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After a wild night of partying, dancing and a Lipstick Rainbow, we awake to a beautiful day of sunshine and spend the day having fun
Cheryl 3Some P7 - The Morning After

Hours later I was woken by a bit of giggling and something touching my cock. I opened my eyes to see Cheryl and Angie, taking turns sucking and licking my cock. They saw me looking at them and looked at each other, then without talking they started kissing each other with my cock between their lips.

I realized it was light outside. I looked at my watch to check the time. Both girls burst out laughing. Cheryl said “Gosh, every guy’s dream! He wakes with two sexy blondes sucking his cock, and our skipper wants to know the time.”

Angie said “Maybe he’s hungry, and wants to eat.”

Cheryl said “Then let him eat Pussy.”

She scrambled up the bed and planted her wet little pussy on my face. I hadn’t had my morning coffee, so I pushed her off and landed a smack on her perfect tanned ass. Both girls were laughing loudly. They managed to wake Jayne up, and soon all three were laughing and touching me. I didn’t mind too much. It was just good fun.

The master bedroom door opened and Red and Alli poked their heads in.

Alli said “Oh they have finally woken up.”

Even though I had looked at my watch I did not know the time. I looked again, and made sure I flicked my wrist so the light would turn on. For a moment I thought it was 5 to 6, early. Then I looked again. It was half past 10. I rarely slept in that late.

I said “Where are the other two.”

Alli said “Oh they left around 6 am to go back to the hotel. I think Red scared them off giving me all those orgasms in the early hours on the bunk room queen bed.”

Red blushed a little and said “What about all the orgasms you gave me. Anyway, when in Rome, do like the Romans. It’s obviously the kind of boat that likes girls to pleasure each other.”

Angie looked at Red and said “Well looks like we are going to keep each other’s secrets. Don’t think I can play with you though. Girls are one thing, family is another. I hope that is ok?”

Red said “That’s fine, but we are only related through marriage. Our husbands are brothers.”

Alli got behind Red and grabbed her big tits, squeezing them she said “You’ve got more than enough woman here Red gorgeous, don’t you? You won’t need Angie.”

They had a little kiss, then Red said “What I want to know is when do we get our turn with the big boy here?”

Jayne spoke up for me saying “You will get your turn! He gets bored with little B cup tits all the time. Please don’t rush him. You girls think he’s big n tough, because he looks a bit like Arny, (Arnold Schwartzenegger – looks not size, he’s way bigger and heavier). Deep down he’s got feelings, and an achy breaky heart.”

Jayne looked at me and said “I bet right now, you want a coffee and something yummy like a bacon toasted sandwich. We need to feed him before he does anything. Then he’ll start wanting to fuck his lovely harem.”

It was true. I nodded and said “Let me up please girls, I need a pee and a walk around.”

I got out of bed and found some of my bathers. I put my bathers on, and went out to the main cabin. Someone had washed up. I went out on the command deck. All the empty bottles were gone. Everything was sparkling clean. The boat looked pristine. It was like there had not been a big boozy party the night before.

I looked at Alli, who had quickly thrown on her bikinis for upstairs. I raised an eye brow.

Alli responded to my silent question “Yes, Red and I cleaned up. Figured we needed to make you happy. Mainly so we curvy girls could get a chance against those sexy little blondes you always have the hots for.”

I held out my arms to her, both girls came in for a cuddle. I said “Red you are married aren’t you. I don’t think you should be so publicly getting in my arms.”

Red said “Fuck! You have no idea what’s going on in my marriage. My bloody husband fucks everything that moves. Except his wife – me. He’s even fucked Angie. Our husbands are twins. Bastards did a wife swap on us, but unlike you they lied about it. We only caught them because the damn brother kept going on about my big tits. My bloody husband tried to fuck Angie in the ass and got punched by her. Hard to lie about a black eye.”

I said “Then he’s an idiot. You are gorgeous. I’ve got a bit of a hangover. Did you and I, um, did we?”

Red interrupted me saying “Fuck, you are asking did we fuck?”

I nodded. Red said “I know I wanted to. I know you made me squirt a few times. Well, you made me squirt at least once. That was my first time, on your knee. I think the first time that Alli made me squirt, she was doing it from behind me. I imagined it was you, but I’m sure it was you beautiful.” Red kissed Alli a lovely soft sexy kiss on the lips. That instantly had blood pumping into my cock.

I said “I didn’t mean to say you were not memorable or any kind of derision. It was just that it all happened after midnight, and it all happened very quickly. I know I did not start the afterparty thinking I was going to have sex with any of you guests. Its fucking hard enough keeping my 3 beautiful friends happy, without doing the guests as well. I don’t want to upset my beautiful girls, and part of that is being respectful around diseases, body fluids that kind of thing.”

Both Jayne and Cheryl had joined us upstairs. They were wearing bikinis and looked gorgeous. They moved towards me and I took one each side of me. They both started talking at once, then laughed and both kissed my cheek at the same time.

Jayne said “We know you respect us, and take good care of us. You did nothing wrong. I’m very sure I licked every pussy on board. More than once, except my own of course. But I didn’t need to lick my own. I have two lovely new girlfriends, (Jayne kissed Cheryl sweetly) as every girl on board did that beautifully for me. Then they did it again and again.”

Jayne looked at me and smiled saying “Thank you for such a lovely party and so much fun last night. I really love hanging out with you and being with these lovely ladies on this boat.”

Alli moved in and gave me a beautiful soft kiss and said “That was such a lovely party. Even at the end of the night, when you were in demand down stairs, you still took time to say goodnight to me. You made sure everyone was safe, happy and ok. You always make good decisions for everyone. That’s why we feel we can let our hair down and party.”

While Alli started giving both Jayne and Cheryl nice loving kisses, I noticed Red was moving in for her kiss with me.

I allowed her to kiss me, and really enjoyed her bikini covered, big E cup tits rubbing on my chest.

Red slipped her hand down to my now hard cock, she said “I’m really certain I didn’t get a ride on this (squeezing my cock). I would definitely remember that. I will wait till you have time or Queen Jayne sets my traffic lights to green.”

Jayne protested “Hey it’s not all up to me. We are all equal when we party.”

Red said “That’s what you say, but it is so obvious to me that James hangs on every word you say. He thinks about you first for every single thing. You are a lucky girl. I’m certain he’s in love with you.”

Jayne blushed and said “Hey settle down please. You can say stuff like that in private to me, but don’t go upsetting our friends.”

I said “Well on that note, I’m taking anyone hungry to a late breakfast lunch. My Shout. Come on girls if you are going to eat.”

I expected it would be my three girls going to the restaurant with me. I was completely wrong. Red, Alli and Cheryl were all hungry. Jayne and Angie seemed really cozy and wanted to sunbake together. Red asked “Should I let Judy and Marina know?”

I realized that Marina must be the Double D Brunette from last night. She was nice, and very restrained and polite. She was also smouldering hot.

I realized Red was waiting for me to answer. I replied “Oh absolutely, the more the merrier. Tell them to meet us at the restaurant if they are hungry. I’ll probably take the boat for a run after to charge the batteries and empty the black water tanks. We will find somewhere pretty to swim. You girls decide if we want to have lunch out there somewhere, can spend the afternoon if you want.”

Red said “Then please let me pay for breakfast, they are really my friends. This trip is my birthday treat for Marina.”

I said “We can go Dutch (Share costs) or just do what you want. I just offered to pay to make it easy for everyone.”

We walked the short distance to the restaurant, and soon ordered the coffee and food. The breakfast table chat was light hearted and avoided de***********ive discussion. Particularly about the sexuality exhibited at the party last night. We were in public after all. We discussed options for the rest of the day and the night. All the girls wanted to have another party on the boat that evening.

It became very clear that Red and Alli wanted to spend the weekend together. Cheryl wanted to spend time on the boat and the beach with myself and Jayne n Alli. Cheryl was also rapidly building friendships with the 4 guest ladies.

Just as the food arrived, so did Marina. She gave Red a nice kiss on the cheek, then walked around myside of the table, extended her hand and said “I’m Marina, we haven’t shaken hands, or really properly met. We have done a few things way more fun. Thanks for entertaining and provisioning us all last night. Thanks also for being so brave and patient to put up with our drunken antics. All while being the perfect gentleman.”

I said “Pleased to meet you. It was a fun night. You are very welcome!”

Red and Alli interrupted saying “Can we do it again tonight please Captain James. We will be just as good, we promise.”

Marina put her lips to my ear and said “I certainly can't promise I’ll be good. Did you not like me, I feel everyone else got a nice slice of you and I just got the basics.”

I said “Let’s talk about that after breakfast or lunch, whatever you call this food at nearly midday.”

The table chatter was friendly and light. When we left Marina went back to the hotel to collect her bathers and a few things for the others. As I walked back to the boat, I had Alli holding my arm on one side and Red on the other. Cheryl seemed happy to hold hands walking with Alli.

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