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Ava is a 55 year old hard working and intelligent woman. She became a mother at age 17 and 3 years later she had her second child. Daughter Isabella of 38 and son Tim of 35. They all come from a wealthy bloodline.
Thank you for taking the time to read. This is a short part from a larger story.

Ava (50) was looking at herself in the mirror and she couldn’t help but smile, she was proud of herself. But only for herself because she wasn't the person who needed attention, she didn't even want that kind of attention. Ava is a very beautiful woman, at 5,74 ft she appeared to have the perfect height for her slightly wider hips and round buttocks. Her black hair fell loose on her back just between her shoulders. She always loved to watch her own naked body, only those closest to her knew that Ava not only just looked at herself just standing there but she loves to look at herself masturbating. This is something about herself that she will never understand because it just didn't fit with her personality. Yet some things just are meant not to understand and she has accepted this. Because if there is something that Ava does understand, is that you have to live with gratefulness, hope and love. "This is you stay humble and honest" Ava could hear herself repeating this over and over to her kids and giggled. "It is true" she said to her reflection.

Her hands started to carress her amazing body wherever they could reach. And Ava let out a satisfying sigh. On Fridays she always took the well deserved time for herself to let go the tensions and challenges from work. Her bedroom door was open and so was a curtain covered window, to let the wind go through her house. Ava needed fresh air especially with these Summer temperatures. Behind her she placed her comfortable 2 person sofa so she could watch herself all evening and probably throughout the night.

She slowly sat down on the sofa with her hands now under her natural DD sized breasts. She just not could not love her own breasts, firm and round yet soft and sensitive to touch. Her nipples already were hard and had a darker tone. She has Latin American heritage and that made her aware of her body features, and proud. "Ahh mmm yes" she whispered when she touched her left nipple. Her index finger slowly circling around, over her areola. Then she bend her head and gave each of her tits and nipples a lick. She closed her eyes, laid comfortably back on the sofa and spread her legs for that gorgeous woman opposite from her.

"Hmmm there you are, right on time to watch me" Ava said out loud in a sexy voice and she could see that she was looking at herself through the eyes of a masturbation queen. "Fuck yes, sometimes horny faces say it all" And she smile because she just loved being like this. Her hands were all over her spread legs and slowly crept to her aching pussy.

"Fuck yes I am so in love with my own pussy. It's the perfect pussy for a mother of two children" For some reason it was as if her pussy answered her by becoming soaking wet within a second.

"Oooh yes baby that’s it my slutty princess, my slutty fuckhole. You deserve this so much, mommy is going to take good care of you and your delicious juices mmmmm, ssssssso good"

That was the moment when Ava's left index and middle fingers started to finger herself. Her entire body was begging for it and Ava just knew she was going to cum within minutes. Her fingers rubbing her pussy on a steady pace, not too slow nor too fast. In her reflection she could see her own pussy glistening and that is what made her fingers go faster and faster all over. "Oh my fuck look at you dripping my pretty fuckhole. You really need this don't you? You are literally dripping all over the floor!. Hmmmm yes I believe that you need to be fingerfucked by mommy"

First two fingers found their way but immediately were followed by a third and Ava started to fuck herself hard. Her palm constantly slapping her clit, making that undeniable sound which everyone outside should hear, if there would be someone.

"Oooooh ffffuuuuck yes that's it just like that. Hmmmm yeeeesss" Ava loved dirty talk and had even dirtier thoughts. "Take it like that my beautiful pussy. Let yourself be fucked, let her make you squirt like never before" Ava pulled her fingers out and slapped her throbbing clit hard. "Aauw yes that pain feels so good" And again SLAP! "FUCK YES" she screamed. And quickly back inside her again, really really deep feeling every corner of that fuckhole. When she pulled them out again her fingers were covered in her juices. She loved to taste herself and watched how her reflection copied this lewd behaviour.

"What if I would be caught by one of my kids" Ava thought. "I would love to be watched by both of them" she answered herself. She wanted to cum so that she could continue to masturbate in a relaxing state. And having sexual thoughts about her own two children always make her cum.

"Is that you Tim who is peeping on mommy?" She said out loud. Her closed eyes creating a vivid image of her own son stepping into her bedroom. And he was stroking his big hard cock. "Of fuck yes, so good, I love incest so much" Ava's imagination now showed her how her own 35 year old son was driving his big hard cock deep into her pussy. "Hmmm yeah baby, fuck your mother just like that. Fuck the hole that gave you life, let her know how thankful you are" Her own words made Ava's eyes go open and she knew that she was going to cum. She was going to cum hard.

"THERE YOU GO MY PRECIOUS BABY!! YEEEAAH MY PERVERTED PUSSY IS GOING TO FUCKING SQUIRT" Ava almost screamed of horniness. Her three fingers fucking the living shit out of herself. And after a short minute she had to let go, a long and powerful squirt exited her pussy followed by three other, equal as powerful streams all over the mirror. Then her eyes rolled back and her legs started shaking, she came. She came hard and she knew she would. Her pussy was squirting so much and it went everywhere, Ava loved it.

But what she didn't know is that her 5 year older sister, Jo entered her bedroom a few minutes earlier. She took her chance to stay unnoticed when her horny little sister’s eyes had their distinguished roll back.

"How will Ava react?" Jo was a little bit nervous but one thing that became very clear the past 10 minutes she was watching and hearing her sister masturbate (She pushed two fingers inside her pussy) "You make my pussy soaking wet, my beautiful sexy sister"

Ava was looking at the mirror directly into her older sister's eyes. "How long have you… Where did you come from?" Ava asked while standing up. "You know what? nevermind I don't care. I have waited too long for this my loving sister. Finally our slutty sister-pussies are reunited.
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