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Allie is desperate to join the Sophomore Club but has to endure a number of sexual challenges to gain membership
Allie O’Dean had sailed through her freshman year with gusto. She had thrown herself into college life with all her youthful energy. Coming from a small farming community in Kansas, the college campus and big city life had been a real eye opener for her. Allie was a pretty, red haired girl with a freckled, apple blossom freshness. She made friends quickly and she was a quick learner too, endearing her to her tutors. When she started at college, she was a gauche teenager with little life experience. True she had a few tentative fumbles in the old red barn on the Simmond’s spread and there had been the time she had sat astride Dougie Boyd in his dad’s Chevy. Dougie had been as inexperienced as Allie. Not being on the pill, she had insisted on Dougie using a condom, which he purchased from a vending machine in Pop Henderson’s drug store. Having fumbled in Allie’s underwear for a few minutes in what he fondly imagined was the requisite foreplay, Dougie became so excited he came while he has putting the condom on. He just managed to penetrate Allie before his cock began to wilt.

Her first year at college opened up all sorts of new opportunities. She would be the first to admit that there is a great deal of truth in the maxim “If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education go to the library.” Allie worked hard and played hard. She learned how to give head and discovered that sex with girls could be every bit as satisfying as fucking boys. Life was good for Freshman Allie O’Dean.

The first year flew by and Allie returned to her parents’ home in Hicksville. The old group she had hung out with saw a new, even more gorgeous young woman but Allie steered clear, counting the days to when she could start her sophomore year. Time passed slowly in Hicksville, but at last the day came when the proud Mr and Mrs O’Dean took their daughter to the Greyhound bus depot. “We’ll miss you Honey. Here’s a little something to help you in your sophomore year,’ declared Allie’s mom, handing Allie a hand embroidered pencil case. “I put in a set of coloured pencils, a pen and a little ruler.

‘Gee thanks Mom. I love you.” She kissed Mom and Dad and stepped onto the greyhound bus.

Allie strolled onto campus with the air of someone who has seen it all before. Goodness look at all these freshmen. Fucking kids! They look too young for college. There were some nice facilities in the sophomore common room. Allie took a look at the notice board. Parties, discos, dances, student dinners, outings, clubs, sports teams. A veritable cornucopia of distractions. Then in the bottom right corner of the notice board there was a small notice inviting applicants to join The Sorority Society.

Before the end of her first week as a sophomore, Allie had submitted her application and was sitting before the Sorority Society Executive Committee. It was just like a job interview and every bit as scary.

The committee members were seated behind a table, facing Allie. The young woman in the centre peered over her spectacles. “My name is Sister Grace Goodhead and I have the honour of being the sorority society president. On my left is Sister Rachel Firbelow, secretary and on my right Sister Kristen Jillinghoff, our treasurer. Together we constitute the ***********ion committee. At this interview, we will assess your suitability to join our sorority and I have to inform you that our decision is final. In the event that you fail, the interview there is no appeal and you may not reapply. Do you accept these conditions Allie and do you wish to proceed?”

Allie cleared her throat. “Yes. Yes please I wish to proceed.”

“Very well, but I should inform you that you may withdraw your application at any time during this process, should the tests prove to be unacceptable to you. Withdrawal from the tests will constitute a failure and will end your chance of joining the society in perpetuity. Do you understand?” The three committee members looked hard at Allie.

“Yes, I understand. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join.”

“Good. The application process will involve three tests for you to complete. Each test will be a little more challenging than the previous one. Don’t forget you may withdraw at any time. Now are you ready for the first challenge?”

“Yes. I am ready.”

“For your first task you are to go to the office of the Dean’s PA, Mrs Prudoe. You are to ask for permission to use her photocopier, which is in the stationery alcove behind Mrs Prudoe’s desk. You are to sit on the copy machine and take a picture of your ass and then bring the picture back here. You have 15 minutes to complete the task.” Grace looked at her watch. “The time starts now. Go!”

Allie blushed. “Do you mean my bare ass?”

“Of course. Now go. You are wasting valuable time.”

Allie dashed off along the corridor to the Dean’s suite. She located Mrs Prudoe’s office and knocked timidly. Mrs Prudoe, a smart looking lady in her late forties, was seated behind her desk. “May I use your copy machine please, Mrs Prudoe?”

The dean’s PA looked Allie up and down suspiciously. “Do I know you, young lady? Have you used the machine before?”

“Er no, but I think I know what to do, Mrs Prudoe.”

“Perhaps I had better help you,”

“No! I mean thank you but I’m sure I can manage.”

“Very well young lady, but be careful. It is a very expensive piece of equipment.”

Allie quickly went into the alcove, checked to make sure Mrs Prudoe wasn’t following her and began to unzip her jeans. She lowered her jeans and panties in one go and hoisted herself onto the machine.

“Are you alright in there?”

“Yes thank you.” Allie pressed the start button. There was a whirring noise as the scanner tracked along Allie’s bare ass. Then she quickly jumped down and yanked her pants and jeans up as a sheet of A4 paper dropped into the out tray. It had a perfect picture of Allie’s ass filling the sheet. Then another copy dropped into the tray and another and... “Oh shit! How does the friggin’ thing stop?” A panic-stricken Allie looked at the various controls.

“Everything OK through there?”

“Everything’s fine,” lied Allie as in desperation she pulled the plug out of the socket. The machine ground to a halt. One sheet of paper was trapped half in and half out of the machine. Allie pulled the sheet, ripping it, leaving half stuck in the machine. Allie scooped up some twenty sheets of A4 from the out tray and dashed out, calling a thank you to Mrs Prudoe.

Two minutes later Allie presented the sheets to the interview panel. “You cut that fine,” commented Sister Grace. “One picture would have been sufficient.” Sister Grace handed the spare copies to her colleagues.

“Nice ass!” Remarked Kristen Jillinghoff, appreciatively.

“Yes,” agreed Rachel Firbelow, “but perhaps a little pale. Do you think a little more colour would improve things ladies?”

“Indeed,” agreed Sister Grace, “which brings me nicely to our next challenge. Are you ready to proceed Allie?”

“Yes, quite ready, thank you.”

“For your next test you must take a bare bottom spanking. Twenty swats. Do you accept the challenge?”

Allie gulped. She had never had a bare ass spanking. “Yes, I’ll do it.”

“Very well, but you must take the full twenty swats. If you give up before the full twenty then you fail. If you are ready, I will ask Sister Rachel to administer the spanking.” Rachel stood up and walked around to Allie, indicating she should stand, allowing Rachel take her seat. Rachel unzipped Allie’s jeans and eased them down over her boyish hips. Her panties followed. Allie blushed, aware that all eyes were focused on her nakedness.

“Over you go Honey!” Sister Rachel tapped her lap indicating that Allie should get ready for an over the knee spanking. “That’s it Honey, head down a little more and ass up. That’s good now I want you to keep that position. No squirming. Ready?”

“That good. Off we go then.” Rachel brought her hand down straight in a measured way born of long practise. Sister Rachel was the most expert spanker in the sorority society. After five swats Rachel paused and ran her hand over Allie’s reddening bottom. “How’s that feeling Sweetie? It is beginning to feel warm to me.”

“It’s OK I guess,” lied Allie. Her ass was stinging like hell.

“Fine. Shall we go on with the next five?

“Sure. Why not?” Allie assumed a bravado that she certainly did not feel. Sister Grace and Kristen looked on in eager anticipation. They knew from their own experience that Allie’s behind was stinging like crazy. How long could she go on? That was the question.

Sister Rachel swatted her hand down three more times before Allie winced and moved her arm back in a reflex action to protect her bottom from the fire that raged there. “Move your hand away, Sweetie. I know it stings but you either give me a clear arc of fire or we stop the test. Is that what you want?”

“No Rachel. I’m sorry please carry on.”

“Very well then. Stay still.” Rachel completed the set of five swats. “That takes us to the half way point Allie. Just ten more swats and we’re through. Can you handle that?” As she spoke Rachel traced lines with her red painted finger nails through the crimson marks, leaving white trails on the reddened flesh.”

“Yes Rachel. I’ll carry on with the test.”

“How about you ask me nicely Allie?”

“Huh! Oh, sorry Sister Rachel. Will you please spank my bottom Sister Rachel?”

“How many swats would you like Allie?”

“Please give me ten swats Rachel.”

“Alright Allie, here we go,” By the time Rachel reached the count of fifteen, Allie was audibly sobbing. Her ass was on fire. “Nearly there now Allie. Just five more swats. Can you manage that?”

Tears rolling down her cheeks, Allie agreed to conclude the test. Rachel continued applying the last five swats every bit as a firmly as the first. Amidst much squirming, wriggling, tears, yells and sobs, Rachel finally completed the spanking. “My, my ladies, have you ever seen such a colourful ass?” Grace and Kristen eyed the twin crimson globes and had to concede that Sister Rachel had tuned up Allie’s behind beautifully.

“Now for the third and final challenge Allie. As I warned at the outset, the tests increase in difficulty so I expect you may find this especially challenging. How are you with fellatio Allie?

“Excuse me!”

“Blow jobs, oral sex, cock sucking, giving head, Sweetie,”

“I know it means. I just wondered what it has to do with the test.”

“Simply this, Honey, for your final test you will be required to give head. Are you cool with that?”

“Yes, Grace that’s fine. Whose cock do I suck?

“You will perform oral sex on the captain of the soccer team. He knows someone will be assigned to fellate him and will be expecting you.”

“That’s fine Grace. I am sure I can manage that.” During her freshman year Allie had become a consummate sucker of cocks. Her sorority membership application was in the bag.”

As if reading her mind Grace added a warning. “The soccer captain is very demanding and will expect total satisfaction. He will report his findings to this panel and anything less than perfection will mean failure. In short you must give the perfect blow job. Do you wish to proceed?”

“Yes please Sister Grace, I would very much like to blow the soccer captain.”

“You must go the men’s locker room. I will message the soccer captain and he will be waiting for you. His name is Harry Philmore...” Grace thumbed out a message on her cell phone. “OK Allie off you go. You have done well so far. All you have to do now is give the best blow job of your life.”

With a mixture of excitement and trepidation Allie made her way to the locker room. She knocked quietly and peered into the locker room, fragrant with the smell of damp towels, sweaty jock straps, crumpled shirts, dirty socks and goodness knows what. “Over here!” The voice came from a cubicle by the far wall. Allie entered to find it occupied by a tall, dark haired, well-built jock.


“Yeah that’s me kiddo. Harry Philmore. You gonna suck my Johnson Honey?”

“That’s what I’m here for Harry. Ready when you are.”

“OK Honey, let’s get the show on the road.” Harry Philmore lowered his shorts and Allie got onto her knees to come face to face with the most enormous penis she had ever seen. Allie went to work, kissing the member all along its length, enjoying the way it pulsed and jerked in her hands. It grew in length as Allie used all her acquired skills to work it. This was not a test, it was a delight. Allie took the member into her mouth and moved her soft lips rhythmically up and down sucking on the gorgeous shaft. Harry grabbed Allie’s hair, controlling the girl’s movements. He thrust his powerful hips back and forth fucking Allie’s face. Then holding her head firmly Harry gave one final thrust and grunted a guttural groan as he filled Allie’s mouth with thick gobbets of goo. He held it there for several seconds after the last spurts had jetted out, then he withdrew and the sperm trickled down Allie’s chin. “Wait here,” ordered Harry, “I’ll get you a tissue and a cup of water from the cooler. Back in a second”. Harry left Allie in the cubicle, returning a few seconds later with a paper cup of cool water and a pack of Kleenex. This guy’s a real gentleman mused Allie. The country boys back in Hicksville wouldn’t show a lady such considerations. Allie dabbed her lips with a Kleenex and took a sip of water. Confident that she had given Harry a first class blowjob, she asked him if he had awarded her a pass.

Harry looked embarrassed and stroked his chin thoughtfully. “Well it’s like this Allie; you gave me darned good head. Better than a lot I’ve had, but to be honest it wasn’t perfect. You forgot to lick my balls and I think if you’d really tried you could have got my dick further into your throat.”

Crestfallen Allie looked at Harry and said “So I’ve failed the challenge. I don’t suck good enough to join the sorority.”

“Well I wouldn’t say that Honey. What say you we try over and see if you can improve your technique a bit?”

“What now? This minute?” Allie thought of limp dicked Dougie Boyd back in Hicksville. How could this dude be ready to go again after only five minutes?

“Sure Honey. Right now.” Harry lowered his shorts to reveal his cock every bit as staff and hard as the first time. “Don’t forget the balls this time.” Grateful to be given another chance Allie went to work again, paying special attention to Harry’s balls and trying to get the head of his penis into her throat. Allie marvelled at how the man could maintain such an impressive erection so soon after shooting his wad. She imagined what it might be like to spend the night in the sack with the man. Phew! She knew when the money shot was imminent because Harry grasped handfuls of her hair forcing her to gorge on his swollen member as his sperm once more erupted into her mouth. Allie was amazed that Harry had shot just as big a load as he had only minutes before. Harry slowly withdrew his flagging member as Allie coughed and spluttered into a Kleenex.

“I need to pee,” announced Harry. “I’ll be right back.” Harry left the cubicle, returning a few minutes later. “That’s better. I needed that.”

“Have I passed?” Allie looked up anxiously, seeking a sign in Harry’s expression. The indications were not reassuring. Harry looked at her gravely.

“It was very good. Much better, but it did fall short of perfection I fear.” Allie’s heart sank. Did this mean an end to her ambition to join the sorority?

“But what was wrong with it? I licked your balls, took your dick into my throat without gagging and made you cum like an effing geyser, so what was wrong for fucks sake?” Just the slightest note of irritation had crept into Allie’s tone.

Harry replied gently but firmly. “You didn’t swallow.” Allie’s brow creased in a frown. She hated swallowing sperm. She had tried it a couple of times, but just couldn’t stand the feel of it trickling down her throat.

“But you didn’t fucking mention that before. You said about licking your balls and deep-throating your cock, but you never mentioned about swallowing your fucking jizz.” Allie made no attempt to conceal her anger. She had all but given up hope of joining the sorority. All because of this A1, nickel-plated A-hole. There had been the indignity of sitting bare-assed on the photocopier, the pain and humiliation of Rachel’s spanking and the final insult of having her fellatio skills criticised by this moronic ass-hole.

“Look Honey...”

“Don’t Honey me, you, you ... You thing.” A suitable, more appropriate epithet escaped her in the heat often moment.

“Please allow me to finish what I was about to say, Allie. I was about to suggest we have one final attempt. How about it, Allie? One more attempt at giving perfect head.”

“You must be joking, you conceited, narcissist. I wouldn’t suck your cock one more time for a million bucks.”

“But just think Allie, the chance to join the sorority.”

“OK, rat face. You win. Get your cock out.” Allie dropped to her knees and was amazed to see Harry’s penis was every bit as stiff as before. She performed every trick in the cock-suckers book even though her jaw ached. If she thought for a moment that Harry could not produce any more sperm, she was mistaken. Thick globs filled her mouth. She swallowed with the merest hint of a shudder of disgust. Harry would not be drawn on whether he was going to award her a pass.

A few minutes later Allie stood before the interview panel. Sister Grace’s cell phone pinged. She looked at the screen. “It’s Harry”. She showed her companions on the committee the message. Sister Grace looked up at Allie. “Congratulations Sister Allie. Your application has been successful. All that remains is for you to pay your sub***********ion. Sister Kristen will handle that side of things. Welcome to the sorority. The four young women had a group hug.

The following day Kristen completed two items of treasurer’s business. She processed Allie’s bankers draft then visited a room in the male student accommodation. A tall, dark haired athletic jock admitted her. “Hi Matt, is Harry here?”

“He sure is Kristen. Ready and waiting.”

“Hiya boys, well done, both of you. Where would the Sorority Society be without the Philmore twins. I assume the old switcheroo worked well.

Harry laughed. “Sure did Kristen. The Kleenex tissue box was a neat idea. The going for a pee stunt was a bit basic but I don’t think she suspected anything.”

“So, which of you two boys went twice?”

“That really was me, Kristen. It’ll be Matt’s turn next time.”

“Well boys, you’ve done it again. Are you both happy with the usual payment?”

“That’s fine by us Kristen, if that’s OK with you.”

“Always a pleasure gentlemen.” Kristen dropped to her knees as the two identical twins unzipped their jeans.
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