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This is a fairly long fictional story separated into a first act (more focus on sex) and a second act (more focus on story). Only the first act can be properly read without reading the second act. In regards to theming, both acts of the story mainly describe the gradual and sexual escalation of clueless or naive women. It quickly becomes quite extreme, non-consensual, cruel, and tortuous. It is definitely not for the faint of heart (however, no cannibalism, scatology, or snuff).
VI. The level 5 of sister Mary

After another two weeks (a total of 90 days), she finally meets the requirements for level 5. Her pussy can take a circumference of 30 cm (11.8 inches) and a depth of 27 cm (10.6 inches) and she proudly struts around with her newest tail plug with a circumference of 28 cm (11 inches) and a length of 50 cm (19.7 inches), dangling already past her knees.

She passes the test and gets to fuck father John again. After swallowing two loads, he increases her breast size to 2000cc and 2700cc when expanded. Her breasts hurt after inflation, but she does not object to her modification. Instead, she has a big grin on her face, when the purple ribbon around her neck is exchanged for an orange ribbon. Happily, she sways from side to side, swinging around her aching knockers.

Father John orders her to kneel and show how much she can deepthroat him. She did not practice a lot with her throat and struggles to get just the large head of his shaft in her throat. Once it is inside, she pushes a lot, but can only get two thirds of his dick inside her mouth. Her red eyes are looking up at him, hoping that her attempt satisfies father John, but she only sees him shake his head. He pushes her off his cock and checks how much of his cock is covered in her saliva.

“You need to practice more. Next time, I want to fit it all in your mouth. Else, I won’t let you progress to the next level.”

How could she be so stupid and neglect her throat? Sister Mary wishes the ground would open and swallow her up.

“...Yes, father John. I’m sorry.”

“Anyway, open your mouth.”

She opens her mouth, wanting to deepthroat him again. But he slaps her hands away. Not sure what he wants, she gives him a puzzled look, but he only repeats himself angrily.

“I said open your mouth.”

She does as instructed and is shocked when she sees that father John is pissing in her mouth. Not wanting to be a further disappointment, she catches everything. When her mouth is full, the stream stops. She is looking up to him, hoping that he would say anything other than what she is already guessing, but he says nothing.

She takes a breath through her nose, closes her eyes and downs everything in multiple gulps. She opens her mouth to show him that she got it all down. However, instead of praise, she is rewarded with another mouthful of piss. It starts to sink in that she will have to swallow every drop of urine he can offer her. After she drank her fifth mouthful, he steps closer to her and inserts his cock into into her throat. She tries to help him and forces as much as possible of his cock into her face. Once he is settled inside her throat, she can feel him pissing right down her gullet. It feels so weird. She can’t taste it, but she can feel her stomach filling. After a while he stops and pulls out, while she is holding her stomach.

“From now on, masters can piss in your mouth. However, we don’t know how good your kidneys are yet. For now, you will swallow urine from only one master per day. If it works, you will have to drink more. But from our sisters and brothers you can drink a lot more. Probably three or four times per day. They are instructed to hydrate a lot, which means they mostly urinate water. You will see that the problem will rather be, how much can fit into your stomach. I also suggest you drink more water when you drink piss from a master, so it gets easier for your kidneys.”

Sister Mary is struggling already with drinking piss once. How can she take in so much more? Her head is spinning. But she won’t give up.

“Yes ... father John.”

She walks over to her tail plug and inserts it into her ass, which had just been ravaged moments earlier. She follows him crawling to her new chambers with her family of wolves in tow. In her new chamber she immediately feels that the floor is heated, making the crawling a lot more pleasant. Furthermore, there is a fruit basket on the table and a music player on the wall. Father John presses a few buttons on a remote and it starts playing a Beethoven sonata. Sister Mary is mesmerized. She had never heard music apart from random humming, but listening to such refined music was a completely new experience.

“What is this? It is so beautiful!”

“The second movement of the Pathetique sonata. But you have more pieces to *********** from.”

After a few seconds he stops the music and sister Mary looks at him with slight disappointment, wishing to have listened a bit more.

“Sister Mary, the requirements for level 6 for your ass are a circumference of 34 cm (13.4 inches), a flexible depth of 60 cm (23.6 inch), and a stiff depth of 35 cm (13.8 inches). Your pussy has to take a circumference of 35 cm (13.8 inches) and a depth of 30 cm (11.8 inches). And don’t forget your throat.”

After he leaves, she slowly walks over to her bed trying to process her new goals and the new taste in her mouth. She lies down, cradling her pups, which start sucking on her tits, while her sire pulls out her plug and fucks her ass.

After swallowing his load, playtime is over and she gets up to train for the evening. She does not intend to disappoint father John like that and shoves one of her shorter tails into her throat. She has no problem inserting 30 cm (11.8 inches) into her throat, but the width is a problem. Therefore, she continues with her wider tail plugs, trying to stretch her throat for larger cocks.

The next morning, she feeds her pups, and trains all of her holes vigorously. Right before 9 o’clock, the pups suck her dry one more time, just before she cleans herself and sits on her bed in order to receive her next master.

“Good morning, my little puppy. It seems that you are finally level 5.”

It’s the master that loves pulling out her tail plug. She knows she is not allowed to talk and just nods her head, while presenting the orange ribbon around her neck.

After sucking him hard, she has to perform a few easy commands such as give paw, lay down, and roll over, followed by having to fetch the ball. Like last time, he holds her tail, forcing her to rip the 50 cm (19.7 inch) plug out of her ass. All her practice does not help her, since the plug is getting longer as well. Even when pulling with all her strength, it takes 2 to 3 seconds until the dildo has traveled out of her ass. After bringing back the ball a few times, he pisses in her ass again and plugs it with her long tail. However, despite the challenges, she has progressed so far that she even manages to cum while she rides him.

Once she gobbles up his cum, he orders two brothers inside. After sucking one of them hard, she tries her best to deep throat him, but only gets two thirds past her lips. He stops her attempts at forcing more into her throat and holds her head. A few seconds later, she notices that he is already pissing right into her stomach. Once his cock is finished and slips out of her mouth, she is already holding her stomach. It’s quite full, having to accommodate both the toy and the piss. But she knows it won’t stop there. She scurries over to the other man and starts to force his cock down her throat. However, her master stops her.

“No, not down her throat again. That is too easy. Piss in her mouth and make her swallow it.”

She takes a few breaths and obediently opens her mouth. Swallowing is a lot harder with such a full stomach. By the time he finished emptying his bladder into the little girl, sister Mary’s stomach is forcing her to burp up air, just to make more space. She wants to lay down on the floor, nauseous from her full guts. However, her master immediately makes her get up and ride the men. Each bounce, she can feel the piss in her stomach slosh around. But she powers through and makes them both come. She has to bend down to their cocks in order to swallow their loads, which compresses her stomach almost to the point of revolting.

Once she is done, the brothers leave and she carefully crawls down the bed where she kneels on the floor. When she holds her stomach, she can feel it bulging out, but she has to push her large tits to the side to see it protruding forward. In order to accommodate her stomach, she gets back on all four.

While catching her breath, sister Mary can hear the steps of her sire. She looks to the side and sees that her master has unchained the wolf and sent him to sister Mary.

She is too exhausted to do deny the sire. So, she just takes a few breaths, lifts her tail to the side, and braces for impact. As she already expects, her sire enters her violently and thrusts without any regard for the toy in her ass or her full stomach. She groans, trying to deal with her insides while the beast is having fun fucking his little bitch.

When he bites her neck, she already knows to pull him out of her pussy and turn around in order to catch all of his jizz in her mouth. She swallows, licks his cock clean and lies exhausted on the ground.

While her master chains the beast to the wall, she gets to collect herself a little bit. After a few shallow breaths, she calms down a bit, but still holding her stomach.

“That is a good girl. You got almost all of it.”

It takes her a few seconds to process what he said. Then she quickly turns her head to the master, worried about what he meant. She swallowed every drop, what does he mean?

“There is still some piss you have not swallowed, right?”

She stares at her master, pondering what he is talking about. After a few seconds, she pauses and then reaches with both hands for her stomach.

“That’s right. It’s already inside of you, but from the wrong end. Time to fix that.”

He walks up to her and places a cup on the ground. Sister Mary gets back on all four, and slowly pulls on the tail while clenching her ass tightly, in order to make sure that nothing spills out too early. When almost the entire plug is pulled out, she places the cup under her ass and pulls out the toy. However, since the plug has pushed the urine so deep inside, she has to squat and push for some time, until everything is in the cup.

Unlike the brothers of the institute, the masters do not have to over hydrate. Therefore, their urine is not clear. The contents of the cup have a dark yellow hue. Sister Mary is not sure if it's only piss, but there is no point in guessing. She closes her eyes and downs it all. It was a bit easier to swallow, as the toy was not in her ass. But the aftertaste is a lot worse than when she swallowed the almost tasteless piss from the brothers.

“There you go. What a great toilet you are. You look quite full, right?”

She holds her stomach, but musters a smile and nods. The master picks up her tail plug and dangles it in front of her.

“... but not full enough.”

She has to fight her stomach, in order to force it in, but after enough tries and repositioning of her body, she manages to insert the whole plug back in her ass. But her guts are now revolting at every movement now.

“Now be a good girl and get the leash so we can go for a walk with you and the wolf.”

They walk and crawl in the park, where the sire is let go to roam. While he is running around, sister Mary is heavily breathing with every step. The fresh air is probably the only reason she manages to keep her nausea in check.

After a while, her bladder is full and she goes to mark one of the trees. Sister Mary has not felt such a relief in a long time. She still feels quite full, but she now feels better prepared for the next hour.

As usual, she sucks her sire hard, and inserts his cock and knot into her ass. By the time her ass closes around the knot, enough wolves have already arrived to fuck her. Despite having relieved herself, her stomach is still half full, making it hard to swallow the many loads from her furry lovers. Sister Mary still gets to enjoy herself and comes a few times. However, after half an hour, her tits start to expand in the hot sun and her own bladder fills up again. Under these constraints her body refuses her any more orgasms.

After a full hour, the master allows her to finally relieve herself and they go back to her chamber, where she downs the loads her sire had shot up her ass.

Once the master has left, she hurries into the shower and cools down her tits with cold water. As her breasts shrink down to a size that was more comfortable, she tries to find a plan how to make it easier for her in the future. She had mostly focused on stretching her ass and pussy, but she also has to work on her stomach and throat. She can practice her throat with the toys, but there is no toy for her stomach.

Her thoughts are interrupted by the display announcing the next master. She cleans herself up and gets ready to sit on the bed.

A few days later, managing sister Lottie comes into her chamber, attaches a leash on sister Mary and leads her to the elevator.

“Sister Mary, a level 9 sister requests service from a lower level sister. This can apply to anyone with level 5 or above, which now includes you, too. She gets you for an hour. I’ll pick you up afterwards.”

“What service is she requesting?”

“Pretty much anything a master can request.”

“A sister can do that?? How come?”

“It is one of the privileges of a level 9 sister. She can do that once per week. And during that hour, you address her as ‘mistress’ not as ‘sister’.”

They step out of the elevator and walk to one of the doors. As soon as it opens, sister Mary gazes into a luxurious chamber with paintings, plants, and even a small chandelier. She is so busy taking in the sights that she does not notice the woman stretching out in her cozy bed, until she hears her whistle. She looks over and sees a gorgeous woman with the largest tits she has ever seen. Everything in this room is a completely new experience for her.

“There is the little kitten. You seem quite amazed. Have you ever been in the chamber of a higher level sister?”

Sister Mary shakes her head and keeps crawling towards the bed.

“I’ll allow you to talk. It’s fun to hear young blood talk. Oh look at you, your breasts are lactating. Feed me a bit.”

The mistress lies on her bed and waits for sister Mary to dangle her breasts over the mistress. It takes her a few attempts, as she tries to clumsily get her udders past the huge tits of her mistress.

“I’m sorry, it is just, your breasts are so large, mistress.”

“Large? Oh, I am so used to them. To me your tits look small. You are probably at 2000cc, but mine are twice the size. Now get your head over my nipples and suck them.”

She scurries over into a sixty-nine-like position and gently stimulates the mistress’s breasts, while feeding her with her own. The mistress reaches between her legs, massaging her pussy and soon reaches a climax. Sister Mary was a bit surprised how fast that happened, but she keeps sucking and licking.

Once her orgasm has simmered down, the mistress gets up and fetches a few toys. First she attaches two clamps to sister Mary’s nipples and tightens them. Then the mistress gives her a huge vibrator and instructs her to insert it in her pussy. While sister Mary struggles to get the vibrator inside, the mistress attaches some nipple clamps to her own tits and an even bigger vibrator into her own pussy.

The mistress is already lying in bed, when sister Mary finishes inserting the vibrator. Once her pussy closes over the toy, the mistress presses a button on a remote and all the toys start vibrating. The sudden sensation startles sister Mary for a second, she but quickly realizes that it is the clamps and vibrator that started buzzing. It feels incredible. Her eyes are rolling up and she arches her back in pleasure.

“Hey kitty, don’t get carried away. I’ll let you join in the fun, but you are here to serve me. Get busy with your mouth and eat my pussy. I want to come non-stop.”

Sister Mary apologizes and gets between her mistress’s legs. She gradually progresses from light touches, the broad strokes, to sucking her clit. Her mistress enjoys herself, transitioning from moaning, to groaning, to shaking legs that seem to never stop. The toys also don’t spare Sister Mary, who convulses several times in climax.

After half an hour, the mistress has to push away the eagerly licking girl, reaches for the remote, and switches off the toys. They are both lying in bed, exhausted and covered in sweat.

After a while, she looks at the young girl and notices her tail plug.

“How long is your tail, kitten?”

“53 cm (20.9 inches), my mistress.”

“You just got to level 5, did you?”

“Yes, mistress.”

Sister Mary touches her orange collar and realizes for the first time that her mistress has a metallic collar decorated with beautiful green emeralds. The mistress is removing her toys, but still notices the jealous stare.

“It took me a lot of work to get to level 9.”

“How long does it take to get that far, mistress?”

“I needed four years. But it’s not so much a matter of time. Not every sister gets this far. Most of them get stuck at level 7 or 8. So don’t slack off. Are you practicing?”

“Yes, I am, mistress. Look at my tail. Is this not good?”

The mistress smirks, and switches the toys of sister Mary back on. She pushes the young girl on her back and rips out the tail. Sister Mary closes her legs in pain, but promptly opens them back up by command of her mistress.

After applying plenty of lube, she pushes her fist into sister Mary’s gaping ass. Her groaning turns into moaning when the mistress starts to carefully thrust her arm in and out of her ass. However, she keeps pushing in more and more of her arm, causing her to gradually cry out in pain. Eventually, sister Mary has to beg her to stop.

“Mistress, it hurts. I can’t take it any deeper.”

“I only got in three quarters of my forearm, is that already your limit?”

“Mistress, what do you mean with ‘my limit’? How much more of an arm can one take?”

The mistress pauses for a second, withdraws her hand and leans back onto her bed.

“Put your hand in my ass.”

Sister Mary does not dare to meet her mean look and does as she is told. After she manages to push her hand through her sphincter, she looks up and checks on her mistress.

“Keep going. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Sister Mary carefully keeps sliding in her arm until her elbow barely pokes out. She looks up again to check, but her mistress does not even look fazed. Sister Mary carefully inches forward, but has to insert half of her upper arm until she can feel her fingers meeting a wall. She is shaking her head in disbelief.

“You see, little kitten? And you didn’t even lube up your arm.”

“I’m speechless, mistress. I ... I can’t even fathom how deep my arm is inside of you.”

“Push up with your fingers. Then you can see where it is exactly. Go ahead.”

She carefully pokes upward with her fingers and gasps when her mistress's stomach starts to bulge below the ribcage. She immediately lowers her hand, fearing that she is causing damage, but the mistress is just laughing.

“Mistress, how is this even possible? ... are you alright? ... are you in pain?”

“Oh dear, you are cute. How about you lick my pussy and make me come one more time? Your face is right there, isn’t it?”

Come like that? This woman is impaled through half of her body and she wants to orgasm? How is she going to achieve that? Sister Mary lowers her head and starts licking while looking at her mistress's face. No sign of pain or discomfort. Instead, she is closing her eyes and moans.

Sister Mary eats her out as pleasurable as she can until she can feel her sphincter clench her biceps. All the flesh surrounding her arm is shivering as the entire body is exploding into an orgasm with sister Mary right in the middle of it. Once the climax has simmered down, she wants to retract her arm, but her mistress holds onto her.

“Not so quick. While you are here, you may as well be my toilet. Don’t get a single drop on my bed, do you understand?”

Sister Mary nods and presses her lips against her pussy. In her position she can’t gather the piss in her mouth, so she sucks it right out of her mistress and downs it in quick gulps. In the meantime, she can feel on her arm that the pressure in the guts is decreasing while the bladder is getting smaller. Afterwards, she licks her mistress clean and finally removes her arm from her ass.

The hour is over and she is escorted back to her chamber; her small and plain chamber. The room of her mistress was so much better. The mistress was so much better. Her breasts were so large, her lust was insatiable, even her sphincter was ... powerful... Can sister Mary even achieve that? It seems not everyone can, according to what the mistress said. In her head, she tries to make a list of things she needs to train, but her next master is announced before she can even complete it.
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