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Mom continues Brian's education. He is a star student and tonight he may graduate.
Brian had been mastering his masturbating technique. He could last longer now by concentrating more on the shaft than the head and taking it slower at the start. As you might imagine, he practised a lot. It had been a week since his encounter with his mom and nothing more had been said about it. Brian figured it was up to him to take any further steps. That night had had a big impact on him. It changed his mindset about himself and he had become way more confident. He had certainly come out of his shell at school much more and not just with Kayleigh and the RP group but in general. He was contributing more in class, he was engaging with teachers and amazingly, he was talking to girls. One lunchtime last week he found himself sitting at the same table as a cheerleader. He chatted with her quite freely and without embarrassment. He nearly asked her for her phone number. Obviously he didn’t but, hey, small steps.

It had been a pretty good week for the new Brian. And he was ready to take it to another level. So Saturday morning, he washed, cleaned and polished himself, slipped on some shorts and headed downstairs where he could hear his mom in the kitchen. She had been shopping before he got up and was putting away the groceries.

“Morning sweetie.” She greeted him.

“Hi mom. You look good.” She looked exactly the same as she always did when she went shopping. She was neatly dressed in tight jeans and a long shirt but nothing special. Her hair and make-up were as impeccable as usual. He walked over to her so she could give him his usual good morning kiss. This had been a thing every day since he was tiny. The difference today though was that he kissed her. With a full-on grown up kiss. It wasn’t lingering but it was how she taught him the other night. It took her a little by surprise but she liked it.

“You smell good mom. New perfume?” She tilted her head and gave him a sideways look. Brian was being a little weird. “What’s for dinner tonight? I thought we could have a nice meal and then maybe some quality time together after.” He winked at her.

“Okay, sweetie. What’s going on? You’re being very strange.”

He went bright red. As much as he had come out of his shell, she had just put him straight back in.

“I was just trying to be more confident. Be a bit more manly. I’m tired of being a dork. I figured I’d try it out on you. Clearly I’m not cut out for it.” He gave one of his trademark pouts. Rose moved swiftly and gave him a bid cuddle.

“No honey. That’s not it at all. You were very good. I’m just not used to it from you.” He perked up a little. “You know that’s a great idea about dinner. How about we make it special, like a date night.” She was improvising now. “We can get dressed up. I’ll cook us up something new. And then afterwards…” She winked. His smile came back. That’s what he wanted to hear.

“Great mom. You’re the best.” He gave her a slap on the bum and poured himself some cereal.

Rose was good to her word. While Brain was upstairs all afternoon immersed in one of his online role playing games, she was in the kitchen meticulously preparing a three course dinner. She had seen such a huge difference in her little boy and she wanted this new side to him to flourish. She was pulling out all the stops. So once starters and desserts were prepped and the main course was in the oven she went upstairs to get dressed. She showered and applied body lotion to her already smooth skin. She styled her hair, plucked her eyebrows and painted her toenails. She picked out a set of lingerie in a stunning blue with suspender belt and stockings. Her blue Gucci dress was the star of the show. It was knee length but very elegant and showed off her curves perfectly, not to mention a small but tasteful amount of cleavage. She used minimal make-up and a pale pink lipstick. Finally, the earrings Brian had bought her for her 40th birthday and a sapphire necklace. A few generous dabs of her favourite Guerlain perfume and it was showtime.

The table was set in the dining room and she had candles ready to light. She poured herself a medium glass of Chardonnay and awaited Brian’s arrival. He appeared, as they had agreed, at dead on 7.45pm. Rose’s heart soared when he came down the stairs wearing the suit she had bought him for Elaine’s wedding next month. Elaine was his favourite cousin and he wanted to make an impression for her. He was making that impression for Rose now too. How handsome he looked. When he handed her a single red Rose, she thought she would cry but she held herself together.

“A rose for my Rose.” He said. Very corny but a lovely sentiment.

“You are a charmer aren’t you.” And she squeezed his hand. “I’ll get the starters, can you light the candles, sweetie.” When she returned with some delicious looking shrimp, the lights were dimmed and the candles lit. They settled down to eat.

“You’re looking very sophisticated this evening Brian.” She complimented him.

“Thank you. You’re looking very fuckable.” She shook her head.

“That’s not how you speak to a lady. Whilst I appreciate the comment, and I do honestly, it’s not the language for the dinner table. Imagine I was Kayleigh. Would you say that to her?”

“No. You’re right. But right now I’d rather be here with you than her.”

“Tonight maybe. But soon that will change. I’m preparing you for that time. So remember, at dinner you treat me like a lady. When we get to the bedroom you can treat me like a whore.” He grimaced.

“You’re not a whore. You’re lovely.”

“Thank you. But sometimes a woman likes to be treated that way. In the privacy of the bedroom.” He started to understand.

The prawns were amazing and the pasta entrée that followed was even better. Brian, who loved his food, was overwhelmed by Rose’s cooking and struggled to get through his tiramisu dessert.

“That was remarkable. Sensational.” He enthused. She thanked him graciously. Dinner was over now and Brian began to look a little nervous.

“Take my hand.” She encouraged him. He did as she said. “Now why don’t you take me to your room.?” He put her arm in his and led her upstairs.

“My room?” He was a bit concerned by the mess he had left getting ready.

“My room is fine. You’re in charge here.” He led her down the hallway and opened her bedroom door. He went to go but Rose stopped him. “Ladies first sweetie.” He jumped back.

“Oh, of course.” He ushered her inside and followed her. So here he was in his mom’s bedroom again. He had been in here thousands of times. Quite literally that many. But it looked different now. A completely new perspective. Even compared to last week. Up to now he had been in that room as her son but tonight he was her date. He looked lost. He need instruction and Rose was there for exactly that.

She removed her earrings and necklace, placing them one her vanity.

“Come here.” She beckoned with her index finger. He shuffled closer. “Now put your hands on my waist.” Brian was excellent at following instructions. “Good. Now kiss me. Gently at first but then harder.” Their lips engaged. “That’s nice. Put your arms behind my back and pull me to you. Good. Now kiss me deeper as I showed you. Flick your tongue in my mouth. You’re doing great sweetie.” He was enjoying her telling him what to do. It gave him a great deal of confidence. He began to move his hands across her back and down to her ass and then back again, pulling her even tighter. She began to feel him getting hard down below. This was a good sign. “Unzip my dress.” He stood waiting for her to turn around. “No. Reach your arms around me and undo my zip.” He fumbled for a while but eventually found the zipper and slid it down to waist level. He delicately slipped his fingers under the straps of the dress and eased them from her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor. Brian stood mesmerised by Rose in her undergarments. His cock stiffened like a rigid pole. He embraced her again. He could smell her perfume on her neck and it drove him wild. He kissed her shoulder and neck. She lifted her head upwards and exposed more of her flesh to him. He took advantage as his lips and tongue moved frantically across her silken skin.

He was at the height of arousal. Not sure he could take much more, his animal instincts took over and her pushed her onto the bed. She made a small ‘oh’ sounds as she landed flat on her back.

“Hmm. That was good. Very manly.” She said. “But let’s not get carried away just yet. Come and lie with me.” She lie on her back with her head on the pillow and he moved to be next to her. He kissed her frantically and his right hand grabbed at her breast. “Let me take this off.” She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. “Bras are awkward things to remove. Leave that to the woman, until you get experienced at it.” He nodded like he understood but really his eyes were transfixed on her wonderful breasts. He stared at them, presumably waiting for permission. But he could only wait for a few seconds and had to run his hand across them and see how they felt. Very soft and firm was the answer. His fingers played with the nipples, moving from left to right and back again, pinching and tweaking.

“Can I suck on them?” He asked very politely.

“You can do what you want. I’m your whore remember.” He smiled and immediately covered her left nipple with his mouth. He sucked for a while and then nibbled. Rose was loving this. She took hold of his hand and lowered between her legs. He could feel a warmth coming from inside her panties and began to move his fingers up and down across the soft material. Rose took a sharp intake of breath. “That’s good Brian. So good.” Encouraged by her words and sighs, he continued with his hands and mouth, until she lifted up her bum and removed the panties. She moved his hand back down where it has been and he could again feel the heat from between her legs.

“Kiss me down there.”

Brian was a little unsure.

“On your pussy?”

“Yes right on my pussy.” He dropped down the bed and Rose parted her legs so he could get his head in there. He kissed her right on her hole. It made her want more. “Don’t just kiss it. Lick it, put your tongue inside. Suck on it.” He did all of those things and she reacted by emitting a good amount of pussy juice, She didn’t ejaculate or cum but she got very wet very quickly. Brian licked at her pussy more. She had a hand on the back of his head and was guiding him to the good spot.

“Just there, just above my hole. That’s my clitoris. Press that with your tongue.” Her words were uttered in staccato fashion as she trying to get her breath. “Now flick your tongue. And press harder. Now move it side to side.” She held him here for several minutes. Occasionally he would gasp for air. ”Oh fuck yes. Brian I’m going to cum. Oh FUCK!!” And with that she exploded her orgasm all over his face. It was a hot and tangy liquid which went into his mouth and down his chin. He wasn’t sure how he had done it but he was extremely proud. He had made his mom cum.

Whilst she lie there with her eyes closed and a huge smile on her face, Brian began to think of his own pleasure. He had an erection which was almost bursting through his pants. He was already half undressed and made that complete within a few seconds. Rose snapped out of her post orgasmic daze when she saw her boy so aroused. She had duties to fulfil. She sat up and took hold of his pole. She gave it a few licks and good suck and it began twitching all on its own. She had an inkling that this wasn’t going to last much longer. She had to take a chance on him being able to recover quickly and she wanked him furiously, sucking every now and then to help things along. Less than a minute passed and he spurted semen all over the bed.

“Oh, shit. Shitty shit. “He exclaimed in disappointment.

“Did that feel good?”

“Well it was more relief than anything. But I wanted to…be inside you.” He pouted once again.

“You will sweetie. We have time. I’m not going anywhere.” She sucked at his cock and cleaned him off with her tongue. That did feel good he had to admit. “Let’s start again. From the beginning. Show me what you’ve learned.” Brian had been a good student and remembered a lot of what Rose had shown him. He started with the kissing and playing with her breasts. He was enjoying it more this time unencumbered by a rock hard cock. He tried new things, swapped sides more often, was more forceful. Rose appreciated all of that but when he went down on her that’s when he gained her real admiration. He knew what she liked and what made her gasp. His tongue in and out of her hole that made her most vocal. But his tongue on her clit, that made her supremely wet. He tried licking her clit and putting a finger inside. That was a massive winner and he got rewarded again with a mouth full of her cum.

Rose was fucking horny now. She was overtaken by lust and wanted his cock inside her. He was almost hard again now but with a few minutes of her expert mouth working up and down his shaft, he was more than ready.

“Give me that cock.” She told him aggressively. She fell flat on her back and her legs fell wide open. Brian had a good idea of what to do here. He got on top of her, missionary, and guided his small but beautifully erect member towards her front door., The head of his penis knocked politely on her hot, wet labia. Rose made a loud “hmm” sound as if she had just taken a mouthful of super sweet icing. He took that as an invitation to enter. She was super slippery down there but he still had to push a little bit harder to enter than had anticipated. All of her kegel exercises were paying off. Once he realised how hard he had to push, it didn’t take long before he was all the way in. Although his cock was on the small size, it had decent girth and was rock hard. Rose relished it. No matter the size, it was her little boy. She was setting him on the road to manhood, that was more important than any number of inches. Brian was a whirl of emotions. His pulsating penis was sitting inside his mom. This super-hot MILF that all his friends wanted. She was his. And this was his first time too. First of many hopefully. Practise on mom, then Kayleigh, then the cheerleader. All these thoughts gave him a sense of power and confidence. Forget the rest of them, let’s deal with this whore first.

This cyclone of thoughts went through his head in a total of about four seconds. Then in a frenzy he started pumping her.

“Whoa! Slow down. Nice and steady to start.” She tempered his eagerness. He just wanted to explode right there but he followed his mom’s instructions like a good boy. He got a nice slow, steady rhythm going. He was under control. It would of helped if his mom wasn’t moaning with pleasure continuously. But every time he felt as though he was getting close he would slow down or stop and suck her tits or kiss her. The kisses had become exceedingly erotic and they swapped saliva each time their mouths met. Rose sometimes bit on his lip and that he enjoyed. He reciprocated and got a good response. He wanted to try different positions but he couldn’t hold back much longer. Rose looked up at his face which had almost turned purple.

“You’re doing great, sweetie. You’re fucking me so good.”

“Do I cum now mom? I mean inside?” He had to have an answer soon.

“Yes, baby. Cum for mommy. Cum for your little whore.” Well that was that. A mind blowing orgasm hit his cock and he ejaculated like a fire-hose. He bent his toes up like that would help get all the spunk out better. He pumped away until he had nothing left then just lie there, on top of his mom. She cuddled him and, he couldn’t see, but she had a smile like a Cheshire cat.

He rolled off her and lie next to her, totally spent.

“That was pretty good, sweetie. A decent first time. You’ll get better and better at this.” He looked across at her.

“Teach me. Teach me everything you know.” That would take a while. But she considered it her job.

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2022-01-16 11:54:35
Ahhh...the 'Life of Brian'.....lucky boy....
Thanks for not writing about an 8 inch or something on the lad.
It brought more realism to this story.
A hot read....Thumbs up from me!

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