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Pams father comes home early and joins in the fun
I was just standing there looking at my sweet daughter Pam. I love my baby so much. I was almost a copy of her mother. Her mother went on a two week visit with her parents. We live far from them so when my wife visits she always stays for at least 2 weeks. In other words 2 weeks without sex. It was not easy for her either. We would talk at night. It was borderline phone sex. she loved to talk dirty while we had sex but did not feel comfortable doing it over the phone.

Pam was just relaxing on the couch watching TV. Hey Pam, I'm heading out to that business dinner I told you about. It should take no more then 3 hours. I'm hoping I'm done much sooner than that so I can get back much sooner. You owe me a rechallenge. Dad, I have beaten your ass every time we play. Language little girl, language. Sorry dad. I can not think of anything I'd rather do then play Mario Kart with you again. See you soon baby girl.

As luck would have it we completed our business in record time. I was so happy I did not question it. I just called the waitress over ordered my daughter favorite dinner from there and headed home. I was going to surprise her with it.

When I got home I quietly entered the house hoping to surprise Pam. At first I thought she found one of my pornos or was watching one on her laptop. It sounded very hot. Some girl must have been getting fuck hard. To say the least I was very disappointed that she would watch something like that. At least do it in your room with headphones on so I did not have to think about my sweet baby girl watching porn.

I could not begin to process what I was watching. My sweet little girl was naked, on all fours with some guy I did not know. He was fuck Pam doggy style and from the look on her face she was in heaven. She was moaning fuck me baby, fuck me good and hard. Damn it feels so fucking good.

Once I got over my initial shock I heard my self yell at her, "What the fucken hell is going on here!" She finally noticed me stand there. To my surprise all she could say was "Oh fuck me, daddy this is not what it looks like". Are you kidding me. It looks like my daughter naked and getting fucked doggy style by some guy I do not know in my living room. I'm sure I'm not seeing things.

The guy was still fucking her that whole time I'm talking to her. It was then that I notice that she was licking her lips and staring at my crotch area. It was then I noticed for the first time that I had a huge bulge in my pants. I had not notice that despite that fact it was my own daughter I was turned on at the sight of her takin his cock. She was looking at my crotch like a hungry animal. She wanted to suck her own fathers cock. I had not had sex in at least a week at that time. I had not jerked off wanting to same it up for my wife for when she got home. Now all I could think about was sticking my boner into Pam's will mouth. I undid my pants and let them drop. When she saw how big and hard I was her eyes almost popped out of her head.

I took off my shirt, walked over to her and positioned myself so she could take my dick into her mouth. Her mouth felt so wonderful around my cock. She must have been sucking it for a few minutes moaning the whole time. It was at that point I told the guy he had fucked my daughter pussy enough for now. Time to switch. We changed places, I got behind my daughter, grabbed her hips and slipped my cock into her oh so very wet pussy. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. My own father's cock is in my hot pussy. Oh daddy you have no idea how long I have wanted you to fuck me. To make me your own personal slut. Fuck me good daddy.

I told her less talking and more cock sucking. I put my hand behind my daughter head and pushed hard, at the same time I rammed my cock into her pussy. I guess I pushed her harder than I had intended. The next thing I heard is the guy whose name I still did not said "dude, you shoved you daughter's head so hard my cock got shoved all the way down her throat. She took it all. Her nose is press against my crock. Pam was wide eyed realizing she had finally deep throated a long cock. After almost a minute of being impaled by a cock in her throat I told that pull you fucking dick out of her mouth and let her breath. As soon as he did she took in a few deeps breath and said wow! That was incredible. I started fucking her again and the guy started to mouth fuck her again. Slowly she keep taking more and more of his cock till she took it all the way down again. After doing fuck her mouth for another minute he said get ready I'm going to cum inn you mouth. He pulled out and shot his load into Pam's mouth.

It looks like you got all your going to get tonight buddy. Now get dressed and get the fuck out of my house.

I started to really fuck Pam now. I'm going to give it to you now like it give it to your mother. Oh daddy, fuck me hard. Fuck me like I was mommy. Make me cum daddy. I'm yours now. I am all yours. Use me. Fuck me daddy. Turn me into your personal slut. Oh daddy I love you so much. I'm cuming daddy. I'm cumming. I had just enough time to pull my cock out of her pussy and move it to her mouth before I shot my load into her wide open mouth. That was the second load of cum she swallowed in less then 5 minutes.

I collapsed next to her motionless body. I pulled her naked body next to me and we both slept soundly for about 5 hours. When I woke up and found her still naked next to me I knew I had not dreamed all that. I never felt closer to my little baby girl. I knew our relationship would never be the same. I wondered for a minute what would her mother do to me if she had any idea what I had done to our daughter.
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