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People laughed at those who had abduction stories to tell. It was ridiculous to think little green men stole people and put things in their asses. The aliens also knew it was the perfect cover to do just that.
Conspiracy theories about aliens had persisted for so long that nobody really believed abduction stories anymore. It was the perfect cover, sow seeds of doubt and infiltrate under the cover of darkness. Their world was dying and they couldn’t stay there any longer, so they started searching the stars for a new place to call home. But it was more than just finding a planet with the right conditions, they would also need to find a way to continue as a species. Evolution had taken a toll and no more babies were coming. It was going to require some fresh DNA to figure it out and live on. They needed to find a sentient species they were compatible with, which would take time and experimentation. When they found the earth, first they had to study the beings there, figure out their anatomy and reproduction and see what could be done to mix DNA.

When Kate woke up, she found herself not in her own bed in her own room, but in what could only be described as a cell. Four barren walls and a door. Off to one side was an opening that led to a washroom. She woke up on a large, raised platform in the middle of the room, a makeshift bed? She was confused and frightened having no idea how she got here. Or even where “here” was. Scooting off the platform, she went to the door but found no handle, no way to open it. She pushed on it with all her weight but it didn’t budge. Trapped. She banged on the door and yelled for help, but nothing happened. Nobody came. She looked around to see what was at her disposal. The platform was solid, made of welded metal, it couldn’t be lifted or moved. On top was a mattress of sorts made of thick foam wrapped in a cloth. Nothing that could be used to escape.

At the opposite end, she explored the opening to the washroom. It was nothing more than a break in the wall that led to a smaller room with a drain in the middle. On one side was a showering device, the other side contained an odd-looking bidet designed to clean an undercarriage. That’s when she realized she was also completely naked. And she needed to relieve herself. She squatted over the bidet and when she was finished, she was met with a blast of warm water to clean her off. It was unexpected but not unpleasant.

Kate had no idea what anybody could possibly want with her, why she had been kidnapped. She was a rather ordinary woman other than her lovely natural red hair that hung down her back. In her late 20s, she was no more than an administrative assistant for a small company. She was single, not the thinnest or prettiest woman around. She rarely would wear makeup, it was just unnecessary, expensive, and time-consuming. She had smaller breasts for her curvy frame, wore comfortable shoes, and never showed anything off. What could anybody possibly want with her? She certainly didn’t come from money so no use holding her for ransom. She made her way back to the platform and crawled on top. Nothing she could do now.

When they finally came for her, she was terrified. She knew they weren’t human but didn’t know what they were going to do to her. What she got was an injection to make her relax as they took her from the room and led her to a lab where she was strapped to a chair. A collar was placed around her neck that would measure her vitals. It also was fitted with a shock device, just in case, and a way to remotely administer calming pharmaceuticals. They needed to collect as much data as they could while experimentation started. What she didn’t know was that they were injecting her with hormone compounds to increase her fertility and raise her sex drive. They wanted to study the reproduction cycle in humans. It was odd that the females of the species maintained breasts all the time where other animals would only develop them in the course of pregnancy for feeding young. Humans seemed to come equipped with them as part of the arousal process, to get a male’s attention. The hormones would actually make Kate’s breasts grow a little larger to encourage male attraction. After all this was completed, she was put back in her cell.

Kate lost count of the days. Every so often, she was taken back to the lab to have blood drawn and get more injections. The shape of her body started to change slightly as she filled out. She really wasn’t getting any physical activity inside her cell and she was very lethargic. Something would need to be done soon to correct that issue. But at least a month had passed as Kate’s cycle came. They studied it intently, taking lots of samples, inspecting her uterus to see the changes happening. Depression was definitely setting in, she wasn’t sure how much longer she even wanted to survive this.

A few days after her cycle had ended, the door opened again. But instead of her alien captors, a man was released into the room. He was being transported around in a cage that was something like a box for a trapped animal. After he was prodded into the room, the door slammed shut. Karl let out a growl and pounded on the door, scaring Kate even more. He didn’t even notice her there while he pounded and clawed and yelled at them to release him. Over the last month, whatever they were doing to him was making him more aggressive, angrier, hunting for any means of escape. He had no idea why he was here, what these creatures were, or what they wanted from him. But like Kate, he was fitted with a collar to measure his vitals and administer a shock like the one he received now. He needed to calm down so that he wouldn’t injure the female.

Kate cowered in a corner at the aggressive display in front of her. She didn’t know what he was going to do, or if he was going to do anything to her. Her fight or flight mode was on full alert. Karl saw the movement out of the corner of his eye and it shocked him to see this very naked woman afraid of him. Concern washed over him as he turned his attention towards her.

“Hello?” he said, with as much gentleness as he could muster. She merely let out a small squeak in response. “Are you ok? Can you understand me?”

“Yes”, she managed to get out. Her voice was shaking. He lowered himself to her level and reached his hand out to let her know that he wasn’t a threat to her. But she was still so terrified that she didn’t respond much.

“Do you know how you got here?” he asked her. She shook her head no and her eyes started to mist up. “Hey hey hey”, he said, “don’t be frightened, I’m going to get us out of here.”

Kate looked up at him and saw something in his face that she found comforting. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“Karl, yours?” he replied.

“Kate,” she answered.

“Nice to meet you, Kate. How long have you been here?” he asked.

“I think about a month,” she responded, “the days all run into each other but….”

“But what?” he pressed. A blush spread over her face, she wasn’t about to get into the details of her cycle. People just didn’t talk about such things. She shivered a little, mostly fear still coursing through her body. Karl noticed the tremor, “are you cold?” She nodded in response.

“Would you be comfortable with me touching you? We can warm up by being next to each other,” he offered.

It had been a long time since she felt human touch, her body was craving it. She nodded and offered a small smile in thanks. Karl scooted his body next to hers and put his arm around her. It was so nice. And Kate broke down, letting the last bit of her composure slip. The smaller woman started to cry softly in his arms. He held her close and simply let her. He knew he needed to protect her and that they had to escape. He was also suddenly very aware they were both naked.

He tried to hide his growing erection the best he could. “Now is not the time!!” he thought to himself. He would never allow himself to take advantage of a woman, especially considering their very precarious situation. But the drugs they pumped into him were basically throwing his body back into puberty. Everything, literally everything, was turning him on. His rage and anger turned him on. And this sweet young woman in his arms definitely was, especially after not seeing another human for so long. He willed his penis to stand down so he wouldn’t frighten her.

But Kate saw what happened. While he didn’t get fully erect, she did notice the swell between his legs. She couldn’t stop her body from responding, either. He was being so kind, so tender, so respectful that it stirred something deep inside of her. She felt the dampness growing between her own legs. Kate pulled away from him, drying her tears with her hands. The situation had changed now that there were two of them and they could share everything they knew with each other to help figure things out.

Kate started questioning him about everything he remembered about ending up here, and what had happened since he got here. Back and forth they pieced their experiences together. It was comforting to have someone to share everything with. A few hours had passed and it barely registered for either of them. Kate was starting to yawn, though. Karl noticed how adorable she looked when she let out a little squeak with her yawn. But it was also contagious and he was feeling the tiredness himself. He stood and helped her up, making their way to the soft platform in the middle of the room.

“I guess we sleep here?” he asked.

“That’s what I’ve been using it for” she responded, “are you comfortable sharing this with me?”

“Are you?” he responded, “I promise that nothing will happen without consent. Nothing. I’m not the type of guy to take advantage of anybody.”

She nodded in response and climbed onto the makeshift bed.

“Ok,” he replied and climbed on next to her, “at least we’ll be warm.” The room wasn’t exactly cold, but the empty space and the situation made it feel that way.

Kate laid on her side while Karl snuggled up next to her. It wasn’t long before they were both asleep.

The aliens watched everything, monitoring both the chemical levels being picked up by their collars and also through the cameras placed in the corners of the ceilings. Everything was being recorded. They saw how the humans responded to each other and an almost immediate change in their dopamine and serotonin levels. They were responding positively to each other. But even with their increased arousal, they weren’t mating yet. That was odd, they weren’t reacting like other animal species when they were in heat. But maybe the female just wasn’t in heat yet.

Kate woke a few hours later. She rolled over and found Karl asleep on his back, breathing heavily. She also noticed his penis was at full attention. She was shocked by it, both the fact that he was experiencing “morning wood” and by the size of it. He was larger than average, at least 7”, and broad at the base. She was definitely impressed. Karl was a very good-looking man, more attractive than she ever picked up. He had broad shoulders and defined muscles but certainly not an athlete. His light brown hair was slightly shaggy from a month in captivity. The hair on his face started to grow out as they clearly weren’t shaving him. He had a scar just left of his belly button that traveled down towards his groin. She traced it softly with her finger as she studied his body. She didn’t notice that it woke him up.

Finishing her inspection, she scooted to the edge of the bed and made her way into the washroom to relieve herself and grab a morning shower. At least, maybe it was morning?

Karl watched her pad off after having stared at his naked body. He grabbed his manhood, still at attention, and gave it a few rubs while he heard her in the other room. He felt like a 15-year-old boy again and knew he would need to cum soon. Maybe when he took his turn in the shower.

Kate noticed he was awake when she exited the washroom, now dripping wet from the soothing warm water. He was still semi-erect, and she tried not to look. But there weren’t many places to go in the small room, so back to the platform while her body air-dried.

“How did you sleep?” she inquired.

“Better than I have in a while,” he smiled at her, “a hot shower would be very welcome after a good rest.”

“It’s all yours,” she motioned.

He excused himself into the room with no door and let the warm water blast over his body. His penis sprung back to attention seeing the very beautiful, very naked redhead. He didn’t have to use much of his imagination to really work out his sexual frustration and a few moments later, his semen was mixing with the hot water running down the drain. He tried to be as quiet as possible to avoid any embarrassment.

Kate really couldn’t help herself, though. She wanted a peak of this beautiful man dripping wet. She moved just far enough to be able to see him through the opening where she was met with a full display of him stroking his very hard cock. The wetness returned between her legs. She wanted him. Every fiber of her being wanted that man buried deep inside her bringing her to orgasm again and again. This wasn’t normal, she wasn’t like this. What was happening to her? She moved back to the bed and laid down, trying to get thoughts of his raging boner out of her head. Her fingers found the wetness between her legs as she circled over her clit to get some kind of relief. It probably didn’t help at all. I small moan of frustration escaped her lips.

Karl peeked back around the corner just in time to see Kate laying on her back, her fingers working circles around her clit. His previous efforts flew out the window as blood flowed back into his cock. She was stunning. He wanted to feel every inch of her body and to taste her, but not without her asking, no begging, for it. He hung back for a few more minutes trying to get his body to calm down. He turned his mind back to escape rather than the vixen right in front of him.

Kate sat up on the bed as Karl came back into the room. Water droplets still clung to his form and hair, and she wanted nothing more than for him to walk straight over to her and grab her for a deep kiss. But she snapped out of it.

“What’s the plan for today?” she asked.

“I’m not sure, maybe we inspect the room again, see what we can see?” he replied.

“Sounds like a plan,” she responded. They started at opposite ends as they swept every corner of the room. Nothing, there was nothing. The room really was a cell. Defeated, they made their way back to the bed and laid down.

Days passed and it was the same routine. They talked a lot, learning about each other’s lives, homes, jobs. Still they remained respectful of each other’s bodies the best they could while still stealing glances. Sleeping became more and more challenging.

Kate woke one day to find Karl snuggled up against her, his very hard dick pressed against her backside. She sighed, it felt wonderful, and she really wanted more. Slowly she rotated her hips enough to get his length to slip between her thighs. A moan escaped her lips as she rubbed the length of him with her growing wetness. She wanted nothing more than to feel him penetrate her. Butterflies exploded in the pit of her stomach as the image flooded her mind.

Karl felt… something. He wasn’t awake enough to figure out why his manhood was suddenly so warm and slick, but it felt really nice. Not yet quite awake, his hips moved involuntarily. The moan that came from her smaller form woke him up the rest of the way as he started to realize what was really going on. Suddenly, he was fully aware of his surroundings. He jolted awake and moved backwards.

“Jesus Kate, I’m so sorry!” he panicked a little, thinking he had violated her.

Kate was fully overcome with desire at this point. She looked like what could only be described as a predator in heat.

“I don’t mind. In fact, I want more. I need you,” Kate replied. Kate moved closer to him.

Karl didn’t need to be asked twice. He moved back towards her with hunger, capturing her mouth in a deep kiss. The need in his body made hers tingle all over. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in harder, pressing her very full breasts against his chest. Her nipples were on fire, wetness was running down her leg. She never felt more turned on in her life.

A deep growl rumbled in his chest as he forced her backward on the bed, laying down on top of her. She spread her legs to give him easier access. She didn’t need any other stimulation to be ready for him. His cock rested between her lips as he moved against her.

“Kate,” he whispered in her ear, “are you sure about this?”

“Yes!” she responded, “I need you inside of me!”.

He didn’t wait a moment longer. Grabbing his cock, he rubbed it against her to find the opening. As her flesh gave way, he pushed himself as far in as he could get. Pleasure exploded through her body. She moaned loudly as he entered her and arched her back to take him in deeper. Karl lowered his head to her nipple and started to gently suck on it as he quickened his thrusts.

Considering how long it had been since she had been with a man, she needed this more than she realized. Her first orgasm came quickly. Her muscles tightened around his cock more and more as he thrust inside of her. It was almost as if she was trying to push him out, but the friction between their bodies was driving her to new heights. Her pussy clamped down on him as the first orgasm took over. The cry that escaped her lips was so erotic, he knew he wouldn’t be able to last all that long. Then he felt those three rapid pumps deep inside her body as her vagina released her first orgasm. He never felt anything like this before. They both slowed to allow her to catch her breath.

“Are you ok?” he managed to ask.

“Yes!” and she grabbed his head to bring him in for another deep kiss.

He felt his own throbbing pick back up in the throes of her passion. He picked up speed again as she relaxed her body, moving to more of an upright position so he could really get into it. She moved her hips to meet his thrusts, to get him deeper and deeper inside of her. As they matched their rhythm, they both felt an orgasm rising again. This time, he wasn’t going to be able to hold back. He fell back on top of her again, leaning all the way on her body to really maintain his speed. Harder and harder he moved in and out of her as he felt his orgasm build.

“Do you want me to pull out?” he managed to ask.

“NO! Cum inside of me, I need to be filled!” she replied. God, she sounded like a porn star who was faking it. Except she wasn’t. Another orgasm was building and as soon as she felt him pumping his seed into her, it exploded out of her. She cried out as a growl escaped his lips. Every part of her vulva was pulsing with the rush of blood. She felt the surge of endorphins flowing through her body.

Karl rolled off of her and onto his back. Kate snuggled up against him, putting her head on his chest as she squeezed her legs together keeping all his cum inside of her. They both hummed in the afterglow.

“Thank you,” she said sweetly, “I really did need that. And I would have never thought someone as attractive as you would be even remotely interested.”

“What are you talking about? You are a stunningly beautiful woman! I could imagine fucking you for years to come.” Karl replied.

Kate blushed, nobody had ever expressed any kind of desire for her. But, well, they were trapped here. Maybe there wasn’t much of a choice for either of them. She sighed again. At least they found something to entertain themselves.

The aliens observed with satisfaction washing over them. They had finally coupled. Now to wait for new life to grow.
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