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I'd been having an affair with my husband's boss, and my son - who happened to be home from college unexpectedly one day - discovered it. He made me fuck him, and then set some 'new world order' rules for me to follow whenever my husband was on a business trip.
When my son caught me fucking Ben, his father’s boss, while his father was out of town, he made me give him a blowjob on the stairs after Ben had left, and then forced me to tell him the whole story about how the affair began. Afterwards, fully fucked by Ben, and weirded out by Shane, my 19 year old son, I took a shower and went to bed. I wasn’t really sure where this whole thing was headed, but from Shane’s arrogant smirk that night, I expected he had something in mind.

The next morning I was proven right. I was sitting in the kitchen in my robe drinking coffee when Shane waltzed in…. completely naked. His morning wood prominently bouncing out in front of him as he walked into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. I was a bit surprised by the boldness of this move, but couldn’t help but be impressed with his big, college student cock, extended to its full 9”. It was pretty thick, too. As he came into the room his hard prick bounced and swayed, with his ball sack swinging low between his legs. I admit…. I was a bit mesmerized. First, with the audacity of the situation, and second, with the sheer majesty of this huge dick and bulbous mushroom head that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

He came over to where I sat at the table and said, “Go ahead and suck it, mom.”

He launched into a morning stretch, grunting out a big yawn, with his back arched and his hands locked behind his head. This pushed his hips forward toward my face, with his cock only inches from my mouth. He stayed in this position, with his hands behind his head and hips forward even after he was done with his morning stretch. It was a pretty sexy pose, and I started feeling tingles in my nipples and pussy as I took in his entire form: broad shoulders, flat torso, hips forward, huge cock sticking straight out like a sword, low hanging ball sack dangling between his wide-spread legs, and tight ass cheeks of an athletic college student.

Still somewhat in shock, I didn’t say anything, but opened my mouth and sucked in as much of his cock as I could….about 5” of its full length. While I worked my tongue and lips around the top part of his cock, I reached up with my right hand and began stroking his entire shaft.

He said, “Might as well lose the robe, mom. We’re going to be seeing a lot of those tits around here from now on.”

Keeping my mouth around the head of his cock, I shrugged out of my robe, allowing my big D-cup tits to tumble out. They were beautiful boobs…..definitely my best feature. They were heavy hangers, with a gentle tear drop shape, and ¾” nipples that always seemed to be hard.

Shane reached down with one hand and played with my left tit, pulling on the nipple and playfully slapping it to watch it sway and bounce into my other boob. Then he grabbed a nearby chair and pulled it over so he could place one of his feet up on it. At the same time he placed his elbows on the counter behind him and leaned back, keeping his hips pushed forward, and keeping his eyes locked on my swinging tits.

This pose was even more sexy than the last. As I continued sucking and stroking his boner, I couldn’t help but notice how mature and sexy my son had become, with his legs wide, one foot up on a chair, his rigid shaft sticking straight out from his torso (and down my throat), his ball sack swinging in rhythm with the pumping of my fist, and his lithe athletic body leaning backward against the counter as he thrust his hips forward with each stroke of my hand.

My pussy was soaking wet and I wanted like crazy to reach down and stroke my clit to a massive orgasm, but I had one hand jerking off my son, and the other was reaching between his legs to massage and fondle his dangling balls and squeeze his tight ass cheeks. My pussy would have to wait.

Shane started moaning more and breathing faster, so I picked up the pace with my mouth and hand. He still seemed to be hypnotized by my swinging tits, so when his breath started catching I knew he was close to cumming.

Just as he was about to climax, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and began quickly jerking his entire shaft with my right hand, squeezing slightly more around the large mushroom head on each stroke. Before long he erupted, shooting rope after rope of cum over my shoulder onto the kitchen table. There was a shit load of cum, and I managed to get plenty of it on my face, in my hair, and dripping onto my tits.

I stroked his big cock until he had emptied his ball sack, then gently pulled the last bit of jizz out of him, licking the last few drops off the tip of his prick’s bulbous head. I continued massaging and stroked his softening cock as it slowly became less rigid. In keeping with him being a 19 year old man, his dick never actually became flaccid….it only softened until it was semi-hard…still sticking impressively out from his torso, but with a little downward bend to the now 8” shaft.

Still leaning with his elbows on the counter behind him, his foot still up on the chair, his legs spread wide, his beautiful cock sticking out in front of him, and his big ball sack dangling low between his legs, he gave me that stupid arrogant smirk of his and said “I thought about this last night, and this is how we’re going to handle it.”

As I continued stroking his semi-hard dick, and gently massaging his ball sack between his legs, he told me what he had decided. (And let’s be honest….he held all the cards in this situation, so it definitely was his decision to make.)

He told me that I could continue my affair with Ben, as long as it helped his father’s (Frank’s) career, and Shane would keep my secret. In return, Shane was to have free access to me sexually whenever he was home from college and Frank was traveling. Further, we would be completely nude whenever we were home while Frank was traveling… bras or panties, ever….so, if a robe or t-shirt was worn, it could easily be breached or removed.

I readily agreed. What choice did I have? But I knew this was also the best possible solution from my perspective, too. Not only would I still get to be fucked by Ben’s huge 11” cock periodically, but I also now had full access to Shane’s beautiful 9” dick, as well as Frank’s 8 incher whenever he was home from his business travel.

We consummated the agreement by heading upstairs for a shower together. I stroked his cock back to its full 9” glory, and he rammed it into me from behind until we both had mind-boggling orgasms.

What a great way to start the day, right?

As it turned out, Shane would be home from college for about a week before returning for his next semester, and Frank was on a business trip for that week, as well, so Shane’s new house rules started the same day I jerked off his morning wood all over the kitchen table.

Shane expected me to service his inevitable boner every morning that week, which of course, I did. The day the blackmail rules took over, he came into my bedroom, naked of course, with his huge cock hard and sticking straight out from his flat torso. I was laying on my side in bed, just starting to wake up, and he began slapping my face with the shaft of his dick. Once I was a little more awake he lined up his big mushroom head with my mouth and shoved it in. I was still sort of out of it, so I gagged a bit, but quickly recovered and started sucking him off. With my right hand, I stroked his dick until he was moaning and thrusting his hips, while holding the back of my head for leverage.

Before long he shot his first load of the day deep into my throat, forcing me to swallow most of it, with some spilling onto the bed sheet by my mouth. After he emptied his cum sack into my mouth, he slowed his thrusts a little, eventually pulling his softening cock out of my mouth with a ‘plop’. I cleaned his cock off with my mouth and tongue while he stood next to my bed, his legs wide, his hips thrust forward, and his prick dangling in front of my still-sleepy face.

He said, “Great blowjob, mom. Thanks. I’m heading out with my friends this morning. I should be back around dinner time. Remember the deal – I expect you to be naked when I get home.”

“I remember, hon. I’ll be here, and I’ll be naked”, I said.

I like being naked, so this part of the agreement wasn't bad at all. I spent the day completely nude. I love the feeling of my big tits wobbling and swinging about as I moved around the house. This usually gets me kind of horny, and my pussy tends to get moist, even without any other stimulation. I guess I’ve always been a bit of a nudist…..maybe even an exhibitionist, at heart.

Anyway, I was lounging on the couch watching a TV movie when Shane returned home that evening. He came in the front door and walked directly into the family room where I was laying on the couch, leaving a trail of clothes he was shedding with every step he took.

“Ahhh, good, you’re naked, just like we agreed.” He said.

His prick was semi-hard already (when wasn’t it?) and sticking out of the opening in the front of his boxers as he approached me on the couch. His knob swung about as he walked up to my face and, with his hand on his shaft, offered his cock to my mouth. Without saying anything, I took his bulbous head into my mouth and began sucking. Before long he was rock hard and stroking his cock with his right hand and squeezing my big tits with his left hand, as I sucked on the mushroom tip of his penis.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulled off his boxers, then climbed in behind me on the couch. I remained laying on my side, leaving my pussy completely available to him from behind. He lined up his cock with my, now, wet pussy lips, and he slowly shoved his cock into me. Then he began moving his hips so his cock slid in and out of my cunt at a nice, even pace.

I was a little surprised at how controlled he was. Usually he was kind of aggressive and frenetic once his dick got hard and found its way into my mouth or pussy. This was different….it felt almost luxurious… a gentle, but firm massage that you knew would culminate with an explosive happy ending.

We lay like this for quite a while, watching the TV movie, with his cock moving evenly in and out of my pussy. His left arm was now under the pillow that my head was on, supporting my neck, with his left hand squeezing and fondling my boobs. With two fingers on his right hand he was stroking my clit in rhythm with his dick moving in and out of my vagina.

Eventually he started breathing a little harder, and picked up the pace with his cock thrusts into my cunt. At the same time, he began tweaking and pinching my nipples in between rubbing and squeezing my tits. My pussy juices were flowing like crazy, as he pulled my right leg up and over so it draped over his hips behind me, leaving my legs spread wide, and my pussy completely exposed and available to his clit-rubbing fingers.

Our movements quickened, and he began ramming his big cock into my pussy faster and faster, increasing the pace of his fingers on my clit at the same time. My body absolutely erupted into a massive orgasm, leaving me trembling and moaning. Shane’s climax quickly followed mine, as he let out a grunt, then slammed his cock deep into my drenched pussy. He shot rope after rope of cum into my cunt, pulling his dick out to the head, then ramming it back in as deep as it would go several times until his cum sack was empty.

We lay there for a while as we both caught our breath, enjoying the after-effects of our intense, nerve-tingling orgasms.

Shane’s cock softened slightly, but didn’t lose much of its size (it never does), so he kept it shoved into my pussy as we lay on the couch in this position and finished watching the movie… leg thrown over his hips, his cock deep inside my cunt, while he gently played with my boobs and nipples.

When both of us were home in the evenings, this is usually how we spent them: on the couch, completely naked, watching a TV movie. His cock was usually in my hand or in one of my body orifices, while his hands and mouth were somewhere on my tits or pussy.

Sometimes he’d sprawl on the couch, with his feet up on a hassock, with his beautiful cock draped over one of his thighs. I’d lay my head on his flat stomach and fondle and stroke his shaft as we watched whatever movie we picked for the evening. Occasionally I’d suck the tip of his dick into my mouth and sort of play with it with my tongue.

Eventually (Inevitably) his dick would get hard, and I’d finish him off with a handjob, a blowjob, or I’d straddle his hips and grind my clit against the base of his cock until I came. Of course, when I did that, I’d pump my hips up and down on his prick afterwards until he blew his load deep inside me, too.

I thought to myself, “Shane and I have a week together like this before he has to go back to college, and I have to admit, it was starting out pretty nicely.” I loved being nude around the house and around Shane. I enjoyed when he’d grab my tits, pinch my nipples, squeeze my ass cheeks, or stick his fingers up my twat whenever we were in the same room together, or as we passed each other while moving about the house. His dangling cock was fun to watch as he entered or left a room, swinging back and forth, bouncing against his thighs, with his low hanging ball sack flopping around between his legs. And I loved grabbing, stroking, slapping, sucking and fondling his big dick whenever we shared the dinner table, the couch, the hallway, the bathroom, the car, the kitchen, etc.

Frank wasn’t due home until the following weekend, the day before Shane had to return to college, and I had a dinner date with Ben (Frank’s boss) in a couple of days, which I was really looking forward to….it had been almost a full week since I’d had my hands, mouth and pussy on that 11” cock of his……..but that’s another story.


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