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In the wake of Dr. Vogelfrei’s groundbreaking birth control treatment, along with the eradication of all major STDs, the Second Sexual Revolution has swept the world. Old taboos are things of the past. Government intrusion into the bedroom has totally evaporated. Overt sexuality has penetrated every facet of the public sphere. The age of the libertine has dawned. For your vulgar delectation, a story from this brave new world.


After a hard day’s work at the office, Alannah Sevier was glad to get home. Her six-inch heels clacked as she stepped into the foyer, but she quickly kicked them off to enjoy the feeling of the cold tile floor against her fishnet-clad feet. She was also wearing a black leather miniskirt that just barely covered her ample ass, with a bustier to match; She hated how formal the dress code at law offices remained.

“Kids, I’m home!” she declaimed, reaching behind herself to unzip her top. She’d heard the twins, Aurea and Tony, giggling and chatting as she walked in, but after her entrance they’d grown silent. As Alannah dropped her bustier to the ground letting her copious DD breasts come free, Aurea poked her head around the corner to greet her mother.

“Hey, Mom!” the 18 year old high-school senior chirped cheerfully. Aurea was wearing just a lacy blue thong, and though she seemed to be trying to hide it her flushed skin, hard nipples, and slightly elevated breathing suggested to Alannah that her kids had been fooling around right before she got home. She smiled to herself. It was cute how self-conscious Aurea still got about pleasuring her brother and father, and indeed sometimes her mother.

“Hi, sweetpea.” Alannah responded with a smile. As she did so she shimmied out of her tight skirt leaving her in just some crotchless pink panties. “You and your brother have a good day at school?”

“Yeah,” said Aurea, “It was fine. I had a trig test today, but finished finished early so Mr. Burcher let me and Debbie Gerity suck him off for the rest of the period. Tony’s in a bad mood, though. Jenny Park promised him anal during lunch, but Miss Kaufmann gave him detention so she wound up hooking up with Cyra Ostmannn instead.”

Alannah nodded along, drawing her daughter in for a long hug. She inhaled the sweet scent of the girl’s hair and marveled at the way the younger woman’s breasts felt pressed up against her. Alannah was several inches taller than her daughter, and whereas her large-breasted broad-hipped figure suggested fecundity, her daughter still had the bony skinniness of youth. Alannah’s double Ds rested heavily on top of her daughter’s much smaller C-cups, and Alannah could feel the young woman’s ribcage through her skin as she rubbed her back. As the two pressed into each other their hip-bones poked into each other, causing them to pull back with a laugh before sharing a deep kiss.

As if summoned by the mention of his ill-fortunes, Tony chose that moment to walk into the foyer from the living room. Unlike his sister he was completely naked, and sporting a full erection. It still showed signs of slickness, Alannah noted, confirming that Aurea was just as interested in providing her brother with relief as she was in spreading rumors about him.

“That true, honey? You have a bad day at school?” Alannah disengaged from her daughter and walked over to her son.

Tony nodded with a rueful smile. “Yeah, Mom. It was a real bummer.”

“Aww, come here sweetie.” Alannah said. Her right arm reach up to wrap her son’s muscular shoulders in a supportive hug. Her left hand reached out to give his boner a few slow tugs. Tony leaned down as he stepped into his mother’s embrace and the two spent several moment attempting to lick one another’s tonsils. Aurea rolled her eyes and groaned in an exaggerated manner, but her cockeyed grin and failure to look away made it clear that she was just being difficult for show.

After a minute Alannah pulled away from her son, sucking the length of his tongue as she did so.

“Well, I need a shower, douche, and enema. You weren’t the only one who saw some action today, sweetpea.” Alannah winked at her daughter.

“Mom! TMI!” Aurea laughed, shaking her head.

Alannah joined in her laughter. “Well anyway, I’ll be a few minutes cleaning myself up. Nobody wants sloppy seconds for dinner. Dad’ll be home late; he says we shouldn’t wait for him. Then after we eat don’t forget it’s movie night, think about what you guys want to watch.”

Her children nodded as Alannah headed upstairs to purge the semen from her body. Her job as a lawyer was hard, she thought to herself, but it could be so much worse. Some of her coworkers had been in the industry before the ethics revision that allowed lawyers to fuck clients and coworkers. She couldn’t imagine having a high-stress job like that without being able to blow off steam when you needed to.


Half an hour later, fresh from her shower and stark naked, Alannah returned downstairs to prepare dinner. Aurea and Tony had both retired to the dining room table to do some homework ahead of their meal. This kept them mostly quiet. Cinching an apron around her waist, Alannah had a lasagna going in no time. Within the hour the kids had cleared their homework off the table, and the three were chatting about their days as they eat. As the meal wound down, Tony reached under the table and started jacking himself off. That Park girl must have left him with seriously blue balls Alannnah thought to herself. Aurea, upon noticing what her brother was doing, rolled her eyes in feigned frustration before casually reaching under the table to start giving her brother a handjob.

“That was awesome, thanks Mom!” Tony said, leaning back in visible satisfaction and openly staring at his mother’s apron-clad tits as his sister jerked him off, “What are we thinking about for a movie tonight?”

“Good question.” Said Alannah, pulling the fabric of her apron between her breasts so they were fully visible. She tweaked each nipple absently and rubbed her thighs together. “What do you guys want to watch?”

“Tony got to pick that dumb action movie last week.” Aurea piped in, “I don’t want to watch another one of those.”

“Oh, please, like your stupid romance movies are any better?” Tony said. The hostility of the interaction was somewhat dampened by the fact that Aurea still had her hand pistoning up and down her brother’s erection. “They’re just a bunch of people talking. Excuse me for wanting a movie where something, you know, happens!”

Aurea’s huff turned into a giggle as Tony poked her in the ribs, then a moan as he started fondling her breasts. “Stop it!” she said, gesturing with her left hand as if to fend her brother off. Her right hand continued gliding up and down his member.

“Hey you two, no fighting!” Alannah laughed, “Why don’t we compromise? Aurea, you want something with a little romance; Tony, you want something with some action. I think Fist Sis just hit streaming. It should check both boxes. That work for both of you?”

The two were still swatting playfully at each other as they both nodded. “Yeah,” said Aurea, “A porno actually sounds pretty good tonight.”

Alannah swiftly swept up the dirty plates and brought them into the kitchen. As she turned from the sink to move into the TV room she paused for a moment to watch her children. Their play fighting had evaporated and the two were now standing beside the table making out with each other. Alannah smiled lovingly at the heartwarming scene. It was nice to see her kids got along. Draping her apron on the back of a chair, she swiped a finger through her moistening pussy. She loved being able to do stuff as a family.

The moment was broken suddenly when Tony, who had been squeezing his sister’s tight young ass, poked a finder between her cheeks to probe her asshole. Aurea squeaked and leapt a foot in the air.

“Prick!” she said, swatting her brother on the shoulder.

“Alright, alright, let’s go. It’s showtime.” Alannah said, choosing that moment to walk in and shoo her kids into the TV room. As she entered she was already bringing up Netflix and finding their often-used New In Hardcore Porn category. Focused on getting the movie up on the TV, Alannah sat in her usual loveseat. The kids made their way over to the couch. However, Aurea, who got their first, immediately lay on it full length, stretching to take as much as possible. When Tony went to sit down next to her, she used her feet to keep him from being able to sit.

“Sorry,” she said, “This couch is reserved for brothers who aren’t gross perverts that try to stick a finger in their sister’s butt while she’s trying to enjoy a perfectly nice makeout.”

Tony laughed at first, but Aurea was committed to playing hard to get. As Alannah turned away from the TV set she could see Tony was getting genuinely frustrated. Aurea seemed extremely pleased with the rise she was getting out of her brother.

“Tony, leave your sister alone and come sit by me.” Alannah said, scooting to one side of the loveseat and patting the cushion next to her.

“Yeah, OK.” Tony said, moving away from his sister and striding over to his mother. Alannah licked her lips as she saw how engorged her son was. As Tony sat down Alannah made eye contact with her daughter. Aurea’s pouting face said she had wanted her brother to sit next to her in the end. Alannah smirked and stuck her tongue out. She didn’t mind her daughter exercising bodily autonomy, but it was important to remind the little slut every once and a while that she wasn’t the only game in town.

Tony wrapped his arms around his mother and began fondling one of her large breasts. The firm nipple atop her wide areola was quickly brought to attention, both at her son’s ministrations and in response to the action on screen. Fist Sis wasted little time in delivering on it’s title. The lead actress took only a moment to introduce herself and her cavalcade of siblings before the cunt-punching for which the film was named began. Alannah let out a moan and, without looking away from the TV, reached between her sons legs to find his rock-hard member. It was already slick with copious precum. She began stroking it lazily at her son pressed himself into her. The warmth of his body and feeling of his breath on her neck felt good. Alannah squirmed, rubbing her thighs together to tease her clitoris.

Glancing over at her daughter, she saw that Aurea was alternating between watching the screen and what was happening on the loveseat. The two made eye contact for a moment, and biting her lower lip Aurea spread her legs wide as she pressed her hand between her them, applying pressure to her mound over her panties. Alannah smiled at her daughter, then leaned her head back with a moan as Tony pressed his face into her neck.

Tony read the cues of Alannah’s body and, his lips never leaving her neck, reached out to run his hands through her hair. His fingers finding purchase directly on her scalp, with a sharp jerk he took firm hold of his mother’s locks and pulled her head back further. Alannah’s eyes rolled back in her head as she inhaled sharply. She rubbed her thighs together and felt a wet spot forming on the seat below her.

Alannah took a great deal of pride in the job she had done as a mother, and one of the points she had taken particular pains to impart on her son was how to be a lover who met his partner’s needs. He knew that not every woman wanted the same thing, but he also knew how to give a woman what she wanted as soon as he identified it. Given the extensive practice he’d had with his mother, this left him able to play her like a fiddle. He knew exactly how rough she liked it, exactly how hard to pull her hair, exactly how much teeth to use when giving her a hickey. Alannah shuddered in her first small orgasm of the evening as the intensity with which she smeared precum on her son’s dick increased.

Tony knew what the shuddering of his mother’s body meant and began moving to phase two. Sliding his face down her neck, he was soon planting kisses on her chest (pausing only a moment to take her pronounced collarbones between his teeth) until his mouth was full of succulent titflesh. Still grasping his mother’s hair, he twisted her head firmly so that she was forced to press her jiggling chest out further. Sneaking his other hand down he began stroking his mother’s naked thighs, fingers just barely grazing her well-kept pubic hair. As his mother opened her legs to his probing hands, Tony spared a moment to look over at his sister.

At some point she had shucked her thong, leaving her spread eagle on the couch furiously circling her clitoris with her fingers. As he looked over, Aurea snapped her head away from him to glue her eyes on the TV set where the titular sis had already taken one brother up to the wrist in her pussy and was now trying to coax his other hand into her ass with the help of a younger sister. Tony smirked. She couldn’t have been any more obvious. Turning back to his mother he put his mouth over her pebbled nipple. Closing his lips around it he latched on, and did his best to suck the entire thing all the way to the back of his throat just like he had when breastfeeding.

“OHHHHH FUCK! That feels amazing sweetie. Mommy always loves it when you suck her big fat tits!” Alannah exclaimed. She was fully masturbating her son at this juncture, but her own arousal was proving a distraction to giving him the care he needed. Her legs were spread wide, and as he inhaled as much of her breast as possible Tony was stuffing his fingers into his mother’s snatch. Soon he was treated to the delightful feeling of her cunt-muscles gripping his fingers tightly, attempting to draw them deeply inside her. Alannah’s eyes shot opened and she moaned her pleasure as Tony’s probing digits found her g-spot.

Aurea whimpered at the same time and a small amount of girlcum shot out of her snatch and onto the floor. This went entirely unnoticed by her mother and brother who were caught up in their own world of lust. As her orgasm wound down Alannah grabbed her son’s face between her hands and pulled him up from her breast. Hungrily she pressed her face into his, and the two engaged in several minutes of passionate kissing. Tongues dueled as Alannah enjoyed the afterglow. After a short time, however, the insistent poking of his cockhead against her thigh reminded her that there was more to do.

Pulling his face away from her, Alannah looked deeply into her sons eyes. They were the feature he most shared with her and Alannah let herself get lost in them for only a moment. Then, licking his lips one final time, she began moving off the loveseat.

“You’ve taken such good care of Mommy, baby. I think it’s time for Mommy to take care of you. Is that what my son needs? To plunge his hard cock into Mommy’s hungry pussy?”

Tony fell back into the loveseat and nodded. Alannah laughed.

“Well good, because Mommy loves taking care of her horny boy. Just sit back there, let Mommy milk that cock dry with her cunt.”

Tony obliged. Alannah reached into herself and smeared a copious amount of her juices on her son’s dick, then turning away from him she sat down so her ass was grinding into his lap. Tony groaned as his tip began poking at his mother’s entrance. Alannah brought up her feet so that they were firmly planted on the loveseat; she was squatting over her son’s cock. He leaned forward and rested his chin on her shoulder, reaching around to play with her tits as mother and son watched pornography together. Alannah reached between her legs to grasp his cock. Sliding it’s wet tip against her entrance several times, she planted it in place and slowly sank down on it. Both groaned as Tony impaled his mother with his meat, their moans joined by Aurea’s who was plunging three fingers into her pussy in time with Tony’s penetration of their mom.

Once she felt his heavy balls press against her clit, Alannah knew she had her son all the way inside her, and began bouncing on that cock. True to her word, Alannah took care of everything, letting Tony sit there and enjoy the ride. Feeling the fullness of her sexual connection with her son brought her pussy to a fever pitch of fluid production. Still, she wanted Tony to really enjoy a nice long mommy-fuck, so her movements were slow and intentional. It let the two of them focus on the movie together as Alannah practiced her kegels on her boy’s turgid member. The pair moaned in ecstasy as they watched the girl on screen’s stomach distend as her brother pressed her tummy from the inside.

Aurea, for her part, and largely given up on the pretense that she was watching the movie and instead focused overtly on incestuous fucking going on in front of her. One hand was roughly massaging her own tits while the other was firmly lodged between her legs, filling up her love tunnel as much as possible and periodically providing stimulation to her clit.

Like all modern empowered women, Aurea loved to fuck. She loved finding some hot stud and letting him blast rope inside her warm and willing womb. She loved a quickie between classes, or a casual no-strings fling with some random himbo she met online. But she was also a girly-girl at heart, and loved it when sex was the consummation of love rather than just physical attraction. It was why she’d always loved watching her parents have sex, and it was why she was so focused on her mother and brother at this moment. She could see the boundless parental love in her mother’s face as she rode Tony’s cock, and could see his desire to make his mother proud of him in the way he played with her erogenous zones. It was making her so fucking horny she couldn’t stand it.

Alannah continued bouncing up and down on her sons dick. Between his hard cock filling her hairy snatch perfectly, the way he was adeptly playing with her large, sensitive nipples, and the clear view of Aurea plunging her fingers in and out of her pussy (to say nothing of the hardcore fisting occurring on screen), she knew she was going to cum several times before her son unloaded in her. Aurea’s eyes were dripping with lust and it was obvious she regretted playing hard to get with her brother.

As if in answer to her prayers, the telltale creak of the front door opening could be heard from the front of the house.

“I’m home, gang!” Julian, the family patriarch, orated as he entered, “Sounds like you started without me.”

“We’re in here. Dinner’s still on the table if you want some.” His wife replied. Her breathing was heavy and she never stopped riding her son’s raging member as his cockhead prodded the entrance to her womb.

Julian padded out of the foyer into the living room, ditching his loose shorts (the only article of clothing he was wearing) as he did. Walking first to his wife he gave her a kiss on the cheek and twist of the nipple before bumping his sons fist. Then he walked over to his daughter, giving her a kiss on the head as he stood behind the couch and started massaging her shoulders.

“Fist Sis?” he asked, looking up at the movie, “I meant to see that when it was in theaters. My secretary say’s it’s excellent. It any good?”

Alannah and Tony panted their approval of the film. Aurea just nodded, still masturbating furiously and eyes locked on the incestuous copulations of her mother and brother. Without looking away she reach up behind herself and slowly hefted her father’s massive testicles. Large and low hanging, she gently ran her fingers over the wrinkled skin covering them, delicately testing their weight before beginning to massage them in earnest.

Julian didn’t stop rubbing his girl’s shoulders. But between her playing with his nuts and the sweaty rutting of mother and son on the loveseat, he quickly inflated to full length. Stepping forward so his daughter could handle his balls more easily, the bulbous head of his erection was now resting by her temples, just in the periphery of her vision.

Aurea finally looked away from the wet juncture where her brother’s penis was sliding into her mother’s snatch. Pushing her father’s hands off her shoulders, she leaned her head back. This left his balls resting on her forehead while the rest of his length sitting on her beautiful teenage face. Attempting to make eye contact with him as she did so, Aurea slowly puckered her lips and began bathing her father’s turgid tool with kisses. Julian groaned in appreciation.

“Fuck, sweetpea, you make Daddy feel so good.” Julian cracked a smile at his wife, who was watching the father-daughter proceedings with interest. “We made such a good little cocksucker, didn’t we babe?”

Alannah shuddered in undeniable pleasure. “We sure did, honey.”

Aurea made happy cooing noises as she ran her lips and tongue over her father’s frenulum. Julian leaned his head back and enjoyed the feeling for a moment. He could feel the stress of the day evaporating with every swipe of his daughter’s tongue.

Looking forward again, he was struck by just how beautiful his daughter looked with his dick laying across her face. Her pert tits and small, firm nipples were pushed out by the way Aurea was arching her back so her lips could make contact with her father’s member. These obscured what was between her legs, but he could see her thighs spread wide with her hands wedged between them caused obscene squelching noises.

Leaning forward Julian reached down and grabbed handfuls of his daughter’s breasts. This made his dick slide forward past her chin, but left his hefty nuts resting on her lips instead.

Aurea didn’t hesitate. Unabashedly pressing her nose into her father’s taint, she opened as wide as she could to wrap her lips around his sensitive balls and began giving it her best shot to deepthroat them.

Julian groaned in pleasure. With his left hand he continued manipulating his daughter’s tits, with his right he began jerking himself off. Looking up for a moment he could see the pace of his wife and son’s copulating had increased dramatically, and both of them were eagerly watching the show he was putting on.

Julian’s balls were on the large side of normal, which meant they posed only a slight challenge to Aurea. As something of a size queen she prided herself on being able to fully throat even the thickest footlong member she’d encountered, so it took only a little warming up before her mouth had extended wide enough for both of her father’s balls to fall inside. She stroked them with her tongue, loving the way they felt as she rolled them around in her mouth.

Julian practically went cross-eyed as his daughter did this. He squatted slightly to press them further into her mouth. Aurea didn’t flinch. Sucking his sac to the back of her throat, she was soon quite literally gargling his balls. Julian groaned and she could feel his nuts tightening in her mouth. Her father was close. Wanting to push him over the edge, she slackened the folds in the back of her mouth and gently let one of his testicles fall past her uvula and into her throat. Then, as the muscles in her throat began massaging that testicle she started to hum.

This did Julian in. Pinching Aurea’s nipple, he gave his cock one last stroke and then was shooting his load into the living room. The first few blasts went with enough force to land on the hardwood floor. The rest spattered the front of his daughter’s body, covering her thighs, tits, and tummy with his thick spend.

“Oh God yes, cum all over our little girl!” He heard Alannah scream from across the room.

Julian groaned and then stood up, an audible wet pop as his balls left his daughter’s mouth.

“Thanks, sweetpea! Daddy really needed that!” he said appreciatively.

Aurea giggled as she nursed the last leaking semen from the tip of his penis. “No problem, Daddy! You know how much I love your balls!”

Julian took a step back. “I’m fucking starving. I’m going to grab some chow, but I’ll be right back.”

As Julian walked off Aurea continued to lazily finger herself while playing with the copious quantities of semen her father had deposited on her lithe body. Glancing at Alannah and Tony, she saw that mother and son were now once again fully engrossed in exploring each other’s bodies. Sucking the cum off her hands, Aurea slipped off the couch onto the ground on all fours. Crawling forward, she found one of the large helpings of splooge her father had shot onto the floor. Angling herself so that her mother and brother would be able to see her fully exposed pussy and ass, she leaned just her face down and began sucking semen off the floor.

With that mission accomplished, she turned to face the rutting duo on the loveseat. Alannah was bouncing up and down on her son’s cock like a woman possessed, while Tony had reach around and was mauling his mother’s tits with fierce abandon. Alannah had her head turned toward her son, and the two were passionately making out. The wet slurping of their tongues joined the moist slapping of their bodies.

Crawling forward, Aurea was able to get right in between their legs before either noticed. It was Alannah, who detected the feeling of Aurea’s warm breath on her wet pussy, who turned to look first, and she smiled as she saw her daughter’s big round eyes looking up at her from the floor.

“Finally decide you’re not too good to join your brother and I?” Alannah teased.

Aurea nodded. Then, she buried her face directly into their crotches. Her mouth quickly found the place where their bodies were joined. Reaching out with her tongue, she started licking anything and everything she could find. In this position, she was able to lick her mother’s clit and her brother’s dick at the same time as the two continued fucking. Tony groaned in pleasure, and Alannah reached out to grab her daughter’s head and press it harder into the place where mother and son were joined.

Aurea’s arousal was thrown into overdrive by the up-close scent of incestuous sex and the taste of mingled mother-son juices. Tony’s rod was slick with Alannah’s lube, and Alannah herself was oozing Tony’s precum. Unable to see anything with her face pressed into her mother’s pelvis, Aurea was reduced to licking and sucking whatever patch of flesh happened to come into range.

Suddenly, she let out a yelp as she felt a slap on her ass. Julian had finished eating.

“Hold still for a second, sweetpea.” Her father said as he knelt down behind her. He grabbed Aurea’s gyrating hips to hold them still, and soon she felt his bulbous cockhead lining up with her hungry slit.

She moaned appreciatively as Julian fed himself into her. Julian gave his daughter a few slow strokes to warm her up, but her pleading mewls let him know she wanted more. He bottomed out slowly one last time, then dug his finger’s into Aurea’s hips and starting slamming her like the whore she was.

Aurea sighed in pleasure and enjoyed the feeling of her dad’s sizable cock scraping against her insides. Suddenly, she felt her mother grab her by the hair and shove her forcefully into her clit. Taking the daddy-dick had made Aurea forget what she was doing, and Alannah wanted to make sure she went back to orally pleasuring her mom and brother.

Aurea obliged. Even less in control as her body was slammed around by her father, she did her best to keep up the pace on her mom’s clit and brother’s cock. Alannah had reached a fever pitch of dickriding, and Aurea tried to focus on her more so she could get her orgasm.

“Oh yeah sweetpea, suck Mommy’s clit while your big strong brother annihilates her insides!” Alannah screamed, letting Aurea know it was working. “Fuck my children make me feel so fucking good, I fucking love fucking my family! Let Mommy use you both to cum!”

A thick squirt of girlcum splashing on Aurea’s face let her know it had worked. Her mother’s screams became wordless, and trembling overtook her. Aurea shifted her head down slightly to now focus more on her brother’s cock. She needn’t have bothered.

Tony had been doing his best to make sure his mom came first. After all, he knew the value of keeping the ladies happy, but it had been a struggle. Not only did her pussy have an unreasonably tight grip for a mother of two, but watching his sister masturbate and then suck their father’s balls had been a joy to behold. When she first starting licking his dick as he fucked his mother, he thought he was done, but somehow managed to keep it together.

Now, however, with his mom’s pussy milking him with a desperate need to take his semen, he was finally pushed past his limits. Grabbing his mom’s hips he slammed her down as hard as he could onto his cock. This forced his sister even further down and she began hungrily licking his balls just as they seized up and started spraying cum.

With his cockhead pressed tightly against her hungry cervix, Tony could feel every squeeze from his mother’s pussy as she juiced him. Alannah could feel every surge of her son’s dick as he painted her walls with hot cum. Aurea could feel every pulse of her brother’s balls as he unloaded. The three groaned together in pleasure.

Julian kept railing his daughter the entire time.

Finally, totally spent, Tony released his grip on his mother. Alannah keeled over onto her side, allowing her son’s member to fall out of her along with a healthy dollop of cum. She was breathing heavily. Julian slowed down ploughing Aurea for just long enough for her to take her brother’s flagging member into her mouth. She found the feeling of a dick in her mouth growing soft just as fascinating as the feeling of a dick in her mouth growing hard. The fact that the dick was covered in a delicious combination of brother-spunk and mom-juice was just an added bonus.

Tony shuddered in a pleasure that was almost pain as his sister inhaled his manhood and starting cleaning it off with her tongue. It pulsed a few additional times but he could tell he’d need at least an hour to recover. His sister ran her tongue over his sensitive piss hole and he yelped. Aurea let his now soft and clean meat fall from her lips. Tony patted her on the head, then rolled off the loveseat.

“Fuck,” Tony said, “I need to go lie down for a minute, my balls feel totally empty.”

“You sure you don’t want to tap this before you go?” His father said, gesturing at Aurea as he continued fucking her. “Maybe go in the ass and we can dp her for a while?”

“Sorry, Dad. Sorry, Aurea. I’m spent.” Tony shrugged and walked over to the couch, where he promptly lay down breathing heavily.

Julian chuckled. “Oh well, more pussy for Daddy.”

Aurea clamped down on his dick with her pelvic muscles. She was close, but wanted to feel him blast inside her before she came. With Alannah still lying on the loveseat in a delirious afterglow, Aurea grabbed her mother’s thigh and pulled her closer. Alannah scooted as best she could to help her daughter.

“Hey, Daddy.” she said, “Watch me suck all of Tony’s cum out of Mom while you fuck me!”

Aurea then pushed her mother’s legs apart and dove in. Though her father’s hard fucking still made it somewhat difficult for her to get her face exactly where she wanted, the fact that her mother was no longer getting fucked made it that much easier. Aurea soon found her mother’s throbbing and sensitive clitoris, eliciting several sharp gasps from Alannah as she wrapped her lips around it and sucked.

Once she could see her mother’s arousal growing again, Aurea went in for the main course. Reaching out she gently spread her mother’s pussylips apart to get full access to her cum-soaked snatch, then dove in like she hadn’t eaten in days. Using her lips to toy with her mother’s labia minora, Aurea stuck her tongue into her mother’s damp depths to lap up all the cum she could. Her probing was rewarded with vast globs of it, only slightly diluted by Alannah’s juices, which Aurea happily lapped out and slurped down.

That was it for Julian. Watch his daughter eat her brother’s creampie out of his wife pushed him over the edge. He did his best to keep jackhammering the entire time, but soon his dick was twitching as it spewed what felt like gallons of paternal seed into his wet and willing daughter. Aurea felt the cum splashing inside of her and jammed her face into her mother as hard as she could. Screaming into the cunt she’d been born from, Aurea’s powerful vaginal muscles contracted in unrelenting orgasm, sucking every last drop of jizz from her father’s cock.

Julian fell back, exhausted. No longer supported by her father’s copulations, Aurea likewise slid down and was soon lying on the floor next to him. Alannah, suddenly realizing her cunt was no longer being tended to, looked up. She saw father and daughter lying on the ground, each covered in a sheen of sweat and each sucking down breathfuls of air like they’d just run a marathon. She felt the warm love of a mother for her family well up inside her as she drank in the scene for a moment. Then, carefully, she slid out of the loveseat and onto the ground.

Her face was at Aurea’s pelvis, which is exactly where she wanted it. Pulling herself up onto her hands-and-knees, she gently pushed Aurea’s knees apart, fully exposing her cum-leaking pussy.

“Now it’s my turn.” she said, crawling over her daughter so the two women were in a sixty-nine position. She leaned her head down and began gently licking her daughter’s snatch. Aurea let out a long satisfied sigh, the lifted her own head up and began lapping at her mother in kind. This was not the fierce hungry cunnilingus of earlier in the night, this was slow and gentle and utterly unurgent.

Julian looked over at the girls and cocked a smile. He knew well that once they started making out with each other’s pussies, they could be there for hours. Tony began levering himself upright to watch the women at play. He and his father shared a smile as the girls were lost in their own little world.

Sooner than they’d expect a couple of hard cocks would bring the women back down to Earth, but for now father and son were simply happy to watch the pure love of mother and daughter.
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