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A werll of middle aged man proposes to help the neighbors in exchange for services from the wife.
The neighbors

My name is Mike. I am a 50-year-old single guy. I am semi-retired as I made my fortune in investments as a young man. I have more money than I will ever need so I live the life of a hedonist. I have decided to live in a modest neighborhood as houses and material things do not do a lot for me. I enjoy spending my money on women and travel. I enjoy the hottest women money can buy and I enjoy traveling to nice places to enjoy them. Sometimes I will find an escort to travel to Europe or somewhere exotic with me and then use their bodies for the entire trip. I always treat them well and feel that they enjoy my company instead of them just making tens of thousands of dollars for me to use their bodies.

So, yea I spend my life and fortune chasing women and enjoying them. And this takes me to this story. As I noted, I live in a modest house in a modest neighborhood, so my interest was piqued when a young couple moved into the house next door when my long-time neighbor passed along.

While they were moving in, I went out and introduced myself. His name was Tom, She was Judy. They were in their late 20’s. Tom stood about six feet and was handsome and muscular. I could tell that he did manual labor for a living. When I first spoke to him, I could tell that the Lord hadn’t blessed him with a ton of brain power, but I could see how any young woman would be attracted to him. I don’t consider myself bi, but I could see me submitting to having his cock in my mouth or ass on some occasion.

Of course, Judy was the one that caught my attention. I would estimate here to be twenty-six or so, she was about 5’ 5” and weighed about 120 pounds. Her shoulder length hair was brown, her muscular body suggested she was an athlete earlier in life. The first time I saw her she was wearing a tight T-shirt which highlighted her perky tits, may C cups. The jeans she was wearing did a masterful job of showing off her hot tight ass.

I wanted to take her right away.

Tom and Judy had no kids, but they did have a friendly mutt named Clyde. I took to Clyde right away because I like dogs.

As we chatted, I learned that, indeed, Tom was a laborer and worked as a mason. Judy worked part time at a hair salon which offered odd hours, often in the evening.

As the weeks moved forward, I continued to be helpful. I even offered to watch Clyde a few times to help them out. I soon realized however that Tom and Judy had to be financially struggling to keep up the payments on the house. I saw this as my chance to get what I wanted, that is, Judy.

As our friendship grew, I began to gain Tom’s confidence which caused him to disclose his stress about money issues. One day when we were having a beer after his work, I made my proposal.

“Hey Tom, can I ask you something personal?” I said.

“Sure Mike, you know we’re friends.”

“Tom, I know you guys are struggling with money and I want to help.”

“That would be a long shot, but I’m willing to talk, I want to stay here because Judy likes this place.” Tom noted.

“Look Tom, you know I like you guys you know I trust you as neighbors and friends. Hell Tom, you even know how much I like Clyde.” I smiled.

“We trust you Mike, and know you’re looking out for what’s best/”

“Tom, you might not say that once I make this suggestion, even so, I’ll make this offer and if don’t like it, we will forget it and never mention it again.”

“Mike, you got me kind of worried, but I do think I know what you’re going to ask me.”

“Ok, here goes Tom. You know how attractive Judy is, and I am sure you have seen me looking at her every once in a while.” I smiled.

“Hell Mike, I seen you staring at her body all the time, this is why I think I already know what you’re going to say.” He grinned.

“OK Tom here goes. I’d like to pay for your guys’ mortgage payments for as long as you want. What I want in return is to spend some time with Judy.”

Tom paused, looked me straight in the eye. “You want to fuck her?”

I kept going, “Yea, with some conditions of course.”

Tom seemed more interested than pissed. “Like what kind of conditions?”

“Here is my proposal, Tom. I pay your complete mortgage every month, without question for as long as we both want this. In return, I get to enjoy Judy with your permission. I’d like to fuck her a lot, your can be present of course, even join in. Hell Tom, we can even make it a threesome as I enjoy being fucked by a guy once in a blue moon.”

Tom looked hesitant so I continued.

“Tom, of course Judy would have to agree to this and of course in addition to making the mortgage, I'd give her some cash for extra things, which would include sexy underwear for her to wear for us to enjoy.”

Tom responded, ‘She would have to agree to all of this, of course.”

“Of course she would Tom. The whole idea is that it would be fun for all of us. In fact, as I am sure you have noticed, I have ladies come over occasionally. These are escorts and we could have them play with all of us sometimes.”

Tom looked wide-eyed. “You mean I could fuck your hot ladies sometimes too?”

I looked at Tom and said, “Yes and I would pay them for whatever we want. Judy could enjoy some girl-on-girl action for us to watch if she is into that.”

Tom admitted, “Please do not tell her I told you this, but in our pillow fantasy talk she sometimes says she’d like to eat some girl out. She also talked about me watching her with another guy, so I think she might like this. Having the stress gone for money would help her too.”

I laid out a plan. “Tom let’s do this. You and Judy talk about it. I’m around this weekend, if you want to come over and play, just let me know and we’ll get together Saturday night. If the answer is No, then accept my apologies and we wont ever talk of this again.”

Tom replied, “Mike, she might want to know what you’re into. Anything kinky, anything too weird?”

“Tom, if your discussion goes that far, please tell her that Id never do anything to hurt her. I would want her to perform oral on me, I would want to slide inside both her pussy and her butt. As far as anything else, it would have to be something we all want.”

Tom replied,” I’ve taken her in the ass some, so that would not be a problem if she agrees.”

“Ok Tom, let me know, the first time would be me and Judy and you would watch of course. If we continue then I’d bring in a hooker now and then. But to be sure, if you are at work sometimes and I want Judy, I want you to know that I will take her then too.”

“I understand Mike. I’ll talk to her.” Tom smiled.

I must say I was a bit surprised when Judy knocked on my door less than an hour later. Tom was on the front steps about five feet behind her. I did not know if she was going to slap me or yell at me or kick me in the balls.

“Hi Judy.” I tried to innocently say.

“Hi Mike, I spoke to Tom, we really appreciate your offer, but I have two questions.”

“Of course, Judy, shoot.”

“OK Mike here goes, One, Tom and I are thinking about trying to have a baby, so could you just take me in my mouth and ass and not my pussy, and Two, do we have to wait for this weekend to get started?”

With that I fully opened the door and invited Judy and Tom into my living room. I closed the drapes and asked both of them to undress. As they both undressed, I noticed how chiseled Tom was, six pack abs, and a nice thick cock. I made a note to myself to find a way to have his nice cock in my ass before too long. Judge was a goddess. As she pealed off her shirt, bra, and jeans I realized that her naked body was even hotter than my fantasy had imagined.

As they stood naked side by side before me, I pulled off my shirt, unzipped by pants and before I could strip off my underwear Judy came up to me and placed her hand on my cock while she removed my shorts.

Her hand was soft and tender on my cock, which I realized was not nearly as big as Tom’s. Even so, she slowly stroked me and then got down and took me in her warm mouth. She slowly sucked me in and bobbed her head back and forth.

I looked at Tom who smiled and nodded. “Enjoy her Mike.”

While Judy continued to suck me, I thought of something. I noted, “Hey guys, I am a man of my word. Before we continue do you want me to give you some funds to cover the mortgage, even some more to help out?”

Judy replied, “That won’t be necessary and turned around and bent over the end of my couch to expose her delicious ass for me. Without hesitation, I dropped to my knees and buried my face and tongue in her asshole and tried to drive my face well up inside. She moaned loudly.

I pulled out momentarily, “I asked Tom. “Hey buddy, there is some Vaseline in my downstairs bathroom over there. Can you get it for me so I can lube up your wife?’

As he did so, I continued feasting on his wife’s tight ass. When he returned, I lathered my cock in lube and smeared some inside her ass. She moaned as I put my mushroom head on her opening, and I slowly slid in. I thought if Tom had been fucking this as she has not done it much because it was so tight.

“You OK Judy?” I asked.

“Yes, slide it in Mike, slide it in.”

I did, slowly and carefully, and soon I was all the way in. My slow back and forth movement caused her to man louder.

As I pumped away Tom came to the couch, lay down in front of his wife and she willingly took his glorious cock into her mouth I could not believe we were split roasting this goddess. I do not consider myself the type of lover that could make a lady have an anal orgasm, but I do think Judy came while I was probing her ass.

Apologetically I confessed, “Judy I’m not going to last much longer in your ass.”

“That’s OK Mike, just let it go deep inside me.”

Two more deep thrusts and I was done and splashed out several pulses of semen into this young lady’s asshole. I stayed inside her long enough for me to hear her husband moan as he emptied into her mouth.

As we recovered, I asked them if I could give them some funds to help with their mortgage. Judy said she would come over with the direct deposit information for their account. Upon hearing this I thought I might sneak in a rim job when she came back.

I then announced, “Guys, just so you know I am having a lady friend over Saturday night. Be here about eight.”
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