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Leon is tired from fighting and is not himself and Ashley can tell. She wants to help him but she does not know how.
Every step Ashley took felt wrong. She had been following behind Leon for so long, it was odd to take the lead. He always kept his gun next to his cheek and took every step with caution. She knew as she had been watching him from behind while she cowered like a child. She relied on him to keep her safe but she did not feel safe now. He had gotten slower, a result of the many injuries he had suffered protecting her, and he asked her to walk in front of him so he could keep an eye on her.

Part of her thought he was just resting but another part of her felt like he was using her as bait. His arms were covered in bruises from fighting off ganados that sprung around every corner. He was desperate to save ammo so he always knocked them down and stabbed them rather than using the gun he clung to so religiously.

It had been a while since they had seen anyone else, but if there was someone waiting around the next corner, it was Ashley herself that would be grabbed and she would have to rely on Leon to save her, if he felt like it. Glancing over her shoulder at the shuffling secret service agent she wondered what it would take to convince him to stand in front of her again.

She resolved herself to at least try talking to him about it. When she stopped walking, she expected him to say something, or at least stop as well. Instead he kept shuffling. She looked at his eyes to see if he was focused on something. It had happened before, where he practically ignored her while keeping an eye on a danger in the distance.

What she saw, shocked her. Leon’s eyes were completely red, bloodshot with veins almost bursting. She knew they were both infected with Los Plagas but he had hidden it well. He did not cough up blood like she did, at least not when she was looking. And he did not zone out and walk in a straight line like some sort of zombie. This was the first time she had seen it affect him so seriously.

As he continued to approach where she had stopped, she felt the desire to turn and run, but she also knew she would not survive if she left him behind. He was the only thing standing between her and death. She stood her ground and waited for him to reach her, putting on a weary smile. “Are you okay, Leon?” she pretended not to know what was happening.

“Mr. Kennedy?” she asked when he ignored her. When he reached where she had stopped, he leaned forward and rested his head on her shoulder. She blushed as she patted his back. It felt cold with sweat soaking through his shirt. “It’s alright, we can wait here,” she cooed softly.

He did not react to her voice, and instead just rolled his head so he was breathing directly on her neck. She winced as she tried not to react. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her whole body, from her neck to her toes. His teeth were as dull as a normal humans and did not break her skin, but the bite still hurt immensely. “What are you doing?” She batted at the back of his head, trying to get him to release her.

When he stood up, she saw his red eyes again and she could not stay standing. She dropped to her knees and pressed them together, trying and failing to keep control of her bladder. She stayed on the ground for a long while, waiting for Leon to attack her again. However, he did not move. He just stared down at her as she wiped tears from her eyes.

When she looked up again, she found her face right at his waist. She turned her head and blushed. It was not like she hadn’t already tried to glance at it before. She had been thinking about men a little differently ever since she had been kidnapped by the large ex-soldier known only as Krauser. He had been sure to have some fun with her body before turning her over to Lord Saddler. It had been the first time she had seen a man’s privates and she was as traumatized as one might expect. But the curiosity of comparing Krauser to Leon remained.

Leon seemed to finally snap to his senses when he felt Ashley’s small hands on his belt. He opened his mouth to rebuke her, but was unable to form the words before she was holding his cock in her hands. The blood in his eyes receded slowly as he stared down at her. She smiled when she realized she was getting through to him. “So I can be useful to you,” she giggled before opening her mouth and covering the tip of his cock.

Running through the night without rest, and barely finding any food or water had left her mouth dry and sticky. Her lips were chapped, her cheeks were cold and her tongue was rough. It was by far the worst blowjob Leon had ever experienced, but that did not mean he was going to stop her.

He watched her dirty blonde hair swaying as her head bobbed back and forth. She made several gulping sounds as she forced herself to go as deep as possible. The tip of his cock already reached the back of her throat before he was erect. Afterward, her next plunge took it past the opening and into her esophagus. Her eyes widened in shock as she pulled back. Leon instinctively grabbed her hair and yanked her forward again.

She squealed as mucus bubbled from her nose. Her face was turning red as she struggled to breathe. She complied as best she could, letting him hold her head down and grinding her face into his crotch while massaging his cock in her throat. When she could not take it anymore she jerked back. He let her gasp for breath for a moment before slapping the side of her face. “Stop resisting,” he warned her before yanking her head down again.

She had to open her mouth properly to allow his cock to slide back in. She hoped he realized she was cooperating. She could’ve just let his sloppy member smack against her lips and slide along the outside of her cheek. Leon relaxed his grip on her hair and began to massage her scalp instead. Ashley’s eyes rolled back as she hummed affectionately.

When she felt his cock stiffening, she pulled herself as forward as she could, planting the tip of his cock deep into her throat. He felt like he was cumming straight into her stomach and felt each gulp as she swallowed his sperm without hesitation.

As soon as he finished cumming, Leon pulled her head back so he could release his sensitive member from the grip of her throat and mouth. He expected her to start gasping again but she just smiled up at him while wiping her nose on her sleeve. He used his thumbs to pry her cheeks apart and check if she really had swallowed everything. “Good girl,” he praised her.

She immediately let herself fall backward onto her butt instead of her knees and began to kick off her boots. Next she pulled her pantyhose off of one leg and spread her knees apart so he could see up her skirt clearly. “Hold on,” he stopped her. “Oral is one thing, but sex with my client’s daughter is another.”

“It’s not like I'm a virgin anymore.” She shrugged.

“Anymore?” Leon was confused.

“The man who brought me here had his way with me. It really hurt. His penis was much bigger than yours, and he was not gentle.”

Leon’s eyes flared angrily. At first Ashley thought he was upset for her sake but she quickly learned she was wrong. Before she could react, Leon had pounced on her and pulled her legs apart painfully. Her pussy was swollen from the beating it took from Krauser’s ten inch member a few days ago and was extremely tight. Luckily the saliva on Leon’s cock allowed it to slip inside regardless.

“Men are so easy,” Ashley giggled to herself as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Another slap to the face made her second guess her choice to insult Leon and his gender. “Fucking slut, are you sure you’re not a virgin. You are the tightest I’ve ever had.”

Ashley did not care to explain her swollen pussy to him. Instead she nodded. “He was bigger and rougher than you. He fired a gun next to my ear and shoved the hot barrel in my mouth. I burned my tongue licking it like your penis. He threatened to blow my brains out and use the bullet hole to fuck. I was so scared I peed and got wet enough for him to slide inside, barely.”

Leon recalled the fact that she had no panties on beneath her leggings. “You must like it rough,” he accused her while lifting up her shirt. She was unable to answer as he began pulling on and twisting her nipples painfully.

Finally she shook her head. “I don’t know. I was a virgin last week. It’s just that between the 2 of you, he was far more violent. Maybe if your gun was in my mouth I’d be more scared of you, but right now everything you are doing feels gentle and peaceful.”

Ashley’s words were cut off as something hard was pushed into her mouth. She was about to laugh at how predictable Leon was but she hesitated after not recognizing the shape of a gun barrel. Instead she felt something round but still metal. She only realized what it was when he pulled the pin out of the grenade. She immediately clamped her teeth down on the lever to keep the timer from starting. Her eyes were wide as she squealed at him in fear.

“That shut you up.” Leon laughed as he forced the pin through one of her nipples, making it bleed. Ashley began to kick and flail as fear and pain overwhelmed her. “That’s more like it,” Leon laughed as she lost control of her bladder again.

He retrieved a different item from his case, a chicken egg he stole from the farm they had passed through, He ran it along her stomach as if trying to wipe liquid off her skin. She was confused and calmed down slightly to stare at him. “You seem to like toys,” he teased her before pressing the egg against her asshole. The moisture made it slip inside easily.

She again started to kick and scream. She had never had anything forced inside her butt before and an egg was not what she expected to be the first. Leon continued to laugh as he pulled his cock out of her swollen pussy and placed it at the entrance to her butt. She shook her head in fear as he slowly pushed it in. She felt the goo of the egg filling her as it was crushed inside her bowels by his cock filling her. She felt sick enough to throw up but the grenade in her mouth prevented it.

Leon took his time retrieving several more items from his case; 3 more eggs and 4 spinel gems. Again he ran them all over her skin and body; her thighs and belly, before violently shoving them all into her tight pussy one by one. The contrast between warm egg and cold gem made Ashley sick. She did her best not to crush the eggs, which made her tighten her asshole more.

Leon watched her face contort in agony as he gripped her legs and pulled her toward his waist, forcing his cock deep into her bowels painfully. Her eyes rolled back until all he could see were the whites and she just looked to be in a perpetual state of throwing up without release.

When Ashley appeared about to pass out, Leon clasped his fists together and brought both of them down on her stomach, breaking all 3 eggs inside her. Her eyes shot open and she began to squirm, arching her back and lifting off the ground, trying to keep the goo from running up into her cervix. She did not succeed and began to sob as she felt the slime entering her deepest parts.

Leon just kept laughing as he bucked his hips against her butt and spread her asshole and straightened her bowels with his rod. Ashley pushed her fingers into her pussy and tried to pry it apart while forcing the gems back out of her. Again she was inadvertently tightening her asshole around Leon’s invading member.

Just as one of the gems was about to pop out, Leon used the scope of his sniper rifle to shove it back in. Ashley shrieked as one of the gems was forced into her uterus, using the broken eggs as lubricant. Leon punched her stomach a few more times, bruising it from the inside and out.

Annoyed with her constant noise, Leon grabbed both ends of her scarf and pulled it tight around her neck. Ashley began to thrash and claw at his fingers and her own throat but she was weaker than him even when she was not exhausted from being raped.

“How is my cock now?” Leon taunted her. “Never mind who your first was, I’ll be your last. What will Mr. President say when I tell him that not only did his daughter die, she was ravaged in every hole first. I wonder which will happen; will your face become a crater, or will you suffocate.”

Suddenly Ashley sat up, using only her abdominal muscles. It put a strain on Leon’s cock that made him almost cum right away. She brought her face close to his while bouncing on his lap. He could feel the gems on the other side of her flesh, almost about to break through if she was much rougher. Her eyes were bloodshot and it was obviously she was being driven by Las Plagas.

Leon grabbed her waist and pulled her down as he began to cum. He wanted to get away from her before she turned completely but he had to be satisfied first. Only once he had filled her bowels with as much semen as he had left in her stomach did he throw her off of his lap.

She immediately tore her shirt off over her head to get at her scarf, which went next. When she stood up she stepped out of her leggings and sauntered away from Leon as fast as she could. She was now wearing nothing but her skirt, her white skin brightly lit by the moonlight. She was clutching at her face but her jaw had become too sore for her to open it properly. She could not get the grenade out, at least not until she calmed down.

Leon aim his pistol at her back, wondering if he should make sure she did not survive to tell anyone what he did to her. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, several ganados swarmed around her, blocking his clean shot. He did not want to alert them to his presence so he turned and left instead, hoping they would finish her off.

Though a normal person would notice that she was naked with cum and egg leaking from both lower holes and drool running from the corners of her mouth; muscus and mascara ruining her face and blood trickling from her nipples, all the ganados noticed was her red eyes. “Una de nosotras.” They separated to let her pass them by.

Ashley cracked a smile, as much of one as she could. She chuckled in a muffled way as she sauntered past the ganados. Finally she relaxed enough to open her jaw and the grenade fell from her lips and landed at her feet.

Leon was shocked to hear Ashley’s shrill laugh carrying over the rooftops as he slunk away, followed by the sound of an explosion in the distance. He stopped and glanced over his shoulder. “I should’ve fucked her more. Waste of a gorgeous teenaged body,” he sighed to himself.
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