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My hot Indian aunt returns home from a bachelorette party with her drunk friend. After helping to take care of her friend, my aunt takes care of me.
Part One

After brushing my teeth I walked out of the small en-suite bathroom and looked over at the pink-covered double bed where I would be spending the night. The vibrant blanket, featuring several Disney princesses, belonged to my cousin, who had moved interstate to attend university.

With a big wedding happening this weekend, most of my relatives had been split between three houses in the suburbs closest to where the ceremony would be taking place. I was one of the lucky few to have a place for myself, hidden away in a room that had been built into the steep roof of my uncle's house.

Climbing into bed I took out my phone and started scrolling through my YouTube sub***********ions for something to watch. A small rush of dopamine hit my brain when I saw a new upload from Alberta Girl 96. She was in Japan this week and quite openly flirting with a noodle chef. I could feel myself getting hard, but didn't want to leave a stain on my cousin's sheets. Reluctantly I paused the video and switched over to some political commentary instead.

After a few minutes of listening there was a knock at the door. I turned on the tea pot lamp and walked over to the door. Before I had a chance to touch the handle, a blonde woman pushed past me into the small bathroom. Within a few seconds I could hear her retching into the toilet.

I looked back towards the doorway and saw my aunt standing there with an apologetic look on her face. Auntie Rupa had married my uncle almost five years ago, and was in her early thirties. Originally from India, she had met my uncle after choosing to do some post-graduate studies here in Australia. To look at her right now, that fact may not seem immediately obvious. The little black dress she wore barely covered her bum and the dress itself was largely hidden behind a wide sash that read 'Bridesmaid' in elegant ***********.

“I think she had a few too many” her casual words contrasted with her beautiful accent “could I ask you to hold back her hair while I go downstairs and fetch a glass of water?”

“Um, yes, of course” I managed to reply, feeling a bit guilty for checking out my aunt's legs.

“Thanks dear” she quickly turned around and made for the stairs.

Reaching the bathroom I caught a glimpse of her friend leaning over the toilet bowl. She was a bit heavier than my aunt and her powder blue dress had ridden up, giving me a clear view of her black thong underwear.

Leaning forward I carefully lifted her hair back and held it behind her head. I tried not to make a face when I felt a touch of vomit on my fingers. My aunt's friend looked up at me through bleary eyes, mascara running down her cheeks. I smiled kindly and shifted my hips slightly to avoid grazing her with my partial erection.

She opened her mouth to speak, but had to pivot at the last second to continue filling the bowl beneath her. This went on for about a minute before she was able to take a breath. “So... sorry” she said between breaths.

“Don't worry about it” I replied “this isn't even my room.”

“Haha” she laughed painfully “your aunt... said you were nice.”

I slowly released her hair as she repositioned herself to the side of the bowl. The phrase 'hot mess' came to mind as I leaned back to admire, lifting my knees up to hide my growing erection. Her blonde hair hung like straw over a tiny dress that had already released one of her large breasts.

“You've popped out Courtney” my aunt suddenly appeared at the door “the poor boy will pass out if someone doesn't take care of him.”

Courtney looked down at her large, pale breast. However, instead of covering it up, she removed a strap on the other side to reveal a delicious pair. She smiled and winked at me.

I felt so hard and wanted to reach out, but could still feel her vomit stuck to my hands. Realising my dilemma, my aunt grabbed a wash cloth from the sink and was running it under some cold water.

“Come here nephew” she instructed.

I stood up, not bothering to hide my erection. She took my hands and began wiping them down with the cloth. She lifted my arms above my head and slowly removed my shirt. After rinsing the cloth she began to slowly pat down my body, even though no vomit had fallen onto it.

She looked over at her friend “he seems clean, so I think you should take the first shower.”

With some difficulty Courtney managed to stand and remove her dress and underwear. A neatly trimmed patch of brown hair revealed that my aunt's friend was not a natural blonde.

I moaned as she walked past me, her large bottom purposely brushing against my now painful erection. I watched closely as she climbed into the shower, leaving the curtain open so I could take in her now wet body. As she began to douse her long blonde hair I could feel my aunt lowering my boxer shorts. I looked down in awe as her petite brown hand took my cock and began gently stroking it.

“Oh, fuck” I moaned loudly “auntie Rupa, that feels so good.”

“That's nothing” she replied proudly “just wait 'till I use my mouth.”

And, just like that, she leaned down and licked one of my balls. Some hair fell over her face so I reached down to hold it back. Aunt Rupa smiled up at me before running her tongue up the underside of my shaft. I wanted to cum so bad and knew I wouldn't last long when she reached the nob and took all of me into her mouth.

“Don't forget me” Courtney called out from the shower.

She had found some liquid soap and was washing her breasts in large, exaggerated motions. I was too horny now. With my aunt's hair in my hand I began thrusting aggressively into her mouth. I could hear gagging sounds and started to slow. Looking down I watched as my cock slipped out of aunt Rupa's mouth.

“You're... too nice” she managed between breaths “I want you to cum... and I like it rough.”

“Oh” I replied.

She opened her mouth again and this time I thrust into it as hard as I could, feeling the back of her throat against my cock. I looked over at my aunt's friend, who was now rubbing herself and watching us intently. I locked eyes with her and moaned in a loud, primal way as I shot several loads of cum down my aunt's throat.

I released my aunt's hair as she slid her painted lips off my tired member. She kept her full mouth closed as she reached for the glass she had brought in for Courtney. Carefully raising it to her lips she slowly drank, swallowing both the water and my semen.

“Thank you” she said as I helped her up to her feet “now, if you two will excuse me, I need to go do the same thing for your uncle.” She then gave me a sweet smile before gracefully leaving the room. I was impressed at her composure, no one else in the house would know that she had just been face fucked by her horny nephew.

A few minutes later I heard the shower stop. “I hope you can get that thing hard again, because this cowgirl would like a ride.”


2023-09-09 04:30:44
Well Done!! Short and to the point. Looking forward to reading more of you!


2023-09-09 04:29:40
Well Done!! Short and to the point. Looking forward to reading more of you!

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