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The relationship and hot sex deepens between Lulu Glo and me. To distract my dad from taking to much notice Lulu plans a distraction for dad with her friend.
Sissy and Michelle Part Z - Mrs Simons or Lulu 5

I had just finished a four and a half hour shift at the café, and I was on a short break. I walked with purpose, but tried to not look like I was rushing. I headed close past the pool and went to my cabin. I knew my dad would not be home. Less than 2 minutes after I unlocked the back door there was a quiet knock. The door opened and Lulu pushed past the curtain and closed and locked the door.

Gone was the huge neck to toes cover all dress. Lulu was wearing a white denim tight fitting short one-piece dress. The dress showed her fabulous figure to perfection. I looked at her and whistled. Lulu said “Why thank you kind sir!” Lulu did a little turn for me, with her hands above her head, which accentuated her huge boobies (as she called them).

I said “Wow Lulu you look really great, you are such a hot looker.”

She moved forward and kissed me, then said “Thank you, you are not too bad yourself you know. I’ve given myself permission to buy some sexy clothes for my birthday. I want to look my age, not some old lady.”

I said “I actually have no idea how old you are.”

Lulu replied “That would be because I never tell anyone that. I will be twenty-five in three days’ time.”

I was stunned, then said “Oh I thought you said your kids were six and eight.”

Lul said “Well you don’t miss much do you. Yes, my oldest is eight soon. I had her when I was 17 and one week. Just a week after I got married on my birthday.”

I said “You don’t have to tell me all the details, I don’t want to upset you, or make you think about painful things.”

Lulu said “I want to tell you. My husband was a teacher at my high school. He got me pregnant in his classroom after school. I was sixteen and a few months old. He wanted me to have an abortion, but my parents would not allow that. They wanted me to give the baby away. He convinced me to marry him so I could keep the baby, and I agreed to us having a second baby.”

I said “Why are you telling me all this.”

Lulu kissed me again and said “I want you to understand me, and I don’t want you to think I am a slut. Lulu can be, but Mrs is not. I feel like he stole my childhood and teenage fun years. I also feel like you give me permission to have those years and missed experiences back. I want to thank you for that.”

I said “Lulu you give me way to much credit. I’m just smitten with you. I’m not wise or smart.”

She laughed and said “Oh I know, and smitten with Dee and with Glo, and with every girl that’s ever worn a bikini. I’m talking about how I feel.”

I said “I hope the fun and games is not going to ruin your marriage. I’m watching my Mum and Dad go through separation and probably divorce right now. Its horrible for the kids.”

She looked at me and said “You never said anything about that. Is it too painful for you to talk about.”

I had tears in my eyes and nodded.

She took me firmly in her arms and pressed my face into her massive double E cup tits, and just held me. She said “You always look after your friends, and yet you hide that terrible pain from them. You know all three of us girls are your friends. We can help you come to terms with that pain.”

My watch took that precise moment to have the alarm go off. I said “Hey I’m really sorry but that gives me 5 minutes to get back to the café and cook all the orders Glo will start writing up any second now. Can we reconvene later?”

Lulu said “I can ask my friend if she can have the kids for dinner, but she might want something in return.”

I said “I hope you are not going to add her to my work list.”

Lulu burst out laughing and said “No she is forty and has fancied your dad for quite a while. If he is single, I might get you to introduce them.”

I said “Sure why not, we finish at six pm. Meet us at the café, think Glo wants an evening swim, so bring those fucking sexy bikinis of yours. We can do Intro’s at the Park BBQ tomorrow night.”

I got to the café right on 12:00pm midday. There was a line of people. A few of those in the know slow clapped me as Glo let me in. She said “Oh I am so glad you are on time. Was getting worried you’d be late. Word is getting around that your burgers are very good. I have orders for about twenty already. Just cook as many as you can until I tell you to ease off.”

I started a production line, and soon found it was actually quite easy to produce cooked burgers in lots of ten. The same for fries, just filled the basket up. At one point I dinged the bell, to let Glo know to pick up the food order. The person that came into the kitchen was Lulu. We both burst out laughing. She said “There are so many people outside Glo has not stopped. I offered to help for a little while.”

I replied “Well they are ready, the piece of paper under the first plate says which table and how many burgers.”

I kept at it, and was so busy the next time I looked at my watch it was 2:15pm.

Glo came in and said “Can you please make just 2 more burgers and a big basket of fries, That’s for Lulu and her friend and a bunch of their kids.”

I said “Sure, but I think we need more help in the café if we are going to do those numbers, or get Dee back to cook. Her cooking doesn’t sell so many.”

Glo said “Oh god, I was so busy at 12pm, I did not even answer the phone. Hope she is ok with that.”

I cleaned up the kitchen and was looking at it proudly when there was a knock from the hole in the wall. I looked over and saw a hand with Lulu’s colour nail polish, making the come here sign. I looked out into the shop and saw the closed sign was on the door, the menu sign was upside down. Glo was counting the cash, but she smiled a big naughty smile at me. Obviously, I was Lulu’s reward for helping out.

I was finished, so I walked over to the wall, and pulled out my cock. It was half hard and throbbing. Lulu’s mouth appeared at the hole, and she licked her red lips. I pushed my cock into her mouth. She took it all the way to the back, and pressed against her throat. She got into the rhythm and everything was feeling really wonderful. Suddenly she pulled off, then when she put her mouth back it felt different. I looked down and saw the same red lipstick but different lips. I said “Hi Glo, can't fool me.”

There was laughter from the two ladies from the other room. Glo had joined Lulu for the fun. They began swapping every couple of sucks, and making it clear they wanted me to cum. I relaxed and allowed nature to take its course. Suddenly I was exploding my cum and felt them swapping my cock head between them as I shot rope after rope of cum. There was lots of sounds and I looked through the hole seeing them kissing wildly and sharing my cum.

They came back into the café after a few minutes and said “How’s your blue balls now Mr grumbles.”

I replied “Balls are just fine NOW, thank you lazy bitches.”

They both burst out laughing and started tickling me and grabbing anything of mine they fancied, like my ass, my biceps and of course my cock. Once they settled down Glo said “We need to control that lunch surge. We can't keep doing that much.”

I said “That’s easy, just write how many burgers you will sell for lunch on the board and reduce it each time some are sold, until we run out.”

Glo agreed and said to Lulu “Can I pay you for helping us, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Lulu said “No way, it was really good fun. And I loved serving to people in my new outfit, and waiting until they realised it was me. Had so much fun with that.”

Glo said “How about we make enough burgers for you and your friends kids including the husbands, and James’ dad, for tonight’s dinner. Then you can come for a special swim with us at 6pm.”

Lulu smiled and said “OK that is a lovely idea.”

Glo said “OK hotshot, how many burgers do you want to do between 5 and 6 tonight?”

I said “We did 100 in 150 minutes but that was crazy. I’ll prep better this arvo, so say 60 in 60 minutes with all the prep done before 5. Tomorrow no burgers before 12:30 and finish at 1:30pm. Sell 60. If we handle that fine, we can increase the next day.”

It was agreed, and Lulu offered to help. Glo said no, so that Lulu could sort her family and be ready for a swim.

We were so prepared for the 5pm rush that I felt like we could have done more. We had sold out by 5:45pm and delivered everything, including cooked the order for Lulu’s group. At 5:50pm Glo closed the shop early and said to Me “You know, you have a gift for this business, maybe you should be a chef.”

I said “Thanks, I love cooking, but I will keep it as a hobby. My dad wants me to go to university.”

Glo said “What do you want to do?”

I replied “I don’t know. Dad wants me to study medicine, that’s what he always wanted to do. I have always wanted to be a Jet Fighter Pilot in the Air Force or Navy. People say that’s really hard to get into. So far my grades are good enough.”

Glo said “Well I believe you can do anything in the world that you want to do.”

We sat down and I thought about Dee. At that exact moment the phone rang. Glo grabbed it and said “Dee”, then started talking. Glo wrapped up in a few minutes then handed me the phone. Dee said “Oh I feel privileged you take time out from all you are up to, just to speak to little old me.”

I started to protest, but she cut me off laughing and teasing. Dee said “I am so thankful you are helping, and I’m really happy you are having fun with Glo. I keep telling her, that I am your favourite. I better be.”

I said “I’m not even sure if you are real anymore, you seem like a dream. No one could really be as gorgeous as you, or as bloody sexy. Think I’ve made you up.”

Dee said “Keep that up you smooth talker. Your sisters and their friends have trained you well. I might be able to pop down late Saturday night, and spend Sunday with you and Glo. Stay tuned.”

I replied “We would both really love that. Has she told you we have a new friend? You need to meet Lulu.”

Dee replied “Yes I’ve already met Grace (Lulu’s real name), she is a bit boring.”

I said “Well she keeps a low profile, just like you. I can assure you Lulu is not boring.”

Dee said “Well as long as you and I still get quality time together, she can meet us. I won’t make any promises. I haven’t even acted on 99% of those desires with Glo yet. Don’t mix up what you and I have, with what you, Glo and I might have.”

I said “Dee, I already have feelings for you. I know I’m a silly child for doing that. Of course there will be quality time for you and me. I know there’s an age gap. Please just let me down gently when the time comes.”

Dee said “I will talk to you about that when we are together, but thank you. I feel so much better now you have said that. For the record I think about you all the time.”

As I said goodbye and hung up, I noticed Lulu had arrived with three kids and an older lady who must be her friend. Glo passed them the burgers and fries in bags, plus the burger for my dad with a note that I’d be late, and they went on their way. I had meant to deliver it, perhaps Lulu had other ideas.

Glo went to a drinks fridge I had not opened, and got a bottle of champagne and glasses out. She put the bottle and flutes into a cool bag, plus a few Pepsi drinks. Lulu had stayed at the café so we were down the beach minutes later. It was still warm as the sun was still up. It was a weekday, so the beach was deserted. Glo asked me to open the champagne and was happy I knew what I was doing. Neither lady would let me have any to drink though, saying I was too young. I understood they wanted to do the right thing. As each took a sip, they would kiss me and let me have a little taste of their drink, but not too much.

We had walked perhaps three hundred yards up the beach, and could see where the path back to the park was. We all felt like we had plenty of notice if anyone arrived before they saw us. We began relaxing. It was warm enough to still want to swim, and we ended up sitting waist deep in the ocean enjoying the sunset.

Lulu said “I suppose you two are going to sleep together tonight?”

Glo said “I don’t want to sleep alone, can at least one of you sleep with me tonight please? I’m fine during the days, but alone at night with these feelings I have for you, it’s terribly lonely.”

Lulu kissed Glo sweetly and said “I want to, but will have been out for a while with you now. I will have to see what my husband is like when I get home. If he’s angry that keeps him awake, and I won’t be able to sneak out.”

I looked at Glo and said “Well I haven’t seen my dad all day, so I have no idea what’s on his mind. I should be able to visit at the very least.”

I looked at Glo and suddenly realised she was upset, I said “Did you actually break up with your boyfriend like you said.”

Glo nodded and her eyes started to tear up. She said “I’m not upset about him, he’s a loser. I’m upset about Dee, and what she is going through. Separately I’m really upset that I want to see all three of you, and life is getting in the way.”

Lulu looked at me and said “Did you notice Glo said all three, she means you as well.”

I nodded letting that sink in and said “Did either of you hear what Dee was saying to me on the phone?”

They both were shaking their head “No.”

I said “OK, you were right there, so I thought you had heard her with your bionic girl ears. Let’s see if I can break it to you gently. Subject to no one dying, or big road blocks, Dee is going to drive down here late evening Saturday night, and go back Monday early morning.”

The girls jumped up so fast they knocked me over. I was head under water scrambling to get up. I was rubbing the salt water out of my eyes, as they stopped screaming and Glo said “Why didn’t you tell us at the start about that?”

I replied “Have you ever tried to get a word in edgeways with you two. I wasn’t holding back, its like two whole days away. And it’s a maybe.”

Lulu said “Does that mean just you and Glo, its not as if Dee has ever seen the fun side of me. She probably thinks I’m boring.”

I said “She called you Grace, so she knows who you are. Glo and I have been singing your praises. It will work out. Dee knows Glo and I love you Lulu. We have told her she has to meet you, and we want the two of you to be the same friends we all are.”

Glo was cuddling Lulu then kissed her. After a few kisses Lulu warmed up and kissed Glo a big sloppy sexy kiss and said “Talk me up to Dee Glo baby, or I won’t let you play with her. You are mine now. Aren’t you.”

Glo kissed Lulu back and said “I actually am having so much fun with everyone. I can't wait until Dee is back, and like James I am sure things will work out.” She kissed Lulu back and said “Yes I am yours, and you are mine. Even smut puppy here said he loves you.”

I noticed the sun was touching the horizon and pointed it out to the girls. Glo asked me “Are there any other secrets you are keeping from us Chef.”

I said “Don’t you mean Smut Puppy, I kinda like that name. What do you mean secrets?”

Glo said “Well you just told Lulu that you love her, is there anyone else here you have feelings for that you want to share?”

I replied with a big smile “Nah, I’m good.”

Glo whacked my arm firmly and said “You rotter.”

We all stood arm in arm and watched the rapid descent of the sun into the water. Once it was gone, we went back on shore, and sat on some towels. Glo had my cock in her mouth in less than a minute, and once I was rock hard, she offered my cock to Lulu. Lulu said “I can't, what if someone sees me?”

Glo said “No one would think it was you, you’re wearing a bikini and fucking on the beach. Don’t miss your chance or you will be watching me fuck him otherwise, wishing it were you.”

Lulu got on me and pulled her bikini gusset aside. Glo held my cock for Lulu and they managed to rub my cock inside Lulu’s beautiful wet pussy lips. Lulu tilted her hips and pushed my cock the full length inside her.

I said “Lulu, this one is for you. Have your cum in case you don’t make it out later.”

Glo moved in behind her and started rubbing Lulu’s fabulous big tits, and squeezing her nipples. They kissed as Lulu turned into Glo’s lips, and I took over from Glo touching Lulu’s tits, and squeezing her nipples. Glo moved her hand slowly down to Lulu’s clit and the two of us, pushed Lulu over the edge into a massive orgasm

Lulu’s pulsing pussy gripped my cock so firmly I nearly shot into her. I said “Oh Lulu, that doctor did such a good job with his extra stitches in your pussy.”

Glo said “Don’t listen to him, he just wants all the attention.”

The girls kissed some more, then both moved towards me and took turns kissing me. Lulu raised herself off my cock. I looked down seeing my cock covered in beautiful thick creamy pussy juice. Lulu kissed me rubbing her big tits on my chest as I felt Glo climbing onto me. She slipped my hard cock into her slit, then directed it at her hole and took the entire length first push into her.

Glo pumped her hard clit on my pubic bone three times and started cumming hard. She was really vocal and let out a few screams. I checked up and down the beach and saw no-one. Lulu switched to kissing Glo, and I took over squeezing Glo’s nipples hard. She started pulsing on my cock as she rubbed hard on me, then started another orgasm. Long seconds later she pulled off my cock saying “Lulu, finish him off. He loves those beautiful tits of yours.”

Lulu impaled herself on my wet hardness and leaned down kissing me. Both girls had their big tits on my chest, and as Lulu started cumming again, I felt her pussy pulsing. I totally lost it and pumped a big load into her. When she lifted off me, she sucked down half my shaft, talking dirty about how good the mixed taste was. Then Lulu offered the cock to Glo, who happily took over and cleaned my cock and balls with her mouth.

By this time the twilight was almost over. I checked my watch and it was 7pm. I realized I hadn’t asked about my dads’ dinner. I asked Lulu and she said “My friend Pam was going to drop his dinner off and introduce herself. She’s single and thinks he’s cute. She says Like Son, Like father.”

I thought I heard a shout, so I looked up and down the beach, and in the gloom, I was still sure there was no one there. I turned over and looked up the big sand hill. I couldn’t see movement or hear anything from there either. I realised I should have checked the sand hill as well earlier.

I said “We should be going soon. That way we get to play later on tonight.”

I said to Lulu “Just tap on my window lightly when you can get out and we can both go see Glo. If its after 10pm and I don’t tap back, I’m either asleep or at Glo’s already.”

We walked together along the beach down to the park path. We took our time with lots of stops for deep passionate kissing between all three of us. We then split up at the café going separately, so we did not attract any attention. When I got home, I could see my dad had eaten his dinner, and mine. I said “Oh dad, were you hungry?”

He blushed and said “I had a visitor, she ate your dinner I’m sorry.”

He was sitting at the table bathing a nasty looking red scratch on his ankle.

I said “that’s ok, I ate stuff as I worked. Who was the visitor? Was it Pam?”

He blushed again and said “Yes do you, ah know her? She is very friendly?”

I looked at him and he blushed bright red. I said “I hope you haven’t been having an anal sex orgy in our dining room with Pam dad.”

He burst out laughing and said “I probably deserve that, but no that did not happen.”

I decided to push my luck and said “So everything other than anal sex on the first date, then finish off with that next date hey dad. That Pam is a bit younger than you don’t you think?”

He looked at me cooly and said “Young men having a liaison with two women at the same time on the beach, should not be teasing me about anything. Make sure that woman’s husband doesn’t see you. The redhead is easy to spot even from the top of the sand hills. There are too many blondes around to be sure, but I think that maybe you fucked the café blonde lady at the same time? They are both much older than you. I’m trying to be understanding and a modern Dad, but don’t push your luck.”

I was stunned and did not know what to say.

Dad said “I haven’t counted the condoms yet, but when I do, there better be quite a few missing or you are grounded.”

I was feeling cheeky and confident after my big day so I said “Dad, did you fuck Pam before you saw us on the beach, or after.”

Dad smiled at me very confidently and said “Mind your own business, it may have been both for all you know.”

As I walked into the bathroom for a shower I turned and said “Well I hope you used your own bloody condoms, don’t run my stack out.”

He started getting up out of his chair, so I ran to the bathroom, slammed the door behind me and locked the door.

I took my time in the shower, then dressed for outside not bed. I went and sat down with my dad. I smiled at him and said “Dad I assume that since you are not angry at me, that you are not going to stop what is going on with the two ladies. They want to see me tonight. I only have three weeks until we go back home, then two days later and we fly out to Washington DC for our next accounting system assignment. Can I please ask that you let me out tonight, and that we keep this between you and me.”

My dad was looking at me and said “I can’t believe I got so worried about you experimenting with boys. You are obviously very interested in women. And women are very interested in you. I’m amazed you could even attract one adult woman, let alone those two stunning women at once. Keeping secrets is a two way thing. I don’t want my private life talked about either. I was married by twenty one, and your sister arrived a few months later. Until this last few months, I had only ever had sex with my wife, your mum. We both have to face up to the fact that my marriage is over. She and I are not compatible. I also feel like I have missed out on so much, and want to start having my share of fun. I don’t see you learning about sex at the hands of two beautiful women as being bad. Like you said, its only a few weeks, then we are working hard for months. I’m going to turn a blind eye to your nefarious activities, you better do the same for me.”

I stood up and held out my hand to my dad. We shook hands silently. As I turned to walk out the back door dad said “Oh and in future you better ask me before you line up women for the old man hey.”
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