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“One of my bi-sex lipstick lesbian friends wants to do to me what you are doing to me right now with your tongue,” Sarah told me as we engaged in wonderful cunnilingus.

“You mean she wants to tongue fuck you?”
“One of my bi-sex lipstick lesbian friends wants to do to me what you are doing to me right now with your tongue,” Sarah told me as we engaged in wonderful cunnilingus.

“You mean she wants to tongue fuck you?”

“Yes, she promised me she was very good. She also told me she wants you to watch and masturbate. And she wants to watch you fuck me when she has pleasured me. Are you fine with that?”

Not long afterwards on a lazy Sunday afternoon, just as we always do when preparing for a new sexual partner, male or female, we discussed what to wear as we shaved each other’s pubic hair. Always an exciting sexual frisson for both of us preparing for and anticipating a new partner or partners,

I recently convinced Sarah to change to the look Helmut Newton’s models prefer - a beautifully trimmed triangle with a shaved gap at the edges. I do like that look! For me almost bald apart from a trimmed triangle above my cock.

I decide to wear tight, low cut tight jeans and smear by torso with oil. As I tease my nipples, my engorged cock is obvious under my tight jeans as I watch Sarah trying sexy lingerie on her naked body. “What to wear for a woman who wants to tongue fuck me while you watch?, she asked with a wicked smile. “Perhaps less is more?

“Before I met you and you organized my first lesbian lover for me I had never had lesbian sex. Now I crave it, constantly. I love it and I love being a sex object for another woman. Cindy promises to be very exciting for me. And us, I am to please and be pleased. I am hanging out for a tongue fuck from a lipstick lesbian,” Sarah told me with a tremor in her voice while she smeared some more oil over my topless body as my nipples responded.

“Sarah won’t be long, she is still getting ready for you,” I told Cindy when she arrived. First impressions are always important: Cindy is taller than average, a most attractive size 10-12 blond, late-thirties, a little younger than us. Her yellow designer jacket accentuates her modest cleavage, obviously no bra, while her heels and matching short skirt accentuate her wonderful long legs.

“You two have an awesome reputation, Sarah’s ass and legs and the size of your erect cock Roger. Is it really nine-inches and thick when you are fully aroused?,” Cindy asked as she lightly ran a hand over my crotch. Before I could answer Cindy was all smiles as Sarah appeared. She had our full attention as she strutted around the room for us, naked apart from heels and a gold chain around her waist. Cindy and I were both alternately focusing on her beautifully trimmed black triangle above her cunt lips and her magnificent size-14 ass on her size-12 body.

“You are a very exciting woman Sarah,” Cindy told her as they tongue kissed. “And I am so pleased your man is going to join us,” she whispered as Sarah watched her tongue kiss me.

I was on my knees, my hands on Sarah’s hips, worshipping her glorious ass, licking and kissing it, as Cindy whispered, “Oh wow, I heard your man had an ass fetish,” as she and Sarah passionately tongue kissed. “Your big ass is magnificent. How fo you manage to keep it looking like that? So good, wonderful eye candy for me Sarah.

“I have wanted both of you ever since Gillian told me in great detail about your tryst with her and her man.”

“You should have told us earlier,” Sarah smiled as they continued tongue kissing. “What did they tell you?”

“Gillian told me you and your man were a pornographer delight. She told me she watched your man tongue fuck her while her man tongue fucked you Sarah. She told me her man was envious at the size of your man’s erection. And when your man fucked you doggy style while you were tongue fucking Gillian her man was beside himself as he masturbated.”

“Wow, Gillian has good recall. Did she tell you I was very noisy that day?” Sarah smiled, pleased with herself.

“I love being licked and teased, love it,” Sarah whispered as I continued licking and kissing her ass cheeks while Cindy licked and sucked her nipples.

“Undress Cindy for me, even better undress her for us,” Sarah whispered. “Take your jeans off first, show Cindy your cock.”

“You really are impressive, nine-inches and thick, very thick,” Cindy told me as I removed her jacket while she lightly teased my erection with her fingertips. A huge tease as Sarah and I ogled her naked body. A slim firm ass, flat stomach, tucked in waist, almost most flat chested, long legs to die for, almost bald cunt lips with a long, beautifully trimmed sliver of jet black pubic hair. I can see Sarah lusting over her naked body, just as I was.

“I love being licked and teased, just love it,” Sarah continued, her legs spread while I stood behind her, holding her hands watching Cindy flick her clit with the tip of her tongue.

I had my hands on her magnificent ass cheeks, pushing her body into Cindy’s tongue as Sarah and I kissed passionately. Always so erotic kissing your partner while another person, male or female is giving them oral sex.

“Do you want to watch Cindy have me,” Sarah asked rhetorically, very arose as she led her to our king size bed. “Or would you like to watch Cindy have me first?”

“Love all the mirrors, even one on the ceiling,” Cindi smiled as Sarah laid on the bed and admired her naked body in the mirrors. “Turn over so I can worship your magnificent big ass Sarah, I have never ever wanted to kiss and lick an ass as good as yours,” Cindy told her making it obvious she wanted to have Sarah first. “Do you want to watch me have your lady? Are you going to join in? You know Sarah and I both want you to join in.”

Wonderful sexual tension as Sarah laid on her back, legs spread, one knee pointing to the celling as Cindi licked her gorgeous thigh, then licked her way to her cunt lips. “You are a huge challenge for me Sarah,” Cindi told her as she licked her with a wet pointy tongue.

I was standing at the head of the bed, watching fascinated as a lipstick lesbian was pleasuring my lady with her tongue, lips and fingers. It seemed the most natural thing to bend over my lady and tongue kiss her, and tease her nipples with my fingertips. She responded immediately while Cindy was tongue fucking her. Always so erotic kissing your partner while another person, male or female is giving them oral sex.

I wasn’t sure if Cindy knew Sarah had the ability to multi-orgasm, something most of her women friends are envious of. Within a few minutes she quickly learnt she was multi-orgasmic as she whispered, “So good, so good Cindy.” Then, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt,” as she orgasmed a second and third time.

Then, “Fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt,” as she orgasmed a fourth and fifth and six time as Cindy slid her middle finger into her.

“An absolute turn on for me Sarah, your pleasure is my pleasure,” I told her as we kissed passionately, my erection throbbing.

“My turn to tongue fuck you Cindy,” Sarah told her as they reorganised themselves on the bed with a pillow under her ass. “Would you like to watch my man fuck me at the same time?,” she teased as she took one of her hands and slid it along my erection.

“You know I would, I have wanted that since Gillian told me about your tryst with her and her man.

I was teasing my erection with my fingertips as I watched my lady Sarah wrap her arms around Cindy’s thighs, lick and kiss the thigh pointing to the ceiling, then expertly find and lick her clit.

“You are so good Sarah, your tongue is so good,” Cindy told her as she watched me grasp her ass cheeks, then slowly slide my erection into her. We quickly developed a rhythm, fucking in sync with her tongue sliding along Cindy’s cunt lips.

“The reputation you two have is justly deserved, you are both brilliant lovers. Would you like to meet some of my friends?,” Cindy asked as she departed.

“Tempting, very tempting,” Sarah told her as they kissed goodbye with their hands all over each other.
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