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A young girl's journey into the debauchery of very wealthy and powerful mens private lives.
Sex Lives of the Super Wealthy

By Greg

I first met Ryan during our junior year in college. We had been introduced by mutual friends. Ryan was a nice looking guy, very well-mannered and I could tell right off he had been raised with some class. Most guys I had dated up till then were immature; of course they were interested in just one thing. Ryan was different, he was driven and he had goals. He was a business major and really into making good grades and developing the right connections.

My name is Brooke and I was a fashion design student. From early on I’ve always loved clothing and have been fascinated by the many different styles. Someday I planned to run my own couture firm. I am tall, five-ten and wear my auburn hair long; I think it looks more professional that way. My friends say I should really be a model, but that career is too short lived. Building my own company, influencing the styles and producing them are where the long-term successes are.

Ryan and I had hit it off right from the start. He was the perfect gentleman, and we dated regularly. Shortly after we met we became intimate and started seeing each other almost every day. I loved to just sit and talk. We would share our daily struggles, and our future dreams. Ryan seldom offered much information about his childhood or upbringing. I was from the mid-west and his east coast style and culture were exactly why I had come to this area. I did find out that his parents were only a couple of hours drive away. Mine were still back in the mid-west where they would always stay.

I learned that Ryan was an only child. At first I thought it sort of cute how he would refer to his parents. He always used a very proper Mother and Father, never warm references like pop, dad or anything else. Eventually I got it out of him that Father’s name was Simon, Mom’s was Laura. I sort of got the impression that the Father /son relationship maybe had some competitive issues.

We had been exclusive for almost six months when my parents came to visit. They had come up east and spent a long weekend visiting. Both approved of Ryan. My dad was impressed with his drive to one day run his own business. My mom thought him handsome, and a good match for me.

Shortly afterwards, I began pestering Ryan about meeting his parents. He seemed to keep avoiding the issue to the point where I began to think something was wrong. We were serious about each other at this point, and I really wanted to get to meet the people who could potentially be a part of my future. Almost a month had passed before Ryan finally agreed to drive up to see them. The weekend weather was supposed to be beautiful.

Ryan was a very cautious driver and it seemed like it took an eternity to get there. We drove through some of the most gorgeous countryside and soon we entered what seemed like a very exclusive area. The driveways all had gated entrances, and most homes sat back some distance from the main road.

We had just passed a cluster of stately looking mansions when Ryan started slowing down. On the right was a small turn-off. He slowed, coming to a stop in front of a huge black wrought-iron gate. Massive stone walls at least eight-foot high adorned the edges. The walls trailed off into the woods along each side. Ryan honked twice, and almost instantly the gate jolted to life and began opening. I was searching for a first glimpse of the house but saw nothing. We started down a curving drive that wound though what looked like a golf course. The grass was perfectly manicured and the vegetation lush. We must have gone at least mile before we crested a hill.

The view ahead stunned me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I remember a chill went through me and goose-bumps popped up on my arms. My eyes locked on a structure maybe another half mile ahead at the crest of the next hill. It wasn’t just a house or a mansion; it was a full-on English style castle.

“Stop the car Ryan!” I pleaded.

“What’s wrong?” Ryan asked, slowing the car to a crawl.

“Wait please stop!” I repeated.

Ok, I must have stared at that view for a full minute. Ryan finally touched my arm and asked if I was ok.

“Ryan, you said they were well-off, but you never said anything about this.”

This was beyond my wildest imagination.

“Ryan, are you telling me this is your home?” I asked, staring at him.

Ryan rather sheepishly admitted, “Yes.”

He was acting almost embarrassed by the grandiose display in front of us. The car started moving again. I remember thinking over and over the phrase, “The one percent.” This was the super wealthy, the “one percent” that everyone talks bad about at parties. I was petrified, and I wanted to just turn around and go back.

“They live in a god-damn castle,” I kept thinking to myself, over and over.

Ryan just blew this all off and said, “You’ll do just fine.”

As the car approached a stone courtyard out in front, an “honest-to-god” butler appeared at the front door. He greeted us both, and then escorted us through the most awesome foyer toward an adjoining room. Ryan’s parents were there awaiting our arrival. His mother put down a book and stood as we entered. She warmly received a hug from him. I walked over nervously and received the same.

To this day, I can vividly recall my first impression of Simon. Ryan’s father was standing right in the column of a brilliant beam of sunlight pouring through a series of two story glass windows. The stiff and proper posture he held, reminded me of some ancient nobleman receiving visitors. He extended his right hand politely and greeted Ryan like a guest instead of his son.

I stood frozen in awe. Simon was wearing an impeccably tailored Armonti suit which probably cost at least ten to twenty-thousand dollars. His Forzier Italian leather shoes were spot-on the latest style. The cuff links, tie and silk pocket square perfectly complemented the ensemble. His watch of course, was a stunning Rolex. All told, he was probably wearing two hundred thousand dollars in fashion, and yes he was probably the most distinguished man I had ever laid my eyes on. He was maybe fifty, with just a touch of grey at the temples. I felt like he was sizing me up. Was I pretty enough? Was I refined enough? Was I in love with his son because of all of “this?” I was a total nervous wreck.

Simon shattered all my expectations by walking right up to me. His steel blue eyes locked on me and disarmed all of my defenses. He gave me the warmest embrace. His arms enveloped me like a warm blanket. I felt like a small child in their favorite place.

Within two years Ryan and I were married. Our wedding was the envy of all of our friends. “Father” spared no expense. His son’s wedding was not to be outdone. We had a full orchestra and caterer’s jumping to everyone’s slightest whim. Our honeymoon in San Tropez was the stuff of dreams.

It was maybe a year into our new marriage when passions began to cool. The things I found so important in Ryan at first now seemed to be our biggest issues. His work occupied all his waking time. He was so driven to have his business succeed that he would come home exhausted. Our love life suffered also. What used to be romantic was now just a routine. He’d jump on me missionary style every time, ride me, and grunt a little, roll off and be snoring within a couple minutes. Hell, I was still in my twenties, I wanted more than that.

I was still working out of our home mostly refining my own designs. I seemed to run into closed doors or dismissive attitudes at each of my interviews. I was frustrated both professionally and sexually.

It was on one of our visits to his parents, when I first began to seriously look at Simon. He was the absolute alpha-male. His manners, his poise, his style, this man was both able to amass great wealth, and yet would spend extravagantly on his desires.

Ryan’s mother seemed to have few interests other than reading her books. I’m sure she had her social circle, but otherwise had grown somewhat pudgy for lack of any real purpose. She was always warm and friendly, but also seemed generally disinterested in things. Maybe she had been born into all of this, and just took it all for granted.

Ryan and I got invited to go along with them on a trip to Italy. I had never planned on anything like this because we were still struggling to get our careers going, and Ryan always poured all of our resources and all of his energy into his business. He had flatly refused any help from Father and preferred instead to make it a success on his own. I finally convinced Ryan that we needed a break from work, and would do well to get away for a while.

I was like a little kid on a Disney trip. We were flown by helicopter to meet up with a yacht already at sea. Yes of course, they had a helicopter. For some reason, they always referred to it as the MD for short. It was always parked in a little clearing just behind the main house. That is how Simon got to and from his offices. Simon didn’t actually fly it although; I’ll bet he probably could have. There was a man who was always around, Mr. Keeven. Along with being the pilot, I think he was sort of a bodyguard or personal aid. He was a buff ex-military looking type and he was always around when Simon went somewhere.

We caught up with the yacht in the Atlantic, somewhere off the coast of Rhode Island. Landing on a yacht, what a thrill; talk about an “entrance.” The yacht was magnificent. It had to be at least a hundred feet long. Ryan never said it belonged directly to them. Things were always referred to as belonging to the firm. They just had exclusive access whenever they wished. It was complete luxury. Everything was constantly attended to by the staff. Meals, drinks anything you could wish for. The attention to detail was incredible right down to the fresh flowers placed in our stateroom each morning. Mr. Keeven and the helicopter stayed on board, and made the trip with us. How cool was that?

There were two other couples already on board who would be making the trip with us. One was a close friend of Ryan’s mother and her husband. The other couple included a younger girl nearer to my age. Her name was Nicole. We hit it off right away. She like I, seemed awestruck at all the trappings of wealth. She was with a somewhat older guy whom she just referred to as “just a friend.”

Nicole and I would lay out for hours on the deck laughing and sharing stories, mostly of the “if our friends could only see us now” type. She and I would talk of our future aspirations and goals. That was kind of silly seeing that we were lying on a yacht headed for Italy, “like how do you really top this?”

During the trip over I was constantly dragging Ryan away from his phone. I was becoming seriously agitated at his inability to leave work behind. He took calls constantly, and even had reports faxed to him. I was becoming livid.

We had just left the Azores Islands and our next stop would be in Marbella Spain to refuel. I hoped the distance would force Ryan to forget about work. But the yacht had the latest in technology unfortunately, and satellite transmissions were available. We spent a wonderful day in Marbella and were soon in route to our final destination of Anzio, along the west coast of Italy.

When we arrived I thought it was simply the most beautiful place on earth. We anchored in a harbor surrounded by similar yachts, most being somewhat smaller. We were greeted as though we belonged. There was a sense of wealth about the place, but it was understated. Everyone there was super-wealthy, but dignified and reserved in how it was displayed.

We were only there two days when Ryan got an urgent message that he was needed back in New York. I was ready to explode. We were to travel up to Rome for the day, and instead he was making arrangements for a flight back home.

After Ryan left for the United States, Nicole tried to cheer me up by arranging a shopping trip up to Rome anyway. I was shocked as we boarded a tender to ferry us to shore. Mr. Keeven was accompanying us. He never left Simon’s side. I knew how important he was to Simon. I knew too this had to be on Simon’s order. This gesture did not go unappreciated by me. There were other bodyguards waiting on shore and a driver, but that was just the way Simon was.

I was still mad as hell at Ryan as we made our way to Rome, but soon Nicole’s giddiness and all the attention got me out of my funk. We ate lunch within sight of the Coliseum. We shopped like celebrities and with a wave of Mr. Keeven’s hand all was taken care of. Dresses, new swimsuits, fine shoes, you name it we bought it. I continually looked to Mr. Keeven to try to get a sign that this was all ok. He simply gestured with a hand that all our wishes were to be taken care of.

Sometime during the day I found that I didn’t miss Ryan at all. Nicole and I were like schoolgirls on spring break. We shopped, toured and just plain had fun until our feet hurt. On the way back to Anzio by car we traveled through the rolling Italian countryside. I stared out the window taking it all in. I couldn’t shake the feelings I was starting to have for my father-in-law.

Simon was the consummate gentleman. Super wealthy and driven, yet he would lavish favors on everyone around him. He was a man who knew how to enjoy his wealth. He had learned the fine art of delegation. Nothing happened that he didn’t direct, but he allowed others to handle all the details. Ryan was driven to succeed too, but he always had to do everything himself. Where Ryan worried about everything, Simon focused on his guests and enjoying life.

Watching my father- in-law over time, I was always impressed at how he thanked everyone for everything, from the staff member who topped off his morning coffee, to a doorman who held a door open for him. He noticed everything, and looked the person in the eye and graciously acknowledged them. When he spoke with someone, you had his full attention. No cell phone interruptions, no distractions, he looked you right in the eyes and for that moment you felt you were the most important person on earth.

When Nicole and I returned to the yacht I sought out Simon and gave him the biggest hug. I was kind of emotional and almost lost it. I was disappointed in Ryan, and yet still having the time of my life. I kissed Simon on the cheek and held onto him longer than I should have.

When we left Anzio and began the return trip, Nicole and I resumed our spots on the bow. The warm Mediterranean breezes cooled us as the sun was putting the finishing touch to our tans. Of course we had to try-out our new suits.

One morning while Nicole and I were up there, Simon came over to us. He was as usual very gracious and wanted to be assured of our complete comfort. We were both wearing our new and very revealing bikinis.

The warm sun bouncing off the deck was glorious and we both pleaded with him to join us. A smile came across his face. He laughed and graciously excused himself by making a joke about “Spoiling the beautiful ornaments on his deck.”

Nicole and I had many conversations out there. More than a couple times we were more than a little drunk. The staff seemed to keep tabs on us and as soon as we would start to run dry, someone would be out to refill our glasses.

During one such time Nicole and I got a lot personal. I was probably bashing Ryan for being such a workaholic, when the topic of Simon came up. I know I said a lot more than I should have. I do remember saying something like, “I thought him sexy, and father-in-law or not, I’d “fuck” him anytime, anywhere.”

We both laughed and continued on with our bawdy confessions. I don’t remember it all but; I hoped it would never get repeated. Returning home to Ryan became just more of the same. With all of his energy poured into his business I was becoming more and more frustrated.

It was during a weekend trip up to the family’s estate, where things got really serious. Simon and I had gone for a horseback ride on the grounds. Of course he was an excellent horseman. He stayed right alongside me the whole way. The horses were magnificent. I hadn’t been riding since I was little girl back on Grandpa’s farm. Their property boasted some of the most beautiful scenery. We had been out maybe an hour and I needed a break to stretch my legs, so we stopped alongside a clearing

The saddles Ryan’s family used were those English style ones, without the horn for grabbing onto for mounting and dismount. Simon being the perfect gentleman dismounted first and secured his horse. He approached and held his hands outstretched to assist my dismount.

It had been a long time since I had been on a horse and I wasn’t even thinking. For some stupid reason I tried to dismount facing away from the animal. I raised my right leg over his mane and then incorrectly pushed on the horse’s rump spooking him. This caused the startled animal to shuffle to his left. I began my clumsy slide down the horse’s flank sending me squarely into a collision with Simon. I awkwardly grabbed for his shoulders. Simon being the type not to back away from anyone or anything stood his ground. I slid downward pinned against his ridged pose and the horse’s shifting flank. I found myself pressed squarely against Simon and our faces only inches apart. I could feel his manhood pressed squarely against me but he made no effort to hide this fact either or back away.

I got to thinking about the motion of a woman riding a horse. I guess it is just about the same as a woman riding a man during sex. I guessed Simon had been keeping a closer eye on me than I thought. So there we were, pressed up against each other. Everything just seemed to conspire to fling us together, his blue eyes, his arms, his cock. My pussy had been warmed by being repeatedly slapped against the saddle for the last hour. And of course I must admit I had been lusting for this man for quite a while.

With my arms still locked around his neck, I pressed my lips against his. We stood frozen in a passionate embrace. When I realized what I was doing I pulled away. He immediately returned my kiss and we embraced once again. The next time our lips parted, I pleaded with him to fuck me right then, right there.

I couldn’t believe those words just came out of my mouth, but they did, and I would not take them back. He backed me up against a tree and we made passionate love standing up. I loosened my blouse and bared my breasts. He tore at my belt and jeans like a man possessed. His cock felt so good, so right and our passions so real, that we gave no thought as to what we were doing. I orgasmed repeatedly, he practically lifted me off the ground with each thrust. It seemed so raw, so necessary to screw like this. Our pent-up desire drove both of us on without reason. When he finally blew his orgasm into me I felt like all the power and purpose this man controlled was being pumped into me.

So that is how our affair started. We began to meet pretty regularly after that and each time our passions seemed stronger than the time before. It was easy for him to get away to New York City. He always was being called somewhere to deal with some business issue. An overnight in town was a common thing for him anyway. I had to wait until Ryan was occupied with his concerns, and then I’d make up some excuse about a fashion design appointment in the city.

Simon was not a simple man, neither was he cheap. One of the first times we spent the night together was in the penthouse of one of the taller hotels. This room must have cost thousands per night. We ate at one of the finest places in town and eventually wound up making passionate love in one of the grandest rooms available. This room was somewhere above the eightieth floor.

We were completely naked and rolling around on a luxurious Persian rug in full view of a floor to ceiling window. The lights were dimmed making the night-time city view spectacular. Suddenly he urged me to stand up. We locked in a passionate kiss and Simon started pushing me closer to the window. I stiffened reflexively as my back touched the cool glass. He then turned me around and pushed me face-first against the glass.

Now, I’m not afraid of heights necessarily, but being pushed naked right up to a clear panel of glass, eight-hundred feet above the ground will certainly perk up a girl’s nipples. Every nerve in my body came alive. I was scared, breathless and extremely turned-on.

Simon gently entered me from behind and started stroking. His cock remained rock hard as his thrusts increased. His hips began bumping against my ass and as his intensity increased I started to feel the glass panel beginning to flex. My stomach began to turn and my head started spinning, probably from lack of oxygen. My short breaths weren’t enough to sustain me. My fear of the glass panel breaking intensified with each thrust. Simon lifted my arms above my head and pressed my palms out flat on the bouncing glass.

I could just picture the newspaper headlines the following morning, describing how two randy lovers plunged to their deaths still connected. Yeah, but they would die with a smile on their faces I thought to myself. I had to simply trust that Simon knew just how much this widow would take, or maybe he didn’t care either.

My orgasms started one after another until I thought I might feint. Steam from my labored breaths had coated the glass near my face. My face was being mashed flat as Simon’s own orgasm rocked me violently in waves.

Finally we dropped to the floor completely spent. My heart pounded in my chest for several minutes afterward. We both smiled as we looked up and noticed the outline of my figure remained “etched” onto the glass in smears and moisture.

Simon was an incredible lover, and I was like a drug addict waiting for my next “fix” when I was apart from him. Each new sexual encounter topped the one before. How had this man’s genes not passed anything on to his son?

Men such as Simon were powerful and driven individuals. They controlled their environment and everyone around them. Their private passions were just as intense. I felt like he was awaking desires that I never knew were inside of me.

During one of our subsequent evenings together, we noticed that our room also afforded us a panoramic view of the nearby buildings. With our room lights dimmed we were able to see into many of the rooms facing our direction. One had caught my attention. It was a loft style apartment with large uncovered windows and a sparsely furnished interior save for a bed that was clearly visible. As we were sipping a glass of wine, a couple entered the room and to our delight, began a torrid session of lovemaking. They quickly undressed and the guy pulled the woman to his groin and she gave him a vigorous blow-job. This turned me on to no end. Simon seemed delighted also, and that night our new “hobby” was born. Who knew we were voyeurs. There were a couple of more times when we spied out on people but our luck was “iffy”. Mostly people just sit and watched their TV’s.

At our next time together Simon hinted that he had a little surprise in store, but I would have to wait through a wonderful dinner till we were alone at the hotel. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as we returned to our room. Simon had opened a bottle of Chardonnay and dimmed the lights. I stood near the window casually scoping out any likely prospects. Suddenly a soft knock at the door startled me. No one ever knocked before. These rooms were above the normal elevators and reserved for only the VIP clientele. I moved away from the window, and backed into a darkened corner. We had not requested anything so I was sort of shocked to see Simon starting for the door. After a quick check of the peephole, he began to unlock the door. I didn’t have time to say anything and was starting to panic looking for something to hide behind.

Before I could move, the door opened and a young woman sort of stumbled into the room. I immediately noticed her eyes were covered with a black tape. Before I could even react a young man also followed her in. His eyes were covered in the same fashion. I caught a glimpse of Mr. Keeven just behind them. He must have guided them to the door. He only escorted them inside and left pulling the door closed behind him. Simon locked the door and gently caught the young girl by the lower arm and began to lead her. The young man had placed his hand on the girl’s shoulder and followed just behind her.

Simon led the pair to a spot just before the window. He was holding one finger to his lips as an indication to me that I should remain quiet. The couple stopped and Simon stepped back into the shadows near me. I was staring at him, and I know I had a “what the fuck” look on my face.

Simon in a very calm and subdued voice asked the couple if they understood why they were here. They both nodded their heads in unison. Simon informed them that the area within ten feet around them was a clear area. He instructed them not to leave the area of the rug without permission. They nodded again their understanding.

Simon informed them that there was only he and one other individual in the room with them. They remained standing with the guy’s still touching the shoulder of the girl. Simon instructed them to listen and follow his directions. Again they nodded. He then asked them to be seated on the floor, which they both did.

I still wasn’t sure exactly what Simon was up to but, before I could say anything Simon asked if they would please begin to disrobe. Without hesitation the girl began to unbutton her shirt. The guy seated right beside her also followed and the pair began to pile their clothes in a stack just within reach. Neither made any attempt to touch their eye coverings.

The girl was probably a little older than I was. She was very pretty. The guy was a real “hunk” himself. As I watched him struggling out of his jeans I was beginning to catch the drift of what Simon was presenting to me.

The young man wasn’t shy either, and as his boxers slid past his groin, I quietly gasped. The guy was an absolute monster. His cock was maybe as thick as my wrist, and he was still flaccid. The girl had her bra off and was fumbling with the catch on her pants. She tried to stand at first but decided to remain seated on the floor and just wiggled out of them. She rolled to her side and removed a sexy red G-string.

I sensed her nervousness as she sat with her knees drawn up to her chest. Simon, always the “gentleman” reassured her, and she seemed a little more at ease. The guy reached out to locate the girl and having found her, now kept his hand on her bare thigh.

Simon whispered to me, “How would you like to start the evening with our puppets dearest?”

I was still sort of speechless and couldn’t put together a phrase. Simon seeing my hesitation took the lead and asked them to begin to kiss. The pair sought out each other’s mouths by feel and began an intimate exchange of soft kisses, followed by some gentle touching. I was finally catching on to this. Obviously Simon had hired them to do anything we would ask. Simon asked if either would like some wine. Only the girl nodded yes. The kissing was interrupted as the girl took several sips from a glass Simon handed her. Satisfied, she held her glass out and Simon retrieved it.

At that point I wanted in on this. I whispered to Simon to have the young man stand and stroke his cock. Simon relayed my request and the guy stood and began manually stroking himself. The girl asked if she could have another bit of wine. Simon handed the girl the glass again and she seemed content and reassured enough to finish the entire glass.

By now the guy’s cock was enormous. I was a little unsure as to the ground rules here but I just had to ask. I whispered to Simon, would it be possible for me to touch the guy’s cock?

“My dear,” he said. “They are here for your complete pleasure.”

I warned the young man, and he stopped stroking long enough for me to grasp the shaft and give it a gentle squeeze. Its thickness and heft was simply amazing. I finished by sliding my fingers up to the glans. My fingers gingerly ringed the knob. I ran my thumb up just under the pee-hole. I wasn’t sure if it was spit or pre-cum, but the thrill of touching someone so completely under your control was awesome.

Simon and I took turns placing the couple in a series of positions. I was becoming so hot that I needed to release my breasts. I couldn’t help but tweak and pull at my nipples. As soon as I saw Simon getting undressed I felt the need to do the same.

As I lay down on the edge of the rug, I couldn’t keep my hands off my cunt and began gently rubbing my clit. Simon requested the guy lay on his back and the girl should mount him. They both fumbled a bit but, eventually the girl got astride the guy and guided his cock up inside her. She started a slow methodical rocking motion. I wondered that they had to already been a couple or at least done this together before, as the girl seemed completely prepared to accommodate his immense size.

Simon came over to me. Of course his cock was jutting out looking for a warm spot also. We quietly coupled in a spoon fashion and just lay on our sides watching the pair just a few steps away from us.

What a turn-on! I was randy as hell and Simon pumped at me eagerly. I whispered to Simon that I wanted the girl to manually bring the guy off. Simon stopped pumping at me and asked if the guy would be ready to cum soon?

The young man nodded that he would cum if that is what we wished. Simon asked the girl to lift off, have him stand and she should use her hands to finish him. Simon and I scooted around to get a view as the girl settled in and began to slowly stroke at the engorged cock. Simon got back just behind me again and pushed himself inside of me.

The girl was very skilled at what she was doing. Again, I wasn’t just sure how well these two knew each other but, the girl certainly seemed to know just how to maximize his pleasure. Within just a couple minutes the guy groaned and a rope of jizm leapt out of the end of his dick. The girl continued jacking furiously, and several more spurts of goo followed. The guy was moaning and twisting in beautiful agony. Some of the first few spurts had splattered the girl right in the face and on her shoulders. She seemed unfazed by this and continued jacking his cock. Her one free hand was cupping his balls and gently massaging them. She was trying to milk out every last bit of what he had in him. The white slime now coated the girl’s hand and dripped downward to her thighs. About then, a gut wrenching orgasm coursed through my body. Simon came shortly after I did and we flopped around like a teen-aged couple possessed.

Simon had outdone himself again and I wasted no time telling him so. I kissed and licked about on him so much so, that I was able to bring myself off one more time. Simon seemed to enjoy seeing me in such raunchy state. I couldn’t believe the way I was able to expose my rawest emotions around him.

Later that week, Simon called just to see how I was doing. I told him I was still so totally turned on that I found it difficult to go about my daily activities. His reserved laugh, reminded me that he was probably at the office. I was so flattered that he was thinking of me.

Simon repeated the scenario again during our next tryst, but of course he upped the stakes by having two powerfully built black men engage a petite Asian girl. This was erotic as hell also. The dove white skin of the girl contrasted so beautifully against the dark cocks. She took them on both individually and at the same time. Her flexibility and stamina was like that of world-class gymnast. She took all the cock they could throw at her. At one point she actually hung impaled from each end and was able to twist her body around. She simulated an animal being roasted on an open fire pit. Then when asked she rode them hard and ended by jacking both cocks together. She was rewarded with such a cum spray that it splattered almost every inch of her upper body. She even finished without being asked, by licking their cocks completely clean.

Think about the power unlimited wealth gives you. There is nothing one can think of that can’t be had. Men like Simon have no restraint on their urges.

Simon was away for a couple weeks on international business in Asia. I waited for a possible call. Days passed, and I was becoming horny and withdrawn. Ryan’s feeble attempt at lovemaking was almost a joke. I kept up appearances and tried to refocus on my career. My mind constantly drifted back to the wild exploits Simon and I had enjoyed together. When I finally heard from Simon he said he was still on the west coast and would be delayed several more days. He promised the wait would be worth it and I never doubted his word.

Days later he called and asked if I was free that Friday. I of course told him it wouldn’t be a problem to slip into Manhattan for the night. I even had an actual meeting with some potential buyers in the afternoon. He sort of hinted again that this might be another step-up in our level of debauchery. I knew one thing about Simon; he had never disappointed me yet. Our conversation ended when he indicated that this might even be beyond my wildest expectations.

I was randy as hell by Friday. My imagination was running wild trying to figure just how he could top any of our previous encounters. That afternoon I was scheduled to meet with some potential clients. I was still clinging to the hope of getting my own clothing line into the hands of the right people. Simon and I had planned to meet at a cozy restaurant. When I arrived he had already ordered the wine. We shared a private little corner spot and had the most delightful dinner.

Simon made a call just as we were leaving the restaurant. Instead of going down town, we took a cab out to a rather desolate area. I was sort of surprised to see Mr. Keeven waiting there in an empty field with the helicopter. I didn’t know you could just land your helicopter anywhere you choose to.

You know a girl could get used to this sort of life style very easily. Mr. Keeven had us airborne and moving very quickly. We seemed to be heading away from the city and were only in the air for maybe twenty minutes on a straight line. I really had no clue exactly where we were at this point and then the chopper began to circle a parking lot. Below, I could make out a black limousine sitting in a lighted parking lot. Mr. Keeven circled once and had us on the ground in less than a minute. Simon thanked him for the smooth flight and indicated we would catch up later.

We were just leaving in the limo as the helicopter lifted off and disappeared into the night sky. Once we were moving I began to grill Simon as to exactly what was up.

“Patience love,” was all he would volunteer.

Just a few minutes into the ride, Simon pressed a button near his armrest. Suddenly shutters inside the passenger’s compartment slid up and blocked-out all the windows. It was kind of strange moving like this but the driver was a real pro. You could hardly feel the turns. After a little bit, the occasional feel of acceleration was the only sign you had that you were still moving. I snuggled up next to Simon and tried to tease a clue out of him as to where we were headed and what was in store for tonight.

“What’s up with all the secrecy?” I asked.

Simon just gave me a knowing nod and asked for my indulgence.

“It is necessary my love. Please just trust me.”

Eventually a signal tone from the driver alerted us. I assumed we were near or at our destination.

Simon opened a small compartment used for storing liquor. He removed a black bag. I gave him a look like “really.” He loosened a drawstring and opened the end. Inside were two black hooded robes neatly folded and pressed. On top of these were two plastic masks nested together. The masks were those half-faced ones that one might wear to a Mardi-Gras type ball.

Simon again asked that I would trust him. He unfolded the one robe and began by slipping it over his head then shoulders and worked it down to his waist. He separated the two masks and placed one on his face and was fidgeting with the adjusting strap. The look on my face must have had him wondering if this was going too far. He finished by drawing the hood of the robe covering the whole of his head. It was impossible to read his expression at this point but his silence was noticeable. With no other words coming from him I began to get the most unsettling feeling that maybe I wasn’t ready for all this.

Simon’s continued silence was creeping me out. Suddenly I became aware that we were not moving anymore. Finally Simon asked if I wanted to go back. I wasn’t sure what going back meant. It dawned on me that this seemed to all be being done for a purpose. Obviously he had gone to a great bit of trouble setting all this up. My hand was visibly shaking as I reached over his lap to accept the robe meant for me. I followed his lead and slipped the robe over my head. I donned the mask just as he had and pulled the hood up over my head. When I was finally ready the limo seemed to move again. It was only maybe a minute when we stopped again and Simon unlocked the limo’s doors. Someone from outside opened the door and a black gloved hand was extended to assist our exit.

My creepy feeling only increased as a similarly dressed individual wearing a mask like ours escorted Simon and me up through a veiled entrance. There was a dark canopy and the sides had been enclosed with dark curtains. A set of steps lead us up to two heavy doors. As we approached, there was another person standing there dressed in a grey colored robe, he opened and held the door for us.

I was clinging to Simon’s hand at this point. My whole body shook with a full-on case of the “willies.” We made our way up a couple steps and entered a foyer. The main hallway in front of us was blocked by more black curtained screens. A robed individual who met us there was holding a dark plastic tub. We were diverted to a side area and into an even smaller room. There was a small bench and a chair inside and that was it. The individual handed Simon the tub and he closed the door. Simon reached back to lock the door. Simon seemed to know the entire procedure as if the was not his first time here.

“Simon what the hell is all this?” I demanded!

“Patience dear all will be understood shortly,” Was all he would volunteer.

“If you please, Now would be the time to remove all your clothing under your robe,” he said in a calm voice.

“Do what?” I said disbelieving my ears.

Simon lifted his mask and robe then began fumbling to remove his clothing underneath. I stood by not quite sure, and not just that willing to proceed. Simon continued removing articles of clothing and was placing them into the tub.

You know, Simon had never put me in any danger or harm, so I finally accepted things and followed his lead and disrobed. In the bottom of the tub there was two pair of dark house slippers. Simon placed those on the floor and we placed all of our belongings in the tub and closed the lid. A tag on the lid identified the tub by a number. Simon tore off the bottom half of this and pinned it to the inside of his robe. We put on the slippers and left the little room.

As we exited the room another masked couple was waiting outside with their escort who was carrying another tub. That escort took the tub containing our belongings and disappeared, and the other couple entered the small room behind us.

Simon led me a short distance through a series of smaller rooms. Along the way I noticed that many objects and wall paintings had been covered in the black fabric. The windows were shuttered from the inside. No light was filtering through anyway.

The hallway led us to what looked like a large meeting room just ahead. The opening was blocked by a long curtain shielding the view behind. As we approached the curtain another robed individual standing guard there drew the curtain aside for us. Beyond was a huge meeting hall. The center of the room caught my attention right off for it was lit up like a stage area. Dozens of naked couples all engaged with each other in different combinations seemed to be performing there. The perimeter of the room was darkened and lined with large leather chairs and couches. The area along the wall was filled with robed people some alone, and some with partners.

Simon led the way in almost pulling on my arm. I remembered holding tightly to his waist. I did not want to get separated here. My legs were sort of wobbly at this point and I told him I needed to sit. Simon motioned to an open couch. We sat down and I began to survey the area. Right alongside of us, couples were engaged in various sex acts. Beautiful bodied girls with their robes opened and flung over their shoulders were atop the laps of their partners and were grinding away oblivious to anyone else in the room. Others were kneeling on the floor and slurping away at their partner’s cocks. All the people along the perimeter were still wearing masks, but most had their robes opened in front.

I remember touching my own gown, feeling for the slit. It too opened all the way down the front. Little spots of Velcro acted as catches to keep it closed. The people in the center of the room under the lights were for the most part completely nude and didn’t wear any masks. Just a couple of the women had on some sort of lingerie or costumes. I stared out at the orgy in front of us in utter amazement.

Several years ago, there was a movie that came out where a young professional man somehow got into a rich men’s club like this. There was a sex orgy similar to this going on. I don’t remember the title or how it played out but this was just that.

“My god” was all I could think. I’m here to tell you that things like that do actually go on. These rich people have lusts and desires that they can’t show in the normal world, but they are wealthy and powerful enough to engage in this stuff privately. They have no limit on their whims. No one tells them “No.” They do as they wish and can afford anything they desire. I was thinking this all to myself. For sure this was the ultimate man-cave.

The testosterone level in the assembled group was palpable. This was likely a group of men combined that had world changing influence and power. They were most probably wealthy politicians, judges and businessmen who by day would direct some of the top positions in public and private society. Judging from the member’s rampant desires, apparently many of them on occasion would participate in things like this.

No sooner than we were seated, when a staff member came up to take our drink order. I remember mumbling some sort of wine. Simon took his usual brandy.

I was mostly focused on the brightly lit “stage area” in front of us. All manner of sex was going on. Cloth covered platforms of all different size and shapes were scattered about the room center and combinations of people were on them humping away.

A couple women were on their knees servicing one or multiple partners. There were whites, blacks, Asians and even gays going at it with each other. One dark skinned girl near to us was astride a guy and trading blow-jobs between two other men standing on either side of her.

My own level of arousal was rising and judging from what I could make out in the shadows along the rooms edge, just about anything goes.

I looked to Simon and leaned in close and whispered just how “hot” I thought this was. We kissed passionately. My hand wandered down to his crotch to locate his cock. He was already hard as steel. I located the slit in his robe and started stroking him. We both watched the performances in front of us.

In just a little bit the staff member who had taken our drink order returned carrying our two glasses. He quietly placed the beverages on the table beside us. He left behind a small dark tightly folded towel. I assumed he thought we might need it eventually.

I was still somewhat self-conscious about all this and tried to cover Simon’s cock. But soon I realized that no one else really cared. With all the activity going on around no one even paid any attention to us at all.

I figured this show would go on for hours so I didn’t want Simon to cum right away. So I just rested my hand inside his robe and we just observed the scene.

“Are they members also?” I whispered as I nodded to the center of the room.

“No, No,” was Simon’s reply. “They are all paid entertainers.”

I was fascinated by the studs sporting cocks of all sizes. I didn’t know just how long these people had been at it already, but the guys had to have “mega-dosed” on Viagra or something to stay erect for so long. The females would every so often change positions or partners. They would link up with who ever happened to be available at the time. There seemed to be no one directing things. The performers just seemed to move from partner to partner at will.

All manner of combinations were featured. Blacks were fucking white women. There was a group of white men gang-fucking a small skinny black girl. The women and men also varied from the most beautiful girls and solidly well-equipped men, to what looked like street whores strung out on drugs.

Speaking of drugs, I saw none openly being used, although I would bet though some of the participants had to have been on something to continue to fuck for hours like they did. I took a sip from my glass. The liquor was top-shelf and for the asking to the members and guests as they desired. I’m not sure how these orgies were arranged. I was never allowed to know. But each was a thrilling evening of always the unexpected. I always wondered if the performers were paid based on their looks or their performances. Obviously the money was something none wanted to turn down.

The members and their guests remained robed and disguised at all times. The only parts of their bodies visible were when some girl on in some cases a guy would lift their robe to indulge in sex. I never did know where this place was, and I guessed neither did anyone but the members have any idea either.

The black girl with the three men just in front of us had gotten up and found another cock waiting to be mounted. She walked a few feet over to a platform where a guy was sitting with his cock jutting upwards. She just turned around and sat back down. I was pretty sure the guys cock was now up inside her ass because just as soon as she lay back out facing upward another guy just walks up and plunged right into her pussy from the front and started pumping away. She eventually began wiggling and moaning as if in a lust- induced trance. In just a little bit, a third guy showed up and it seemed he wanted to shove his cock in her mouth. Her wailing and moaning seemed real enough. I think that he might have been afraid she might bite him though. Her violent shuddering continued and I was convinced her orgasms were completely real.

The big guy standing over her had begun stroking his own cock and he eventually sent a load of cum down across her face. I didn’t think she wasn’t even aware of him before this. As soon as the girl felt the load land across her, she began scraping it up with her fingers. She held up her hand, inspected it, and then licked it clean right down to her finger tips.

I was sort of curious now as to what would happen to that guy, now that he was spent so I kept an eye on him as he eventually left the lighted area and headed across the room. He approached the opposite side and there, next to a grey robed staff member was another curtained opening. He swiftly disappeared behind it. Not a minute passed when another nude male entertainer came into the room. Other staff people and members were also coming and going through that same curtained opening.

“Where does that lead?” I asked Simon pointing to the spot.

“The private rooms and the stables,” was his reply.

I stopped short when I realized what he had just said.

“Stables are you shitting me?”

“Does that mean what I think is does?” I asked.

“Dear, there is something here for all manner of tastes,” was his reply.

“You mean there’s more?” I stammered.

“Would you like the entire tour?” Simon asked.

Really, I thought. You have to ask something like that. Damn straight, I wanted to see it all.

“I think I need another drink first,” I said.

Soon both of our glasses were full again and Simon got up. Just as we began one last walk around the room, several male entertainers were converging on a small but sturdy white girl with rather large breasts. One after another guy would deposit a load of cum on her tits and she was able to draw her breasts up and lick each one clean. I had to watch this for a moment. A guy was just reaching his orgasm and was batting his cock sharply against the girl’s nipples. Strands of cum were being slung in all direction. The girl was gathering the globs and devouring it like it was all a tasty treat.

Simon eventually tugged at my arm. We completed the loop and headed towards the curtain. The ever attentive staff guy there parted it for us and I walked through first. Beyond was a long hallway with rooms off to either side. Most had doors wide open. Inside one, I could see a beautiful naked girl with several robed members lined up in front of her. She was presently occupied with one guy’s cock buried in her mouth.

I wasn’t sure about the protocol so I didn’t enter and we continued on slowly. A room to our right had a pair of gay men performing a private show for several members seated in leather chairs. We passed several more rooms where I could hear voices of people I assumed engaged in private sexual activities.

“The stables?” I questioned Simon as we proceeded.

“Straight ahead.” he motioned.

We eventually came to a set of steps and descended into a smaller room. Another staff guy was stationed at the opening on the other side. It looked to be a door to the outside. He held the door for us and we walked through into another canopied structure. The temperature change was dramatic. We indeed were outside the main house. I became keenly aware of the smell of manure. Grandpa’s farm was a part of our early summertime ritual so I recognized the odor immediately.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Of course everyone has heard rumors of the Tijuana donkey shows, but I never knew anyone who had first-hand experience actually seeing one.

A red carpet had been laid out covering a dirt pathway which led us into a door staffed by a robed man. He only nodded as a polite acknowledgement and held the door for us. Inside a long center isle ran the length of the building. The overhead lights had been turned off and the only visible light was from two rooms up ahead. A crowd was gathered in front of each. They all were all standing with their backs against the doors of stalls opposite the lit room. The smell and sound of horses was ever present. An occasional whinny or slam of hoofs against a stall door indicated the presence of at least several horses. The animals were probably disturbed by all the people moving around in the darkened stable. As we approached the first crowd of spectators I could see that a large clear plastic panel had been placed across the opening of the room and it was framed in black cloth creating a window of sorts. The room was very brightly lit and the glare from inside was rather intense.

I remember an embarrassing loud gasp coming out of my mouth as I first looked into the room. Inside was a young dark skinned Latino girl. She was sitting on a low wooden bench in the center of the room. With her, was a magnificent stallion with a raging hard-on. The horse was being held just behind her by a naked guy wearing only boots.

The girl was vigorously massaging the horse’s cock. The damn thing was the size of a man’s arm. It was a mix of colors along its length, black at the base changing to an almost flesh color for the mid part and finally back to black again at the mushroomed head. The tip flared to about the size of an orange. The girl was naked, except for a pair of pink sneakers and no socks.

I didn’t notice it right off until the movement caught my eye, but the hindquarters of a mare was visible through a partially open stall door just to the left. The mare’s tail swished and taunted the randy stallion. Towards the front of the room on the floor were the obvious remains of several previous cum explosions.

There was a large fixture behind and to the left of the girl that I recognized to be a breeding phantom. I had seen something similar back on grandpa’s farm as a kid, although I never got to see it used. The stallion began making rapid humping motions in time with the girls stroking. The man holding the bridle on seeing this immediately led the stud over to the phantom. The stallion threw its front legs onto the fixture and continued thrusting his cock. The Latino girl followed still hanging on to him. The stallion’s head went down alongside the frame and he bit into some tattered rags hanging there to get a grip. The girl brought the cock around continuing to jack at it. She positioned herself directly in front of the straining cock.

It started with a couple light sprays and then a rapid burst of white cum shot out. She just stood in its path and hosed herself down with the torrent. After a direct hit to her midsection, she began using her free hand to deflect most of the rest of the splatter downwards towards her cunt. Pulse after pulse rocketed out forming a puddle at her feet. She caught some in her hand and began furiously wiping her cunt with it. The majority of the load ran down her legs and into her soaked sneakers. She smiled towards the crowd and seemed pleased with her accomplishment. As the stud finished she began gently stroking his flanks. He slowly slid off the frame and struggled to gain his footing. She actually seemed to care about the satisfaction and wellbeing of the stud. I was so enthralled by the debauchery of all this that my own cunt throbbed for relief. I was sort of weak in the knees and knew that only a powerful orgasm could relieve my need.

The crowd, sensing an end or at least a pause in the performance started moving down the aisle way. The other group was down maybe fifty feet farther. I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle another round of this without at least some relief. I wasn’t exactly comfortable enough yet to think of orgasming with others around me, but I knew for sure I would need it very soon. I downed the remainder of my wine glass with one swift gulp just to free up both my hands.

I assumed the performance going on down the way was likely to be more of the same. We all sort of moved as one group in that direction. There seemed to be no rush or need to hurry, in-fact everyone was extremely polite as we all made our way. As our group approached I strained for a early glimpse of what exactly was going on behind the glass. This time however, I held my hand over my mouth as we approached. I didn’t want everyone there thinking I was a complete “newbie.”

“Holy crap,” I muttered silently.

Dogs, multiple dogs, “Oh my God!”

Two women were down on all fours with dogs mounted to each of them. The dogs were just hammering away. My face flushed with heat instantly and I had to back up to lean on into Simon for support. My hand instantly searched for his hand and I brought it up and placed it on my robe just above my breasts. Simon immediately began softly kneading my tits. My own hand found its way between my legs and I began pressing small little circles into my throbbing clit. I didn’t care if anyone saw me at this point. Besides, everyone’s eyes were glued to the spectacle in front of us. I honestly felt like I couldn’t go on anymore.

The women in the room with the dogs were nowhere near as attractive as the others I had seen. In fact they looked to be maybe a couple crack-whores down on their luck. Their bodies were heavily tattooed and sores or scars were clearly visible on much of their skin. Maybe they were just really this desperate for the money. The one woman actually seem to be in some sort of trance. Maybe drug induced, drunk, or maybe she was just really into all this. A string of saliva hung from her mouth that she seemed completely unaware of. The dog on her was earnestly stabbing at her backside causing the drool to swing in time with his thrusts. A guy in the room with them finally walked over and wiped her mouth and brow with a wet towel. She didn’t even seem to acknowledge him doing this and she just let the dog continue fucking her. Several other dogs were milling about the room and I began wondered just how many of the other dogs had already had a go at these two. The women seemed oblivious to anything in fact the dogs were doing all the work. We watched for a quite a bit as one after another dog jumped on did his business then got down. Once spent that dog was replaced by another eagerly awaiting their turn. Both women were wearing old leather jackets to protect their backs and arms from the scratching paws of the more zealous larger breeds but the girl’s unprotected asses were red from all the abuse. As each dog finished, his load just spilled out and puddled on the floor.

Each woman must have already taken on a string of fucks and the remaining dogs seemed to have no issue jumping on the gravy train to add their seed to the mix. Each dog would momentarily sniff curiously at the last dog’s leavings but just as quickly still decide to mount.

In the middle of all this activity, a guy walks in the room leading the largest Great Dane I have ever seen. His mouth was muzzled with a wire frame. He strutted around the room like he was the king of all. His dominant posture sent a clear message to the other animals that he was “top dog.” The smell of dog cum must have clued him in as to the opportunity which awaited him. The guy leading the dog trotted him a couple times around the room, keeping him close on the leash. The two dogs that were humping away even dismounted in deference to the “new pack leader.” Each pass behind the two girls offered a chance for the dog to decide which bitch he would mount. The crowd and I could almost sense the sexual tension. The one woman even “wagged” her ass as a come-on. The Dane’s cock could be seen growing with each pass around the room. The Dane finally lunged at the one drugged-out girl. He buried his head against her back and began a frantic stabbing motion with his hind quarters. His front legs cradled her torso trapping her. He seemed to locate her sex and plunged his cock deep into her slimy cunt. The force of his entry caused the dazed woman to lurch forward in an effort to soften the attack.

Instantly the animal began pumping like a machine. I couldn’t really see the penetration, but I think he had to have even gotten his knot up inside her. Sure enough once he felt the connection was secure he slid off her back and turned completely around and stood facing away from her. They were indeed truly stuck together. The other woman got up and came up behind the locked pair and lifted the tail of the Dane to reveal that he had in fact driven his entire organ into the hapless slut. The Dane continued to pant excessively as he continued to pump his load into his new bitch.

I had seen enough. Simon had to take me back somewhere and put an end to my need. We left the group while the girl was still being filled with dog sperm. Others couples were still coming and going about the place. As we made our way back I could see that another group had formed where the Latino girl had previously been performing. When we reached the group I could see why they had all stopped. The Latino girl was lying on her back on the bench. She was working with another stallion of lesser size. Somehow she had managed to position herself underneath to take on this stud’s cock. From what I could tell the horse did have a good portion of his organ lodged inside the girl. The stallion was stomping his front hoofs. His cock was buried solidly in her and for whatever reason the girl repeatedly slapped at her lower abdomen. I wasn’t sure exactly why she was doing this. Maybe she just enjoyed the sensation of the impact or maybe it was for the enjoyment of the horse. The girl’s mouth and her twisted expression revealed her intense lust.

I just had to momentarily stop and watch how this would turn out. After a minute or so of this the horse could be seen to buck harder. Seconds later a blast of horse semen literally shot out of the girl’s cunt. White cum dripped to the floor and ran everywhere. The girl’s cunt just couldn’t hold that kind of volume.

The small assembly of onlookers was actually cheering her on. In the middle of this she pulled the horse’s cock still spewing from inside her, and waved it about for all to admire. Gobs of his cum were still oozing from it. She caught a handful and began smearing it all over her lower belly. This girl’s show was indeed a big hit with the crowd and I had no doubt they would reward her well for her performance.

At that point I was so damn horny, that I no longer cared about the people standing around us. My cunt was now really aching.

My focus was on Simon. He alone was capable of satisfying me. I literally grabbed him, and pushed him against one of the stall doors and mashed my lips to his and aggressively pressed my body against him. I placed both hands on his shoulders and actually forced him downward. I had him pinned against a stall door. Finally he buckled to his knees and his head disappeared into my robe. I heard the Velcro tear and felt his warm breath in my crotch. I remember reaching down and pushing the hard mask away from his face. My robe covered his entire head anyway. I pushed my hips into his face and held his head trapped.

His nose rubbed against my clit once or twice and then I felt his probing tongue. As he lapped at my sex, his tongue began to dart in and around my clit. I grabbed a hold of a row of steel bars along the top part of the gate and literally hung on. I know I was softly groaning and making a whimpering noise. I remember a just a few people alongside of us turning to look. I didn’t care!

Being sexed in public like this was the most liberating thing I have ever done. Not that they could see anything, it was just the fact that they were there and were aware of what was going on. Simon hit my spot and I felt the most earth-shattering orgasm taking control. I know I banged his head against the stall door several times as I came. Through squinted eyes I did recall a gentleman standing just a few feet from me. He and I were looking right at each other as I came.

Simon eventually pushed me back enough to stand. He fumbled with the stupid mask enough to get it back on. The area was very shadowy anyway. But I guess rules are rules. Once he was on his feet. He grabbed me at the waist and just lifted me off the ground. I settled down right on his waiting cock. He plunged it into me with one quick push. I gasped a little and he started pumping me right on that spot. He came in just a few moments. I muffled his groans by holding his head against my neck. The man standing next to us turned to look directly at me again and he gave me an approving smile.

Simon and I would continue attending these events as often as my schedule allowed.


2022-01-06 22:04:46
Good Story, wealth should be more of background and activity more titillating.


2022-01-03 02:55:23
this also happens in LAS during the PBR. but i have not been able to attend. very erotic for me.


2019-07-06 19:41:37
borota you have not experience reality I have sex with my dogs, my first time wend I was 14yo


2019-02-06 03:41:37
Regarding the last comment:"the possibility of actually happen" IT'S BASICALLY THE SAME for the sex with horses as for the sex with dogs!But those two possibilities ARE ACTUALLY VERY WEAK to actually happen,as this story proves since IT'S ONLY A FANTASY!

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2015-06-24 05:43:42
This event with the total orgy of human flesh described so well I could visualize the goings on and was drawn to the interracial sex and any time it described a Hugh hard cock I could really see and want after it. As things went on I was totally drawn into the bestiality sex with both horses and the dogs but more the dogs as I think that could be a more possibility of actually happening and I would love to experience it I think myself. Who let the dogs out.

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