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By chance, Freya is offered a job as a Magician's Assistant and things couldn't have worked out better for her.
The Magician

by Vanessa Evans

Part 4

Back at the hotel Mike asked me if I wanted another drink in the hotel bar. When we went in there I saw half a dozen other people, 4 guys and 2 youngish women, plus Andy who was behind the little bar.

Andy introduced us to the 6 other people. The girl and boy couples were on holiday but the 2 men were business men.

When Andy told everyone that Mike was a magician who was just about to start a run at the theatre, everyone wanted to know more and for him to do a couple of tricks. The first was a simple trick with a coin that I think I know how he did it, but the second one was embarrassing for me. I still don’t know how he manages to relieve me of my top with me feeling only a slight tickling. I think that it’s something to do with him distracting them but I’m not sure.

I was sat next to him but everyone else was sat in a position whereby they could see me.

A couple of the people asked me what my role in the act was. It was Mike that answered.

“Jodie my assistant, she helps me with the magic but she’s the real star on the hypnotism side of the show.”

“So you hypnotise her?”


“So how do we know that it’s not faked?”

“I get her to do things that no self-respecting young woman would do.”

“Like what?”

“I can’t tell you because part of the hypnotism is for Jodie not to remember anything when she’s ‘under’, but I can show you if you like?”

“Yes please.”

Mike clicked his fingers once and said the word ‘elephant’. I stared straight ahead as Mike said.

“Jodie is waiting for me to tell her to do something.”

“Like what?”

“Anything that I like, like, Jodie, tweak your nipples.”

I did and one of the guys immediately commented on the size of my nipples.

“Can I tell her what to do?”

“No, she only responds to my voice.”

“That’s a shame. So let me get this straight,” one of the girls said, “Jodie goes out onto the stage wearing only a flimsy bikini, you somehow make both parts disappear then you hypnotise her and make her do all sorts of degrading things.”

“No, not degrading, things that she likes doing but wouldn’t normally do.”

“You mean sex things?”

“Pretty much.”

“And Jodie is ‘under’ at the moment so you could tell her to take that skirt off and play with herself. I can already see that she isn’t wearing any knickers.”

“Do you want me to tell her to do that?”

Just about everyone there said that they did, and even Andy came over and sat almost opposite me. No sooner that he was sat down he said,

“How about on one of the tables, that way we’ll all get a good look..”

“Okay, but you have to promise that when I take her out of it you won’t let her know what she did, because she won’t remember it, just that she was, and still is happy.”

Everyone agreed so Mike said,

“Jodie, stand up, take your skirt off, get on that table and play with yourself, make yourself cum.”

So I did, and every eye in the room was glued to my pussy. I was actually enjoying doing that and it didn’t take long for me to reach a climax.

Once the orgasm had left me I just sat there with my legs still spread.

“So,” one of the guys asked, “could you tell her to fuck me.”

“I could, and I know that she’d really enjoy it, but I’m not going to, I’m not going to turn her into a whore or a slut. I only tell her to do things that she would do if she weren’t hypnotised.

“Okay,” one of the girls said, “you’ve proved your point, can you tell her to get dressed now?”

“I could but she can hold a normal conversation and do normal things when she’s like this, it’s just that she won’t remember things. Jodie, come and sit here and join in the conversation.”

“Tell you what,” Mike clicked his fingers twice and continued, “Jodie, ‘giraffe’.”

I was already about to sit down but I stopped and said,

“Mike, have you been making my clothes disappear? You really are going to have to tell me how you do that so that I can stop you.”

I sat down as the others there laughed a little and I continued,

“So where are they? Oh what the hell, everyone here has seen me now so what’s the point, what’s everyone talking about?”

There was a few seconds silence before one of the guys said,

“So when is your first show Mike?”

“The day after tomorrow.”

“I think that we might just come along and see it.”

“Well make sure that you come to the evening show, the matinees are very different, very tame and kids orientated.”

The conversations went on for around another 20 minutes or so then people started heading up to their rooms. Mike handed me my clothes but I didn’t bother putting them on.

Before I went to sleep I watched some YouTube videos of pilates and yoga for beginners and downloaded them onto my phone so that I could watch them on the terrace.


The next morning we got up very early, both of us keen to go on our first run. As I put the skirt on I ran my hands down the side of it and smiled to myself as I imagined it bouncing around and showing the bottom half of my butt and my slit.

Off we went, slow jogging. Mike knew his way around much better than I did so he led from the rear, telling me that he’d shout out the directions. I just knew that he wanted to follow me for the obvious reason. I also knew that the ‘fresh’ morning air was making my 3 protrusions very hard and they were all tingling.

We only jogged for about 20 minutes and when we got back I went straight out to the terrace while Mike went and got my phone When he got back I had taken my clothes off and was doing something called the roll-up.

About 30 minutes and quite a few revealing exercises I was getting a bit tired so I admitted defeat for the day and went up to our room to do my daily bathroom routine. As we went up the stairs another couple of guests were coming down and they stared at the naked me, and they didn’t respond to my “Good morning.”

Over breakfast I asked Mike what was planned for the day and I was told that in the afternoon we could get into the theatre to sort out the props and get a stagehand to rig up the bunting,

“So not much sunbathing then?” I replied.

“You can sunbathe for a few hours on the terrace this morning if you want Jodie, you could even go for a swim. Or, you could go to the beach for a few hours and swim in the sea.”

“It may be the middle of summer Mike, but the sea will be freezing. It always is in this part of the world.”

“Yeah, I know, but think of how big and hard it will make your not so small nubs.”

“Aren’t they big enough for you as they are Mike?”

“They certainly are, I just wondered if they’d get any bigger if they got really cold.”

“Get some ice cubes from Andy then. The sea around England is way too cold for me. The promise of lots of huge free handouts must really be attractive to those people who come across the channel in the tiny rubber boats. I would never risk falling out of one of those.”

“Me neither, so which is it to be Jodie, the beach or here?”

“Here, so I can work on my all-over tan, and Andy tells me that he keeps the pool temperature reasonably warm.”

And that’s what we did. We weren’t the only guests relaxing on the terrace and in the pool, another youngish couple were there as well but they kept themselves to themselves. To me they looked like they were madly in love. The girl started out wearing a thong bikini, but after while she discarded her top then a bit later her thong came off so she was just in her birthday suit like me. Mike said that he was happy to see that she kept her pussy area as bald as I did, buy he wasn’t impressed by all her labia flaps.

“So is that why you offered me the job, because I haven’t got any flaps?”

“Not just that Jodie, it was your 3 nubs that sold you to me.”

“Really, you picked me because of my sex organs?”

“No Jodie, I was just joking, it was the overall view that swayed me, to me you are the perfect assistant both in looks and character.

“You don’t have to butter me up to get to fuck me Mike, we are committed fuck buddies so you can fuck me anytime that you want.”

“Thanks Jodie, I’ll hold you to that.”

“You’re welcome Mike, so are you going to fuck me before we go and unload your van?”

“Yes, in about 30 minutes.”

“I can’t wait. Hey, do you think that my white bits are disappearing?”

“Getting there, if this weather holds you should have a perfect tan in a couple of weeks.”

“Good, I hate white skin.”

We did go up to our room about 30 minutes later, and we did fuck before leaving the hotel and driving to the theatre.

I was wearing a short skirt and a plunging neckline and I’m sure that the only stagehand there kept looking up my skirt or down my top. I nearly told him to come and watch the show but I remembered that he probably watched all the shows.

As we were lifting the vaulting horse out of the van I asked,

“Why are we taking this thing into the theatre Mike, I haven’t seen you use it even once yet?”

I was lying, knowing that I had enjoyed laying over and on it, but I couldn’t admit that to Mike.

“I’ve got a few changes to my act planned and this horse features in at least one of them.”

“And will I get to know what these changes are?”

“Probably not, but I know that you’ll enjoy them.”

“I will, will I?”

“100% sure Jodie, that’s another reason why I like you as my assistant, You trust me and don’t ask questions about what you do when you are hypnotised.”

“That’s because I feel good at the end of each show, well the evening shows. Can you stop doing the matinees please Mike, I hate those swimsuits?”

“Sorry Jodie, they bring in a fair chunk of money. If it’s any consolation, over the either months when the kids are at school, there’s very few matinees and I, sorry, we, will sometimes put on special evening shows.”

“Good, I’ll look forward to that.” I replied and wondered what these ‘special’ shows were.

It took a good couple of hours to get things as Mike wanted them then he sprung a surprise on me. He’d had a phone call asking him to put on his first show that evening rather than wait until the next day.

Apparently, there was rugby tournament going on in the town and the organisers have asked that Mike puts on a show for all the teams, their plan being to keep the players out of the pubs for a few hours

“So the theatre will be full of hunky men?” I asked.

“Probably but I’m told that there are women’s teams in the tournament as well.

“Oh well,” I thought, “there’ll probably be other times when I can be the only one naked in a room with 100 or so of guys.”

We finished up then took the van back to the hotel where we collected our costumes and headed off back to the theatre on foot, stopping at a cafe to get something to eat.

The dressing room was bigger and after I’d done my hair and makeup I jumped up on the counter and said,

“I hope that you haven’t forgotten, I still need something to help me relax.”

With a big grin on his face, Mike dropped to his knees between my spread legs and his tongue and teeth gave me a wonderful orgasm.

As that orgasm faded away Mike said,

“I need to relax you before we put the egg and the bunting inside you Jodie, I much prefer eating you when you are really wet.”

“Fine by me, just so long as you relax me.”

It felt a little strange walking out onto a new stage wearing just the lingerie set that has no fabric between the strings, but the audience seemed to appreciate it. Well I think that it was me that they were cheering.

I took up my usual place, close to the edge of the stage with feet well apart, and looked down to see 2 rows of hunky men, those near me looking up at my pussy.

My 3 protrusions started tingling.

On went the show virtually the same as the previous times, even at the start of me being hypnotised. The walking through the audience with the playing cards was more fun because I picked rows with just guys on them and just about all of them had wandering hands. I had to quickly move on when one guy who had a finger inside me asked,

“What have you got stuffed up there luv?”

Mike had changed the format a little, and after he’d got some of the audience to spank me, and before he got people to use the magic wand on me, he invited 3 men from the audience to come onto the stage and he told me to give them blowjobs.

Now I wasn’t very experienced at blowjobs. I’d given a couple of my mates one in shop doorways or alleyways, and I’d given Mike a few, but as I knelt in front of the first rugby player I thought,

“I hope that Mike incorporates this into every evening show so that I can get real good at giving these.”

One of the guys decided that he was going to throat fuck me. I’d never had a cock in my throat before and at first I panicked a little when I realised that I couldn’t breathe but I soon got over that by telling myself that Mike was there and that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me so I just held my breath and let it happen.

None of the 3 asked me where they should spray their loads and I didn’t ask. One filled my mouth, the second guys cum went straight into my stomach and the third sprayed my face.

After he got people from the audience to use the magic wand on me and the jumping jacks where the egg came out of me, Mike finally clicked his fingers and said the word ‘giraffe’.

I pulled a face, put my fingers on my face and said,

“What’s all this slimy stuff on my face, where did that come from?”

To lots of applause and cheering, the show ended and I was pleased that this venue had a shower.

As I was showering I thought about the extra part of the show, the blowjobs, and my fingers washed my pussy as I started to think about how I could get Mike to get some of the audience to gang-bang me.

Of course I couldn’t enlist Mike’s help with that challenge. Nor could I tell him that I liked the extra part, the blowjobs, but I was happy that he was being creative. Maybe he’d come up with the idea himself.”

As we walked back to the hotel Mike said that he was pleased with how the show had gone and he asked me if I was ready for the matinee the next day.

“I am, but you’ll really have to relax me before it starts, those industrial strength swimsuits are not going to feel comfortable.”

“Sorry, it goes with the job. We have to do the matinees, not just for the money, but prudish, woke idiots from the council want to approve the show so I have invited them to come to a matinee.”

“Yeah, okay, I can see that you magically stripping me might offend the woke brigade, they really are trying to stop women doing what they want to do.”

When we were back in our room in the hotel, neither of us had bothered closing the curtains and we’d had sex on top of the covers. When I got up to switch off the main light I glanced our of the window and thought that I could see a figure in one of the windows of the hotel out the back. When I told Mike he just said,

“I didn’t think that you were the shy type Jodie.”

I wondered if Mike was putting on another little show without me knowing.


The next day it was back to the old two shows per day routine. The only difference was the blowjobs and the hotel that we were staying at. I hate to say it but Andy’s hotel is much better than my parents.

We had the time for our morning jogging, unless it was raining, and then the pilates and yoga on the terrace. Word about me exercising naked on the terrace must have got out because people started appearing at the time that I was there. Some came out with a cup of coffee, some came just to watch me, whilst a few decided to go for a swim, but I noticed that the swimmers spent more time looking at me than swimming.

Whatever their excuse was I didn’t mind, I got some pleasure out of the fact that they were looking at my naked body, especially when the exercise involved me spreading my legs.

Another thing that I noticed one morning was that I saw someone in a window of the hotel next door. It was a man and he has some binoculars held to his eyes.

What I haven’t mentioned so far was that we only did shows 5 days per week, we had Sundays and Mondays off. When I asked if that would mean less money Mike replied,

“Yes, from the theatre, but I’ve managed to get us some bookings for private performances. These will be at clubhouses, hotels and even private homes. In the past these shows usually pay more than the theatre and we usually get lots of tips, The hypnotism part of the show goes down well at these shows.”

“Why is that Mike, do you make me do some sexy things?”

I knew the answer, and I when he didn’t say anything I had a vision of me being gang-banged, a fantasy that I’d had for quite a while. Mike and I have never talked about fantasies but I was quickly discovering what his were because he was making me live them for him and I was getting to think that he knew what my fantasies are, especially when he finally replied,

“You know that I will never get you to do anything that I’m sure you won’t enjoy Jodie.”

“I know Mike, I do trust you, and I hope that one day you will tell me what you make me do.”

“I will but I don’t want to risk the show by telling you now.”

I didn’t really understand that but I let it go because I was having so much fun. I also noted that Mike again hadn’t given me a straight answer about what he makes me do. He hadn’t lied, just not answered the asked question.

It turned out that all the Sunday and Monday bookings were for evening performances and that the audiences were usually just males. Every time that I’m on the stage and I realise that I am just one naked girl in a room full of men, my whole level of pleasure goes up one notch. I’ve also noticed that when the audience is 100% male, their language gets a lot more crude and suggestive.

Talking of stages, most of these show were in locations that didn’t have a stage, just an open area. We didn’t take all Mike’s props to these show but Mike is good at improvising, for example, the vaulting horse was substituted with a table. The bunting falling off the wall never happened. Mike just re-worded what he said.

Anyway, the first private performance was at a clubhouse and was to celebrate one of the club members turning 18. It may have been a Sunday evening but the place was heaving with young men.

We were met by a guy called Noah who showed us where we could get changed – the home team’s changing room, and he told us that the party was to celebrate the 18th birthday of a popular guy named Toby.

Whilst all this was going on, I couldn’t help noticing that quite a few of the guys there were staring at me. I was wearing a quite short skirt and a thin top that had 2 bulges in it.

We were then shown a clear area of the main room that Noah asked if it would do for our performance.

“We’ll need a table and my props boxes from my van.” Mike replied.

“No problem.” Noah replied and he quickly recruited some of the guys to get things organised.

Whilst Mike and the guys were moving things Noah asked me what I would like to drink, and as he led me to the bar I felt good because of all the eyes that were looking at me and I could see lustful expressions on a lot of faces.

I downed the G&T in one go then asked for a pint for Mike. The barman got that and another G&T for me.

It didn’t take long for Mike to get things organised then Mike, Noah and I talked for a few minutes whilst we finished our drinks. The conversation was about the club and Mikes business – not that interesting to me.

Drinks finished, Mike told Noah that we’d go and get changed then the show could start.

In the changing room I quickly got naked and with Mike half changed, I lay on one of the benches and spread my legs.

“Still need me to relax you Jodie?” Mike asked.

“More than ever Mike, did you see all those randy looking guys? You won’t let anything bad happen to me when you put me under will you?”

“Same answer as always Jodie, I will never let anything happen to you that I am 100% sure you wouldn’t want to happen to you if you were not hypnotised.”

I smiled, and as Mike’s mouth found my pussy I thought,

“If only you knew.”

“No vibrating egg tonight Mike?” I asked as Mike started stuffing the bunting in my vagina.

When it was about half in I thought about when he’d pull it out and I said,

“How’s this going to work? There’s no bunting on the wall to come down?”

“No Jodie, but don’t worry about it, I’ll adapt to the circumstances and you’ll still feel great when you come out of it.”

I didn’t worry. I just thought about the eyes of the guys as Mike was pulling the bunting out of me.

I put on the bra and G-string lingerie that have no fabric and I felt that tingling in my 3 protrusions. My mind went wild for a few seconds, then Mike looked at me and said,


“Ready.” I replied as the tingling got stronger.

It got even stronger when we walked out into the room that looked like it had hundreds of men in it. What’s more, they were all cheering and I wasn’t sure if it was for Mike or for me. Although I doubted that so many of them would be taking photographs of Mike.

When the cheering died down Mike introduced himself then me, the cheering started again and the tingling turned into mild throbbing.

Finally, Mike got on with the show and I felt a little strange being so close to all the men.

I couldn’t help noticing that the number of camera flashes increased when I was stood with my feet well apart, even when Mike was doing his magic.

The cheering got louder when Mike made the 2 parts of my lingerie disappear and my throbbing got a little stronger when I realised that I really was naked in front of all those men.

Soon after that it got round to the hypnotism and after Mike had got me to do the stupid things to convince the audience that I was in a hypnotic trance. Someone in the audience suggested that Mike tell me to stand on my head.

With my back to the audience, and facing Mike I did a headstand. Now I’d never been brilliant at doing headstands and I obviously started wobbling because Mike grabbed my ankles and shocked me a little because he pulled my ankles far apart giving the guys at the front of the audience a great view of my spread pussy.

As I was getting to my feet I heard a guy say,

“Get her to make herself cum.”

He did, but with me on a table rather than the vaulting horse. As my fingers started getting really busy I thought that I really was a lucky girl to be able to show myself doing that to such a large group of men.

I tried to stay just reclining on the table so that I could see the faces of the guys, and they could see mine, but it got too much for me and I lay back with my left hands moving to my tits, squeezing and pulling on my nipples.

It wasn’t the strongest orgasm that I’ve ever had but it was strong enough to make my body shake and jerk about. I was so happy.

Once Mike had, probably / possibly, convinced the guys that I was hypnotised, Mike soon got round to his card trick and he sent me out into the audience. It was so different to the rows of people, about half of the guys were sat at tables that were squeezed together and the other half were stood at the back. All in all, the place was crowded and I had to go out into that crowd and get 5 of them to *********** a card.

I had to squeeze between chairs and guys, and in the mood that they were in, my naked body was soon getting groped constantly. Every time a finger went into my vagina I had to quickly move so that the finger didn’t find the bunting that was up there.

All the time I was hearing complimentary comments and invites to go wherever with a guy. That whole exercise took at least twice as long as it does in a theatre but all those hands were keeping me super horny.

Finally, I made it back to Mike and the show continued.

Shortly after that Mike complained to everyone that he had wanted to put some bunting up but he couldn’t find it. When he turned to me and asked me if I knew where it was. I replied not, but he said,

“Have you hidden it in the same place as you did last week Jodie?”

I shook my head sideways but Mike said that I looked guilty and he told me to go and lay on the table. When I did he spread my legs and 2 of his fingers went up my vagina. Seconds later he started pulling the bunting out of me.

Because we were so close to the audience Mike took the end to the nearest guy and asked him to slowly pull the rest of the bunting out. He did, and the fact that it was an unknown guy that was pulling something out of my vagina made me get very close to cumming again.

One all the bunting was out Mike announced that I had been a naughty girl and that I needed to be punished. Unsurprisingly there were quite a few suggestions as to how, but Mike asked who the birthday boy was, and what his name was. A very embarrassed looking guy came over and said that he was called Toby.

“Okay Toby,” Mike said, “have you ever spanked a girl before?”

The red faced Toby shook his head sideways.

“Naughty Jodie,” Mike said as he turned to me, “get up on that table and onto your hands and knees.”

I did, and with my butt facing the majority of the audience, I spread my knees as wide as the table would permit, then went down onto my elbows, knowing that my spread butt would be up in the air. Turning back to Toby Mike said,

“Okay Toby, it’s your lucky day, I want you to give Jodie’s butt 5 swats. Not too hard but not too soft, I want to see red marks starting to appear but no blood.”

Toby started and I have to say that the swats were just good enough to make the constant tingling in my pussy a little stronger.

“Well done Toby,” Mike said, “thank you, but it looks like Jodie hasn’t learnt her lesson yet so cam I have 4 more volunteers to warm up Jodie’s butt a bit more.”

Unsurprisingly, there was no shortage of volunteers and soon, all 4 guys were taking it in turns to inflict more swats on my bare butt. Thankfully not too hard, but just hard enough to build upon what was building inside me. It wasn’t until the fourth guy started to spank that orgasm decided to hit me and as the swats continued I was letting everyone know what was happening to me, but judging by the shouting, everyone already knew that I was cumming.

Swats finished, my butt feeling quite warm and me feeling the afterglow of cumming, Mike thanked the guys and told me to get off the table and stand beside him. As I did so, Mike announced.

“Hmm, Jodie still doesn’t look too repentant so maybe we should inflict a different type of punishment on her, can I have 3 more volunteers please?”

As he ***********ed the 3, he motioned for me to turn so that my right side was to the audience, and he gently pressed on my shoulders telling me to go down onto my knees. With 3 guys stood close to me, Mike said,

“Okay gentlemen, I see that you have already formed a line. Would the first one of you step in front of Jodie and she will give you a blowjob.”

I had started to suspect that that was going to happen when Mike motioned me to go down on my knees but it was still a pleasant surprise when he said the word ‘blowjob’ and I eagerly went for the guy’s belt.

Unsurprisingly, the guy’s cock was hard and it sprang out as soon as a pushed his pants down. I didn’t really get much of a chance to look at it as the guy thrust it towards my mouth which opened as it approached.

“Hmm.” I thought as I started licking and sucking the end of it, “I like cocks.”

My head started bobbing up and down and I took more of the cock into my mouth and then my throat, with each downward movement of my head. Thankfully, the guy didn’t try to hold my head and I was in full control as the tip of his cock went further and further in to me until my nose was rubbing on his pubic hair.

I was grateful that Mike and I had practised me going down on him to the extent that I can take all of his cock without gagging.

I heard the guy say,

“Oh fuck.”

As his cock felt like it got a bit bigger and a bit harder before I felt him cum in my throat and I held myself down on him for as long as I could so that his every last drop went direct into my throat.

I lifted up to get some air and I tasted what was left of his cum as I lifted off him. It tasted slightly different to Mike’s cum, maybe a but more salty, but a long way from unpleasant.

I looked up at the guy and saw him mouth the words,

“Thank you.”

I smiled at him as I licked my lips.

Guy number 2 wasn’t quite as big and I easily managed to take the full length into my throat, but when he was about to cum he pulled back and unloaded onto my face.

With guy number 2’s cum still slowly creeping down my face, guy 3 dropped his jeans and almost rammed his cock into my mouth. My nose had only touched his pubis hair twice when I realised that he was about to cum. He backed off a bit and held my head so that just the tip of his cock was in my mouth the out it came, filling my mouth.

I was about to swallow it when I remembered something that a girl friend of mine once told me and I didn’t swallow, I just held it in my mouth as the guy backed off and pulled his jeans up.

Once he was gone, I turned my head towards the audience and opened my mouth wide so that everyone could see guy 3’s cum. I turned my head slowly both ways so that everyone could see then I swallowed with a grin on my face.

There was quite a bit of cheering as Mike brought a towel over to me and he wiped my face.

Then Mike announced that the show was nearly over, but before he brought me out of my trance he he asked for Toby to come to the front again. He was still looking a bit embarrassed as Mike told him to drop his jeans and sit on a chair.

Toby did so, with his hands covering his junk.

“Fuck the birthday boy Jodie.” Mike said.

To lots of cheering I just stood there for a couple of seconds thinking,

“Bloody hell Mike, I wasn’t expecting this.”

I stepped in front of Toby, facing him and shuffling my feet either side of him, moving his hands out of the way as I went.

I felt my clit touch his cock so I took hold of it, held it vertical and lowered myself onto it.

“Fucking hell,” I thought, “I’m fucking a guy in front of around 100 guys, I’m in heaven.”

I started going up and down slowly and rubbed my little tits on Toby’s face. Cameras were flashing and I even saw one guy come close and take photos from a few different angles as I started going up and down faster.

Just when I thought that I was about to cum I stood up, stepped back from Toby and said,

“Turn the chair to face your mates.”

Toby’s embarrassment had gone as he did as instructed. I looked at his impressive cock as I stepped in front off him then shuffled back until I felt his cock between my butt cheeks. Then I held it and mounted it again, but this time with my back to Toby and my front, with my legs spread wide, to the audience.

As I slowly rode Toby’s cock I could see all those guys watching me. The camera flashes were still going crazy as Toby’s hands came round me and grabbed my little tits.

I wanted that fuck to last for ever but it wasn’t to be. Somehow Toby was lasting well, better than me, and I somehow managed to keep riding him as my first orgasm hit me.

I was just about to cum for a second time when Toby grabbed my hips and pulled me down, stopping me from going up and down as he unloaded what felt like litres of his cum inside me,

I lay back on Toby, relaxing, as his cock went soft, then I stood up.

“Well Toby,” Mike said, “if that was your first then I really hope that you enjoyed it.”

Toby didn’t answer, he was too busy pulling his jeans up as he scuttled off into the audience.

“Just one more thing before I bring Jodie out of her trance, Jodie, please go into the audience and thank them all for being such a great audience.”

I stepped towards one end of the room then I started thanking everyone. I didn’t get far before hands were all over me and I got pulled down onto someone’s lap for a more leisurely grope.

Progress was slow, and as I was getting close to the other end of the room I was pulled down onto yet another lap, but this time 2 guys held my legs apart and I felt something solid, but not big, enter me.

A split second later I heard a whoosh sound and felt something cold rushing into me.

“What the fuck.” I thought as I looked down and saw a guy holding a tin of that squirty cream.

I started wondering what that was all about as hands pulled me to my feet and ushered me back to Mike. Then when the audience went quiet it became clear as Mike said,

“That will stop Jodie from thinking that she’s got cum inside her when she comes out of her trance. Jodie, click, click, giraffe.”

I blinked then said,

“Wow, we’ve got a noisy audience tonight Mike. Hey, aren’t you at least going to let me give the birthday boy a lap-dance?”

To lots of cheering Mike said not, that it wouldn’t be safe for me to go into the audience,

“Anything could happen to you Jodie.”

After the decibels dropped again I said,

“Have you been putting something in my pussy Mike, it feels all squishy.”

“Not me Jodie.”

After more cheering, Mike announced that the show was over and he led me back to the changing room.

As I was showering, Noah came into the room with a big towel for me and told us to meet him at the bar when we were ready. As I was drying myself I said,

“So are you going to tell me what you made me do Mike?”

“You know the answer to that Jodie, get dressed and we’ll go and get a free drink. You can have as many as you like, but I’ll just have a soft drink, I’ve got to drive back to the hotel.

At the bar Noah got us our drinks and we stood talking.

“So don’t you remember anything Jodie?” Noah asked.

“I remember Mike somehow removing my bikini but these shows are so short that there’s not a lot to remember. Hey, you didn’t mind Mike getting me naked did you? And I didn’t even get the chance to kiss the birthday boy, is he still here?”

Noah nearly spat out a mouthful of beer then he told me not to worry about Toby, that he was a very happy young man. Just after that one of the other guys came over and handed Mike an envelope that looked to be full of bank notes.

“Is that our fee for tonight, wouldn’t it have been easier just to do a bank transfer?” I asked.

“That’s just a little gesture of our appreciation for the amazing show Jodie.” Noah replied.

I put a look of puzzlement on my face but didn’t say anything and after a few more minutes of small talk Mike said that we should leave.

Noah got some guys to carry Mike’s props out to the van and I got hit on again as we walked out.

As we were driving back to the hotel I looked in the envelope the did a quick count.

“Mike,” I said. “there’s over a thousand pounds in here. The show wasn’t that good.”

“Well I guess that all those horny guys disagree with you Jodie. You do look amazing walking around and helping me, especially when your bikini came of.”

“You sure do know how to make a girl feel good Mike. I might be a bit tired but I still need you to fuck me later, it feels like weeks since you fucked me.”

“I fucked you last night Jodie.”

“A girl has needs Mike. Twenty-four hours is a long time to go without being fucked you know.”

“I know Jodie, I’ll do my best to satisfy your needs. Hey, do you fancy a drink in the hotel bar before we turn in?”

“Go on, twist my arm. I guess that we can afford it. I can’t believe that those guys would pay so much just to see me naked. Oops, sorry Mike, your magic is amazing, I still can’t work out how you do those things. I should have asked one of those guys to send me a copy of the videos that I saw them taking before you hypnotised me. Maybe I’ll get to see what you make me do when you hypnotise me.”

“Sorry Jodie, I told them that there’s to be no photographs or videos when you’re under.”

“Spoil sport.”

We did stop off in the hotel bar and we had a chat with Andy and some different guests that were there. As was to be expected, they soon found out what we did for a living and wanted Mike to give a demonstration. Mike restricted it to the magic and one of the guys asked Mike if he got bored doing the same tricks every night.

“No not really. I keep adding new tricks, for example, I’m developing some ideas in my brain about 2 new illusions.” Mike said.

“Oh yes, and what would those be?” I asked, “and will I know about them or will I be hypnotised at the time?”

“Oh yes, you’ll know about them, they will be before I hypnotise you. The first one is to saw you in half. Not the traditional way, but from your pussy to your head.”

As Mike was saying that his hand slid from my forehead right down to my pussy that he cupped for a second through the thin fabric of my skirt.

“Yikes Mike, how are you going to do that?” I asked as I saw a couple of the guys cringe.

I remembered that James Bond movie where a huge circular saw was moving towards Bond’s crotch and imagined that that was me spread out. My whole body shivered.

“That’s what I’m working on. Don’t worry Jodie, the saw will never touch your pussy, nor the rest of you.”

“Good, that would really spoil my fun.”

“And mine.” Mike replied. “The second illusion is where I push all of a dildo right up inside your vagina, then I rub my hands slowly up all of your front and when I get to your mouth I open it and the dildo slowly comes out of your mouth.”

As Mike was saying that he again cupped my pussy, but as his hand started to slide up me, my skirt went with him and my bare pussy was exposed right until his hand got to my tits, then the skirt fell back down.

“You’re going to caress my body on the stage in front of the whole audience?”

“Not complaining are you Jodie?”

“No, no, it’s just that you might make me cum.”

“So much the better, got to keep the audience entertained.”

“Bloody hell,” one of the guys said to one of his mates, “I think that we should go and see this show.”

As we were getting ready for bed Mike asked me if I was happy doing more one-off shows like that nights.

“Well it seems to be a lot of effort for not a lot if show, but if the money is like it was tonight I’ll happily do as many of those as you want, but I still think that I’m missing something, you really do have to tell me what you make me do when I’m under.”

“One day Jodie, one day. Now come and ride on this for a while, and don’t close the curtains, the guys in the hotel opposite enjoy the show.”
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