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After Amanda and I have wonderful sex session, Amanda's daughter comes home and finds us naked on the floor. She joins us.
Chapter 4 – I meet Amanda’s daughter

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We curled up together on the carpet and spooned for a while. I started to get cold, so I found a blanket in one of the bedrooms and covered us up with it. We both dozed off, until I woke to the voice of her daughter, Jessi, who had come home from the school lecture. I was only about half awake when Jessi walked into the living room. She saw us tangled in the blanket together on the floor, still naked. I watched Jessi’s expression to see if she would be shocked or outraged, but what she did shocked me, instead.

Jessi looked at us and smiled, then started to remove her clothes, right there in the living room. She stared at her mom, and me, and almost did a strip tease, as she lost her clothes. She tossed them casually on the floor. Jessi was every bit as spectacular as her mom. She was not quite as tall, or as filled out in the breast area, but was essentially a smaller version of Amanda. When she got down to her panties, she looked directly at me, and slowly dropped them to the floor. Then she kicked them to the side. Her young pussy was smoothly shaved too, like her mom’s. She was an incredible sight to see.

I had no idea why she took off clothes in front of me until she came over and said, “Hi Frank, glad to finally meet you”. I said “Hello” sheepishly back to her and continued with, “I was hoping to meet you, but not while I was naked on the living room floor”. She smiled as she crawled under the blanket between me and Amanda, who was beginning to wake up too. “Mom and I have this…. ‘understanding’. We share things. We have already talked about sharing you”. With that, she disappeared under the blanket. I quickly realized she was serious about ‘sharing me’, when I felt her mouth sucking my soft dick. In no time, she had it hard and ready to perform. She popped up from the blanket and said “I love the taste of Mom’s pussy on your cock. I guess y’all were having fun”. And she went back down on my dick.

Amanda turned over, awake finally, and smiled at me. “I guess you have met my daughter?” “You mean the one who is sucking my dick right now?” “Yes, we have similar tastes in men…and in women, it turns out”. She smiled again, knowing I was befuddled as to what was going on.

With that, she scooted, on her back, beneath Jessi’s crotch. Jessi was on her knees, still sucking my dick, as Amanda began to lick her daughter’s cunt. I was shocked. I never heard of a mother/daughter relationship that was real. I thought it was a porn industry fabrication to sell movies. But I was witnessing the real thing with two incredibly beautiful women.

Jessi looked at me and asked, “Ready to fuck me now, Frank?” “Whaaat?”, I said incredulously. Amanda looked at me and said, “It’s OK, she’s not a virgin, and she’s on birth control. She and I have been talking about this ever since you and I first met, Frank. She is yours to use, too.”

I hesitated. I did not want to be a perv and fuck a high school girl. But Jessi was not waiting. She crawled on top of me. She straddled my hips and grabbed my cock. She aimed it at her young cunt, and slowly lowered herself down on my shaft. She relaxed when I was fully embedded in her tight, wet pussy. She felt incredible. Amanda asked her “Well, what do you think? Was I right? Doesn’t he have the best cock? Just the right size”. Jessi looked over at her mom and agreed. Then she leaned forward and put her hands on my chest. She slowly pulled up and nearly off me. Then went back down, packing my cock into her bare cunt. She repeated this action and began speeding up as her sensations began to build towards a climax. Jessi paused and ground her clit against the base of my shaft, and gasped, just like her mom. These two ladies were like sex twins. At this moment it dawned on me that I must still be asleep and just dreaming this. But, it turns out I was awake.

Amanda whispered into Jessi’s ear. Then Jessi climbed off me and Amanda took her place. She began riding me and rubbing her clit with a finger as she did it. Jessi knelt next to Amanda and they both began kissing passionately. Good lord, what next? It was possibly the most erotic sight I ever saw as those two fabulous women tongued each other’s mouths.

Jessi never missed a beat, and stayed engaged with Amanda, while she swung her leg over my face. Her crotch blocked my view of them kissing but gave me a close up of her young pussy that needed attention. Jessi planted her cunt right on my mouth and I began fiercely lapping it. She tasted similar to Amanda’s pussy. Like mother, like daughter I suppose. Both were delicious. We stayed in this erotic triangle for several minutes. Amanda was on top of me, with my shaft buried in her snatch. Her daughter faced her, and they continued to make out like teen-agers as Jessi rode my face. Jessi began frantically hunching me. Very soon after that, I heard Jessi scream harshly as her cunt exploded. She orgasmed and blew squirt all over me. It was fantastic. Amanda was triggered by Jessi’s climax and she too had an explosive orgasm. I was now drenched in wonderful lady squirt and both of them were breathing hard.

Jessi climbed off my face, then turned and kissed me. She looked into my eyes and said “I want you to fuck me in the ass, OK?” This was not really a question. And she did not need to ask it twice. I crawled behind her and aimed my shaft at her tight butt hole. Amanda said “Wait! She is too dry” and proceeded to lick her asshole and my cock. She slobbered all over us until we were slick enough for backdoor sex. Amanda then guided my shaft to her daughter’s shit hole and said, “OK”. I eased myself inside Jessi, inch by inch, being careful not to hurt her. This was not Jessi’s first anal rodeo, and she impatiently pushed back, cramming the rest of my dick inside her anus. “Oh, yea!, that’s what I needed” Jessi muttered to herself.

I began stroking in and out of her, relishing every moment of being inside Jessi’s butthole. It was extremely tight and hot. And the idea of assfucking Amanda’s daughter, with Amanda’s help, was too much for my mind to process. I rapidly increased my tempo and soon was ready to shoot my load. Amanda leaned over and rested her cheek on Jessi’s hip and opened her mouth. I knew what she wanted. I pounded into Jessi a few more moments, then pulled out and shoved my slimy prick into Amanda’s open mouth. She said “Yummmmm” and began sucking it, as I shot several jets of cum into her mouth. The contrast of pulling out of Jessi’s incredibly tight butt and going into Amanda’s soft wet mouth was indescribable. Amanda sucked me to pull out any remaining sperm from my dick, then held me in her mouth until I began to go soft. I collapsed on the floor, trying to catch my breath. I caught a glimpse of Amanda bending over Jessi as she drooled my cum slowly into Jessi’s mouth. That was even more erotic than the tongue kissing I watched earlier. These two were amazing.

I was done. I was elated, but I was exhausted. I laid there, not moving for several minutes. Jessi got up, kissed me goodnight and said she was going to bed. I mumbled some kind of odd thank you to her and watched her naked body trot off to her bedroom.

Then I stood up and somehow managed to start getting dressed. Amanda was still wrapped up in the blanket, watching me struggle to put my pants on. “What’s the matter, Lover boy? Two girls are too much for you?” She thought she was being cute with that statement, but it was true. My brain was still trying to process this entire situation. Our ‘arrangement’ was much better than I ever could have imagined. All my schoolboy fantasies have come true with these two girls. Here I was, fucking a MILF and now fucking her cheerleader daughter. How could it get any better than this?

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