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I have a chair in front of large full length mirror. My erotic and exotic European lady Sally-Anne, is sitting on the chair. She is naked except for a pair of high heels and her favorite perfume.
I stand behind her and tease her sensitive nipples while she watches and admires her naked body in the mirror. “Look what what you have done to my nipples, they are like bullets, I love it, such a turn on,” she whispers.

Then I kneel in front of her, part her legs and tell her to put her legs over my shoulders. “Just one leg, far more exciting, while you are licking my cunt,” she tells me as I lick my way up the inside of one taut, creamy thigh.

She told me a few years ago, even before we fucked for the first time, that she loved being licked and teased. I do love a woman who can articulate their sexual preferences and turn ons. So I lick, and l tease and vary my pace.

“Do you like watching in the mirror while I am licking you?” I ask as I tease her nipples with the tips of my fingers while teasing her beautifully trimmed cunt lips ever-so-slowly with my lips and extended tongue.

Thirty minutes previously I had trimmed her pubes to my satisfaction before she trimmed mine, as we do once week.

“You know I like watching in the mirror. Fuck me from behind while you grasp my ass cheeks in front of the mirror so I can watch. So good, I love it, fuck me harder. I would love one of my lady friends to watch you fucking me like this.”

“So would I. Do you have anyone in mind?,” I teased as we both slowly built up to a mutual orgasm.

My European lover and I had often discussed threesomes or a menage a trois. Her preference was two men Or was it three? Mine two women.

One of our mutual female acquaintances, Cate, knew we both had ‘advanced sexual tastes’ and more than once had ventured, “I would love to watch you two fucking each other.”

“The thought of you watching us fucking has great appeal to both my man and I. But you are a married woman, why would you love to watch us fucking Cate?,” Sally-Anne teased.

“Just for that very reason, because I am married. Much more exciting, having a sexy secret from my husband. Though it wouldn’t be cheating would it?”

Then one rainy afternoon Cate just happened to visit at an opportune moment. Sally-Anne and I both looked at her in an entirely new light. We were both semi-aroused from the massage I had planned for her on our new massage table. Cate is a stunning shoulder length blond, a little younger than us, average height, a slim feminine figure wearing heels and a little black dress.

“Come upstairs and have a look at our new massage table Cate. Before you arrived I was just about to get Sally-Anne naked and rub oil all over her body,” I told her as she listened with a greedy smile.

“Don’t let me stop you. Can I sit and watch?”

“Only if you undress Sally-Anne while I watch,” I told her excited at the thought of another woman being turned on by my lady’s naked body at the same time as me.

An absolute turn on for me watching Cate, another sexually attractive female, a little younger than us, undress my lover, even if her hands had a slight, nervous tremble. “You have a magnificent, fuckable body for a forty-year old Sally-Anne, all over tan, wonderful thighs, good tits and the most incredible hips and big ass, beautifully proportioned and still firm, with no dimples,” she told Sally-Anne as they kissed, both sexually aroused, with the tips of their tongues.

“Do you think so? So glad you like my naked body Cate,” she smiled as she pirouetted to flaunt her naked body for Cate - and me - before she tongue kissed me.

“Which side are you going to oil first?,” Cate asked in an agitated voice as she watched closely.

“Her rear. Years ago when I first met her I was very attracted to her large, gorgeous ass. I made a pact to myself that I would lick and kiss it after I fucked her for the first time. And I did.

“It took me a little while to learn just how talented Sally-Anne was as a lover. Our first fellatio, the first time she sucked, teased and edged my cock to a magnificent orgasm was an Ephinany moment I have always treasured. And a point of reference ever since.”

“You are turning me on,” our friend Cate rasped, as I commenced oiling Sally-Anne’s back before I deliberately ignored her ass and oiled the insides of her thighs. It was then I realised she had not spoken a word after being undressed.

“Do you ever give Sally-Anne cunnilingus, tongue fuck her?,” Cate asked in an agitated voice.

“You should have asked how often, not do you ever?,” I replied. “I tongue fucked her in front of a mirror so she could watch and enjoy on our third date. We have developed cunnilingus to an art form since then, wonderful foreplay before we fuck.”

Without me asking Sally-Anne clenched her magnificent ass cheeks as my fingers and hands worked oil over her still firm ass cheeks, while she maintained strong eye contact with Cate.

“I can stop if you want me to,” I teased.

“Don’t you dare stop,” Cate responded. “Turn her over so I can watch you oil her nipples before you start on her cunt lips.”

Sally-Anne has very sensitive nipples and Cates reaction to Sally-Anne’s obvious turn on as I teased them with oil on the tips of two fingers and then my tongue was amazing.

“Watching you two is an absolute turn on. Can I join in?” She asked without waiting for an answer as she knelt in front of Sally-Anne, parted her legs and teased her cunt lips with her fingers.

“Can I lick you while you both watch Sally-Anne?,” she asked, again without waiting for an answer.

I could feel my erection growing as I watched and felt Sally-Anne being pleasured by another woman.

Sally-Anne is a brilliant tongue kisser and even more brilliant I discovered while being licked to orgasm by another woman.

“Would you like Sally-Anne to suck your hard cock while I am licking her? This table is just the right height for it.”

I was naked in a flash, I do like showing my larger than average erection to a new woman. The ecstasy of my rock hard cock between Sally-Anne’s lips while she was being pleasured by another woman was amazing.

“The thought of you watching us fucking has great appeal to both my man and I. But you are a married woman, why would you love to watch us fucking Cate?,” I teased as I intermittently slid my erection between her pursed lips.

“I love to watch. And join in. I want Sally-Anne to sit on your erection facing me, tantric sex, while I alternate tongue kissing both of you. You first. Would you like me naked?”

“Yes please,” Sally-Anne and I replied as one, expecting a bonus turn on looking at her naked body while we fucked. And it was a bonus turn on.

“Can you taste Sally-Anne on my lips?,” Cate asked as she kissed me passionately.

“Can you taste yourself on my lips?,” Cate asked Sally-Anne as she kissed her passionately.

“We should have done this long ago, and do it more often. You two were so good while I alternated tongue kissing you. Tantric sex for an hour while I watched. Even though I am married I don’t feel any guilt. I wasn’t unfaithful to my man. Was I?

“I would love you to invite me back and have both of you oil my naked body on your new massage table,” Cate told us as she departed and kissed both of us.

“And so we will,” Sally-Anne smiled before she and Cate continued kissing.
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