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Rebecca her younger brother and two older brothers had planned for a weekend of outdoors adventure with their father at his cabin. Then a snowstorm hit and they're stuck inside.
I guess it shouldn't surprise me that it all happened. Looking back I don't really mind at all either. We all have needs of different types and when those needs all collide, well things happen.

It was over the Christmas break. Dad had suggested we all go to the cabin we used in Vermont for some family bonding, hunting and general outdoors activities. It was no surprise that my mother begged off. She would go to Indiana to visit her mother. The cabin was never her favorite place and frankily she and my father sort of "got along" those days. So it was going to be a bit of a guys weekend. Dad had always treated me as "one of the boys", even as I'd become less of a tom boy the past few years.

Dad is 57 and has a typical Dad bod. His hair is graying, his belly hangs over his belt a little and he's getting slower in his movements. He and mom had started the family later than some. My older brother Rick is 27, then there was me at 19, Jon a year younger and finally the youngest Jason. He was the one Dad really wanted out there, hunting and becoming a man. Poor Jason was sometimes overwhelmed by Rick, who was much like Dad and to some extent Jon who was much more mature physically. Rick, if his sister can be a judge, was a bit of a hunk. He was having too much fun to settle down but with his 6 foot, athletic build, dark hair and eyes he professed to have no trouble with women. Jon was also tall, more sandy haired and outgoing. Jason showed promise to end up looking more like Jon, though at the time at 5-5 he was still shorter than me. My name is Rebecca, I was 5-7, 130 lb with C cup breasts, dark hair and hazel eyes. I guess I was attractive enough as I'd had little trouble meeting guys.

And I was long past losing my virginity. That went in the bed of Ben Hazelton's F150, looking up at the stars in a state park. Then over the past couple of years I'd managed to improve my skills with a few other guys. Sex was fun and physically thrilling for me.

We got everything unpacked and soon settled into the usual group routine. Especially with our mother visiting elsewhere, this soon became a "guys" event, so the language was inappropriate and the teasing and verbal harassment plentiful. Dad declared that Jason was old enough, so he wasn't spared and we didn't have to keep it clean. There were bedrooms in a loft area. Dad got his own, Rick and Jon shared a room, and Jason as the youngest was put in with me. There was discussion of Jason being relegated to the sofa, but I said it would be ok,

"As long as he didn't try anything." Jason blushed. Jon suggested,

"He wouldn't know what to do with it anyway." This went on for a bit until Dad declared us settled in and ready to go on our first hunt. After a few hours Rick finally brought down our dinner. Dad had Jason help him with the carcass. Though looking pale through the whole event he managed to pull through. As we brought in wood for the fireplace the first snowflakes began to fall. There had been reports of a winter storm passing north of us, but we soon realized it had slid south and we'd be receiving a bit of snow ourselves.

After dinner Dad said that he was going to enjoy the snow from the hot tub. When he had the water good and steaming he asked if anyone would be joining.

"One thing. Your mother and I always used it nude. So if you're going to be scarred for life by your Dad's old body, beware. We all looked at each other. Other than maybe Rick we'd never been old enough to join them and probably wouldn't have been allowed if mother was here. Rick and Jon quickly said they'd be joining Dad. They looked at me. Sure I was "one of the guys" but they had to be wondering what I looked like under the sweater and jeans. I wavered,

"I'll think about it." They looked at Jason,

"Come on dude, it looks like it'll be cocks only." Jason seemed unsure. Dad settled it,

"Let's go. Be a man," he looked at me, "you can make your own decision."

The guys went out to the hot tub. Since I wasn't sure if I'd be joining I didn't check them out on the way. I looked out the window at the increasing storm. It was beautiful out there. The mix of the steam and the cold must be invigorating. I made up my mind. Wrapping myself in a towel I walked out on the deck. Rick and Jon cheered. Jon smiled,

"OK let it go, come on in." I waved a finger at him.

"Oh no, if I'm dropping this towel you're all standing to welcome me."

Rick laughed and stood right up. He had nothing to be embarrassed about, but to be honest, nothing to brag on either. He surely wasn't going to be thrown out of bed, but, I'd seen bigger. Jon glanced at his older brother, then confidently stood. No longer than Rick, his was noticably thicker. Interesting. They looked at Jason. Rick said,

"Up kid if you want to see the goods." Jason had his head down,

"Do I have to?" Jon, encouraged him,

"Hey we were all your age once. Learn not to worry." Jason stood up. He almost moved his hands to cover himself, then put them to his side. He had some hair growing, and a smallish thin cock hanging. I tried to quickly deflect attention,

"Dad, up."

"Oh for fuck's sake. I've seen you naked before."

"Fair's fair." He grumbled then stood. His belly hung and a bit of a pouch hid some of him, but it was thick like Jason and probably longer than it appeared. "OK then." I dropped the towel. My tits hung slightly with dark areola and nipples sitting at the end facing the guys. I kept a bit of trimmed hair between my legs which were average size. My butt was round and firm. So there I was. I glanced around trying not to stare. Rick raised his chin and nodded in approval, Jon smiled in appreciation. I was pretty sure, even though he'd deny it, that Dad's cock twitched. Poor Jason, lacking the control that comes with experience was sporting a hardon that was a nice improvement over his flaccid state. He covered his face,

"S-sorry." Jon slapped him on the back.

"No worries dude, you saw some tits and pussy and you got a boner. I could rub one out to that sight too."

I flipped the bird at Jon and stepped down into the warm water. The cold air and four cocks had my nipples rock hard. The snow was blowing now and the hot water felt so soothing. I hugged Jason around his neck,

"Don't worry, it's a compliment."

"They didn't get one."

"Just more experienced. And they've probably seen a few by now. Even Dad's moved."

"I did NOT!"

"Oh come on Daddy, you saw some young tits and your dick remembered what it's for."

"Well, yeah honestly, it's not like I've seen much recently." Jason was not listening intently. Rick asked,

"So, you and Mom don't get it on anymore?" Dad glanced at Jason, then remembered what he'd said,

"No, she seems to think we're too old or something." Jon asked,

"Not even a BJ?"

"So what's this, discuss Dad's sex life? And no, she stopped that ages ago." Jason's mouth was wide open. I glanced down and saw his hand squeezing his cock. He was getting information overload. Both the conversation and his continued glances over at my tits where they bounced on the water. "You'll all see someday. Getting old sucks." I looked over at him. I felt sorry for him. I loved him.

"I guess I'm the only one who can do anything about this." I floated over to him, giving Jason, and the others a prime view of my butt.

"Sit up on the ledge Dad."

"What are you doing. You can't..."

"Sit up. It's just us here. No one will say anything. Ever." There were nods all around. Rick looked a bit shocked but said,

"Go ahead Dad. Consider it a thanks for all you've done." He sat up on the step, bringing his soft cock into the cold air. It immediately shrunk almost hiding. I looked up.

"It's ok Daddy." I stuck out my tongue and made contact with the tip of his cock. The men in the family were all cut, so his head turtling from the cold soon began moving towards me. I sucked it into my mouth letting my tongue lick around it. I heard Jason asking Jon,

"What's she doing? I wanna see." Jon switched spots,

"I do too, but move over here, she's giving him a blowjob."

"'s what.."

"Don't you watch porn?"

"Mom doesn't let me. It's locked down."

"Use my laptop."

"OK, thanks!"

I now had Dad responding a bit. I pressed my hand against him exposing more of his cock than was visible before. I now took his longer but still soft cock fully into my mouth. My tongue worked around him, my head bobbed as I felt it stiffening. He put his head back, letting the snow brush across his face. At times he'd let out short gasps. He was now mostly firm so I began working quickly up and down his shaft. I held his balls, warming them. I pulled off a moment,

"My ass is getting cold." I went back to sucking off Daddy, then felt two strong hands caressing my butt cheeks, then a smaller more tentative hand.

"That's it Jason, when you get permission, don't pass it up." They were soon doing a great job warming me as I worked Dad's cock fully into my mouth. He was just long enough to reach the back and sucked in a deep breath when he felt the muscles back there closing on him, my tongue moving over the bottom of his cock, my hands rolling his balls. I felt his sack contract and got ready.

"Becky, I'm going to.."

"MMM Hmm."

"But I'm.."

"Dad she said to go ahead."

"You're mother...OH!" He came. One spurt, then cum running from the tip of his cock. I swallowed, then sucked any remaining from him. I sat back then hugged him.

"Was that ok? Feel better?"

"You didn't have to. Maybe shouldn't have, but I haven't felt anything like that in decades." I turned to my brothers,

"Thanks guys, my ass feels much better." I looked at Jason, he grinned,

"Nice butt."

"Why thank you." Jon sat back a thick erection now obvious,

"Um, what about others with growing issues?" I slapped him playfully, then because I wasn't sure yet,

"We'll see." I noticed Rick and Jon raise their eyebrows at each other. Dad declared,

"Well I think that's enough of the hot tub for tonight." Jon fake whined,

"Sure Dad gets his hummer and NOW we're done."


I sat back a moment watching my Dad's tired cock, two very erect cocks and Jason's excited one leave the hot tub. I was debating with myself. I was horny, there were cocks available and I'd already crossed a line. What to do? I walked into the living room with my towel over my shoulder,

"I'm going up to put on PJs I wasn't planning to lie around naked all weekend with you guys ogling me."

Dad settled it, "Yes, let's all get decent. And after that, I'm having a drink." We all walked upstairs. I quickly realized the new reality of the arrangements. Oh well. I opened the door and waved Jason in. When I closed it I turned to face him. I noticed that his cock hadn't really gone down any. But then, there had been a naked woman around him for the last while.

"You know, now that it's hard, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I bet you end up as big as your brothers."

"Really? You think so?"


"But it's just sticking out."

"May I?"

"Um s-sure." I'd reached out. I wrapped my hand around his cock.

"See, it fills my hand. It's not real thick like Jon's. His is big in that way, but I bet you end up like Rick.

You'll make girls happy."


"Oh sure. I'm happy just holding it." I felt it twitch in my hand. I took his hand and place it on my breast. His mouth fell open, his hand closed over me, my hard nipple pressed against his palm. I squeezed his cock, then felt warm fluid splash against my thigh,

"OH. Oh, oh I'm sorry, it's just..."

"Just normal. You're with me naked, I'm holding you, you're holding me. You'll learn control." I hugged my brother feeling his slim body pressed to mine. My breasts flattened between us, his cock still twitching against my mound.

"That's the first time a girl, you know."

"Made you cum?"

"Uh huh." I hugged him again. Then we dressed and joined the rest. We played games, Dad drank scotch with Rick, Jon had a beer, I had wine. Dad let Jason have a small glass of beer. I clinked my glass with his to quietly toast his first, of sorts. The wind picked up and the snow blew harder. Before bed we checked the weather reports and learned that the storm had taken a decidedly southern course. By morning we'd be under at least three feet. Dad shrugged.

"At least we have provisions. But we're going to be here longer than the weekend. We went up to our rooms. When Jason had settled under his covers I sat on the side of my bed looking over at him. Then I stood and removed my PJs. I slid under the covers behind Jason and snuggled up against him. He turned his head.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm more comfortable here."

"Y-your naked."

"Yep. You can touch me if you want."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Dad said you're a man this weekend. You should know some of what they know." He turned and faced me. I took one of his hands and placed it around me on my back. "Go ahead, let your hand roam around. Feel how my body curves here and there, then down to my butt."

"I liked touching your butt before."

"It feels nice to be touched gently."

"You can touch me. If you want." I put my hand under his pajama top and caressed his thin back, then down to his skinny butt. As we lay against each other I could tell he was stimulated by the touching. He lay looking me in the eyes. Then he leaned forward and let his lips touch mine. Was this his first kiss? I let him try what he wanted. His lips pressed to mine, his hand squeezing my ass. I opened my mouth just a little, letting my tongue barely escape. When he felt my tongue, he let his move between his lips. They touched. He moaned. I moved back and led his hand to my tits. Jason eagerly began massaging and playing with them, feeling my nipple press against his palm. I let my hand caress his chest, still narrow, not hairy like Rick. Apparently feeling more confident his hand moved down to my stomach. I wondered if he'd have the nerve. I moved my mouth to the side of his head,

"Go ahead." His hand moved down, pausing when he reached the hair on my mound, then moving slowly, teasing me without meaning to, until his hand cupped me. I knew he could feel the slit where my inner lips peeked through. And the wetness forming from his attention. I bit at his earlobe, letting him explore. "It's ok. Let your fingers separate me. Feel how wet you've made me? That means a woman is excited."

"You are?"

"Very much."

"Me too."

"I can tell." His middle finger had pressed between my lips. It was moving up and down discovering new and interesting parts. When I sucked in my breath he stopped. "Don't stop, that my clitoris, my clit. It's sensitive, but loves attention." He let his fingers move around my clit, unsure of what he was doing but pushing me forward anyway. "Keep doing that." Now my mouth was against his neck, I whimpered and cried quietly. I was almost ashamed at what I was doing but it was too late to stop. I knew where this was going. Pleased to be giving me some kind of pleasure Jason rubbed and teased my bud. I was now crying as low as I could, "ooh, keep going, uhuhuh, mmmmm, oh fucking hell, Jaaaaason, you, ooooh" I came, then I had to let him know to stop. He would have gone all night rubbing me raw. He was eager to please. "Jason, you gave me, whew, um uh an orgasm."

"That's good right?" I smiled at him.

"It's perfect. There are lots of ways to do that. Good lovers do that."


"Ha, thank YOU. Now, um. Do you want to?"

"Want to what?" For some reason now I felt shy. Did I want to offer to fuck him? Should I let him be satisfied touching me? But in fairness I needed to get him off.

"You can play with my body all you want. And I could help your excitement there."

"You can rub it again that would be nice." Before I chickened out or came to my senses I blurted out,

"You can fuck me." He nearly choked. "I mean, if you want me to be your first. I won't be offended if you want to wait. I'd do something else if you prefer."

"Really? You'd let me?"

"UM, yes. But don't wait too long to decide." He slid down his PJs. I felt a very hard cock pressing against my leg. "OK then. Kneel with your legs between mine. Put your hands up here. I'll get us lined up."

"Wow, do I need to uh, should we use anything?"

"Oh no worries there. Just do what comes natural. And go until you cum." He got in position. I reached down and found his cock. I rubbed it against me to wet it hoping he didn't cum right then. When I placed the head against my pussy opening, I told him, "Go ahead Jason, press forward and let your cock slide inside. Then move back and forth. Go ahead, you'll see." I felt his cock sliding into me. I squeezed my pussy to grip at him. He was big enough so I could feel him moving. When he was all the way in pressing against

me he smiled.

"I did it. I'm not a virgin."

"You did it. You feel nice. Now finish the job. Go fast or slow. Whatever feels good." He went fast. I guess it let him feel the most on his cock. He looked down at me with amazement as his ass rocked back and forth.

"Oh my god this is amazing. This is the best feeling." He continued his thrusting. I felt him tense. He let out at loud, "Ungh" and shot his load into me. He kept thrusting, then with his body pressed to mine, lay on me.

"That was the best. Can we do it again?"

"I may need a little rest Jason. And this isn't forever."

"OK, but."

"Girls like to be held after sex. To feel our warm bodies against each other. To talk about all kinds of things. Do you have questions?"

"Yes, no. All kinds of things. How did it feel? Was I any good?"

"You were good. Don't worry. You started off great by having me cum first. You do that then girls will like it. It's about sharing."

"You're very pretty. For a sister."

"Ha. But flattery is good too. You're a growing young man who is going to make lots of women happy."

"What other things to people do?"

"Lots of things. With the mouth, with the tits, with the ass. You think of it, people do it."

"Wow, what do you do?"

"Hmm. Maybe too personal, but you already saw me suck one and fuck one, so there's that. I like a guy who licks my pussy."

"Guys do that?"

"Some do. The good ones."

"Hmm. Um, guys stick it in the butt?"

"Yep, some do."


"I have. It was ok. It takes a lot of prep."

"Can I suck on your breasts."

I pushed him down a bit and sighed as he went to work on my tits. They might be a little sore in the morning, but he was having a great time. When I felt his cock pressing against my leg, I had him lay on his back. I straddled him and helped him find the spot. This time I used my body to work on him. He stared in wonder as my tits rocked and shook above him. He pulled at my nipples as I bounced on him. After a bit and realizing that he may last a little longer I put my mouth to his and sucked his tongue into my mouth. We wrestled this way as I let my ass rest on his legs while my pussy worked his cock. His hands found my ass and caressed my cheeks as they rotated over him. When I felt his need rising I sat up and ground on him until he released his cum into me. Then I lay on him until he fell asleep. I guess what I'd done was wrong, but it felt so right.

In the morning he woke to find me laying alongside him. I felt him lift the sheets to convince himself it wasn't a dream. When he saw my eyes open he asked,

"Did we really?"

"Twice." I tapped his nose. "You were good. Remember that. Now get in the shower so you don't smell like cum and pussy."

I lay there alone thinking. I was fairly certain that if we were stuck in the cabin a few days I would also fuck Rick and Jon. I also enjoyed the effort, if not the skill, of Jason. He was so appreciative and excited. It was kind of cute. I gethered my things for the day and took over the bathroom when Jason was done. When I passed him he was still grinning ear to ear.

Breakfast was a matter of taking stock of our situation. We had contact with the outside world and it seemed a major blizzard had descended on us. It would be days until they could clear roads up our way. That also meant we'd be stuck indoors with short spurts of digging out from the front door. We could see snow banked up almost to the tops of the downstairs windows. As we sat around the table, eating eggs and bacon, Jon noted that Jason also had a large cup of coffee.

"When did you start drinking coffee? And black too?" Dad cut in,

"Leave him alone. Men drink coffee. He's growing up." Jon, who was always good for pushing things a bit replied,

"Men do lots of things. Until then they're still kids." Jason grinned, mostly to himself, let his eyes shift briefly to me and went back to his bacon. Jon caught this and looked at Rick who shrugged. "Look at me Jason." Jason looked up at Jon, trying to keep a blank expression. Then Jon looked at me as I tried chewing a piece of toast without smiling. "Did you?" I wasn't sure which of us he was directing the question towards. I watched Jason to see if he'd break. Instead he brought the coffee cup to his lips. "Oh you two, I'm going to find out." Dad was not exactly following each look and comment,

"OK enough of that. I think Jason is coming along just fine." Jon laughed,

"I'm thinking you may be right."

After lunch Dad and Rick took the first shift working on the snow. Dad mostly directing while Rick did the heavy work. Jon, Jason and I would pick up where he left off a bit later. Sitting around the living room with another cup of coffee Jon looked at me, then Jason.

"OK, who's going to break? Did you guys mess around in that room some?" Jason was doing his best to say nothing, but the look on his face said too much. I decided to let Jason off the hook.

"Yes Jon. Jason is a man. And he was very good." I smiled over at him. Jon punched Jason's arm lightly, then,

"First, holy shit, you two? Wow. Sis, first Dad, now Jason. So you did it? All the way?"

"Jon, I'll lay it out there so even you can understand...Yes, Jason fucked me. Twice. And I came. And it was fun. And if we're stuck here for days I'll probably do it again if he wants. Now Jason piped up. The info was out, and his words came in a torrent.

"Jon, it was so fucking great and Bec's body is amazing and it felt so good, I had no idea and she was so nice about everything I didn't know and she said I did good and hell yes I'd do it again. I want to do it all the time forever." Jon laughed,

"Hah, hold on there tiger. First congrats on joining the club. And it's not always so easy to find a partner. Look at me, I'm stranded out here in the woods." Then he looked over at me. I knew what thought crossed his mind.

"For now, let's say maybe." Jon sat back,


We took turns working at the snow. I now noticed Jon looking my way more than once. I guess I couldn't blame him. I had no idea when he'd last gotten laid and now I was waving potential pussy at him. And I had to admit, though Jason scratched an itch, the idea of Jon giving me that thick cock kept me warm out in the snow. We'd made some progress when Dad declared a break for the day. He was going up for a nap. The rest of us settled in the main room of the cabin. Inevitably we came around to updating Rick.

"Wow. I wish I had an older sis back in the day." Jon nodded and added,

"But you have a younger one and..." I cut him off,

"No promises Jon." Rick looked at me,

"Are you saying?"

"OK here it is. We're stuck here. It's a guys weekend that's extended. I've got the only pussy in the cabin. And I'm horny too. If we're going to be here a bit, yeah I'm thinking I may want to have some fun with all these strong handsome men." Rick was interested now.

"And you started with Jason?"

"I felt like bringing him up to speed." Now Jason made us laugh,

"And she's a hell of a fuck." I pointed at him,

"You just remember that, and be nice, if you want anymore." Jon was looking uncomfortable sitting on the sofa,

"So, um, when do you think you might...decide?" I smiled at him.

"Tell you what. Get those peckers out and let me...check them out. I have a need to handle some manly cock." Rick and Jon had theirs waving at me in no time. I looked over at Jason, "You too stud." He seemed shy for a moment then pulled out his own hard cock. It looked so small next to Jon's thick club and even Rick's average looking cock, but I knew well it could do the job. "Now sit together on the sofa and let me have some fun."

They all sat on the sofa, trying not to touch each other as they let their cocks reach out towards me. I rolled my eyes,

"Oh stop you babies. You're brothers. Give me half a break and scoot together so I can get to them. They reluctantly let their thighs touch allowing me access without crawling all over. I started down by Rick. I held his cock in my hand and looked it over. It seemed to match my older brother. Though no more than 6 inches it was strong looking, curving up slightly with prominent veins running along the sides nd underneath. The head flared, as wide as the thicked part of his shaft. It was a cock that meant business. I let my tongue run from his balls up to the head. I sucked the head into my mouth letting my tongue work around it. I held his heavy balls in my hand rolling them and feeling the promise of a large load. I let some saliva run down his shaft then followed with my lips taking him deeper into my mouth. I looked up to see Rick nod to Jon. Yes their sister could sure suck some cock. He then let his head lay back as I began working him, stroking him as I teased the head, then taking his length down further each time. I was sure I could get it all, but I built to that slowly. With my left hand I reached out and failed at wrapping my fingers around Jon's cock. Shit, he would be a challenge, but for now I was busy with Rick. At least most of my attention. Up and down on Rick, then my hand following on Jon, then taking Rick all the way down, my pussy twitching, needing, feeling Rick's pubes on my nose, throbbing, my pussy was throbbing I needed, oh fuck. I pulled off Rick,

"Jon, now. Pull down my pants and fuck me, NOW!" I closed my eyes, I took Rick again, I felt my pants being pulled down, I sucked at Rick's head, then Rick pulling up my shirt as my underwear was pulled away, ripped away. Deep again on Rick, into my throat then 'ooooh fuuuuck", my pussy being assaulted, stretched, split open. Jon pushing into me. Thick throbbing meat pushing in. I clamped down on Rick, humming, covering a cry, then off of Rick so I could, shout a muffled, "oooooooooh god, oh shit, deep, give it to me." Jason, porn deprived Jason, looked on in awe, watching his sister devour one cock while being impaled by another. Jon was no longer than Rick so he got deep, very deep, then held it there as I got accustomed to his thickness. Rick had pulled off my shirt, now my bra was gone. My tits were swaying, I heard Rick call Jason over,

"Come on kid, work over her tits, she's going to explode." He knew it and I knew it. Now with Jason pulling at my nipples and crushing my tits with his smaller hands, Jon's cock balls deep and wide and Rick's cock wavering in my face I was ready to go. I began bobbing quickly on Rick as Jon started withdrawing and thrusting into me. Jason eagerly played with my tits, then remembered ny clit. When his finger found it, just above Jon's thristing shaft, his first press sent me off into world's unknown. Rick was lucky I didn't bit his cock off. Muffled by my brother's shaft I let out an "eeeeeeeeeeeee" as I came on Jon. Jason whooped in glee and began rubbing around my clit, soon sending me on waves of pleasure. Rick could handle no more and held my head onto his cock as he released what felt like a huge load, gagging me as I tried swallowing it all. I got most of it, the excess dripping onto him. He sighed, relaxing as I grunted from Jon pounding me. Jason sat back and smiled when Rick said to him,

"I told you. Good move going for her pussy."

"Becky showed me where last night." I was barely aware of their conversation and Rick ruffling Jason's hair as I arched my back taking all of Jon over and over. When I thought I couldn't take any more I felt him tense. He pulled me to him by the hips. I felt his cock somehow stretch me more, then throb as he came, my cunt filling with another brother's cum. When at last he pulled out, my pussy finally relaxed. Jon rested his head on my back. I lay my head on Rick's leg alongside his soft cock. Jason stroked my hair. From above we heard a slow clapping sound, then Dad,

"Well if that wasn't a sight. I had forgotten how horny young people get." I looked up,

"Daddy, we were.."

"I know WHAT you were doing. And let me say. I don't exactly disapprove. As long as you're careful you don't end up pregnant. I know all too well how one day the spigot gets turned off and there are only memories. If I knew then what I'd know now, I'd fuck every chance I got. That goes for you too Jason." Jason looked up at his father with a bit of pride,

"I did too Dad. Last night. I'm a man now too." Dad laughed,

"I wondered about those sleeping arrangements. So while we're stuck here you all do whatever you want. Just don't EVER tell your mother. And you really shouldn't do this at home. If it got out that wouldn't be a good thing. Now, if you're all done grunting and cursing and screaming, I will finish my nap." And then he was gone. We all looked around satisfied. Well except for one.

"Jason, sit back up there on the sofa." When he did I took his quickly hardening cock into my mouth and sucked him until he rewarded me with a nice mouthful. I sucked him dry, licked up any extras and sat back. "Now we're done." The fact that I was naked, had cum splattered on me and leaking from me with my brothers around me was not bothering me at all. Jon looked at me,

"Wow sis. You were amazing." I took his compliment and the others realizing that they'd be more than happy to fuck me all week. I decided to retain control.

"Here's how it's going to be. Three nights, one each. Jason will switch rooms. You'll each have a chance. But you'll make love to me, treat me with respect, take care of my needs and do it nice." They all nodded. "Then if that's going well, and each of your fun depends on the others doing their best at night, then we can have a fuckfest sloppy gangbang down here. I like both. And you'll always respect me, right?" Rick, the most mature of the three answered for them.

"That's more than fair Rebecca. You get to say who does what. And yes we'll always respect you. You're our sister and we love you."

When we were done with hugs and promises we cleaned up. Then there was more snow to shovel. Dinner was a little on the quiet side, maybe slightly awkward. Well except for Jason who didn't know enough to be embarrassed or worried about implications, or really anything. He was a ball of energy, tapping his fork, keeping time with his feet. He'd been there, done that and couldn't wait to go for another ride. I thought it might be good if he waited a day or two. As with this afternoon I'd decided that Rick would be first. Of the three I was certain Rick would know how to make love to a woman and at the moment I had a need to feel like something more than a fuck buddy. I wasn't having regrets, but a girl has different needs at different times. After dinner Dad pulled me aside,

"Just what did you do with Jason? The kids about to burst with energy."

"Daddy, do you remember back to your first time?"

"Sure, Veronica Austin, back of my Chevy."

"O...K, maybe more detail than I needed. But remember how once you'd experienced it, you never wanted it to end?"

"Hmm, how things change. Did he behave well?"

"Yes. He did as told and performed as expected."


"Oh Daddy. No worries, you've sired three lusty manly men."

"And you?"

"Lusty as they come. It's kind of nice to be out here as 'one of the guys' and not have to worry about being all lady like and such."

"Not like your mother at all."

We had what any family would consider a normal evening. After Dad had gone to bed I suggested Jason bunk in Jon's room. The reactions were priceless. Jason looked most let down, Jon did all he could to not fist bump Rick. Rick rolled his neck and tried to act all nonchalant. I sent the two younger brothers up to their room and asked Rick to get me a glass of wine. There was a fire going as he settled back on the

sofa next to me.

"OK Rick. And yes we're on first name basis. I'm your girl for the night, let me have the Rick charm. And by the way, I'm real sore from shoveling today, I don't know if I'm up to..." My story was cut short by a kiss. Long, slow, drawn out just right.

"A little wine, some more tasty kisses and you might be ready one of Rick's famous massages. Nearly guaranteed to make you melt and um, maybe be more pliable."

"Hmm, now that sounds enticing. And to think, I was going to give it up to you tonight anyway."

"Nonsense. You deserve the full treatment." We sipped wine and stared at the fire. Rick was a gentleman and held me with an arm around my shoulder, my head resting against his. When I turned to offer him a kiss, he was ready. One led to many, then we locked together, tongues doing their thing. An observer would easily assume we were passionate lovers. Now Rick's hand was caressing my back. I reached back and unhooked my bra. At that moment I didn't want him to have any doubts. Rick being a number of years older than me, I don't remember him dating much when he was home. He was out and on his own when I really got into my teen years so ours was a relationship more of close friends or cousins. Now I believed I would be learning that Rick's gentle boasting with Jon was more truth than anything. I'd lost my shirt along the way, his kisses had moved down along my neck and now he was holding and kissing around my breasts. No eager teenager clamping right onto a nipple, he knew to search for spots that created excitement, that caused me to moan, that had me biting at his neck, nibbling on his ear. I was melting already and the massage hadn't even started yet.

With a tremor I pleaded, "Upstairs." He kissed me gently on the lips, then took my hand and led me. He had no need to stare at my bare breasts, jiggling and swaying, no need to follow my ass, held tight in my jeans, up the stairs. He had confidence, and experience. He knew he had me, knew that I wanted nothing more than to make love to him, so he could wait and let it build. Whatever his needs were, mine would exceeed them by the time we'd joined together.

He closed the door behind me then led me to the middle of the small room. He stood looking down at me, held my chin in his hands, kissed me again. Then his tongue made it's way tantalisingly slow, down my body. Kissing, tongue trailing, my neck, shoulders, tits, stomach. I didn't realize he was on his knees, loosening my belt, snapping open my jeans, all the while kissing my navel, then down, following a line that would have ended if he hadn't slipped down my pants, down to where my underwear would have been if they weren't pooled at my feet. Down across the small bit of hair, one leg now hooked over his shoulder, my hands holding his head for balance as his tongue, found its destination. I swayed, I trembled, he held me around my backside, letting his tongue work alone, lapping at me, pushing into me, causing me to whimper as he found my bud and sucked it into his mouth. He'd said nothing since we were downstairs but I felt I knew him better than ever. He lifted me in strong arms, I threw my other leg over his other shoulder as he clamped onto me, holding me to him as I came and came, my hips writhing, back arching, legs entwined behind him. My fingers had a firm grasp of his hair, my head was back, mouth open, too lost in the feelings to utter a sound, then with an "uuuuuuuuuunh", I was done, slumping over him. He carried me to the bed and lay me out on my stomach. His kissed along my back let me come down and relax.

"R-rick, that was the best one ever."

"Ssh, relax Rebecca. Relax. Every muscle." Then I felt his strong hands, fingers, start at my neck and works their way down my body. Deep pressure, sucking the stiffness and pain from my shoulders and back, butt and legs. Long slow movements. Deep hard massage leaving me calm, relaxed. So so relaxed.

I awoke with a start. Somewhere along the way he'd turned me over and worked on my shoulder and thighs, and my feet.

"Oh my god. I fell asleep. I'm so sorry Rick, I was supposed..."

"Sssh. You were supposed to get a massage and relax. It's only been a couple hours."

"A couple hours? And what did you do?"

"I hope you don't mind. After the massage I lay here looking at you. You're really very attractive. I'd never looked at you like this before." I actually fucking blushed. Then I thought, my brother looked at me naked for two hours?

"Thanks. I uh, don't.."

You don't hear that enough because you wear flannel shirts and jeans and cover up what is a nicely proportioned attractive body."


"I could say pretty, but that's something else. You're kind of cute too, but that's something else. It's been a pleasure taking all this in."

"Oh god, I'm again thinking about you staring at me for two hours."

"No staring. Admiring."

"Make love to me Rick."

"My pleasure."

I lost track of time. Rick made love to me. It was the kind where he held my hands in his. He kissed me lightly, and he kissed me deeply. He touched me gently, his fingers tracing lines down my face, along my chin, touching me in places I didn't know would bring me pleasures great and small. His cock moved within me, gliding along my insides, stimulating me, touching spots that caused me to gasp. My toes curled in orgasm when he pressed against me at just the right time, in just the right way. His chest met mine, our bodies were one as he moved slowly, relentlessly, bending his back to let his tongue find mine as his cock drove into me then oh so slowly dragged along inside me. When I had more than my share, he released, his cock throbbing and thickening, fully encased by me as his cum spurted and ran into me, then following as he with drew, slowly pooling at my entrance, collecting there as he lay beside me, holding me.

When I woke in the morning, Rick was showering in the adjoining bathroom. There was a hot cup of coffee waiting for me on the nightstand. I heard the water stop as I sat up in bed sipping from the mug. I almost pulled the sheet up, then realized how silly to be modest. It lay across my stomach as I breathed in the smell of the coffee, feeling as relaxed and fulfilled as any time before. Rick walked from the bathroom toweling his hair, his cock shrunken in the cool air.

"Morning sleepy head. Rest well?"

"Rick, that was unreal. With that routine, how have you not caught someone by now?"

"Well some get the massage. And some get the sex, and some get the rest. But no one has been special enough to me to get all of it together, until now." I smiled at his cheekiness and at the compliment. Then I may have cried just a little.

"No one has ever given me anything like that before."

"You're young. Don't settle for less. You deserve it."

"Thanks Rick. You're quite a man."

We had breakfast with the rest. Jon asked Rick how it was. Rick waved him off.

"It wouldn't be polite kid. Have some manners." Jon scowled and looked over at me. I noticed Rick had turned to Dad, so I mouthed to Jon,

"Fucking amazing."

We got to shoveling again. We were making progress. Rick suggested Dad take a break from shoveling, for his health. He had Jon and Jason take a shift with him. This was just after lunch. I sat with Dad while they were outside.

"Dad, can I ask you a personal question?"

"I suppose why not, I know more about all of you that I ever thought I needed to."

"How long has it been? Since you had sex?"

"Whoa, that is personal." He started to say more, then stopped. "If you must know, probably six or seven years."


"Your mother's decision. She got too old or something."

"At 50? Really? That's unfair."

"Well, I couldn't force her."

"Did you ever, you know?"

"Stray? No. Never. You get the life you get."

"Would you like to?" He stared at me. I wasn't sure if he was shocked, disappointed, angry.

"Are you offering?"

"No one else here is ever going to say anything."

"Why would you want to?"

"For you. However your want. For fun, or to remember, or just to get a good one off one more time." He sat and looked at me. I wasn't absolutely sure, but I stood and extended my hand. When he took it I led him upstairs to his room. When I stripped down he stood looking at me.

"I've seen you in bathing suits of course, but like this, I'm struck by how much your body reminds me of your mother as a young woman."

"Do you want to do it with that woman? Imagine I'm that woman?"

"No, no, no, no, I could never look you in the face and do it. If it's not too crude, could you face the other way?"

"Of course. Doggie style. I'll hop on the bed. Then whenever you're ready." I assumed the position. I felt him getting on the bed. Then his rough old hands touching me. Not caressing actually, more like he was afraid it would burn his fingers. Then as he became more comfortable, his hands cupped my breasts. He held them, perhaps remembering a past time. Then finally I felt a hand on my hip, then his cock pressing against me. He gasped when he felt his cock slide into me. I sighed in appreciation. He held my hips with both hands and slowly rocked back and forth. His cock seemed firm enough, his pace easy, pleasurable. He had a bit more stamina than I expected. I was thinking maybe he couldn't when suddenly he began pulling me harder against him, grunting as he thrust, then one more gasp as his cum escaped into me. When he'd finished he fell alongside me. His eyes were red.

"I'm sorry Rebecca. I shouldn't have." I turned to him,

"It's ok Daddy. It's ok. I wanted you. Just like I want my brothers. We'll never be closer." He stroked my cheek.

"Would it be alright if I rest now?"

"Sure Daddy. Thank you. For everything."

I cleaned up and walked downstairs. The guys had finished another shift and were sitting there watching me come downstairs. I saw three sets of eyes following me until I poured a glass of wine and sat in a chair. I looked at them, from Jason, to Rick, to Jon.

"Yes I did." Jason covered his mouth. Rick nodded. Jon just smiled at me. "Jon, you're tonight. Better bring your A game."

Once you've seen everything and fucked everyone there aren't many sexy games or tell all games to play. Dad was exhausted from our session, so we made dinner and sat around with drinks. We encouranged Jason to ask us anything he wanted about sex and maybe shocked him with stories of our own or things we'd heard or seen in porn. He asked what it was like to do it outside where people could see you and where you could see the sky and stars and all. We assured him that is was exciting and fun.

"Way better than in the back of Dad's car", Jon assured him. We laughed but admitted that Rick and I had both had experiences in cars. After awhile I could tell Jon was getting anxious. This time we left Rick and Jason downstairs and I led Jon to my room. I knew he wouldn't have the skills or patience of Rick, but Jon was pretty hot and his cock was sure going to give me a workout. When we were naked he looked at me and whistled.

"Becky, maybe we should have started messing around together a long time ago."

"I'm not sure that would have been a good idea. We might never have left the house. Now Jon, I want to you fuck me with that thing and don't stop until I beg you." With a grin he lifted me and plopped me down on the bed. I'd decided that Rick had given me enough lovemaking for two nights, I wanted Jon to take me with vigor. He got between my legs then lifted each one over a shoulder, bending me in half as he leaned forward and introduced his thick member to my waiting pussy. He drove that fucker into me, spreading me open then resting against me briefly. He smiled down then began pistoning his ass driving himself into me. I was bouncing on the bed with each thrust, coming up to meet him as he pushed down again. I hooked my hands around his neck and held on for the ride of my life. We bounced and bounced until he thrust deep and unloaded, cum pushing out around his cock as it plugged me up tight. Then before I knew what happened he was out of me and I felt his tongue lashing at my pussy, flicking my clit, thrusting up where his cock had been. His cum didn't bother him as he ate me to a shaking orgasm. When I'd let go of his head he kissed his way up my body and met me mouth to mouth.

"Wow, Jon, so much energy. Whew. Awesome. Really." He smiled.

"I'm not hardly done." Now I smiled,

"Challenge accepted." It was like running a marathon. His recovery period was almost nonexistant, his stores of cum endless. We fucked in ways we thought we were making up. We stretched and contorted and managed to find a way to get his cock stuffed up my cunt. After what seemed like hours we were catching our breath when he asked,

"You ever try anal?"

"Up the ass? Um, yeah I, well a guy and I tried once and it was awful and hurt so we stopped."

"Hmm, too bad."

"You really think you could get this", I held up his recovering cock, "up my ass?" I turned over showing him my ass. "Really?"

"How about this?" He rolled over and scooted down between my legs. He pulled my butt cheeks apart and I soon felt something completely new. Jon had his tongue working around my puckered opening, licking, teasing, prodding at my hole. My first reaction was, "Oooooooohhhh. I don't know, it's ooooooooo, ooooooo, wow." Next I felt two fingers in my pussy teasing around while his tongue pressed against me, then, oh fuck, inside. Just a tiny bit, just, oooh, ooh his tongue, it feels, uuuh. And his fingers, his fingers, searching, touching, probing, aahh, ah yes, that's the spot. Now he had me. My body tensed, relaxed, relaxed. His tongue was moving, inside. His fingers pressing, rubbing. I lifted my ass, I pressed back against Jon's tongue. I made small sounds and came on him. I shivered when he removed his tongue. I looked at him.

"Wow, that was really different. I can't believe you stuck your tongue..."

"I'd do anything to make you feel good."

We actually fucked twice more before we slept. I lost count of the orgasms, really I lost count of everything.

I woke up feeling more tired. We'd overslept. My muscles ached. I was regretting my poor decision in choosing the order of brothers. While truly worn out I also felt fully sexually satisfied for the first time in ages. Maybe ever. Jon had performed well beyond expectations. I looked at him sleeping blissfully and hoped he felt the same for me. I walked bow-legged, or at least I felt that way, to the bathroom. There's no telling how much spunk he'd put in me. Sure I'd cleaned up last night, but there was plenty more now dried on my legs.

Feeling more refreshed I jostled Jon awake.

"Wake up sex machine. Need to finish the snow." There had been another light dusting overnight but we expected to get to the car soon enough. Then whenever the plows got up our way we could escape. My exhaustion must have been evident as I trudged downstairs. Rick looked over at me and chuckled,

"Damn woman, you look woooorn out."

"Yes, yes I am. Your brother is relentless. But in fairness I more or less challenged him."

"It sounded like it from next door." Jason giggled at that. I looked over at him,

"What, you?" He kept laughing,

"Rick was describing what Jon was probably doing to you. Until we got tired and went to sleep. Then you guys woke me up in the middle of the night. I couldn't help but listen. You were LOUD. I um had to go let some out."

I tossled his hair as I went by. "Sorry kid but I need a day, and night, off."

"That's ok, Rick told me already. And we have a surprise for you."

"A surprise?"

"Yeah, get your coffee and follow me." I got a cup, which helped revive me, then followed Jason and Rick out the back. We'd been working the walkway and drive all week, now I saw a small path and the hot tub completely cleared. It was bubbling and steaming.

"Oh, you two. Oh how thoughtful. There's nothing I need more that a good hot soak." Jason was beaming. Rick nodded satisfied. Then said,

"It was Jason's idea. When I suggested that he might want to wait a day, he said we should let you relax in the hot tub." I went over and kissed my youngest brother on the head.

"You're learning right." When Jon came down Rick informed him that he would not be lounging around. Jon, Rick and Jason would finish the driveway, Dad would rest by the fire and I would soak in the hot tub. As the guys gathered their shovels I informed them that I was going out back.

"When you're done feel free to join me. You may gaze upon my nudity as I enjoy the heat." They whooped, then headed out front. I checked on Dad and let him know he was welcome to join me. He declined,

"I think I've had enough sharing this week. And seeing you in the all together might tempt me."

"That's ok Daddy, I told the guys today was my day of rest. I'll be out back neck deep in steaming water."

I stepped in, sat, then sank down letting the water engulf my body. It was hot, but my muscles absorbed the heat and relaxed. My well used pussy needed the rejuvenation. My often groped tits floated on the water. It may have been an hour when I heard the voices. Laughing, teasing. Three young men full of energy. Jon stuck his head out the door.

"Need anything Becky?"

"A glass of wine if it's past noon."

"Close enough." I soon had a glass in hand as Jon looked down at me. "You're fucking amazing."

"And amazing at fucking?"

"That too. I didn't properly thank you for last night. You really pushed my limits."

"I'm not sure you have limits." He laughed and went inside. A short while later three laughing naked men came running out to join me.I was surrounded by cocks again. Three different but pleasing ones. All attached to guys I loved very much. They sat on the far side of the hot tub, giving me my space. Jason soon had a hardon. At his age, looking at tits, of course he did. Rick and Jon sank into the water hiding whatever excitement they felt. I noted Jason's hand moving below the water. Poor kid. I sure wasn't up for participating myself but that's not to say there couldn't be some fun.

"Hey guys. One my day of rest and relaxation, I wouldn't mind a little entertainment." Rick smiled,

"Oh really, our most gracious and sexy sister. What can we do for you?"

For one, sit up on the step so I can observe those cocks of yours." Rick quickly popped up. As expected he was under control and hanging nicely. Jon followed. He too was flaccid. Maybe I did wear him out. Jason followed sporting a hard cock that stood straight out.


"Nothing to be sorry for. It's a compliment. Now boys, if I were to stretch out up here would it be stimulating enough to get those three cocks good and hard?"

Jason, "Yeah."

Jon, "Hah, because you already are. And what Becky do we do with these hard cocks?"

"I want to look at them. Standing proud and tall because of me." Rick, laughed.

"I suppose, after all you've done for us, it's the least we can do." I rose from the water, letting the cold air raise bumps along my body. My nipples hardened as I stretch my legs out letting the guys see my tuft of hair and the puffy warm lips below.

"What do you think men?" Rick and Jon were looking me over, slowly stroking their cocks as they lengthened and stiffened. I looked back remembering the past nights and how they filled me. Now there were three hard cocks. I licked my lips. Sultry isn't really my thing, but a hand lifting a breast a tongue just barely flicking a nipple, a finger, resting dangerously close to my slit, had three men horny and stroking themselves. "That's it, show me your appreciation. No reason not to let it fly. Go ahead stroke those hard cocks. It was all too much for Jason. He let go an exclamation and sent spurts of cum flying towards me.

"See, Jason gets the idea. I'm honored he finds me so desirable. What about you two?" Now fists were moving faster. If their sexy sister wanted cum, they were going to provide it. Poor Jon had to be on empty after last night but his hand was a blur. Rick grunted and sent copious amounts into the hot tub. I pulled at my nipples, lifted my pussy out of the water, then moved a hand down to separate my lips to show Jon where he'd been. I may have moved a little closer, but when Jon came his spurt surprised me, shooting across and landing on my stomach. Jason looked on amazed. I sank into the water, letting is rinse me as I saw the three spent cocks settle back into the steam.

"Very nice. Quite the display. Now let me rest a little more."

I closed my eyes leaning back in the tub. I knew they could see me and that was ok. They joked about what they'd done and Rick said,

"At least she didn't make us jerk each other." Jon laughed, Jason said,

"Eww." I assured them,

"I'm not mean."

We had dinner with Dad, who was happy that they'd cleared the car.

"We may actually get out of here one day, though I'm not sure you all really want to leave."

"I assured him that I couldn't possibly keep up the current pace." Then he told Rick,

"And run that filter if you've been leaving any mess in the hot tub."

"Yes, Dad."

That night we did play some trivia games and I reminded everyone that I'd be sleeping alone that night. Dad suggested I take his room and he'd bunk with Jason.

"You get a good night's sleep. These guys should be able to make it a night."

"Thanks Daddy."

And rest I did. Stretched out under heavy blankets. It was likely our time at the cabin was coming to an end. I did wonder how it would be once we got home. Obviously they all knew me, in many ways, better than ever. Of course, I knew them better too. Could we behave? What about a night months from now when I was horny and without a date, knowing that Jon, or Jason was right down the hall. Jason, hmm, I did owe him still. Sure I'd taken his virginity a few days ago and introduced him to the joys of sex, but I had kind of promised them a night each. He was no doubt anticipating another chance. Sex with his older sister. I'd have to make it special.

I woke up fairly early feeling truly refreshed. Since I was the first one down, I got the coffee going and rounded up the last of the eggs and sausage. At about the same time Rick and Jon appeared at the top of the stairs. Jon, acting surprised,

"Look who's up early!" I stood with hands on hips,

"A woman's work is never done." Rick offered a compliment,

"And you have done that work admirably." I gave him my best sexy smirk,

"Well, sucking big cocks isn't easy. And having HIS jammed up my who ha is a double workout." Jon smiled,

"Why thank you milady." They came down and helped with breakfast. I follwed up on my last comment,

"I just hope I'm shrunk back to normal or poor Jason will get lost in there." Jon, at the toaster,

"So, you're going to give him another go."

"I did promise all three." Rick looked at me,

"You don't HAVE to do anything. We all appreciate you being there for us. We know it's not happening again. I'll talk to him if you've had enough. Part of growing up is realizing who has final say."

"Thanks, it makes me feel special, like I was sharing with you guys. I haven't felt used or unappreciated. But that's ok. It was fun watching him in his wide eyed wonder. And well, I like sex." The both kissed me on the cheek and got back to setting the table as we heard more rustling from upstairs. Jason came down and hit the food like he hadn't eaten all week. When Dad joined us and announced,

"I'm told the plow should be by here this afternoon", out of the corner of my eye I saw Jason slump just a bit. I kicked Rick's leg and gave him a slight head movement. He got the hint,

"Uh, Dad, it might be late. No sense pushing it. Let's plan to break out of here tomorrow. Get some sun on the roads and all."

Dad looked around the table, "I suppose I'm outnumbered. OK, I'll let your mother know we'll be home tomorrow. If the road's clear I'll go down to Jackson's and catch up with him. You can all....well do whatever you're planning." I looked at him,

"You don't have to leave. You can join us Daddy."

"No, no, I've done quite enough I shouldn't have this week. And remmeber, none of this at home." There was agreement around the table. After Dad left mid afternoon I announced,

"There's no more shovelling. We can hit the hot tub. We can sit around here. Or Jason and I can go have some private time now."

Jason just said, "Oh." Rick suggested,

"Up to you Bec." I held out my hand to Jason. He eagerly followed me up the stairs. At the top we took a right and went to the main bedroom. He looked at me questioningly.

"More room kiddo, and it's more comfortable. Dad will understand." When we got into the room I told him, "Time to learn a few things. First, undress me. With sure steady hands. I'll explain the bra." Jason grinned and went to work. With some small instructions he had me naked in no time. He stood back staring, still amazed, at his naked sister. "OK, now you." I stepped up to him. He was still shorter than me. I kissed his neck and put a hand under his shirt. I felt his chest and placed on of his hands on my right breast. As he kneaded my tit I had a hand behind his head holding him in place as I worked kisses along his face until our lips met. While kissing him I lifted his shirt and broke away just long enough to remove it. Now I sat him on the end of the bed and straddled him. I kissed down his neck, along his shoulders and to his chest. He exclaimed in surprise at his body's reaction to my tongue licking his nipple. I sucked at it and bit him lightly.

"Oh wow Becky, that's so, wow, I didn't know."

"Yes, now imagine how mine feel." I kept kissing down his narrow chest, sliding to my knees to cover his stomach, then down below his navel where sparse hair was beginning to form a line. I kept kissing downward and my hands were sliding his shorts and underwear down, now finding thicker wiry hairs and finally his shaft sticking straight up. I kissed around it and down below, taking one, then the other of his balls into my mouth, pulling at his scrotum with my lips, licking his balls and the line behind them. He was tensing and gasping as I showed him sensitive parts he didn't know he had. I looked up at him from where my tongue flicked back and forth at his cock. "How adventurous do you feel?"

"I-I'll do anything you want. Whatever. Ooooh"

"Tonight's for you Jason. I'll do anything you want."

"I don't know what. I'm just learning. You know way more than me."

"OK then. First I'm going to swallow your cock until you cum in my throat. Then you're going to fuck me like the stud you're becoming."

"Oh god. You're so beautiful. I can't believe...."

"You'll be with lots of pretty girls. I'm just showing you so you'll be confident and treat them right. But remember, not all girls do everything."

"You do?"

"With you, yes. So fuck me like a stud and then you'll be the first to fuck my ass."

"REALLY? You'd let me."

"Hell yeah stud. Now let me get to work."

With all this talk and with his cock sitting in the back of my mouth Jason was shooting cum straight down my throat in no time. I licked my lips then moved up and gave Jason a big kiss. He seemed unaffected by what I'd been doing. I scooted up on the bed.

"OK, now Jason, you will get up close and personal with my lady parts. Scoot down, separate me just so, and look around. Then use your tongue to taste me, all over. Then finally, see this part here where your hand had been. Do that with your tongue. And don't stop."

When he was in postition with his face very up close and personal I could hear him muttering, "Hmm, oh, wow...", as he inspected my parts. Finally when his tongue ran the length of me I moaned, which only increased his eagerness to please. My hips were moving involuntarily, lifting, rotating, tensing and relaxing as he went about his business.

"F-fingers are ok too. You can put them inside. Oh, oh kid, yeah like that." He may have done that all night, but after rocking through an orgasm and feeling like more could be on the way I pulled him up to me. We had a lot of time left. I don't know if it was him being a wise guy, not knowing better, or figuring all is fair, but he engaged me in a long deep kiss, letting me taste myself on him. When he came up for air, he looked at me,

"That's all so cool. Was it ok?"

"Jason, I love everything you do and you're not doing anything wrong and even if you did, you're learning and you'll make girls very happy. Now, I really need what you've got. Fuck me good loverboy." He got in position, got his cock where it needed to go and was rocking me in no time. As expected, his getting right back where his tongue had been quickly had me riding waves of pleasure. For Jason's part he was lost in the feeling of his cock being massaged by my soft insides. Apparently I'd recovered from Jon and was able to grip him tightly. His steady movements, at his age he didn't tire, kept me on the edge, occasionally rolling over. I closed my eyes and let it all wash over me, Jason thrusting, his cock going all the way in then retreating, his hands touching me, fondling my tits, his kisses, the warmth of his body above me. When he began increasing his pace I knew it was coming. I lifted my legs up and spread wide letting him push as far as he could, then leaning into me as his cum burst forth. I wrapped my legs behind him holding his body against mine. "Jason, you really do make me feel nice. When we get home, find yourself a cute girl and have fun."

"You're such a good teacher. And the feeling of your, um, pussy on my cock is the most amazing thing." I held him not wanting the moment to end. To introduce my brother to all this was something I wouldn't forget. But I had kind of promised him one more lesson. I hoped I was ready for it. I asked him to wait a moment and ran back to our room. When Jon and Rick saw me running naked from room to room they called to me from the living room.

"Hey there, woo hoo." I stopped, shook my tits and continued on my way, returning with lotion I thought would do the job. I found Jason waiting patiently his ever ready cock bobbing in the air. I handed him the lotion.

"When I'm ready, lots of lotion. Fingers first, then the main event. We lay together, Jason running his fingers up and down between my cheeks. I was doing the same to him. When he'd slicked up his fingers and began pressing them against me, I clenched tight shut. "Don't force it. Here let me show you." I applied lotion to my fingers and pressed on his anus.

"Oh shit. That's different."

"Can I continue?"

"Y-yeah I guess so." He felt me pushing, felt himself clenching and realized he'd need to go easy on me. When I finally had my middle finger just entering him, he began on me again. Soon we were joined each with a finger in the other's ass.

"Jason, this must be the most ridiculous looking thing ever. Ready?"

"If you are." I got on my knees, bending forward presenting my ass to him. I felt him caressing my cheeks, then take a moment to get his cock good and lubricated. Holding my cheeks he got behind me and let his cock run along my crack. I was getting nervous. All I could think of was the one time and..."

"You're shivering Bec. Are you cold?"

"N-no, go ahead." He again tried holding me in place as he aligned his cock.

"No, you're afraid aren't you?"

"No. Yes. A little." He scooted up alongside me. My youngest brother held me.

"Don't be afraid Becky. I won't do anything to hurt you or make you afraid. Let's forget that. Hold me and don't be afraid please."

I was already somewhat relieved. Jason's arms around me felt so good. I wiped away a tear.

"Thanks Jason. You're so kind and considerate. You're more a man than most guys my age." I looked into his caring eyes and kissed him on the nose. "That was very kind of you."

"I know this is all unusual, but you're still my big sis. And you've given me a lot this week. Years worth of experiences. We can stop now if you want."

"Stop? No. Maybe a little snuggle break here, but we have lots of time for good old fashioned fucking before we leave."

"You have a nice ass."

"Hah. Thanks. If you want to hold it, slip yourself into me from behind. Just make sure you aim for the right hole." I turned and pressed my butt against Jason, then bent my leg up and helped him find the right spot. Then he caressed and held my ass as he slowly rocked into me. After awhile he cupped my breast with his hand and held me tight as he flooded me again. We stayed that way, joined together, pressed tight enough to keep him inside.

"Can I lick your pussy again?"

"You do know there's god knows how much of your cum down there?"

"Oh. That's ok. I want you to cum again."

"You're sweet. Here let me put your hand on the spot like the first time. If you want to look at me up close, wait until I cleanup some."

"Whatever you want." I wish I could find a boyfriend who was so agreeable. Jason let his fingers rub our combined fluids over me, rubbing me, getting me off again until I begged him to stop. "When you cum it's as good as when I do. I mean I feel so good doing it, though when my toes curl when I cum is very cool too." We lay together satisfied. Then we took showers and joined our brothers. We were all actually wearing clothes. I looked at them, my eyes tearing up.

"I've never had one guy, never mind three, take care of me like you all did this week. This is one to remember."

They assured me that I had been so much more than they expected or hoped for. Dad came home, we had dinner and packed up everything for an early exit. Dad went up to bed first, then Jason. After Jon went up Rick and I sat with glasses of wine.

"So you don't feel used or anything? Be honest with me Becky."

"No, not even close. I mean, you're very mature, but even those two, so considerate."

"Good. I don't want anyone to have any hard feelings. It'll have to be our private memory." When I went upstairs I stood by my bed looking over at Jason. Then I took off my PJs and slid in under his covers. He turned to face me, sliding his leg between mine and resting his head on my chest using my tits for a pillow. I stroked his hair and kissed the top of his head.

"Night Becky."

"Night Jason."


2022-01-16 17:12:17
ooo so very enjoyable. thank you


2022-01-07 17:09:49
I love your work. This is no exception

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