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Megan has been avoiding seeing her cousins. They keep holding over her head the sex tape with them, friends, and their dog. She decides to go over to her uncle's house after they are home from high school, and during the week, hoping a short visit will appease them.

I had gotten done with my workout at the gym.  I checked my phone.  My cousins sent a message. ‘Cousin Megan, it has been a while since you have been over. Don't forget what we said.’ 


“Well, shit.  I have been avoiding Jake and Justin.  I better swing by to see them.” 


On the way over to my uncle’s house to see my cousins I rehearsed what I would say to them, hoping to keep my visit short. I arrived, but didn’t see their cars, I thought, ‘Oh great, maybe they won’t be home as well.’ 


I went up to the door, ringing the bell while I whispered, ‘Don’t be home, don’t be home.’ 


Jake answered the door.  His eyes went up and down my body.  I remember I was wearing just a sports bra and yoga pants. ‘Fuck’ I thought to myself. “Holy shit Megan, when you come over for a visit you don’t fuck around.” 


He turned his head a bit, “Justin, guess who is here, it is our hot cousin Megan.” 


Justin came rushing downstairs, a big shit grin on his face.  He stopped dead in his tracks, looking at me up and down.  “Wow, Megan.  Your nips are already hard!” 


I glanced down, yep, my nipples were erect and showing through the sports bra, great.  Now both of my cousins stood in front of me.  Immediately the two of them began to play with my hard nipples. 


“Nice of you to stop by finally.  We were starting to think that you were afraid to come by and visit your cousins.” 


 Jake and Justin were now using my breasts as stress balls, squeezing them as they looked at me.  I bit my lower lip, trying to hold in the pleasure. “Um no, just been busy.  You know, college, work.”  


Their dog, Rex, came into the room wagging his tail.  As my cousins kept playing with my tits, Rex walked over, stuck his nose between my legs.  


“See Megan, he missed you to.”  They both laughed.  I tried to brush his snout away from between my legs but that only seemed to encourage him to stick it between them more.  


Then Justin said, “Well would you like that Megan, he is happy to see you.”  At that moment he stood up on his hind legs, and that is when I saw the ’s bright red cock already sticking out. 


I panicked a bit, oh shit, oh shit repeated in my mind.  Jake told him to get down, mumbling either not now or not yet, I did not hear him.   


That's when my cousins grabbed me by the hand, pulling me upstairs.   


“Um, what are you doing?” 

“We have something to show you, Megan,” Justin said. 


“Yeah, we did a little bit of online shopping for you,” added Jake. 


As they led me upstairs, Rex followed, his snout kept poking me between my ass cheeks.  Jake told Justin to go get something, but I could not hear what he said.  I watched Justin double-time up the stairs ahead of us.  I didn't see where Justin had gone as Jake led me into his bedroom.  Then suddenly Justin popped out from behind the bedroom door, grabbing one hand and then my other hand pulling them behind my back.  A moment later I felt him putting something on my wrists, omg, handcuffs! 


They let me go as I stood there with my hands cuffed behind my back.  


“Oh my god you two, why?”  I spun around showing the handcuffs before spinning back around. 


The two of them were laughing as they began to undress. Jake stopped, “Well, we figured the next time you came over we would have to make sure you did not try to slip away.” 


Justin was naked, stroking his erect cock.  He was waiting for his brother to finish stripping.  The lust in their eyes was incredible.  


Justin stepped up to me.  Pulling my sports bra up over my tits. “Do you know how many times we have watched our hot video of you, jerking off to it, waiting for you to come back over?”   


He bent his head down to one breast, his hand rubbed my right breast, he cupped it, and then began to suck on it.   


I let out a moan, looking down at him before glancing back up at my other cousin.  


“Yeah, Megan.  We watch your hot, dirty video over and over, jerking off, waiting for you to come back over for more fun.”   


Now he did the same but with my left breast.  The two of them were sucking on my tits, sucking so hard.  Their free hands were rubbing my pussy through the yoga pants.  Fuck, I was so wet!  And they let me know.    


As my cousins were working me up, Rex came into the room.   


“Come here boy, come here.  You remember Cousin Megan’s pussy.” Jake then patted my wet crouch. 


He came over, sniffed, and then began to lick my wet crotch.  Even though his tongue was not touching my pussy, licking me like that made me moan more.  I protested of course but my cousins saw through me and saw that I was becoming horny. 


Justin and Jake forced me to widen my stance so their dog could get between my legs.  They kept playing and sucking my tits while Rex kept licking. 


“Oh god no, not the dog again.  Please...I’ll do anything, just not him.” 

“Sure cousin, sure.  You say that but we have watched that recording over and over again.  You protested but appeared to enjoy it.” 


Then Justin stopped.  “I almost forgot about the items we bought.  Keep Megan entertained while I get them.” 


He left the room meanwhile my other cousin now played with both of my tits; fondling them at the same time, flicking my hard nipples, and moving from one to the other sucking as hard as he could.  Rex kept licking me, making me wetter and wetter.  I felt an orgasm building.  Jake could tell from my moaning, heavy breathing, and the sweat forming all over my body.   


Justin came back into the room holding a bag.   


“I think Megan is already going to come.”   


“Oh really.”  Justin looked at me, grinning ear to ear. “I guess we should make sure that happens.” 


The two of them pressed me up against the wall, legs spread wide.  They kept sucking on my tits, rubbing my clit through my yoga pants while their dog was licking me like crazy.   


“Oh god...I can’t hold no... not Rex...I can’t take it.” 


I could not hold it back if I tried, I let out a near screech of pleasure as I came, soaking my yoga pants.  My cousins were sucking on my tits, they kept sucking, flicking my hard nipples around as I kept screaming from my orgasm.  The dog did not let up, he could taste my wetness and loved it.  I squirmed around as they held me up against the wall.   


Once my orgasm had subsided, I looked at the two of them.  I was drenched in sweat.  


“OK, you have had your fun.  Please let me go.”  I knew that it was pointless to say to my lust-filled cousins and honestly, I was curious as to what they had in the bag.  


Justin grabbed my left breast, fondling it and looking me in the eye. “Oh, my hot cousin, the fun has only begun.  You know we need to blow our loads.”  he paused, “a couple of times.” 


Then he reached into the bag while Jake kept me up against the wall.  He did not have to, it was not like I was going to run away with my hands cuffed behind my back. 


I watched as he pulled out a cosplay headband with dog ears on it.  Justin brushed my hair back, holding it in a ponytail with one hand as he slipped the headband on my head. 


“There you go Megan, now you look a bit more like a hot, sexy dog lover.”  Then he reached into the bag again. Now he pulled out a cosplay tail.   


Omg, they were dressing me up like some waifu human hybrid. The tail was attached to a belt.  He put the tail on me, then stepped back to admire it.  Jake took out his phone and took a photo of me.  


“Damn Megan, you are one hot-looking bitch.” he laughed.  “You know what I mean.” 


Then Justin turned to his brother and asked, ‘Did we forget anything?’ 


Jake smiled, “Yes, but I have it handy.”  He reached under his bed pulling out another bag.  My eyes widened a bit when he took out a collar and leash!  I kept saying no, no, no, giggling a bit as I did.  But that did not stop them from putting the dog collar on me.   


“Now Megan, if you are a good doggie cousin and only speak like a dog, we will take the handcuffs off.”  Justin then looked at his brother. 


Jake attached the leash to the collar and gave it a slight tug.  I responded with a little whimper. I was incredibly turned on.  I don’t think my nipples had ever been as hard as they were at that moment.   


Justin patted me on the head.  “Good girl.  Turn around.”  I did as he said, spinning around and he removed the handcuffs.  “Now a good doggie cousin would wag her tail to say thank you.”  I shook my hips making the tail sway back and forth.   


Then I spun around, putting my hands up in the air, bending them like a begging dog, I barked at them, shaking my tail again. I glanced down at the two of them, their cocks were rock hard, swollen, bright red, and drooling precum.  


They looked at each other, ‘Hmm, what do you think?  Is Megan a good doggie or does she need another obedience lesson?’  ‘She needs another lesson for sure.’ 


They both turned to face me, both patting me on the head.  I gave a happy bark. Jake then spoke, while stroking his cock, “Oh don’t worry Megan, we have not forgotten about feeding you. If you are a good doggie cousin with your next lesson, then we will feed you.” 


They both simultaneously reached for my crotch and ripped my yoga pants at the seam, exposing my wet pussy.  they pushed my legs apart again, turning to Rex, “Come here boy, come taste Megan.  Lick her good.’ 


“Oh wait, no.” Jake yanked on the leash, pulling the collar.   


“Now, now Megan, good doggie cousins don’t speak, they only talk bark or growl.” 


I gave a whimper, but it was too late, my pussy was getting lapped at again.  My cousins reached down between my legs, using their fingers to spread my wet lips far apart so Rex could dig his tongue deep into my pussy.  All I did was moan and groan.   


Now they went back to playing with my tits and nipples, licking, and sucking on them.  Rex, omg, he was digging his tongue deep into my wet pussy, making me experience incredible pleasure.   They patted me on my head, ‘Oh such a good girl.’    I did my best to muster up a few happy yips between my moaning. 


Fuck, I did not last long at all.  I was squirming around, moaning louder and louder.  I became nearly fluent in happy yips by this time.  I tried to look around the bedroom, trying to focus on anything to stop my orgasm but it didn't help.  My eyes keep coming back to look down at Rex licking my pussy as if it was a bowl of water.   


Then my orgasm just hit me, no warning.  I let out a scream of pleasure, gushing my sweet nectar all over his tongue.  He lapped faster, devouring every drop from my pussy.  It was wild, dirty, and hot.   Once my orgasm stopped the boys had to pull him away from my pussy.  He would have kept licking me all day and night. 


They patted me on my head again, calling me a good girl.  ‘Did you learn your lesson?’  I barked back at them, shaking my ass to make my tail wag.  I was hoping that doing all this would make them happy.   Both my cousins stroked my hair, ‘that’s a good Megan, good girl.  I kept wagging my tail, panting as well. 


They looked at each other, grinning, and then turned to me.   


“Now sit Megan.  Be a good girl and sit.”   


I did as they said, sitting down in front of them.  I had a feeling they wanted me to sit. I looked up at them, barked, stuck my tongue out a bit, and panted again.  


They stepped closer, stroking their cocks.  At first, my cousins just slapped my face with them.  ‘Come on Megan, speak, speak.”  I was on my haunches, barking and yipping at them.  They were teasing me by slapping my panting tongue. 

I sat up, begging, my arms and hands out, I knew that was what they wanted to continue this dirty fantasy.  They held their cocks steady, ‘Go on Megan, be a good girl and lick our dicks.’ 


Well, I did what they said.  I did my best to lick both of their hard pricks like a dog.  I gave quick licks on the underside of their drooling prick heads, savoring the flavor.  Justin and Jake held my head steady so I could lick their pricks better.  Lick after lick, alternating between my cousins.  They were loving it.  They kept patting my head, petting me, calling me a good girl, good Megan. 


After a few minutes of doing this Jake held the sides of my head, ‘open wide Megan.’  He thrust his cock into my mouth, fucking my mouth.  All I could think was ‘Wow, this is wild.’   


He fucked my mouth for about a minute, pulled out and his brother took his turn.  The two of them went back and forth, meanwhile, I was doing my best to lick whichever cock was in my mouth.  


Jake looked at his brother, “Are you close?  I am.  The other item is in the bag next to you.” 


“Are you ready to be fed, Megan?”  Justin said as he slid his hand into the bag.  I watched out the corner of my eye as my mouth was getting fucked by Jake.  He pulled out a small, chrome bowl; judging by the size it was for a cat, maybe a small dog.  My cousins looked and asked each other if they were ready, both nodded. 


They looked down at me, grabbing their cocks. “It's dinner time Megan.” 


They both held the bowl in front of my face, stroking their cocks as fast as possible. I started to bark and yip in excitement.   

Jake groaned, “Dinner time Megan!” 


Justin grunted, “Feeding time!” 


I watched both of their pricks unleash surge after surge of thick cum into the bowl.  Fuck, I had never seen anyone ejaculate as much as my cousins were doing at the moment.  I thought, holy shit, they are beyond turned on by all this.  


I watched, wide-eyed as each thick cum rope slowly formed into a thick pool of salty cum. It is a good thing I love swallowing. I glanced up at my cousins, wow, the joy in their faces made me smile.  They loved unleashing their loads into that bowl.  After the last spurts came out Justin held the dish under my nose,  


“Are you hungry Megan?  Are you girl, are you ready for your dinner?” 


I jumped up and down, barking, tipping, and shaking my ass to wag.   


“Now Megan, before you have dinner you need to lick us clean.” 


I gave them a happy yip yip, then moved closer to those dangling cocks.  I licked the cum drooling out of their mushroom heads.  Then I took each one into my hungry mouth, sucking my cousins dry.  


Then they walked over to the middle of the bedroom, putting the dish down.  Then they looked at me, slapping their thighs, ‘Come here Megan, come on Megan, time to eat.’ 


Oh my god, I could not believe how they were treating me, degrading me, humiliating me and I loved it.  It was turning me on.  I barked at them, then walked over on my hands and knees, waging my tail as I made my way over to it.  I looked up at my cousins and then barked at them. 


Jake knelt, tapping the dish, “Cone Megan, be a good girl and eat your dinner.” 


I looked down at the dish, growled at the two of them, then bent my head down into it.  I was able to get my face down into it with ease, taking a lick of their mixed spunk. It was so good.  I put my face a bit lower taking another lick.  I got some of their spunk on my nose.  I looked up at the two of them, knowing they would love to see that, and I was correct.  A bit to my surprise, Jake wiped it off my nose and offered it to me.  I licked it off his finger, swallowing it.   


As I got my face down into the jizz bowl, my ass was raised in the air.  In my quest to role-play what my cousins wanted, lapping up their salty semen, I had forgotten about Rex.  All of a sudden I felt him mount me from behind, his erect, eight-inch penis sliding into my pussy.  Rex, to put it mildly, went right into jackhammering.   


I was in the middle of lapping up a large amount of cum when he jumped up on my ass and began to pound my pussy.  I let out the loudest moan of ‘oh god.’ The cum ran out of my mouth and back into the dish. 


“Get her Rex.  Teach Megan a lesson for putting her ass up in the air like that.”   

His fucking put me in a near trance of dirty bliss, one of my cousins tapped the bowl in front of me, ‘Come on Megan, be a good girl and finish all your dinner.’ 


The way Rex was on me, and pounding me, he was nearly shoving my face into the bowl.  I was moaning, lapping up cum, swallowing, moaning louder and louder.  The boys did not seem to mind that I was moaning and talking at this moment.  I could only say ‘Oh gawd’ over and over as his thick, stiff dog cock pounded me.  


I tried to raise up a bit, getting up onto my forearms.  Justin and Jake knelt, mesmerized by how my 34B cup tits were bouncing around from Rex’s fucking. I started to pant, groaning as I did.  They loved it!  All I heard was them saying, ‘That's it Rex, good boy, fuck Megan, fuck her like a bitch in heat.’ 


Now another orgasm was building quickly.  I had no idea how long Rex was going to continue before he came.  I felt sweat dripping off my body.  I was breathing harder, faster, panting, now screaming with dirty pleasure.  


It could have been minutes or longer, I didn’t know, I was lost in deep, dark bestiality pleasure.  I felt that big canine cock stiffen just as I was about to have my orgasm.  I yelled, ‘Oh god, Rex is going to come!’ 


At that moment I felt his cock explode deep inside me, thrusting huge thick spurts of his jizz into me. Then my orgasm rocked my body.  I raised myself up on my hands, arching my back, screaming with carnal pleasure.  Rex kept pumping his load into me as my orgasm made my body shudder.  Once he was done, he pulled out and left the room. I collapsed onto the bedroom floor, soaked in sweat.  I could feel his jizz dripping out of my pussy.   


My cousins patted my head. “oh poor Megan looks a bit tired.  I bet she could use some water.” 


As I lay on the floor, recovering my strength, I watched Jake go into the bathroom, I heard the water running, he came back with the dish, placing it in front of me.   


“Here you go, Megan.  I bet you could use some cold water.”   


I got back up on my hand's knees, even though I was worn out from that fucking, I knew they still wanted me to continue the role-play  I bent my head down, lapping up the cold water.  It had a bit of a salty taste, but I did not care. 


They sat down next to me, patting my head, saying ‘Good girl, you let Rex fuck you real good.’  I kept lapping up the water as best as I could.  When I had enough, I sat back up and gave them both a yip.  Jake took the bowl away, pouring it out into the bathroom sink. 


At this point, I thought I was finally done until I noticed they both were sporting erections again. Justin looked down at me. 


“I never realized watching you get fucked by Rex would be such a turn-on.  But you are an incest loving cousin so it should not surprise me.  Now be a good girl, put your front legs up on the bed.” 


I wagged my tail, walked over to Jake’s bed, and stood up, bending over with my arms on his bed. 


“Aw man, Megan is dripping cum all over my floor.” 


I could feel it running down my legs as well.  Justin responded by telling him to put the bowl between my legs.   Jake responded by asking if he was going to put a condom on and Justin said no, he wanted to overflow my pussy.   


Then my cousin grabbed my long hair, making a ponytail he pulled back on my head.  “Are you ready Megan?  If you are, then bark.” 


I started to bark, and as I did, I felt him push his cock between my sticky lips.  “Damn, Rex filled her well.”  As he pulled out, I could feel and hear the cum slurp out of my pussy.  “Fuck, Jake, look at all that.” 


“How does her pussy feel?” 


“Shit, she is so hot, wet, sticky and tight!” 


He pulled my head back, telling me to bark a bit more.  I did as he requested, it seemed to be turning him on.  Justin wasted no time, no slow strokes with his prick in me, nope, he began to fuck me hard and fast just like Rex did. 


He pounded his cock into me over and over, hard and fast.  I could feel, and hear my cousins' balls slapping against me.  Justin slapped my ass, first one cheek then the other.  Jake stood next to the bed, watching my tits bouncing with every thrust from his brother's cock. My eyes locked with his and then I started to pant.  He grinned, and I noticed his cock stiffen more.  


He moved around the other side of the bed, then got up on it.  He laid down so his head was between my arms.  Jake reached up to my tits, playing with them.  I bent down as far as Justin would allow me.  I wanted my cousin to suck on them and he did not disappoint.  Justin was fucking me so hard that the bed was shaking.  I was inches from Jake's cock, watching his erection bob about from the motion of the bed.   


Justin’s pace quickened.  He was fucking me fast, very fast.  His pounding was pumping Rex’s jizz out of me, all down my legs.  He let go of my hair, grabbed my waist, and was pulling me up back and forth towards him, helping to fuck me. I was moaning, panting, sounding just like a total slut.  Jake was pinching my hard nipples, biting them, flicking them with the tip of his tongue.   


Suddenly Justin screamed, “Oh fuck, Megan, I’m cumming!” 


Geez, I felt him stiffen, and then instantly I felt the first surge of his sperm.  Thrust after thrust he erupted with his thick load deep inside me.  Maybe I was still worn out because my orgasm had not built up to the ultimate end.  I knew my cousin did not care, he just wanted to fuck and come.   


He left his prick in me for about a minute after he had completed ejaculating in me.  When he pulled it out, I could feel more salty semen come out, some running down my inner thighs.  I heard him say, ‘Oh fuck, what a mess, the laughed’.  Next, I felt him running the side of the dish up each leg, collecting jizz.   


He patted my ass, then ran the tail over my sore cheeks.  “Good girl.  You are such a good girl Megan.  So good I have a snack for you.” 


He then told me to get off the bed and to sit down.  I slid off the bed backward and spun around to face him.  My first thought was, ‘Oh fuck’.  His cock was covered in semen, I knew it was a mix of his and Rex’s. 


He patted me on the head as his brother stood next to me, slowly stroking his prick.  “Ok, now be a good girl and clean me up.”   


I knew I had no choice, not that I cared at that moment.  I barked a few times, then began to pant, sticking my tongue out.  Justin knew what I wanted so he stepped forward, and placed his cock on my tongue.  I wrapped my lips around his shaft and then he slowly pushed it into my mouth.  I fucking licked him clean, swallowing every drop of his jizz and Rex’s.   


He pulled it out of my mouth and then placed the bowl in front of me.  It had more of the salty treat in it.  I got down on all fours, stuck my face in the dish, and lapped it all up.  I sat up, holding the dish to lick up every salty bit.  It all tasted the same, thick and salty with a bit of sweetness from inside me. 


Jake could not stand it any longer.  He moved next to me, slapping his bed.  “Come on Megan, get up here, come on, be a good girl.” 


I jumped up on the bed, on all fours I spun around, and barked at him.  He patted my head, ‘Good girl, now roll over, come on, roll over.’ 


I did exactly as my cousin told me, I rolled over onto my back.  I yipped at him.  Jake jumped up on the bed, immediately getting between my legs.  He placed his hands on both my legs, making me spread wide.  Then he guided his erection into my pussy. 


“Hey, I thought you were worried about the spunk?” 


He looked at his brother, “Shit, you worked most of it out of her. Now I can unload mine into her.” 


Jake wasted no time; he was just as horny as his brother.  He let go of my legs, positioned his hands on either side of my waist on the bed, then began to thrust his cock in and out of me.  


Jake kept eye contact with me, periodically glancing down at my bouncing tits. Each time he made eye contact with me I would give a low growl, then make yip noises at him.  He loved it.  Each time he would try to fuck me harder and faster.  I decided to try something different with him.  I did my best to turn my moans into growls.  It seemed to be doing the trick with him.  I could see it in his eyes, the wild look intensified as did his pace.  


“That’s it Megan, yeah, such a good girl.  Fuck, you are so hot, dirty, those tits.” 


I rubbed, squeezed, and fondled my tits.  Then I pushed them up, bending my head down to lick my nipples for him.  Jake’s pace quickened.  I could see his entire body begin to tense up.  I knew he was getting closer.  I leaned up closer to his face, growling with more intensity. 


Well, that was the trigger for my cousin. 


“Oh fuck, here it comes Megan!” 


Then to my surprise, he pulled his cock out of me, straddled my body, stroked his prick maybe two or three times.  My cousin’s prick erupted.  Thick, white cum rope after cum rope spurt out as he frosted my entire body.  He purposefully ejaculated on my stomach, then all over my tits.  My cousin was obsessed with my tits, not that I minded. I watched my cousin milking his hard prick dry, the look on his face made me smile, and he looked so pleased with himself. 


The moment no other spurt came out he looked down at me, ‘Be a good girl and lick me clean.’  He hovered over my head, I raised myself up, doing just as he said, licked his drooling cock clean.  After I had finished, he got off of his bed.   


“Why didn’t you bust in Megan?” 


He turned to his brother, “You have your thing and I have mine.  I love seeing our cousin's hot body with jizz all over it.  One of these days we need to bukkake the crap out of her.”   


Then he turned, looking at me.  “Ok Megan, be a good girl and lick that all up.” 


I sat up, barked at him while holding my tits.  Then I began my cleaning process, taking time to lick up each cum rope that I could get to with my tongue.  After that I used my fingers to scoop up his thick, sticky load, swallowing it as the two of them watched and enjoyed the show. 


Justin’s phone rang, he looked at it, ‘oh crap it is Mom.’  He went into the bathroom while Jake watched me finish off his load. My cousin came out of the bathroom. 


“Well, shit.  Mom wants us to go to the store for a few things for dinner, she is running late.” 


“Why do both of us have to go?” 

“Because I am not going to leave you here with Megan to have fun with her without me that's why.  Now get dressed and lets go, mom sounded in a bad mood.” 


They started to gather up their clothes, and they asked what I was going to do, they assumed I would head home.  I told them I would take a quick shower and go home. 


I waited until my cousins left before I went to use my uncle and aunt’s shower.  I figured I would use their larger shower, nice shower head to clean myself up and off.  I did not stay in there for too long, not knowing how soon my cousins would be back. 


I got out of the shower and began to dry myself off.  I didn't realize how hot of a shower I had taken until I glanced at the mirrors to see they were completely fogged over.  


I had a foot up on the toilet seat lid, I was bent over drying off my leg.  I suddenly felt a cold nose, and then a moment later, a rough tongue started to lick between my legs from behind. I jumped straight up spinning around.  It was Rex.  I had not shut the door to the bathroom.   


“Rex!  Bad boy!” 


He moved closer trying to lick my crotch. I crossed my legs and tried covering my pussy with my hand.  He was very persistent, doing his best to try to lick around my hand, trying different angles.  I twisted my body back and forth saying ‘no’ to him, but he kept trying to lick me. 


Rex suddenly jumped up on me, his paws on my shoulders.  I felt his wet stiff cock hit my leg.  He then began licking my face, making me laugh and twist around more.   


“Down Rex, down,”  I kept saying to him as I did my best to push him off me. 


I got him a bit off my shoulders so he could not lick my face, but his face was close enough to lick my tits.  Of course, my nipples were rock hard and his rough tongue lapping at them began to turn me on.  I got him back down on all fours, he immediately got his snout between my legs before I could cross them again. 


I couldn’t help myself, the moans started coming, I tried half halfheartedly to push him away as I bit my lower lip.  I was trying to hold back the pleasure but slowly it was taking me over.  I spread my stance a bit more letting him get better access to my wet pussy.  It was apparent how much he loved my flavor without peanut butter smeared all over my pussy lips. 


 I could not resist the pleasure he was giving me. I slowly slid down onto the bathroom floor, spreading my legs as wide as I could the moment my back was on the ground. Since nobody was home, I let all my inhibition go. I laid on my back, writhing, arching my hips up so Rex could dig his long, rough tongue deep into my wet pussy. I screamed and moaned as loud as I could, losing myself in dark, taboo, bestial lust.

I massaged my breasts, playing with my hard nipples. Rex was insatiable. He was pushing his snout and tongue as deep as he could, adjusting the angle of his head, lapping as fast as possible.

“Yes Rex, good boy, keep licking. Good boy.” I patted his head with one hand while fondling my tits with my other.

Wow, my orgasm came out of nowhere. In just a couple of minutes, I was screaming, writhing on the bathroom coming on the dog's tongue. He kept lapping my pussy as I was coming which only made him lick faster and faster. My orgasm felt like it lasted forever.

I laid on the floor for a few moments looking at Rex, I saw his hard, red cock sticking out and the wildness in his eyes. I wanted it too. I did not know what had come over me but I wanted him to fuck me like a bitch in heat.

I spread my legs wide, arching my ass into the air just a bit. I rubbed his head, “Do it Rex, fuck me.”

Somehow he knew what I wanted and did not waste a moment. Rex straddled my body, his long, wet red rocket finding its way to my wet pussy lips. “Ooh, good boy”, I moaned when he thrust his cock into me. Then, well, Rex jack hammered me. He was panting, his spine arched up as he fucked my pussy.

It was hot, very hot and I instantly lost myself in the wild lust. I was moaning, 'fuck me, fuck me, good boy, fuck me.' I began to scream, 'Yes, yes, good boy, faster' over and over. Rex seemed to be on another level with his horny lust. I did my best to keep my hips up so he had the best angle to fuck me. My eyes were closed, I was screaming, moaning, yelling with bestial lust. I thought for a moment, if my cousins saw me now, they would have me over every day to get fucked by their dog.

I played with my tits, I don't think my nipples had ever been that erect in the past. I bent my head down to suck on them. That lasted a few moments due to Rex's hard pounding of my pussy. My head was back down on the floor, I was covered in sweat as his wild fucking was bringing me to another orgasm.

I could feel it building, and I could sense Rex was close as well. His pace was increasing and I could feel his cock stiffen. I kept my eyes closed, “oh fuck, oh god, Rex, don't stop, make me come, don't stop, good boy.'

I felt my orgasm growing, it was about to hit me. I screamed, 'Fuck yes Rex! I'm gonna come!”

At that moment I suddenly felt the splash and scent of semen on my face. My eyes shot open to see my uncle standing over me, his cock in his hand, jerking off. Then one after another, cum ropes shot out of his cock onto my face. Panic hit me in a moment but that feeling was overcome by the intensity of my orgasm. I thought the neighbors would hear me scream in pleasure at the same time Rex began to pump his thick canine cream into my pussy. My uncle's eyes had a wild look in them as he kept spurting his thick salty cream on my face and in my hair. I think we all finished at the same time.

Then the panic hit me again. I pushed Rex off of me, trying to grab my clothes as quickly as I could. I kept saying, 'Oh shit, oh shit' as my uncle stood there, his cock hanging out of the fly of his pants. I had his thick cum ropes all over my face and in my hair. I stood up, clutching my clothes against my body. I could feel some of Rex's spunk run down my thigh. I tried not to look at my uncle.

I made my break for the door but he grabbed my arm, spinning me around to face him. He had such a grin on his face.

“That was beyond hot Megan. That was hotter than the time your father, your other uncle, and I chased

you around the house stripping off your clothes to fuck you.”

I looked at him, “Omg, just keep this between us, please.”

“I thought it was hot when I found out you were into incest, but this, wow. Seeing you getting fucked by the dog, your moaning, fuck, I didn't think I could bust that much.”

“Please, promise you won't tell anyone.”

“I don't know Megan, that was so fucking hot.” He paused, “It will be very difficult for me not to share this with the family.”

I gave him a pleading look, at least he did not know his sons already knew.

“Well, if you get down on your knees and suck me dry. I might not say anything.”

I dropped my clothes, and got down on my knees in front of my uncle, grabbing his cock I went to town sucking him dry. He was looking down at me, his load all over my face. As I sucked him dry, he spoke again.

“You look so hot with my cum all over your face and in your hair. I think you need to go home to your father just like that. Let him see how I busted all over his daughter's face.”

I licked his prick head, sucking out a few more drops of his salty load. “Ok, and then you will not say anything?”

“I guess I won't..for now.” Then he laughed.

I stood up and got into the shower, grabbing the shower head. My uncle reminded me I better not clean off my face and hair. I told him I was just going to wash my pussy and then I would head home. He watched me clean up. Then I got dressed, putting my sports bra and yoga pants on. Before I left he took a photo of my face with all his spunk on it.


It was a good thing my car had tinted windows. I could only imagine what people would think if they looked over at me at a stop light, seeing me with jizz all over my face. I drove to my father's home, running through my mind what he would do and say when I walked in with cum all over my face.

(I posted a few Megan muse photos).













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Asley-apaga, that is hot


2024-04-05 13:59:04
Love this story. I have a relationship like this with my uncle, his son's and their dog

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Grate story my cock was so hard

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