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Darn it, darn it, DARN IT! This is a bad... real bad. How...? When...? WHY did things end up like this? All I wanted & tried to do, was go home immediately after class. Miraculously enough I was actually able to get through my entire Sociology class, without Tammy's playful antics of rubbing and caressing my dick the entire time, causing me too much trouble. But now because my big sister & my girlfriend were actually waiting for me outside of my class, I am back at Cindy's Sorority house along WITH Samantha this time, and now here I am with both of their underwear inside of my mouth.

The events that led up to this terrible situation that I'm in, all played out in such a strange fashion, It almost felt as though the entire thing was actually being... coordinated. Like one shocking moment after another just kept taking place one after another, far too unlikely to be coincidental.

First Tammy was playing with my dick inside of class again, not even caring if anyone would see what she was doing. She was only concerned with keeping my dick hard the entire time in class to my discomfort. She seemed like she was trying to make me cum, but I was able to resist her onslaught of caresses on my penis.

Then I noticed Ms Tasha was looking at me longingly again. God she really is just so pretty, I just can't get her out of my mind. Her tits look so heavy & soft, I honestly wonder what size they are. I still can't believe just the other day, she had me on my knees up on stage with her, and she allowed me to taste her pussy and her asshole. She even had to go to the bathroom while she was up there, and she just released her piss right into my mouth. It was so acidic and warm, I practically choked trying to get down all of her hot foamy pussy liquid. She actually sent me a text message RIGHT DURING CLASS, and told me her pussy was wet, and how she wished I were up there with her, and I would lick it clean for her. I still can't believe this is happening with my own teacher.

The next thing I know, Cindy sends me a picture message. It was kinda strange that she'd send me one during class, but I didn't think anything was wrong, and I looked at the image. It was of her taking a selfie photograph. She was bent right over with her pants pulled on down, she was sticking her butt out showing her underwear, and in the message she said that she was MAD at me for something. I gotta admit I was worried because of what she said, but the smile on her face (not to mention her showing me that round tush of hers), told me she was only being playful with me at the moment. Honestly I feel so grateful to have finally confessed my feelings to her, and to now have such a cute playful girl as my girlfriend... even though she's a bit of a nerd.

Tammy didn't even let go of my dick, the entire time I was looking at Cindy's picture message. I think the mixed feelings of her stroking me in class once again, along with taking in the image of Cindy sticking her ass out for me to see, stared to really get to me. I'm really lucky I didn't fall too deeply into my own lust from what was going on, and just finally bust a load in my pants again, just like the last time from Tammy's hand.

As odd as those events taking place were, it gets even weirder though as I received another message on my phone; Immediately after putting it back down on the desk. This time it was a picture from my big sister Samantha. I have to admit I got a bad feeling when I saw it was picture message from her, with all of the unspeakable things that my sister and I have done recently, what she was sending COULDN'T be good for me to see right in the middle of class. Against my better judgment though, I opened up the picture Samantha had sent. It was of her taking a selfie picture as well, with her pants pulled down & her hand on her hip; She said in the message that she was thinking about me, and her panties were soggy at the moment because of it.

Instant panic had sunk in at that moment. Tammy WAS sitting right next to me, but I was so transfixed from taking in everything I was seeing, I almost forgetting that she was even there as I stared at my sisters dirty underwear. I snapped out of the trance I was in, and tried to turn off my cell phone; But Tammy was too quick, and yanked the phone out of my hands while telling me don't hide it from her. Honestly it felt like my heart stopped beating at that moment, like I was thrown into a black void from what was happening then. Tammy was seeing a naughty picture my own SISTER had sent me. The secret I wanted nobody to find out, was discovered by the very girl who caught me drinking my own girlfriend's piss.

Tammy hadn't let go of my penis the entire time this was happening. She merely smiled at me & questioned do I actually LIKE eating out my big sister. I honestly just wanted to crawl up under a rock somewhere. My life was officially over at that point I thought, but Tammy probably noticed my cock throb a bit because of what she asked.

Even still after all those crazy things took place, I received ANOTHER notification on my phone. At that point I didn't even have the desire to pick it up, because it'd probably be more bad or strange news. Tammy directed me to pick it up anyways. It was from a number I didn't recognize, it was someone saying he/she had been watching me the entire time, and he/she would like to do more than just observe. As bad as it was that I was feeling despicable at that moment from the shame, now I was feeling confused as to who the hell could've been watching me; Let alone wished to join in on all of the freakish things that were taking place during class.

Tammy then directed me to look towards the upper row seating inside of the lecture hall. I saw it was the Gothic-dressed girl Victoria looking down on me with an absolute piercing smile. The color of her eyes were really alluring. Ice Blue in color, they really can hold your attention when you look directly at her. I sat there frozen while staring at her as she smiled. Victoria IS really pretty with her long raven-black hair, and her clothing style really makes her stand out.

When Ms Tasha had told us class was over, I instantly leaped up from my seat, and tried to get out of there as fast as I could; Hoping no one would notice my erection... especially Victoria. Much to my shock though at that moment, Samantha and Cindy were actually both WAITING for me, outside of my class. They smiled at me & simultaneously hooked me by my arms, and walked me out of school while other students looked on. Cindy had told me I wasn't going home at that moment, she was mad at me & we had somewhere to go. Samantha then chimed in, and said we were making a little detour before we were going home.

They both questioned me on how I felt about their pictures from earlier. Honestly I was still a bit horny from everything that happened, and remembering the photos that had both sent (Not to mention Samantha asked me right out in the open, how I felt seeing the stain in her panties), made me instantly start to get a rock hard dick, causing Cindy to notice while giggling. She then quickly positioned herself towards the front of me, wrapping my arms around her waist, and rubbed her butt against my hard-on while we all walked so no one could see it. I was still uncertain where we were all headed, but after a while of us all walking together (and them sexually flirting & teasing me in various ways), we all wound up back at Cindy's sorority house.

Honestly it was a bad time to show up here again, school was just letting out so certainly more girls would be turning up here shortly. I tried to voice an objection, to what felt like a bad situation I was being pulled into; But then Samantha kissed me herself for the very fist time, right out in the open in front of Cindy's Sorority house. It felt like time had stopped at that moment. I mean my own big sister had just unexpectedly given me a quick & very passionate kiss, pushing some of her saliva into my mouth for me to taste. Thinking back on it, Samantha's natural oral liquids tasted really good honestly. I wonder if she'll allow me to taste some again in the future. Once they both had gotten me inside, they had both pulled me towards the lounging area of the house; Where they had both basically started to strip me naked, and ultimately get me down on my knees, where they thus began to interrogate me about some of the things they've heard I'd done.

God I loved being down on my knees, before both of them at that moment. My cock was as hard as steel. They both had stepped really close to me, so much so that I could smell the fragrant aromas of their vaginas through both of their pants. They both started questioning me, was it true what they've heard. That I had been eating some other girls pussies, and I had actually drank the piss from between their legs. I couldn't lie to either my big sister or my girlfriend, so I told them the truth, causing them to get upset.

Cindy scolded me in absolute disgust. She told me I wasn't even worthy of her pussy, as she began unzipping her pants right in front of my face. Samantha sternly chastised me as well, as she then pointed her finger at her zipper, ordering me to quickly pull it down for her. The heavy feminine aroma from between their legs grew heavier I remember, with their pants unzipped I could clearly smell their pussies a bit more. I tried to tell them both, how what happened wasn't really my fault. They didn't want to hear me out though, I remember Samantha simply pulling my mouth into her panties, causing me to instantly shut up.

As embarrassing as it is, the whole purpose of being dragged back to the Sorority house, was merely to be punished for what I had done. Both girls had me to undress them, they had me to fold their clothes up neatly, and ordered me separately to service them uniquely. Cindy had ordered me to lick her butt hole clean, as she was cursing me for my misdeeds. I really felt I had to do anything/everything it would take, to earn her esteemed forgiveness. When my mouth was firmly planted on her ass den, she actually blew a gust a warm bitter air, 3 times inside of my mouth & once across my face. Cindy had really farted I couldn't believe it, as her and Samantha laughed. I was to accept my girlfriend's punishment, as I told her it honestly smelt kind of good. She told me I was going to drink down her piss as well, but this time however it was going to be different. I wasn't allowed to willfully swallow it, she was going to just let it flood down my throat, and I had to just accept what her pussy gives me.

Looking back on the situation, it was really a learning experience. Both Cindy and Samantha didn't allow me to voluntarily swallow their pee. When my mouth got so full & heavy with their warm urine, it just made it's way down my throat on it's own. It's still embarrassing to think about, that they both farted directly into my mouth and in my face. I think one or maybe both of them actually recorded the other doing that... But, I didn't (or rather I didn't WANT TO) resist them either. I hope I'm not becoming completely masochistic to their pussies or their asses. I feel that making sure they are both happy, is what makes me happy the most. They felt like punishing me for servicing other girls, and I humbly/happily accepted it, to earn their forgiveness.

After they had let out their frustrations, they had set me down on one of the couches; Where they had both put each of their panties in my mouth, and began to lick on my throbbing erection between my legs. I honestly had thought things were coming to a climax, that I would cum & Samantha and me would get the hell out of here as quickly as possible. But the next thing I knew the doorbell rings & a knock came at the door, causing both Cindy & Samantha to lift their heads up in surprise. They both looked at me (as their panties were still in my mouth), and told me to get up and go answer it. That sounded absolutely bat-shit insane to me. But they both ordered me again to get up and answer it, so I stood up & hobbled to the door; Causing both of them to swat at my rear, so I would move faster to get it. I can't believe that this is actually happening. It feels like my life is over, I'm about to be caught. I'm going to be busted at a Sorority house, which I'm not supposed to be at. Still holding Cindy's & Samantha's panties in my mouth, I cringe, close my eyes & look down, then slowly pull open the door.


"There he is!" A familiar voice rings out. I unwelcomely open my eyes, look forward and surprisingly see Tammy, Victoria, and also some new other girl standing in the entryway. Tammy is standing there posed & staring with one hand on her hip, casting her familiar sassy smile she's had, ever since she's first met me. Victoria is staring upward towards me, fixating an inquisitive yet inscrutable gaze in my direction. Pausing in that moment while slightly looking downward into Victoria's eyes, her icy cold blue eyes locks me in, like a predator who's caught onto a new prey. Standing there with Samantha's and Cindy's panties still in my mouth, Victoria just continues to look at me with a virtually unreadable expression, she just keeps staring up at me, as she sucks on what appears to be a lollipop inside of her mouth. An intense nervousness starts to well up in my stomach, as the little Gothic girl continues to study my disposition; She then smiles quietly while looking upward into my eyes.

"Ah, so he IS here." A calm voice rings out from over to my right. Finally able to break my eye contact with Victoria, my focus goes over to the new girl who is examining my ill-starred position. A tall, somewhat slender, dark-haired, blue-eyed girl who is wearing a black crop top; With the words "EVIL GENIUS" written on it in bold white letters. She is wearing black arm warmers & black leggings pants which are slit on both legs in the front, and are laced all the way from the bottom up to her thighs in the front; Also she is wearing black combat-styled boots, that have a white crochet floral pattern going across the sides of them. Such an odd yet wild clothing style I can't help but think to myself, it is then I look over to Victoria's black boots that have all of the shiny buckles on them, and an odd realization pops into my head.

Looking up towards the top that Victoria is wearing, it is also black (a t-shirt though) and it ALSO has something written onto it. "GOOD WITCH" is written across the front in bold white letters as well, I hope I am wrong but then turn to look the taller strange girl in her face. She is sucking on a lollipop just as Victoria is, but her eyes... they are EXACTLY the same mesmerizing blue tint that Victoria's has. Not only that, her hair is also the same captivating raven-esque black as well. Looking the new girl back in those piercing eyes once again, and realizing Cindy's & Samantha's undies are STILL in my mouth; I attempt to say something to TRY and explain why I am here... naked in this position. Desperately trying to push the two pairs of panties that are lodged deep within my mouth out, quickly I am reminded of my sister's and girlfriend's distinctive pussy juices flavor, as my tongue slips & slashes at the underwear inside of my mouth, trying to push each pair of them out. Tammy, Victoria, and the other girl start laughing suddenly at my dire attempts to spit the panties out of my mouth, it is then the tall slender girl speaks out to me.

"You really shouldn't do that, somebody might see it." She calmly states with a soothing voice, while smirking over towards me.

"Danny What are you doing!? Are you trying to spit out my panties!? You'd better not spit them out onto the ground!" Samantha barks playfully. Causing me to instantly turn around, and look over to her; Seeing her sitting back up on the couch looking at me lustfully, with her legs spread wide open showcasing herself in a relaxed position.

"I don't want my anyone to see my panties! Get back in here Danny!" Cindy calls out. Causing me to then look over in direction, as she gives me a direct order. She is also sitting up now, her legs spread wide open as well; She then licks her lips at me, reaches down with one of her hands, and slowly spreads the lips of her pussy which causes me to stare. It is then I feel an arm at each side of me. Tammy & the tall Gothic looking chick hook me by each arm, and begin walking slowly with me inside the Sorority house; as Victoria pushes me from behind as well all march in together.

"Hurry, you need to cum inside... me." Victoria calmly states with a very soft spoken tone, finally breaking her silence causing Tammy to giggle over to the side of me. Turning my head back towards Victoria while we walk, I catch her staring up towards me with those hypnotic blue eyes, with a barely detectable grin on her adorable face as she continues to suck on her lollipop.

Once inside, Victoria stops pushing at me from behind; And goes to start locking the door, as Tammy and the new girl lead me towards the center of the lounging area; With Samantha & Cindy looking on towards me, like two hungry little succubus'. Standing once again the center of the room, Tammy lets go of my arm; And takes a seat on the sofa opposite from the side of my sister & my girlfriend. The tall Gothic looking girl stands in front of me while smiling, reaching out and holding her lollipop in her mouth with one hand, and placing her other hand on her hip, enabling me to get a more detailed look at her. She is ever so slightly taller than myself, her black & shiny hair appears to appears to a little shorter than Cindy's; at a length that's barely past her chin.

Standing absolutely still while basically being observed by all of the girls, Victoria walks from the door down to where I am fixed, keeping her eyes glued onto me as well the entire time. Positioning herself next to the taller girl once again, she casts that same inquisitive look making me wonder what kind of thoughts she is having about me. If this situation could possibly get any worst for me, I really can't think of anything that would make it be so. It appears my luck as finally run out. Being caught naked at Cindy's/Tammy's Sorority the first time, it was incredibly lucky that Tammy didn't say anything. But now I am here naked AGAIN, standing before two entirely new girls; And on top of that my girlfriend's and my own sister's UNDERWEAR are inside of my mouth. I must look so stupid they must think, there's no possible excuse I could give for what is even going on.

"God he really stinks, what did you two DO to him; Before we got here?" Tammy says to Cindy & Samantha, from over to my right. 'Please don't tell Tammy everything that happened, right out in the open like this.' I think to myself. Victoria and the tall girl both smirk at me, as I begin to shudder thinking about the exquisitely nasty things they were doing to me, just a few moments ago. I can still taste the fumes, of both of their piss and ass smell hovering inside of my mouth; On top of the taste of both of their stained panties, scraping across my tongue as well. Just the shameful reflection itself makes my cock jump a little unexpectedly, causing Victoria to quickly look down at it with interest & curiosity; While the taller Gothic girl keeps smiling at me while maintaining the lollipop that is in her mouth.

"Ohhh together the both of us taught him a lesson, he'll never ever forget." My big sister stated, with a very confident/dominatrix tone from over to my left.

"He was disrespectful to us. So we taught him his place once again." Cindy giggled immediately afterwards, from next to Samantha.

It is then Victoria begins marching up next to me. She raises both of her hands up; Placing one onto my chest near my heart, and wrapping the other softly around the base of my penis. Looking down at stiffening erection, like a cat who's just caught onto a mouse; She begins squeezing it slightly over and over, and begins to tug on it back and forth, while never taking her eyes off of it. God I can't deny how unbelievably attractive she is, in her own unique way. Victoria's hair seems just a tad shorter than Samantha's, not exactly down to the middle of her back, maybe a couple of inches shorter. I can catch brief whiffs of her long black hair & and scent, when my nostrils aren't being bombarded, by the pungent fumes from Cindy & Samantha's punishment earlier. I tense up & moan out for a brief moment, as it seems Victoria has found a way of stroking me, that makes my penis to become even harder than before. Keeping her other hand against my chest, she begins rubbing against me in a very caring way; Causing me to start to become warm from her touches, getting me more and more aroused, the longer she continues to do this. I let out a loud moan through my sister & girlfriend's underwear, causing Victoria to look up at me, as she continues moving her hand.

"It's big." Victoria says with her usual soft spoken tone, looking up into my eyes with her curious facial expression; Continuously running hand across my chest, starting to make me feel my heart beating become even stronger. My breaths start to become even heavier, and then the taller Gothic-looking girl walks over next to me. She places one of her hands on my shoulder, and the other down to my penis, and begins following the stroking motions along with Victoria. Looking over into her chilling icy eyes, I feel myself almost becoming faint. My mouth starts to hang open, as she merely continues to smile at me; Still sucking on her lollipop yet saying absolutely nothing. Her scent is just as good as Victoria's, almost absolutely identical in every way. I'm starting to get lost in her eyes, almost completely where I am. They both simply continue to pull at my dick, and I start to yell out; Falling deep into a lust induced haze.

"Hnnn! Mnnnnn! Hnnnn! HNNNNNNN!" gets screamed outs as Samantha's & Cindy's panties block my voice. An immense orgasm nearly hits me, but then Victoria and the taller Gothic girl let go of my cock; Causing them to step back & simply look at me. My body feels light, breezy, cold, & warm all in the exact same moment. I nearly busted a nut all over the floor thanks to these two strange girls, all I can do is look at them nearly shaking & breathing profusely; As saliva starts to run down out of my mouth. My saliva strand continuously falls directly onto my penis, as I try to catch my breath while staring at them.

"Look sweet sister, his love is starting to leak out." The taller goth girls says to Victoria, in a calm soft-spoken tone; Maintaining eye contact with me the entire time she speaks to her. Oh my god it really is true. This older Gothic-looking student, is Victoria's big sister. The only thing I can do is look at them breathlessly, feeling each of my heartbeats coursing through my body.

"Yes beautiful sister, I want to have it. I want to taste his love." Victoria says back to the girl in a matching soothing voice; As they simultaneously walk back up to me, and together start sliding their hands from the base of my cock, all the way up to it's tip. Once their hands reach the precum that is leaking out from my cock, they both intertwine their fingers together; and start to spooning up the steadily bulging liquid coming out. They both turn towards each other, and begin looking into one anothers eyes; As they stick their tongues out past their lollipops, and begin licking at their fingers in a spooky/haunting sort of way. I can't believe what I'm seeing, still holding my girlfriend's and big sisters panties inside of my mouth. This is absolutely mesmerizing to watch. I had just received a double-handjob from two stunningly attractive Gothic chicks, and now they're both licking at my precum AND sucking on lollipops at the same damn time. They continue to run their tongues up and down each and every one of their fingers, truly looking as if they're making sure that the sticky liquid that has come out of my penis, is devoured and not letting any at all me missed. The taller Gothic girl then touches her index finger to the tip of my cock once again, and then repeatedly pinches the tip very slightly to bring out remnants that are still left inside. I moan a bit from still being very sensitive, and feel small glob of silky precum erupt from my cock. She then points her index finger & her thumb upward, and looks at her sister with a smile. Then Victoria leans in toward her older sisters fingers, and then they both start licking at the small bubble of liquid that is on the tips of older Gothic girls fingers.

"Damn you two are so nasty together. You didn't even care that you were doing that with a Freshman. And I thought you didn't even like men anymore Anastasia." Tammy then says from over to the right of me, before getting up off of the sofa; And walking over to Victoria, her older sister, and myself.

"You're right. Being with that ass hat Lance, is enough to make any woman want to quit being with men." The taller Gothic girl responds back to Tammy. What did Tammy just call her...? Anastasia? That's a really pretty name. I really haven't met too many girls who's had that name before. Standing there in silence & still recovering from what Victoria and her big sister did to me, silence feels to be the best answer; As the girls appear to be talking about something important amongst them.

"You even cut your hair shorter, after you broke up with him. If you hadn't done that, you and your little sister would be almost impossible to tell apart... asides from the height that is." Tammy chuckles, while conversing with Anastasia.

Immediate shock sets in with Tammy's words. Victoria had mentioned back in class not too long ago, that Lance's ex became a lesbian... she was referring to her own SISTER?

"It doesn't matter really, that Dan here happens to be a Freshman. When you said he's kind, and actually enjoys giving of himself to make girls happy; Which is rare, that's all I needed to know. Most of the guys here at school are selfish & immature, the only thing they can think about is themselves." Anastasia responds back to Tammy.

I start to lower my eyes a little, and begin thinking to myself. I guess it can't be denied at this point. Making sure that the girl is always happy first, has always been a priority with me. It felt kind of embarrassing to have this mindset here at college. Most of the guys my age only care about, how many girls they can get to suck their dicks; And then brag about what they've got the girls to do for them, even if the girls really weren't that into it. There is a certain 'Joy' that I get, that knowing the girl is completely satisfied... even if...

"And don't forget. There's those OTHER THINGS about him, that makes him special." Cindy says from over to my left, before getting up and walking over to Victoria, Anastasia, and Tammy who are standing before me. All of the girls are looking at me simultaneously now.

Tammy is showcasing her usual mischievous grin, as Victoria looks up at me with an inquisitive expression again while sucking on her lollipop once more. Anastasia maintains a cool relaxed expression, almost as if she's glad to have met me here like this. She sucks on her own lollipop as well once again, continuing to give me a cool relaxing smirk.

"Like how turned on he gets, once a woman completely takes control of him." Samantha then says, as she gets up from off of the sofa, and joins all the other girls standing ahead of me. My cheeks start to burn red slightly, off of the coarse truth of Samantha's words. God why in the world is this happening? Why are they making me the center of attention like this? I'm standing here with my girlfriend's and sisters dirty panties in my mouth, and now both of them along with three others girls whom I don't even know all that well, are all monitoring me while I'm completely naked in a place where I'm not even allowed to be. What's even worst... why does it... turn me on? My erection starts to throb a bit, reflecting on what my big sister had just said.

"How did you find out, that he likes playing with girls piss?" Anastasia says to Samantha. Causing my eyes to open wide with embarrassing panic. I look over at Samantha and speak out, pleading in a way for her not to talk about this.

"Nnnnnn! Nnnn-nnnn-nnnn Smmmmtha!" I say, before Cindy steps closer to me; And touches one of her fingers to my lips.

"Shhhhhhhh let your sister speak Danny. We all need to know this, it helps us learn what you like." Cindy says in a softened tone, giving me a kiss on my left cheek afterward.

"You do really stink though Danny. I think me and Samantha punished you good." Cindy then says with a giggle, causing all of the other girls to start laughing audibly, with the exception of Victoria. Her eyes just stay locked on to me, monitoring every little move that I make.

"Well then. How did I find out? Oh yea I found out personally how the little pervert thinks, when he came home from and left his cellphone unlocked. I was quick and looked through it, and saw a bunch of pics of girls pissing in it. Ever since then he hasn't been able to hide his secret fetish from me." Samantha says, in her usual playful demeanor.

"How did he respond?" Victoria asks Samantha, as she turns away from me for a moment to look at her.

"It just so happened that I had to piss at that moment. I told him I needed to go potty, I think that word turns him on; Saying Piss or Pee or Potty really gets to him. I was able to just LEAD him into the bathroom of our apartment an-" Is all Samantha can say, before I start speaking more loudly; Trying to get her to stop spilling out all of this.

"NNNNNN! DNNNNT!" Are all I can briefly say, feeling my cock start to throb even harder; Before Anastasia herself comes over to me, and whispers in my ear.

"You know what... Danny? I really need to go to the bathroom right now. Will you follow me up there, and help me with it?" She then looks at me with her spellbinding blue eyes, causing my voice to lose it tone; As I look at her in disbelief. Anastasia sucks on her lollipop and stares as me, in a similar manner as Victoria.

"Well then, before I was rudely interrupted; I was going to say that when I got him into the bathroom, he did exactly like I told him to, and he pulled down my underwear for me. He saw there was a wet spot in them, and he could hardly take his eyes off of it. He helped sit me down on the toilet like I was a princess & he was my butler, he spread my legs wide open when I was sitting down; I asked was he happy being able to see his big sister sitting on the toilet, and he confessed that he was very grateful to me, for allowing him to see it. I gave him permission to put his face into my pussy, when I was about to pee. He didn't resist that offer at all, I knew that's what he really wanted the most. The opportunity to drink the liquid that shot out from between my legs. He swallowed it over and over as I looked down at his head between my legs, when I was finished tinkling he showed me the last bit of it in his mouth, and swallowed that down as he looked up at me." Samantha said and then giggled, blushing a bit herself.

Samantha's words made my cock as hard as it's ever been, uncaring that all of these girls are watching/speaking of me. It is then Victoria reaches out, and grabs both of my hands while looking up at me.

"I need to go potty. Will you come with me please Danny?" Victoria says to me in her haunting, soft-spoken tone; Giving me a doe-eyed look as she begins pulling me away from the other girls. Her words melt my heart as well as the last bits of my resistance. She then turns away from me and lets go of one of my hands, quickly Anastasia grabs the other; And both girls begin simultaneously leading me by towards the staircase, that leads to the upstairs area.

"Hey where are you going with my panties Danny!? I didn't give you permission to take those with you!" Cindy calls out to me.

"Give me my panties back right now! Spit them out of your mouth, and fold them up nice & neatly!" Samantha then howls at me, in playful excitement.

Instantly remembering to always show respect; Releasing my hands from Anastasia & Victoria, I calmly walk back over to where Tammy, Cindy, and Samantha are still standing. All three of them place their hands onto their hips, as I attempt to start pushing the dirty panties inside of my mouth out. Using only my tongue to begin pushing at the 2 different panty fabrics, the distinct flavor of Cindy & Samantha's unique creamy wet spots in their underwear; Meets my tongue over & over & over again, as attempt after attempt is made, to push the dirty panties out of my mouth without success. Tammy, my girlfriend, and my big sister only continue to look at me, without offering any assistance. I start moving my mouth in a chewing motion; Adding this with the pushing back and forth with my tongue, the panties start to protrude out of my mouth a little. Even after Samantha's and Cindy's panties are outside of my mouth slightly, the strong flavor of their tainted underwear is still heavily on my tongue. I chew more and more on the two pairs of female undies, flicking and pushing against them repeatedly with my tongue, trying to get them all way out. The distinct bitter feminine tastes of their pussies & ass spots, constantly scrape across my tongue; As I push a little more & harder, into the fabric of their stuck underwear. Finally getting most of the panties out, using my lips & the tip of my tongue; The panties cascade onto the floor, causing all of the girls in the house to erupt into joyful laughter.

"Now hurry up Danny, don't waste time. Fold up those panties, and come back over here quickly." Anastasia says from behind me, over on the staircase.

I look back at her, then down at the 2 pairs of dirty panties, that are laying onto the floor at my feet. I kneel down and individually fold them both up neatly, then walk them over to Cindy's & Samantha's clothes, that are behind the couch that I had folded earlier.

"Wow he's truly learning how to be a REAL man. I'm starting to get a little jealous that he's YOUR boyfriend Cindy." Tammy says while giggling slightly.

"Yep, that's MY Danny. But it would be unfair not to share those talents." Cindy happily responds back to Tammy.

Placing the two folded pairs of panties onto their perspective owners clothes, I immediately walk back to the staircase; Where Victoria & Anastasia quickly grab me by the hands once again, and begin leading me up the staircase, to the upper floor of the house.

"That was good Danny. Come with us now." Victoria then says, as she looks back at me with that wide-eyed inquisitive expression; As her and her older sister march ahead of me, holding both of my hands just like it was the last time I was here with Cindy. Walking behind them I can get an excellent view, of both of their behinds swishing in front of my face. Amazingly both of them have a GREAT amount of cushion on their rears. To both be so slender & streamlined in their physique, both of their bottoms absolutely bubble out beautifully, and wobble; As their hips sway left and right in front of my face. My mouth hangs open for a moment, as I am amazed by what I am seeing; Still being guided slowly by the both of them up the stairs. Their asses seem to puff out more, even more so than Samantha's or maybe even Ms Tasha's; As Victoria's dark blue jeans, and Anastasia's Black leggings pants, are clearly packed to the brim in the back.

"We finally have him to ourselves, beautiful sister." Victoria says, looking directly at Anastasia.

"He is our pet now sweet sister. He is dirty though and needs to be cleaned, so we can enjoy our playtime with him." Anastasia responds, looking directly back at her younger sister.

Finally reaching the top of the staircase, Anastasia & Victoria then begin leading me past the bedroom doors, on the left & the right side of the hall. We all reach the end of the hallway, where there is a large curtained window or door which l really can't see through at the moment. Anastasia & Victoria guide me through the last door that is on the left side, revealing to my astonishment; One the largest & most extravagant bathrooms, I have ever seen in my entire life. Looking up there is a large lighting chandelier hanging over the middle of the room. To the left there appears to be four fancy-looking sinks all joined together, with an absolutely huge mirror, and plenty of lighting attached to the washing area so anyone there, can clearly see their reflection. Over to the right there appear to be four pink colored restroom stalls, with white & decal-painted porcelain looking handles. Looking a little more closely at them, it appears the Greek symbols for the Sorority are the images that are on them.

Looking ahead of me, there appears to be two VERY large showering areas; Both guarded by stained glass sliding doors, each having pictures of flowers on each of them. Victoria and Anastasia both turn to face me, Victoria showcasing her expected unreadable/inquisitive expression, while Anastasia giving me a very relaxed at calming smile. They then both proceed to reach down to the bottom of their tops, and then pull them both over their heads. Anastasia and Victoria both stand before me, showing they are wearing matching black laced full-support bras. 'They must be very close as siblings' I really can't help but think to myself. The way they speak to each other, the similar dress styles they share, and they're even wearing matching bras too? How very very strange. Both Victoria & Anastasia then go on, to hold their tops out to me with both hands. Knowing that respect must never be lost, I instantly take the black tops of both of them, and dutifully carry them over to the restroom sink. I carefully fold up Victoria's black t-shirt, then Anastasia's black crop top, and place them on the counter.

Both girls keep their focus on me, while still sucking on their lollipops. They both then raise their arms up, giving me a glances to hurry back over to them; So I can remove both their black bras off, without them having to do the work. Rushing back over to where the girls are standing & looking at me, I quickly make my way behind Anastasia. Her scent that she is giving off is really incredible. The feminine smells of her slightly sweaty skin, the scent of her hair just mesmerizes me for a moment. I go to unhook her bra from behind, and she shuffles a little where I then catch a quick glance at the crack of her cleavage; and get a good healthy look at the what size her breasts are. Looking at them I would speculate they are an average sized C-cup.

"You know you are undressing a Senior, you had better show the utmost respect Danny." Anastasia says to me softly. Freezing up for a moment, then going back to unhook Anastasia's brassiere; I successfully unhook all three of the connections, then proceed to carefully raise the bra up and off of her body. After removing her bra, I make sure to remove her arm warmers, one at a time. Walking Anastasia's bra & arm warmers over to where her top is folded, I catch a glimpse of the bra size. (36C) is writing on a little tag, I quickly fold the bra up, and rush over to Victoria; Who still has her arms raised, looking at me as if I am to get over there right now. Walking over behind Victoria I begin looking for her bra's straps. Not seeing any back there, Victoria then giggles in front of me.

"Over here Danny." Victoria says, and then pulls her lollipop out of her mouth. Walking over in front of her I notice the hooks are on the front of the bra instead. Victoria looks up at me with those mesmerizing eyes of hers, swallowing the saliva that's inside of my mouth, I proceed to try and unhook them. It is then Victoria places her hands onto my own, then stands on the tips of her toes, and gives me a gentle kiss on my lips; Before sinking back downward. Anastasia's then giggles herself, as I look back in Victoria's icy blue eyes. Not really even know what to say or even think, I proceed to just unhook all three connections that are on the front of the bra. Getting the undergarment off, I walk over to where Victoria's top is on the counter with my mind in a haze, trying not to think about what just happened, and begin to responsibly fold it as perfectly as possible. The size of her bra is written on a tag as well, (38B) is the size that is written on it, before I walk back over to where Victoria & Anastasia are still standing now topless. Both of their nipples are a rich cinnamon brown, they both simply gaze at me with their blue eyes; Signaling to me without a word, what needs be done next.

"Victoria just kissed you Danny. Did you like that? She's a Freshman just like you." Anastasia says down to me, in her usual calm relaxed voice. Saying nothing back in response, I simply kneel down in front of the older of the two Gothic sisters, and begin to untie her black combat boots. It's unbelievable; Victoria had just kissed me. It's true it is my duty, to make sure a woman is completely happy without complaint. But why would she kiss me right out in the open like this? I don't want to think about it but... Victoria (and Anastasia for that matter), are extremely attractive, in their own unique ways.

"Did that make you excited Danny? It appears that you are." Victoria then says down to me afterward. I really try to hide it, that her kissing me on the lips like that, really turned me on. Victoria is just so damn sexy, in an unorthodox sort of way. I never thought that a Goth chick could be so sexy, but these two are ridiculously attractive; I really shouldn't think about it... Cindy might get mad. Getting one of Anastasia's boots completely unlaced, she steps out of it; As I begin to service the other one for her. Trying to focus on quickly finishing up the other boots laces, Anastasia then speaks over to her younger sister.

"His phallic symbol is sticking out sweet sister. We must feed on his lust and excitement." Anastasia says from above me; Causing me to freeze up momentarily, due to the sheer way the two sisters interact with each other. I feel as if I've been pulled into some alternative dimension, and now I'm completely at the mercy of two lust-filled demoness; Who are planning out exactly which way, they are going to devour me whole.

"I want to play with it beautiful sister. I've wanted to play with him, ever since learning of how he is. I need to thank Cindy, for finally sharing him with us." Victoria responds back to her sister. My eyes widen because of her words. Did Cindy & Samantha actually set this whole thing up on purpose? Was it their intentions just to lure me here, to be messed with by Anastasia & Victoria now?

"As do I sweet sister. After you told me about him, it made it excited. He almost seemed too good to be true, but he looks absolutely delicious... What...? You stopped untying my boot. Don't you WANT for my unholy waters to come out on you Danny? You're thirsty for all of it right? If you don't untie my boot quickly & respectfully, I may not allow you to bathe in it." Anastasia says down toward me, in a sultry emotive tone. I try to ignore the question, though my cock jumped repeatedly in absolute thrill. I instantly hurry up & get her second boot untied, causing her to giggle at my haste. Anastasia gently steps out of it, and I quickly pick them both up, and walk to set them by the sink area. Rushing back now to where Victoria is setting; I kneel down as fast as I can, and try to undo the belt straps, of her multi-buckled boots. It is then Victoria pulls her foot backward, and then speaks down to me herself.

"My unholy water is about to come out of my nether Danny. Do you really want to catch all of my unholy waters on your face and in your mouth?" She directly asks. Her words & haunting voice, similar in tone to her big sisters; Cause me to tense up with extreme excitement, as my mind feels as if it's now being controlled. My dick starts to painfully throb over & over with desire, at the mere thought of this cute Gothic girl, and her hot older sister's precious warm piss liquid, raining & squirting out of their pussies, directly down everywhere onto me. God I do want to feel their hot pussy water flow into my mouth. I want to be blessed by it. It's so embarrassing but I want to feel their golden nectar splash all onto my face. I want to taste both of their wet piss together, and have them share such a valuable priceless liquid with me, as undeserving of such hidden treasure that I am. My voice begins to lose it's tone, as desire is quickly overpowered by extreme embarrassment, to such shameful feelings.

"Look at our nethers Danny, tell us the truth. What do you really want right now? It is disrespectful to hide secrets from us." Anastasia then says softly, as her and Victoria's voices start sounding virtually indistinguishable from one another. Looking up from the floor as I have been told to do, as if I'm in a trance completely under a spell; Gazing directly into their beautiful crotches, my eyes start to focus in on what it is I am truly yearning for. Kneeling there in absolute silence, the crotch area of Anastasia's & Victoria's black pants seem to be calling out to me. The world around me ceases to even matter, as Victoria's & Anastasia's pussy regions, start taking control of me. They are the only thing that matters, and their words are supreme. I cannot disrespect two such beautiful dark fall angels, I must be polite & answer their question quickly and promptly. Looking up once again into the chilling blue eyes of these two eerily attractive Liliths; I attempt to dutifully answer Anastasia's question, but am met with a look of irritation from both them, as they suck on their lollipops while looking down at me in silence.

"Why did you take your eyes off my nether Danny? Do you not know how to show it respect?" Victoria says, looking down at me with those chilling eyes of hers.

"That was very disrespectful Danny, you ceased paying attention to my nethers. I thought Tammy & Ms Tasha, taught you better than that." Anastasia then said with a relaxed, and amused expression. My eyes widely open out of shock from what Anastasia had just said. DAMN IT. I bet it was Tammy who told Anastasia & Victoria, about what took place after school that day. Why would Tammy go and blab about that embarrassing situation that happened to me. I wonder did she tell Anastasia & Victoria what she did, when she caught me here in the house with Cindy that day? God I shouldn't be thinking about that it'll only make my cock harder. It is then the two sisters look over at each other, and begin conversing with one other due to the results of my actions.

"He has forgotten how to be respectful sweet sister, his cock is hard but he doesn't know how to pay attention to our pussies." Anastasia says while looking over at Victoria.

"He has been disrespectful to our nethers, he needs more training to understand proper nether discipline." Victoria says back to her older sister. It is then they both look down at me once again; Their icy blue eyes pierce through me instantly, it is then they both walk as closely to me as possible, and slowly begin to unbutton their pants. After their pants buttons have popped open in front of me with a *SNAP*, they then both reach for their zippers, and slowly pull them downward right in front of my face. My eyes cannot leave the showcase that these two beautiful Gothic girls, are displaying right in front of me. My mouth starts to hang right down, as they then reach for the waist areas of their pants, and both pull their black pants all the way down to their knees. Looking downward into the insides of both of their pants, I notice that both of them are wearing white G-String panties, each having dark blue polka-dots on them. Looking even closer at their underwear inside of their pulled-down pants, there are noticeable large wet spots in the both of them, which look almost oily from their liquids in the middle. Staring at both of their panties in absolute silence, completely taken aback at the beautiful sight that I am seeing, the girls both seem to be pleased with obedience & unbreakable focus that is locked onto each of their underwear.

"It appears he is learning sweet sister, he can not stop looking at our underwear." Anastasia calming says to her younger sister, from above me.

"He is finally learning how to pay attention, to what is most important of all my beautiful sister." Victoria responds back to her older sister. The smell emitting from their panties, has finally started reaching my nose. It is bitter, wet-smelling, and extremely feminine. Being down on my knees actually being allowed, to be able to inhale the aroma that is rising up from both of their stained G-Strings; Remind me of how extremely lucky I am, that these two beautiful misunderstood Gothic girls, are willing to share the smell of their dirty panties with someone like me. Keeping my eyes locked on both of the wet patches inside of their underwear, Victoria then speaks down towards me.

"So it is true. It is the liquid of the nether, that consumes your being with lust, isn't it Danny? You love the liquid that emerges from between a girls legs." She says down to me directly.

"Y-y-y-yesss." I nervously answer Victoria, keeping my eyes on her & Anastasia's soaked underwear.

"That's not good enough Danny, you must confess your sins. Be good and tell us, how much you desire our liquids of lust." Anastasia says from high above me, causing me to literally start shivering with desire. The immense need that is had to taste those sultry liquids, can no longer be denied.

"It... is... can I have it please?" I say in a hushed begging tone. Hoping that is good enough, for them both to let me maybe have a little taste of their panty stains. It is then Victoria bends down towards me, and gives me a gentle kiss on my forehead before speaking.

"That isn't good enough, I want you to tell us from your heart. Be honest and confess to us, how deeply you want to taste our nether liquids Danny." Victoria states. Maintaining that soft-spoken tone, that her and Anastasia having constantly been keeping me mesmerized with.

"Confess Danny." Anastasia then says.

"Confess Danny." Victoria then says immediately afterward.

"PLEASE! Can I taste the stain of your cum, that you've let out into your panties? I really want it. I NEED IT more than anything. May I please lick the stain of your liquids clean from your undies? I promise I'll be good, and clean up all of your old liquids for you." I say, never breaking eye contact with both of their underwear. Ashamed a little that I confessed that openly to both of these beautiful Gothic girls, but those words came straight from my heart. Every word that was said, was stated with the utmost sincerity. And I would loyally do everything that I had just mentioned, if they are kind enough to bless me, with the stains in both of their panties.

"Good boy Danny. You truly are becoming a real man. You were honest about your feelings with us, and for that It is time for your reward." Anastasia says to me, her words of praise beaming down onto me like gifts from heaven.

"Now put your hands in your lap Danny. Be good, and sit absolutely still." Victoria then warmly commands. I instantly do as I'm told, and place both of my hands onto my thighs. The girls then grab the waistbands of their pants, and begin to slide them all the way onto the floor, as my eyes remain locked onto their delicious looking dirty panties, that I crave to devour so badly. They remove their socks as well, then simultaneously pick of their respective underwear with one hand, and present both pairs of them turned inside-out directly in front of my face.

Getting both scents of their panties so close to my nostrils, the thick musky aroma of their oily pussy solutions, assault my senses almost to the point where I can't smell anything else. My eyes squint out of reaction of the purest joy. The vaginal scents of the two sisters are completely indistinguishable to me, as the feeling of intoxication from inhaling the heavy musty feminine aroma starts setting in. Taking as many deep breaths as possible, not wanting to waste a moment of this blessing & privilege; Of being able to smell the cum from their pussy holes, that have leaked into their underwear. I stay knelt before Anastasia and Victoria, staying obediently still as the pungent dank aroma emitting from their panties, carry my mind & free will completely away from me; Leaving me under control, and completely at these Gothic girls mercy.

"You need to taste it directly Danny. I want the liquids of my nether to flow through your body, so that it may forever consume you with desire for me." Victoria says downward towards me, as I remain there quietly in my knelt position.

"Now lick up all the sticky liquids that's inside of my panties, & make them clean now Danny. My unholy waters that came out my nether will purify you, and make you mine forever." Anastasia then says down to me, pushing her panties nearly against my lips.

My focus stays on the dirty underwear that is in front of my face, I start to shiver as cannot resist. The two Succubus demand that I lick their panties clean of their pussy liquid, and consume every drop of it, so my flesh and spirit may be purified by their cum. Sticking my tongue as far as I can extend it out, I slowly (very slowly) run it first up the length of of Anastasia's G-string. The extremely bitter flavor of her mixed dried & fresh oily cum, coats the top segment of my tongue; Sticking somewhat onto it, as I start to come to recognize and worship flavor of her juices. Extremely bitter in it's taste yet very feminine, it's taste and scent I can feel hovering inside of my mouth, as it's smell emits off of my tongue. Taking another long slow lick of her panties, I find a fresh spot of her cum that I circle my tongue around, trying harder to absorb the liquid concentrated in that spot of her underwear. Finishing that stroke of her panties with my tongue, I go to t to siphon Anastasia's panties into my mouth. Sucking on her panties as strongly as I can before the two girls, as to get every drop of the juices from within her underwear, that will atone me of any disrespect I have shown to their queenly pussies.

"Now look up at us Danny." Victoria says down to me. Without hesitation, my eyes instantly go up to meet hers and Anastasia's; Who are both looking downward bearing unreadable expressions. While glaring at me with their spellbinding blue eyes, they appear to be monitoring me, checking to make sure that I'm being obedient & respectful to them. Looking up at them dutifully with Anastasia's panties inside of my mouth, Victoria then slowly pushes her own G-string to join her sisters inside as well.

The identical taste of vaginal cum embedded within Victoria's underwear, mixes inside of my mouth; Causing the flavor to become even thicker, and the smell emitting out it to become even stronger. Bliss has bestowed itself upon me. I am finally able to indulge in what I have always wanted most, the simultaneous taste of old cum, that has been resting between of Victoria's & Anastasia's legs. Keeping my hands on my thighs, looking up at these two Gothic goddesses to stand before me; I only look at them in the most grateful fashion, trying to suck out every last bit, of died and oily pussy liquids that are left inside of the panties. My eyes start to wander down a bit, as the tart bitter flavor of cum in their underwear, starts to dissipate from their panties (sadly enough). Looking down a little bit, I catch a glimpse of their cinnamon colored nipples, which are sticking out showcasing their arousal.

"It is time sweet sister, My waters will start leaking out soon. He must accompany us into the showers." Anastasia says to her younger sister, while still sucking on her lollipop.

"Yes beautiful sister, my unholy waters will start coming out really soon as well. I want to let it out on him." Victoria responds back to her old sister, while maintaining her own lollipop in her mouth. It is then they both look back down towards me, and reach for their panties that are partially hanging out of my mouth. Reluctantly I do not want to relinquish them, as they start to tug at their own underwear, that they have shared with me. They tug a bit harder while starting to smile devilishly at me, it is apparent that I don't want to let the delicious pungent underwear go.

"He is resisting us beautiful sister. He has become mesmerized by the fluid of out nethers." Victoria says; While turning to look over to Anastasia, with a concerned expression on her face.

"Yes sweet sister, he needs a little encouragement is all." Anastasia responds back to her, in her cool unruffled voice. As she smiles & leans down towards me, while still sucking on her lollipop.

"Danny you did a good job at cleaning our intimates, but now is the time that you must give them back. Be good & do what you're told, and you will get a drink that's even tastier. The dark golden fluids that are deep inside our nethers, isn't that what you've been craving Danny? The unholy water in our nethers is about to leak out. If you don't give us our intimates back, we will NOT piss it out into your mouth for you to swallow." Anastasia says down to me. Instantly remember that I must be respectful, yet not wanting to really let the panties out of my mouth; I look to her and Victoria in a pleading way. Their panties are both so tasty but I know they do not belong to me, besides they both have to piss soon; And if I don't give them back immediately, they won't allow me to have it.

Slowly loosening the grip, my lips have on both pairs of their undies in my mouth; They begin to pull them out while both smiling down at me, taking the tasty treat I've been given away from me. The panties flop of out my mouth with a (slurp), as both girls then look at me. I look back up at them showcasing that I'm already missing their flavor, it is then both girls take their free hand, and pull their lollipops out of their mouths.

"Open your mouth Danny." Victoria says down to me.

"Be good, stick out your tongue." Anastasia immediately follows.

Sticking my tongue out to both girls, they then simultaneously put both of their lollipops inside of my mouth strangely enough. One is of orange flavor, and the other is of grape. Looking up at the two sisters in confusion, it is then they speak out again.

"I really need to piss beautiful sister, thankfully we finally have him here to ourselves." Victoria says to Anastasia.

"Indeed sweet sister, my unholy water is about to spill out as well. It is time that we head to the showers, so that we may release it on him." Anastasia says back to her younger sister. My eyes widen as they both reach down towards me, and hook both of my arms, helping lift me up to stand; As they then walk arm-in-arm with me, over towards the shower that is on the right-center side of the room. There appears to be a digital display, which Anastasia begins to press. It appears she setting the temperature of some kind, and then she presses a button. Suddenly the water comes on behind a large glass sliding door, and Victoria pulls it open while dragging me inside.

Stepping inside this individual shower, I am amazed just at it's sheer size. Warm water is jetting out of the walls, from multiple sqaure metals plates that completely surround us, with lots of little holes in them shooting the water out. There are also four hand-shower rods, I have never seen such a magnificent bathing area in my entire life. The two sisters each grab one hand-shower rod, as I stand there still taking in the luxury surroundings. With water hit us all from multiple directions, both Anastasia & Victoria start spraying water through their hair. Their raven black hair absolutely shines the wetter it gets, draping down at their individual hair lengths, these two Gothic girls truly are a spectacle to watch. It is then I hear a very faint (bnnnnnnnnnnnnnt) sound, and wonder what it was made that noise.

"Bitch!" Anastasia calmly hissed at Victoria, as the younger sister just turned and looked at me. Soon through all of the steam that is slowly filling the shower area, I detect a bitter smell of ass scent, it is apparent that Victoria just pooted. She stands there and keeps her eyes on me, giving me another unreadable expression. She then places one hand on her hip, and I notice that a liquid that is not the shower water, is starting to slowly run down her legs.

There are no words that need to be spoken, I carefully rush over to where Victoria is standing. I instantly kneel down in front of her, and go to try and lick her that has run down her leg. Remembering the two lollipops that are in my mouth, it is of no use I cannot get to close. Taking my eyes off of the precious piss that has run down to the floor, I stare into Victoria's pussy region & and my jaw drops by what I finally see. Victoria has a beautiful amount of black pussy hair, that is almost completely covering up her vagina. I don't have longer than a moment to look at it, before a small stream of her piss hits me right in the middle of the face; Ricocheting off into multiple directions, before a small amount runs down my lips and dripping off. Anastasia laughs calmly a bit at her sister a bit, for shooting her piss against my face. This is what I've truly wanted most however, as my tongue stretches out to my lips, to taste the hot waters that just came out of Victoria's vagina.

"You just let it go, right onto his face sweet sister." Anastasia says, as I get some of Victoria's urine onto the tip of my tongue. Bringing it back into my mouth to swallow, it mixes wit the orange flavor of the lollipop. Before I can swallow the first drop of Victoria's pee however, she lets out another squirt, that hips against my upper lip, and runs up the front of my face; Before running back down into my open mouth. More of Victoria's piss gathers inside of my mouth this time, however the strong flavor of her piss overpowers the two lollipops I have. Closing my mouth to try and gulp it down, Victoria's piss is noticeably tangy in flavor. Perhaps it's because of the sweet flavor of the lollipop, but her piss is not brashly salty, only mildly so compared to the other girls.

"Danny don't waste time. You need to swallow more of my younger sibling's nether piss." Anastasia commands me. It is then without warning, Victoria releases a harder torrent directly against my face and open mouth; Almost causing me to turn my head a little. Much of the liquid shoots directly inside of my mouth, causing my lips to smack off of the tart, slightly salty liquid inside. My lips start to smack as I swallow that shot down, in two frantic gulps; While feeling Victoria's stream now hitting me against the side of my cheek. Her piss is splashing and running down onto my body, I cannot let it go to waste. I immediately turn my head back into the flow, and open my mouth aiming it, to catch the hot musky liquid. The smell of Victoria's urine has started to become apparent in the shower. With my tongue out directly in the path of her piss, the force of the flow starts bobbing my tongue & the lollipops around inside of my mouth.

"I... can't hold it any longer, catch my pee pee for me too Danny." Anastasia then says, I didn't even notice that she had walked closer to me. I don't even have time to swallow Victoria's piss, before another fusillade of hot urine sprays directly onto my nose. I try to swallow Victoria's pee that is already inside of my mouth, once I gulp it down however it immediately comes up a little from me swallowing it too fast. Both girls calmly giggle a little, as I spit up Victoria's piss onto the floor in milk embarrassment. I just close my eyes and open my mouth wide, trying to find the best spot to accept both piss streams. The lollipops bounce around inside of my mouth, as I can lightly taste the grape & orange flavors of them; Being heavily masked by the aroma & bubbling sensations, of the Gothic girls precious urine that is filling up my mouth. Closing my mouth slightly, and mistakenly pushing some of it out, I pace myself and gulp down the piss, and gulp again feeling more wash down my throat, and gulp again getting most of it; Leaving some still inside so I can quickly open my mouth again.

"I truly needed this beautiful sister, he mouth is the best place to release the water. I am glad I held it in all day." Victoria says to her older sister, as she just lets her piss out without restraint onto my tongue.

"Ahhhh you are right sweet sister, we must continue to use him from now on." Anastasia responds back to Victoria. I feel my mouth nearly filling to the brim, from not swallowing quick enough because I was listening to them. The lollipops inside of my mouth start to float with the piss level inside, I bravely take a gulp of the piss with my mouth wide open causing both girls to laugh out loudly.

"You must consume our unholy waters Danny. The more you waste, the less you will be purified." Anastasia says down to me. I take a large gulp of their urine down my throat, and keep it from coming back up, as the girls continue to just shoot it all over my face. The heat and smell from both of their pee is absolutely exquisite. I hope that Cindy can forgive me, for shameless gulping down these two others girls pee pee the way I am. I have no shame whatsoever, this is my place & I love it. Feeling one of the streams start to diminish, I gulp down again the piss that has nearly filled my mouth. My stomach starts to feel noticeably warmer, no doubt because of all the urine I have gladly taken in.

"Are you almost finished pissing sweet sister? Make sure you get the last bits in his mouth, as much as you can." Anastasia says to her younger sister.

"Yes beautiful sister, I will give it all to him. I want him to desire me for the rest of his life." Victoria responds back. Gulping the bubbling liquid down once again, in found large gulps this time. It feels as if Anastasia's flow has not even begun to lose it's strength. The mixed flavor of the grape and orange lollipops, seem to have completely vanished under the warm lake or piss, that keep filling up and going down my throat every few seconds. It feels as if Victoria's stream has diminished down to only a few trickles, as Anastasia's piss maintains it's force as strong as ever.

"Wow beautiful sister, you must have really been holding it in." Victoria says to her elder sibling.

"I have not used the restroom all day, since I knew I would be doing this to him." Anastasia says back to her. It is confirmed, this whole thing was planned from the beginning. I don't care, the only feeling I know is gratitude at this moment; As my mouth begins to fill with Anastasia's wonderful liquid once more. Gulping it down over and over once more, I can feel the stream move upward towards my forehead, and it begins splashing around everywhere once more. Swallowing the last bit of urine inside my mouth and letting it hang open to catch the rest, it is then I feel both lollipops being pulled outside of my mouth. To my surprise I just keep my mouth wide open. Anastasia then aims the stream back directly inside of my mouth, and then the stream increases exponentially in it's force. The stream sprays directly down my throat hole, striking violently against my uvula I begin to choke hard on her urine, meanwhile swallowing and gasping for air at the same time. Anastasia beings to finish up her pissing on me and steps away, as I look downward a bit from still choking on piss. After coughing for a moment in the shower, I look to the girls who have turned away from me, and have placed their hands against the wall.

"Come here Danny." Anastasia says over to me.

"You are not done cleaning us." Victoria says to me afterward. Getting up from the floor and getting nearer to them; Looking down at their pussies from behind, they seem to be drawing me into them. Their moderately hairy wet vaginas look so delicious from behind, it is then once I come up next to them; They have the sticks of their lollipops poking out of their asses.

"Pull my lollipop out of my ass Danny." Victoria says back to me.

"Pull my lollipop out of my butt, then lick it clean for me." Anastasia chimes in afterward. I take both of my hands and grab on to the sticks, that are leading right inside of their derriere's. Gently tugging on him as to make sure I do not hurt their assholes, I tug gently on it, and let it slide back inside their butts, only less than it was before. I tug on their lollipops once again, and this time they both slide out even further again. I tug on them a third and final time, and both of their sticks slide out of their butts with a wet (POP) sound.

"Lick it Danny." Anastasia then says.

"Lick the taste from my ass off the lollipop." Victoria commands me to do.

Holding each lollipop in one of my hands, I obediently begin to lick them simultaneously, searching for the flavor of their butts on the candies. The taste is definitely there, as I quickly find the apparent taste of their butts on them. They both look back at me, and watch me lick the taste of their ass, cleanly from the candies. Once absorbing the flavor of their rears completely off of the lollipops that they gave me, I then notice their assholes have changed in color from the suckers. Victoria & Anastasia both look at me, casting an unreadable expression once again. I need no further instruction as I walk over to Victoria first, and kneel down before her soft bubble rump, and stick my tongue out before I begin to slowly run it repeatedly up & down, the entire length of her asshole. Victoria prrrs at my willingness to lick her ass without hesitation, she then reaches back and grabs the top of my head, as she enjoys and relishes each moment of me cleaning her. The taste of her ass is far more strong than on the lollipop, and the taste of orange is apparent on her asshole as well. Pushing my tongue as deeply inside as I can, I search for every drop of the flavor of the sucker, that has maybe seeped inside. I cannot have Victoria's ass being dirty in the least. It is my sworn duty to make sure her, as well as the other girls are completely satisfied. Pushing my tongue inside and then pulling out the taste of her ass, over and over; I can tell the taste of the lollipop has all but diminished, so I pull my mouth off of her asshole, and sniff it a couple of times to check if she is clean.

"Danny." Anastasia calls over to me. I get up and walk over a few steps to the side, and then kneel down before her priceless round derriere. The scent from her ass is stronger, now that my face is mere inches from it. Pulling both of her ass cheeks open, I can see the grape texture of the lollipop, running down towards her pussy hair. It is obvious why she called me over to her, I was being slow and now the liquid from the candy is running down her butt. I instantly dive in to clean it, I begin low near her pussy, and try to gather up all of the liquid candy, that I have carelessly allowed to seep out of her butt. The strong flavor of grape mixed in with the smell of her ass; Begins to take over my senses as the strong flavor of both of their piss, not to mention Victoria's ass, have my mind completely in a haze.

"Danny, my ass still feels dirty." Victoria calls over to me, as I then circle my tongue around her older sisters asshole.

"He is mine for the moment sweet sister. He can clean your ass more, in a moment after I am finished with his tongue." Anastasia responds back to her. She was correct my mouth and service belong to her, and nobody else at the moment. I continue to circle my tongue at her asshole tasting it, the bitter flavor of her ass coats my tongue, as I pull my tongue back a bit and swallow the tart flavor of Anastasia's butt, before diving back in with my tongue out to service her; Lapping at her asshole over and over again, it feels as if it has become properly lubricated; And I am able to now push my tongue inside of her, from below just a bit more, and can fulfill my responsibilities of cleaning her ass up good and proper. Pushing my tongue further up Anastasia's moist butt hole, the grape flavor is barely noticeable, but the taste of her ass is really strong and exquisitely feminine. I pull my tongue completely out and swallow the tart remnants of her ass, then go back to lick and her asshole over and over, before plunging my tongue in as far as it can go, causing Anastasia to scream out in pleasure. It was an exquisite sight and feeling, to be able to make this senior student cum. My duty has been served and I felt complete honor, in helping her achieve pleasure the correct way without complaint.

"His tongue truly is the best my beautiful sister. I bet Lance never licked your ass like this before." Victoria said to her older sibling. She then shot a glance at me, and that is the only sign that was needed. I stepped up from Anastasia's posterior, and walked back over to Victoria who was waiting for more treatment. I kneeled back down behind her, and parted her ass cheeks with both of my hands, before lapping back and forth again at her already well-moistened asshole.

"You are correct my sweet sister, he was FAR too selfish; But I am so happy that we have Danny now." Anastasia says. I continue to lick at the younger sisters tart asshole, taking my sweet precious time, as Victoria begins to move her ass all around in front of my face; Seeming to twitch and jerk a bit because of the treatment she was getting. Victoria began to start moaning out, as my tongue then sunk deep back inside of her derriere opening.

"Are you about to cum my sweet sister? Just ride it out on his mouth." Anastasia said to her younger sibling. Victoria began to repeatedly moan out, as I pulled my tongue out of her ass, and bang to continuously lick it clean, like a hungry kitten that has found a bowl of milk. It is then Victoria begins to scream out over and over, as I continue to service her asshole. Victoria begins to shiver, as I do not stop servicing her asshole correctly and properly; Her pleasure is what makes me happy, and I will not stop until her needs are complete. She then steps away from me, and I look up at the two sisters from the floor. It is then they both grab a hand-shower rod begin to playfully spray me down with warm water.

Moments later we all emerge from the restroom, and in the hallway, Anastasia quickly goes through the door directly across from the restroom. Standing there confused what she is doing, she then emerges from the bedroom with something in her hands. A little while later as we all come down the stairs together, I am greeted by another familiar face and voice, that I did not expect to see.

"Oh my, he's wearing a BOW-TIE. He looks absolutely adorable" The familiar voice says.

(To be continued... )
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