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It was a Tuesday night when Keshia came to visit Veronica and me.The day before Veronica had confessed to me Keshia had seduced her the previous Thursday. “I feel guilty because I hadn’t asked your permission, I knew she wanted to seduce me and I wanted her to seduce me, a mutual seduction. Before you ask, yes she was incredible. However, I promise I will make it up you James. Keshia has promised to help me make it up to you tomorrow night.”
What can you tell me about Keshia,” I asked.

“The same age as you, obviously gender fluid, she is very exotic, blond, English, almost six-feet tall in her heels, she has a voracious sexual appetite and the best pair of tits I have ever had. The way she dressed for me under her black negligee was an absolute turn on for me when she asked me to remove it, heels, black stockings, garter belt, no knickers and a cup-less bra. A very exciting woman, wonderful long legs, a sexy, beautifully trimmed, black triangle above them, and magnificent bare thighs above the tops of her stockings.

Veronica and I are both gender fluid, she in her early forties, me in my late thirties, both of us with good bodies that appeal to both males and females.

Instant chemistry when we first met at a cocktail party. Veronica a little taller than average, shoulder length blond hair, attractive facial features, inviting smile. She told me she insists on wearing heels to accentuate her legs for matters sexual and kept them on that night while we fucked.

After a few weeks she commenced introducing me to some of her friends. Initially female friends, from early twenties to fifty, She loved showing them how big I was when erect and telling them, “I promised you he was almost ten-inches,” before they had me and I had them while she watched. Then she started introducing me to some of her male friends.

The first time she watched another man giving him a blow job was a tipping point for both of us. The previous week I had watched a man tongue fuck her while she watched his lady partner give me a blow job.

When Keshia arrived she had a twenty-year boy with her, their body language making it obvious they were in a sexual relationship of some kind. I could hear Veronica whisper, Oh wow,” as she admired his good looks and toned body in skin tight white slacks and a white t-shirt.

When I looked at Keshia I was instantly reminded of what Veronica had told me, ‘under her black negligee, the way she dressed for me was an absolute turn on for me, heels, black stockings, garter belt, no knickers and a cup-less bra,’ I was hoping she was dressed like that under her black knee length dress for me.

“Hudson was jealous when I told him about our mutual seduction last Thursday Veronica,” she told us while introducing him. “Very jealous when I told him in detail about you and what we did together, though he was turned on while he listened. He brightened up when I promised to make it up to him. So here we are Hudson,” are you comfortable with Veronica and her man James,” Keshia asked him.

Instead of being comfortable he was nervous and edgy as he alternated looking at Veronica and me, both of us enjoying his discomfort, and speculating why. Perhaps the sexual tension?

“Let me explain Hudson,” Veronica smiled as their gaze locked. “I feel guilty because I hadn’t asked James permission for Keshia to seduce me. I knew she wanted to seduce me and I wanted her to seduce me. I promised James I would make it up to him. Keshia promised she would help me make it up to James tonight. However James and me weren’t expecting Keshia to bring another man along, just a boy actually. Perhaps a bonus for all of us Hudson?,” Veronica told him, teasing him with her words and her eyes.

While we made small talk and sipped coffee, Veronica whispered to me, “I want you to take control, tonight is all about my promise to make it up you. Remember Keshia has promised to help me make it up to you. Don’t forget she bought a young boy along who she wants to appease. When I see you again I want you to be wearing that very short black silk dressing gown I left on your bed, nothing else apart from some oil on your torso.

“James won’t be long," she smiled at Hudson, then Keshia, as they watched me leave the room.

I stood naked in front of a wall length mirror rubbing oil over my torso, teasing my nipples as my flaccid cock partly responded, wondering how this might play out, before I put on the very short black silk dressing gown, no belt, I felt sure Veronica had done that deliberately. My exhibitions streak was in overdrive as I walked back in, my manhood on display for a new woman and her twenty-year old boy / companion.

Keshia and Hudson were now sitting alongside each other, while I stood in front of them, flaunting my semi-erect cock for both of them, both of them staring at it.

When Keshia stood and whispered to him, “Take my dress off for me, I want to show James what his lady had,” I didn’t have a full thick, almost ten-inch erection until then. Keshia’s almost naked boy was an instant, absolute turn on for me, heels, black stockings, garter belt, no knickers and a cup-less bra, my erection at full strength as I ogled her body.

Wonderful long legs, a sexy, beautifully trimmed, black triangle above them, magnificent bare thighs above the tops of her stockings. highlighted by the straps of her garter belt, her very good, firm ass highlighted by the garter belt. Veronica had told me, ‘the best pair of tits I have ever had,’ indeed they were just magnificent, spilling out of her cup-less bra with very erect nipples.

“I promised Veronica I would help make it up to you, James, is there anything special you would like,” Keshia teased as she ran her fingertips along my erection while Hudson and Veronica watched on, as he held my gaze, a wonderful sexual frisson for the four of us.

“Don’t be jealous baby,” she whispered as she licked my nipples, before she teased the tip of my erection with her lips while running a fingertip underneath it.

“Don’t be jealous baby,” Keshia told him again, you know your kinky side likes watching me teasing another man before I give him fellatio. And I know you like watching me giving another man fellatio, a blow job. Are you jealous because James has the thickest, largest erection I have ever had?

“Take your clothes off Hudson and show Veronica and James your naked body.

“Oh wow,” I could hear Veronica whisper, as she watched Hudson remove his shirt while admiring his toned, six pack body, their eyes locked. Hudson was teasing Veronica - and me as we watched him turn his back, slide his skin tight white slacks off. “Oh wow,” I could hear Veronica whisper again, obviously very aroused, as she ran her fingertips over his impressive ass cheeks, bulging out of his black, male g-string.

Hudson was standing with a self confident smile, his legs spread, hands on hips as he willed Veronica, without saying a word, to remove his g-string, his erection poking out of it.

“Oh fuck,” I could hear Veronica whisper as she and I both admired his thick, almost hairless erection. He really was an impressive boy, Keshia’s attraction to him, a twenty-year old boy now obvious, From experience I know size is important for Veronica. A buzz for me watching her compare Hudson’s erection to mine, then Keshia making comparisons. “Oh fuck, you are a big boy Hudson. He is almost as big and as thick as you baby” I could hear Veronica whisper.

“Do it for me Hudson, fellatio, suck his cock, blow him. Make your jealousy go away. I set this up for you,” Keshia told him.

“Which way, which position James?,” he asked, as he licked and sucked my nipples, now fully in control with two women watching.”

Before I could answer Veronica interrupted. “On his back on the bed, with his legs hanging over the end of it, then I can give you reciprocal fellatio, a blow job at the same time.”

“Is my boy good?,” Keshia asked me, teasing me and him, as she tongue kissed me while I had a hand on her ass. “I think so, look at the size of your erection.”

“I promised I would make you feel better Hudson. Is Veronica good? She is a nice bonus for us. Is that what you needed baby?” Keshia asked her boy, teasing him and Veronica.

“I have a voracious sexual appetite,” Keshia told me as she watched, very aroused, as Hudson was edging and teasing my rock hard erection, while Veronica was edging and teasing Hudson.

There is nothing quite comparable for me as the pleasure and frisson of an aroused, naked woman watching her man giving me a blow job, So good, so good.

“I am so horny, I love to watch, fuck me with your tongue while I watch the others,” Keshia told me as she sat on my face.

It seemed like Hudson lasted only five-minutes as Veronica demonstrated her advanced fellatio skills on him.

After his brief recovery he had me stand, legs spread, kneeling in from to me, my throbbing erection at ninety-degrees, my favourite way to receive a blow job, even better watching in the mirrors. Then the wonderful sexual pleasure and frisson of two aroused, naked woman watching a hung and talented twenty-year old boy giving me a blow job, bringing me to orgasm. So good, so good. Teasing me, edging me, lips tongue fingers.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I was moaning involuntarily, the sexual pleasure mounting, fighting to hold my orgasm back, the size of his erection and extra turn on for me. And an almost perverse pleasure looking at his lady’s almost naked body in sexy lingerie, no knickers, while I teased ny nipples.

I had my hands behind my head as the two women watched Hudson bring me over the edge, running just a fingertip along the vein in my erection while exquisitely sucking and licking just the tip of my erection.

When Keshia asked me, “Are you going to cum for my boy? Are you? Tell me,” while kissing me with the tip of her tongue, all I could mutter was, ‘yes, yes, yes,’ as I had the most tremendous, long orgasm.

“Your lady Veronica told me I have the best pair of tits she has ever had. I want you to have them one day James. Would you be happy to have me while Veronica has Hudson. A conventional swap? How about you Veronica and Hudson, would that arrangement be acceptable? Or perhaps a less conventional swap?,” Keshia asked me

We all agreed we would go with the flow and set a time, date and place soon.
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