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Sandra is used and abused. Her torment was only just begun.
Sandra found herself naked and strapped face down on a low bench. She glanced around at the audience of strangers, men and women, sitting around her. There was an air of expectation in the large room. Sandra pondered on how it had come to this. How had she sunk so low as to be entertainment for these people? Tonight her indignation and embarrassment would be complete. The crowd became excited when a man entered the room leading a large Great Dane dog. “Wow look at the size of him” she heard someone say. Soon she would know exactly how big he was.

In an instant her journey flashed through her mind. It began in school. Year 11 to be exact. The girl’s school she attended was split. Years 7 – 10 in one campus and years 11 & 12 in another. She moved to year 11 classes and found three year 12 pupils were friendly towards her. They included her in their discussions. As they seemed to become friendlier she joined them in the Dorm. It was there, one night that things took a turn. What began as a game soon turned ugly and Sandra soon herself naked as the three older girls took turns forcing Sandra to perform oral sex on them and then on her. It continued well into the night and left Sandra weeping.

The next morning Sandra reported what had happened to a teacher, Ms Andrews. Ms Andrews took the details and set up a meeting with Sandra and the three protagonists. “Show me what happened” said Ms Andrews and to Sandra horror the three older girls repeated the oral rape of the night before. Sandra appealed to Ms Andrews to stop them but she laughed. Stripping of her dress she revealed a huge strap-on dildo. While the other girls held Sandra down Ms Andrews raped her. Sandra begged her to stop and cried out but nothing stopped the intrusion. Finally Sandra stopped fighting and surrendered. The torment continued for the next two years during which Sandra gave herself willingly. A true subordinate.

After school Sandra got a job in a supermarket as a cashier. She thought she had escaped the torment of her school life but she found she missed the attention and, yes, the pleasure she felt being used. She had boyfriends but they were brief affairs. The men she went with never satisfied her and, really, the men just used her without any thought to satisfy her. Life limped along and she finally bought a couple of sex toys which she hoped would satisfy her. They didn’t. While she orgasmed several times she never felt the buzz she had experienced with her dominate teacher.

Sandra had begun to walk the streets on Saturday night hoping to meet someone, anyone, who could satisfy the longing that burned inside her. One night she had given up and was walking home when a car stopped. “Need a lift” a voice said. Sandra looked at the car. In the dark she couldn’t actual see who was speaking to her. It was cold and she was shivering. “Yes” she said “I would love a lift” and she opened the passenger side door. In the light now she could see a man. She got into the car. “So how much” he said, looking her up and down. Sandra knew what he meant. “How much do you want to pay” she said. “Well why don’t we go somewhere and I will see how much you are worth” he replied. He drove her to a park. “In the back seat” he said “let’s get it on”.

Sandra and the man, he introduced himself as Ralf, got into the back seat where Sandra was soon naked. For the next hour Sandra was subjected to a sexual smorgasbord. It started with oral sex followed by virginal sex and then anal sex. Each time she thought Ralf had finished with her he attacked her again with vigour. She begged him to let her go but he seemed determined to humiliate her even more. Finally he stopped. “Bloody hell woman” he gasped “you are something special. My kind of whore”. So it was that he told Sandra to move in with him. Sandra, at last feeling wanted, agreed and so continued her decline into total depravity.

At first Ralf was satisfied with rough sex. First ravaging her with little attempt to give please to Sandra. He was just interested in getting off. When Sandra had her period she realised that she was supposed to suck him off. She had never done it before and the taste was bitter but what choice did she have. At least Ralf was satisfied with her efforts. One Saturday night they went out and Ralf ran into an old friend, Bruno. He invited him back to the house. Bruno was taking a particular interest in Sandra, a fact not lost on Ralf. “Would you like to fuck her” Ralf said. Sandra was mortified but she submitted and let Bruno has his way with her. “Great fuck” Bruno said as he pumped his cum into her “we should do this more often”.

Having given her to Bruno Ralf seemed less worried about farming her out to friends. First it was Ralf’s boss Andrew which he gave Sandra to him in return for a promotion. Next Brad who gave discount to Ralf for car repairs. Brad came back a second time and brought his girlfriend with him. Sandra had never been with a woman and she soon realised that Bree was in the same position as her. Subservient to a brute of a man. Sandra and Bree were forced to put on a show for Brad and Ralf before they took turns on each of them. The only pleasure was when Sandra and Bree had a shower after the two men were spent. The two women got each other off.

Ralf said that the following Saturday would be special and demanded Sandra shave her crotch in preparation. She had no idea what Ralf had planned but she had learned not to ask questions. Saturday evening came and Ralf’s boss arrived. This time with a rather large German Sheppard. She looked at the dog and wondered what it was all about. She didn’t have to wait long for the answer. “He is fully trained” said Andrew “get her ready”. Sandra gasped. She realised what was about to happen. “Strip and get on your hands and knees. Oscar needs a bitch”. Sandra looked at Ralf with fear in her eyes. Ralf just smiled “do what you are told” he said. She undressed slowly, trying to prolong the inevitable. Oscar, the dog, was wagging his tail in anticipation. “My wife loves being serviced by Oscar” Andrew said “his cock is bigger than mine and she enjoys every inch”.

Sandra, now naked, looked again at Ralf and then got on her hands and knees. Oscar was indeed well trained and immediate mounted Sandra. A couple of false attempted and then he found the target. He began to hump Sandra and as his cock grew and grew Sandra screamed loudly. “Oh he is too big” she moaned but then she squealed “yes, oh yes” and she began to moan louder. “Fuck mate” cried Andrew “she is loving it. Look at that bitch take him with ease”. Ralf sat open mouthed as Sandra squealed again as Oscar tied with her. “I can feel him cum” she groaned “he is cumming. So hot” she yelped. Then she fell silent as Oscar tried to pull away. He finally did so some five minutes later. Ralf looked shocked as he watched Oscar’s cum oozing from Sandra battered pussy. He was even more shocked when Andrew pulled down his pants and rammed his cock into Sandra’s well lubricated love hole. “I love sloppy seconds” he announced. Sandra didn’t say anything. She had enjoyed her first doggy fuck and that was all that mattered.

After he finished Andrew turned to Ralf. “I know this guy who is looking for a bitch” he said “and there is money to be made”. Ralf heard the word “money” and was immediately interested. “Tell me more” enthused Ralf. “Well this guy has these nights where his dog humps women” continued Andrew “he arranges these nights, with an audience, and they pay to watch a woman with a dog”. Ralf didn’t hesitate “contact him and let’s get it on” said Ralf “you are into it aren’t you Susan”. It wasn’t even a question. More of a statement of fact.

So there she was, naked and tied to a bench. Tied up to add some spice to the show. Susan braced herself for what was to come. The cheering subsided as the master of ceremonies, Paul, led his Great Dane into the room. “Oh shit, look at the size of that dog” Susan heard someone say. She felt a tongue between her legs as Paul said “lick”. She squealed as the dog, Tyson, did his duty. Well trained, he knew exactly what to do on command. Susan wriggled as she grew more excited. The crowd began to get involved. Then Paul said the word at the crowd had come to see. “Mount” he yelled and Tyson immediately reacted. Susan moaned as she felt Tyson’s weight on her back. A couple of false starts and his growing cock found its’ target.

Susan squealed as she felt him begin to penetrate her body. As if playing to the crowd she gasped “he is so big” but he had barely begun. His vigour increased as he drove his growing cock deeper and deeper. “No, stop” cried Susan but there was no stopping the rampaging beast. Susan moaned as he reached full erection. The moans slowly moved from pain to pleasure. It was unknown if Tyson enjoyed it as he was just doing what came naturally but Susan’s enjoyment was total. She squealed again as Tyson drove his huge knot inside her and then continued to moan softly as he filled her with his copious amount of doggy juice.

As Tyson growled with doggy pleasure at servicing his bitch so the crowd cheered loudly. But they were not as pleased as Sandra as she felt the flow of hot sperm overflow. Tyson remained silent for a minute or two and then tried to extricate himself from Sandra pulsating virginal canal. She winced as he pulled back and finally, with a loud pop, he succeeded. Any cheer went up as Paul paraded Tyson around the circle. Sandra looked up and saw his enormous weapon swinging between his back legs. How could a man now compete and satisfy her. She was now a complete convert to bestiality.

The crowd cleared and Sandra was untied. She felt a mixture of pain and pleasure. She saw Paul and Andrew speaking with Ralf. They all shook hands and Paul walked over the Sandra. “You will come home with me now” said Paul. What had happened was Paul had given Ralf a sum of money and “bought” Sandra. Ralf left and Paul told Sandra to get dressed and follow him to his car. Inside was Tyson, still excited by what had happened. “Calm down Tyson” Paul growled “you can have your bitch later boy”. Sandra settled in the seat and was driven to Paul’s house. What pleasures awaited?


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This needs proof reading. The name of the girl changes half way through and back again in the last part.

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