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Hermione meets the frisky squid in the lake (No reposting without my express permission)
Edit: Adding a link to an audio version of this story. It was made using an AI voice generation program, and stitched together from the best generations of the text. Some of the text had to be changed to flow better in an audio format. Please let me know if you like it! Link: dropbox dot com /scl/fi/be2bm16rcw5dqnqcmprnk/Hermione-and-the-Squid-Complete.mp3?rlkey=ibvxk6fs5sr08u7w1dmjupxv9&dl=0


Hermione was so mad at Ron! How could he go telling everybody about what they had done in their private time? Sometimes he could be so sweet, but most of the time he still acted his age, immature and snobbish.

She strolled down next to the lake to vent some steam by swimming. She laid her bags on the ground and hid them with an invisibility charm, so she would not be disturbed or teased. She kept her robes on so she could hide them in the water and placed the bubble head charm on herself and then dove into the water.

It was cold, unseasonably so, but she quickly remedied that by using a warming charm on herself. She kicked fiercely through the water trying to get as far from land as possible, but still kept an eye out for the wilder animals of the lake. She had done this two times before but she knew that she shouldn't let her guard down.

"I haven't seen you in here before, what are you doing here?" said a strange voice.

She whirled around and saw the large dark outline of some huge animal. She quickly brought her wand to bare on the creature, but it quickly yelled "No!!!" and a tentacle came out and tore the wand from her grasp.

"Please don’t hurt me, I just get so lonely down here, didn't mean to scare you" the squid said as it came into view.

Hermione was extremely relieved to see the squid and said "Oh, I am terribly sorry, I thought you were some creature coming to attack me"

"No, I never attack students, I just get overly curious when they come for a swim sometimes. What’s your name? My name is Gerald."

"My name is Hermione, nice to meet you Gerald"

"What are you doing swimming all the way out here at night, it’s not safe for students"

"My boyfriend was being a real bugger and I needed to vent some steam by swimming. What are you doing around here in the shallow end?"

"Me, oh, I...uh, always like to patrol the lake and investigate any newcomers as well as play tricks with the students."

"Well, it’s nice to meet you...." Hermione was quickly silenced when a voice from above reached her ears. It was Ron, trying to find her. She instinctively turned around and started swimming for the deeper water when the squid made a suggestion "Why don’t I just take you down to the bottom? It would be a lot quicker and safer with me around."

"Sure, but I can’t stay too long"

"Oh, don’t worry, we should be down there only long enough…"

Before she could ask what he meant by that, the squid had already moved closer to her and began to extend his tentacles out. The squid wrapped several tentacles across her waist so that he could pull her down into the water and away from Ron. When he was convinced she was securely in his tentacles, he began the descent. From the force of his swimming strokes her robes started to tear at the seams, and when he released her once they were down to a reasonable depth, her top robes came off completely, exposing her one-piece swimsuit to his view. He still had a couple of tentacles around her legs and arms, but these loosened up as they relaxed in the murky water.

A couple of adventurous tentacles were still trying to wrap around her waist but were actually ending up at the base of her cleavage, and one of the tentacle tips rested directly on the large V between her breasts. The thousands of little suckers on that exposed part of her skin felt good as they kissed and massaged her skin. Several tentacles had also wrapped her upper thighs and the suckers created a gentle massaging and almost ticklish feeling.

When one of the tentacles brushed up between her legs, pressing down on her crotch, with its light kisses, she realized she was becoming aroused. Managing to free her hands from the tentacles, she rested both of them on her crotch, trying to keep the tentacle from arousing her further. The squid didn't seem to notice.

Tentacles continued to grip and tease her, holding her closer to the squid's mouth as they ran along her skin. One of them brushed up against the crack of her ass and she yelped, trying to jump away.

One hand flew from her crotch to her ass as she blushed furiously in the murky darkness of the lake. The squid stopped, its tentacles touching and probing Hermione with quiet insistence.

"Something wrong Hermione?"

"Yes, you keep running" her words ended in a yelp as the tentacle tip on her cleavage began to slowly investigate the space between her breasts and then began to wrap around her right breast.

"You keep doing that!"

The pure innocence and confusion almost broke her heart as the squid sniffed, "I'm sorry, I have trouble controlling them sometimes”

The water was no longer rushing around the squid, but it didn't seem to want to let go of Hermione. She was about to say something when the tentacle in her cleavage began to play with her right nipple. She looked down and she could see the tentacle worming its way into her cleavage like a fat snake.

The tip of the tentacle was now wrapping and unwrapping around her nipple while the main body of the tentacle began to squeeze her breast in a slow and undulating pace.

Next to her, the squid suddenly spoke up, "I feel funny."

Eyes widening, Hermione looked at the beak, "You feel funny!? You have a tentacle on... my..."

Another tentacle then entered the back of her suit and was making its way towards her left breast. She moved her hand from her ass to try and stop the tentacle from making any more advancement into her cleavage, but as soon as she did that, the tentacle at her ass began to nudge its way past the hemline of the bathing suit and was gently stroking and massaging her ass while slowly moving towards her back entrance.

This she could not allow so she surrendered her breasts to the tentacles and moved her hand to pull out the other tentacle dangerously close to her ass. As soon as she had moved her hand, the other tentacle near her breasts had moved into her suit and encircled her left breast and both began to tweak her nipples. Hermione squirmed, but struggled less she did before as the stirrings of pleasure began to grow inside her.

All of a sudden she felt a tentacle crawling up her back and then it came over her shoulders and dove into her cleavage. It continued down past her cleavage and began to play with her belly button, teasing it with its thousands of little suckers as more and more of it pushed down into her swimsuit.

She could do nothing to stop the advance of this tentacle as it slowly began to creep down towards her waistline and the top of her crotch. Her hand protecting her crotch kept it at bay, but the light kisses were beginning to feel so good. She gasped in surprise and shock as a single sucker attached itself to her clit, and the world seemed to explode. She had never had a boyfriend that could stimulate her in these ways, and she wanted it to keep going on.

The one tentacle brushing up against her clit was beginning to feel good and she surprised herself by unconsciously thrusting slightly at it. The hand over her crotch tightened slightly, feeling the wiggling tentacle underneath. A shuddering gasp escaped her lips as she removed the hand on the front of her crotch and let the tentacle probe across the outer lips of her pussy, as the suckers kissed lightly along her clit, it inserted about two inches of its tip into her and she leaned her head back in astonishment at how good it felt!

The tentacle near her ass, however, she kept a firm hand on, just in case. The squid seemed to calm down as the tentacles wrapped further around her arms and legs and waist, stroking her with thousands of soft kisses over every inch of her body.

Hermione moaned softly, ignoring the sensation of her swimsuit being pulled down off her shoulders. She looked down and was aroused even more by the sight of the tentacles playing with her breasts. Her hand covered her ass tightly, but the incredible sensations inside her were beginning to make the world shake. Each stroke seemed to arouse more pleasure from her soaking pussy and soon she was panting from the sensations as eight inches of tentacle were inserted into her pussy and began to methodically probe in and out, filling her like no man could.

"Am I doing something wrong?"

The squid's voice was very soft, almost hesitant. Hermione hesitated, but the gentle pleasures across every inch of her skin stopped her, "Yes…no...sort of. It feels good, but"

The squid said nothing but continued to stroke along Hermione, its tentacles brushing against every inch of her body except where her hand protected. Hermione's clit felt so electric, ready to explode, as the squid used the tip of its tentacle to stroke in and out with an increasing depth and tempo. The tentacles finished removing the swimsuit, which gave the tentacle in her pussy a better angle to thrust, which allowed four more inches of the tentacle into her.

The squid continued to speak in a soft voice, "Should I stop?"

Hermione shook her head, her body shaking from the senses that were crashing into them, "No, please.........don't."

A tentacle swirled up from behind her and teased between her legs, the tip seemed to be pushing back toward her bum when Hermione shook her head again, "No, not there. Not in the ass"

In an even quieter voice, almost too low for Hermione to hear, "Just along then? It feels good."

Even as the thought flashed through her head, she found herself curious about the tentacles. Would the kisses feel good there too?

"Just not in?"

As she was enjoying all the sensations all over her body, she felt another tentacle brushing up against her cheeks and when she opened her eyes, she could not believe what she saw. It looked like a human penis extended out from its uncircumcised sheath, it was about sixteen inches long and three inches in diameter, but with millions of little suckers all over, undulating in the cool water. She cooed as the tentacle brushed lightly across her face, tickling her lips. The next time it came by, Hermione was surprised to feel her tongue reaching out for the member, but she was only teased as it continued to press all over her face.

The next time it came around she flicked her body so that she could kiss the side of the shaft and was rewarded the next time it came around. This time it went straight for her lips, just barely in range for a few light kisses, and then it came close enough for her to wrap her lips around it. She brought her free hand up to it and began to gently stroke along its length, also pulling more and more of it into her craving mouth. As she took the first couple of inches in, her tongue felt like it was on fire because of all the light kisses it was receiving from the suckers along the shaft. She worked her tongue over the tentacle and began to bob her head up and down on it.

The squid's movements became lively for a second as one tentacle wrapped around the wrist of the hand protecting her ass and gently pried it away. The tentacle between her ass cheeks slid up, parting the smooth curves of her ass to stroke along the length, briefly teasing the puckered entrance before teasing the inside. Hermione shivered with pleasure, her entire body almost burning with sensations as the tentacles caressed her breasts and worked their way into her clenching pussy and ass.

Suddenly, she felt the cock in her mouth start to expand and knew what to expect. She quickly inserted as much of the cock as she could into her mouth, and began to suck. She was rewarded with several strong bursts of the squid’s seed. She gulped it down and noticed that it had a bit of a salty taste to it, just like a human male’s seed tasted. She continued to suck on the cock until it stopped. She removed the member from her mouth and it drifted out of view briefly.

She noticed it coming back, but it was not aimed at her face any more, but rather at her excited pussy. The tentacle that was filling her with about ten inches of kissing and exciting suckers removed itself to make room for the phallus. The cock made slow circling patterns on her outer lips as it slowly centered on the entrance. It did not insert all the way at first but gradually pushed its way into her welcoming pussy. If the kisses on her tongue had felt electric, this new feeling threatened to make her black out from the pleasure. The cock filled her pussy with its full length and she clenched hard every time it began to thrust out so she could hold onto it for just a little bit longer. The medium pace was agonizing so she reached down with both her hands and grabbed the phallus by the base and began to increase the thrusting motion. After a couple of seconds she was able to let go as the tentacle kept the pace up on its own.

She brought her hands up to the tentacles still massaging her breasts and pressed them hard against her firm cleavage. The whole encounter was bringing her to climax after climax and she never wanted it to end. The one buried in her pussy continued to thrust the hardest, running in and out with gentle strokes. To Hermione, if felt like she was going to explode as her clit throbbed almost painfully.

Then, the world exploded around her and she climaxed like she had never done before, clenching onto the tentacles inside her as she moaned in pleasure. The suckers around her lips continued to kiss and pleasure as she felt her entire body shudder from the effort of the orgasm. Hermione felt each jolt of the orgasm as the tentacle continued to wriggle inside her, but she was lost in the incredible sensations that assaulted her, each thrust brought pleasure almost to a burst point as her body writhed in the tentacle's embrace. She felt the tentacle in her pussy expand to an enormous size and then felt it explode with its warm seed inside her tightly clenched lips.

Too soon, the tentacles began to withdraw, and she felt herself already dreading the end.



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Love reading this every time you post it. Hoping one day you can write part 2.

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