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Waitress takes me home. Drugs & handcuffs me for her pleasure.
Chapter 7:

Sexy Sadie’s Apothecary

I was feeling kind of torn: the prospect of ploughing Trixie's tiny tight twat was beckoning me yet the disappointment of being rebuffed for exquisite group sex still burned in my mind. I was confused and conflicted. Turned on some music as a distraction. Then Tom Petty gave me the answer. Listening to Mary Jane's Last Dance I heard "I feel summer creeping in and I'm tired of this town again". That did it. By sunrise I had weighed anchor, on my way to my next adventure.

After a long day at the helm, found myself at some shabby, backwoods marina somewhere in north Florida. When I say shabby, I mean this Godforsaken place looked like a truck stop whore who had been used every which way for days on end. Everywhere I looked was more evidence that this place had been abused and brutalized by every passing boater for years ... no, for decades.

At the office was some old hag who fit right in. She looked as if she had been on her hands and knees getting fucked from both ends by an endless line of hillbillies. Her clothes were stained and dirty with rips and tears. Her hair was ratty looking like she just got out of bed. She had made zero attempt to 'pretty herself up'. As I stepped in, she threw me a wide smile. "Welcome sailor!" I did a double take - she had no teeth!! How fitting I thought. Would be nice to slide my dick in that toothless hole if she weren't so nasty. "I'm Vera. Welcome to Lazy Days Marina." All I could focus on was her lack of teeth. After checking in and getting directions to the town's amenities, I quickly retreated to my boat. I enjoyed a tumbler of scotch to calm my nerves after my encounter with Vera.

Soon I wandered down the street a bit and found the local diner. It was nearly empty and a pleasant looking, middle-aged lady motioned for me to sit anywhere. I chose a booth in the corner and shortly she approached with water and a menu. "Howdy. I'm Sadie. What can I getcha?" "Well, what do you recommend, Sadie?" "To be honest, the fish ain't no good today. Wilbur and Barney couldn't keep their dicks out of that slut at the marina. Went at her like dogs all day long. Never went out for fish. But the meatloaf's good." "Great. I'll have that." No wonder Vera looked so used and abused.

A few minutes later Sadie appeared with my food. By now the only other customers had left and we were alone. She set my plate down, then sat down across from me. "Hope you don't mind if I join you. It's been really slow today, and I get bored. I'm a widow, my kids have moved away and I live alone. Gets pretty lonely, especially at night." She was reasonably attractive, well made up, typical 50's age 'mom bod'. Definitely fuckable.

"Not at all, please join me. I, too, live alone on my boat so I know about boredom and loneliness." "Ahhh ... I was right. You came in this afternoon. Small town - everyone knows everything." "So, Sadie, what's there to do here after dark?" "HA!! Your best bet is the saloon 'bout 20 miles away. But there's no taxi since Bert died. Most people just go home, watch TV and drink till they pass out. That is, unless they're horny. Then they go stand in line to fuck all of Vera's holes. That toothless hag would fuck a dog if it were in line." "Wow. Sounds like fun times" I said sarcastically.

"But what about you, Sadie? You're attractive, well put together, with a nice body. How do you fill your evenings?" "Honestly? You want the truth, the details?" "Yup. Give it to me straight up." "There ain't no men in town who haven't dipped their dong in that nasty slut Vera, so I won't go near none of them. My routine is that I go home, pour a stiff drink, strip buck naked, pull out my dildo and fuck myself silly. I tell myself that I'm just keeping myself in practice for when that live cock magically happens to appear. For a while I tried that online porn thing where you set up a camera and guys tune in and ask you to do shit for money. I didn't make much money and the things they want you to do!!! I mean, I'm pretty skanky, I'll try most anything. But they wanted me to ram weird shit up my cunt and asshole. Like sausages, cucumbers, corn cobs, baseball bats - you name it. After a while I noped out of there." "Wow. That's an interesting story. I've never tried that online stuff. I prefer it live action." "Look, the cook's gone home, or to see Vera, and I'm gonna close the diner down. How 'bout coming over to my place for a drink? It's been a particularly boring day. I could use some company. What ‘ya say, sailor?"

Having nothing better to do with the prospect of banging Sadie, I waited outside as she closed the diner. We strolled a couple blocks to her apartment, the downstairs of a converted 2 story house. "Upstairs is empty ever since Bert passed. We've got the whole place to ourselves. What're ya drinkin’ sailor?" "I'll have what you're having. Surprise me." She soon appeared with two tall cocktails and settled in next to me on the couch. I took a sip and couldn't really tell what was in it, but it was good.

"Sorry to disrupt your daily dildo regime. I didn't mean to intrude." "Oh, don't you worry sailor. I'm hoping that all my practice pays off now that I've got a live cock in the house." With that, she leaned over and started kissing me. It was a slow sensuous kiss, kinda like the way northern girls kiss. Her lips were full and wet, she had just the right tongue technique. As she was kissing me, she started unbuckling my belt. I responded by massaging her tits. They were full and firm. Middle-aged sag had not set in. I alternated between a full bosom hold and an attempt to find her nipples through her bra. We kept this make out session going for a bit until she had freed my cock from my pants. We were kissing passionately as she was stroking my dick, giving me an awkward hand job.

Before long we pulled away, breathing heavy and took a drink. I finished mine and asked for a refill. When she returned, she sat back down and said "This damn bra is too tight. Hope you don't mind." She proceeded to unbutton her blouse and undo her bra. As she was doing so, I took several long, hard draws on my drink, nearly finishing it. "Uh, no. That's actually an improvement." I drained my glass and set it on the table. Then I leaned over and started sucking on her boobs while fondling them. They were full and firm but not fake. Her nipples were firm and erect now and my mouth took advantage.

As I was making out with her tits, she resumed her hand job, stroking ever so expertly on my cock. When I came up for air I reached for my drink, missed, and tipped the glass over. I felt kinda lightheaded, almost dizzy. "Zowie! What was in that drink you made?" "Oh, it's a special concoction I make when I'm particularly bored and horny, like right now. Let me make you another." I was kind of fuzzy, couldn't really gather my thoughts. Didn't even think to protest.

As she emerged from the kitchen, two full drinks in hand, she said, "Follow me sailor" and walked down the hallway. Unable to resist the thought of having this mysterious twat make me cum, I stood up to follow. I was dizzy and had trouble getting my feet firmly beneath me. My pants had fallen to the floor, so I stepped out of them. I kinda lurched toward the hallway, glad that it had walls I could lean against. I slid down the hallway supporting myself on the walls. As I entered the bedroom I stumbled across to the bed and plopped down on the edge.

Sadie was now buck naked and came over to stand in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed, dazed and confused. "Aww, poor baby. Seems that you like Sadie's bartending skills. Here, bottoms up." She held the full glass to my lips like I was an invalid, pouring her concoction down my throat. As the glass emptied, I fell back on the bed, delirious. Realizing that I’d been drugged I mumbled "You're nothing but a fucking, conniving whore. You suck me in with your 'woe is me' bullshit, then drug me for whatever reason. You're no better than that skanky slut Vera. What the fuck is wrong with you?" "Oh, sailor, not to worry. My ex was a pharmacist. He taught me lots about drugs. My special concoction tonight includes something to render you, basically, helpless plus a mega dose of Viagra. I told you that I was practicing for when that magic live cock showed up. Well, you've got a cock that'll be rock hard for hours. Mission accomplished."

She slid my boxers off and lifted my legs up on the bed. I was so groggy I was basically helpless. She climbed on the bed, between my legs. To ensure that her 'equipment' was ready, she put her mouth around my cock and took 4 or 5 deep strokes, in and out. Then she grabbed it in her hand and started jacking me off using hard, fast strokes. Groggy but aware of what was happening I shouted "What the fuck bitch! Feels like you want to rip it right off! You're a sadistic cunt! And you're nothing more than a cheap slut." "Quiet down sailor, I'm right here and no one else can hear you. I've got your rock-hard cock in my sights. I intend to use your dick in place of my dildo. I'm gonna fuck it till it's raw. Just lay back and enjoy." "You're a fuckin tramp, you know it? Nothing but a cheap, slutty tramp."

She then climbed on top and guided my hard dick into her pussy. She started rocking up and down and even though I was in a fog, it did feel mighty good. Her pussy was fresh and tight. It had swelled up inside, and her swollen pussy enveloped my dick, holding it tight. She continued rocking it in and out as her pussy slowly started to loosen up. "Do you like my tight little whore pussy? Does it feel good sliding up and down on your cock?" "It feels great but I'm so helpless. I want to ram my dick deep into your pussy and open it up into your wide-open slut cunt. Why can't I participate you sleazy bitch?" "That's the point, sailor. I'm in this for me, not you. To me you're nothing more than a hard dick that I get to fuck all night long, so get used to it."

Feeling helpless, I just lay there as she focused on fucking herself with my dick acting as her dildo. She now leaned over with her chest against mine and quickened the pace. She was slamming her cunt up and down on my shaft, harder and deeper with each stroke. Her cunt loosened up - her hole was now wide open. She had her slut cunt working. She continued to pound her dripping wet pussy on and off my shaft for what seemed like hours. She was breathing heavy and obviously enjoying this. Soon she slowed her pace and sat upright. She would raise up till my cock had almost come out, then forcefully slam down on it, making it go deep inside. She'd sit there, with it fully inside and rock her hips fore and aft. Then she'd repeat the process. She did this a dozen times or so.

Then she leaned forward again, her chest on mine and started pumping up and down, slamming her cunt hard, fast, and furiously on my dick. She power fucked herself hard and fast about 10 or 15 times before sitting straight up, cock deep inside and letting out a loud groan. I could feel her warm piss as she squirted with my dick still deep inside. She let out a loud moan and slumped down, relaxed. While she was still sitting on top of me, she reached for the bedside table. I couldn't see what she was after but suddenly she had ahold of my wrist, something felt cold and then the unmistakable click of handcuffs!! "Holy shit! You ARE an insane bitch! This is not cool! Release me now you filthy slut!!" "Relax sailor. I'm not done with you yet. I'm just protecting my Viagra investment, so you don't disappear while I take a breather. That was one hell of an orgasm I just had. Way better than my dildo. I'll be back."

I could hear her, first in the bathroom, then in the kitchen rustling around. Shortly she reappeared with a bottle of tequila and 2 shot glasses. "I want to get loosened up for this next bit" she said as she downed three shots in rapid succession. "Want some?" "All I want is out of these handcuffs you raging bitch." "All in good time sailor, all in good time." She then downed another 4 shots rapidly.

Once again, she reached over and started jacking me off again even though he was still rock hard. "Ah...good. He's still on the clock. Gonna give you a show now. I hope you like it." With that she grabbed some lube and climbed on top, this time reverse cowboy position. Straddling me with her back to me, she got some lube on her fingers and bent over forward. The view was nice, I must admit. Her hairy bush below, her tight puckered asshole above. She started rubbing the lube on her asshole, then fingering it. She used one hand to spread her cheeks, the other to lube and finger her butt. First one finger, then two. When she felt ready, she grabbed my cock and guided it to that glorious poop chute and gently leaned back on it. It resisted going in, popped away. She grabbed my dick and tried again, guiding it where she wanted it. Again, no dice.

"Look, if you want to get fucked in the ass, take these handcuffs off and let me pound your hole properly. You've been spending too much time with your dildo. If you release me, I'll pound your ass from here to Tuesday. You won't want to go back to that lame ass rubber dick." "Oh, you still don't get it, do you sailor man. You're just a fucking hard dick to me, nothing more, nothing less. I'm just a horny bitch bored with her dildo. If I wanted a guy to pound my ass, there's plenty around - unless they're fucking Vera. No thanks. Just lay there and watch me use your cock to fuck my ass."

With that she managed to pop the head of my dick inside. Her hole was still puckered and tight. It felt really good. She started to lean back and forth taking more and more of my shaft into her very tight asshole. It was incredible to lay there and watch my rigid dick disappear, inch by inch, into her glory hole. She leaned forward and started sliding her still tight hole up and down on my cock, going faster and deeper with each stroke. As she was fucking herself reverse cowboy style, slamming her still tight asshole up and down on my dick, all I could do was lay there and watch. It was an erotic view I must admit.

After a few dozen strokes her tight little hole began to loosen up. This didn't please her, so she started ramming it deep inside, then squeezing her anus really tight for the up stroke. She'd pause at the top, squeeze her hole really tight again and force it down on my prick. She did this over and over until her breathing got to where she was panting. Then she went nuts. She bent forward and started power fucking herself, pounding her asshole up and down on my stiffy, hard and fast. She was fucking her ass with my hard dick relentlessly and all I could do was watch.

Her asshole was loose and gaping now and it slid up and down on my rigid dick with ease. She continued slamming her ass down on my cock for quite some time before she sat upright and bounced up and down, my entire cock disappearing up her anus, then reappearing. I could see it all and I noticed that she was rubbing her clit furiously. She continued this action for a while, her moans getting louder and her breathing quickening. She was gasping for air and making guttural throat sounds when she took one last downward thrust, my dick fully up her ass, and stopped, letting out a loud "Oh my God!!!" Once again, she exploded with a giant squirt from her cunt. It shot across the bed, some dribbled down my balls, warm and wet.

She rolled off and collapsed next to me on the bed. "What about these handcuffs" I asked. "Oh, yeah." She slipped off the bed, unlocked my wrist and planted a sensuous, warm, sloppy kiss on my mouth. "Thanks for being my private fuck toy, sailor. I'm spent so you'll have to see yourself out." I grabbed my pants and hightailed it out of there.

As I walked back to the Lazy Days Marina, I noticed that it was not quite 10 p.m. As I approached the street side of the marina, I could see a group of 12 or 15 men hanging out on the porch, drinking beer, passing a fifth of whiskey and talking. The door was open, and I could see Vera, on a twin bed on her hands and knees. One guy was laying on his back, Vera straddling him, his cock up her cunt. Another guy was standing behind her fucking her ass. And a third guy was standing in front, holding her head, and going to town on that toothless mouth.
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