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In the wake of Dr. Vogelfrei’s groundbreaking birth control treatment, along with the eradication of all major STDs, the Second Sexual Revolution has swept the world. Old taboos are things of the past. Government intrusion into the bedroom has totally evaporated. Overt sexuality has penetrated every facet of the public sphere. The age of the libertine has dawned. For your vulgar delectation, a story from this brave new world.


Tom had his girlfriend Beth bent over the dining room table and was mercilessly pounding her tight little pussy when his sister Denise walked in.

“Hey guys!” Denise said, bubbly as always, “Glad I ran into you. Do either of you have to piss?”

The question was not as out of left field as it seemed. Denise was, as she happily admitted to anyone and everyone who would listen, a “piss slut”. For whatever reason, nothing got her hot and bothered like when people pissed on her, preferably directly into her eager mouth. This would not have been the first time she enlisted her brother and his slampiece to aide in her urolagnial hijinks.

“Mhmmm, give Tom a second to fill me up with his cum, but then yeah I could pee.” Beth moaned to Denise. Tom merely shrugged at his sister then lifted a water bottle (Denise made sure there were always plenty of fluids on hand around the house) to his lips and started chugging, continuing to piston in and out of Beth’s grasping snatch.

“Great!” Denise exclaimed, “I have something I want to try, I think it’s going to be so fucking hot!” She then popped her right breast out of her meager sports bra and proffered her hardening nipple to Beth to suck on while she finished getting railed by Tom. Tom was already pretty close to blowing his load, and watching his girlfriend latch on to his sister’s adorable B-cup breast and suck it for all she was worth helped push him over the edge. Within a minute he had his fingers firmly wrapped around Beth’s pronounced hip bones, using them as leverage to jam himself as deeply as possible into her innards while he coated her birth canal with thick ropes of sticky semen. Beth moaned into Denise’s tit as she enjoyed the warm feeling that only being filled with spunk can provide.

Denise gave the lovers a moment to collect themselves, then excitedly led the pair to the upstairs bathroom. She shucked her bra and thong (the only things she had been wearing) as she ascended the stairs, and neither Tom nor his girlfriend had bothered to put any clothes back on after their copulation. Beth waddled with an awkward gait, keeping her legs pressed together to prevent any of Tom’s sticky seed from plopping out of her pussy and onto the floor. Soon, the three naked college students were all crowded together in the siblings’ master bathroom, a luxurious affair including two waterfall showers and a jacuzzi the perfect size for a couple. Tom and Denise had made good use of that jacuzzi in the past, and the sibling’s sexploits only got more intense when either of them had a partner to join in on the fun.

“So, what do you want us to do?” Tom asked, his wet floppy member starting to come back to life as he imagined what kind of perverse plan his sister had. Denise gestured to the bathroom counter. On it were a stainless steel medical grade vaginal speculum (a gift from their father for her most recent birthday), several sounding rods (Denise and her mother had a tradition of each Christmas gifting one another a larger rod than the year prior), a bottle of anal lubricant (Tom had bought her this, a small price to pay for unlimited incestuous assfucking), and a plastic funnel (totally ordinary, found lying around in the garage). Tom cocked his head and raised an eyebrow in confusion. Beth caught on a little faster.

“Oh my god, Denise you slut!” she said, swatting her boyfriend’s sister playfully, “What orifice is that funnel ending up in that you want us to piss into.”

Denise blushed, but without a trace of embarrassment. It was exclusively arousal. “I wanna try getting that funnel in my cervix so you guys can piss into my womb.”

Tom’s dick twitched.

“Haha, you really are a fuck freak, good for you!” Beth said. Grabbing the speculum and the lube she handed them to Tom. “Here, get this nice and lubed up for your sister then pass the lube back to me.”

Tom nodded, and applied a generous dollop of the slick liquid to the duckbilled business end of the speculum. By the time he handed the bottle of lube back to his girlfriend, his sister had positioned herself on the cool tile floor of the bathroom. Using a wall to brace her back, Denise rolled up onto her shoulders so that her ass and pussy were in the air. Beth grabbed the lube and began smearing a healthy helping onto the other girl’s exposed cunt. Unlike Beth, who kept her sparse blonde pubic hair trimmed down to a landing strip, Denise was much more natural. She was fully bikini waxed, but only slightly trimmed, so that the thick lips of her meaty vagina were covered in dense black hair. Brother and sister were the same in this regard.

Denise moaned slightly as the other woman ran her fingers over and into her sex. Beth was one of her favorites among the women her brother slept with, because she really enjoyed playing with another woman’s most intimate parts. All of Tom’s fuckbuddies would fool around with Denise, if only because Tom asked them to, but Beth really seemed to love cunt as much as she craved cock. Soon, between the lube and her own juices, Denise was fully wet, the petals of her pussy practically falling open. Without a word, Beth took the lubed up speculum from Tom and passed him the lube and a sounding rod approximately as thick and the narrow end of the funnel. Tom began lubing up the rod while his girlfriend slowly inserted the speculum into his sister. Both girls rubbed their pussies the whole time.

Denise inhaled sharply as the cold metal of the speculum penetrated her folds, but soon grew accustomed to it. Firmly but not painfully Beth pushed the speculum fully into Denise’ cunt, then levered it open with the same forceful-but-not-violent intensity. For her efforts she was treated to the alluring sight of Denise’s birth canal rippling as small precursor orgasms flowed through her. Finally, the speculum was opened to maximum extend and Beth turned the screw to keep it that way. Denise moaned with pleasure the whole time and Tom, still applying lube to the sounding rod, was back to total erection.

Like a deranged gynecologist, Beth held out her hand silently to Tom and received the sounding rod. Looking to the depths of Tom’s sister, she flicked on a few additional lights until she could see all the way inside.

“You’ve got such a cute cervix, Denise. I wish mine looked that good!” Beth opined.

Denise flushed, but before she could respond Beth was running the lubed-up rod alongside her clitoris. Denise could only hum in pleasure as the other woman rubbed the long metal implement over her hood, along the folds of her lips, over the winking opening of her urethra, before finally dipping it into Denise’s pussy. When the tip of the rod made contact with her cervix Denise’s groans reached new heights, and a small jet of liquid squired out of her. Beth laughed as the girlcum spattered her fingers, and took only a moment to lick them clean before she lined the rod up with the small entrance to Denise’s womb and began applying pressure. Again, Beth was not violent, nor was she hesitant. Once she had the tip of the implement nestled in the hole, she leaned into it, using her weight rather than her muscles to apply pressure. Slowly, the sounding rod penetrated Denise’s womb. She was no longer coherent, the feelings were so intense, but reveled in the sensation as every inch penetrated her hole-within-a-hole. Beth didn’t rush, but it only took her a few minutes until the knuckles of her hand holding the rod were brushing against the end of Denise’s love tunnel. Pulling her hand out she took a step back to admire her work. Tom leaned in to see as well. Only the large ball at the end of the rod was visible in his sister’s cunt, the rest had made it all the way into her uterus.

Beth reached out and squeezed her boyfriend’s cock, “She made it look so good, you might have to try sounding my cervix sometime.” Tom merely nodded and licked his lips in unnatural hunger.

“It feels so good but don’t fucking stop,” Denise said, “Shove that funnel in and use my baby factory like a fucking urinal.” The idea turned her on so much, having her feminine depths desecrated with hot piss directly from her brother and his girlfriend.

Beth flicked Denise’s clit playfully but grabbed the funnel and slowly lowered it into her birth canal. Between the speculum and the rod maneuvering room in Denise’s pussy was at a premium, but soon Beth had the base of the rod in the narrow end of the funnel and was working it in. This took somewhat longer than the rod. While the sounding rod was designed for insertion into smaller human orifices, the funnel was a crude plastic object, the kind that could be had at any hardware store. Beth didn’t want to hurt Denise seriously, so she used extreme care and caution in wedging the funnel into her cervix. Finally, though, the funnel was all the way in. Pulling the rod out from it, Beth one again took a step back to appreciate her handiwork.

Only the flared top of the funnel remained visible outside of Denise’s body. The rest of it was fully wedge in. Denise herself was flush with arousal and gasping short breaths as she felt every inch of the funnel fully penetrate her. Her cunt muscles ripples as she tried to grip the plastic object invading her womanhood.

“Holy shit, my womb is open to the world.” Denise said. “I’m going to cum so hard, quick, someone, piss in me!”

Beth looked at her boyfriend and gestured at his sister, “You wanna go first, babe?” She asked.

Tom shook his head, “I mean, I’d love to.” He said, “But, uh, I can’t right now.”

Tom gestured at his cock. It was at full attention, practically pointing at his bellybutton and dripping precum as it visibly throbbed. There was no way he was going to be able to piss until after he’d unloaded his balls. Beth chuckled.

“Your loss is my gain!” She said. She mounted Denise like a toiled. Planting her feet on either side of Denise’s head, she rested her thighs on the other woman’s thighs and lined up their pussies. She lowered her pussy onto the funnel. As she opened her legs, a daub of Tom’s cum plopped out of her and into the funnel.

“Ooops!” She laughed. She looked down between her legs to make eye contact with Denise, “Look’s like you’re going to get some of your brother’s cum in there too.” Denise vibrated in pleasure. Beth waited for the tremors to stop, then made her next move. Pulling her boyfriend’s face into hers, she shoved her tongue deep into his mouth as she gyrated her hips, teasing Denise with what she was about to do.

Finally, Beth pushed Tom away from her.

“I’m about to unload into this bitch.” She said with a smile, “Why don’t you see about using her cute little mouth to get off while I do. That way you can take your turn with this little pisspig when you’re done.”

Beth slapped Denise’s ass for emphasis, eliciting another lusty moan from the girl, before pressing her boyfriend’s shoulders down so his sister could lick his manhood. Denise was more than willing. Despite the supremely awkward angle with her shoulders pressed against the tile floor and unable to lift herself from Beth’s (admittedly slight) weight pressing down on her, she did her best to raise her head to meet her brother’s cock. Her tongue extended as far out of her mouth as possible, Denise pursed her lips to receive her brother’s mushroom head.

Tom didn’t need much encouragement. Placing his knees between his girlfriend’s legs and his sister’s head, he let her gently swipe her tongue across his tense balls before angling his cock down into her mouth. Denise sucked it into her face with gusto. Though her twisted pose didn’t allow Tom to enter his sister’s throat, she took as much of it as she could, reaching around with a hand to grab the portion of the shaft that couldn’t fit in her mouth and jerk it as her lips formed a suction-tight seal around his glans.

Satisfied that Denise was taking care of Tom, Beth re-positioned herself slightly. Not wanting to break the other girl’s neck by applying too much pressure, she did her best to keep most her weight on the balls of her feet while putting her drooling sex into the funnel. With her cunt lips fully inside the funnel, not a drop of her warm, yellow pissed went anywhere except inside of Denise. Beth moaned in pleasure as the pressure in her bladder released. Denise latched onto her brother’s cock even harder as the first splash of yellow liquid drained down the tunnel and into her uterus. Her whole body convulsed in orgasmic delight. She could feel the hot salty fluid fill her innermost depths like it was a second bladder. In that moment she felt fulfilled in a way she didn’t know was possible. Her womb was not a place to foster new life and bring the next generation into the world. It was a cesspool, a worthless gutter for people to relieve themselves into. It wasn’t just an orgasm, Denise could feel her existential purpose being fulfilled as her brother’s girlfriend relieved herself inside her.

Tom couldn’t see everything, but knowing what was occurring was enough to send him into overdrive. Roughly, he began forcing more and more of his engorged meat past his sisters lips. Soon, his cockhead was banging against her uvula and he felt the contractions of her throat massaging him.

Beth was a somewhat small woman, and this extended to her bladder capacity. Even so, she was pouring in piss faster than the funnel could send it into Denise’s depths, and after a scant few seconds of delighted relief she felt the hot splashing of urine brushing against her engorged clit. As soon as she did she stood up, but never stopped pissing. The remainder of her hot discharge was released directly onto Denise’s face as she stood from the funnel and sprayed the other girl and her boyfriend’s pelvis with a powerful wash of salty piss.

This triggered yet another orgasm in Denise, who found the taste of her brother’s cock infinitely better when marinated in his girlfriends pungent urine. Despite her trembling, she did her best not to spill any of the fluid still making it’s way down the funnel. For Tom’s part, his girlfriend standing finally allowed him to see what was happening with his sister’s pussy unobstructed. He could see the funnel filled nearly to the lip with yellow fluid, then watched in fascination as it all-too-quickly drained away into his sister’s now-tainted uterus.

“Here, clean me up.” Beth said, and unceremoniously shoved her snatch, still glistening with urine and arousal, into her boyfriends face. This sent Tom into overdrive. Licking Beth’s nether-lips with gusto, he finally jammed his swollen penis past the back of sister’s throat and was able to start fucking her face like a pussy.

This lasted all of 15 seconds. Soon, Tom has his hand around Denise’s throat to massaging his spurting cock as the last drops of Beth’s urine finished draining into Denise’s womb. For her part, Denise was past coherent thought. She was being completely used, and loved every second of it. From the warm piss-filled depths of her reproductive tract to the sperm-covered channel of her throat she relished the feeling of other people unloading their fluids into her body. A string of small but intense orgasms wracked her with toe-curling delight. As Beth watched brother and sister achieve climax nearly simultaneously she, too, reached her peak. Grabbing Tom by the head and gripping his hair tightly she jammed her clitoris into his face, using his nose to stimulate herself through her massive orgasm.

By the time Beth released Tom’s head he was gasping for air. His flagging member slipped past his sister’s lips and into the open air. Denise instinctively mouthed after it, but she was fried. Her whole body felt like an extension of her pussy, one giant erogenous zone pulsing with orgasm. Of all of them, Beth had the most wits about her. Giving Tom a second to breathe, she stood completely upright and cupped his cheeks with her hands. As he made eye contact with her, she pulled him up to her and once again mashed her mouth into his. She could taste the potent combination of her own piss and girlcum on his lips and wanted to savor it. However, she was aware of the risks that posed. Pulling away sooner than either she or her lover would have liked, she pulled Tom to his feet and shuffled around so that she stood behind him as he faced his sister. Reaching around his thick, muscled torso she took a firm hold of his still inert member and pointed it at the funnel.

“There,” Beth said, “Now you can relieve yourself into this slut. I know you’re probably desperate to piss.”

Tom nodded and released his hold on his bladder. Even though he was swiftly coming back to a half chub, he was still able to do what needed doing. Letting his girlfriend aim his cock, he sighed as the warm fluid surged from his cock. The first burst went everywhere, Beth being somewhat unprepared for it’s force, but with a quick giggle she soon had her boyfriend’s fire-hose directed so it was unloading directly into the funnel. The funnel that lead straight to his sister’s womb.

Tom’s bladder had a much larger capacity, and in no time the funnel was filled again. As his urine reached the lip, Beth clamped her hand down on the urethra preventing any further piss from getting through. Tom groaned in pain. Denise groaned in pleasure. Beth laughed in delight.

As the urine levels in the mouth of the funnel lowered, Denise released the pressure on her boyfriend’s cock and let the golden fluid spill out again. As with last time, the force of the first spray went wild. Denise shuddered and nearly spilled the funnel jammed into her womanhood as an errant spray splashed her clitoris, but quickly righted herself so she could take more waste. After close to two minutes of this process, Tom pissing, Beth sealing him off when the funnel got to full, waiting for it to drain, repeat, Tom’s spray ebbed and finally he was relieved. He took a step back breathing deeply as his erection returned in full force. Beth came around in front of him and pressed herself into his lap, wasting no time in pulling his swiftly growing erection into her waiting cunt. The two leaned against the bathroom sink, slowly grinding into each other as they watched the last of the piss drain into Denise. Tom’s sister was visibly cumming the entire time.

Finally, the tremors ripping through Denise’s body stopped and she fell to the floor. She shuddered for a few more minutes as the other two watched her in fascination, their gentle copulation never stopping. Eventually, Denise regained control of herself. She pulled the funnel out of her cervix with shaking hands, dropping it onto the floor, then with some difficulty unscrewed the speculum, allowed it to close, and removed it too from her body. Taking a few deep breath, she finally stood up. Tom and Denise were amazed to see that only a small trickle of piss seeped out from between the younger woman’s legs. Denise shifted her weight from foot to foot unsteadily, then put her had on her tummy directly below her belly-button. All three could see that her abdomen was visibly distended. She looked like a pregnant woman, right when the bump begins to show. That was how much foreign urine had been drained into her baby-maker.

Denise chuckled in delight, “Look guys, I’m pregnant with your piss-baby!” Then she smiled almost demurely as if embarrassed, “I hope the other two parents will join me in a few hours for the birth.”

Beth’s birth canal clamped down on her boyfriend’s dick, and Tom groaned as he coated her insides with another load of hot white cum.
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