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Summary: Each of the girls get a one-on-one time with Mr. Michaels as he puts each girl through intense bondage. Ali learns that she will have anal sex after a week of anal training as well as finding out that she will be expected to go to the prom with Jimmie. Sarah gets tormented on the Sybian as the first of many rounds of forced orgasms. She also receives the plan for a six-person orgy after prom along with all of Mr. Michaels expectations for the night.
This is a 28 chapter long form story. If you are finding this for the first time, I would encourage you to go back and read from Chapter 1 to get the most enjoyment from the overall story. Enjoy!

Sarah and Ali met at the spa the next afternoon. Before going inside, Ali pulled her to the side for privacy to tell Sarah everything that had happened that morning. Getting a text after getting home the night before, he instructed her to be at his house by 8:30 am, letting herself in with the code for the front door, and to go straight to his bed. Being so tired from the exhausting experience of losing her virginity, she had overslept a little and got there about 8:45 am. He had raged at her being late, and spanked her 20 times making her apologize and promise to be prompt from then on. Then he had eaten her out and fucked her in three or four different positions. Giving her more orgasms than she could count.

Tying her spread eagled, he next lightly teased and tickled her before fucking her again. Being restrained for the first time had scared her, but she confessed to kind of liking it. Moving next to tie her wrists and ankles together with her ass in the air, he fucked her with a dildo and vibrator. Followed by a blow job where she managed to swallow all of his cum, gaining some compliments at her improvement.

He even fucked her once while choking her neck. She freaked out at first, but as he slammed hard into her, the choking made her feel completely helpless and it got her off even more intensely. Shaking her head in bewilderment, she asked how he could go from such light gentle stoking to hard body pounding fucking. Concerned that she feared he would break her inexperienced pussy. They fucked and played for hours with some small rests where he held her while they talked. She called the whole experience eye-opening, confessing that she wanted more.

But after the sex, he had given her a bunch of new instructions. First, he gave her a set of butt plugs of varying sizes. She had never seen a butt plug before, and he had to show her how to insert the smallest one. The familiar ass training instructions followed to Sarah’s knowing nodding, and she was unsurprised when Ali said he announced that they would be having anal sex at the end of the week. Sarah could see that her lack of surprise alarmed Ali. When she didn’t get any sympathy from her friend, Ali flatly continued that he had ordered her to start her anal training on Monday so that she would be ready for him the following Sunday.

Trying to console Ali, Sarah did her best after that to convince her that anal sex really wasn’t that bad and that she might find that she really liked it. That it could give her a different and very powerful orgasm. Ali also received several hidden camera clocks with instructions to install them in her bedroom and bathroom. And she had to send pictures and videos during the week of her training.

But her biggest and most shocking instruction had come last. He wanted Sarah to arrange for Jimmie to take Ali to Prom and he wanted Ali to fuck Jimmie at some point during the week. In front of the hidden camera so that Mr. Michaels could watch. She looked white as a ghost as she told Sarah. “Did you know about this?” Ali asked.

“No, but I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve actually had sex with Jimmie and he is a nice guy. You’ll like him.”

“But I thought I was going to go with Craig. I mean, he hasn’t asked me yet, but I just assumed we would go together.”

“You don’t have a choice. I’ll call Jimmie this afternoon and hopefully he hasn’t made plans. I don’t want to be the one to tell Mr. Michaels that it won’t happen.” Ali unconsciously rubbed her ass at the thought of failing his instructions.

“I don’t know if I can do all of this Sarah. I mean, I know I made this choice to be his…. submissive…... submissive slave….or whatever….but this is all just so much.” Ali fretted.

“If you don’t want to live with it, you can always tell him and just deal with the consequences. It is still your choice.”

Ali looked terrified. “I can’t do that! My parents would kill me. And I mean, I could go to jail. College would be fucked. My life would be fucked. I can’t do that.” She shook her head and shivered at the thought.

Sarah nodded and considered. “Then make the best of it. Accept what it is and live with the choice. I know I am. I made the same choice sweetheart. We will live through this. And maybe it won’t be as bad as we think.”

That seemed to calm her and Ali gave her a quick peck. “At least we are in it together. I really appreciate having you with me on this.” Sarah continued to be surprised that Ali never seemed to make the connection that she had a hand in setting her up. Feeling more guilty than ever, she did her best to just put it out of her mind. Reminding herself for the hundredth time that she didn’t really have a choice. Mr. Michaels wanted it, so Sarah had to do it. He really did own her. But down deep, knowing that bringing him a new slave had pleased her Master made her feel happy and content. Even it if meant putting Ali in the same predicament as herself.


The massage released all their tensions with them coming out smiling and feeling better about their situations. Sarah called Jimmie right after and asked him about his plans for prom. He planned on asking a girl at school in the morning. When Sarah suggested that he should take Ali he snorted saying that he didn’t even know Ali and didn’t understand why she would even suggest it. Sarah promised that if he would take her, first he would get to fuck Ali during week. A practical virgin. And then after prom, the six of them would have fun together. She didn’t elaborate on what that meant, but with her promises, he couldn’t refuse and agreed.

With his assurance to call Ali and ask her right away, she also told him he should act surprised when Ali asked to get together sometime later that week. “You are one crazy slut Sarah. But I’m happy to be a part of your crazy,” he confessed.

“That’s right Jimmie. One crazy slut. Do a good job with Ali and I’ll even give you a little fun of my own. Maybe Saturday night?”

“Sure. For one of your blow jobs, anything.” He hung up and Sarah smiled to herself.

Completely giddy, Ali called later that night to tell Sarah that Jimmie had asked her to prom. They were set and she had set up a date with him on Friday night. Nervously, she confessed that she was excited at the prospect of having sex with a different boy. She also very quietly whispered to Sarah that she had her first butt plug in while they were talking. Grumbling that it hurt a little going in and the thought of the size of the biggest one terrified her. Sarah advised her to just take it one day at a time and that it would be okay. Confiding that she had used butt plugs in the past, even big ones like she had described, and that if you took it slow and worked up to it, that it wouldn’t be that bad. Sarah remained careful to stay ambiguous about when and for whom all of her experiences had come from. Ali didn’t question it.


Mr. Michaels ended up having Jenny come to his place on Monday. Jenny relayed the whole story to Sarah the next day at school. “He put heavy rubber bands around my tits and small tight ones around my nipples and then tied me to the X cross face first, using the flogger on my ass and thighs. Every time I begged him to stop, he tickled my sides making me scream and wouldn’t stop unless I begged for the flogger again. He went back and forth like that until I thought I would pee myself. I didn’t like the tickling, but he would hit harder and harder until I didn’t have a choice. When he finally had enough, he flipped me around to face forward.”

Her eyes got big. “Sarah, when I looked down, my tits looked totally swollen and purple and my nipples hurt like a total bitch with those fucking little bands. But that wasn’t the worst. He pulled one of the really long crops, you know with the big leather pieces at the end and he slapped the tops of my tits like ten times. With that fucking little sadistic smile he gets. They felt so tender and it hurt like hell. I mean, I screamed until he yelled at me to shut the fuck up.”

“So then he set up a hitachi on a stand and put the head right on my clit. After a couple of minutes, I’m like humping the thing and then he went back to cropping my tits all over. It didn’t hurt as bad anymore, but every time I’d just about be ready to beg to cum like he likes, he’d slap right on my nipples. Fuck it hurt. But only for a few seconds and then the vibrator would make me want to cum again. Then he turned the hitachi on high. Like the low setting isn’t bad enough,” she said shaking her head.

“So then I am begging him, and he is still hitting me with the crop, and I came anyway. It was so strong. And then he slapped my face and called me a fucking greedy slut! Right across my face Sarah! Hard. I was so dizzy and disoriented at that point. I think I was crying and saying ‘I’m sorry Master’, but he just started pushing the vibrator harder on my clit and then reached down and pulled one of the bands off my nipple with his teeth. It was numb at first, but he started sucking on it and it felt like it was on fire.”

“And then like a minute later, I came again. And I got so sensitive after, but he wouldn’t take the vibrator away. I begged him and pleaded for him to take it off. I tried to pull my hips to the side to get away from it and he just reach grabbed one of the bigger rubber bands and pulled it out about two inches and let it snap. Then the other side. And he yelled in my face that he would make my tits all black and blue if I didn’t keep my cunt right on his vibrator.”

Sarah hand covered a small gasp. “So what did you do?”

“What could I do?! I kept it right on my clit until I came again. But this time, I remembered at least to ask permission. He said yes and it was like my whole body jerked. I felt it everywhere. And before it was even over, he grabbed my face and got real close and stared right at me and said ‘If you want to please me, you’ll cum again. You tell me you always want to cum for your Master!’ So I just kept humping the thing while he pulled the other nipple band and the rubber bands off and started massaging my tits. They felt so sore, but his hands felt so good. The last orgasm lasted a really long time. And I was babbling ‘I want to please you. I want to please you.’ I really was in a different world.”

“Wow! That sounds so intense.”

“Fuck, it was. And that was just the start. He put me on the massage table and everything hurt. I had pulled so tight on the cross. And my pussy throbbed like a drum. He put me on my stomach with a wedge pillow under my hips propping my ass up in the air. And he tied my hands and feet so I couldn’t move at all. And got on top of me and fucked me from behind. He called it a ‘prone bone’.” Both girls got the giggles and Jenny just shook her head.

“Hard and deep is all I can say. The way his whole body slammed into me. I just remember hearing that slapping noise every time his hips bounced of my ass. I begged to cum but I don’t have any idea if he said okay or not. I just felt my whole body shake. And my tits still hurt being smashed into the table.” She let out a big sigh. “It was fucking great. I might have cum twice. I don’t remember. His dick is just perfect.”

“Was that it?”

Jenny scrunched up her face like it was a stupid thing to say. “Of course not bitch! He rolled me on my side and used rope to tie my foot to my knee so my leg was bent. And then moved that fucking machine thing over and set it up to fuck my ass. Then he gave me a small vibrator for my clit that I had to hold while he moved over in front of me so I could blow him. He told me that I had to get us both off at the same time and that if I didn’t cum right while he was filling my mouth, that he would get the cane and hit my ass thirty times. He grabbed me right by the hair and yelled an me, ‘you better not fuck this up you stupid whore!’ Fuck I was so scared.”

When she didn’t immediately finish the story, Sarah grabbed her arm and asked with a hushed voice, “How did it go?”

Jenny smiled. “Handled it like a grade A slut ho! It was so hard to concentrate. That dildo in my ass kept going so deep and he kept ramping up the speed. And he was thrusting himself so hard into my mouth. I just kept slurping on him and jerking him as fast as I could. And then I had to hold off my own orgasm waiting for him. It was maddening. Twice I thought he was about to pop and then he didn’t and I barely stopped myself in time. Finally I heard him grunt and I just fondled his balls and sucked right on the tip of his cock. When that first spurt hit my tongue, my vagina just exploded. And I was trying to swallow and make sure I got it all down, but that wave hit me and I felt like I was floating away. Fuck it was so intense.”

Jenny’s eyes were staring off in the distance, unfocused as she relived the memory. Sarah let out a little whistle and smiled back at her. “Damn girl. I think I’m jealous.”

Her comment brought Jenny back to Earth. Chuckling, she clutched her left breast with her right hand and mockingly complained, “My boob still hurts.” Both girls laughed and headed off to class.


Sarah got a text a few hours later instructing her to be at his place later that night. With Jenny’s de***********ion of being used as a fuck toy still in hear ears, Sarah felt her pussy tingle at the thought. A second text followed just minutes after, this one sent to both her and Ali, telling them to be at his place on Thursday night. “The man is insatiable,” Sarah thought to herself, titillated at the prospect of a second night of fun. She found out later that Jenny had gotten a similar text for Thursday’s appointment and figured out he planned on surprising Ali with Jenny being there.

She got to his house promptly as ordered, with her panties soaked with her excitement as he led her to the hidden playroom. Commenting on her damp underwear as he stripped off her clothes, she watched as he took them off and inhaled the aroma of her juices on the thin black material. Standing stock still with her hands clasped behind her as she had been taught, when he finally turned back to her and ordered her to bow, she dropped to the floor immediately and assumed the proper position, feeling the cold cement on her skin.

With a long-handled thin paddle, he spanked her using steady, unhurried strokes. Two months prior she would have cringed and cried from the hard slaps of the paddle stinging her ass, but now it just made her pussy drip even more. She carefully controlled her breathing. When he paused long enough to run his fingers between her pussy lips, she moaned at his touch. He moved from directly behind her to straddling her ass facing backwards, using both hands to stretch her pussy and ass checks wide and demanded, “Who’s pussy is this Sarah?”

Being used to him always seeking confirmation of his dominance, she replied without reservation, “It’s your pussy Sir. To do with any way you want.”

He brought his hand down hard on the exposed tender flesh of her vulva making her yelp. Followed quickly by his hand rubbing her labia and clit in wide circles until she would start moaning again. He repeated it six or seven times, each time spending more time rubbing her clit. The throbbing sharp pain quickly turning into waves of pleasure each cycle.

“My I cum Master?!” she begged urgently.

“Not yet,” he commanded. Sarah started to spasm and jerk involuntarily, holding off her orgasm while he continued to thrash her sensitive bud. Several severe spanks on her ass started with his left hand while his fingers continued their dance on her tender morsel. The hot sting of his hand stayed distant as she focused all of her attention the growing climax inside of her. “Cum now little slut. Cum for your Master.”

As soon as the orgasm started, he let go of her clit at used both hands to slap her ass hard. The orgasm deepened and shook her body. After a flurry of hard slaps, he used both hands to knead her white hot ass cheeks. Sarah could feel her pussy gush in the afterglow of the orgasm and she groaned as the heat from her ass spread through her body.

Pulling her up to her feet, he led her to the massage table, laying her on her back. Leaning down, he kissed her while his hands massaged her tits. Slowly moving down her body with tender kisses and light strokes, he eventually focused on sucking and nibbling lightly on her nipples. The magic mouth trailed saliva down over her stomach before lightly biting her inner thighs with her legs spread just wide enough to run his tongue over her labia, splitting them with his tongue to lightly licking her clit. The journey returned up her body to her mouth again. The cool air made every trail of his tongue cause her body to tingle. While he kissed her again passionately, Sarah could only admire at how well he manipulated her body, taking it from one extreme to the next. She kissed him back just as deeply, probing his mouth with her tongue and then playfully bit his lip, pulling it out toward her, and enjoyed hearing him chuckle at her small defiance.

Relaxed and sexually charged, Mr. Michaels stood Sarah up, moving her over by what he called the ‘Sybian’. It looked like a half barrel with purple silicone piece on top that had a big bump just off center. He had two, but this one sat on a small adjustable stand. Instructing her to clasp her arms together behind her, he wrapped rope along her crossed forearms securing them together. With another piece of rope, he wrapped it around her body, first below her tits several times and then above her tits several times, squeezing them between the two groups of lashings. He looped the rope around the lashings in front pulling them together like a rope bra.

Leaving slack in the line, he tied the other end of the rope around the lashings in back. The loose loop of rope got placed over a hook at the end of one of the lines anchored up in the ceiling. Pulling on the other end of the hook line, he pulled down until the hook tightened on the rope looped over her head, putting pressure on Sarah’s arms and chest harness.

With Sarah secured, he rolled the Sybian over between her legs and told her to straddle it. With quick adjustments to the height of the Sybian and the tension on the hook line holding her up, Sarah soon found herself with the smooth attachment on top of the beast between her legs splitting her pussy until the bump rested right on her clit while she balanced on her tiptoes. Despite the rope supporting her comfortably enough, Sarah’s stomach fluttered nervously at being in such a vulnerable position, knowing she wouldn’t be able to get off the Sybian if she wanted to. Or needed to.

While he attached clamps to her nipples with the chain hanging down just above her navel, she felt her feet start to tire and had to let the ropes hold her putting even more pressure on her arms, chest, and pussy. Mr. Michaels picked up the remote control that attached to the Sybian with a long wire. Wasting no time, he turned one of the knobs and the vibrations started. Sarah’s whole pussy and pelvis vibrated, instantly answering the question as to how strong it would be as compared to the normal vibrators they used. It shook her whole lower body, but the focus remained on her womanly pleasure point. Slowly turning the dial, the vibration and noise intensified further, making Sarah let out a long low groan. She tried and failed to lift herself off, straining her calf muscles, barely lifting herself half an inch with no relief to her abused clit. The strength of her moaning kept pace with the growing vibrations.

“You are not allowed to cum, Sarah. You will take this for me and deny yourself, do you understand?” he stated rhetorically. Sarah ground her pussy along the slick surface, feeling the strong tremors radiate to every part of her body. Sudden terror filled her knowing she would not be able to comply with her Master’s wishes. Even her ass shook wildly from the vibration. Moans turned into small screams as the dial continue to inch up. The machine had her at his complete mercy with no chance to get a reprieve. Grabbing a crop from the wall, he started bringing it down on her ass cheeks with sharp quick blows. The sting helped her focus on the pain, but she couldn’t stop her pussy from grinding against the big bump on her clit.

“I’m not going to be able to stop, sir. This is too intense. It’s going to make me cum,” she protested.

He swatted her even harder but Sarah barely felt it. “No cumming. Stop being such a greedy slut and learn to control your body. You will disappoint me if you can’t control yourself.” But then he turned the dial more making the machine sound and feel like a lawn mower trapped between her legs.

Sarah cried out. She set her will to stop her body from betraying her, but she couldn’t stop grinding her pussy. He brought small weights over and hung them from her nipple clamp chain. She could see her nipples get stretched farther with each one. But still she could barely feel it. The constant vibration between her legs remained the only thing she could feel. Even the tight rope constricting her and holding her up had become an afterthought.

“I’m going to cum!” She yelled. “Please turn it off. I can’t stop it, sir. Please Master turn it off or I’ll cum,” she warned. He spun the dial down, but only for a two count and then turned it back up slowly. Repeating this several times, each time Sarah felt her resolve weaken more. He cropped her thighs and the back of her calves and then back to her ass. Right as she neared the orgasmic edge, he released the nipple clamps, dropping them and the weights to the floor. He grabbed both nipples with a vice like grip and stared right into her face in front of her while her body shook violently.

“If you cum right now without permission, you are going to cum over and over again until I tell you to stop. Do you understand?”

A cold sweat broke out on her forehead while she stared back pleadingly. She wanted to follow his orders, but couldn’t hold her body back anymore. “Yes sir,” she said meekly. Her body convulsed and she felt the orgasm rip through her. If the ropes weren’t holding her up, she would have fallen over. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” she screamed. He body shook and spasmed, with her upper body swinging back and forth, but never off of the centerpoint of the Sybian.

He held her ass in place, focusing the vibration on her clit. Turning it up a little higher, Sarah rolled from one orgasm into another. She let out several exclamations without knowing even what she said. As the latest orgasm started to subside, her clit got super sensitive, making her struggle to get off her tormentor, to no avail.

“It hurts, please Master, please stop it!” she begged. After a long few seconds, the pain turned back to pleasure and another orgasm got physically pulled from her. Forced out of her body. She felt spasms all over her body and a weird warmth passed through her. She thought she might pass out, but Mr. Michaels slapped her face. Then pinched her face in his hand under the jaw and made her look at him. Shock, terror, and total lust filled her as she stared back in his eyes while her body shook and her pussy ground against the relentless Sybian.

“Again my little slut. You cum again right now.”

Sarah forced her eyes to stay open looking at him while she let her body go again and mumbled, “Fuck I’m cumming again oh my god fuck oh fuck cumming” in a stream of words without any real thought. It all felt like one long continuous orgasm that never really stopped.

Finally, he turned down the dial and stopped it. With her pussy completely numb, her head rolled forward trying to catch her breath in gulps, realizing she had been holding her breath for a long time. As he lowered the Sybian, Sarah let out a long sigh as she felt her feet fall flat on the floor. Her calves and thighs screamed from the long endured strain of straddling the barrel. Slowly calming herself, she watched as he pulled off the purple attachment and put on a new one. A plain tan colored one with two short, round dildos sticking up about an inch and a half apart. He placed a larger dildo sleeve over the forward one that changed it to an impressive length and girth. Silently grabbing some lube, he rubbed generous amounts over the double phallus before turning back to her and thoroughly coating her anus and pussy. She knew exactly what to expect.

The Sybian got raised back up into place between her legs. The thick penis shaped dildo in the front entered her pussy, stretching her swollen pussy. The smaller one in the back went up her ass. The double penetration made her feel full and the big dildo penetrated deep into her pussy. She found herself raised back up on her tiptoes, impaled in both holes. Her stained muscles burned and trembled in exhaustion, forcing her to rest heavily on the evil device.

He didn’t have any instructions this time around and just turned the first dial up about halfway. The double dildos now vibrated both the inside and outside of her lower body. As he turned the second dial on the remote, she felt the dildo in her pussy start to rotate in a small circle. When he turned it up again, it rotated faster. Alternating then between the two dials, the vibrations and rotations continued to ramp up. Sarah had never felt anything like it before, surrendering entirely to the two probes, letting the machine do it’s work.

“May I cum Master? Please may I cum for you again?” Sarah begged.

“Yes. Tell me how it feels and cum for me.”

“Oh my god! It is so intense. It keeps rubbing my g-spot. And the vibration in my ass….It’s going to….make….me…..CUM!” Sarah yelled out as her body experienced another very intense climax. He turned both dials to about three quarters of the way. Sarah’s orgasm lasted for a full minute or longer. It rolled on and on with varying degrees of strength, but her stomach never stopped clenching hard. She felt drops splatter on her thighs along with a wet slapping sound as her juices flowed. With her ready to plead for it to stop, he turned it off. He grabbed her face and kissed her running his tongue along her lips. Her body quaked as he kissed her neck and sucked on her sore nipples. When he bit her shoulder, new waves of tingles pulsed through her. He kept the tender treatment up for several minutes while Sarah tried to regain her composure.

He finally pulled back and held her head in both hands until she looked into his eyes. Warm contentment filled her as he smiled and held her gaze for a loving minute. The Master of her body had taken her to new heights. Unknown heights. And she had never felt better.

“One more,” he announced.

“NO!! NO! I can’t! Please. It is too much!” she yelled in protest, surprised at her own anger. But it fell on deaf ears. Both dials were ramped up until Sarah could see they were all the way up. With her head falling forward, she had lost any ability to stay upright, putting even more pressure on her clit. She didn’t ask or even say anything. She just came hard. Grunting and straining with all her might against her bonds. The orgasm exploded in her as she shook and trembled. She let out an almost silent groan while he pulled on her nipples, clearly enjoying her torment. Her eyes glazed over and she felt like she left her body as the orgasm continued for an unknown amount of time.

Satisfied, he turned everything off and dropped the Sybian from between her legs, loosening the restraints. Sarah couldn’t even talk. Cum drunk beyond words, she could only moan softly while trying to keep her balance. Her pussy felt like a fat pillow between her legs from being so swollen. Her clit still vibrated on its own and her skin felt cool and slick with sweat. When he finally released her arms, they hurt to unbend and Sarah took her first deep breath since he had started.

He picked her up, holding her like a small child under the knees and back while she wrapped her arms around his neck. In a blink of an eye, she realized he had taken her all the way upstairs to his bedroom, laying her on the bed. She didn’t move while she watched him take off his clothes, following him only with her eyes as he got into bed on top of her. He proceeded to very slowly fuck her in missionary position.

The feel of his warm real cock in her pussy felt welcome after the long play with the cold plastic ones. Coming back alive, she wrapped her legs and arms around his body and felt the warmth and weight of his much larger frame against her small body. He kissed her neck and bit lightly on her earlobe and shoulder. Her pussy still felt somewhat numb, but the deep penetration soon had her nearing climax again.

“May I cum Master? You feel so good.” He didn’t answer but just kissed her and she let herself go while their tongues danced with each other. It wasn’t as intense as earlier, but the warmth spread through her body and she felt her pussy clench his dick and vibrate against him. Rolling her onto her side, he intertwined their legs while he fucked her from the side, thrusting much harder than before. She thought he would cum, but he stopped and rolled her onto her stomach.

Straddling her legs, he entered her from behind and rolled his pelvis over her ass while grabbing her shoulders and pulling her to him with each thrust. Deep, hard penetration while he grunted from the effort. Sarah grunted as well. Her clit still a giant swollen grape, sent out pleasurable waves as she ground her hips up to meet his thrusts.

He grabbed her arms around the biceps and pulled her torso up off the bed as he continued to pound her pussy hard. He rocked her torso up and down like a limp rag doll. “Tell me you want to be my fuck toy. Make me believe it,” he demanded.

She didn’t have to lie. “Oh yes. I love being your fuck toy! I love being manhandled by you Master!” And she knew in the moment she meant every word. Grunting as he yanked on her body. Every meaty jab sending ripples through her as she surrendered herself completely to him.

She could tell he had gotten close and proclaimed her own orgasm in a scream as the climatic spasm rocked her pussy. With one final deep thrust, he let go of his first spurt of seed deep in her pussy. He pulled back and thrust again with the second spurt and held himself deep in her while he continued to jerk through his orgasm. He released her arms and collapsed on top of her panting from his exertion. His hot breath on the back of her head and neck warming her already overheated body.

They stayed like that for several minutes until they had both calmed down. He pulled out of her and rolled over and lay next to her. Sluggishly, she pulled her head up enough to look at him not knowing what to say, taking long deep breaths now that his weight had left her, until she finally got up enough energy to roll over herself. When he reached down with his hand between her legs, she resisted giving a mild protest and just opened her legs. With even less resistance, she accepted his cum coated fingers when he brought them to her mouth after rooting inside of her sore pussy. The sharp tang of their combined juices filled her mouth each time he returned his fingers down for more to let her greedily suck on them. A small smile on her face indicating how much she enjoyed the intimate act.

He rolled back on his back with his head resting on his bent arm behind it. “Clean my dick and then go clean yourself up.”

Sarah moved to position herself between his legs, taking his semi-hard dick fully into her mouth and slurped up all of the residual goo off his dick, swirling her tongue around the head. Her own need to please him consumed her thoughts, nudging out the exhaustion the night’s activities made her feel. She sucked each ball into her mouth and slowly rolled it around with her tongue, followed by taking long licks from his balls, up his shaft to the big mushroom head. She took her time and enjoyed the tease.

She smiled at the thought of how a few months earlier, something like this would have repulsed her and now she relished it. Fully clean, she gave him one last kiss right on his cockhole before moving up to give him a quick kiss on the lips and then jumping down from the bed to run for the bathroom. Feeling the last remanent start to drip out as she was walking, she covered herself with her hand and skipped the last few feet into the bathroom. When she got to the bathroom, she turned to make sure he saw her bring her hand with the collected drippings to her mouth and lick them off.


She bounded back to him once cleaned up and refreshed and he told her to go get them a couple of glasses of wine. With a quick kiss, she ran down to the kitchen to find and open a bottle of white and brought up two glasses. They sat up on the bed leaning against the headboard and drank and talked. He asked her what she thought of the Sybian. Recounting the heavy vibrations on her clit and the double penetration shaking her whole body made her pussy gush again. She didn’t understand how her body could crave more sex after having so many strong orgasms already, but she did crave more.

“Prom is coming up soon,” Mr. Michaels announced changing topics quickly. “I’ve arranged for a limo to pick you up. I think the three girls should decide on a house to meet at to get ready. I’ll want to watch as you prepare and we will make sure all three of you have something very sexy to wear under your dresses.”

“Oh my God!!! Really?! That sounds awesome!” Sarah exclaimed.

“The boys can all come to meet you after you get ready and the limo will take you to dinner at Vito’s Bistro. It’s a nice Italian place not too far from the dance. The meal will be paid for so you won’t have to worry about that. You’ll go to the dance and have fun.”

Sarah didn’t even respond. He clearly had a full agenda and she just waited to hear what he had planned for them.

He continued, “After the dance, the limo will take you to the Hyatt. You will have a suite. And I will make sure you have some drinks and snacks waiting for you there. After a few drinks to loosen everyone up, the six of you will have an orgy. I want you to start by the girls giving the guys a show and then I want to see plenty of fucking and sucking. Lots of different combinations. You will be in charge and direct the action. Of course, there will be plenty of cameras set up around the rooms. But there will also be two handheld ones that you can use for closeups. I would recommend you start in the living room, but you can use the bedroom as well.”

He took a sip of his wine before continuing. “There will be toys waiting for you on the dressers. Use what you want. But I want to see the three of you drain those boys until they can’t get it up anymore. And at one point, I want to see all three boys cum on your face as close to the same time as possible. I want a good bukkake shot with the handheld camera up close. Maybe make the other girls lick it off. I also want all girls to take it in the ass at least once. Bonus points if you can get any of the boys to get pegged by a strap on.” He looked right at her for a long minute. “Is all of that understood?”

It took a second for Sarah to process everything and respond. “Uhh…uhh.. yes sir. Of course sir. That uh…wow. That’s a lot. But I’ll get it done for you sir,” she said not feeling at all confident. Getting one or more of the boys to get pegged in front of the others seemed impossible. And a bukkake shot?

“Of course, remember, rubbers at all times when a cock is inside of either an ass or a pussy. And the boys aren’t to know anything about me. The three girls take credit for arranging everything without explaining how.”

“Yes, sir, I understand,” Sarah responded still somewhat dazed, quietly contemplating the ramification of his plan for several minutes.

“How about showing me some appreciation?” Mr. Michaels asked, sounding somewhat pissed.

Sarah gulped her wine and put down her glass on the bedside table. Turning back, she moved quickly to straddle his lap, leaning in directly to kiss him deeply and desperately. She held his head and dug her tongue into his mouth. Then she kissed his lips and cheeks and all over his face like an excited puppy. “Thank you Master! Thank you so much for everything you do for me! I promise I will make you happy and do everything you say!”

She continued to spread kisses over his face and then kissed him deeply again. Pulling back, she cupped her breast and ran her nipple over his lips teasing him. Alternating between both nipples until he playfully nibbled and sucked on each one to her squeals of pleasure. Kissing down his chest next and over his stomach. His manhood had started to recover, and she swallowed it fully into her mouth, cupping his balls and taking long strokes with her mouth working his growing cock deeper and deeper into her throat.

She relaxed her throat as much as possible and felt him slide into it. Forcing her head down as far as she could before coming up to gasp for air and starting again. Saliva dripped from her mouth and down his shaft and she jerked her hand up and down it. She pressed him back down into her throat until she had almost the entire thing buried and tried to lick his balls with her tongue. His length still kept her from her ultimate goal, but she did everything she could.

Moving down, she sucked both of his balls into her mouth, being careful to be gentle with them, but squeezing and playing with them for several minutes. Then she pulled his body down until he lay flat on the bed. He had to help given that she didn’t have the strength to pull his full weight by herself. With an impish grin, she pushed his legs up toward his chest. Still stroking his cock with one hand, she got down between his ass cheeks and ran her tongue around his asshole. Tonguing his ass as deep as she could, she spread saliva all around the opening, rewarded with his deep groans of pleasure.

She spit into her other hand and rubbed more saliva around and into his asshole. When he only groaned louder without objection, she decided to go for it. Coating her first two fingers one last time in her mouth, she then rubbed them against his puckered hole. Very slowly, she pressed them forward while stroking his cock steadily. As the fingers made it past his sphincter and got about an inch deep, she took his cock back into her mouth and started bobbing her head with her hand held against her mouth. Working his cockhead hard while finger fucking his ass, eventually getting her fingers fully into him. He grabbed her head and groaned even more loudly. Sarah knew he would unload in her mouth at any minute and worked furiously with both hands and her mouth, willing it to happen.

Suddenly, without warning, he pulled himself from her mouth and pushed her up back onto her heels, pulling her fingers out of himself with his other hand. Initially panicked that she had done something wrong, she stared at him in dismay.

“Not yet my pet,” he said with an evil grin calming her, instantly comforting her knowing that she hadn’t gone too far or hurt him. He grabbed and squeezed his own cock under the head and Sarah knew he had intentionally held off his own ejaculation. She watched him take some deep breaths of his own and then he grabbed her arm and pulled her off the bed.

He led her to the low chaise lounge chair in the corner of the room. Long and narrow enough for a single person to recline on. He practically threw her down on it and grabbed her legs and pushed them wide and to her chest. Quickly aiming his rock-hard hammer right at her cunt, he buried himself into her soft folds with a single thrust. Sarah gasped as he pushed all the way into her, and then ground his erection against her cervix.

His feet were on the ground and the low lounge allowed him the perfect angle and leverage to pound her welcoming pussy, which he took every advantage of. He pushed her legs fully back until her ankles where practically against her head as he started to jackhammer into her pussy with the single purpose of getting himself off quickly. Sarah felt the quake of an orgasm as it rippled through her pummeled vagina while she announced that she had succumbed yet again. There had been no opportunity to beg for permission.

As soon as her climax slowed, she wanted to get him off. “Please Master. Please stop for one second.” He hadn’t been looking at her, but he stopped thrusting and looked down. “Please master. Stop for one second and pull out.” His furrowed brow indicating his confusion, but he relented and removed himself.

She could see his throbbing dick glisten with her own cum as he pulled back. Sarah spit into her hand and reached down past her pussy. Rubbing the wad of spit into her own ass as quickly as she could before she grabbed his dick and redirected it to the lower hole. As the head found its target, she gave a throaty command, “I need your beautiful cock in this slut’s ass. Your fuck toy needs to make you cum hard. Use me.”

Mr. Michaels grinned and pushed forward. Sarah let out a deep guttural groan and a small yelp as he sunk into her. Her tight ass gripped his thick rod. He kept her legs against his shoulders and grabbed her thighs as he increased the pace. Sarah spit in her hand again and reached down to her clit. Rubbing her swollen clit in big circles, slowly at first but quickly picking up the pace. It had become a race to see who would cum first. Both Sarah and Mr. Michaels groaned and grunted. “Fuck me sir. Fuck your dirty little whore. I’ve been naughty and I need your hot cum in my ass. Make me your fuck toy!” Sarah dug her middle fingers into her pussy, slamming her clit with her palm.

Sarah won the race. The deep penetration of her ass combined with her hand proved to be too much. Screaming out a stream of “Fuck yes! Fuck me! Oh my fucking god! Fuck! Fuck me” and the like as her body stiffened and jerked through an intense orgasm. Her legs trembled against him and she felt her pussy vibrating.

Mr. Michaels let out a loud grunt and thrust as hard as he could into her and let loose a torrent of his hot spooge. He dug his fingers into Sarah’s thighs and ground his dick into her through several heavy spurts of cream. Sarah didn’t feel his fingers gouge her as her orgasm continued to rock her body for several minutes. Each time she thought it had finished, she would jerk and it would continue.

They both came to a rest panting. He looked down at her and grinned until he had caught his breath. Then he rolled her to her side and withdrew his dick. Leaving her only briefly while he retrieved a towel and a wet washcloth. With gentle care, he split her ass cheeks and used the washcloth to clean the spunk that seeped from her asshole. He put the towel under her and rolled her onto her back and used the backside of the washcloth to slowly clean between her legs.

He pulled her and the towel down to the end of the chaise more roughly. Spreading her legs wide with her feet on the floor, her stayed sitting on the floor and leaned forward to start eating her pussy. His warm soft tongue on her well fucked pussy felt electric. She moaned and wanted to pull her legs up, but he kept them in place. Sliding two fingers into her while his tongue danced over her clit. With nothing else to do, Sarah slowly massaged her tits and lightly pinched her nipples. He took his time and brought her close several times, but deftly slowed each time without her having to say anything.

Sarah moaned and ground her hips in time with his finger thrusts. He spread her pussy lips wide with his other hand and barely touched her clit with his tongue with small flicks and swirls. After so many orgasms already, Sarah didn’t think she could cum again at first, but the warm feeling overtook her again and she pressed up with her pelvis trying to force herself against his mouth. He kept the pressure light until Sarah felt frantic. The orgasm welled up in her slowly, despite her urging for him to take her quickly. Eventually reaching her pleasure plateau, she begged, “Please master, please let me cum.”

She grabbed his head and pulled him harder onto herself and continued to gyrate. Unconcerned about any potential punishment she let the orgasm rock her body, calling out and groaning loudly. He never slowed and sucked hard on her clit, biting and rolling it between his teeth. “Yes, of fuck yes!” she yelled as her body trembled deeply. He kept raking her g-spot with the tips of his fingers drawing out her orgasm for as long as possible. She clenched her body tight and pinched her nipples visciously before finally collapsing back onto the chaise with small quivers every few seconds. She let out a very satisfied sigh and breathed deeply for the first time since her orgasm started. “Thank you Master. That was incredible,” she mewed softly.

He let her relax for a minute before pulling out his fingers. He stood and reached under her head and grabbed her hair. He pulled her up to her feet somewhat roughly and demanded, “Bow and show me some proper respect.”

Bringing her quickly to her senses, she dropped limply to the floor on her knees with her arms stretched out in front of her and her head pressed to the floor. “Thank you Master. Thank you for treating your slut so wonderfully. I don’t deserve how well you treat me. Thank you for my orgasms.” She then crawled forward and kissed his foot several times before going back to a bow to wait for instruction.

“On you knees,” he ordered. She raised up and put her hands behind her back and looked straight ahead. He waited a long minute before responding. “Who owns your cunt Sarah?”

“You do Master. You own my cunt, sir,” she responded. “You’ve made me a cum whore and I love it,” she added.

He walked behind her. She tried to wait patiently, but her stomach quivered with fear and her breathing got ragged. He put his hand in her hair and grabbed it, pulling her head back so she looked up into his face. “Say it again.”

“You own my cunt, Master. You own my body to do with anything you want. Willingly. I am your willing submissive slave.” She tried to be confident, but her voice cracked with nerves. She expected to be punished.

“Good girl. I believe you. And that is what I like to hear. Go clean up and we will get in the hot tub.” Sarah got up and ran off to the bathroom.

When she came back, she realized he had already grabbed the wine glasses and headed downstairs making her run to catch up. He poured them both more wine as they got in the hot tub. They talked and kissed and he played with her tits idly for a while. Then he said, “I have an appointment for you three to get waxed again on Saturday. I want Ali to get a Brazilian like you two. Later we might try some different patterns, but for now, I like you all baby smooth. And of course, make sure they wax your backside as well. And then I also have another massage set up for all three of you on Sunday. In fact, I think I am going to set that up as a standing weekly appointment. You can let the others know.”

Sarah jumped up and kissed him and thanked him. The massages had become a pampered treat that she looked forward to each time and couldn’t believe this would be a regular thing. The news of having to get waxed again made her less enthused, but it seemed a small price to pay for all of the spoiling treatment he bestowed upon her.

When they finished their wine and their skin got wrinkly, he picked her up and floated her on top of the water making her lay flat while he supported her from underneath. Floating her over to the side of the tub, he instructed her to put the lower part of her legs up on the edge. Bending her body at the knees, he lowered her waist up against side of the tub until one of the jets hit right on her pussy. He supported her back so that her head floated just above the water line.

The strong jet hit her pussy and clit. Similar to the showerhead, the stream of warm water felt wonderful immediately, but the jet had much higher pressure. As he moved her slowly closer, it soon became too much and he backed off just enough. She whimpered and moaned as the jet pummeled her clit, but did her best to keep her eyes open and focused on his. He pinched her nipples and massaged her breasts with his free hand as the warm water bubbled against her.

She begged to cum to his acquiescence, but he kept her held in place as it receded until she became sensitive. Whimpering more urgently, begging to be let off, he just moved her even closer to the jet making it hurt until she figured out that he would only back off when she stopped begging. Accepting her torment without complaint, he pulled her off enough to make it more bearable. Before long, she begged for permission again getting his assent. When he didn’t stop a second time, she didn’t ask for him to stop, but she couldn’t prevent her body from jerking and trying to get off the jet involuntarily. He pulled her away long enough to lean down to kiss her and give her a few seconds of reprieve. And then he forced a third orgasm out of her. Her body shook more violently the third time.

While she still trembled and shuttered, he picked her up and set her on the edge of the tub. She leaned back on her arms trying to catch her breath. He dove between her legs and sucked hard on her engorged and sensitive clit. Squeezing his head between her legs to fend him off didn’t slow Mr. Michaels. Her orgasm that had never really stopped, built again. The cool air on her wet skin intensified the electric feeling of his warm tongue on her overly sensitive bean. Her breath caught in her throat and her pelvis rocked uncontrollably against him. She screamed out, “Oh fuck!!” as her orgasm exploded and she dug her fingers into his hair with her body curled around him. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she continued to utter as her body spasmed for a long minute. She knew her pussy had coated his face with her juices.

Exhausted, Sarah threw herself backward and laid down on the deck around the tub. She let go of her muscles and just gasped for breath trying to recover. He legs dangled in the water as he got out and sat by her side.

“Good one?” he asked with a knowing sneer.

Sarah couldn’t respond right away, breathing deeply trying to get enough oxygen while her body still trembled and shuddered ever few seconds. She put her hand up on her forehead and tried to focus through dizzy eyes. “Oh fuck that was incredible. How do you do that to me? I’ve cum so many times tonight. Of fuck!” She smiled and looked up at him trying to focus her eyes. She knew she had forgotten herself. “Thank you Master for my orgasms.” He just nodded but didn’t say anything.

He let her catch her breath and then stood her up. Still feeling the cool air on her hot skin, she stood still and waited for him. He retrieved a towel and proceeded to thoroughly pat her dry. When she motioned to try to help, he stopped her letting her know silently to just stand still. He showed tremendous patience as he patted every part of her body.

When he finished and stood in front of her, he tilted her head up to look at him. “You have a beautiful body, Sarah. I plan on using it for a long time to come. And rewarding you all along the way.” He kissed her softly and took his time. Sarah’s insides melted and she clung to his still wet body. Her hand instinctively went to his dick, feeling him getting hard again.

He broke the embrace and led her over to the railing on the deck. While he leaned back against the railing at a slight angle resting on his elbows, Sarah didn’t need instruction and dropped to her knees in front of him. She grasped the base of his cock and squeezed, kissing his glans and looking up at him playfully. Circling the head with her tongue, she slowly sucked the cockhead into her mouth. She teased and played with him before really stoking his cock and sucking him into her mouth. With him deeply imbedded to the back of her throat, she fondled and stroked his balls, lightly twisting and squeezing them. From his moans, she knew she got her desired effect. He grabbed her head and face fucked her thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth. Sarah put her hand back on the shaft of his dick and squeezed him with every thrust intensifying his pleasure. Right as she readied herself to swallow his oncoming seed, he pulled her head back and popped his cock out of her mouth, stroking it with his other hand. With her mouth open, waiting with her tongue extended, she stared up at him.

With a loud groan, his cock let loose a hot spurt of jism that hit Sarah right across the face with some landing in her mouth. More spurts soon coated her upturned face as he milked out every drop. Sarah got some up her nose, a little in one eye, but mostly felt the hot thick liquid on her cheeks, lips, and mouth. She waited patiently for him to finish, keeping her mouth open to show him he had half-filled it.

“That is exactly what I want Sarah. Three guys all unloading on your face trying to fill your mouth. And then you are going to swallow it and let the other girls lick the rest off your face.” We waited for a second and then finished, “Now swallow,” while releasing her head.

Sarah kept her head titled back and made a show of closing her mouth and swallowing the partial load. While he watched, she used her finger to slide the thick goo from her cheeks into her mouth sucking on her finger each time. Her eye stung while she cleaned his cum off her face, but she dealt with the pain until he was satisfied, waiving his hand dismissing her. With her eye watering, she grabbed a towel and got as much out of her eye and nose as she could, never complaining.

“May I go to the bathroom Master and finish getting it out of my eye?” He nodded and she left to flush her eye and blow her nose. After washing her face, she sat on the toilet feeling more of his cum slip out of her ass. The first time she had cum come out of her ass, she felt dirty and shocked. But she had become used to this as a normal side effect of anal sex.

When she finished, she looked at herself in the mirror. Her eye looked a little bloodshot and her nose ran. Her ass and asshole were both sore. Both nipples were red and puffy. Her pussy felt tender to the touch and looked bloated. She reached between her legs and slipped her finger between her pussy lips. Just the touch of her finger on her clit made her want to jump with how sore it had become. Regardless, she fingerfucked herself for a minute feeling her body struggle to fight off the pain. Like a junkie needed another fix. But she stopped herself and tried to get her hair back into place as best she could.

When she rejoined Mr. Michaels, he had her clothes from the basement. Putting on the skirt and top, she looked for her underwear but gave up easily when she couldn’t locate them. Lack of underwear had become pretty normal to her, so it didn’t bother her. He just had on a loose pair of shorts.

“We have another night of fun ahead of us on Thursday. Get some rest and be ready. You can let the girls know about the weekend plans.” He kissed her and patted her ass.

“Thank you sir. That was an amazing night. I’ll tell the girls,” she said before turning and heading out.

She got home and collapsed on her bed and ran over everything from the evening in her head. Between prom, the following orgy, finals, graduation, sex with the girls the following night, sex with Jimmie on Saturday, and who knew how much more sex with her Master, she felt overwhelmed. She wondered how many more ways he could fuck her and make her cum. Sighing deeply, she got herself up knowing she still had homework to get done.


2022-11-03 11:43:59
Another great scene.
Sarah can still get overwhelmed by her master but she also loves it as well.
As someone not traditionally into this scene I find it well written, insightful and extremely erotic.
Thanks TonyMichaels

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