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This time Sweetheart is used by the Domme
Chapter 20 - Mistress Kay

The door opened and Sam came in to find her asleep in the chair. She walked over to her and got her up. She felt amazing but sleepy. Sam led her to the next room quietly. The walk down the hallway was not long and she started getting a bounce back in her step.

The next room was the lady, Mistress Kay. She stood there with one hand on her desk. The other tapped a cane on the bottom of her black knee high leather boot. The black leather pencil skirt did her body wonders.

Mistress Kay motioned for her to walk over to her. Her finger slowly called her forward. She came over without a thought. Something about her was intoxicating.

Mistress Kay’s hand slowly went to her face. Caressing it slowly. “So, tell me Sweetheart, did the boys use and abuse you my sweet thing.” Mistress walking around her body. Her hands went to the robe and pulled it down, leaving Sweetheart completely naked once again. “Don’t worry, you are in good hands with me. I will make sure all your naughty needs are met.”

She then pushed her down over the desk. The cane started tapping over and over on her bubble butt. “You see I know what you need even if you don’t know.” She switched to her hands slapping her ass over and over. The skin is starting to turn pink. Sweetheart yelping with each hit.

Mistress Kay then spread open her butt cheeks and started fingering her asshole. Sweetheart let out a yell as Mistress Kay started opening her up. “That is a good girl. Let’s see how wide we can stretch your ass open.”

“Fuck yes,” Sweetheart yelled in pleasure. Her ass was slapped again and again as fingers exploded her tight ass. The fingers were pulled out and the next sensation was a hum on her pussy lips. The vibration of the wand drove her wild.

“Open your nasty little mouth,” Mistress Kat ordered. She did without any delay. “Now suck in this big anal plug you good girl. Slobber on it. Make it soaking wet, so it can slide way into your tight ass.” She sucked on it hard and faster. Mistress Kay jamming it in and out of her mouth quicker and quicker, making her gag.

“I think it is ready now to go into your dirty hole. You did a good job getting it wet,” she said, watching her drool dripping from the end. Mistress Kat pulled up her ass cheeks again and slid the plug up against her rim. She pushed it in slowly. Feeding it inch by inch. Sweetheart’s hand reached to the end of the desk and grabbed it, hard.

Sweetheart’s breathing became faster and faster as the plug sunk deeper and deeper. “Oh god, it is so big,” she moaned, feeling her hole opening wider.

“Just relax and let the plug slide into your tight ass. I know it could fit a slut like you.” Finally, it slid down to the base. “There we go. Look how open your ass is now. Look how sexy you are now. Relax and let it fill you up.” The wand was then again put on her pussy, and she was quickly brought to orgasm. She could feel her ass clamp down on the huge plug in her ass, sending more shock waves through her.

Just about when she was done, Mistress Kay pulled the plug from her ass. “What a dirty girl you are,” Mistress Kay commented. “Open your mouth and clean off my plug from your ass juices.” Sweetheart obeyed and even though she was gross out she did as she was told. The warm plug slid into her mouth and was not as bad as she thought. She went from just having it in her mouth to sucking on it.

As she was doing this, Mistress Kay’s hand was back at her ass. Probing with her fingers. One slide in with no trouble. “Look how your lovely ass takes my fingers. Wanting to pull them in. What an anal whore you are. Do you think you can take them all?” She pulled them out and then pushed them back, but this time all of them squeezed in.

Sweetheart’s mouth dropped open as Mistress Kay pushed deeper and deeper. “Open your cheeks. Pull them open wide so I can put more of my hand in you.” Sweetheart did not hesitate. Her hands reached down, pulling her cheeks open wide. “Now, look how much you can take,” Mistress Kay purred. “You see little by little you will open up for me.”

“Oh yes Mistress,” she responded with her eyes glazed over. “That feels for fucking good.”

“By the end of our time your ass will be wide open. Able to take the widest cock. Oh, I can feel your juices leaking out of you. Your ass taking my hand and your pussy vibrating with pleasure. Look how fucking good you take it, but you don’t get all the fun.” She pulled her fingers out of Sweetheart’s ass and removed the wand from her clit.

Sweetheart got a breather for a moment as she walked away to the far side of the room. “You are doing well so far, but we have to train that ass some more,” she paused and took a drink of her wine. She put her glass down and picked up a large glass dildo with a handle. Mistress Kay sauntered back to Sweetheart. Grabbing her by the back of her neck, she pulled her off the desk and directed her to the leather sofa. She was pushed down by the stronger woman. “Now I want you to fuck your ass with this,” Mistress Kat commanded as she handed her the large teardrop dildo.

Mistress Kay strutted back to the desk. Her hand tranced the end of the wooded fuck surface as she made her way behind it. As she sat in her chair, she saw Sweetheart working the tip past her rim. “That looks so sexy from over here,” she called out. That did not stop this sexy young thing from pushing it deeper. She came to the widest part. Her breathing became hard, but she kept trying. It was so hot watching her, Mistress Kat’s hand dropped to her lap and she started fingering herself to the sight.

Finally the dildo popped in and her ass was filled. The moans from across the room turned Mistress Kay on more and more. Her fingers rubbed faster as she enjoyed the show. Sweetheart took a quick breath and then started to work it back out. Not all the way, just enough. Then back in. Over and over. In and out. Her moans drowning out Mistress Kay’s. Mistress Kay watched as this once shy girl fucked her own ass and she was enjoying it. Then Sweetheart’s hand started rubbing her pussy too. Moans louder and louder. Mistress Kay could not stand the sight much more and came.

Sweetheart was so caught up in her pleasure she did not see. Her orgasm was not far behind. As she let her body flow with the orgasm she heard the click of Mistress’s heels. She looked up and saw the powerful woman holding a glass of water and a small tray of snacks.

“When you are ready, eat and drink this. Once you are done we will move on to part two of your training,” she said as she placed the items on the table by the sofa. With that she walked back to the desk.

Sweetheart enjoyed the sweets that were given to her. Letting the cream ooze from the cake she was eating. She was so engrossed with the snacks she did not see Mistress Kay walking back over to her. When she finally noticed her better standing just a few feet away she was shocked.

Mistress Kat stood there with a large black dildo with a harness wrapped around her hips. “On your knees now,” she commanded. She pulled her knees in and rolled over on them. Once under her she pushed off with her hands. Her body on all fours. The whole time she could not remove her eyes from the monster between Mistress Kay’s legs.

“That is a good girl. You like my huge girl cock don’t you.” Mistress Kay stepped forward. As she did she commanded her to “open”. Without hesitation Sweetheart did as ordered. She was rewarded with the thick, long black girl dick in her mouth. She has had some big dick, but this one her mouth barely fit around.

Mistress Kat was slow at first forcing it in her drooling mouth. But that was not for long. Soon Mistress Kay’s hands wrapped around her head. One at the base of her neck and the other under her jaw. Then she started slapping it to the back of her throat, making her gag again and again. The monster cock felt up her mouth making it hard to breathe.

Then it happened. The pushing finally made it pass her mouth and deep down her throat. Sweetheart could feel it stretch with each push. Going deeper and deeper. Then Mistress Kay pulled it back out of her mouth. The gasps for breath were followed by the thick strands of salvia. It was dripping from both her mouth down her chin and the domme’s girl cock. Over and over her throat was trained into taking the large member.

Finally her eyes rolled in her head. At this point Mistress Kay stopped using her throat. She pushed her back onto the sofa. Pulling her legs back, she locked them in place with Sweetheart’s arms. This left Sweetheart wide open. Mistress Kay got to her knees and worked her way to the exposed ready girl. She pushed the tip up to her back door and slid it.

Sweetheart gasped at the large member being forced in her, but soon found the pleasure of being fucked by it. Just like it being used to fuck her mouth, she could feel the pleasure building. Her eyes rolled again and then closed. She bit her lip and then her mouth hung slack. Her head fell to the side as she enjoyed this more and more.

“Oh you like that. I can see you want to cum for me. Let’s have you wait a bit.”

“Oh fuck,” Sweetheart mumbled between moans. With each breath she moaned harder. Her body had each nerve firing with pleasure endorphins. She so badly needed the release.

“Look at me stretching that dirty hole of yours. Me destroying your little asshole. I bet it feels good. I know it feels good. Filling you up like no man can.” She reached to the and picked up the wand and placed it on Sweetheart’s pussy. The moans came louder and louder. “Do you love this my sweet,” she questioned? Sweetheart shaking her head yes. “You like it deep inside of you and the wand buzzing on your sweet little cunt. What a good slut you are.”

Mistress Kay’s hands dropped to the inert thigh of her slut. Then she started to really thrust her hips as she fucked her. Deeper and deeper her girl cock went. From just over half into more and more of the shaft entering her. This poor girl has been on edge for so long. She is a drooling moaning mess. Her hand reached down and pulled the wand off of the other girl's pussy. She was close also and just needed that last push. “Cum for me,” she ordered and the girl wasted no time.

She came and she came hard just like she was ordered to. She could hear herself yelling oh shit but that was in the back of her mind. She felt her ass tightened around the thick member deep in her. Wave after wave rolling over and down her skin. She loved this feeling more and more. I Need it more and more.

As she came back to her senses she could hear her moaning. It was mistress. She opened her eyes and saw that the mistress took the wand from her clit and had it on her own. Sending her into her own orgasm. Sweetheart could not leave well enough alone. She made the comment, "does fucking my ass and seeing me cum make you all horny and need for your own release.” The second she said it she knew it was a mistake.

Her orgasm was just finishing as this little slut spoke. Not just spoke but did she challenge her? She dropped the wand to the floor and stood. Grappling this slut by her ankles she pulled them back over her head. This left her ass high in the air as her shoulders pinned her head to the sofa. Mistress Kay then climbed onto the sofa and stood over her.

A quick drop at the knees and the massive members were at this slut’s dirty hole. She pushed it in again, this time not being gentle. Standing over her she started to fuck her and fuck her hard. Driving down the thick solid plastic deeper and deeper. Hitting her like a piledriver.

“Where are your comments now bitch? Oh, you don’t have any, huh? Just like a stupid little slut. Running her mouth and getting her body in trouble. Well now I’m going to destroy your ass. You're not going to sit for a week. How do you like that?”

The moans coming from her pinned body told them both that she was enjoying it. “Yes Mistress. Please more,” she howled. “It’s so big. It’s so deep.” Her body twisted under the force of Mistress Kay. She could feel it building again. Another anal orgasm. “Please Mistress can I cum.”

“Look at you turning into an anal whore. You like the feeling of your ass stuffed. Making your body feel new things. You may have an assgasm. Do it now for me.” Sweetheart did not wait long. Soon all the nerves were firing again and her body let it flow over her.

As this anal slut’s body started to shake, Mistress Kay pulled out her cock. The slut’s body fell over to her side as her body still was experiencing the amazing assgasm.

As she came back to her senses, Mistress Kay lifted her up off the sofa. She was amazed at this woman’s strength. Carrying her with ease back to the desk. She was placed on all fours. “I’m going to sit in my chair right here and you are going to put on a show for me. You better make it sexy.” With that Mistress Kay retired to her chair.

Sweetheart, still feeling the inch of playing with her ass, started fingering it. Her right hand reached around and over her ass and her greedy fingers rubbed along her rim. She was sitting high on her knees as she slid her first finger in. As the next one pushed past her rim she started slowly bouncing up and down. Mimicking her riding a cock. The next finger entered and she could not help herself. The moans started flowing.

Her legs opened wider. Her left hand laced through her legs. Popping out along her pussy. She tried to hold her body in that position, but she gave in. Her head falling, resting on the desk. She looked back as her two hands fingered each hole. She saw Mistress sitting, watching. Her own hand rubbing her privates. The moans became louder as her body reacted to her self pleasure.

She heard the wheels of the chair roll a bit closer. Then laying next to her was a large red butt plug. She looked at it, knowing what her Mistress wanted her to do with it. She flipped over, sitting on the edge of the desk, she started licking the dildo up and down. Letting her tongue make it nice and wet. Then she took the whole plug into her mouth. Forcing back and forth, gagging herself. As she did this her free hand never stopped fingering her pussy.

When she thought she showed off her sucking skills enough she laid down on the desk. Her feet on the ends, pushing her ass up. From there she put on the show Mistress wanted. She tease

red piece of plastic along her rim. Pushing it in a bit and then taking it out, rubbing it along her rim. Over and over, each time going deep. As she heard Mistress let out her own moan she finally pushed it all the way in. The teasing of herself was driving her wild.

She needed more. She climbed off the desk and moved to her Mistress. It was too late for her, because by the time she opened her eyes, Sweetheart was standing over her. Before she knew what this slut was doing their lips met. Sweetheart kissing her hard. The kiss was only a few seconds, but it took her breath away. Sweetheart moved lower. Going on her knees. She opened Mistress Kay’s legs. Hanging them on each side of the chair and starting to lick her Mistress’s sweet pussy.

She was close but wanted to delay her orgasm. Make it build more and more. She pushed off this hungry slut and stood. Grabbing her by the hair again she dragged her to the carpet in the middle of the room. With her heel she pushed her down on her side and then made her roll to her back. From there she lowered herself onto this greedy whore's face. Making sure she covered each inch.

“Now, you greedy whore. Worship my pussy and ass. She if you can make me cum.” With that challenge she could feel this girl start licking her. She knew she would have no trouble making her cum, so she was going to try and even the playing field. Her hand moved over the slut’s belly. Making its way between her legs. At first she just started to rub her pussy lips. She could feel the moans escaping on her pussy. Next those fingers pushed into her wet hole with no resistance. Her palm resting on her mound she started to rub. It did not take long before she had her orgamings again. She rubbed and rubbed, the whole time trying to fight her own orgasm.

Seeing the juices flowing from this sexy girl, she wanted a taste. She pulled her fingers from her pet’s sweet box and brought them to her mouth. Licking the dripping juices off her fingers. She wanted more. Lowering her body so her face was between this girl’s legs. Her tongue darted out and she licked and licked and licked.

As she moved her body, Sweetheart felt her ass come up. Her face was not pinned. This gave her the opening she needed. She did not know how long she was smothered but not making her orgasm was frustrating her. She needs to know her skills would get them off quickly.

Both women laid there, licking each other. Trying to think of getting the other off as they fought against their orgasm. Moans intertwined and echoed through the room. Their bodies doing the little dance bodies do as they try to find that right spot. Sweetheart’s was found first. She could feel her orgasm coming. Only seconds away. One finally licked and she was off. Her body rocked with pleasure.

At that moment Mistress Kay gave into hers. She lost control of her body and collapsed onto Sweetheart below. Their bodies orgrasming as one. Finally, Mistress Kay rolled off onto her back. Sweetheart crawled over to her and rested her head on this amazing woman’s belly. They both let the exhaustion from the session take them and fell asleep.
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