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This story follows on from "losing my virginity to my cousin's" and follows me fucking my cousin's daughter with a added surprise
24 years after losing my virginity to my cousin's. I lost contact with Claire after the family in fighting but Cheryl was here and there as my Mam and Auntie still talked but we didn't talk much, she had a daughter named Charlotte. One night stand I think. Anyway I got back into contact with them after a anniversary party for our Nan and although me and Cheryl didn't speak much, we caught up with a few family members. Charlotte was only young at the time and kids being kids she was curious and chatty. Anyhow she added me on FB and I followed her growing into a very gorgeous teen. A few years later I noticed she got a boyfriend at school, some chav looking lad but being nearly 40, unfit, unable to remember the last time I fucked my wife and wanking off to countless porn videos I was jealous that he was young and fucking Charlotte. Her shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, full lips, arched eye brows and high cheek bones, she had grown lush big tits. She was slender and had an amazing tight ass. I bet she had planty of cum loads in her. I even wanked over her imagining her getting gangbanged by all the chav lads at school.

Later that evening unbeknownst to me I walked into my house to a surprise birthday party. The whole family there. I greeted everyone one by one and thanked them. It then came to Cheryl, Charlotte and her boyfriend. I hugged Cheryl and kissed her on her check. She really didn't age well, she seemed to of got an even more miserable looking face and she dressed like she did when she took my virginity all them years ago, a hooker on the street corner desperate for a man but then I guess you'd be like that being a single parent without the father of your child about. I couldn't believe I lost my virginity to such a misery. But that was a long time ago and then she had a kinda hot body but these days? One I wouldn't touch again. Then came Charlotte. Her boyfriend and mate. Damn for being a teen she looked so adult, such a tight plain white dress, barely covering her ass and her tits squeezed tightly in, showing most of them off with a slit cut between the cloth, only held by a small button at the top holding her breasts in. She cuddled me and kissed me on the cheek. Damn my cock wanted to get hard, her tits squeezed against my chest as she hugged my chubby belly. I wanted to grab my big hands around her tight ass so badly! She introduced me to her chav boyfriend Paul. He was your traditional chav, cocky looking face, fringe short back and sides with pointy big ears. I did wonder what she saw in him but I can't be the judge of that. Then Charlotte's mate Chloe. A shy lass. These two were inseparable though. Best mates since they met each other in the same class. She was only 5ft tall. Long straight ginger hair, blue eyes, small pouting lips, small cute nose covered in little freckles that spread to her cheeks. Smallish breasts behind her tight white vest top she wore, bit curvy and a little bit of sexy chubbiness to her with thick thighs and a nice round ass wrapped in thin tight black leggings which showed off her white knickers slightly. She gave a shy wave and a hello to me.

As the night went on, everyone mingled and ate and drank and the music was on etc. I went upstairs to freshen up after being out all day. I went to the bathroom at the top of the stairs, cleaned up then came out, to the right was my kids bedroom and to the left around the corner was the main bedroom out of the way of people coming up the stairs. I went around the corner to our bedroom and opened the door. I flipped the lights on to find Charlotte and Paul snogging in front of me.

"Oh shit sorry!" I said as Paul pulled away from Charlotte.

"Don't worry, you two love birds enjoy yourselves, I'll just leave you two to it" I said. Honestly I didn't care if they fucked in mine and my wife's bed. It's not like it had seen sex recently but I was so jealous of them. My cock was already half erect in my jeans and I seen Paul was already horny as fuck with his hard cock in his joggers, probably raring to go at it with Charlotte.

I went to leave and Charlotte grabbed my arm.

"I know you fancy me, I've seen the way you look at me with them old pervy eyes" she said.

I was in shock. It was true but I didn't think she noticed. I was that dumbfounded she came out with it I didn't know what to say.

"Yeah I bet you do" Paul said

He went back to kissing Charlotte on her neck and groping her breasts.

"I bet you'd love to watch you old perv" Charlotte said as she groped Paul's hard cock.

I was so horny now and honestly knew she was begging for it so I played her at her own cocky young game.

I went up to Charlotte, pushed Paul out of the way, grabbed her ass and pulled her towards me, holding her close so she could feel my cock against her.

"I want to do more than watch, I want to join in and fuck you like your slutty Mother downstairs" I said

To my surprise she grabbed my crotch

"Oh fuck yes I want you to fuck my brains out" she said before she passionately kissed me.

Honestly I thought it would backfire but Charlotte was up for it just like her auntie was all them years ago. Paul was eager too as he got to the other side of me and placed her hand on his cock too.

We took turns kissing her, she was groping both our cocks as mine and Paul's hands groped Charlotte's hot body.

We both got our hard cocks out, letting her stroke up as we continued to grope her.

Soon we forced her onto her knees.

She went straight for my hard thick 7 inch throbbing cock. Although by the looks of things Paul was a true stud, his was at least 8.

"Omg Michael for an older man your cock looks delicious" she said before gobbling it up. Wanking my thick shaft as she sucked on my bulbus head.

"Oh fuck yes you dirty slut" I moaned.

She took turns sucking us both off for a while. Such a young mouth, she sure was good at sucking cock.

Paul lay on the bed, legs spread. Charlotte went on all fours in front of him and started to suck on him again. I got behind her and pulled her tiny dress up. The dirty slut wasn't even wearing any knickers. Her tight plump ass in the air I went to work tasting that young pussy of hers. So sweet and delicious, licking her wet juices as I stuck two fingers up her. Moaning as she sucked cock I continued to finger her while I swapped from licking her pussy to tonguing her ass. That seemed to of drove her mental. The more I stuck my tongue down her ass the more she'd stop sucking Paul to let out a moan and tell me how hot it was and to do it more. I couldn't resist anymore though. I needed that pussy wrapped around my cock. I knelt behind her and teased my cock along her wet pussy lips. A few strokes up and down then I slowly eased the head of my cock in her. Out of nowhere she started calling me Daddy.

"Oh fuck yes Daddy stick it all in me" she moaned. I grabbed her hips as I slid in her. I kept my cock balls deep in for 10-15 seconds. Enjoying the feeling of my cock wrapped around a young pussy for the first time since I got with my wife.

Then I started fucking her, slowly at first then getting faster and faster, harder and harder. Charlotte now moaning and begging for more as I fucked her like a horny dog. My balls slapping off her pussy as I tightly held her large soft breasts, squeezing them tightly like giant marshmallows through her dress.

Soon we swapped places. I lay down as Charlotte sucked me off and Paul took her from behind. I grabbed her head tightly so I could control her sucking, forcing her head down on me. Making her gag and choke. Her saliva dribbling down my shaft onto my balls. Letting her head go when I was ready to. Her head jerking back to catch her breath. Her make-up running down her eyes. I was gagging to have her ride me so I told her to get on top and ride me like a slut she was. She was all too happy to. Paul pulled out of her as she climbed on top of me. I held my cock straight and with it being caked in her saliva, she easily slid her gaping pussy onto my cock.

She sat back and started riding my cock like a pro. I undid the small top button of her dress then pulled it down so her breasts could be free. Such a nice pair of large tits, nice hard nipples bouncing in front of my eyes. I grabbed them both with my hands as I played with them like a child with a new toy.

Paul stood to the side of the bed, grabbing her head and thrusting his cock in her mouth. I grabbed her hips and started to to thrust relentlessly into her pussy. She was gagging on Paul's cock. Muffled moaning and screaming coming from her as I felt her pussy clench around my cock as she started to have an orgasm.

Her body spasming uncontrollabley. Paul let go of her head and she flopped down on me. Her big breasts squashing on my chest as I held her. Heavy breathing and drooling down my neck.

My cock still hard in her pussy. I stopped fucking her for a minute til her orgasm subsided, then I slowly returned to fucking her pussy.

She was still laying on my chest, now passionately kissing my neck and I held her ass with my hands. Making her slide up and down on my cock.

Paul asked if there was any lube, I told him to look in the bedside table where he found a bottle. Honestly can't remember the last time me and my wife used it but it would do. Paul got behind Charlotte and with a finger lubed up he started to play with her ass. I stretched her ass cheeks wide as he slid a finger up her. Slowly swirling it around as I continued to fuck her.

"Oh fuck, whatever that is it feels good" Charlotte exclaimed.

Soon with more lube it was two fingers.

The more he fingered her ass the more horny she got. It turned her on so much it didn't take long for her to beg him to stick it in her ass for the first time. He generously lubed his cock up and drizzled some more around her ass, shimmied behind her and lined it up, teasing his cock against her hole. Then he slowly pushed the head of his cock in. With a pop it was in. I stopped fucking her as he left it there for a minute, letting her ass get used to it. Then slowly he slid further in. Charlotte griped me as she let out a painful moan. He got about half way in when she jolted up and put a hand against his thigh to stop him going any further.

"No no stop, it hurts too much" she said.

He stopped, happily letting her have a breather.

I slowly slid my cock in and out of her pussy. Giving her some pleasure while she got used to her ass having a cock in it for the first time. Paul started the same. Just slowly moving our cocks for her to stretch out. It took some time but then she started to enjoy it. The look on her cute face was amazing. Biting her lip and moaning as we started to up our pace. Paul was slowly getting more and more of his cock in her ass as we syned our thrusts in her holes. Fuck her pussy was so wet I could feel her juices dribbling on me. Paul grabbed her long hair and arched her back. Now pounding her ass. She was screaming with pleasure and pain as I grabbed her big bouncing tits and sucked and bit her nipples. Soon she screamed in orgasm. Paul let go of her and let her flop onto me. Feeling her big tits pressed against me Paul and I furiously fucked her. I felt her pussy tense and clench around my cock and that tipped us overboard. First me, my cock swelled and throbbed as I spunked in Charlotte's wet teen pussy. Two seconds later Paul let out a loud moan as I felt his cock throb and he unloaded into her ass. Charlotte was flat out on me. Sweaty and heavy breathing. Her legs shaking off her orgasm. Paul slid out and got up beside us and started kissing Charlotte as she lay on me.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see a shadow at the door. I whispered to them that someone was at the door.

"Omg that's kinda hot" Charlotte said pulling away from Paul.

"Let's see who it is then" I said.

My cock now losing its erection and slipping out of Charlotte's pussy. Cum dribbling out.

Charlotte got up and let me off the bed and her and Paul lay on the bed cuddling as I snuck to the door. As I got to the other side of the door I could hear a slight moan.

I quickly opened the door to find Chloe against the door frame moaning as she had her hand down her black leggings playing with her pussy.

She nearly fell into the bedroom with shock.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry" Chloe exclaimed putting herself right and removing her hand from down her leggings.

"Wow Chloe how long have you been watching us?" Charlotte asked

Chloe shyly put her head down in embarrassment

"Erm most of the time. I didn't know where you went so I went looking" she said

I smiled "did you enjoy what you saw then? I asked as I closed the door and flipped the bolt so nobody else could walk in.

"Maybe" Chloe said again shyly

I grabbed her small hand with my big hand and pushed it into her crotch and I started to rub her pussy. I pushed her against the wall standing over her. Watching her moaning. Her sweet cute innocent face enjoying being touched. I moved her hand up and down her leggings and under her panties. Rubbing her wet pussy, our fingers interwoven as I slide her finger and my finger into her pussy.

"Oh fuck yes" Chloe whispered

"Yes Chloe that's so hot, feeling us both fingering your hot pussy"

I bent down and kissed her gently on her soft plump lips. I thought I'd get resistance but she was enjoying being touched by a manly figure.

We continued to enjoy our intertwined fingering of her pussy as our kissing got more passionate. I could feel her hot horny self come out. Hormones taking over. Begging to be appeased.

She grabbed my wet cock which I didn't realise was rock solid again and she started to stroke it with her other hand

"Do you like that?" I asked

She nodded while she bit her lip seductively. I kissed her again. Sliding my hand out of her pussy leaving her to continue playing with her pussy as I slid my hand up her belly to her small breasts. Squeezing them gently. She moaned through our kissing as my hand went down her top to grope her small pointy nipple of her right tit.

Her legs started to buckle as she was about to orgasm.

She moaned "I'm cumming I'm cumming"

"Let it out for Daddy" I said planting my lips on her again as she buckled and convulsed as her body shook in orgasm.

Her moaning and groaning through our passionate kissing.

Her orgasm subsided as she pulled her wet fingers out of her pants.

"Kneel down princess" I demanded as I broke our embrace and pushed her onto her knees in front of me. My throbbing cock in her face. Without hesitation she put her wet pussy juices covered hand on my cock and slowly stroked me.

"There's a good girl" I said as she smiled at me. Her little hands struggling to wrap around my cock but she enthusiastically stroked me off. I edged closer to her. My cock now leaking pre cum again, millimetres away from her small sweet mouth.

"Open wide" I said as I nudged my cock against her lips, leaving a strand of pre cum to trail between my wet head and her lips.

She opened wide. Tongue out as I slid my cock into her mouth. She could barely fit it in but she was trying as her lips closed around me. Her tongue trying to swirl around my cock as she started to bob her head up and down me.

Faster and faster she enthusiastically sucked my hard cock. Grabbing her long red hair I started force my cock deeper in her mouth, pushing her head onto the wall I forced myself onto her. Three quarters of my cock squeezing down her little mouth, gagging on my cock and drooling down her chin, forcing it down just that little bit more for her to start to resist, gagging and putting her small hands on my hips to try and stop me but I continued. Getting rougher with her. Muffled protests coming out of her cock filled mouth. Tears starting to well up in her eyes. Then Charlotte came over. Still butt naked and she sat next to Chloe. I let go of Chloe's head and slid my cock out as she gasped for breath.

"There's a good girl" Charlotte said to her as she went in and snogged Chloe. Swapping Chloe's dripping saliva between them. Charlotte reaching down, caressing her small breasts then down past her belly and down her pants. Feeling her wet Juicy pussy as Chloe moaned again. I knelt down beside her too now. Kissing her neck gently. I grabbed her hand to stroke my soaking cock. As she did I pulled her top down and started sucking on her small breasts. Hard little nipples erect as hard as my cock. Me and Charlotte ravishing her virgin body.

"Fuck me" Chloe moaned

"I want to feel your cock in me" she said.

So we got up. I stripped her naked and got her on the bed flat out on her back.

I spread her small legs apart to show her sweet bald pussy. Dripping wet. Charlotte lay down beside her and started to kiss her again, sliding her hand down to her pussy, rubbing her clit as I prepared to pop Chloe's cherry.

I stroked my cock as I got on the bed and kneeled in front of her. I bent down, teasing my cock along her wet slit. Taking turns with Charlotte to kiss Chloe as I slowly eased my cock into her.

"Oh fuck that's tight" I said as I got half my cock in her.

Chloe put her head back into the pillow, moaning as Charlotte kissed her neck and her small breasts as I started to slide my cock deeper and deeper in her. She wrapped her thick thighs around me as I sped up my thrusts. Chloe's moaning got louder.

"Oh fuck yes, that feels amazing" Chloe exclaimed, tightening her grip around my waist with her legs. Her hands squeezing my butt cheeks. Pulling me close to her as I finally got balls deep in her, my balls slapping against her. Her pussy leaking, coating my cock and making my balls wet and sticky with each thrust.

This went on for 5 minutes, Charlotte ravishing Chloe's body with kisses and gropes.

Paul came over now, stroking his hard cock in his hand. He teased his cock in from of Chloe's face.

"Open wide" Paul said as he shoved his cock into her sweet small mouth.

Chloe now losing her virginity by getting double teamed.

Paul taking turns between Charlotte and Chloe's mouths as I pounded her.

I then embraced Chloe and rolled over onto my back, putting her in the cowgirl position. Grabbing her love handles as I fucked her faster now. I could feel my cock wanting to cum as I thrusted my cock in her at speed. I grabbed her breasts and pushed her fully upright, held up straight by my arms at full length. Holding tightly onto her small tits. Unable to move her body I was quickly thrusting into her pussy. Chloe with her hands tightly pushed against my chest, she was now screaming loudly, Charlotte kneeling beside us, kissing Charlotte necks and sliding her hand down to her clit, furiously rubbing her pussy.

"I'm cumming I'm cumming" Charlotte screamed.

Tightly holding her tits I could feel her virgin pussy tightening around my thrusting cock.

"Yes cum for me Chloe. Let it go" as I thrusted faster.

I could feel her body shudder and I couldn't hold it anymore. I let go of my grip on her tits as she flopped down on me. I held her in a tightly embrace as I Passionately kissed her, feeling her body convulse in orgasm as her pussy tightened its grip on my cock. One last thrust and my cock exploded in her pussy. Filling her virgin hole for the first time with my sticky cum.

Embraced and both panting in exhaustion we both smiled at each other.

"Did you enjoy that"? I asked

Chloe kissed me again then pulled away.

"That was amazing" she panted.

The next half hour Charlotte spent licking out Chloe's cum filled pussy, making her orgasm again as Paul forced a his sticky load down her throat.

We got cleaned up and joined the party downstairs once again. Did anybody notice we where gone? I wasn't sure, I also didn't care either. I just had two young pussy's that, for the foreseeable, I fucked and double fucked on a regular basis.


2023-09-04 08:47:17
Outstanding!! Now that was a HOT read.
Looking forward to reading more of you.

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