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I present to you my biggest sexual fetish. Huge enemas that expand my belly to the limit of endurance, during which I experience strong ejaculations and orgasms


I would like to write you my stories how I was beginning my way in sex aspecially to inflating, ENEMAS. Today I am whore, prostitute. I make any kind of sex with my clients. But any way I like be inflated by enemas in max volume. I was born as pretty boy. But in short time I was begin different than ordinary boy, because next to my penis and balls I also have a cunt, I'm an androgynous. Small, sexy, yang breast appeared on my chest, body was little plump, hips wide, belly convex, butt and buttock protruding in heart shape. In down, under belly small young sexual organs, cock and balls inscrotum. They never grow up. Up to this day I have small cock and balls. It was really very sexual view. I was feeling myself differently than ordinary boy. To this dark, long, curly haire. My view was really sexy and exciting. From the beginning I was interested in boys. The girls somehow did not attract me. At home, I was sleeping on a nude with aunt in one bed. Aunt was also naked. She was about the house also on a naked or in a girl's underwear. Aunt cared very much to be constantly stimulated sexually. My boy-friends treated me lake boy and others some like girl. My aunt was dressing me like girl. I was wearing girl’s underwear: bra, stocking on belt and strings or panties. They quickly uncovered fact that I very liked uncovering myself and be nude. It was attractive for them. They were ordered me pulled down all my clothes and stay nude in any places. So begin thirteen. I had two and three much years older boy-friends then I was. In summer days we often gone to beach or river for swimming. “Wild” beaches not public. But, beaches never were quiet empty. Boy-lovers always been dressed in swimming suit but no me. I was stayed naked. Nude teenage boy like girl paid attention to the outsiders. In that situation one of they was taking my foreskin and pull it down striping my small cock glans. My foreskin was very long and tight, my cock acron stayed stiff and vibrating, pretty visible publicly. After pulled down foreskin my scrotum was crumpled. All my body and sex organs were are pretty, without no hairs. We were swimming and playing. After swimming we had lied or sited tight one by one on blanket. I always between two boy-lovers. They played on my body. My small tits, cock, balls, buttocks and anus. One of them was taking up my butt cheek and putting some of cream into my anus. When I was sensing that I was changing my body position so they were teaching me before. I lay on my side, tugging my thighs and sticking my ass out to this boy. They was teaching me special position for fucking. After I was in position, I sensed very hard pushing. Boy hard cock boring in my small painful anus. My anus wasn’t over fucked yet. The other one from the front of me was moving my foreskin back and forth rhythmically on a stiff my little cock. He fucked my anus going to, going out. My boy shivered attacked from back. I started moaning, squealing and crying. Very often too loudly. He was fucking and fucking me! I felt warm in my rectum and he finished. After he finished next was starting fucking me. As you see I was beginning be whore very, very early, no possessing notion about this! I was loving do it! To my fifteen I had may anus very pretty over fucked, stretched enough to accept big male cocks and I tested many liters of sperm. I can’t be fucked every day. For fucking I had to have empty rectum. But I had one problem. I had problem with defecating. It was me painful. I sited, pushed my anus and nothing gone out. Doctor got my aunt pills, tampons for that, but it was not sufficient. In conclusion he recommended enemas. And this recommendation had caused birth strong my fetish to enemas and finally to inflation. In aunt home was room were she and I was taking bath in bath tube or shower. In this room were plenty of latex toys and full body clothes. This staff my aunt was using when was coming to her mans. Very often I was hearing crying, shouting, mad voices my aunt filling up home and gone out bay window open on street. After and before sex with client my aunt was flushing her rectum and uterus making enemas. She had plenty of things for enemas. When doctor recommended enemas for me may aunt ordered special table with belts for pinching. This table was fixing in that room. When I gone out to the school do not saw this table. Aunt ordered me come back to home after school. After when I backed to home She told me, “Go to wet room and take of all clothes, stay naked”. This room was called a wet room. I gone to room and frightened. I saw black waterproof table with rubber belts and big volume tank pendant high on it. Fat red, rubber hose with long big nozzle connected to tank was placed on this table ready to use. It was the nozzle that terrified me with its thickness and length. It was similar to a snake 150 centimeters long. On one side it had a large snake-like head full of exit holes, and on the other, pumped egg-like nipples to seal the rectum. I saw that tank was full of liquid. I was started trembling and crying. Slowly I was taking of my cloths: bra, stocking, panties.

“I am ready and nude,” I said to my aunt. “ Good, now lie down the table on left side and pull up thighs, extend your bottom,” Said aunt. I did it shaking. “I'm already lying aunt,” I told loudly. I put a horrible black enema hose on my hip. Aunt gone in. “From today we were make enemas for you several times in day,” She said. “Call me Mistress from now on,” She added, “Yes, Mistress,” I tearfully said. Mistress was dressed in waterproof clothes, mask on faces and glasses, rubber gloves. On that wiev I was crying loudly. “ Do not be silly. That need,” – She said. Mistress was restraining my body using rubber belts. I couldn't move . Aunt, Mistress expanded my butt opening ass. After filed may rectum glycerin from big syringe and opened the valve on the enema tank she began to push the great head of the nozzle into my anus. My ass was to small yet in this moment. I was not fucked yet to much. My moans and screams grew louder and more pathetic. I tensed and pressed against the anus, trying to open it wide. My aunt fucked me by sticking the enema nozzles deep inside me and backing it up. She fucked me by sticking it in and pulling out the enema nozzle. Each time she pushed it further into my intestines with a circular motion. Screaming and screeching, I tensed my ass and spewed feces splashing everything. I felt my bowels stretch and twist. “We'll be done in a minute, clear ass is running out,” Said my aunt – Mistress. I was already lying there, panting hard and spasmodically, “Aunt, Mistress, mercy, I beg you, I beg you,” I squealed softly. I felt severe pain in the anus and stretching. The aunt inflated and sealed the anus with balloons. I felt severe pain in the anus and stretching. The aunt inflated and sealed the anus with balloons. I lay corked up and waited. I thought this was the end of the enema, but I was wrong. After a long time, Aunt returned and filled the tank with new solution. She attached a pump to him. “Please, please,” I was crying. Please, please, I was crying.


In the first part: . After a long time, Aunt returned and filled the tank with new solution. She attached a pump to him. “Please, please,” I was crying. “And now we're going to do the right enema,” Said my aunt, “No, no, please, please, I already had an enema. I do not want anymore. The doctor didn't order me to do a lot of enemas, please Mistress, please,” I begged you tearfully. “He did not order it, but he did not say how much and that it was impossible,” My aunt said, arranging my body so that my stomach was free. After I was immobilized, my stomach felt heavy. “Oh, I can see that the small cock is doing beautifully and the head is sparkling, so it excites you,” she said, “Yes, Mistress,” I said softly. My aunt opened the valve on the tank, and I quickly felt a stream of mixture enter me. My aunt was massaging my stomach. At first, I didn't feel anything especially. however, I quickly began to groan and drill my ass. I saw my belly grow and grow. There was a dull pain in stretching the bowels. My groan intensified. The belly was very large, it was lying on the table in front of me and it kept growing. The skin on him began to tighten amazingly. The belly was already monstrous. Not only lunged forward, but to the side. On the side that was not on the table was an awful thick tube extending almost behind the back. It was the large intestine. The aunt did not stop. The belly was so huge that it began to hang over the edge of the table. “Now we'll take a break,” My aunt said, closing the valve on the enema tank. “Well, it's almost 18 liters in it. You look beautiful,” She added. I said nothing, but I was panting very hard. Nothing hurt anymore. There were faint traces of bloating on the skin of my stomach. Across the front ran a thin vertical strip, a mark of maximum inflation. My belly button was on the top. “I'll have a little fun doing you pleasure,” said my aunt and began to play with my foreskin, pushing it up and down on the stiff cock. “Mmmm ... mmmmm,” I started to moan. “I can see that you like it,” Said Aunt “How tiny you have cock and eggs, beautiful,” She said excitedly, “You are a pretty male girl. I'll raise you already,” She spoke, moving cock’s foreskin rhythmically. “Come on,” She said as she opened the enema valve. “Something is flying low,” She added, pulling the tank high. I smashed a strong stream of enema. I screamed loudly. I felt like this monstrous stomach was getting even bigger. I started screaming sharply. My aunt groped what was once a belly. At the very moment, I felt as if something opened inside me. The stress eased a little. I felt a strange taste in my mouth and then the rising tide filled my mouth strongly and it sprayed out in a thick stream. I couldn't speak anymore. I blasphemed and bludgeoned out of my mouth. My eyes popped out. I gasped for air with my nose. The enema flew in the bottom of the ass and flew out with the mouth. My body was like a balloon. Everything bloated horribly. “How wonderful, how wonderful,” My aunt screamed seeing what was happening. I started pissing from an overfilled bladder. “We'll be done in a minute,” My aunt said, closing the enema valve. The stream gushing from my mouth stopped slowly. My aunt quickly pulled one and a half meters of enemas nozzle out of my ass and immediately she stuffed a huge rectal plug there, which she pumped up tightly to tighten my ass. She released my body from the belts and walked out. Very slowly, I turned what had once been my body on my back. An incredibly bloated semi-rigid balloon that was my fluff protruded at the top, spilling out to the sides. Belly button was stuck out. My girly tits stuck out almost under my neck. The black nipples were stiff. I gasped groaning. I waited for what would happen next. I lay inflated grazing and squeaking. I had to bend my legs in my knees and spread widely to accommodate inflated belly. Somewhere below I felt a rigid, vibrating tiny dick. Every now and then I paused flooding everything. A rigid nipples on small youthful tits braved. Finally, aunt came. She was completely naked. Giant tits with great black nipples dangle freely. From a huge cunt, the vibratodod was poured up and fastened to the hips. A buzzing was heard. She began to prepare a big armchair with a hole in the seat and stripes for eradication. “Now, honey, we will do you sex,” Saying coming up to me, “Now the boy will get up,” She added. Slowly helped me slide my bidden body from the table to the floor. I stood in a wide stroke. Giant belly dropped down. Hardly waving. I felt a huge pressure in the ass. The anus escaped from the ass almost pushing the rectal plug. It faded. Aunt immediately secraged the seal to stopping the enema leak. I was terribly hard, I barely stood. Aunt told me to walk. I shook broadly like a duck by maintaining a heavy stomach. “What a lovely young boy. What sexy exciting view. I'm going to fuck you for fucking, “ She spoke excited aunt. “Now we will start sex,” She said when she had already excited a very view of my body. She lured me to her chair and told me to sit. I sat down in the opening. However, I was too small for me to fit well and my ass fell into the middle. So I sat, tilted back widely differing. A terrible belly balloon stared forward with a navel on top. On the sides, a thick intestine was visible. I cried very much when my aunt assumed straps, dragging me to the chair. I was sitting with widely opened thighs by exposing my hairless, young, sexy sexual organs. My cock was stiff. Back mowed fore skin showed the excited dick's head. Every now and then I pissed with him urine. My inflated belly obscured my organs, but I saw them in a big mirror set opposite. A tiny dick with a headed head jumped rhythmically. A sexy eggs under it like quail. Aunt went and sat down opposite my widely opened thighs, covering quite a view in the mirror. She took eggs and began to do sex. Massed my cock by moving the foreskin and crumbling the egg. It was pleasant so I moaned delightfully. Then it was only less and less pleasant. "Oh, oh! Oooohhh! Mistress, please, no, no!" I shouted. But it was not the worst yet. Aunt has put on my organs a device or something similar. She began to move something. "Help! Aaaaaa! Aaaaa! I am begging Mistress, I am begging Mistress," I squeaked stretching and thighs painfully. "Fantastic, what a sex, a wonderful boy-girl!" She spoke a very aunt, regardless of my scream. He was terrible for me as the first time. After sex on sex organs, I had sex on my tits and nipples. After sex on tits and nipples, my yang small tits have been enlarged as balloons, nipples stuck very stiff, long and thick black. All pulsated strongly. I hung on chair powerlessly and I groaned. Aunt used the sex of various toys and devices. "Ooo ... oooohh ... aaaa ... uuummm ...," I shouted very much because sex was not just ordinary sex, but special. After hours, sex was over. Aunt pulled an anal plug from my ass. A strong stream of enema was chopped by flooding the floor. Shouting and dripping from the anus. I emptied very painfully and long.

The whole gut of rectum went out me from ass and she hung several days open. In the next days, the aunt pumped my body impossible to strengthen enema several times a day, doing various sex. She also took pictures and films that she had to show somewhere because she began to call some clients who want to meet me. Aunt did not refuse. In this way, I started to get to know real sex. Of course, I continued to meet my boy-lovers. And so I became a male whore that I am currently. I have a lot of fetish. Body inflation is one of them. VERY HUGE LIQUID OR GAS ENEMAS.

® Arlette
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