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I could hear my lady Sarah on the phone as Dawn explained her offer. “Dawn one of my lady Sarah’s friends has asked if we would like to share a twin suite with her in a luxury holiday resort for ten-days.”
“I won the prize as a frequent shopper at the large store on Main Street, I also won a range of lingerie I would like to show you. The three of us could have a wonderful time together, no pressure. You know I have wanted to spend time with you and your man since the day we met.

Dawn decided to arrive at the resort on a Thursday so we would have two full weekends there. “The stretch limo was part of the prize,” she told us during the one-hour, comfortable trip to the luxury seaside holiday resort, as she sat between Sarah and I, her hands on our knees, already sexual tension between the three of us.

We arrived late morning, in time to unpack and check out the twin suite, both with huge beds, large enough for three or four people, as were the shower alcoves with twin heads, and a huge balcony twelve floors up, overlooking the ocean and other nearby high rise blocks, before we enjoyed a wonderful sea food lunch.

“So pleased we are all comfortable with each other,” Dawn told us over lunch as the people at the table next to us watched her sucking Sarah’s middle finger without any embarrassment from either of them as Sarah’s smile encouraged her. It was then we decided to make a diary of our ten-days together, with each of us writing about something they particularly enjoyed.

“You realise I am bi, gender fluid, just as both of you are. After lunch I want to shower before I show you the range of lingerie I won. You and I are the same size Sarah, would you like to try some on with me? And I think there are some male lingerie items Roger might like to try.”

The sexual tension between the three of us had been building since Dawn picked us up in the limo. “Are you going to watch me shower? Or would you like to join me, both of you,?,” Dawn asked as we watched her make a show of undressing for us, alternating her gaze as she let her short, white dress fall to her ankles, step out of it, still with her heels on.

Dawn turned her back on us, playing the vamp to perfection, flaunting her big ass for me and Sarah, before we watched her drop her black thong to her ankles, step out of it, still with her heels on. Sarah and I both have a thing, a fetish even about pubic hair. “Wow,” we both exclaimed as we admired the way she had trimmed her pubes.

She was around our age, early-mid forties, shoulder length blond hair, sixty-eight inches tall,, a well kept size-12 plus body, flawless skin, wonderful thighs, modest tits and a big, well formed ass. My lady Sarah gave me an ass fetish the first time she flaunted her magnificent, big ass for me. I was so pleased Dawn’s ass was the same league as hers.

“Are you going to watch me shower? Or would you like to join me, both of you?,” Dawn asked again as she commenced showering while we watched.

“Would you like both of us to join you, or just one of us?,” Sarah teased as she slowly undressed me, playing the moment, adding to the sexual tension before she undressed, staring directly at Dawn.

The moment Sarah stepped into the shower the sexual attraction between her and Dawn was electric, as they used shower lotion on each other’s bodies, tongue kissing at the same time, sharing a shower head, while I used the other one. Then without a word being said Sarah moved to my shower head while she watched me shower with Dawn, using shower lotion on each other’s bodies, and tongue kissing at the same time.

“The lingerie can wait until later,” Dawn whispered, “I want you now Sarah. I have wanted to do this to you since the moment I set eyes on you, tongue fuck you, cunnilingus. An added bonus with your man watching with a huge hard on,” Dawn whispered as Sarah stood, her back against a wall, legs spread, thrusting her vagina into Dawn’s tongue.

Later in the afternoon Dawn asked, “Can I show you some of the lingerie range I won. You and I are the same size Sarah, would you like to try some on as well? And I think there are some male lingerie items Roger might like to try. *********** just one item you would like me and Sarah to wear for you today Roger. Just ask if you want us to wear heels with your pick?”

“These would look much better with heels, on your naked bodies,” I told them as I handed each of them a sexy black garter belt.

“I should have known you would pick a garter belt for us, even sexier without stockings,” Sarah told me as Dawn and I watched her adjust it on her naked body.

“Does my ass look big Sarah and Roger?,” Dawn teased with a sexy smile while we watched her adjust her garter belt on her now naked body.

“Your turn to choose from the male lingerie Roger,” Dawn told me as I ogled her body, and Sarah’s, both naked apart from their heels and garter belt, their magnificent, big asses and trimmed pubes a huge turn on for me, framed by their garter belts. I had an absolute boner as the two women watched me undress to put on the skimpy, black crotch-less jock strap for them, the only item of lingerie for me to choose from.

“I have wanted to do this to you, give you a blow job, fellatio, ever since one of my girlfriends told me about you and Sarah,. An added bonus with your lady watching,” Dawn whispered as I stood, legs spread, my erection soaking up the pleasure of Dawn’s tongue and lips while Sarah was standing alongside tongue kissing me. The sexual pleasure even more intense and erotic when she deep throated most of my erection.

After the first day any inhibitions we may have had, were long gone when we agreed to have sex at least three times a day, late morning, mid-afternoon, and at night. We soon sorted out lots of variations, the two women alternating together while I watched, one of the women with me, always with the third person watching and / or participating. Then ultimately the two women sharing me.

Each morning we made a point of sunbathing in the pool area, all three of us determined to have an almost all over sun tan before we left. All of us face down, wearing skimpy thongs, with the strap in our ass cheeks, all of us exhibitionists, enjoying the voyeuristic looks and comments from men and women close by.

Then laying on our backs topless, resting on our elbows, our sex barely covered by our thongs. At around eleven we would make our way back to our suite holding hands, me in the middle, drawing envious looks from other guests.

We would shower together, hands all over each other’s bodies before having sex, always a three-way. The first time Sarah watched Dawn give me fellatio, an expert blow job, while she was tongue kissing me was a magic moment. A favourite fetish for Sarah and I, tongue kissing each other passionately while another person, male or female is giving us sexual pleasure.

For every day of our ten-day stay Dawn and Sarah had sex together, their mutual sexual attraction and chemistry obvious to everyone we came across, Watching my lady Sarah tongue fucking Dawn was magical as they whispered sexy words to each other, my erection at forty-five degrees while wearing a cock ring for Dawn’s visual pleasure. When aroused both women, would inevitably chant, “So good, so fucking good, fuck my cunt. fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt.”

“I want to watch your man fuck you tonight Sarah,” Dawn told us in the lead up to the fourth night. “If he fucks you from behind with your big ass in his hands I can lick you and kiss you while I watch. And we can talk.”

“What shall talk about Sarah,” Dawn smirked as she watched me grasp her ass cheeks and slide my erection into her, while she was licking and kissing her nipples. “Perhaps our mutual sexual pleasure? Both of us fucking your man? Or your man fucking me while you lick me? Fuck her harder for me Roger, I love to watch.”

One day the three of us were hoping the first time we had sex on our huge balcony, twelve floors up, overlooking the ocean and other nearby high rise blocks, would be an exhibitionists and voyeurs delight for us. That morning while the sun was on the balcony we all stood and smeared each others naked bodies with tanning lotion, enjoying being exhibitionists and hoping we were turning on some voyeurs we couldn’t see in other nearby high rise blocks.

The two women insisted on wearing heels, an extra touch of exhibitionism for me and any voyeurs. Sarah and I smeared Dawn’s back, legs and ass with lotion as she leant against the railing for support, before she stood, legs spread, with her back to the window while we smeared her legs, thighs and torso, leaving her cunt lips until last.

Then Sarah’s turn as Dawn and I smeared her body with lotion. Then my turn for the two women to smear my body with lotion. I was leaning on the railing as they smeared my back and ass when I saw the reflection of binocular lens in a nearby building. Then other people, voyeurs, in windows looking at our naked bodies.

The two women were pleased we had voyeurs admiring their naked bodies, just as I was while I stood with my back to the window as the two women smeared lotion over my legs, thighs, torso, then finally my erection.

“Let’s tease the voyeurs some more, let’s fuck for them” Dawn told us. We agreed with the sun on the balcony it was too hot for sex and decided to postpone until the afternoon. It was so exciting, sex on the balcony with strangers we couldn’t see watching.

Dawn wants to take up the story now. “I want you to watch your man fuck me tonight Sarah,” I told her and Roger in the lead up to another night. “If he fucks me from behind with my big ass in his hands you can lick me and kiss me while I watch. And we can talk.”

Deja vu, “What shall we talk about Dawn?,” Sarah teased as her man had my big ass in his hands as he fed his erection into me. “Work, money or sex?”

“Sex Sarah, I can’t get enough of it with you and your man. His erection feels like an iron bar in me, fucking me. So good. Do you like watching your man fucking me?”

“Yes, I love watching my man fucking you,” she told me as she licked and sucked my nipples. Your nipples are like bullets for me.”

Since early in our stay Sarah and I would talk to each other while we watched each other pee. It was even more exciting and kinky for two female exhibitionists when her man watched, teasing his cock for us while he watched.

My turn to take up the story again. On the eighth day we were sun tanning by the pool, all of us by now with an almost all over sun tan, apart from our crotch area, when a toned, tanned man, early-thirties approached, Darius an old friend of Dawn’s I learnt. “Hello Dawn, just like you told me your friends are very attractive, the man is incredibly attractive. Can I have him, give him fellatio, blow him while you two women watch?”

Nothing quite like a direct approach I mused, as he had my full attention, while I admired his almost naked, tanned, toned body in skimpy black swimmers. It suddenly became apparent why Sarah and Dawn had been a little edgy that morning. They had set this up for their sexual entertainment without telling me. And my sexual pleasure? Wow, at that moment the thought of a blow job, fellatio, from a stranger with two women watching was very appealing. And how could I possibly disappoint Dawn and my lady?

“Eleven-thirty, our suite,” Dawn told him after she looked at Sarah for her tacit approval. Just a lustful smile and a nod of her head was sufficient approval. On the short walk to our suite Dawn told us Darius had a shocking accident a few years ago, he lost his manhood. He is the equivalent of a modern day eunuch, a male deprived of the testes or external genitals. Though undeterred he has fine tuned his fellatio and cunnilingus skills. As you saw, he has a good body but he insists on wearing a sexy thong to cover his accident. He always was an exhibitionist, now he gets a real buzz giving fellatio and cunnilingus to couples while their partner watches, often with extra people watching, like today while I watch.

Sarah wants to take up the story now. Wonderful sexual tension when Roger walked naked into the shower. “You can say no if you will not be comfortable with Darius?,” Dawn teased with a smirk as Darius and me watched my man showering for him, teasing his cock with a fingertip as it grew. Roger was staring at Darius, he was wearing his sexy thong to cover his accident, his ass spilling out of it, while he watched lustfully, licking his lips.

Dawn and Roger had not taken much notice of me drinking a lot of water that morning. I had everyone’s full attention when I walked into the shower fully dressed, including heels, carrying a plastic stool. Before I sat on it I raised my short skirt and slid my thong to the floor, making eye contact with Darius.

“Dawn and me want you have an absolute boner for Darius,” I told Roger as my skirt fell to the floor. “An absolute boner,” I smiled as I slid my middle fingers along the sides of my cunt lips and commenced peeing, squirting at my man’s almost erect cock from two or three feet away, trying to avoid the shower spray.

“That really is an absolute boner, is it just for me,” Darius whispered hoarsely as he watched Dawn drying Roger off.

“I found this in my lingerie gift case, I want you to wear it for Darius, Sarah and me,” Dawn told Roger as she helped him on with a skimpy black male g-string with a hole just big enough for his erection and balls, then fastened the clip at the side. “And this is a bonus,” she whispered as she fastened a cock ring around and under his balls. Now that really is an absolute boner, nine-inches and thick, just for you Darius.”

“This time instead of extra pleasure from Sarah while a man gives you a blow job, I want to give you extra pleasure,” Dawn told Roger as he stood with his back to a wall. I was sitting opposite watching, naked, a strange smile on my face, legs spread with a finger teasing my clit, ogling the naked men.

Dawn stood behind Roger, her hands on his hips, grinding her pubes into his ass in a fucking motion while Darius was teasing his rock hard erection with his fingers, lips and tongue.

“You can say no if you are not comfortable with this,” Dawn teased, knowing right at that moment there was no turning back for Roger, his face telling us he absolutely wanted this blow job while Dawn and I watched.

“Fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking,” Dawn was whispering almost in sync with Roger as he muttered, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” grinding her pubes into his ass in a fucking motion.

I always enjoy comparing another persons, be it male or female, fellatio techniques. Incredibly exciting sexually for me when comparing their technique when it is my man they are blowing. Dawn was correct, Darius has fine tuned his fellatio technique. So subtle, teasing, edging, fingertips, lips, tongue as he edged my man.

“I am going to start off slowly, I want to maximise my pleasure and time with your thick, nine-inch erection. I am going to give you sensual kisses on the inside of your thighs, slowly working my way closer and closer to your huge cock. Teasing with a blow job builds up wonderful tension and I hope you will enjoy it a lot more,” he told Roger as he slid one hand up and down his shaft, teasing the head with his lips while letting the other hand wander over his erection and torso.

“I am getting serious now,” he whispered as he grabbed around Roger’s ass to help pull him closer to him before he cupped his balls, serious stimulation now. He was using all his mouth, from gentle flicks across the tip of his erection with his tongue, to pushing his erection against the walls of his cheeks.

“Mmm, so good, you are so big, I love it, I have always fantasised about giving head to a man your size,” Daris managed to mutter as Roger felt the soft vibration from his voice on his shaft, adding to the experience. “Do you like watching Dawn and Sarah? Do you like Dawn and Sarah watching?”

I loved watching him licking and sucking my man’s erection, a combination of both. Running his hands over his chest and torso, feeling his thighs, touching them in sensitive spots, ignoring his erection momentarily as my man fought to hold back his orgasm, a wonderful sensation for him as he edged him.

“I love looking at us in the mirror, an extra visual turn on for me, giving head near a mirror and looking down at your erection between my lips. Be patient, and embrace all the pleasurable experiences I’m giving you, without any expectations,” Darius told Roger as he gave his erection tongue strokes around his foreskin, always pleasurable for him during fellatio.

“The small, though exquisite pleasure I am going to create by sucking the tip of your erection will result in the most satisfying and engaging sexual experience for both of us,” Darius told Roger as he teased his balls with his fingertips.

“Am I a good?” Darius teased as he ran his thumb tip and a fingertip along the full length of my man’s erection as he licked and sucked just the tip of it.

“Fuck yes, yes, you are so good, so fucking good. I love it, my cock loves it. Gunna cum, gunna cum, so good, you are so fucking good,” Roger was moaning in a breathless whisper as his whole body tensed.

“Do you want me to swallow?,” Darius asked as he softly teased my man’s nipples with his fingertips, he was right on the edge, unable to hold back much longer.

“Yes, yes, yes, gunna cum, so good, so fucking good,” he moaned as Darius swallowed.

“How would describe that experience in one or two words Roger?, Dawn asked afterwards.

“Magnificent, fucking magnificent.”

“You are an incredibly talented and sexy woman Sarah,” Dawn told me over lunch. You know what I want this afternoon, don’t you? A golden shower. Is there anything I can do for you, organise for you?”

“Fine by me, so pleased you would like a golden shower. To answer your question, is there anything you can do for me, organise for me?

“Yes, I want Darius to tongue fuck me tonight, some expert cunnilingus,” while you and my man watch.”

It was a little after two when Dawn told me, “Darius was hoping he would get the opportunity to tongue fuck you Sarah, some expert cunnilingus, while me and your man watch. He confirmed eight tonight. Now let’s give my golden shower top priority. Relax and drink lots of water for me Sarah.”

Roger’s turn to take up the story again. The four of us were sitting around a small table while Sarah was drinking copious amounts of water, giving Dawn flirtatious smiles, when the conversation inevitably turned to sex. “If Sarah wasn’t going to give me a golden shower soon, what else could we have done for our sexual appetites, for our sexual fetishes this afternoon? You first Roger,” Dawn teased.

“Watching Sarah and you talking to each other while you watched each other peeing was so exciting and kinky for me. Two female exhibitionists enjoying me watching. Wow.

“Each time I watched, I fantasised about a golden shower. Two golden showers, one from each of you. Dawn first, then Sarah, while each of you watched the other. I had such a boner afterwards.

“And you Sarah?”

“The first time I watched you give Roger a blow job. He was rock hard, laying on his back. For both of us nothing quite compares to tongue kissing each other while a third person is giving us fellatio or cunnilingus. You excelled yourself Dawn.”

“Now my turn. The first time I watched Roger worship your big ass Sarah, it was in the morning. You made an entrance wearing heels and one of his shirts, just one button fastened. You turned around, spread your legs and lifted the shirt to flaunt your big ass spilling out of a tiny black thong. The way he kissed and licked your ass made so envious. I told you both what a turn on that was for me and how envious I was.

“Then that afternoon I made an entrance wearing heels, a bra and a short skirt. I turned around spread my legs and lifted the skirt to flaunt my big ass spilling out of a tiny black thong. I could hear Roger whisper, ‘oh wow, fuck’. I hoped you weren’t too envious Sarah. No man had ever worshiped my big ass, licked and kissed as well as Roger.”

By three that afternoon there were two large, empty water bottles on the table. “Are you sure you want this Dawn, your golden shower? Yes? I can’t believe a sexually sophisticated woman like you has never had one before now. So exciting for me to be the first. Roger wants to watch, do you mind?,” Sarah teased, building the tension as I helped undress them both.

“No, I want him to watch. Kiss me, both of you, make me excited.” The three of us were naked when we entered the shower alcove. Dawn was sitting on the same stool Darius had used earlier, her hands behind her head, a look of huge anticipation on her face. “Turn on a sink tap Roger while I concentrate,” Sarah whispered. “Count to three for me Dawn, slowly while I concentrate some more.”

“One, two, concentrate Sarah, concentrate for me, three, now, now, now. Oh fuck, so kinky, so fucking kinky. I love it.”

Five minutes later the two women were standing in the the shower together, arms wrapped around each other, kissing with the tips of their tongues. “Count to three for me Dawn, slowly while I concentrate some more,” Sarah told her as they kissed with the tips of their tongues

“One, two, concentrate Sarah, concentrate for me, three, now, now, now. Oh fuck, so kinky, so fucking kinky.”

Sarah’s turn to take up the story again. “Are you looking forward to Darius tongue fucking you tonight, some expert cunnilingus Sarah?,” Dawn asked as she helped me prepare for Darius. I was naked apart from my heels as my man watched her offer me some new lingerie from her lingerie gift case. My favourite for a new lover, male or female, is invariably stockings and garter belt. I passed on those when I saw some crotchless and backless black, panty hose.

Dawn and Roger changed my mind for me when they both told me stockings and garter belt. Dawn helped me try them on before I noticed a short black dress in her lingerie gift case. “That is short Sarah, but it is so you, it highlights your best features, it barely covers your ass and your thighs look magnificent in it, let’s go with that look. And this crotchless, black g-string.”

In the last week my man has tongue fucked me, beautifully, while Dawn watched and participated, Dawn has also tongue fucked me, exquisitely while my man participated. Am I being greedy I wondered, as I anticipated the excitement of the third person in a week tongue fucking me? No, I love being licked and teased and I can’t possibly resist while Dawn and my man watch.

“Tell me what you are going to do to me while Dawn and my man watch Darius?,” I teased after I made my entrance, as I sat with my legs crossed. Always a turn on for me, asking a new sexual partner, to tell me what they are going to do to me.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you Sarah?,” he teased as I crossed and recrossed my tanned legs for him, enjoying being the centre of attention for three people.

“Exquisite cunnilingus, a tongue fuck to remember, I love having my cunt licked and teased. I want you to lick and tease me to orgasm, I am multi orgasmic. And I love my big ass being worshipped, licked and kissed. And I want you to turn on Dawn and Roger while they watch, two voyeurs for us.”

I was concentrating on my breathing, I learnt long ago to concentrate on my breathing when receiving cunnilingus. If I am rigid and tense, I won’t be able to relax, and maximise my sexual pleasure, nor my partners. I always loosen my muscles and focus on breathing, visualizing my lover’s every breath traveling down my body though my pelvic region and to my clitoris. I want my tongue fuck, my cunnilingus to be an exquisite experience, always.

My exhibitionist streak was in overdrive as I stood, legs spread and slowly lifted my short dress as Darius was staring at my pubes in my crotchless, black g-string . “I want to be licked and teased, exquisite cunnilingus, I want you to lick and tease my cunt to orgasm while my two lovers watch.”

“And so I will, let’s start with your big ass, it is just magnificent spilling out of your g-string,” he told me in a hoarse whisper after I turned and lifted my dress to show him my ass. His tongue was incredibly erotic as he danced it across and around my ass cheeks, his only contact with me. I have had men and women’s tongues worship my ass, lick and kiss it, Darius was a revalation.

I was breathing heavily, muttering, ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’, soaking up the pleasure, just the tip of his tongue on my ass was exquisite, then his flat tongue before he used all of his wet tongue on my ass cheeks. Other than his tongue and lips his first contact with me was his soft fingers releasing my g-string, then my dress.

I was standing naked, hands on hips, legs spread, one heel on a low stool, wide open for Darius anticipating an exquisite tongue fuck. He didn’t disappoint me.

I was pleased Dawn and Roger were both naked, sitting alongside each other as Darius went to work on me. I call it work because he was so eager and enthusiastic - and so good.

“i hope this will be as pleasurable and exciting for you as it is for me,” he whispered as he kissed and teased the surrounding areas before going anywhere near my clit. A little stroke, a grope, and a few kisses around my navel went a long way in maintaining a feeling of connectedness, and raising my libido.

I love a tongue on my hood, the little piece of flesh that protects my clit and allows my lover to distribute stimulation more evenly than direct contact, it also helps build my arousal. I love his tongue on my extra-sensitive clit. Pinching the hood and lips with his finger and thumb to create a barrier between my clit and his tongue, then lapping it up with long, slow strokes and swirls. So good, so fucking good, I love being licked and teased.

Variety, then rhythm, he was teasing my cunt with different strokes, speeds, and pressure, discovering what will bring me off without straining his tongue. Once we found a rhythm for my climax, my first orgasm, he kept it steady and consistent. “Don’t change anything, don’t you dare until after I orgasm for the first time, then you can do something different,” I told him.

Something else I learnt long ago, communicating during sex can be a huge, turn on. My partner, male of female can’t know what feels good for me unless I let them know, Never shy, I use noises or movements to express myself. When really aroused as I was with Darius, while Dawn and my man watched, I moaned uncontrollably, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fucjamycunt, fuckamycunt.”

I was guiding Darius’ head into my cunt lips. Holding it in place and pressing myself against him, giving him guidance, feeling so sexy. I was so close to a huge orgasm when I whispered, “I want to squirt for you, make me squirt,” before he slid his middle finger into me, then a second finger, expertly finding my g-spot, Edging me, teasing me with his tongue and fingers, my breathing out of control as I looked up and saw Dawn giving my man a hand job while she watched me.

I was sure Darius felt my vibe as I watched Dawn milking my man, I am still unsure what he did to edge me just that little extra as I moaned, so loudly, as I orgasmed and squirted.

Cunnilingus has to be in the upper echelon of sex acts for me, being eaten out by a man or a woman, is such an intimate act, one of the most intimate things you can do. I love receiving cunnilingus because it simply feels awesome. That day with Dawn and my man watching Darius giving me cunnilingus it was awesome - and magical.

Dawn’s turn to finish the story. The next day was our last full day. The night before after Darius left, I told Sarah, “I want you to wear that dress for me tomorrow, I want you to tease me like you teased Darius.

“That dress is short Sarah, but it is so you, it highlights your best features, it barely covers your ass and your thighs look magnificent in it, let’s go with that look. And this crotchless, black g-string. Now tease me like you teased Darius.”

“Tell me what you are going to do to sexually pleasure me Dawn while my man watches?,” Sarah teased after she made her entrance, sitting with her legs legs crossed.

“Tell me how you want me to sexually pleasure you Sarah?,” she teased, enjoying being the centre of attention for two people.

“Exquisite cunnilingus, a tongue fuck to remember, by now you know I love having my cunt licked and teased by women and men, my super erogenous zone, . I want you to lick and tease me to orgasm, you know I am multi orgasmic. And I love my big ass being worshipped, licked and kissed. And I want you to turn on Roger while he watches, a voyeur for two exhibitionists.”

Sarah was concentrating on her breathing, when she whispered, “I want my tongue fuck, my cunnilingus to be an exquisite experience,“ as she stood, legs spread and slowly lifted her short dress, so I could stare at her pubes in her crotchless, black g-string. “I want to be licked and teased, exquisite cunnilingus, I want you to lick and tease my cunt to orgasm while my other lover watches.”

“Can I start with your big ass Sarah, it is just magnificent spilling out of your g-string,” I told her in a carnal whisper as I lifted her dress to allow her to flaunt her ass for me. My tongue on her ass cheeks was the only contact I had with Sarah as I danced it across and around her ass cheeks.

She was breathing heavily, muttering, ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’, soaking up the pleasure, of my tongue swirling over her big ass, before I released her g-string, then her dress. Sarah was standing naked, hands on hips, legs spread, one heel on a low stool, wide open for me anticipating my tongue fuck. After more than a week of sex with this woman, I still can’t get enough of her, she was a pornographers delight.

“I want you to squirt for me Sarah,”I whispered after she had a series of noisy orgasms, while I was edging and teasing her with my tongue and fingers. She was breathing heavily, her body trembling as she moaned, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt.”

“Did you enjoy watching me tongue fucking your lady and making her squirt?Is there anything I can do for you on our last afternoon here?, I asked Roger that afternoon.

“You know by now I love watching you tongue fucking my lady, though that was the first time I hadn’t joined in,” he told me. “And they way she squirted for you was awesome. And as you asked, is there anything I can do for you? Yes, suck my cock while Sarah joins in.”

That night, our last, at my suggestion, though there was no hesitation from Sarah and Roger, we agreed on a three-way. We tossed a coin to see who Roger would fuck first. Sarah won the toss, though she graciously agreed to let Roger fuck me first. He had me on my back while Sarah sat on my face, her ass cheeks in my hands as I licked her while Roger fucked me.

An hour later Sarah’s turn to fuck her man on his back, Sarah sitting on his erection while I sat on his face, my ass cheeks in his hands as he licked me while me and Sarah were passionately tongue kissing each other.

The next day on our way home in the stretch limo we agree to stay in touch. “I have some friends, male and female I would like to share with you both.”
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