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My first story. The narrator spys on his sister and her friend Beckie fingering each other, and then he fucks Beckie
I had always admired her; her great personality, her stunning body. This is the story of how I finally fucked my younger sisters hot best friend. Beckie and I had always been good friends, comfortable around each other and we knew each others secrets, but we had never done anything sexual together. I had occasionally seen glances of her half naked body as she changed with the door open, but had never stopped and stared as most boys my age would.

This story starts on a warm summer night a couple years ago. My parents were out, and my sister had Beckie around for a sleepover. I was downstairs watching TV, and the girls were in my sisters room trying on clothes, as they had been shopping earlier. Except for the TV, the house was pretty much silent, except for occasional loud bursts of laughter coming from upstairs. The TV programme I was watching came to an end, so I flicked off the TV and lightly made my way upstairs to take a shower. As I passed my sisters room, I noticed that the was open a crack, so I took a peek in. What I saw took my breath away from me.

My sister was lying on the bed, wearing nothing but her small panties, but that isn't what really grabbed my attention. Beckie was standing on the bed, wearing a tiny pleated skirt and a tight top that barely concealed her large tits. As she swayed her hips to some imaginary music, her skirt rode up and exposed a tiny thong that wasn't really doing a great job of covering her smooth, hairless pussy.  I could see that her pussy was damp.

"How do I look?", she asked my sister.

"You look sexy, the boys will love it."

"You really think that?"

"Yeah, I would fuck that", my sister giggled, jokingly running her hand up Beckie's leg.

Beckie moaned and whispered, "that feels so good!"

My sister giggled again, and continued running her hand up Beckie's tanned leg until she finally reached her wet pussy.

"Dirty girl", Beckie giggled, and my sister began to gently finger Beckie, running her fingers teasingly between her pussy lips before starting to finger her in earnest, pushing her fingers in and out of her and rubbing Beckie's clit with her thumb.

By this point, my cock was rock hard and pushing painfully hard against my tight jeans. I decided I had to do something about it. I pulled off my jeans and boxers, and wrapped by hand around my thick cock, before beginning to jerk off to the scene unfolding in front of me. By this point, Beckie had laid down on her back on the bed, her knees in the air and her legs spread with her wet pussy clearly on display, while my sister was knelt beside her, fingers buried in Beckie's pussy. Her fingers were a blur as they frantically pumped in and out and Beckie raised her hips, desperately pushing her pussy harder into my sisters hand. Beckie reached up and pushed up her top, springing her large tits into view, and my sister reached up with her spare hand and started rubbing Beckie's tits, running her thumb in small circles around her nipples. Beckie's response was immediate; she began to moan softly, and squirm further against my sister's hand. I knew that she was approaching orgasm, and as I felt a familiar sensation in my cock, knew that I was too. I wished that I could have been in the place of my sister, one hand in Beckie's tight wet pussy and the other rubbing and squeezing her large and sexy tits, and the though of this made my cock switch as I pumped my hand back and forth along it. I knew that I was about to cum.  My sister began to speed up, fingering Beckie harder and faster, and soon Beckie began to thrash about on the bed, my sisters fingers still in her pussy as she had a powerful orgasm. I finally reached my own climax and my cock started to pump out cum, covering the floor and my sister's bedroom door in the white liquid. Beckie leaned over and kissed my sister on the lips, a deep, passionate kiss, a kiss of true love, not a kiss of lust, rushed and quick. I took a final glance through the door and departed to take a shower and go to bed.

For the next week, I couldn't get Beckie out of my head. Every night and some mornings, I would jerk off while replaying the scene in my head, sometimes with me being the one fingering Beckie instead of my sister, but I didn't get a chance to see her again until the next week when my sister had her round overnight again. My parents were in this time, and despite checking occasionally, the furthest I saw them going was when they were making out in their pyjamas. It was still pretty hot, though; their bodies were pressed tight together as they pushed their tongues deep into the others' mouth. They were not wearing any underwear and I could see the faint outlines of their tits pressing into each other. Beckie's hands were running all over my sisters body, stopping occasionally to give  her tits or ass a squeeze, while my sister's hands were wrapped around Beckie's neck, pulling her closer.

The next morning, I was in my room and Beckie was in the bathroom, when I heard her calling my name.

"Yes?" I said, walking to the bathroom door.

"Could you pass in my clothes, please? I think your sister has stolen them as a prank."

I walked to my sister's room, trying to avoid thinking about the fact that Beckie was completely naked just now while I was talking to her. I found Beckie's clothes and walked back to the bathroom with them in my hands. I knocked softly on the door, indicating to Beckie that I had them, and the door swung open, revealing that Beckie was covered only by a short towel. Her long, wet hair was pushed to one side, and the towel was low enough that I could see a nice amount of cleavage.

As I passed the clothes to her, the towel slipped, first revealing her tits, but then unravelling entirely, falling to the floor and revealing her entire body in it's naked glory. Her legs were long and tanned, with perfect skin. They were slightly spread, revealing her pussy. Her pussy was amazing, completely shaven, and I had to resist the urge to reach out and touch it. Her perfectly flat stomach merely accentuated her large, rounded tits. Her nipples were perfectly sized, and there were goosebumps on her skin from the cold breeze caused by the door. She truly had a perfect body. She grabbed the clothes off me, and slammed the bathroom door. I heard her burst into tears.

"Beckie?" I called, but she did not respond, so I retreated back to my room. I wondered whether she was most upset by the fact that I had seen her naked, or the fact that she had seen me staring. I felt bad about what I had done, and knew that it would not be the same between us in the future.

Beckie did not speak to me for the next couple weeks, and would only look away when I looked at her, and ignore me when I tried to speak to her.

The next Thursday, Beckie was over again. She still wasn't speaking to me, and I decided that I needed to do something about it. My parents were out, my sister was in the shower and Beckie was in my sister's room, so I knew that it would be just us two. I walked up to the door and knocked, but walked in without waiting for a response. Beckie was sat on my sister's bed reading a book, and as I walked in she looked up, looking deep into my eyes for the first time since I had seen her naked.

"Beckie? What's up?" I asked, still staring into her eyes. She burst into tears again, and I sat down beside her, pulling her into a hug. She cried into my shoulder for a few minutes, before I asked why she was upset again.

"I want you," she sobbed. "I didn't look at you because I didn't trust myself not to pounce on you, and I didn't speak to you because I was afraid I would betray myself. When you saw me naked, it felt good. I enjoyed you seeing me naked, and I know you enjoyed seeing me, too.

I was astounded. This beautiful girl wanted... me? Before I had had time to think of a response, however, Beckie had leaned over and she started to kiss me. I kissed her back, before slightly opening my moist lips, slipping my tongue out and touching it to her lips. She opened her mouth and I slipped my tongue in, tasting her for the first time. I felt her own tongue and my mouth, and we began to snog properly, attacking each others' mouths with our tongues. I wrapped my hands around her neck and pulled her closer, but she pulled away. She stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling my up and to my own room, where she pushed me against the wall and started to snog me again. She pulled off my top and cast it aside, before pulling off her own top too, leaving her in her purple bra. I reached behind her and fumbled with the clasp, before finally managing to pull it open, exposing her tits. They were even better than I imagined, and as I gasped into her mouth she pulled away and said:

"So you like my tits? I bet you'd want to suck them or wrap them round your hard cock."

Her voice was low, but urgent. As I leaned in to continue my assault on her mouth with my tongue, I reached up grabbed hold of her tits, squeezing them and pinching and tweaking her nipples. She moaned into my mouth, and I reached down to her jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling them down. I pushed her tiny panties aside, before plunging a finger into her already wet pussy. Her pussy was incredibly tight, clasping my fingers as I pushed them into her. She started moaning into my mouth, so I reached down and took one of her tits in my mouth, licking and sucking her nipple. Instantly, she started thrashing about, nearing her first orgasm. I reached down further still, and pushed my tongue into her tight pussy, attempting to lick it clean of her juices. She grabbed my head by my hair, and pushed my head hard into her pussy, where she started grinding against my face, wiping her juices all over me. She gasped and moaned as she had her first orgasm from me.

Then, Beckie pushed me onto my bed on my back, and started to pull down my jeans. I lifted up my legs to make it easier for her, and then she pulled down my boxers, exposing my semi-hard cock to the air. She stopped, having never seen my cock before; it wasn't even fully erect yet and it was still bigger than average. She grinned at me, and wrapped her small hand around it before taking the head in her mouth and licking it. By this point, my cock was rapidly growing and I was nearly fully erect, and she took the whole thing in her mouth in one go. It felt amazing, she was far better than any of my ex-girlfriends and had obviously had a lot more practice. She sucked and licked it, moving her head backwards and forwards, and I felt a quiet moan escape my lips. She started to massage my balls while she enveloped my cock in her warm mouth, adding to the feelings of pleasure. I felt like I was about to explode, and I told her that I was about to cum. She kept my cock in her mouth and continued sucking it, and when I finally cummed into her mouth, she swallowed every drop.

I felt her moving about, and then I felt her pussy against my cock. I looked down just in time to see her lower herself gently onto my cock, and then she slowly started fucking me. Her pussy was incredibly tight, and as she pushed herself up and down, her pussy squeezed my cock hard. It felt incredible, and as she sped up it began to feel even better. Even though I had only recently cummed, I knew I wouldn't last long. She suddenly started bouncing faster, as fast as she could, and as I felt her pussy twitching I knew that she was about to have another orgasm. Her big tits were bouncing in the air as she bounced on my cock, and I reached up and grabbed them, squeezing them. She froze as a huge orgasm tore through her, and tipped her head back, moaning with pleasure.

I pushed her onto the bed on her back, and told her that it was my turn to fuck her. She licked her lips, and as I pushed my cock towards the tight, wet lips of her pussy, she raised her hips to meet me. I slowly pushed my cock into her, causing her to moan, before starting to slowly push my cock in and out of her. She moaned again, and we stared into each others eyes as I began to speed up. I could feel and hear my balls slapping against her asshole, and my cock felt amazing. I knew I was going to cum soon, so sped up further still. At the last moment, I pulled completely out and pointed my cock at her chest and tits. She reached down and plunged her fingers into her pussy, fingering herself frantically, and as I exploded, covering her tits in my cum, she reached an orgasm at the same time. 

I lay down beside her still naked and out of breath, and pulled the covers over us. She rolled over onto her side so that she was pressed against me, and I could feel the warmth of her body on my side. Lying her head on my shoulder, she rested her hand on my bare chest and we went to sleep.

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