywhere in-between. Her insides melted and her thighs quivered. She lifted her head and whimpered and howled like a wolf cub. Her pussy gushed onto her mother’s face.

Julie’s excitement and Samantha’s still driving fingers made her cum as well. It was all too perfect! Her husband’s hard cock, her daughter’s soft pussy and Samantha’s tender fingers stuffed inside of her. Julie panted fast and heavily as she came, sucking up the sweet juices from Samantha’s twitching pussy.

Chad drove his cock as deep as he could and felt his balls tingling. He drove again and the tingling expanded to his groin, thighs and stomach. He erupted into his daughter’s tight ass. The suction felt like it was pulling the sperm forcibly up from his balls. He ejaculated again and again to the high pitched squeals coming from Samantha, and the low satisfied groans from his wife. His cock swelled and the cum surged up from his balls, filling his daughter’s ass with warm, thick, sperm.

“Oh, daddy! I can feel it! I can feel your cum inside of me!” Samantha moaned. There was so much of it!

Chad’s cock twitched and oozed a few more time before he finished. The family rested and caught their breath, glowing in post-orgasmic bliss.

Chad began to soften and slowly pulled out. He looked down to see his wife’s, wet face smiling back at him. His cock flopped out of his daughter’s ass. He noticed it was clean; Julie and Samantha had planned well. Cum oozed from Samantha’s anal cream-pie when she felt the emptiness and squeezed her sphincter a couple of time, missing her father’s cock already. She raised a leg and flopped over onto the bed.

Julie looked up at her husband and opened her mouth expectantly. Chad bent forward to let Julie suck the last bits of cum from his cock-head. Then she cuddled up to her daughter. Chad laid down next to them and soon had a woman on each side. Four sets of fingers ran up and down his chest, played with his spent cock, and caressed his emptied balls.

“We may have to buy a bigger bed,” Chad said, thinking out loud.

“This one is fine,” Julie replied. “I like cuddling.”

“Mmmm, mmmm,” Samantha hummed, feeling very happy. She now had both her mother and father to play with; every day, every night, and every long weekend.

Both Chad and Julie were contemplating the very same thing. The whole family knew they had many more loving days and nights ahead of them. They each signed contentedly, one after another.

“Hey, mom? Dad?” Samantha said after a while, breaking the silence.

“Yes?” Julie said.

“What, Sammie?” Chad asked.

“Would it be OK if I invite my friend Brittany over for the next movie night?”

Both Chad and Julie knew, that now and forever, Movie-Night would never be the same - it was going to be amazing!

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Movie Night 9 has been published. It is not linked to my profile yet, but you can find it here;
I'd like to know what you think.


2022-03-05 16:19:10
Fantastic series. Many ways to go in this series. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing. Fantasies are fun to have.


2021-08-28 23:22:24
Thank you all for your kind comments. I appreciate you all taking the time to let me know you liked my humble story. It was a lot of fun writing it. As a bonus, there is an alternative universe Chapter two on my web site It would never get posted here.
I still haven't decided to write another chapter, but your requests made me think of a few ideas for it...Hmmm, how to bring Brittany into this love fest? Wait, I know! :)


2020-11-17 17:36:44
Is this what heaven is like? Thank you for this.....


2020-09-27 13:00:35
I timed my orgasm with the final threesome. Came hard enough to see stars. Love this series. I would love to have this kind of family.

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