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Michelle spends the night at her friend's house after arguing with her husband, and her friend's husband ends up fucking her on the couch.
I met Tracy when we were both freshmen at LSU in Baton Rouge. We hit it off immediately, and ended up rooming together during our entire time at university. We were the closest of friends and did just about everything together. Somewhere around the middle of our third semester as roommates, we realized we enjoyed having sex with each other whenever we needed emotional comfort and our boyfriends weren’t available.

We were similar in so many ways, we just seemed to come by it naturally. We were both attractive blondes.... a bit on the petite side.... but with rather large, natural tits that seemed to be a defining feature for both of us. Tracy’s were a beautiful 34D cup, and mine were 35E, so slightly bigger. We got plenty of attention from the guys on campus, and never lacked for male company. In between our classes and studying, our dating lives were full and active... but on occasion we enjoyed some quiet time by ourselves to relax and decompress from the rigors of college life.

One evening after I found out that I’d done poorly on a particularly difficult exam, I was moping around on the sofa in our apartment with the TV on, but not really watching it. When Tracy got home, she came and sat down next to me, then pulled me over to her so that my head was on her lap, as she gently stroked my arm to soothe me.

It felt great, and I nestled into her as she continued to hug me and make me feel better. Almost unperceptively, she shifted her caresses from my arms to my breasts.... softly pressing the flesh of my tits and lightly pinching my nipples, as she continued to comfort me. This caught me by surprise... but I was even more surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I let her continue to massage my boobs and toy with my nipples, which very quickly became as hard as erasers to her touch.

Other than an occasional moan, I didn’t say anything at all.... I just let Tracy play with my breasts as I enjoyed the tingly sensations washing across my body, and trickling down my torso to my moistening pussy. With my head still on her lap, I rolled onto my back to give her better access to both of my breasts... then unconsciously spread my legs as I lay sprawled out on the sofa.

Tracy chuckled and said, “Ah... it looks like you’re enjoying this, Michelle.” Then she released my tits, and reached down between my legs and started running her hand up and down the slit of my wet vagina through my panties.

I spread my legs a little more, and Tracy got the hint... moving my panties to the side, and sliding her fingers up and down along my pussy lips, then rubbing little circles around my stiffening clitoris. I moaned and mumbled my pleasure, as Tracy continued flicking and rubbing my clit, while I rocked my hips in rhythm to her massaging fingers.

“Holy shit, Tracy.... that feels amazing.... yeah... keep going... just like that... God, that feels good...”

It didn’t take long before I let out a little squeal, grabbed her hand and pulled it hard into my crotch, as a delicious orgasm racked my entire body. Holding her fingers tight against my throbbing clit, I closed my legs and pressed my pussy up against her kneading palm as warm tentacles of pleasure flowed through my torso, all the way up to my rock-hard nipples.

“Oh, my God... oh, my God.... yeah.... right there.... yeah.... aaaaaaahhhhhh.... fuck, Tracy.... yeeeeaaaaahhh.... that feels incredible.... ooooohhhhhh.... oooohhhhh.... yeah..... right there.... hmmmmmm...”

After a few minutes of euphoric pleasure, I opened my legs and released Tracy’s hand... now dripping wet from my pussy juices. She chuckled again, and said, “Wow, Meesh... you really needed that, eh?”

I laughed and said, “Yeah, I think I did. I’ve had a pretty rough week.... and Drew’s been off campus with that stupid baseball tournament. So, this was exactly what the doctor ordered...”

After another minute or two of enjoying the aftermath of my climax, I turned around and pulled Tracy down onto the sofa cushions with me, saying, “Now it’s your turn.... your week has been just as crazy as mine.”

She giggled as I pulled her shirt up over her head, tossed it to the side, and began caressing her big, soft tits. I sucked her nipples into my mouth... first one, then the other... nibbling on them gently, then releasing them with a ‘plop’. Her giggles turned into moans, as she closed her eyes and savored the feeling of her breasts being massaged and her nipples sucked.

It wasn’t long before her shorts and panties were on the floor next to her top... with me perched between her thighs, fondling and caressing her vagina and ass cheeks, and shoving two fingers into her dripping wet snatch. After a couple of minutes, I slid down between her spread legs, using my tongue to lick up and down between her pussy lips while I continued to finger-blast her moist vagina.... eventually focusing all my attention on her straining clitoris. I sucked the plump nub into my mouth and began flicking it with my tongue, causing Tracy to let out little whimpers of pleasure as she rocked her hips into my thrusting fingers.

With a guttural moan, Tracy grabbed the back of my head and pulled it hard into her drenched cunt, mumbling “Yeah... yeah.... fuck, yeah.... oh, my God... right there.... right there.... eh.... eh.... aaaaaahhhhhhh.... holy fuck.... aaaaaahhhhhhh.... my God, yeeeeeeeessssss.... shit, Meesh, that feels fantastic.... yeah, keep going.... hmmmmmmm.... hmmmmmm...”

After riding the wave of her climax up to its peak, we both took a few minutes to catch our breath and enjoy the remnants of our delicious orgasms.... then grabbed our clothes from the floor and wandered into the bathroom to take a shower together.

We both had boyfriends, and definitely enjoyed a nice hard cock, so we never really developed a routine when it came sex. But for the next two and half years, we would comfort each other like this whenever a situation arose that needed a little tender loving care to help us get through it.

After graduation, we were ecstatic when both of us landed jobs near Dallas. We ended up living on opposite sides of town... about 40 minutes away from each other... but managed to get together for a “girl’s night out”, or a weekend jaunt, a few times every year... usually at Tracy’s place, or at a swanky resort somewhere out of town. Our visits became less frequent as we began focusing on our own lives, but we loved our periodic trysts, and our doors were open to each other whenever one of us needed a break, or a moment of comfort during our busy lives.

I ended up marrying Drew... my boyfriend from college.... about 2 years after we graduated. Tracy dated around for a few years, then met Chris at the gym where she worked out. They got married a little over 3 years later, and moved into a new house very close to Tracy’s old one on the other side of Dallas.

We didn’t really socialize with our husbands... in fact, the only time I met Chris was at their wedding. He seemed like a nice enough guy... he was big, well-built, and handsome, and I could definitely see what Tracy saw in him. From what Tracy told me whenever we had our “girl’s events”, they seemed to be very happy together.... although she said he was a bit of a horndog and, with a sly grin, added that he had the biggest dick she’d ever had inside her. Of course, whenever she’d slip this comment into our conversation, we’d laugh... clink our glasses... and drink a toast to Chris’ big cock.

For the most part, Drew and I had a good marriage, with typical ups and downs. But after about 8 years together, we were having more and more arguments about Drew being too busy for “us”. We didn’t have any kids and, between business trips, golfing, fishing, and working late, we were spending less and less time together.... my frustration had been growing for a while, and.... damn it, I was only in my early thirties, and I needed some attention!

One Friday evening in mid-July, Drew and I had another huge argument about his plans for a fishing trip that weekend after having worked late every night during the week. I was furious and felt abandoned. After 30 minutes of raised voices and his feeble attempts at justification, I stomped up the stairs to the bedroom in a huff. I called Tracy, and asked her if I could come to her place.... of course she said “yes”.... so I packed some clothes and stormed out of the house.

I found Tracy’s new house using GPS, and melted into her warm embrace as soon as I stepped through the front door. She said that Chris was out with ‘the boys’ that night, and wouldn’t be home until well after midnight, so we had the place to ourselves. We sat in the living room, sharing a bottle of Merlot, while I laid out my complaints about Drew’s lack of attention. Tracy listened quietly as I lamented and whined.... my make-up smeared and running down my cheeks.... and hugged me into her chest for comfort.

When I was finally finished, she said, “Well... you’re here now, and you can stay as long as you like. How about if we go upstairs and get you cleaned up?”

I nodded silently and followed her up to her bedroom, where we slowly undressed and stepped under the warm spray of the shower. As soon as we were totally wet, Tracy grabbed the soap and began lathering up my heavy breasts.... occasionally pulling on my nipples until they were both as stiff as erasers.

After a few minutes of massaging my boobs, Tracy stepped behind me and gently pushed on my back until I was leaning forward a little, using my hands on the shower wall to support myself. She nudged my legs apart with her knees, giving her unfettered access to my naked pussy. Then.... rubbing her soft breasts against my back.... she grabbed the portable shower head... turned it to ‘pulse’... and ran the jetting water up and down the slit between my legs, while continuing to squeeze my swaying tits with her other hand.

I closed my eyes and moaned as I reveled in her boobs squashed up against me from behind, her soapy hands squeezing and tweaking my dangling tits, and the warm, pulsating stream from the shower head blasting my pussy. It wasn’t long before Tracy shifted the water stream to focus on my throbbing clit, then held it there until I let out a squeal and erupted into an intense, delicious orgasm that crashed through my entire body, causing a slight wobble in my knees.

“My God, Tracy... that feels incredible.... yeah.... there.... stay there.... yeah.... yeah.... holy shit.... aaaaaahhhhhhh.... fuck, yeeeeeessssss.... aaaaahhhhhh.... keep going..... aaaaahhhhh.... yeeeeaahhhh.... my God, I can barely stand up.... hmmmmmm....”

We stood under the water like this for several minutes as I enjoyed my ebbing climax. Afterwards, we took turns washing each other, spending a little more time on boobs and pussies than they really needed... but, my God, it felt great! When we were done, we stepped out of the shower, and Tracy toweled me dry.... being extra gentle around my tender nipples and sensitive clitoris. Afterwards, she gave me a hug and tossed me one of her robes to put on.

I sat on her bed and, with an appreciative smile, said, “Wow, Tracy.... that was amazing.... I really needed that....”

Tracy chuckled and said, “Yeah, I could tell.... and you know how much I enjoy doing that with you. I hope you’re feeling a little better now.”

Then, as she started poking through her closet and pulling out clothes, she said, “Sorry to do this to you, Meesh, but I forgot I have a Real Estate Convention downtown tonight, followed by a social function at the Hilton, so I need to head out. Will you be OK by yourself this evening?”

“Of course... I’ll just drink some more wine and watch TV for a while in the living room.”

Tracy finished dressing and said, “Perfect. I won’t be home until very late, so we can catch up again tomorrow morning. And Chris usually stays out even later than that when he goes out with the guys, so you probably won’t see him until tomorrow, either.”

I said, “That sounds good, Tracy.... really, I’ll be fine.... I just hope Chris doesn’t mind having me stay over like this.”

Tracy laughed and said, “No, he won’t mind at all.... he and his sales team like to go to a strip club a couple times a month, so that’s where he is tonight. He typically comes home really late when they do that, so you’ll probably be in bed by then.”

I settled onto the sofa in my robe, with the TV on and another bottle of Merlot in front of me, as Tracy headed out the front door to her conference.

After drinking about half the bottle of wine, I must have dozed off on the couch, because a splashing sound from the patio just beyond the living room woke me up. A little bleary eyed and dazed, I looked out through the glass patio doors and saw a figure out there in silhouette, climbing out of the water onto the deck surrounding the pool.

I figured this must be Tracy’s husband, Chris. I checked my watch, wondering if I’d slept longer than I thought, but it was only a little after 10 pm, so it appeared that he had come home much earlier than expected.

I sat up on the sofa and watched him drying himself off on the patio deck.... backlit by the moonlight, all I saw was a dark figure facing away from me, as he rubbed his arms and legs with a towel. Even in silhouette I could tell that he was as big and in shape as I remembered from when I met him at their wedding.... broad shoulders and narrow hips.... I was a bit surprised at how much I was enjoying the show.

As I continued watching, he turned to his left.... so that I was seeing him in profile.... and totally stunned me when I saw him slip off his wet swim trunks and drape them over the nearest chaise lounge. Still in silhouette, I could see that his dick.... every bit as long and thick as Tracy had claimed.... was semi-hard, sticking out away from his torso, with a gentle bend to the shaft... the wide, mushroom-shaped tip pointing down at the patio deck in front of him.

I muttered to myself, “Holy shit,” then just continued to watch, as he used the towel to rub his hair dry... causing his impressive cock to swing back and forth, and wobble up and down until he was done.

When he was finally done, he wrapped the towel around his waist, and came into the living room where I was sitting.... now fully awake.

When he saw that I was awake, he said, “Oh... hey, you must be Tracy’s friend, Michelle.... she told me you were staying over tonight.... I was trying to be quiet so I didn’t wake you.”

Struggling to keep my eyes off the obvious bulge underneath his towel, I smiled up at him and said, “Yep... I’m Michelle.... and you’re Chris... I met you at your wedding several years ago.”

He grabbed a glass from the kitchen, then came over to the couch, saying, “Yeah, I remember you. You were wearing that green wrap around cocktail dress at the reception.”

“Wow... I’m impressed that you remember... that was quite a while ago.”

He grinned and, glancing down at my barely covered breasts, and obvious nipple bumps in Tracy’s thin robe, said, “Yeah, but that dress showed a lot of cleavage, and made your boobs really stand out.... I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.”

I blushed a little as he sat down next to me... his towel barely long enough to cover the long shaft pressing against it... and poured himself some wine, then added more to my glass on the coffee table.

He chuckled and said, “Wow... there’s barely half a bottle left... did you drink the rest by yourself?”

I smiled and said, “Yeah... I thought I was going to be here by myself until I went to bed, so was pretty much planning to finish the bottle.... it’s probably a good thing that you came home early to spare me the hangover.”

Chris laughed, unconsciously adjusted himself through the towel, and said, “Well, I was out at a strip club with the guys tonight, but Tony’s wife called and he had to leave, so the party sort of broke up early.”

With a wry smile he noticed that my eyes kept glancing at his crotch, where I could actually see the tip of his penis resting on the sofa cushion about an inch below the edge of his towel.

He said, “We had plenty of lap dances and got to see some really nice tits,” then he leaned over, slipped his hand inside my robe, and squeezed one of my breasts, adding, “but none of them were nearly as beautiful as yours...”

I was a bit unnerved by this move.... I blushed a deeper red, and pushed his hand away, saying, “Wha.... but.... what the hell, Chris.... what are you doing?”

He laughed and leaned over even more, grabbing my boobs with both hands and said, “I always come home from these trips to the strip club with a stiff cock, and Tracy is usually here to take care of it for me.” I tried unsuccessfully to stop him from man-handling my tits, but he was so strong, I wasn’t able to stop anything that he was doing. With very little effort he was able to untie my sash and push my robe completely open, as he leaned even more heavily on top of me.... caressing my breasts and pulling on my nipples.

Trying desperately to push him off, I mumbled, “I’m married, Chris... and so are you! What about Tracy?”

Still laughing, he said, “Aw, she won’t mind... if she was here, she’d take care of me herself... it’s just our luck that you’re here, instead.”

I stopped talking, and just tried to focus on getting out from under him, but by then Chris had pulled me down onto the sofa, pushed my legs apart, and positioned himself squarely between my thighs. With one hand still holding me down on the couch, Chris used his other hand to pull the towel from around his waist and toss it onto the floor by the sofa.

I couldn’t help but look down between us and check out the huge prick... now fully erect... that was poised near my totally exposed vagina. Holy fuck, that thing was big.... it was much longer than Drew’s... and thicker, too. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. As I continued to struggle, I watched him use his free hand to line up the tip of his rigid pole with my pussy opening, then lean forward as he started to shove it inside.

He grinned and said, “Holy shit, Michelle... you’re soaking wet,” as he began rocking his hips between my legs.... sliding his stiff erection further and further inside me with every stroke.

I was both embarrassed and horrified to realize that he was right... maybe from all the wine, maybe from watching his bouncing dick on the patio.... I don’t know.... but, my pussy had obviously become totally drenched as we were wrestling around on the couch. I let out a groan as he entered me, then noticed that I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sloppy pussy juice ‘smacking’, as he plowed his thick boner in and out of my wet cunt.

Once he got a rhythm going, he used his arms to hold himself up, so he could watch my tits bounce up and down on my chest, smacking into my chin from the force of his thrusting cock. I couldn’t really help myself... I looked down past his torso and watched his stiff pole slamming in and out of my pussy... it had to be at least 10” long... and so thick! I watched... hypnotized... as he kept railing my wet cunt, over and over, causing me to let out little grunts every time he pounded it back into me.

I was still putting up a useless struggle to stop this incursion, when I started to feel an orgasm building between my legs. Exasperated, I thought to myself, “What the fuck?” After another minute, or so, I erupted, as a massive climax crashed through my entire body, washing over me like a warm tsunami.

I was totally appalled and aghast, considering the circumstances, but... holy shit, that felt incredible!

I close my eyes and.... between grunts from Chris’ forceful thrusts.... let out a guttural moan, and whimpered as the warm, tingly sensations of my orgasm flowed through me from nipple to clit.

“Aaaarrrrrh.... unh.... unh.... Oh, my God, Chris....unh.... unh.... aaaaahhhhh, what are you doing to me.... unh.... unh.... holy fuck.... ooooohhhhhhh.... uhn.... aaaaaahhhhh.... hmmmmmm....”

Chris chuckled as I creamed all over his pumping prick, then picked up the pace.... hammering my drenched pussy over and over until he caught his breath, shoved his rigid pole as far into me as it would go, and spewed a load of cum all over the inside of my cunt. He barely made a sound as he slowly pulled his cock out to the tip, then slammed it back in.... making me grunt, and causing my boobs to slap up against my chin. After blasting another stream of hot, creamy jizzm against the walls of my pussy, he did the same thing again.... slowly pulling out to his tip, before plowing his cock back into me with a massive thrust.

Between grunts, I mumbled my dismay as Chris continued to slow-ram his cock into me, over and over, as he finished unloading himself inside me.

“Unh............ I can’t believe we’re doing this, Chris.......... unh............................... unh....... my God, you’re too fucking big......... unh ............................ unh.................... what are you doing to me................. unh ....................... unh....”

When he was done cumming, Chris softened his strokes, but kept sliding his dick in and out of my drenched vagina for a few more minutes, causing a mixture of semen and pussy juice to leak out of my pussy and drip down my ass cheeks. After enjoying his waning orgasm, Chris slowly pulled his stiff penis out of me and stood up next to the sofa. He grabbed his glass of wine from the coffee table and stood there drinking it.... with one hand on his hip.... as he waited for his breathing to get back to normal.

I was gasping for air as I lay on the sofa.... my legs still spread wide, and my boobs jiggling on my heaving chest.... as I tried to catch my breath. My eyes gravitated to Chris’ huge cock, which was dangling right next to my face. It was still semi-hard.... sticking out from his torso, with a soft curve to the shaft and the bulbous head pointing at the floor in front of him.... just like it had been on the patio. I was mesmerized.... I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

When my breathing finally settled down, I totally surprised myself by lifting up on one elbow, leaning over and sucking the tip of Chris’ swaying prick into my mouth.... then bobbing my head up and down as I cleaned his shaft and tried to encourage another boner. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I couldn’t stop myself. I could taste the pungent combination of my pussy juices and Chris’ spunk on his slimy dick, as I used my tongue and lips to get him hard again.

It didn’t take long.

Laying on the sofa, propped up on one elbow, with my legs still spread apart and my drenched pussy totally exposed.... I sucked on Chris’ cock until it was fully erect again. Once he was hard, I grabbed it with one hand and pulled it down between my legs, lined it up with my dripping wet cunt, then pulled on his hips to shove it inside me.

Chris had put his wine glass down, and didn’t really need any encouragement.... with a lingering moan, he slowly slid his rigid pole all the way into me, then picked up the pace and began slamming it in and out of my vagina like a jackhammer. I matched his moans with my own when he entered me, then grunted and rocked my hips to match every one of his thrusts, as he plowed my drenched pussy mercilessly.

This time I put my arms above my head so Chris could enjoy watching my big tits flopping around on my chest and banging into each other, as they bounced wildly between us.

His thick shaft was stimulating my clit at the base of his cock with every stroke, and his fat head was hitting all the right spots inside my cunt.... it didn’t take long before I launched into another intense, volcanic orgasm, as Chris continued pounding away between my legs.

“Unh.... unh.... holy fuck, Chris.... unh.... yeah.... yeah.... keep going.... unh.... yeah.... aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.... fuck, yeah.... aaaaaahhhhhhhh.... holy shit, that’s incredible.... oooooohhhhhhhh.... unh.... unh.... my God, you go so deep..... yeeeeaaahhh.... hmmmmm....”

Chris wasn’t far behind.... after a few more strokes, his breath caught, then he let out a muffled groan as he pumped several streams of cum into my snatch. He continued slamming his stiff cock in and out of my pussy as he blew his wad all over the walls of my cunt.... moaning and mumbling, as he feverishly emptied his nutsack inside me.

“Eh.... eh.... fuck, I’m gonna cum.... ah.... ah.... aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.... aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.... my God, yeeeeesssssss.... hmmmmmmm.... your pussy is so tight.... aaaaaahhhhhhh.... aaaaaahhhhh...”

When he finished cumming, Chris plopped himself down on top of me for a few minutes... his stiff prick still shoved deep inside my totally drenched cunt... as we gasped and moaned... waiting for our breathing to get back to normal.

After a while, Chris got up, pulled his softening cock from inside me, and stood next to the sofa as he finished his glass of wine.

He glanced down at me.... still laying on the sofa with my legs spread, my boobs wobbling on my chest as I fought to catch my breath, and splooge dripping from my gaping vagina, down past my asshole, and onto the robe spread out beneath my butt. He smiled and said, “Wow, Michelle.... that was amazing. I’m glad you decided to stay over tonight.”

Still somewhat in shock, my glazed eyes were locked onto his softening penis... now flaccid and dangling loosely between his legs.... as I nodded numbly and watched him head upstairs to take a shower and go to bed.

After a few more minutes to collect my senses, I finished my glass of wine, then headed upstairs toward the spare bedroom. I realized that Chris was already asleep, because I could hear him snoring behind his bedroom door as I made my way down the hall. I did a quick clean up in the bathroom, then climbed into bed. I fell asleep almost immediately.... long before Tracy made it home from her conference.

The next morning, I woke up when I felt the mattress shift beside me. I rolled onto my back and looked over to my left... it was Tracy crawling into bed next to me and sliding under the covers. She gently rubbed my breasts and said, “Good morning, sunshine,” as I yawned and stretched myself awake.

I smiled and said, “ ‘morning, sweetie... what time did you get in last night? I didn’t hear a thing.”

“It was pretty late... almost one a.m.... Chris is still fast asleep, so I thought I’d come see how you’re doing.”

I nodded and said, “I’m doing good.... I think I may have drunk too much wine, though.”

With a sly grin on her face, Tracy slid her hand down my stomach and inside my panties, until she found my clitoris... then started rubbing little circles around it, as she said, “Yeah, that might explain it.”

Smiling sheepishly, I asked, “Explain what?”

Tracy’s grin got a little wider as she said, “Well... I figure you and Chris fucked last night.... am I right?”

I was completely caught off guard by the question.... my eyebrows shot up as I exclaimed, “How could you possibly know that?”

Tracy chuckled and said, “Well... when Chris goes out to the strip club with his buddies, he always comes home with a raging hard-on, and can’t go to sleep until I take care of it for him... usually just a fast, hard fuck.... like a starving man tearing into a porterhouse steak.”

Tracy laughed at the look on my face, then continued, “When I got home last night, Chris was already sleeping like a baby.... and he didn’t even have a morning wood today, so you must have really worn him out.”

I was totally flustered, and began stumbling over my words, “Well... but... I... he... we...”

Tracy giggled and said, “Don’t worry about it.... I know Chris can be a bit persistent when he has a boner. I’m just glad you had a place to come to when you needed a break from Drew.”

Then Tracy rolled onto her back, pulled her night shirt off over her head and tossed it onto the floor. With a wry smile on her face, she spread her legs.... she wasn’t wearing panties.... and said, “But now that you’ve put Chris out of commission, I think you owe me an orgasm.”

I grinned back at her and said, “Of course I do.... I’ve been thinking about this since yesterday in the shower.”

I leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, as I used both hands to caress and squeeze her soft breasts. I released the nipple in my mouth, with a ‘plop’, then sucked on the other one for a little while, before moving down her torso until I was perched between her thighs.

I began gliding my tongue up and down Tracy’s vagina slit, then slipped it as far into her cunt as it would go, eventually licking my way upwards until I reached her stiffening clitoris.

Tracy closed her eyes and moaned, then put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me hard into her crotch, murmuring, “Yes.... my God, Meesh.... that feels great.... yeah, just like that.... hmmmmmm............ so, did you enjoy fucking Chris?”

I was floored by the question, but I pulled my tongue off of her pussy to respond, and said, “Holy shit... yes! He has an incredible cock... just like you said. It’s so much bigger than Drew’ God, he pounded me senseless.... I came twice....”

As I bent back to the task of sucking on Tracy’s clitoris, I laughed and added, “And I totally get your reference to a starving man and his steak.”

We both laughed, then Tracy said, “Yeah... Chris’ cock is amazing... I’m really glad you got a chance to experience it.... now you know what the hell I’m talking about whenever we get together.”

Then, she pulled my face back to her moist cunt and throbbing clit, where she began grinding her stiff nub against my tongue. I slipped two fingers into Tracy’s vagina and began sliding them in and out of her twat. Between my fingers finding her g-spot inside her cunt, and her clitoris grinding against my tongue, she suddenly erupted into an intense, delicious, electrifying orgasm, as she creamed all over my fingers and mouth.

“Oh, my God, Meesh.... yeah.... yeah.... just like that.... yeah.... keep going.... eh.... eh.... aaaaahhhhhhhh.... oh, my God.... yeeeeaaaahhhh.... aaaahhhhhhhh.... keep going..... oooooohhhhhh.... hmmmmmm..... holy fuck, that feels great....”

I slowed down my fingers inside Tracy’s pussy, and softened my tongue against her clit, as she spent several minutes moaning softly and enjoying the throes of her climax.

I finally pulled my dripping fingers out of her vagina, then slid up next to her on the bed and began rubbing her pussy juices all over her nipples and areolas. Tracy continued to moan as she basked in the ebbing sensations of her delicious orgasm, then lay still for a while and enjoyed my tit and nipple massage for a few more dreamy minutes.

Right about then, my cell phone rang. I rolled over toward the night stand and grabbed it up, checking the display as I did.

I looked at Tracy and said, “It’s Drew.... I should take this.”

I clicked it on and put it to my ear, then noticed a wicked grin on Tracy’s face, as she started caressing my breasts and playing with my pussy. I made a face at her, but her grin got bigger as she ignored me and began sucking on my nipples and fingering my clit.

Tracy could only hear one side of the conversation, but I could tell she liked what she was hearing.

“I’m glad you miss me, Drew.... I miss you, too. But I need more of your time.”

I put my hand over the phone and let out a muffled moan as Tracy continued squeezing my tits with one hand, and rubbing the tip of my stiffening clitoris with the other.

I removed my hand over the phone and, forcing myself to sound normal, said, “Ok, Drew... we can work on it. But I’m staying at Tracy’s again tonight.... I’ll come home tomorrow afternoon and we can discuss it.”

I put my hand back over the phone, moaned a little louder and spread my legs a bit more to give Tracy even better access to my sopping wet pussy. Then I rocked my hips into Tracy’s stroking fingers and let out a muffled squeal, as a warm, tingly orgasm washed over my body from clit to nipple.

I closed my eyes tight and bit my tongue to keep the sound of my climax as quiet as possible, then removed my hand from the phone again and....struggling to keep my voice even.... responded to Drew’s attempted apology, “Yes, Drew.... I agree.... we’ll figure it out.... I love you, too..... see you tomorrow.”

I put the phone back on the night stand, then playfully punched Tracy in the shoulder, as we both giggled until it was time to get up.

It was Saturday, so for the rest of the day, Chris, Tracy and I hung out by their pool... mostly naked.... relaxing on chaise lounges, or playing around in the water. About mid-afternoon, we found ourselves in the shallow end of the pool, with Chris pounding his huge cock into me from behind, while Tracy sat on the pool deck in front of me... her legs spread wide.... as I sucked and nibbled on her clit until she orgasmed.

We were pretty much spent for the rest of that day, but the following morning Chris woke up with a raging hard-on. Tracy and I took turns sucking and stroking it until he exploded all over our faces, leaving streams of cum dripping down our chins and onto our wobbling boobs. Afterwards, Tracy and I took a luxurious, orgasmic shower together to clean up.... both of us making extremely good use of the pulsating shower head.... then I headed home to patch things up with Drew.

Drew seemed legitimately conciliatory, and we agreed to work on spending more time together.... like we used to do when we were younger. I told him I was happy with our plan to make things better, and that the only thing I required as part of our changes going forward, was that I was going to visit Tracy about one weekend a month to make sure we did a better job of staying in touch.

We’ve been sticking to this plan for the past two years, and it’s worked out perfectly so far...

Reed Van KleveReport 

2023-10-02 23:22:04
Hot story. I’ve had sex with five married women some of them multiple times. I get off on sending them home to their respective husbands knowing they had my sperm swimming inside of their baby makers for the next few days. Sometimes wondering if their husbands got to have sloppy seconds.


2023-09-20 05:48:23
Good one!

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