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Getting married set me free - our 1st Xmas and 2nd honeymoon
Getting Married Set Me Free – Our Second Honeymoon

by Vanessa Evans

Part 4

I woke with the usual feeling in my pussy.

“Morning lover. Keep going please.” I said as I lifted my upper leg a little higher.

Dylan’s hand came over me, gently squeezed one of my nipples then descended down to my clit where he gently rubbed until I told him that I was about to cum.

The waves of pleasure disappearing, I turned over and scooted down the bed until I could taste my own juices on his cock which I sucked until I could taste his juices filling my mouth.

After I’d swallowed all of it that I could I said,

“Hmm, your jizz makes an excellent breakfast starter lover.”

“Always pleased to serve you my special breakfast starter my lady. Hey, shall we go and see if we can get some main course breakfast before the hoards of conference people hit the restaurant.”

“Good idea my man, then afterwards you can service me properly in the shower.”

“Yes my lady.” Dylan replied.

We laughed then started to put some clothes on. I decided to be a bit daring and put on a halter top that is so small that it barely covers my tits, and one of my picture of my pussy G-strings.

As we passed one of the lifts on our way to the restaurant, a youngish man got out of the lift and stared at me. Then as we walked he said,

“I didn’t know that you could go to breakfast bottomless here.”

I stopped, turned to face him, put my right hand down the front of my G-string and pulled it forwards saying,

“I’m not bottomless, I’m wearing a G-string, look.”

The guy did, then burst out laughing before saying,

“Sorry, my mistake, where did you get that G-string? I’ll have to get one for my girlfriend.”

I started to tell him about Bethany’s shop but the guy stopped me saying that he came from Manchester and rarely got down to London.

“You could try Bethany’s website.” I replied and gave him the web address.

“Thanks,” the guy said just before we went in different directions in the restaurant.

I got some puzzled and amused looks from the people already there who looked up as we passed them but I ignored them and Dylan and I found an empty table.

I got another couple of puzzled looks when we left and as we walked back to the bungalow we decided that we were going to have another day on the beach but with some snorkelling. We wanted to try fucking completely underwater.

As I was getting a new bottle of sunblock out out our suitcase I came a cross a new camera that Dylan had bought, a GoPro waterproof one. I had completely forgotten that Dylan had bought that camera and the fact that it was still in the suitcase told me that Dylan had forgotten about it too.

“Hey Dylan,” I said, “shall we take your new camera to the beach with us, maybe video some underwater fun?”

“Sugar, I’d forgotten about that, my mind has been on your getting my hands on your sexy body ever since we got here. Yes, bring it I want to video your spread pussy underwater.”

We only just managed to get to the last 2 free sun loungers before someone else did and we soon went through our routine of covering each other in sunblock, Dylan again making me cum as he rubbed the cream on my pussy.

There was a lot more people on the beach that day but hardly any of the mainly women took any notice of the totally naked young woman sunbathing with her legs spread wide.

After we’d finished the drinks that a waiter had brought us we decided to go for a swim, me totally naked and Dylan wearing his swimming shorts that he’d decided to wear because he was sure that at some point during the day he’d get a boner and he didn’t want to risk offending any of the older women that were on the beach.

Anyway, we grabbed our masks, snorkels, flippers and the GoPro and wadded out into the warm sea. I t wasn’t long before we were treading water just below the surface, facing each other and fondling each other’s bodies. Dylan finger fucking me underwater was a familiar feeling but at the same time different. I closed my eyes and it felt even more different but at the same time sort of more erotic. I guessed that it was because my whole body was underwater and my eyes were closed.

I was getting quite aroused but when Dylan pulled his fingers out of me I opened my eyes and saw that he was pointing the GoPro at my pussy. I doubt that he would have seen my smile but he certainly felt my hand as I put one inside his swimming shorts and gave his hard cock a quick wank.

With my other hand I indicated that I wanted his cock inside me and he instantly got the message.

We tried various ways of making it happen but the only way that we could get to work was with my back to him and my butt down at his cock height. Only my snorkel was out of the water as Dylan fucked me doggy style with one of his hands holding onto my hip. I hoped that his other hand was holding the GoPro.

I orgasmed with that strange feeling of being submerged whilst it was happening. Dylan kept going until I felt him cum inside me.

Our bodies separated and floated to the surface and when Dylan took his snorkel out of his mouth he said,

“That was fun, I can’t wait until we can go scuba diving and try doing it lots of different ways.”

“Hmm, me too.” I replied.

“Shall we do a bit of exploring the seabed and look at the fish?” Dylan asked.

“Okay.” I replied and we put our snorkels back in our mouths as started doing what snorkels were probably invented for.

It was actually quite fascinating and I guess that we got carried away. I knew that we’d been exploring for quite a while but when we got to where we could stand in the seabed and have our heads out of the water I looked at the beach and said,

“Where are we Dylan, the hotel has gone.”

“No it hasn’t, it’s over there.” I looked where he was pointing and saw the hotel but we were along the coast quite a bit. The hotel is in its own bay with rocks at either end of the beach and we’d drifted passed one set of rocks and were in front of another beach, a long one. There was lots of people on that beach and from as far as I could see, none of them were naked.

“Hey, let’s swim and explore some more.” Dylan suggested.

Ignoring the fact that I was naked off what was obviously a clothed beach, we went under and explored some more. When we surfaced again I could see that we were even further along that beach. What’s more, I was getting tired, and I told Dylan.

“We’re going to have to have a bit of a rest on this beach then think about how we are going to get back. We could try swimming but it’s obvious that the current brought us down here and we’d have to fight it going back. Unless you can think of a better way Esther, it looks like we’re going to have to walk along the road. It should only take us 15 or 20 minutes.

“Err, I’ve no clothes on Dylan.”

“I know, you’re just going to have to walk back like you are. Not complaining are you?”

“Not unless we meet a copper.”

“Good, we have a plan, now let’s get out of the water and have a bit of a rest.”

We sat, then lay at the water’s edge and my knees were anything but closed. As we lay there holding hands, a few people walked by, some of them looking down on me. In spite of my lack of energy, seeing those men look down on my naked body was turning me on.

“If I had the energy Dylan, I’d roll over on top of you and ride you until we both came.”

“I’d like that Esther, maybe we should come here on our last day and do just that.”

“Tempting lover. Can you understand anything of what those people who look down on us are saying?”

“They’re probably saying that a beautiful mermaid has been washed ashore and that they want to display you to the whole of Mexico.”

“Very funny Dylan, but it is a nice idea and the thought is making me tingle and get all wet.”

“No one will be able to tell, the waves are lapping on you legs and pussy and washing your juices away.”

“I’d rather it was your tongue lapping on my pussy.”

“Me too. Have you got some energy back yet?”

“Yeah, I think that I’ll be okay if we take it slow.”

Dylan got to his feet and pulled me up onto mine. Then he picked up all the snorkelling gear in one hand and held one of mine with his other hand. As we walked up the beach I saw quite a few people stare at me and I heard a few comments that were obviously directed at me, but they were in Spanish.

“I think that this road will lead us to the hotel.” Dylan said as we started walking along the footpath at the side of the road.

There was a long line of parked cars that mostly hid us from the passing traffic but as we got out of the built-up area the parked cars ended and the passing vehicles got more frequent, a few beeping their horns.

“See,” Dylan said, “they like seeing my Little Mermaid.”

“Yeah right, I just hope that my legs don’t fuse together.”

“Bloody hell no, I need them spread wide just as soon as we get to our bungalow.”

“Can I have a bit of a nap first, then can you take one of those blue pills please Dylan?”

“For you lover, anything, but we might just miss tonight’s entertainment.”

“Who cares?”

We made it to the hotel about 10 minutes later and a handful of people in the lobby staring at the naked me as I walked in then out of the other side. One woman walking from the beach gave me a filthy look as we walked along the path to our bungalow where I lay on one of the loungers on the veranda with Dylan running around getting me water and putting the snorkel gear where we’d decided to keep it.

It didn’t take long for me to doze off, in full view of anyone walking along the path.

When I woke up Dylan had retrieved our towels from the beach and was about to order some room service. When he told me the last bit I said,

“Let’s leave the room service for a while, I have a huge itch that needs taking care of first.”

Our still salty bodies made love on the bed then in the shower before our stomach told us that they needed some proper food in them.

I was back laying on the lounger when a waiter arrived with our food and I got up to give the smiling waiter a tip whilst Dylan hid in the bathroom.

Dylan took one of the blue pills with his food and when we’d finished eating we went and lay on the bed relaxing and waiting for the pill to kick-in. Only I couldn’t wait and I sat up and started sucking Dylan’s cock until it rose to it’s magnificent glory.

We had a bit of a rest when we heard loud music coming from near the bar at the pool and I went, still totally naked, but it was dark outside by then, to see what the entertainment was. I stood at the side and watched as a MC announced that it was Karaoke night. I backed up and went back to the bungalow hoping that we weren’t going to get deafened as people murdered some good songs.

During another short break later on, Dylan ordered some more room service and I was riding him on the bed when it arrived. I could see the young waiter watching as I went up and down, impaled on Dylan’s cock, and when the food was all sorted the guy looked over to us.

“Sorry mate. I’m a little busy to get you a tip right now.”

“That’s okay madam, you’ve already been very generous with your tips.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that but I didn’t pursue the matter. The guy eventually left.

We had another break, although it wasn’t much of a break because I was sat on Dylan’s lap with his cock deep inside me, whilst we ate, then it was back to the bed where we went through every position that we could think of. At one point I asked,

“Dylan, sometime can we get a fucking machine that you can fix to the bottom of the bed in the Games Room so that you can tie me down, blindfold me and let the fucking machine fuck my brains out all day?”

“Aren’t I fucking you enough Esther?”

“You are being amazing Dylan, no girl could ask more from you, but there are days when you’re at work and my pussy needs fucking.”

“Wednesdays and Thursdays you mean?”

“Yes, you could strap me down and set the fucking machine going. Then by the time you get home after a day at work my needs will have been taken care of and we can fuck at a more leisurely pace.”

“I would have thought that being fucked by a machine for 8 or 9 hours non-stop would do more than take care of your needs Esther. There’s no way that I’m going to start a machine fucking you and then go to work. Tell you what, we’ll get a machine and set it fucking you on a Saturday morning then I can check on you every 15 minutes or so and see how it goes.”

“Okay, that’s a good start, then we can extend the time each week.”

“We’ll see, you may be unconscious after an hour or so.”

“I doubt that, but I’m happy to take it slowly. Hey, I’ve just had a thought, could we invite Tim over and get him to video some of the sessions for Bethany’s website?”

“I’m sure that we can arrange that Esther.” Dylan replied before we slowed down and eventually fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up on my side with Dylan doing his usual. I didn’t know how I’d got on my side because I remembered going to sleep flat on my back. But I wasn’t that bothered because Dylan was making me feel good.

“Have you been fucking me all night?” I asked Dylan.

“No, only the last 30 minutes or so, you really were in a deep sleep Esther, I was starting to think that you were unconscious.”

“You do know that you can fuck me when I’m unconscious don’t you Dylan?”

“Yes, you’ve told me that before Esther, I guess that it will depend on why you are unconscious.”

“Okay, I can understand that. The same applies if someone actually does manage to hypnotise me, unlike that numpty the other night. Someone needs to tell him to stick to his magic tricks. Oh yes Dylan, ram it in harder please.”

I lifted my upper leg up in the air and Dylan really did ram himself into me for a couple of minutes before I had my first orgasm if the day. Unfortunately Dylan didn’t cum, probably because of the blue pill that he took the night before.

“Deep throat me Dylan,” I said, “see if that makes you cum.”

“Are you sure Esther, the last rime we did that you had a sore throat for the rest of the day.”

“I’m sure Dylan, I want you to cum. Maybe my throat has got used to your cock and won’t get sore but it will be worth it knowing that you’ve cum.”

I shuffled around on the bed, on my back, so that my head was hanging over the end as Dylan got off the bed and went round so that I was looking up at his balls and cock.

“Ready?” Dylan asked.

“Ready.” I replied then opened my mouth as wide as I could.

I took a deep breath as I saw the head of his cock approach my mouth then slowly enter me. My lips closed around it as it slid towards the back of my mouth.

We’d read about how to not gag, and practised it until I could take all of Dylan’s cock and relax enough to hold my breath for ages before I have to push Dylan away, but that was usually with me knelt in front of him.

We’d done it like we were then a couple of time but Dylan hadn’t lasted long before shooting his load down my throat and starting to go soft, but this time was different. That blue pill meant that he didn’t cum quickly and as I lifted my legs so that he could grab them and pull them wide apart, my right hand went to my pussy and frantically started rubbing my clit.

Dylan, the perfect gentleman, pulled out when I tapped his left arm, our pre-arranged signal that I was getting desperate for some air. I exhaled as his cock withdrew then took a deep breath as his cock started to penetrate my mouth again. Again going so far into my throat that his ball banged on my eyes.

This happened a few times during which my right hand was taking me right to the edge. The next time that his cock penetrated my throat my orgasm hit me. I desperately need to take some quick breaths and I tapped Dylan’s arm again. He withdrew and waited until my peak was over then he rammed his cock back down my throat and instantly gave me my breakfast starters. I felt each pulse of his cock as he squirted more of his cum down my throat.

By then I was getting desperate for more air in my lungs and my left hand was tapping his left arm. As soon as he realised that his arm was getting tapped he quickly pulled out of me and I gasped for air.

Lungs now full of fresh air I said.

“Oh my gawd, for a couple of seconds I thought that you weren’t going to pull out and I was going to die but the weird thing was that my pussy started to pulse like I was doing my Kegel exercises. It was like my body wanted one more orgasm before I died.”

“I haven’t a clue how to explain that Esther and I’m really sorry that I took so long to pull out. Next time really hit me to make me realise what I’m doing to you. By the way, your face looks terrible, it’s covered in saliva, a bit of my cum and some of your tears. Were you crying?”

“No, that’s just, I don’t know, I love you Dylan Hargreaves.”

“And I love you too Esther Hargreaves. Now let’s get showered and try to beat the breakfast rush. I’ll be happy when that damned conference finishes.”

Dylan helped me get to my feet and we had a sensual, but sex free shower before putting some clothes on and heading to the restaurant.

Fortunately we managed to get a table and no one seemed to notice that I was wearing a slightly see-through dress. Dylan said that we might have been able to get a table because some of the conference delegates had found the conference to be too boring and a waste of time.

Anyway, we also managed to get some sun loungers on the beach and spent the rest of the morning being lazy, topping up our tans and me teasing the waiters who brought us drinks by laying there with my legs spread wide.

In the middle of the afternoon we were both getting a little restless so I went back to the bungalow, got our snorkelling equipment and we went exploring again.

We’d swum out towards the end of the jetty to explore around there but we had to quickly swim away because another boat was coming in and presumably needed to tie-up. As we watched the guy bring it in Dylan asked me if I’d like to rent one of those boats one summer, telling me that it probably only had one berth.

“I guess that it could be fun, but I suppose it depends on where it is and if we’d be moving around all the time.”

“Yeah, maybe not such a good idea knowing that you like to be seen a lot.”

We went back under and were again amazed at all the fishes and what lived in the underwater rocks. As per the previous day we totally lost any concept of time or where we were and when we surfaced we again discovered that the current had taken us well beyond the hotel’s private beach and my pussy tingled a bit knowing that we’d have to walk through all the clothed people on the beach then along the road back to the hotel again.

During the walk back I asked Dylan if we could explore some side street on the way.

“You have remembered that you are totally naked Esther, not even shoes.”

“Of course, you know that I like the excitement of being seen and maybe getting some compliments for being so brave.”

“Or some derogatory comments that might upset you.”

“You know that they don’t bother me, they’re usually from jealous people. Besides, they’ll probably be in Spanish and we won’t understand them.”

“And they’ll make you more horny my little exhibitionist nymph.”

“And I’m going to jump your bones when we get back Dylan.”

“Come on then, let’s go, and mind where you put your feet.”

We wandered along quite a few side streets and quite a few people saw us. A group of young men followed us for a few minutes and I really enjoyed them staring at me. We even stopped to look in a couple of shop windows and I asked Dylan if we could go in and have a look around but he reminded me that he didn’t carry any money in his swimming shorts.

At one point Dylan ran ahead of me then videoed me as I slowly walked towards him and I wondered if Bethany would want to put that video on her website.

When we finally got back to the hotel there were quite a few people in the lobby and some of them stared at the very naked me as Dylan and I walked through the lobby holding hands. Dylan guessed that most of the people were from the conference, that ended that day, wanting to get a quick getaway.

All that being naked in public with people looking at me had made me very horny – again, and I jumped on Dylan just as soon as we got back to our bungalow.

We didn’t get any further than our veranda that evening. Dylan had taken one of those blue pills again and we spent all the evening and half of the night fucking in every position that we could think of. I was even riding Dylan’s cock when our room service meal got delivered. I pulled a cushion in front of my pussy when the waiter knocked on the door but it was very obvious what we were doing.


For some strange reason we woke up early and after our daily morning fuck on the bed and then in the shower we made it to the restaurant in time for some breakfast. The blue pill was still giving Dylan a permanent hard-on but somehow, we managed to keep it under control throughout breakfast and when we went to the beach.

Dylan kept his swimming shorts on whilst I coated him in sunblock, then he coated me in the stuff, making me cum as I stood in front of him. My legs had given way and I lay back on the lounger with Dylan sat on the edge of the lounger with his right hand gently toying with my pussy between my spread legs (my feet were on the sand on either side of the lounger).

Dylan’s administrations were having the desired effect and I was close to cumming again when we heard a male voice loudly saying,

“Hargreaves, Dylan Hargreaves, is that you?”

Dylan withdrew his hand from my pussy as he turned his head to see who had spoken his name. The last thing that either of us had expected was to meet someone that we knew but stood at the bottom of my lounger was 2 middle-aged men, one whom I recognised as Ronald Culkin, the CEO of the company that Dylan works for.

“Yes it is you Hargreaves isn’t it?” Ronald Culkin said.

Dylan got to his feet and turned to face the 2 men and I was so relieved for him that his swimming shorts were managing to conceal his hard-on.

“Yes sir,” Dylan replied, “what on earth are you doing here sir?”

“I could ask you the same question Dylan, but I can see exactly what you were doing, hello Esther isn’t it, I see that you’re wearing even less than when we met at the company do a few weeks a go, and I must say that you look even more beautiful today. Oh, have you met Reggie Wallis, our HR director, we’re here for that waste of time conference. You haven’t been a bad boy and Henry has sent you to the conference as a punishment has he?”

“No sir,” Dylan replied as he put out his right hand to shake Reggie Wallis’s hand and I smiled knowing that the fingers on Dylan’s right hand were coated in my pussy juices.

“Pleased to meet you Mr. Wallis.”

“Please Dylan,” Ronald Culkin said, “we’re not in the office now, it’s Ron and Reggie out here, so have you been upsetting old Henry?”

“No sir, err Ron, Esther and I are here on our second honeymoon, we only got married last summer but life has been a little hectic and we decided that we needed a very lazy second honeymoon.”

“Well you’re lucky that you didn’t have to attend the conference, it was just as pointless as I expected but it did give us an excuse to spend a few days out here.” Ron replied, “our wives are having a field day shopping in the city and Reggie and I are going to spend a couple of days fishing before we have to go back to England. We’ve hired that boat for a couple of days.”

Ron pointed to one of the boats tied-up at the jetty.

“Hey, why don’t you two join us, as you can see the boat is big enough and I’m sure that it’s stocked with enough food and beer for 4 people instead of 2.”

“Oh we couldn’t Ron, we wouldn’t want to intrude.”

“Nonsense, it will be good have someone else to talk to. What do you say Esther? Do you fancy sunbathing on the deck of that boat and being perved on by 2 old men?”

I looked up at all 3 men and saw that all 3 pairs of eyes were looking a lot lower down my body than my eyes and I felt the tingling in my nipples and clit get stronger.

“You don’t look old Ron, neither of you.” I replied, stalling for time as my brain tried to decide.

I looked up at Dylan and saw that he was smiling. I also thought that a couple of days having Dylan’s top boss perving on my naked body couldn’t do Dylan’s career prospects any harm, and it would be good for my all-over tan.

“So what’s your plan for the day Ron” I asked, “just sail out to sea, do some fishing then come back just before the sun goes down?”

“That’s just about it Esther,” Ron replied, “if the fish aren’t biting we may just cruise into the ports and have a look around. So have you or Dylan been fishing before?”

“My dad took an a couple of times, just to escape from my mum for a few hours, but it was a bit boring for me.” I said.

“No, never,” Dylan replied, “but I guess that fishing out here from a boat will be completely different to sitting beside a river in a cold and wet England.”

“Different world Dylan, so what do you say?”

Dylan looked down at my face and saw me nod my head. Then he said,

“Well if it isn’t an imposition we’d love to come along Ron.”

“Good, that’s settled, come on then, our pilot or captain or whatever title he wants to use, has been waiting for us for over an hour.”

“Could we just pop back to our room and collect a few things?” Dylan asked.

“No need Dylan, I’m sure that the boat will have everything that you’ll need, come on.”

Dylan was smiling as he put his hand out to help me get up. He knew that I had absolutely no clothes with us, not even a G-string, and that I’d have to be totally naked on that boat all day with 2 middle-aged men and the driver of the boat, however old he was.

Ron and Reggie marched off towards the boat with Dylan and I following, Dylan carrying everything that we had with us which consisted of a couple of towels, our snorkelling gear and a small bag with the sunblock and our sunglasses.

I felt good walking along that jetty, but not as good as I had been just before Ron and Reggie arrived on the scene.

The jetty was long enough and Ron and Reggie were far enough ahead for Dylan and I to have a short conversation.

“Do you want me to let them fuck me Dylan?”

“Esther dear, sweet, beautiful, hot, Esther, I want whatever you want. I doubt that them fucking you will make any difference to my career prospects. If you want to let them fuck you then let them. I’m sure that both of them have a lot more experience fucking girls than I have, you may learn something that will help both of us.”

“They’re both old enough to be my father Dylan.”

“Therefore, using the laws of average, they should be more experienced than I am Esther. As I said, it’s entirely up to you. If it makes you happy them it makes me happy.”

“Did you put the GoPro in the bag Dylan?”

“Not thinking of a bit of blackmail are you Esther?”

“Jeez no, I would never do that to any man. No, I was thinking about Bethany’s website, you know, ‘young girl gets fucked by her father’ sort of thing. I’m sure that Tim could blur out their faces.”

“We don’t need the money that a video like that could earn you Esther.”

“I know, just for the fun of it.”

“Entirely up to you my love, I’ll still love you whatever you decide.”

I squeezed Dylan’s hand as my nipples and clit tingled some more at the thought of those 2 middle-aged men fucking me. As we approached the boat I saw the driver and had another naughty thought, a full gang-bang with 3 men fucking me and Dylan videoing me. You see, the driver was a man about my age and he was wearing only shorts over his well fit looking, tanned body.

Dylan, stepped back and let me board the boat first and the driver put out his hand for me to take to steady me. As he did so I could see 2 things. Firstly his eyes were going up and down my naked body, and secondly, his shorts were starting to bulge in the front.

“Thank you kind sir.” I said which was closely followed by Ron saying,

“Esther, Dylan, this is Juan, our captain for the day. Captain, this is Dylan and his beautiful wife Esther. Not a problem having 2 more people with us is it?”

“No sir,” Juan replied, “but I only have fishing equipment for 2 people.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that Juan,” Ron replied, “I doubt that young Esther will be doing any fishing and Dylan looks like he needs a good rest.”

I saw Ron smile and Juan look me up and down again and I wondered what was going through his mind.

“Okay Captain,” Ron said, “lets get the show on the road.”

Juan quickly went and untied the ropes that were holding the boat in place then he climbed up the little ladder to where I could see the steering wheel. I heard the engine start up then we started moving forwards.

“Right,” Ron said, “let’s find the booze.”

It didn’t take long to find the fridge and Ron passed bottles of cold beer around. With the 4 of us sat around the back of the boat Ron said,

“So Esther, what do you do with your time, Dylan here doesn’t make you go out to work does he?”

“No, not at all Ron, before we got married I worried a little about how I’d fill my time after Dylan told me that there was no need for me to work and that he didn’t want me to work but it didn’t take long after our marriage for me start filling my days.”

“I heard a rumour that Dylan was marrying a devout catholic,” Reggie said, “and that he was going to be miserable for the rest of his life.”

Dylan neatly sprayed a mouthful of beer all over the place before he laughed and replied,

“Who told you that Reggie? Does Esther look like she’s a devout catholic?”

All eyes turned to me. I’d sat the way that I’ve been training myself to do ever since I got married, like a man with my knees well apart, and my tingling got a bit stronger seeing all 3 men stare at my swollen and wet pussy. It was really enjoying the attention.

“Oh just the office grapevine,” Reggie replied, “I haven’t been in the office much these last few months but I’m guessing that the rumours will have changed a little by now.”

“I heard that young Esther here got spanked at Henry’s barbecue.” Ron added, “is that right Esther?”

“Yes it is Ron, and Henry made me cum when he spanked me.”

It was Reggie’s turn to nearly spray beer everywhere before he said,

“Bloody hell, what did Julia say?”

“Nothing,” Dylan replied, “she just stood and watched with a smile on her face as everyone spanked my naked wife’s backside.”

“Well good for you Esther,” Ron said, “so just how do you fill your days?”

So I told them everything. As I was talking Dylan went to talk to Juan for a while then he came back to us with more bottles of cold beer. After handing then round he sat beside me and put an arm round my waist. Then when I got to the end of new life story Dylan said,

“I could see that Esther wasn’t the girl that her mother was trying to turn her into when I first met her. I just knew that there was a more adventurous girl inside just waiting to break out so I asked her to marry me. What I didn’t quite realise at the time was just how repressed she was. She’s changed even more that I could ever have imagined, did she tell you about the gang-bangs and the rugby club showers?”

“No, she missed those bits out.” Reggie said.

“You’re not usually shy these days Esther, tell them.”

So I did, starting by saying that I’d forgotten those times, which was temporarily true, I will never properly forget them.

Shortly after I’d finished telling Ron and Reggie about my amazing experiences we heard the engine cut out then Juan climbed down and said,

“Okay lady and gentlemen, this is where there were lots of fish yesterday, do you want to get the gear setup?”

Juan, Ron and Reggie started getting organised and start fishing as Dylan and I backed out of the way. We stood and watched with me leaning back on Dylan and his hands round my waist mostly. When they weren’t round my waist they were wandering up and down, teasing my 3 buttons when he thought no one was watching.

Everything that had happened since Dylan had first made me cum on the beach that morning had kept me highly aroused and Dylan was topping-up my arousal. I just knew that it wouldn’t take much for me to go over that infamous edge.

Anyway, once Reggie and Ron were setup, sitting on seats looking out of the back of the boat with their lines cast, Ron asked Juan to get them a beer each. Juan got them but as he was walking back to Reggie and Ron I stopped him and took them off his saying that I would give them to the guys.

I took the bottles and went and stood between the 2 guys, leaning back on the back of the boat and standing with my feet well apart. As I gave the guys the bottles Ron said,

“You really are beautiful Esther, you remind me of how my wife was when she was your age. After having a couple of kids her tits are now big and floppy and I doubt that she’s seen her clit for years. I love how your tits are just a nice handful and your nipples are as big as the last joint on your index finger.

I love the way you young girls keep your pussies as bald as they day you were born. My wife has a horrible jungle sown there these days.”

“Mime too, horrible.” Reggie added.”

“And as for your clit Esther,” Ron continued, “I love how it’s about the same size as your nipples and that it sticks out even when you’re just standing there. I bet that both you and Dylan get a lot of pleasure out of that.”

As Ron was saying that I saw his spare hand reach towards my tits but stopped before he actually touched me so I said,

“Thank you Ron, you’ll make me blush, and we do. You can touch them if you want, Dylan won’t get jealous. He loves to watch me getting fucked by other men.”

“Does he now.” Reggie said as both he and Ron reached to my chest and started caressing my tits.

I couldn’t stop myself moaning, even if I’d wanted to. I closed my eyes and said

“Hmm, that’s nice.”

“Age brings the ability to gently caress instead of just groping.” Ron said.

“Well that’s not always the case, Dylan can make me cum just by caressing my tits, unlike some of the guys at the rugby club who get quite rough at times.”

“Do you want to cum right now Esther?” Reggie asked.

“What girl doesn’t want to cum Reggie. Dylan was about to make me cum on the beach when you 2 turned up so I’ve been really turned on ever since then.”

“Just relax and enjoy it Esther.” Ron said, then he loudly added,

“JUAN, have got any sunblock on this boat?”

Seconds later Dylan was stood in front of me smiling and holding our bottle of sunblock.

“Squeeze a blob on each of Esther’s tits please Dylan, we don’t want our old, rough hands making her nipples sore.”

Dylan did as asked and before he walked back her gave my clit a quick flick which made me let out a long moan.

The 2 guys continued their caressing and playing with my nipples. I have to say that Ron was slightly better at it than Reggie was, but neither were quite as good as Dylan, maybe because Dylan uses his mouth as well.

Anyway, a couple or so of minutes later I announced that I was going to cum and seconds later I did, my body shaking and jerking, me somehow managing to stay on my feet. When I was able I said,

“Thank you guys, I really needed that.”

“Our pleasure,” Ron said, “there’s plenty more that we can please you with if you want. Are you sure that Dylan won’t get jealous if we fuck you? I haven’t had a good fuck for months.”

“No, Dylan won’t get jealous if you fuck me, but I would like him to video it. Just for our personal use you understand.”

“That would be okay, but you have to promise that the videos will never, ever get onto the internet. If anyone recognised us we’d be really deep in the brown stuff.”

“I promise that your faces will NEVER get onto the internet guys. I’d hate to cause you any grief.”

“So who wants to fuck me first? We can go onto the deck at the front of the boat for a bit of privacy if you want.”

Ron unclipped the harness that was holding him onto the seat then took my hand and led me passed Dylan and Juan and up onto the front deck. We had to climb up a little ladder and I was 100% sure that Ron was looking up at my butt and wet pussy as I went up in front of him.

“So how do you want to take me Ron?” I asked.

“Doggie style Esther, I want to see that cute little rump of yours sticking up in the air before I ram myself into you.”

I got down on my spread knees and bent forwards so that my head and arms were on the deck. I looked back and saw Ron unfastening, then dropping his shorts revealing a fair sized cock which started moving towards me.

As his cock got closer I saw Dylan come and stand closer to me and I saw the GoPro in his hand.

“Ooooh, that’s nice.” I said, “I really needed that.”

Ron started properly fucking me and I moaned and groaned each time that he thrust forwards into me. Sadly, Ron didn’t last long and he was soon asking me if he could cum inside me. When I said that he could he gave one last, hard thrust then held his cock deep inside me as I felt his warm cum blast into me.

After a good few seconds of both of us not moving a muscle, apart from Ron’s cock starting to soften, he finally pulled out of me and got to his feet. I turned over and sat watching him as he put his shorts back on then he thanked me and told me that I was amazing.

I also saw Dylan stop recording the scene on the GoPro.

After Ron left me and went back to his fishing, Dylan asked me if I was okay.

“Yes thanks, he doesn’t have your stamina but he sure knows how to ram his cock into me. At one point I thought that if he keeps going for a long time he’d push me over the side of the boat.”

“A good job that I didn’t bring any of my blue pills then.”

“Yeah, I like other blokes fucking me but I only want you to fuck me non-stop for hours on end.”

I heard a sound and turned my head to see Reggie climbing up the ladder.

“Are you sure that you want to do this Esther? Don’t feel as though you have to do it just because we’re Dylan’s boss’.”

“I want to Reggie. I missed out on so much because of how my mother brought me up and I’m still catching up.”

“And you’re happy with this Dylan?” Reggie asked.

“Reggie, my wife’s body belongs to her not me. She has to choose what she does with it.”

“Thank you, can you get on your back and hold your legs up and wide apart please Esther?”

I did and saw Dylan quickly get the GoPro recording again.

Reggie’s cock looked shorter, but fatter than Ron’s but I still enjoyed him fucking me. Unfortunately, he too didn’t last long and I didn’t cum, but being fucked by 2 men that were both old enough to be my father certainly added to my knowledge of different types and styles of fucking.

As Reggie left us Dylan came over, helped me to my feet and hugged me.

“You okay Esther?”

“Yep. Look over there Dylan.”

Dylan looked the way that I was pointing and saw Juan watching us.

“Do you want Juan to fuck you as well Esther?” Dylan asked.

I smiled and nodded my head.

“JUAN.” Dylan shouted and waved for Juan to come to us.

“Do you want to fuck my wife?”

A huge smile appeared on Juan’s face and his head nodded up and down. Dylan waved him over and I asked him how he wanted me.

“Grab that rail and walk backwards.” He replied.

I did, and walked so far back that my torso was parallel to the deck. I spread my feet quite wide then started twerking my butt. Dylan came over and I saw the GoPro pointing at my hanging tits, not that they hang very low, but they were wobbling a little bit as I twerked.

Then Dylan went behind me and I guessed that he was videoing my twerking butt.

Seconds later I felt hands on my hips and a cock rubbing up and down my slit. I stopped twerking and moaned as the cock rubbed over my clit, then I let out a long moan as the cock sank deep into my hole.

It just sat there for a few seconds and savoured the feeling until the cock pulled nearly out then went deep inside me again. Again Juan paused for a few seconds before he started going in and out of me.

Juan was a lot younger than Ron and Reggie, around my age, and it showed in the amount of stamina that he had as his cock slid in and out of me over and over and over.

I could feel an orgasm building and was pleased that Juan kept going until I shouted,


As I did so my pussy muscles clamped down on Juan’s cock and he started unloading his balls inside me.

When we both started to relax I felt Juan step back and a few seconds later I stood up straight and turned to face Dylan.

“I’m guessing that you enjoyed that Esther.” Dylan asked.

“Yes I did, but not as much as I would have if it had been your cock lover.”

“You’re all covered in sweat Esther.”

I looked down at my chest then replied,

“So I am, fancy a swim?”

Thankfully, Dylan had put the camera down because he picked me up then jumped off the side of the boat with me in his arms and screaming until my head went under the surface.

We surfaced and held each other, kissing whilst our legs kicked about to keep us on the surface.

“Too deep to fuck.” Dylan said.

“Can you finger me then please?” I asked.

“I’ve got a better idea Esther, let’s get out then you can go and stand between Ron and Reggie and let them finger you. You’ll like that.”

“I will, come on.”

As we climbed back onto the boat I said,

“Those 3 made me really appreciate your long love making sessions lover.”

A couple or so of minutes later the dripping wet me was standing between Ron and Reggie with the bottle of sunblock in my hand and saying,

“I was all sweaty and that dip felt good but I need some more sunblock all over, any volunteers?”

“Silly question Esther,” Ron replied, “of course we’ll do you. The fish aren’t biting, they must have moved on.”

Both Ron and Reggie unbuckled themselves and led me to the middle of the deck where Juan, who must have been listening, had spread a towel. I lay face down and the guys started rubbing the lotion all over my back.

They’d never be any good at giving a massage but they did make me feel good, especially when they ‘accidentally’ touched my pussy from behind.

When they were done Ron slapped my butt and told me to turn over. I did, and without even thinking about it, I spread my legs wide. With the 2 guys knelt either side of me they got to work with no hesitation about rubbing the lotion on my tits or pussy.

Needles to say that those 3 areas got a lot more lotion on them than the rest of my front but I certainly wasn’t complaining, especially when they fingered me and made me cum.

As I was coming down from my high I heard Ron say,

“Juan, there’s no fish here and I’ve gone off the idea of fishing for today, can you take us to the nearest harbour for a look around?”

When I sat up I could see the fishing gear being packed away so I asked Dylan,

“Can we go onto the top deck and do some sunbathing please?”

We did, and lay out sunbathing as the boat sped through the water. We just lay there for quite a while until we heard the tone of the engine decrease. We got to our feet and saw that we were approaching a little little port and village. We just stood there as the boat slowed and crawled into the harbour that was quite busy with tourists wandering around.

As Juan was tying the boat to the posts on the land, Ron came up onto the top deck and firstly asked if I had remembered that I was naked and that people could see me.

“Yes I do, I just love the way people look at me when I’m naked. When I dressed the way my mother made me I was just about invisible to everyone.”

“So you won’t mind going for a wander around with us then Esther?”

I was smiling as Dylan replied for me,

“Esther would love to got for a wander in her birthday suit Ron. This place doesn’t look big enough to have a policeman anywhere nearby so she can flaunt her body as much as she likes.”

“Good, let’s go then.” Ron replied.

Ron, Reggie, Dylan and myself climbed off the boat and off we went. It wasn’t long before some middle-aged American woman just had to express her disapproval of me being naked. And she just had to do it in a voice loud enough to be heard back in America, but Ron came to my defence telling the woman to mind her own business and leave the poor girl alone.

As the woman walked off in a huff, all 4 of us started laughing with me saying,

“Stupid cow, she’s only jealous because she’s fat and ugly.”

I said it loud enough for the woman to hear but she didn’t turn around and say anything back. What the woman had achieved was to draw a few people attention to me and I smiled as we walked on with my nipples and clit tingling more than before.

Dylan had brought the GoPro with him and I hung back a bit from the 3 guys whilst Dylan videoed me walking naked in public. At one point I watched him run in front of me and video me approaching him. I so wanted to touch my tits or pussy and to make myself cum but I knew that if there was any hint of lewd behaviour I risked someone calling the police so I kept my hands by my sides.

“Another few clips for Bethany’s website.” I thought.

Even more so as the 3 guys started walking alongside me and they led me to a cafe where we sat at an outside table. It was Ron who led us to that table and he held a chair for me so that I was sat where everyone passing by would be able to see that I was naked. As I sat on the chair I wondered if Ron was trying to encourage my exhibitionism.

The waiter who served us just treated me like any other customer although I did see him staring at my chest and stomach a few times.

“So Esther, Ron said as we waited for our cold drinks and ice creams, “are you enjoying being here totally naked?”

“I am, it’s so liberating, so natural, so exciting, it’s like I have some sort of control or power over the people who stare at me.”

“Esther,” Ron replied, “with a body like yours and the way that you obviously like showing it, you could get any man to do whatever you want. You could rule the world if you wanted to.”

“You’ll make me blush Ron, do you really think that? But that’s not what I want, I’ve already got everything that I want.”

I reached over to Dylan and squeezed his arm.

“You’re one lucky bastard Hargreaves,” Reggie said, “don’t ever upset this amazing young woman.”

“You’ve got nothing to worry about there.” Dylan replied, “I would never dream of upsetting her.”

Our drinks and ice cream arrived and we sat eating, drinking and making small talk whilst also doing some people watching.

“It’s amazing how many people walk around with blinkers on isn’t it?” Ron said when he had finished his drink.

“Yes,” I replied, “I never realised that until I gave people something to look at and they didn’t even see me.”

“Does that disappoint you Esther?” Reggie asked.

“It does, but it’s their lives to lead as they wish.”

“When we leave here do you want me to announce your presence like an old world Town Cryer?” Ron asked.

Before I could answer him he continued, shouting.


“Ron,” I replied, “Shut up. I want to act as normal as I can, to pretend that I’m dressed as a nun.”

“That would be a bad habit to get into Esther. I much prefer you dressed the way you are right now.”

“Very punny Ron.” I replied looking around to see if anyone was staring at me.

“Come on, let’s go.” Ron said, “there must be more to this place than a cafe and little tourist shop.”

We got to our feet and left, continuing our walk round the little harbour.

Unfortunately, Ron was wrong, all that there was there was what we’d already seen and a few houses; oh, and a lot of tourists who thought that the place was a cute little village and port. I don’t know if Ron and Reggie actually wanted to look around the place or if they just wanted to walk around with a totally naked 21 year old girl. Whichever it was I was happy, I was really enjoying being the only one naked in amongst dozens of strangers.

I got quite a few people staring at me and a few comments but as far as I could tell no one seemed upset about a girl walking around naked and Dylan got a few video clips of me posing with a couple of young men who wanted to take selfies stood next to me.

Eventually, Ron and Reggie decided that we should head back to the boat and go back to the hotel. Juan looked a little concerned and relieved when we got back to the boat and he quickly cast-off and set off back to the hotel.

The 3 guys sat at the back of the boat with me in the same positions as when we first left the hotel. We talked mainly small talk and I disappointedly noticed that Ron and Reggie weren’t staring at my pussy as much as they did on the outbound journey but I wasn’t worried, I knew that Dylan would satisfy my needs just as soon as we got back to the bungalow.

As we were walking along the jetty, Ron asked Dylan and I if we would like to join him, Reggie and their wives for diner in the hotel restaurant. Before I had time to think about it Dylan replied thanking him for the invite but that we already had plans and a booking at a restaurant in Cancun town.

On the beach we split up, Ron and Reggie going along the path on one side of the swimming pool whilst Dylan and I used the other path to get to our bungalow.

We made it as far as the veranda before Dylan pulled me to him and we made out on one of the loungers before going inside and to the shower.

It was a long night of love making, only interrupted by room service food. Whilst we were eating Dylan apologised for lying to Ron and asked if I was upset at not meeting the 2 wives.

“Hell no, that would have meant that we’d have to make boring conversation for a couple of hours and missed out on most of the fun that we’ve just had, and are about to have.”

Dylan leant over and kissed me then asked,

“I know that we said that we were going to spend the whole 2 weeks at the hotel but how do you fancy going to Cancun one evening and having a meal and check-out the nightlife?”

“Okay, I know that this place is famous for its spring break parties but there may just be a place or two that are quite lively at this time of the year. We might find somewhere where I can put myself on display.”

“I’ve married a monster haven’t I Esther?”

“If you mean that I love people seeing me naked and having some fun, then yes, you have, but isn’t that what a lot of college girls do here at spring break?”

“Well yes, if the online videos are anything to go by.”

“Tomorrow night then. Now can you chew my clit again please?”

Dylan did, followed by more love making until we finally fell asleep with Dylan spooning me and his cock inside me.

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