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What will you do saw your bro's dick in your husband's asshole?
Caught your husband and bro in a bed, what do you do?

Your boss said, "You're free today..." Your pussy was tingling the whole way home. You're excited, you're going to surprise to husband, your pussy is already wet. You took off all your clothes and threw them on the floor before entering the bedroom. You giggled, imagining the look on his face when he saw you naked. You opened the door and jumped into the room like a naked joyful cheerleader. Ta Daa! While your tits were still bouncing, you saw your brother's dick in your husband's asshole.

Can't be! Your brain denied eyes. Noo! You couldn't screamed, there's a ten-ton truck in your mouth. Wtf! Your arms still up like a palsy. Hoot! This can't be real, wish you were blind.

Terrible panic on their faces looking at you. They were caught! Meaningless words poured out of their mouths as they hurriedly wrapped themselves in the sheets. Words are just the humming of a deep well. How quickly you turned around, grabbed your clothes and ran away from that disgusting scene. How two cowards, who did not have the courage to follow you, stared after to you. Words of explanation on their trembling lips.

What lies will they tell you when they come to you wearing a bathrobe, you sitting on the sofa in the living room, smoking a cigarette on the lap of crumpled clothes? That they are slaves to feelings? That they made an unforgivable mistake? That they can no longer live with the secret they've been hiding inside for years?

Are you crying? These tears of anger. You curse the day that ruined your whole life. Wish work hadn't ended early. Wish you had gone shopping instead of coming home.

Two culpables are coming with perturbed steps. They're waiting for your tears and sobs to stop, before hope your tolerence to they. You don't know how to calm down. Will you through this? Can you fast-forward this heartbreak to a beach holiday?

Is your brave brother, you loved, idolized and even deify a fagot now? What about your husband? What about him! The man who makes offensive jokes about gays, hates rainbows, insults lesbians, and says these are not choices but perversions. Is he a fagot too!

Black humor! Plot twist! Surprise final!

They telling you their feelings. As if they're talking to a stray cat not you. You're being sucked into a time vortex.

The old days flash in your mind like a faded film. Barbecue party in the garden. Your husband and brother are showing you their biceps, smiling with all their teeth. Broad shoulders, strong muscles that don't fit into T-shirts. You hold on to their biceps like monkey-bars and swing, you say, "Yiaayy guys, It's impossible chooice, I'm in love with you both."

Fast-forward the movie, you three on the couch watching a romantic movie. On your right and left, two handsome guys hugging you. Their hands touch you and each other. While the boy kisses the girl, your men are crying. You are laughing. You give each of them a tissue and say, "It's just a movie, boys." you hugging like a motherly hen them both, snots is ruining your t-shirt.

You don't wonder why your brother still lives with you even though he makes good money. You don't ask why you never see those sexy girlfriend he always talks about. When you wake up in empty bed in the middle of the night and see those two in only their shorts, drinking beer and chatting on the couch, you're happy because they're getting along well. You squeezing your body between their contact bodies. You had fucking with your husband before sleep, so you still naked in a thin nightgown. Your bare legs touching each other. You see the rising bumps on their shorts and take pride in your own sexual charm.

Now you're staring into space. A hand takes the cigarette from your trembling lips and put in the ashtray. You don't remember when they sat on either side of you, whispered soft words of regret into your ear, wrapped their arms around your naked body and made you docile. They must have hugged you as you rewinded old movies in your mind, capturing and pausing the evidence one by one.

While you were chaffing with your husband in the shower, your brother suddenly entered the bathroom, said "don't mind me, lovebirds" and started peeing in the toilet. Funny memory, isn't it? How cheerful you three laughed. While the two men were looking at each other's dicks and nibbling their lips, your husband's dick became harder than ever and bigger. When you took in your palm his dick was like an impatient bull.

Your brother saw you naked many times, so you were never ashamed. But now, how made horny you fucking with your husband front to your brother. You loved the idea of getting fucked when he watched. With all your horniness, hugged your husband's neck and wrapped your legs around his waist. You were drooling as the head of his cock pounded your pussy like a ram's head. You turned it in your pussy like a hungry pelican swallowing a fish. While doing this, your eyes were on your brother's eyes. You wondered what he was thinking as he watched his sister getting fucked. For a few seconds you were him.

Your sister, whom you grew up with, whom you kissed on her knee when she fell and got injured, who you protected from the neighborhood's brats, whom you kept away from the bullies at school, whom you beat up that boy on her first date, whom you held her hand and accompanied to the altar when you got married. Now she is looking at you with a sly smile in her eyes, while she is being fucked by a man in front of you.

“Join us…” Your excitement increased a hundredfold with your husband's invitation. Did he call your brother to the shower? Is he going to join you while you fuck in the shower?

How the poor boy hesitated. His shy look, face turning red, lips drying out are still in your mind. Remember what you said? “What are you waiting? You heard my husband, bro…” Then you stuck your lips to your husband's and kissed him breathlessly.

Would it matter if your brother hadn't come to pee that day? You shivered at the touch of his cool skin on your back as hot water flowed over you. You laid back on your brother's broad chest as your ass moved up and down on your husband's cock. Your brother's hard cock touched your ass cheeks and ran away. You untied your arms from husband's neck, reached them behind you, grabbed brother's shoulders and pulled him to you. You felt pleasant things inside of you as his cock stopped running away and rubbed between your ass cheeks.

While your husband was holding by your thin waist and shaking you up and down on his dick, you not objected to brother's dick hitting your asshole. How exciting is the idea of opening herself to the sharing of two men. You've never felt this horny in your whole life. Your feminine instincts triggerred your desire to be admired, and you felt dizzy with the pride of being a loveable and fuckable.

It was your first time having an orgasm before your husband. You were persistently pushing your asshole against brother's dick and screaming "fuck me, fuck me, naughty boy!" Your husband thought was the naughty boy himself. But you knew the truth.

You were the happiest woman in the world when your brother held your husband's shoulders and squeezed you between the twoo like a toast-cheese. As you sobbed and orgasmed, you leaned your face against your husband's shoulder, not noticing how close their lips were to each other. Hot lava of sperm gushed into your pussy harder than ever. Your brother's cock touched your husband's balls. Your husband's hands stopped carrying you and grabbed your brother's cock. You hoped he would put it in your pussy but he didn't.

Now, the three of you are sitting next to each other on the couch. They are murmuring, but what? Is it possible to turn back from this intersection? They caress your naked body, four hands gently rubbing your legs, stomach, breasts, pubic hair, but your eyes are dull. You can't digest what happened. Those two should only fuck you, not each other. Those dicks had to get hard just for you. You should have been the one to make them cum.

Just like long ago, when you were a stupid young slut, you walked into your brother's room, saw him watching porn, went up to him with a grin, and jerked off to his hard dick while looking at his stunned face. You told this to your husband like it was a very funny memory, you laughed together in the bed confessions section after fucking. Then he became a little serious and frowned, and "Have you had fuck with your bro?" asked. You said "Of course no, it was just youthful's shitty, I never fuck with my bro!"

But a seed had fallen into your mind. Sometimes when your husband were fuck you, you dreamed that he was in bed too. You were imagining your soft flesh being crushed between the muscular, sweaty, hot bodies of two tough men, being pinched by their strong hands, your tits pulled, your ass licked, your pussy bitten. Two throbbing cock in your two hands. The cocks of the men you love.

Your brother got up from next to you to open a bottle of wine. Your husband has given up hope of making his voice heard. The old movies are over, the fog in your mind is dissipating.

"What will happen now?" your husband asked, his robe open, his cock lying like an fainted fish on your leg.

Everything is finish? Will our cheerful home fall apart? Will we leave? How? Who will you separate from whom? Are you going to divorce both your husband and your brother? How will you continue to live without their joy of life? Who will you kidding and laugh? Where will you find two men who throw you on the couch when you're bored, tickle you with four hands, and make you laugh until you have cramps? Are there two other men in the world who love you so much that they would not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for you?

He puts the wine glass in your hand, but you can't drink it. You look at the red waves in the shaking glass in your cold hands.

They are silently waiting for your decision.

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