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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 and over, not based on anyone living or dead. Contains scenes of non-consent.
Tied to the bed and still feeling the lines of fire down her body from His belt, katherine concentrated on calming her breathing. As she gained control of her breathing and tried to calm down, she realized that all her senses had been heightened from the intense whipping and that the feel of the sheet beneath her and the leather straps on her ankles and wrists felt almost overwhelming. Time seemed to slow as she lay wondering what was next, not knowing where He had gone.

Suddenly, He was there beside her looking down at her. She realized He had undressed and felt a twinge in her pussy as she looked at His well-muscled body. Sliding a rough hand under her hips He simply said “lift”. Arching her back and raising her butt and hips for Him, He slid a pillow under her leaving her in that position. Feeling the bed shift as He climbed up from behind, she gasped as He mounted her, kneeling on the back of her thighs with all His weight pushing her down. Grabbing her hair and pulling her head back sharply He looped His belt around her throat, drawing it tight. Still holding the belt tightly, she felt a single wad of His spit land on the top of her ass and drip down between onto her rosebud. Catching it with the head of His cock He slowly ground the spit into her rosebud spreading the wetness there. Gasping at the mix of sensations she heard Him say, “that’s the only lube a cunt like you deserves” as He shifted forward pressing into her.

Feeling the pressure build as He pushed against her sensitive rosebud the mix of pleasure from where He had been rubbing changed to pain as He forced her open around His thickness. Her low moans turned to a sharp cry as He forced deeper into her until she felt her ass close around His thick cockhead holding Him tightly. Breathing deeply, she tried to relax her body around the intruder. Laughing, He said, “you are the tightest little rape doll I have had” before continuing to push forward. Slow inch by slow inch He pushed steadily into her, never speeding up or slowing down, forcing her to feel every part of His thick meat as He forced into her. Moaning into the bed, she felt Him slowly tighten the belt at the same pace He was forcing Himself inside her. Finally, as she felt His heavy balls press against her slit and fullness as if He had filled her completely from inside, He fully tightened the belt cutting off her low moans as she gasped for one last breath. He held her there, buried inside her and choking her with the belt for long minutes, until desperate for air and feeling her head begin to swoon, she began to thrash against the restraints under Him. Finally, just as she thought she would black out from lack of air, He loosened the belt allowing her to gasp for breath. As soon as she did He began to pull back, pulling slowly out of her and drawing the belt tight again. Just at the point when only the head of His cock was in her, He fully tightened the belt again, holding it tightly. As He slid back in slowly making her feel every agonizing inch of His thickness, He again only let her grab a breath when she was fully impaled on His rape stick. He fucked her slowly like this for what felt like hours, until in her mind she began to associate the feeling of being fully impaled with His thickness with the air He allowed her to breathe. Finally with her mind and body on fire, she felt His pace quicken as He began to pummel her body. His heavy sack slapping against her slit and her body aching from the assault. Growling hard He slammed into her one last time and held her tightly choking her hard with the belt. She felt His cock swell even more and pulse as He came hard, deep inside her. His warm cum seemed to fill her and she felt the heat spread through her body as her pussy clenched, an orgasm overcoming her. The last thing she felt as she blacked out from the combined sensations and lack of air. Was His warm lips on her throat as He kissed and bit down, marking her with His teeth.

Waking up katherine felt His rough hands undoing the bindings at her wrists and then ankles. Pulling her from the bed, she stumbled before Him as He pushed her towards the bathroom. Forcing her to a kneeling position next to the toilet He told her to hold His cock as He began to pee. Reaching up to hold His cock and support His balls He began to pee, some splashing up from the toilet to land on her stomach and tits. Finally pointing to the last drop hanging from His cock head He ordered, “clean”. Licking the last salty drop up and then beginning to lick up and down His shaft she concentrated on licking their collected sweat and the cream left over from His spit and cum from His shaft. His hands tangling in her hair He let out a low moan as she felt His cock come alive again in her hands and mouth. Shocked that once again He was hard, she licked and sucked looking up at Him, wondering how this had all come to be.

Suddenly He pulled her roughly up and back towards the bed, pushing her onto Her back and climbing between Her legs. Spreading her legs roughly He pushed into her wet slit in one hard motion forcing deep and slamming into her cervix. Crying out from the sudden intrusion it felt like an electrical jolt of pain as He bottomed out inside her. her nipples and clit buzzing in sync with His hard strokes, He ravaged her, bouncing her hard into the bed with each thrust. His mouth finding her ear she heard Him whisper as if into her soul, “katherine, I am your real Father, I met your mother in just the same way and she hid you from me all these years, but you found me. This is what you were meant for.” her eyes wide she met His intense stare as they both came hard together. Finally, panting next to each other she cuddled against Him. her mind and body were on fire, but she felt a strange sense of peace. Gently, rubbing her hair He said, “its time to go home.”

The End.


2024-04-05 20:59:14
good story, and yes, i lhoppe for another isntallment


2024-04-01 12:18:17
Love it. Please continue.

Mark CaneReport 

2024-03-20 14:34:32
A good story. It is fun and exciting to read other people’s fantasies. Probably best kept as fantasies, rather than trying it in real life. I would like to know more about the things that turn you on.


2024-03-07 19:32:09
This is my first attempt at writing out one of my fantasies. If you enjoyed my story please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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