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Overtones of lesbian content. The rest is mostly normal stuff so nothing too repulsive for us judgy straight people.
Free of jail, Llisanya escorted Cadwarra to Cadwarra’s modest apartment.

She was trying to hate the Wood Elf. Cadwarra was very pretty. Her breasts were larger than Llisanya’s. She exuded sexuality but simultaneously had an innocence Llisanya had irretrievably lost long ago. She resented that Cadwarra was connected to Falco somehow and of course she was no doubt coming in through the front lobby to see Vishra. She was most likely spreading her legs for that huge cock. Possibly she was fitting it in with more success than Llisanya did.

And yet, for all those reasons she found to dislike Cadwarra she could not ignore the fact that Cadwarra had actually cared about her black eye and had done something about it. Llisanya had learned a long time ago it was the little things by which you judge a person.

As they climbed up to Cadwarra’s second floor digs, Llisanya related Vishra’s orders to her. “Your instructions are that you are to remain at home and wait for his summons.”

Cadwarra listened politely, looking very, very pretty. Llisanya was acutely aware of her big male-attracting knockers. She remembered how they felt as she dried them. “Until then, you and his nephew are to work on the joint assignment you have been given.”

Cadwarra nodded, smiling a little as if looking forward to the ‘joint assignment’. Llisanya idly wondered what project those two could be working on in that tiny apartment. Well, it was none of her business.

“Thanks for getting me out of jail.” Cadwarra said when they reached her door. She gave Llisanya a great big enthusiastic good-bye hug, inadvertently brushing soft breast against soft breast. Llisanya’s perfume was very nice. Intoxicating. The fragrance stupefied her, clouding her judgment. For added measure, the aftereffects of the sexually powered heal spell had not yet totally faded.

Completely out of the blue, Cadwarra kissed Llisanya on the cheek. She looked at how pretty Llisanya was with those lovely big eyes. Cadwarra suddenly wondered if Tunare would mind if she lay nude with another female...locking thighs together. And why would such a thing pop into her head?

Llisanya realized with concern that her perfume was affecting Cadwarra. She needed to let Cadwarra down easy. She had never ever kissed another female and had never ever wanted to. She was content to let men like Armstrong take her even if they left her unsatisfied and as turned on as she was now.

Cadwarra’s arms were still around her. Her breasts felt so nice lightly touching her own breasts. Panicking, Llisanya stepped back from Cadwarra’s body. They stood apart for a few seconds, each pondering what had just happened. Each noticed the other’s nipples had become erect and were showing through her top.

Without exchanging a word, each pulled the other into a second embrace. This time they deliberately crushed boobs hard together and held them a long moment, each enjoying how good the breasts of the other girl felt.

Cadwarra finally said “I better go...” Diamander should be home and she wanted his cock...but Llisanya’s embrace was so satisfying.

Rather than letting Cadwarra go, Llisanya kissed her hard on the lips, not sure why she did that. Equally confused, Cadwarra answered the kiss. Their lips locked passionately.

Still not conversing, each unbuttoned the other’s top to bare her chest. They crushed their boobs back together, this time bare skin to bare skin. Erect nipples touched erect nipples as all that mammary bulged out between their bodies. How soft the flesh felt as they kissed again, tongues playing inside their mouths.

Just at that moment, Cadwarra’s tall, attractive High Elf neighbour came up the stairs behind them and into the hallway headed to her own apartment. She looked at Cadwarra and Llisanya with their guilty arms flung around each other and uncovered breasts mashed together. “Good afternoon” she told them politely. What else could one say?

Cadwarra and Llisanya turned slightly toward the High Elf. Two ample boobs remained pushed into each other. Each of the other two hung there revealing to the High Elf their natural shape.

The High Elf looked at their bared breasts. Cadwarra’s boobs were were round and heavy, slightly bigger than Llisanya’s but not by much. They jiggled as she turned toward the High Elf. Llisanya’s boobs were as captivating as Cadwarra’s, but exceedingly firm and pointing straight out, unmoving as she turned. The two pairs were quite different but one was not able to honestly say which girl had the nicer rack.

“I think your man is home...” She finally hinted at Cadwarra.

Cadwarra stepped out of Llisanya’s arms and buttoned her top. “I had better let him know I am back.” She turned to Llisanya. “I hope we meet again.”

Llisanya watched with confused feelings as Cadwarra entered her apartment and closed the door. I can’t believe I’ve gotten a girl-crush, Llisanya thought. She realized it was best their impromptu public display of affection had been terminated by the High Elf’s awkward arrival; things were complicated enough these days.

The High Elf looked at Llisanya. Llisanya did not cover her exposed breasts. She was too proud to let some High Elf intimidate her into covering up two of her best features. She looked at the tall High Elf challengingly.

The High Elf gave her a haughty look in return. All High Elves gave Half Elves haughty looks. “A word of warning, Ayr’Dal: those big, irresistible Feir’Dal boobies that you were so enjoying are currently for the exclusive use of one Diamander Vishra. You had best leave them for him.” The words were not unkind, but they were stern.

In the silence, the High Elf studied Llisanya’s bared chest. She caught a whiff of Llisanya’s perfume. It was very nice. Intoxicating. The fragrance stupefied her, clouding her judgment. She kept looking at Llisanya’s tits.

Llisanya knew that look.

The High Elf stepped toward Llisanya and slid her hand down Llisanya’s leggings. Llisanya let her do it, wondering where things would lead and if this High Elf’s friendship would be useful.

She touched Llisanya’s clit and sent a jolting sensation into Llisanya’s core. “You can come spend some time in my rooms, since you like to crush breasts to breasts” she told Llisanya. “We could lie naked together and listen to Cadwarra take her man while we attend to each other.” She kissed Llisanya on the cheek. “Cadwarra is very entertaining when she celebrates Tunare. So erotic to hear her moans as she makes love and Diamander pants and grunts like a stallion as he pleases her.” She pulled Llisanya close.

Was this perfume ever going to wear off? Llisanya was diplomatic. “Thank you for your kind invitation, but while Cadwarra belongs to one Vishra, I belong to his uncle. I need to report to him.”

Not wanting to make an enemy of this stranger, Llisanya kissed the High Elf on the mouth. Maybe the perfume was affecting her, too. “Perhaps when we have some free time...”

“Well, when we have some free time, then, Half Elf. Maybe bring a boyfriend, too.”

The High Elf entered her apartment, closing the door behind her. She poured herself some delicious wine. It had a lovely nose plus a hint of pepper on the palate and a delightful finish. It had good legs. She felt a little guilty about drinking it but the sergeant’s son did not know it was not her wine when he uncorked it. She told herself know one would know it was missing and it would be a shame to let it go bad.

She took a sip. So now that little Wood Elf was bringing home pretty, big-eyed females, she noted. That was surprising; seeing as how she seemed to enjoy all those handsome, well-endowed men so much. She was still a little touchy about Trandall being one of those well-endowed men. Her little vindictive act of reporting his rape of Cadwarra had backfired and landed her this task of reporting all Cadwarra’s activities to Lord Vishra. Well, the pay was good.

As the High Elf drank wine, Llisanya walked back down to the ground floor and out into the street. When had she started liking girls, she wondered? Why had she felt flattered by the High Elf’s invitation? She liked men. She turned left and walked through South Qeynos toward the Harbour District and the Cess Pool door. She hoped she would run into Falco on the way. Such a big city, where was that manchild?


Cadwarra decided to ignore for now the new feelings Llisanya had instilled. That fool heal spell was playing havoc with her desires. She wanted to see Diamander and hear how he was doing and then she wanted him.

She closed and locked the door. It was good to be home. The cum soaked sheets she had dumped in the hamper yesterday morning were washed and back on the bed. Diamander was in the kitchen cooking. He had not heard her come in.

“It’s vulrich stew” he apologized. “It was all you had in your icebox but it will feed us for a couple days.”

“It smells delicious” she assured him. She gave Diamander a loving hug and then a very affectionate kiss on the lips. She used some tongue.

When the long kiss ended Diamander stroked her cheek and confessed “I was worried about you not coming home last night but I received a message from my uncle that you were under arrest and might be gone a couple days. He said not to worry and that he would straighten things out. Still, I’m only able to rest easy now that you are back home.”

He tasted the stew and, not satisfied with the taste, judiciously added more wine from the bottle on the counter beside the stove while explaining “my uncle suggested I make a big batch of stew ahead of your return since he has ordered us to be doing nothing but having sex as soon as you were released.”

Diamander put the bottle down. He put a big Human arm around her tiny Wood Elf waist and pulled her to him. He was surprised how natural it felt to do that. Two days ago it would have felt quite wrong. “I missed you” he said. He ran his hand over her ass, then up and down her fit body. For the first time in their relationship he marveled at her well-toned arms and thighs. She was not only sexy, she was amazingly fit. She was nothing but muscle contained in a small little Feir’Dal frame.

That first time they had fought with pikes in front of Uncle Vishra at least three times he had struck her with a force that should have knocked a large man down. She had been set back on her heels but had stayed on her feet. In subsequent spars with her she had been even tougher. He had to admire his uncle’s astute judgment; she would be a good person to have fighting on your side.

Cadwarra stood enjoying his fond caresses, arm around him. Curious, she leaned past him and picked up the wine bottle from the counter. He could feel her boob press into his ribs. “That looks like expensive wine” Cadwarra observed approvingly.

“Expensive? I’m not sure. I found it in your pantry. I had a glass last night. It has a lovely nose plus a hint of pepper on the palate and a delightful finish. It has good legs. ”

“Odd. I like lager. I did not think I had any wine.”

“I often forget stuff is in the back of my pantry, too.”

He liked her boob being crushed against him. “Your breast feels so soft” he told her and he pulled her closer into his side. He gave her a platonic kiss on her forehead then planted another more sexual buss on her lips. This time his tongue was in her mouth. It stayed in there and danced around a long time while she answered his kiss. Their saliva mixed together.

“Are you hungry for some stew?” he asked when he finally broke off his kiss.

“Yes, I am. But first, I believe you have an appetizer for me..?”

He looked at her puzzled. By way of explanation, she sank down onto her knees and rubbed her face into his loins . ”...A sticky, hot, salty, tasty appetizer...” Her voice trailed off then she whispered as she undid his pants “I’m so aching for you, Diamander.”

Diamander’s penis was hard as she pulled it out and put it into her open mouth. He started fucking her face. He placed a hand on the back of her head and forced her down fully onto his cock. She giggled like a silly schoolgirl when he did that. “Suck me off” he whispered. “I was so needing you all yesterday evening...”

She sucked. For that moment his cock seemed to Cadwarra to be the most important thing in all the world. She licked it; kissed it; devoured it. It was so exquisitely erect. It was so absolutely the correct size. It throbbed. It pulsed. It spewed.

Diamander’s ejaculation wasn’t near the amount Falco had shot in the jail cell but it was still impressive. It slid down her throat. She knew by its volume that he had not had a blowjob from his cock-loving fag boyfriend last night. She was selfishly glad of that then felt guilty remembering all the non-Diamander cum she had been recently gulping down in the service of Queen Antonia. She pondered confessing her wanton behaviour to him but decided she best not.

They set the small table and ate. Diamander knew how to make a stew. She ladled out seconds for both of them and poured more wine.

When they were finished cleaning up dinner they bathed each other. How Diamander’s big, soft penis flopped around as she washed his heavy balls. Cadwarra imagined how they were already making more sperm to replace all the jizz she had swallowed at the conclusion of her blowjob.

Despite that pre-dinner fellatio Diamander was back to being hard and ready by the time she rinsed the soap off. His penis stuck up proudly like a magnificent sculpture; a tower of Human fuck-meat just for her. It was so beautiful that she affectionately held it against her cheek for a minute and pondered why cocks looked so strange but were so lovely.

She thought about the cocks she had had that were larger than Diamander’s. She loved how big they were but she did not want ones that big too often. Diamander had the perfect size for frequent intercourse. She kissed it right on the tip.


About the time Cadwarra was hungrily gulping down her ‘appetizer’ Lord Vishra opened the Cess Pool door and let Llisanya in.

“Glad you are back so soon, Llisanya. I assume this is a good sign?” He motioned Llisanya to a seat. “Let’s hear your report.”

Llisanya sat down. “Lord, Cadwarra has an address: 13 Tranquil Lane. Two males are there. I pulled her out of jail and left her at her place. I was lead to believe by her neighbour that your nephew was also there. I instructed them to work on that project you assigned them, but, frankly, I am pretty sure she will spend the afternoon seducing him into several hours of self-indulgent sexual distraction. She was very randy when I left her.”

“Thank you, Llisanya. That’s all good to hear.” He did not seem concerned by Cadwarra’s suspected neglect of her assigned duties. “Leave Cadwarra and Diamander to do all the bed squeaking they want.” He laughed and added wryly “My poor nephew, I know from my own time with Cadwarra he will be very tired meeting that little Wood Elf’s needs!”

Her suspicions about the Marshall and Cadwarra confirmed, Llisanya imagined Cadwarra naked on her back right there on the practice mats being pleasured by Vishra. She might like to watch that. She remembered the feel of Cadwarra’s breasts and was a little envious that these Vishra men got to play with them as much as they wanted. Aroused, she suddenly remembered Falco’s cock and imagined how wickedly erotic it would have been had they fucked by the moat afterall.

Vishra pulled out his cash box and tossed Llisanya a coin purse. “Your fee for a good day’s work, Llisanya.” The purse was very heavy. No one could accuse Vishra of parsimony.

Llisanya stood up and secreted the pouch away in a hidden pocket. “Shall I undress now, Lord?” The memory of Falco’s penis and the feel of Cadwarra’s breasts had awakened her lust; she was ready for the Marshall’s huge Human cock even if she knew it was best if he refused: she needed to find Falco then report to M’Tun.

He looked at her like he was about to accept the invitation but to her relief he politely declined. “It’s my wife’s birthday and I am treating her to a nice dinner out. We’ll end up back at our house because she has invited me to pound her gorgeous ass until she’s too sore to walk. Something about me giving her a fourth daughter...”

It was right at that point he caught a whiff of Llisanya’s perfume. It was very nice. Intoxicating. The fragrance stupefied him, clouding his judgment. He came closer to Llisanya and hugged her. He kissed her on the tip of her nose and squeezed her left breast affectionately. On a sudden whim he told her “you know, all these daughters are very nice, but I have no sons, Llisanya.” He lowered his hand to her flat tummy and rubbed it. “What a shame to leave your womb unused. What would you charge to make me a son inside you?”

She should have stopped off at home and washed off the perfume. How stupid of her to think Vishra would not be affected, she realized.

Llisanya’s answer was businesslike, hoping it would dissuade him from such a mad idea. “In fairness to those women who do surrogacy for a living I would charge the going rate for such services, Lord; twenty platinum coins if I deliver you that son, fifteen if it’s a daughter. And I want nothing else to do with the child. Agree to that price and you can fuck away on top of me until I proudly show you my big belly.”

For a moment Vishra looked like he would unwisely accept that offer. Llisanya quickly added “the child will have no pedigree and children in my family tend to despise their parents. For twenty plat you might offer Cadwarra that same opportunity and get a much better son.”

To her relief, Vishra agreed. “Cadwarra’s suitability has occurred to me already and really, you wouldn’t be much use to Queen Antonia and me waddling around with a baby inside you. Besides, I would want you to teach my son a thing or two once he is old enough to notice girls.”

“That would be my pleasure, Lord. Let’s hope he is as well equipped as you for that purpose.”

Vishra laughed at her crude comment and rejoined “If so, you can grip his big schlong by the base to prevent it from hurting, just like you do with me.”

Llisanya could not deny she did that. Embarrassed, she asked “Lord, how long have you realized why I was doing that?”

“After the first couple times I figured out that’s why you held me like that. No harm, Llisanya, I like how it feels. And what man does not enjoy the affirmation that his cock is too big for his lover?” He reached into her top and cupped her conical breast. He played bounce-the-boobie with it while he changed to another subject. “You wanted some information on Baltazar’s significant other. His girlfriend is a Wood Elf named Dorweena. She is a chef at the Lion’s Mane Inn.”

“Thank you Lord. It was very kind of you to find out that information for me.”

“Thank my clerk. That man remembers every piece of information he ever hears, whether it’s a document that crosses his desk or a bit of gossip in the tavern. Useful fellow, that one.”

He looked at Llisanya a moment as if he had a brilliant idea. “I’ll tell you what. My clerk has been working hard lately. Since you seem in the mood to get your furrow plowed I would appreciate it if you were to allow him an hour’s diversion with your a reward for his hard work of late.”

Llisanya instantly saw the opportunity. For the effort of lying on her back she could find out if this all-knowing clerk might have come across something about Falco’s whereabouts and save her all this searching. “I can do that, Lord. I’ll make sure he fully enjoys your thoughtful gift.”

“Excellent. I know you’ll make him very happy.” Vishra then got serious. He pulled his hand off her tit and out of her blouse. “Let’s get to the important work first.” He motioned Llisanya to take a seat back on the comfy chair. “Penley and I will need to deal with the felons at 13 Tranquil Lane. Both of them.”

She nodded.

“Of course, the job is difficult and must not appear to have had the guard directly involved” he went on “and there are sub-tasks I cannot ask a Guard to perform, anyway. What I mean is, I am afraid these fellows have knowledge our Queen would want forgotten. That knowledge will need to be...shall we say...permanently erased from their memories. That will be your part.”

Great, Llisanya thought. I get the dirty work.

Vishra looked at Llisanya to ensure she understood the import of his words then continued. “We’ll need to make it look like Qeynos Authorities had nothing to do with what goes down. The guard will be merely walking by on routine patrol when they perceive a domestic altercation which you will precipitate. That way Cadwarra and her time in jail with Sprockfuddle will not be connected to the events that befall these poor, unfortunate men.”

Llisanya did not miss Vishra’s innuendos. She had thrice before performed such work for Vishra. It paid well.

“So...” Vishra summed up “Logically, these two problem fellows will need to be kept in that safe house for a few days before we make a move. Naturally, toward that end, we’ll need to keep Sprockfuddle in jail until this whole thing unfolds. They can’t escape Qeynos until Sprockfuddle is freed and leads them to his friends’ underground network. ”

Vishra squeezed Llisanya’s breast one last time, his hand lingering on it a moment, fondling her. “I’ll call you in in a day or two, Llisanya, at which time I will have the details worked out. That should be enough separation in time between Cadwarra’s release from incarceration and the demise of these two...problems. Meanwhile, go to ground; stay out of trouble and keep out of sight.”

Llisanya nodded obediently. With that business concluded, Vishra removed his hand from her tit and called his clerk in.

The clerk showed no surprise to find a Half Elf female present despite never having walked in the front door. He was well aware of the Cess Pool door and though they had never met, he knew Llisanya by sight and knew not to ask what she was doing with Vishra.

Vishra was pulling on a nice jacket. “I am meeting my wife for an early dinner” he told his clerk. “You and this Half Elf need to hold down the fort. I expect things to be quite quiet this late in the afternoon so if you two young folk get bored feel free to get to know each other on an intimate level. You’ve both been working hard and deserve a little rest and recreation.”

He then looked right at the clerk. “Have fun. She’s tight.”

Vishra hurried out, regretting he did not have the time to enjoy Llisanya himself. The front door slammed behind him.

The clerk looked at Llisanya doubting he had heard correctly. He was plain looking at best and this girl was beautiful. Those big eyes were enchanting. Had he just been ordered to bed her?

Llisanya looked at the clerk. “We have about an hour and then I will need to go. Shall I undress or do you prefer to disrobe your whore yourself?”

He chose to undress ‘his whore’ himself. Excited to have such a beauty to fuck he fumbled clumsily with her fastenings. She was patient with him even when, more in frustration than intent, he ripped the buttons off her second best top.

At last she was naked with her discarded clothes all around on the floor. She was unsure where her buttons had rolled. They lay down naked. He got on top. Llisanya was glad to find the clerk knew something about foreplay and possessed a perfectly usable cock of average size at most. He did an adequate job with it.

They did it missionary on the practice mats just as she and Vishra had done multiple times. He came unsurprisingly quickly, having not orgasmed in several days. Llisanya could tell it was a nice load he pumped into her pussy.

They cuddled silently after.

Llisanya eventually broke the silence. “So....Lord Vishra boasts you have a pretty good memory for any and all documents and reports that come across your desk. Think I could test your memory?”

The clerk was playing with her fantastic tits. They were sitting like pyramids on her chest as she lay on her back under him. He was running a finger tip over the erect nipple on her left breast, making it bend over to lay across its areola then watch it snap back straight up as he released it. His head was on Llisanya’s other tit. He stopped playing with her nipple and lowered his hand to her pubic area. She was shaved so smooth her skin down there felt like silk.

“Miss...” he asked carefully “ that a break-the-ice kind of question or are you trying to get confidential information out of me?” He suspected this was another one of Vishra’s crazy tests to see how reliable he was.

“Neither” she answered honestly. “I am looking for a friend and fear he has met with a dreadful accident or something like that. His name is Falco. Do you know anything about him?” She rubbed his back lovingly, knowing he would eventually tell her.

The clerk was quiet a while. He liked her hand on his back and Llisanya’s perfume was very nice. Intoxicating. The fragrance stupefied him, clouding his judgment. He was trying to think why he should refuse Llisanya’s request but gave up sorting such a puzzle out. “I am reviewing what I remember of this Falco” he finally told her. “It is not much but none of it is really very confidential, so here goes.”

He took a deep breath and summarized. “First, Falco was reported as having sex in his window with you. Based on your reputation it was deemed to be consensual or near enough to consensual that no legal action was warranted; second, the guards at the gate reported that they saw Falco enter the City yesterday but that he was never seen to have left the City. He was not suspected of any specific crimes while out in Antonica so no legal action was warranted; third, Falco was jailed for lewdly propositioning Thorsona, a female of the Queen’s Guard, but he broke no law so he was never formally charged with any crime. The jailers will probably kick him loose in one or two weeks when they get tired of cooking his porridge. That’s all I know about Falco.”

She did not have time to get mad that Falco had stupidly re-entered Qeynos via the gate nor to wonder what he was doing verbally accosting a guardswoman. She had to keep M’Tun from killing him. She brought the clerk’s homely face near her bosom and kissed his forehead. “You mean he is currently in jail?” Her breast sat an inch from his lips.

“It appears so.” The clerk began to suck on Llisanya’s offered nipple. He also slipped a finger inside her.

Llisanya opened her thighs a little to give the clerk better access. Great, she thought as he finger-fucked her, Falco was in jail. He was probably fifty feet from her while she was losing her long-lost cherry to Armstrong. She might have sprung him as part of the deal with Cadwarra if she had known.

How was she going to get him out now, she wondered? She could not go back to Armstrong so soon and impose a ‘favour’; one could not use blackmail frequently without becoming a nuisance. The difference between a blackmailer and a nuisance was a knife in the back in a dark alley on the way home from the tavern.

The clerk chose that time to get hard again. He pulled his finger out of Llisanya’s wetness, unabashedly licked it for the taste and got back on top of Llisanya, aiming his hard-on at Llisanya’s slit.

Llisanya seemed hesitant to spread her legs for a second fuck. She had gotten the information she wanted and he was bordering on ugly. Seeing her reluctance the clerk made an offer. “You want your friend sprung out of jail tomorrow morning? I can do some paperwork...”

Her estimation of the clerk’s usefulness increased substantially. “You can do that?” She began to caress him lovingly again.

“As long as you open your well-used legs, I can produce some documents to effect his release, yes.”

Llisanya immediately spread her ‘well-used’ legs wide. His cock delved into her pussy once more, pushing through the copious amounts of warm sticky cum from his first orgasm. It made a quiet “schlick...schlick...” sound as he fucked her.

Vishra was correct when he had labeled her ‘tight’. She was so snug the clerk’s second fuck was as quick as the first. He grunted as he came inside her then collapsed on top of her, spent from doing all the work. “Miss” he muttered sardonically “you sure must care a lot about your friend.”

He stayed on top of her kissing her breasts for a few minutes and then, male that he was, laid his head on her natural pillows and fell asleep.

Llisanya lay there letting him snooze. Now that he had shown her how useful he could be, she would indulge him a bit more than she was originally inclined to do.

He woke up soon enough and rose, taking one last look at those breasts of hers. “I suppose I need to get that order done so your boyfriend can get released from jail.”

“If not too much trouble.” She gathered her clothes off the floor and got dressed while the clerk watched. Her buttonless blouse hung open covering her nipples but exposing her cleavage and the swell of her breasts. He apologetically found her buttons for her. She slipped them into her pocket. She would take the walk of shame though Qeynos, holding her second best top closed with her hand while men leered and women sneered. “It’s time for me to get moving, Clerk. Thanks for fucking me.”

“I loved it. You have a very nice cunt.”

She smiled charmingly at the classless compliment. She would need to keep this useful fellow pleased. “We’ll need to let you have more of my ‘very nice cunt’ sometime” she promised. What she meant by ‘...sometime...’ was ‘...sometime when I need your further services’.

Llisanya was tempted to stride defiantly out the front door, but there was no dignity in exiting by the main entrance with the buttons of your top ripped off. She left by the Cess Pool per usual.

The clerk went back to his desk quite pleased with his dalliance with the cute Half Elf with those big eyes. He had proven to her how useful he could be and anticipated she would be back occasionally for more ‘assistance’. How beautiful she had looked on her back with her legs wide, pubes shaved smooth.

He wrote a release order to Armstrong about this Falco character. He signed it ‘Captain Robson’. Captain Robson did not exist but he had used the name so often to do things without leaving a trail of responsibility that by now everyone had heard of Captain Robson and took the signature as a valid order. Fortunately, no one had ever come looking for this mysterious Captain Robson. If only he could figure a way to get Robson on the payroll...


It was not yet sunset but Cadwarra, naked, pulled Diamander to their little bed, wanting more physical affection. Contrary to their first night in bed, Diamander did not feel awkward pulling her into his arms and fondling her big boobs as their limbs entwined. Her nipples rose up to greet the numerous kisses he planted on her exposed breasts.

As he caressed her he confided “I completely broke off all contact with my boyfriend. He betrayed me by writing down all those things I told him about you in confidence. He used them to get you arrested. My uncle pressured him to leave Qeynos. The rumour is he went to New Halas to settle.”

“I am sorry.” Cadwarra told him. “That was my fault.”

“No, it’s okay. He showed a vindictive character I had not seen in him before.”

He kissed Cadwarra and then got on top of her. He wrapped his arms around her. His soft penis nestled against her pubic hair. She ran her hands over his hard muscles. He rubbed his face all over her big soft breasts, pushing them around lovingly. She arched her back, encouraging him to keep doing that; he had not shaved since the morning and the feel of his stubble scratching her tits aroused her. “Tomorrow morning” she asked “will you let me shave you? I know how to shave a man.”

It seemed an odd request. “You can if you want.” Curious, he then asked “where did you learn to shave men?”

“My mother was the village hairdresser and barber. She got me shaving the male customers. I liked shaving them. I was touching grown men. There was something naughty about it.”

Cadwarra wondered if she should tell Diamander about the first time she had shaved her future boyfriend, Fayt. She remembered how Fayt had come in for his first ever shave even though he had very little by way of a beard. Mostly he had just wanted to meet the hairdresser’s pretty daughter after he noticed her breasts were starting.

Cadwarra recognized him when he walked in the shop. She had seen him around in the village. He was a very good looking older boy. Her mother told him she had to run an errand but her daughter, Cadwarra, would shave him.

He took a seat. Cadwarra tilted the barber’s chair back and nervously spread the sheet over him as he lay there. She smoothed it down, running her hands over his manly chest. She took a long time to get it perfectly straight as her hands ran back and forth and back and forth, feeling his male body under the sheet until even she was embarrassed at how obvious she was being.

Silly girl that she was, she stared straight into his brown eyes as she spread shaving cream on his face, mesmerized by his pupils. He stared back, just as obviously. He was acutely aware her young breasts hovered over him, inches from his chest. She accidentally brushed one tit on his shoulder as she reached over him to spread the shaving cream on his far cheek. She was so pre-occupied by the embarrassment of doing that that she ended up immediately doing it a second time. That got her even more upset with herself. She was sure he would assume she had done it on purpose.

The sheet did not conceal what affect the touch of her breasts had on his penis. She saw Fayt was trying to hide the resulting arousal from her. He lay there with his arm awkwardly lying across his lap. As her razor slid expertly over his cheek, she stopped pretending she could not see his hard-on and in a moment of madness driven by the sexual titillation a teenage girl felt at such moments, announced she was sure Tunare was very pleased by his big erection. Instantly, she was mortified she had said such a thing about a boy’s dicky.

Equally, Fayt’s youthful urges had been raised to an irresponsible level of daring by the closeness of her sexually maturing body. He was certain she had deliberately jammed her soft yielding breast into his shoulder and then across his chest. Having been told such a shocking thing concerning his boner by such a pretty girl, he recklessly told Cadwarra that Tunare wanted them to meet later in the forest so she could see his stiff prick sticking up, uncovered, in the privacy of the dark woods.

In a voice she failed to keep steady, she told him she would do that if he promised not to tell his friends and he could see her bare chest, too, if he wanted. How naughty it felt to agree to an unchaperoned frolic in the privacy of the deep forest with an attractive boy. They would be naked for each other.

As Cadwarra continued to shave Fayt her knees grew weak at the thought of their upcoming tryst. She had trouble keeping the razor steady. She would have been so humiliated to have her blade nick him. She therefore worked much slower than she normally did. She tried not to let her breasts touch him anymore but accidents happened.

Fayt was acutely aware of those female breasts touching him a third and then a fourth time. He grew too impatient to wait for evening and their upcoming encounter. He was sure Tunare would not expect him to delay such pleasure now that Cadwarra had revealed how naughty she was willing to be. He reached unbidden to touch Cadwarra’s nubs while she worked. She let him have a quick feel then, as her mother had instructed her to do when the occasional lecherous customer reached for her, she moved away from the barber’s chair to stop Fayt from being so free with her body.

But she had immediately stepped back up to resume his shave. Taking this as permission, Fayt started groping her nonstop. It was very embarrassing when another customer came in needing a shave and caught Fayt with his hand down her bodice, her razor sitting idly on the countertop, her face flushed, his youthful hardness obvious.

“Why so quiet all of a sudden?” Diamander interrupted her thoughts. He had been lightly kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples until he realized she had said nothing for several minutes. “You were telling me about shaving then you got silent.”

“Oh, I was thinking about barber things” she lied. Pushing once pleasant memories aside as too painful to remember, she decided she would not talk about Fayt. She skipped forward in her narrative. “After a time, I learned to do haircuts and hair styles. It was handy later when I was wandering the world. Quite a few men were willing to pay a few coppers for a decent cut and that kept me fed. You could get a good tip if you brushed your boob against them once or twice.”

She scraped her cheek against the side of Diamander’s chin, loving the feel of a man’s five o’clock shadow. She kissed him. “I finally made a deal with the skipper of the ship sailing between Antonica and Thundering Steppes. I cut hair on the voyages. It was a good set up; passengers would be bored and decide it was a good time for a trim. I did a great business and got free rent on a dry hammock. The skipper only asked for a small cut of my profits.”

Cadwarra looked down at Diamander’s hair. Maybe now was a good time to delicately broach the subject of his hair style. It was a bit effeminate.

“I could cut your hair if you want a change” she told him. She rolled him over and climbed on top of him. She allowed her full breasts to hang down, swaying gently and lightly brushing his chest. She settled down on him and those breasts molded against his muscled torso, pushing out from the side. He liked how big and soft they felt crushed into him. He caressed her ass while she reached up and expertly explained what she could do differently with his hair.

He was interested in something besides barbering. “I like my hair this way, Cadwarra. Shall we talk about it in the morning? Right now, I want to be inside you.”

She dropped the subject of hair styles and obligingly got onto her back. Her legs opened wide, proudly showing him her pink insides, glistening from her thoughts about Fayt. His hard penis slid into her easily. He lovingly went in and out. They chatted and giggled about silly things while they made love, forgetting about hair cuts and former lovers.

Cadwarra had a series of several small climaxes before Diamander’s own orgasm began. His fucking quickened. He panted and grunted, madly ramming his cock. She lifted her head to watch it penetrating her. He buried the whole thing in her and as quickly pulled it out for another thrust. She had another small but pleasant orgasm at the sight of his cock doing that.

He kept up his pistoning motion until he let out a low self-satisfied male growl that made her giggle in anticipation. Cadwarra watched his cock twice flex at the base and she felt globs of seed flood her. The stuff felt hot inside her. His testes must have really worked fast to have so much to fire into her so soon after that afternoon blow job.

Having filled her up, Diamander pulled his spent dick out. As usual, a lot dripped onto the sheets. They cuddled and petted until she fell asleep.

After a few hours she woke to find him holding her and gently circling her soft nipple with his finger tip. She asked him if they could celebrate Tunare some more.

He put his cock into her slowly and began to move. As he did so, Cadwarra marveled at how well he made love to her. His dick was so perfect in her vagina and in the short time they were together he had so quickly learned what pleased her. He was so much better than poor clueless Falco.

The thought of Falco caused her to pause mentally and hope he was mending okay. Maybe Vishra would summon them tomorrow and she could ask if he could get a good healer to check on Falco.

Diamander broke into her thoughts as he looked down at her lying there under him, taking his penis deep. “So why did you stop cutting hair on the ship?” It wasn’t an odd thing that he brought it up at that moment; they talked about all sorts of things while coupling.

As she answered his question she lifted her legs to hook the back of his thighs and direct his thrusts to more effectively build an intense climax for herself. “This bald jerk wouldn’t pay me after I had cut his hair. He said he only had a little on the side and he should get a big discount. I told him it took just as much time to do the cut and his request was unfair. We got into a fist fight. I was losing when this High Elf came over and threw Lord Cheapskate off the ship and into the water next to the dock.”

Diamander was moving back and forth in her vagina according to the rate at which her calves were pulling him into her then relaxing to allow him to pull back until her strong legs pulled him in again. “The High Elf turned to me and said he thought I was tough enough to be in his Paladin Training School if I wanted to learn to fight properly. Well, I figured why not?”

Diamander was kissing her quietly on the cheek and forehead as he listened to her story and moved in and out. “Was that Trandall that threw the cheapskate overboard?” he guessed.

“Yes. Joining the School was a great decision. Trandall was so very patient training me that I got a crush on him for a while. I hope he is not in too much trouble with your uncle.”

The mention of the handsome Trandall aroused Diamander. Diamander knew how Trandall had taken advantage of Cadwarra. He had an image in his mind of Trandall really pounding Cadwarra hard on the very bed where he too was now pounding her. He resisted the temptation to ask Cadwarra how big was Trandall’s cock but the thought of sucking him off got him turned on. He was looking into Cadwarra’s pretty eyes but he was thinking of Trandall’s attractive physique. He started to cum. A thick splooge of semen left his dick and entered Cadwarra.

When she sighed happily to feel him shoot his load he felt guilty that he had orgasmed because of fag thoughts of Trandall not because of Cadwarra. He resolved not to think of such things again. He was straight now and needed to remain so. He devoted himself to properly pleasing Cadwarra. She soon came.

“Your nephew quite enjoyed her. Frequently.” Such was how the High Elf described the evening in her report to Vishra. “My conclusion is the special wine is increasing his heterosexuality as expected. I left all the bottles in the pantry” she lied a little, hoping by the time they drank all that wine no one would remember how many bottles they had drunk or that one was missing. She then added “Cadwarra may be exhibiting lesbian tendencies. She was kissing some Half Elf girl today outside her door. She did not mention her own awakening Lesbian urges.


Finally free of her obligations to Vishra, at least for today, Llisanya surfaced on the far side of the moat, now wearing her third best top. She was especially cautious of heading directly to M’Tun. She was sure wandering through Antonica was not Vishra’s idea of ‘going to ground, staying out of trouble and keeping out of sight.’

Further, she most certainly did not want the Marshall to know she was having dealings with a Freeport agent. She took a long detour past Sayer’s Cabin and Vhalen’s Tower before she was sure no one had seen her nor was anyone tracking her. She turned south. The light was already fading and Archer’s Wood was still two hours away.

She resigned herself to spending the night with M’Tun. She would need to ensure he had a good fuck in order to make him forgive Falco’s incompetence. You never cease to be one of Fiona’s girls.

It was dark when she reached Archer’s Woods. She had not inherited her Elven ancestors’ ability to see in the dark. She spent an hour stumbling about searching for M’Tun until she decided he was playing silly games with her or maybe had another girl with him. She made camp.

She always sneered when she heard people extol the virtues of “sleeping under the stars”. She hated sleeping under the stars. It reminded her of her girlhood, after Daddy had died and she had to run away.

In the dawn, M’Tun found her. He woke her up by falling on top of her. “Morning, Mongrel” he greeted her. “So what is going on with your big-cocked imbecile boyfriend? Was he messing around with another slut like I told you?” He spread her legs and stuck his under-sized hard-on into her and started banging her without asking for permission.

Llisanya grimaced as the Dark Elf’s penetrated her unprepared hooch. She was pretty sure he was not going to pay her the usual ten silver. She scratched him but not so very enthusiastically since he was not paying for such attention.

He flipped her onto her stomach. “Why so uninformative, Tramp? What’s your boyfriend been doing?”

She summarized what she had found out while he fucked her anus. “Falco was not able to deliver the message...” she grunted under his cruel thrusting “...because Sprockfuddle has managed to get himself arrested.”

“Lift your ass a little higher, you Cow.”

She did as she was told and continued with her report. “I do not know where Falco is.” She lied for the sake of Falco’s safety. Then she continued more truthfully “ As far as I can see, Spruckfuddle has screwed up by getting himself arrested. Falco did everything right. He definitely was down the well trying to pass on your message. Arabella confirmed he was there. As per your instructions Falco spent the three gold on equipment he purchased from Arabella. I am sure she cheated him.”

"Of course she did." M’Tun flipped Llisanya over onto her back and stuck it in her partially wet box.

“As for your useless boyfriend, fine” he told her. “But he still did not do exactly what I told him to do. I want my three gold back. Head back there, you slutty piece of ass, and make sure that Falco Big-Cock knows he owes me.”

He put his hands on her throat and squeezed. “...But let me finish screwing you first...”

She took his cum inside her as he choked her. She passed out briefly.
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