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Sandy wants her pussy sucked and get ass fucked.
Chapter 14:

Sandy’s Secrets

As I struggled to become conscious from my staggering drunk the night before, my mind a total blur, I heard my phone ringing. I wasn't sure if it was my phone or some boat alarm going off, but it finally quit. I twisted around & got my feet to the floor. Looked at my phone - OH, SHIT!! It's almost 11 a.m.!! FUCK! I was supposed to meet Sandy at 10. I had missed 3 calls from her. I gathered my composure and rang her up. She picked up and I started apologizing profusely. She sounded a bit indignant and put out, having wasted an hour of her time waiting for me. "Look, Sandy, it's totally my fault, I'm terribly sorry and embarrassed. Let me make it up to you. How about you let me buy you a late lunch, say 1 o'clock at the fancy restaurant in town." "Well ... I guess that'd be okay." "I'll meet you there at 1, I promise."

After some coffee and a quick cleanup, I dinked into shore. Got an Uber to the restaurant and was there by quarter till. Sat at the bar and, to settle my nerves, ordered a draft beer. She didn't show till 1:15, payback, I guess. Now near the end of my 2nd beer, I felt a bit better, more loosened up. I saw an attractive woman enter and start scanning the room, looking for someone. I caught her eye and raised my hand, motioning for her to come over. She sauntered over, her walk a delightful mix of sultry and composure, seduction, and confidence. "Hi. I'm Sandy." "Nice to, uhm, finally meet you. Again, I'm so terribly sorry about this morning.”

Sandy was aptly named. Her hair was cut to a length just above her shoulders and was a sandy color. Even her skin looked kinda sandy colored. She had cute wispy bangs and a nearly perfect pear-shaped face. Very pretty blue eyes with just the right amount of makeup, a slight dusting of powder blue eye shadow - not overdone, just enough to make her eyes sparkle. Her body was expertly proportioned for her height. Her boobs were round and full, not sagging at all. She had on a snug fitting top that showcased her rack and fit her torso like a glove accentuating her flat belly and splaying outward over her hips. She had on tight slacks that confirmed that her thighs matched her top half proportionately. She was pushing 50 yrs. old but her bangs and her well-kept body made her appear to be in her late 30s. "How 'bout we get a table, Sandy?"

Once we were seated, she ordered a Bloody Mary, I stuck with beer. "I'm famished. How about you?" I asked. "Yes, I'm getting hungry. It's been a while since breakfast." After we placed our order, I gave her an abbreviated version of my background and why I had called her. She explained that for decades she had worked at a large, get this, boat building company in the Northeast. No kids, 2 divorces later she retired at 50! "Yeah, with no kids, 2 alimony checks every month, my jumbo IRAs and a generous corporate pension, I had had enough of the corporate life. Bought a luxury condo and a 30-foot boat and haven't looked back. I only do the boat cleaning thing to get me out of the house and meet new people. The online dating thing isn't for me - just horny guys looking for a quick one-night-stand fuck or a backseat blowjob. Not my style, not what I'm looking for." "Interesting. Your story and mine are very similar. As I told you earlier, I'm just cruising around searching for that elusive mermaid."

By then our food had been delivered and consumed. "Sandy, I'd love to see your luxury condo, your boat and talk to you more about what you're looking for. You have plans?" She got right back to business. "What about your boat cleaning? Shouldn't we explore that?" "Sandy, from my vantage point that can wait. You're much more interesting than any old boat. Can we put the cleaning project on the back burner for now? I've been having such a good time talking and would like to get to know you better first. How 'bout it?" She finished her 2nd drink and pondered the possibilities. Very reluctantly she replied "Well, I guess so. This is out of character for me, but I have been enjoying your company. Maybe we can visit my place for a short tour and finalize our business arrangement."

Once in her condo she offered me a drink, which I accepted on the terms that she join me. She poured two very generous bourbons, clunked a few ice cubes in each and offered me one. "How'd you know how I liked it?" "Just a lucky guess" she said with a wink and a knowing smile. Her condo certainly was luxury. It had obviously been furnished and decorated by a top line interior decorator. It was sprawling and the layout was ideal. The views from her large, extended balcony must have set her back 7 figures, easily. "Yes, my 1st divorce was generous, but I really cleaned up on my 2nd. He was a very high-level executive making over $5 million a year, $10 million with bonus in good years. Caught him, in OUR bed, fucking his secretary. And he was fucking her in the ass, no less. Shouldn't tell you this but my favorite is getting ass fucked but he wouldn't do it to me! He just wouldn't go there with me at least. Took him to the cleaners, asshole." She gulped down a large swig of her bourbon as did I. We stared at each other for an awkward moment, then simultaneously drained our glasses. "Another?" she asked. "Only if you join me." She made two more generous pours, clinking a couple ice cubes into each.

"Now that you know all my dirty little secrets, let's sit and talk about yours, what say sailor?" "Sure. But I'll bet that you turn and run when you hear." "Try me" she said with great confidence. We settled in on her plush couch. The booze had started to kick in and I was feeling no pain. Her sparkling blue eyes seemed a bit less sparkly, so I figured that she was coming under the influence too. "So now you know that I love having my ass fucked. What's there to know about you? Tell me your dirty little secrets." "Well, Sandy, it's pretty stereotypical. I'm really just a dirty old man, horny as hell. Living on a boat has its advantages and disadvantages. Can't really do the online dating thing and that's not really my style anyway. So, I just cruise from port to port seeking new adventures everywhere I go." "I kinda figured as much. But what turns you on? What gets your juices flowing? What do you look for when you get to port? I mean, I've shared that I like my ass fucked. What do you like?" "Oh, Sandy, sex is such a palette of colors. There are so many possibilities. Truthfully, I love it all. I tend toward the raunchy, trashy kind of sex. You know, the hard pounding, nasty dirty talk, no holds barred kind of stuff. Because my dick doesn't perform quite like it used to and I want to please my partner, I find that I eat a lot more pussy now than before."

"Ooohhhh" she cooed. She almost purred "That's one of my favorites! I love it when I can get my pussy eaten, especially when my partner is talented. That's another thing about my asshole ex. He wouldn't go down on me. Ever. After our divorce I leaned on my girlfriends for support. That's when ... that's when ... well ...." She was stammering, searching for the right words.

"You turned lesbian?" I asked. "Oh, no. Well, not completely. I guess I'm bi now. One night during the aftermath of my divorce I had my girlfriend over, you know to cry on her shoulder and get some sympathy from her. After killing 2 bottles of Chardonnay, well, one thing led to another and ... Let's just say that after years of neglect my pussy got a tongue lashing. Ever since, I've revisited that part of my sexuality every so often. I've found that it's so easy to find a willing woman, much easier than dealing with guys’ macho bullshit. And women, well, they just know what to do. The only drawback is that a woman can only fuck my ass with her fingers, a dildo, or a peg. Somehow that part of it just isn't as good." "My goodness! You certainly are a mysterious woman. I think I like you. As for giving head, I love doing it and I think I've gotten pretty good at it. At least I haven’t had any complaints." "I'd love to test your skills, sailor. It'll be more comfortable in the bedroom, don't you think?"

I gulped down the last of my drink and said, "One more for good measure?" She filled our glasses, same as before and started towards the bedroom. I watched her sway down the hall, her sultry and seductive walk on full display. She got right down to business pulling off her top and getting rid of her bra. As I was shedding my pants, she came up to me and started kissing me passionately.

The booze had kicked in you could tell. Her kisses were wet and sloppy, and you could tell that she considered this a mere formality. As we were rubbing our lips together and exploring with our tongues, I began fondling her breasts. She likewise was checking out my equipment, holding it in her hand and awkwardly trying to stroke it. We stepped back and shed the rest of our clothes. I guided her to the edge of the bed and had her lie down on her back with her sweet spot at the edge. I got on my knees on the floor figuring this position would give her an opportunity to watch. I gently spread her thighs and was surprised to see a clean-shaven pussy. I prefer hair but this would work. I reached under her legs and pulled her up towards me. Her pussy smelled delightful, one of the best pussy odors I've had.

I began by licking and kissing her inner thighs, moving from side to side, and slowly getting closer to her closed outer pussy lips. I licked her slit from bottom to top several times, then used my tongue to pry them open. Jesus! Her pussy was drenched with the most heavenly pussy juice I've ever tasted. I eagerly was licking and now using my lips to slurp up her juices. I purposely kept away from her clit for the moment. I lifted up a bit more and my tongue found her pussy. I would dart my tongue in and out trying to tongue fuck this spectacular cunt. I'd alternately nibble on her lips, both inner and outer, never biting hard, just enough for her to feel.

I think she was liking this as her pussy continued to produce more and more of the sweetest juices. I sucked them up and started licking from her hole upwards. I eventually got to her clit, now fully erect. As I licked it from base to tip, she began to moan. Then I started sucking on her clit, pulling it into my lips and squeezing my lips together to push it back out. I did this over and over, like giving her clit a blowjob as her breathing got faster and her moans louder. I concentrated on her clit, swirling my tongue around and around, batting it side to side and stroking it from base upwards. I would find the tip of her clit with my tongue and twiddle it rapidly back and forth. This move got her going and her hips began to move as she gasped in pleasure. I pulled my head up for a moment and, lo and behold, she had a pillow under her head and was intently watching me suck her cunt!

Emboldened now, I attacked her clit with a vengeance and began finger fucking her hole. I was furiously licking, sucking, squashing, nibbling her clit as my fingers tried their best to fuck her hole hard and fast. She was moaning, groaning, panting, and encouraging me with "Yes! Yes! Like that! Right there! Harder, faster! Oh, fuck yes!" Her hips started bucking, she pushed my head down into her crotch and let out a guttural "Oooohhhh! Yes! Fuck yes!" Her pussy was dripping wet, too much to swallow at once. As I slurped up her juices they just seemed to keep coming and coming. I paused and she let out a big sigh of relief. I gingerly stroked her clit with my tongue, and she said, "Careful now. Not too hard. She's a bit tender and sensitive at the moment. You did good, sailor, you did good."

I wiped my face and sidled up to lie next to her on the bed. I turned to her and gave her a full-on mouth kiss, wet and sloppy. Just to let her know what she tasted like. "You have one of the sweetest, best tasting pussies I've ever had. I enjoyed that. It seems as if you did too." "Yes, I enjoyed that sailor. And others have told me how good they thought my pussy tasted. Maybe it has something to do with me shaving it and keeping it clean. I don't know." "You just worked hard to make me cum. I appreciate that. I'd like to reciprocate but I'll be honest with you. I'm not very good at sucking cock. I have a bad gag reflex and it's just not pretty. I don't think I've ever made a guy cum with my mouth. Lord knows I've tried.

That's another thing about my last asshole ex. He loved having his dick sucked. He used to force me to do it almost daily. He'd try fucking my mouth and getting me to deepthroat him. Every time I'd just gag and puke my guts. I hated it. But if you're interested, I'd let you fuck me in the ass. I know most guys love it and so do I." "Sandy, you're a real sweetheart to offer and I'd be very interested, but I have a better idea. Let's quit for now. Maybe we can get together for that ass fucking tomorrow. And, uh, I'm hesitant to ask, but maybe you could convince a girlfriend to join us? Would you consider that?" Her pretty blue eyes flashed a surprised look at me, as if this was a novel thought. She pondered the concept for a moment, turning it in her mind.

"What if I can't find a willing girl?" "Well, Sandy. If you're willing to even entertain this idea, just do your best. We'll see how things unfold. I'll leave you with a satisfied pussy, intrigue for tomorrow and get an Uber home."
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