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This is a fairly long fictional story separated into a first act (more focus on sex) and a second act (more focus on story). Only the first act can be properly read without reading the second act. In regards to theming, both acts of the story mainly describe the gradual and sexual escalation of clueless or naive women. It quickly becomes quite extreme, non-consensual, cruel, and tortuous. It is definitely not for the faint of heart (however, no cannibalism, scatology, or snuff).
VIII. The level 7 of sister Mary

Sister Mary keeps training and stretching her body and after a total of 170 days (or 5.5 months), she passes the requirements for level 7. Her ass can now take a circumference of 38 cm with a soft length of 70 cm (27.6 inches) and a hard length of 40 cm (15.7 inches). Her pussy can take a circumference of 40 cm (15.7 inches) and a depth of 33 cm (13 inches). After taking father John fully into her ass and throat, she tests her pussy as well, just for her cervix to receive another reality check. Sister Mary still can’t take his entire cock, but it does not stop her from coming four times, until she downs her third load from him.

Afterwards, she is led to the surgery room again, where her implants are replaced by larger ones that each having a volume of 3000cc. Still dizzy from the sedative, she now receives a silver collar around her neck.

While she is holding onto his arm, they slowly shuffle into her new chamber, which has a vase with flowers, potted plants, and window shades that can be closed for the night. The music ***********ion has been extended to early jazz, which was something entirely new for her. While she wanders around her beautiful new accommodation, father John lists down her new targets.

“For level 8, your ass has to be able to take 42 cm (16.5 inches) in diameter and 80 cm (31.5 inches) in soft depth and 44 cm (17.3 inches) in hard depth. Your pussy needs to be able to take 45cm (17.7 inches) in circumference and 36 cm (14.2 inches) in depth.”

“Father John, I have heard that not everyone manages to get to level 8 or even 9. Is that true? Do you think I can make it?”

“Yes, that is true. A few sisters never managed to get past this level. But I would say that the majority does. However, many of them stay level 8 for the rest of their life.”

“For the rest of their life? How long have I been here again, father John?”

“A bit under half a year. I have to admit, you are doing remarkably well. You are still 18 years old and already level 7. You are not the first one to do this, but it is rare. I expect you to continue to do well.”

“Yes, father, I will!”

Sister Mary can barely contain her excitement. Just a few months ago, she was scolded for her incompetence with a 10 cm butt plug and now she has more than tripled her ass circumference.

“One more thing, sister Mary. Starting with level 7, you have the right to a daily ration of this pill.”

“What is it, father John?”

“It is a mix of substances containing mostly drugs such as gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, and many others. The contents are slowly released over 9 hours.”

“What does it do?”

“It provides a sense of euphoria and increases sexual desire and stimulation. However, it is optional. You are free to take it or not.”

“Oh... that sounds great! I thought it would be another difficult task to overcome... It is optional? ... How many of the level 7 sisters decide to take it?”

“Everyone, without exception.”

“Oh, then I’ll take it, I guess. When should I take it?”

“Try eight o’clock in the morning. That way, it should be under the effect during all your time with the masters. But wait until tomorrow, not right after the surgery. Also, no torture for your breasts for two weeks. You heal quickly, that should be enough time. Breastfeeding is fine, but we will start the weaning process. You will be provided with food to give to the cubs, which will therefore require less milk. In maybe a month, they can be released in the park with their sire.”

With that, he leaves her alone. Her excitement about her new room is dampened by the news that she will have to leave her little wolf family. Instead of trying her new comfortable bed, she shuffles over to the wolf bed and snuggles with her cubs, while fucking her sire. She drains his balls three times in a row, savoring the limited time she gets to enjoy his cock.

The next morning, sister Mary is so excited to try out the pill. When she finally takes it, she is a bit disappointed when she does not feel any immediate effect.

At nine o’clock she sits on her bed, waiting for her first master. To her surprise, it is father John that comes through the door.

“Father John, is everything ok?”

“Yes, did you take the pill?”

Her giddy smile tells him the answer before she opens her mouth.

“I did, and I feel good. Why do you ask, father John?”

Much to the surprise of sister Mary, he starts undressing himself.

“I want to make sure that the dosage was not too high. Let’s compare sex between today and yesterday.”

She is biting her lower lip in anticipation and wiggling her legs while he walks towards her.

“Oh, father john, if you had told me yesterday that I could enjoy you, I would have definitely taken the pill.”

“That is why I didn’t tell you.”

He shoves his cock in her mouth and fucks it ferociously. She gets to breathe two minutes later and is thrown on her stomach, for him to rip out her 70 cm tail plug. Without any pause he ravages her ass with full strokes, while pressing her face into the bed. Sister Mary is in heaven. After a few minutes of groaning, she experiences a powerful orgasm that she had not felt in a long time. Her well-trained sphincter clenches hard on his cock while her legs are shaking, but it cannot stop his cock from thrusting. Not long after she gets to swallow his first load.

Afterwards he switches through all her holes, makes her cum a total of four times, and eventually throws her back onto the bed, a little out of breath.

“Ok, the dosage seems fine, maybe a bit too high. We are going to slightly lower it tomorrow. How are you feeling?”

Sister Mary stretches out on her bed with a smile, though also out of breath.

“I like it so much, father John. It felt better, but the pill does not change sex too much. Are you sure you want to reduce its effect?”

“Yes, while many masters love sexually hungry sisters, some of them appreciate genuine desire that is not altered by drugs. Therefore, its effect is a rare privilege at higher levels. If you want a stronger pill, you need to ascend higher.”

“I’ll keep practicing then, father John.”

“You should, sister Mary. But there more duties as well. Now that your body can take so much, masters will be allowed to use machines on you.”

“What do the machines do, father John?”

“Most of them restrain and fuck you with moving dildos. They don’t respond to pain or reasoning, so they are used once a sister is trained enough to not get hurt. Some of them cause pleasure, some of them pain, often both.”

He checks he breast implants one more time, concluding perfect success and leaves her alone in her room.

A few minutes later her first master comes in, wheeling in a machine with two larger horizontal dildos. The foreplay entails her sucking him hard and massaging his cock with her large tits, whereas he fists both holes and pisses down her throat.

Afterwards, she has to sit on a saddle of the machine and bend forward with both her legs and arms tied down. Once he makes sure that she can’t move anymore, he switches the machine on, causing the saddle to vibrate and the huge toys taking turns fucking her deep in her pussy and ass. After overcoming the initial shock, sister Mary soon adapts to the rhythm and starts to enjoy the machine.

Her master rolls her towards the bed with her mouth on his cock and instructs her to suck him off. She puts all her focus on pleasuring him, but is unable to ignore the machine going to town on her crotch. After about 3 minutes she has her first orgasm, followed by the next one a minute later. Waves after waves overcome her while she tries to get off her master. Once she finally manages to make him come, he presses a button on a remote and the intensity of the machine is increased.

“That is a good girl. That was the first one, two more to go.”

She slowly begins to understand her task and resumes sucking him hard again. Sister Mary can initially handle the stronger stimulation, but starts to feel sore. She has been fucked at such a pace before, but humans usually get exhausted, whereas the machine can keep the pace forever. Her body helps her by firing out more orgasms, but not at the same frequency as before. While the machine is still full of energy, the cock in her mouth is barely getting harder. But she knows she has to keep going and after half an hour, she is rewarded with her second load. The master pulls out his cock and gets dressed.

“Good job again, but I need a break, honey. I’ll be right back, just let me get some fresh air. But first..."

He gets his remote and sets the machine to a higher level. Loud groans fill the air, while sister Mary tries to handle both her holes getting destroyed by the massive dildos. Luckily, the master can get some quiet peace when he steps outside.

He goes down the hall to a shop for some snacks and takes a walk to the park, where he watches some sisters getting railed by wolves. Oh look, over there is a sister that can walk upright, because her tail is long enough. He approaches them, talks with her master and is allowed to fist her holes for a bit. Then, he goes back inside and washes down his snack with a beer. Ah, there is father John, let’s shake his hand. Great job on the tits of the sister, they look amazing. Yes, he is having fun with her. Oh, father John is busy, well, time to get back to the slave anyway.

When he gets close to her chamber, he can hear that the groaning has turned to screaming. The machine is still going at the same speed as before. Ignoring her screams, he calmly undresses and sits down at the bed, where sister Mary immediately takes in his cock and desperately tries to make him come. The fresh air seemed to help a bit, but it takes another agonizing 15 minutes until he comes into her mouth.

After shutting off the machine, the dildos are retracted, but he keeps her strapped in, so her sire can get a go at her. Oblivious of her pain, he fucks her as hard as usual and enjoys coming in her mouth three more times.

After the deed is done, the master jams the tail plug back into her aching ass and releases her from the machine and leaves.

Just like last time when her breasts had to heal, her masters focused a lot more on her pussy and ass for the next two weeks. At least once a day, someone used a machine on her. Her holes gradually got used to it, but there is only so much training that can prepare for an hour of constant thrusting.

However, not every machine was just an extended fuck session. Some of them include puzzles.

One day, after making her master come two times, she gets to fuck a brother. However, when she deepthroats him, he chokes her out with his cock in her throat.

When she wakes up, she finds herself strapped onto a machine, unable to move. Once the dizziness fades, she realizes that she is sitting on a saddle, leaning forward onto a metal box with two holes, into which her tits are extending. Her hands are bound behind her back. She tries to pivot her pelvis, but quickly stops when she notices that it pulls on her clit piercing, which appears to be attached to her seat.

“Ah, my little slave is awake.”

She looks to the left and sees her master, lounging in a chair. He presses a remote, causing the seat to vibrate pleasantly under her pussy.

“Let’s play a little game. Your arms will release when you have come five times. At a press of this button, the machine will start driving a flexible dildo into your ass at a pace of 5 cm (2 inches) per minute. What is your current maximum in depth?”

“About 72 cm, master.”

“That means that you will reach your limit in about 15 minutes. So, you better, hurry.”

He activates the button on his remote and she feels a dildo pressing against her ass, very slowly. Sister Mary does not lose a moment of thought and closes her eyes, focusing on the vibrations from her seat. Don’t think about getting pierced through your ass, just come. The first two orgasms are reached after two minutes already, but her body slows down afterwards. After five minutes, the dildo is 25 cm (9.8 inches) inside her ass, but she just manages to come only the third time. Her fear of the machine progressing without stop makes it hard for her to relax. She gets a fourth climax 2 minutes later, but only at the 10- minute-mark can she push herself to the fifth one. The toy is 50 cm (19.7 inches) inside her colon and only now are her hands released.

She tries to get up, but her tits and her crotch are still stuck to the machine. With her hands now free, she feels around the box that is holding her tits, until she finds a number pad. She needs a code. Where is the code? The master points to the side.

“Maybe that jar over there can help. You are a bit behind, so better hurry.”

The last 10 minutes she had already seen a glass jar to the right of her filled with 1.5 liters (0.4 gallons) of cum, but did not know what she will have to do. Only now she sees that there is a straw extending out the top. Having a good idea how these games go, she grabs it and starts drinking as quick as possible. The cold liquid is stale and must have sat around for a while. Just an hour ago, she had to drink a lot of piss, making it hard to stomach more. But she keeps going, albeit slower.

When the jar is almost empty, she can see that white numbers drawn on the side of the jar start to appear. The code is on the jar! But she can’t read it, with the numbers fading in the white liquid. She immediately speeds up again, ignoring her stomach gradually revolting, while her guts try to accommodate the flexible dildo, which is already 60 cm inside.

Once she can identify the code, she enters it in the lock and hears a bottom plate of the box fall to the ground. When she tries to lift her body, her tits are still stuck inside. Quickly she feels for the bottom of the box and notices that two levers had been revealed. When she starts turning them, she notices that her nipples are twisting.

“Your nipple piercings are attached to screws. But don’t worry, one full turn will set them free.”

Sister Mary keeps rotating the levers until the pain sets in at half a turn. She allows herself stop for a second, but slowly continues as she is dreading the dildo in her ass. After three quarters of a turn, her nipples feel like they are about to be ripped off. Take another short pause, catch your breath. You gotta get out of there. Hold your breath and push. Keep pushing, keep pushing. Ok, don’t hold your breath, just scream.


She keeps going until the two screws on her piercing are set loose. Her nipples are allowed to rotate back, but suddenly, she can feel something pulling on her nipples.

“Well done, you released the screws. But they were each holding key weights of two kilos, which are now dangling on your tits.”

Sister Mary can’t see or reach past the box and does not know what is happening to her tits. The dildo is 65 cm (25.6 inches) in her ass already, and she knows that she will reach her limit soon. What now? Her tits are still inside the box and she can’t release her clit piercing from the seat. She is blindly reaching around on the machine, but can’t find anything. It is hard to focus when the weights hurt so much. Did he call them key weights? Are the keys on the weights? But she can’t reach them. She can only... she has to pull out her tits.

The dildo is already 70 cm (27.6 inches) inside her and the last thing she wants to do is lean back into it. But it won’t get any better. Buckle up. She holds onto the back of her seat and pulls herself away from the box. She has to pull with all her strength, since her huge tits are larger than the holes. Against the protest of her guts, she moves from side to side to pull her tits bit by bit out until they pop out of the holes, causing the weights to follow suit and fly into her lap.

The dildo in her ass has already reached 77cm (30.3 inches) and well past her limits, but keeps pushing without mercy. She hurries to check the weights to find a key, which she inserts into a lock at her crotch. As soon as she is free, she desperately rolls her body to the side, causing her to lose balance and fall off the seat. The weight of her body pulls the dildo in one quick motion out of her ass.

Screaming in agony and holding her aching stomach, she rolls on the floor but abruptly stops, when a sharp pain in her nipples reminds her that the weights are still connected to her tits.

Her master allows her to rest for a minute until she has to suck him off. Only then does he remove her weights and allows her to return to her chamber.

From then on, she understands to be fast in time-based puzzles and tries to memorize them all. However, every game appears to be new for her and she instead just tries to get through as fast as possible.

She manages to pass every one of the games, but some of them still get cruel and tortuous.

However, her largest torment is when her family leaves her. After one month of weaning the cubs off comes the day where she has to say goodbye. The entire morning, she had been fucking her sire and swallowed his come in order to cherish the last moments with him. Tears are rolling down her eyes, when she swallows his tenth load and he is too exhausted to fuck her holes anymore.

Even though she is technically not allowed, she gives each of her pups a last drink of milk before managing sister Lottie comes at 9 o’clock to fetch the entire family.

Once she is alone in her room, she breaks down on the floor and starts crying. The cubs have been a part of her, fed from her own milk. They received all the motherly love she could give. The sire was her mate, who shared a bed with her and who she was able to be intimate with, whenever she desired. Her family was gone and every subsequent second feels pointless.

On that day, she tries to hide her sadness from the masters, but her enthusiasm is noticeably lower, for which her ass and pussy gets punished a lot.

After lunch, the master that always rips her tail out comes through the door. She first dreads her sore ass getting tortured, but then realizes that he often takes her out to the park to get railed by wolves. Maybe her sire is there as well? For the first time that day, she has a genuine smile on her face and joyfully crawls to her master.

Dutifully, she practices all the usual tricks and enthusiastically fucks two brothers that he orders in afterwards. After downing everyone’s cum and piss, they go to the park, where she starts looking around trying to find her sire. This is now the first time in the park without him, making the loss of her family more of a reality.

Unsuccessful in spotting him, she eventually marks one of the trees. Not long after, many wolves answer her announcement of an orgy and get readily serviced. Looking through the crowd, she can’t see anyone from her family. Without having her sire in her ass, she goes on all four so she can get fucked by two wolves at the same time. Every time a new one approaches her, she hopes to see her sire, just to be disappointed again.

After half an hour she got through each one of them, but none was who she had hoped for. With a new wolf showing up from time to time, she keeps going, hoping that he would eventually show up.

After an hour, her stomach is full with sloshing liquids and it gets harder for her to keep fucking more wolves. Her movements are getting slower, but when her master asks whether they should return back to the chamber, she tries to muster a smile and shakes her head in an attempt to hide her exhaustion. He leaves her with the pack while going for lunch.

When he comes back an hour later, her stomach is bulging and she can barely keep herself on all fours. She greets him with a forced smile, but her red eyes and occasional sniffling show that she had been crying while left alone. Her body is at her limit, but she can’t let go of the hope that her sire shows up.

In the end, her efforts were in vain and they go back to her chamber with the most wolf cum she ever had in her stomach.

Two weeks later, her tits are completely healed and a master makes her an offer.

“It seems you are still dwelling on the wolf and his cubs.”

“I do miss them so much, master.”

“I talked with some of my colleagues and we came up with a game that may allow you to earn back one or more of your mutts. Are you interested?”

Her eyes lit up and she crawls towards him.

“Of course, master, I would do anything to get them all back.”

“Well, stand up, let’s shake hands on it. But this is your only chance, you hear?”

Sister Mary gets on her feet and joyfully shakes the man’s hand. He smiles and talks into his device.

“You heard her, fellas, we have a deal. Come in!”

Six more masters come in her chamber and a brother pulls in the fucking machine with two huge white dildos. Once everyone is seated, sister Lottie comes in the room, holding one of the cubs on a leash. Sister Mary immediately wants to run over to hug him, but it stopped by the master.

“Not so fast, slave. You have not earned him yet.”

She gets back on all fours and cowers.

“I apologize, master. How can I earn him?”

He reaches her a small bottle of piss.

“Your tasks are as follows: You drink this 40ml (1.4 ounhces) of piss, inflate your tits by 10cc, fuck this brother, and then get fucked by this machine for 2 minutes.”

Sister Mary takes the bottle and pauses for a second. This is too easy. Is there a catch? The master notices her hesitation and laughs.

“There is no trick. Go ahead, give us a show.”

She unscrews the bottle, downs the content and shoots heat into her breasts without noticeable expansion. Then, she fucks the brother, swallows his load and gets into the machine for two minutes. After a short round of applause, she is handed the leash of her beloved puppy. When she hugs her dear child, the masters aww at the heartfelt moment. Sister Lottie soon after comes with the second cub into the room. The master walks up to sister Mary.

“Congratulations on your first cub. You can either go back to your room with it or you can play a game of triple or nothing. If you manage to triple your tasks from before, you can get them both. What do you say? Shake hands?”

Sister Mary does not even hesitate and shakes his hand again. He reaches her a bottle with 120ml (4 ounces), which she downs in one go and takes another unnoticeable inflation to 30cc. She proceeds to fuck the brother three more times. After gulping down his last load, she gets on the machine for six minutes, which she concludes with a climax. As promised, she is given her second cub, whereupon a third cub is brought inside.

“What will it be, little girl? Do you take the two cubs or is it another round of triple or nothing?”

With a smirk, sister Mary shakes hands, whereupon she empties a 360ml (12 ounches) bottle and inflates her tits by 100cc. Afterwards, three brothers are brought in and she drains their balls three times each. Happy with her progress, she rides the machine for 18 minutes and comes three more times.

With her third cub by her side, she sees the last one brought into the room. With no hesitation, she accepts to play for all four of them.

Without a pause, she chugs down a 1080ml (36.5 ounces) bottle and has her breasts inflated by a total of 300cc. She notices some stretching, but is unconcerned, regarding what’s at stake. Nine more brothers are brought in, which she eagerly starts fucking. However, it takes her a bit under two hours to satisfy each of them three times. A bit wonky on her legs, she sits down on the machine and has to endure 54 minutes of constant fucking. Initially she can squeeze out a few climaxes, but by then end, she tries to just get it over with.

She needs a pause before she has the energy to hug the final one of her four pups. They share the love by licking her face and snuggling around her.

The door opens and sister Lottie brings in the sire. When he sees her, he tries to run over, but the sister holds him tightly by the leash.

“My lovely sire, I’m coming!”

She pushes her cubs out of the way and wants to walk over, just to be held by the arm by the master.

“You want to claim what you haven’t earned? Right now, you have only earned the four small wolves. You can go back with them right now, if you want. That is not a bad deal I think.”

She stops pulling with her arm.

“... or I can play one more game of..."

“Triple or nothing. If you lose, you are back at zero. But if you win, you can even have the big wolf.”

Seeing her sire just now lessened her grief so much, but it also makes her realize how lonely she has been. He was always there for her at the end of the day. They raised such strong cubs together. If only she could hold him again. She knows that her body is aching, but her mind is made up. She needs to get him back, no matter the costs. She turns over to the master holding out her hand.

“Let’s shake hands, master.”

Three bottles with a total of 3240 ml (0.86 gallons) are carried in, followed by 27 men entering the room. Seeing the new scale of her tasks worries her a bit. The game had been going for 4 hours now and all the exercise made sister Mary thirsty. She easily downs the first bottle, but struggles a lot already with the second one. She had been to the bathroom three times during the event, since her body processed the contents in her stomach quickly. But there was not enough space to accommodate so much liquid.

They allow her to reserve the last bottle for the marathon of fucking that is about to occur. Before she can go to the bed with the men waiting, they fully inflate her tits by 1000cc. With the original size of 3000cc, she is now for the first time at 4000cc. However, her main problem right now is to squeeze 81 loads out of 27 men. Initially, she tries to be fast, rides them, sucks them off, and smashes her hip into them. She tries to serve three of them at all times. As a result, she gets all of them off for the first time in half an hour. However, her muscles are getting weaker and her stomach is too full to allow any further moving. She resorts to just spit roasting two of the brothers, which requires another hour to get them all off the second time.

Exhausted and sweaty, she downs the last bottle for fluids, which almost pushes her stomach over the edge. At the final stretch, she gets fucked only by one man each time, during which she is constantly fighting in order to keep down her previous load.

After four hours, the orgy is over and sister Mary lies motionless on the bed. The men did her the favor of alternating between her pussy and ass, in order to allow her to get some rest. Yet, her holes are on fire. They had been fucked for hours by 36 cm (14 inch) cocks and before they were fucked by the machine for almost an hour. Oh no, the machine, she had forgotten about it. Does she still have to do it? How long was it last time? Just lie down on the bed for now, give the body some rest.

However, the men are instructed to carry her over to the machine, where she is strapped in for a last ride. The moment the dildos start thrusting, her crotch reminds her of how much pain she is in. Her holes are so sore and everything hurts so very much. The machine used to give her pleasure, but now it only provides pain.

She looks up and sees the sire. There he is. He can be hers again. Just go through it, you are almost there. She clenches her teeth and fights through the pain. However, after 20 minutes she can feel that she is slowly reaching her limit.

“How much longer, masters?”

“Last time, you did 54 minutes. Three times of that is 162 minutes. That means you are about one eighth there.”

She can’t believe what she is hearing. Seven more times of this torture? Can she even do that? Don’t think about the time, just keep going! Look at the sire, you are doing it for him. You don’t want to be alone anymore. Your suffering today can mean joy for the future.

After 20 more minutes, she is screaming in pain. The pain suddenly increased significantly, it is unbearable for her, she can’t ignore it.

“Aaaah, how much longer?”

“You are about one quarter through.”

Sister Mary looks one more time at her sire, she tries to get some more motivation to keep going, anything to keep pushing herself. But she can’t. It feels like the machine is killing her. Her body is full with adrenaline, trying to break away from the device. She is in complete panic. She needs to safe herself! ... she can’t fight for her sire anymore.

“Stop the machine!”

While she is screaming at the top of her lungs, the master calmly walks over to her and crouches.

“If we stop the machine now, you lose the game, do you understand?”

“Yes, please shut it off, please!”

“You will lose everything you have earned.”

“Shut it ooooooooooff!!!!”

“Say that you understand.”

“aaaaaah... aaaaah ... I understand! I understand that I lost! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

The machine stops and she is strapped out of it. She jumps off the device and rolls to the floor, but when she reaches for her ass, she notices blood. A doctor examines her and concludes only a minor fissure at her sphincter, which will heal in a day or two. But he guesses that if the machine had continued, the outcome could have been more severe.

Sister Mary does not even listen to what the doctor is saying. Behind him, she can see that the cubs are taken from her by sister Lottie and removed from her chamber. Despite all her pain, she immediately tries to get up and run to them, but one of the brothers easily holds her exhausted body. Their yelping grows fainter and is eventually drowned out by sister Mary’s screaming.

She had them, she had all cubs, but she wanted everything. Why did she not stop when she was ahead? The master even said that she already had a good deal with her four pups. She had her chance and gambled it all away. She had gotten too confident and greedy and now she has to pay the price. Sister Mary hates herself. Why is she so dumb? So incapable?

While she is crying and sobbing on the floor, the masters confer for a bit and then turn to sister Mary.

“That was quite disappointing, wasn’t it? We had given you the possibility to get your cubs back and you threw it all away.”

Sister Mary sits back up, sniffs and nods an agreement.

“I was so stupid, masters.”

“But we agreed on a small consolation prize. The wolf will fuck you in the ass one more time, as a goodbye.”

They lead the wolf over to her and the sire immediately starts fucking her broken ass. It hurts like hell; every thrust causes more pain than the last one. But sister Mary’s is not uttering a single sound. Don’t scare him away. She wants her sire to enjoy his bitch one more time. The reason that her ass is on fire, her sire, is happily thrusting away. When he pulls out, she sits up, swallows his load and cleans his bloody cock in her mouth.

The event is over and everyone leaves her chamber. She is alone again. This is worse than before. But this time she only had to blame herself.

A month later, the same master that had offered her the game to win the cubs back visits her again.

“You have lost your chance to get your cubs back, but maybe you can at least see them again.”

Sister Mary is listening, but with a worried look.

“I’d love that, master. But I’m scared that it is another game that I would lose.”

“Yes, another game would not do well for you. I agree. No, but you may be happy to hear that your cubs receive training and maybe you can help. We saw that you have quite the connection with them.”


“Yes, they need to learn how to behave. Don’t attack humans, learn to sit, roll over, fetch, stay, and so on. Maybe they feel more comfortable having you around. It was sweet seeing you fight for them and we thought it would make you happy to see them again.”

“It would, master, it would make me very happy!”

“Well, let's get going then.”

He leads her to a training ground in the park, where she gets to be reunited with her kids. They joyfully lick her face, jump around, and hug her non-stop. They have grown much larger than sister Mary and topple their proud mother.

Once the welcome party is over, the master starts with simple commands. He tells sister Mary to sit a few times until he directs the same command at the cubs. It takes her a few tries, pushing down their behinds until they understand what to do.

Similarly, sister Mary shows them how to lie down and roll over. It seems that they start to understand that they are to imitate their mother. After they go through other commands, they are all allowed to play for a bit, catching a ball thrown by the master. The first time, sister Mary manages to get the ball. However, afterwards, they manage to outrun their tiny and slow mother every time. But she does not mind, she hasn’t been this happy in a long time.

When play time is over, the master instructs her to mark one of the trees, but sister Mary is a bit hesitant. She knows that this initiates sex, but the master makes her do it anyway. Her puppies curiously smell the tree, but then just sit down, looking puzzled at the master and their mother.

“Make them understand what a marked tree means.”

“What do you want me to do, master? They are my children.”

“Not anymore. They have already reached sexual maturity and you make them adults now. Haven’t they seen you get fucked by their father a hundred times already?”

“Master, I have fed them since birth. We have been a family for all their life...”

She stops when he gives her a stern look.

“Are you going to disobey me, while giving them obedience training?”

Sister Mary slowly walks to one of her cubs, who starts jumping, wanting to play around. However, sister Mary calms him down, makes him sniff the tree and then starts petting him on his back. She slowly moves lower and lower until she reaches his penis. He immediately jumps back, tilts his head and gives his mother a questioning look.

She has to crawl over to him again and lays him on his back. When she reaches for his dick, he wants to get up again, but his mother holds him down firmly. She can sense that he is nervous, so she strokes him gently in order to calm him down. After a while, she sees her son’s cock gradually extend. Once it is fully out, she lowers her head, closes her eyes and sucks on her cub’s cock. His initial yowling eventually stops and he lets his mother do her work.

After a while, his tail is moving and his hip is twitching until she can feel him coming into his mother’s mouth. Sister Mary looks up at her master, who is grinning back at her, and swallows the load. She sighs and lets the young wolf go.

“You need to teach your other three boys as well.”

Sister Mary crawls over to her bewildered cubs and makes sure that they all get to come in mother’s mouth, who dies inside every time she takes her child’s innocence. Once sister Mary swallows the last load, she pets her still bewildered cub for a while, looking sorrowful into its eyes. You didn’t do anything wrong, my dear. Your mother still loves you very much. Afterwards she glances over to her master with a look that lets him know how hard this was for her, but he just grins back.

“They still don’t know how to fuck their bitch mother. Start with the first one.”

Her own little cubs, he wants her to fuck her own children. For a moment, she tries to come up with arguments against his command, but she knows she can’t win and that her fruitless objections will only be used to humiliate her. Just do what he wants, there is no way around it.

She walks towards her first son again and starts stroking his huge cock. Once he is ready, she goes on all fours and wiggles her ass at him. It seems that he does not understand his mother’s invitation, so she has to pull him by his cock towards her crotch and shoves him inside her pussy.

Once inside, his instincts take control over him and he gradually starts fucking his human mother’s pussy for a bit. He gets faster and faster, losing his sense of being with his mother and instead chasing the great feeling of fucking a tight hole. Then, the master maker her pull him out and insert him into her ass. The cub soon after resumes thrusting into the bitch under him. He is again interrupted when sister Mary has to show him that he can insert his knot into her ass, too. His entire member engulfed by warm flesh, he furiously continues fucking into her guts. Once he comes inside her ass, he panics for a bit, as his knot is still stuck inside his mother’s ass. Once she pops him out, he can run around freely again, still confused, but happy.

The same procedure she has to go through with the other three cubs. The master makes her plug her ass with the tail again, so she can savor her children’s cum for afterwards when she is led back in her chamber.

When she is alone again, she wrestles with the thoughts of having forced herself onto her children. They are not cubs anymore, they are wolves. But what is she now? Their mother? Their teacher? Another bitch to fuck?

The next few days, she is training with them as well. The first few times, they are learning commands as well, but eventually they only meet to fuck their mother. After a week, they wrestle who gets to fuck her first, until they find out that they can spit roast her. Eventually, they stop greeting her with licks or hugs and just rape her as soon as they see her. Oh well, there is the answer. Just another bitch to fuck. Having given up on being their mother, she eventually stops having any reservations as well and resorts to enjoying more dicks in her holes. She has lost her children, but gained lovers. She would have preferred not losing them, but all she can do is try to see the silver lining in a situation she cannot control.

Two weeks later, their training is complete and they are let out in the park to roam. Sister Mary sees them from time to time, when they are standing in line to dump another load into some bitch’s mouth.
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